Questions Asked on
October 3, 2015

  1. math

    A construction crew has just finished building a road. The road is 10 kilometers long. If the crew worked for 4 2/3 days, how many kilometers of road did they build each day? (Assume they built the same amount each day.) Write your answer as a mixed number

    asked by Joy
  2. physics

    When landing after a spectacular somersault, a 40.0 kg gymnast decelerates by pushing straight down on the mat. Calculate the force she must exert if her deceleration is 5.00 times the acceleration of gravity.

    asked by andrew
  3. CHEMISTRY !!!

    What is the pH of a 0.16M KHSO3 solution at 298 K? a. 4.41 b. 1.31 c. 7.00 d. 1.82 e. 3.89 I did the calculations and my answer came out to be 3.89 but apparently the answer is 4.41. Can anybody explain why ? Thnx in advance

    asked by Owen
  4. statistics

    The number of hours per week that the television is turned on is determined for each family in a sample. The mean of the data is 30 hours and the median is 26.2 hours. Twenty-four of the families in the sample turned on the television for 15 hours or less

    asked by Anonymous
  5. college algebra math help

    Laura owns and operates Aunt Linda's Pecan Pies. She has learned that her profits, P(x), from the sale of x cases of pies, are given by P(x) = -x^2 + 14x + 51. a. The company will "break-even" when the profit is zero. How many cases of pies should Laura

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Physical Chemistry

    A saturated solution of Na2SO4, with excess of the solid, is present at equilibrium with its vapor in a closed vessel. (a) How many phases and components are present? (b) What is the number of degrees of freedom o the system? Identify the independent

    asked by Jessica
  7. Physics

    It is friction that provides the force for a car to accelerate, so for high performance cars the factor that limits acceleration isn't the engine; it's the tires. For typical rubber-on-concrete friction, what is the shortest time in which a car coukd

    asked by Lane
  8. science

    23g of salt is dissolved in 100g of water at 23 k. what is the concentrarion of solution at this temperarure.

    asked by shehzad
  9. Algebra

    1. Which number is equivalent to 0.3 (with a line above it)? A 1/3** B. 33/100 C. 5/6 D. 2/3 2. Jessica went to the mall and used 1/6 of her money on lunch. What is the fraction of her money expressed as a decimal? A. 0.6 (line above the 6) B. 0.7 (line

    asked by Shi Buringa
  10. English IIB

    It takes both bravery and self-sacrifice to be a hero. Heroes have the inner strength to stand up for their beliefs, even in the face of danger. Those who fight for a just cause may not always triumph in the end, but a hero will always triumph in spirit.

    asked by nereyda
  11. psychology

    example of delayed conditioning, not the one pavlov and watson gave.

    asked by conditioningkoon
  12. psychology

    example of backward conditioning, not the one pavlov and watson gave.

    asked by conditioningkoon
  13. Chemistry

    What is the minimum amount of 6.6 M H2SO4 necessary to produce 22.6 g of H2 (g) according to the following reaction? 2Al(s)+3H2SO4(aq)→Al2(SO4)3(aq)+3H2(g) I need to find the volume of the H2SO4 Work: 22.6g H2 /2.008g H2 = 11.3 mol H2 11.3 mol H2 *

    asked by Finn
  14. Pre Algebra

    Which special version of the Pythagorean Theorem can you use to find the length of any square's diagonal, d, using only the length of its side, s? plz tell me the equation!!!

    asked by Labbayk
  15. Physics

    Plz, i need the workings. An object is acted upon by two forces of 5N and 12N. Calculate the resultant of two forces if the forces acting perpendicular to each other

    asked by Benjamin
  16. psychology

    example of simultaneous conditioning, not the one pavlov and watson gave.

    asked by conditioningkoon
  17. I need Help!!!

    Write the equation of the line that contains the indicated pair of points. Express the final equation in standard form. (−3, 1) and (9, −3)

    asked by April
  18. math

    In a friendship basket, 2 out of every 5 roses are pink. If there are 6 pink roses, how many total roses are in the bouquet

    asked by bryanna
  19. Career

    23. Few, if any skills can be used in more than one job situation. True False *** 24. It is possible to have some skills that you do not actually enjoy very much. True *** False 25. When talking about job skills, the letters TIP stand for Things, Ideas and

    asked by Labbayk
  20. Algebra

    Write the equation of the line that contains the indicated pair of points. Express the final equation in standard form. (Objective 3) (−3, 1) and (9, −3)

    asked by April
  21. math

    When the movie is half over, popcorn sells for half price. Full price popcorn is $3.50, and drinks are $1.35. Determine the cost for purchasing 3 orders of popcorn and 3 drinks when the movie is half over. $

    asked by james
  22. Science

    If 5gm KClO3 is decomposed to form KCl and O2. What is the percentage yield of reaction if 1.25 gm of O2 is produced??

    asked by Soumoyjit
  23. physics

    The driver of a truck slams on the brakes when he sees a tree blocking the road. The truck slows down uniformly with acceleration −5.80 m/s2 for 4.20 s, making skid marks 57.2 m long that end at the tree. With what speed does the truck then strike the

    asked by kdberg
  24. Criminal Justice/White Collar Crime

    Certain industries are distinguished by means and opportunities that are conducive to crime. These factors include all of the following EXCEPT: A. large amounts of money changing hands. B. individual decision-making. C. public attention on business

    asked by Pat
  25. Biology

    a. A human cell is placed in a container of sugar water. Explain what would occur, if the cell membrane is impermeable to sugar. b. Another cell is placed into a container of sugar water. However, this cell has the capability to allow large molecules such

    asked by Eliza
  26. Social Studies

    Ok so I'm supposed to write how the Europeans felt when they found America and how the Taino (the Indians that were originally there)felt about what happened, and I'm kind of stuck.

    asked by Shalee ^~^
  27. Tourism Life Science History Maths Literacy

    I'm doing this subject but in the mean time I want to go to Collage and right now I don't know what to choose time is running out becouse I'm in Grade Eleven

    asked by Thando
  28. algebra

    Solve A=1/2bh for h

    asked by Susie
  29. Social Studies

    1)Marco Polo wrote an account of the marvels of: The Americas Venice Asia*** Spain 2)Which man and his army conquered Peru? Francisco Pizarro*** Atahualpa Hernan Cortes Montezuma 3)Traders who established rights to the Canadian fur trade were: Spanish

    asked by Shalee ^~^
  30. Math

    | -3-2 | -7 So I did in the absolute value first |-5| -7 5-7= -2 Is this correct? Thank you

    asked by Sara7
  31. algebra

    Solve P=2l+2w for w

    asked by Michael
  32. Chemistry

    A 250 g sample of water with an initial temperature of 98.8 c loses 7,500 joules of heat. What is the final temperature of the water ?

    asked by Raul
  33. Chemistry

    Determine if the ffg are strong, weak, nonelectrolytes: Sulfuric acid - strong? Potassium hydroxide - strong? Carbonic acid - strong? Propyl amine - weak? Potassium iodide -weak? Ethanol - strong ? Glucose - nonelectrolyte? am i right?

    asked by ELECTROLYTES!
  34. Physics

    A person 1.90 m tall walks on a horizontal icy surface. The coefficient of friction between the surface of the ice and the person's shoe sole is μ = 0.33 and the length of the person's legs are 1/2 of the person's height. Determine the maximum step length

    asked by Jacob
  35. Physics

    You testify as an expert witness in a case involving an accident in which car A slid into the rear of car B, which was stopped at a red light along a road headed down a hill (Fig. 1). You find that the slope of the hill is Ɵ = 120 , that the cars were

    asked by Jo
  36. Science

    I need some help, this is fairly confusing to me. ______ Allows traits favorable for survival to be passed from parents to offspring. I could not find the answer to this in my textbook, any help?

    asked by Bluue
  37. organic chemistry

    how many atoms are there in 42.2g of sulfur divided by 1.0x10 to 23

    asked by glenna
  38. Math

    I need help with this problem: Circle the number closest in value to 10.1 a. 9.9 b. 9.909 c. 10.99 d. 10.5

    asked by Tommy
  39. Chemistry

    Aldol Condensation What might be the result if you did not add enough Hydrochloric acid and the final pH remained about 7? -Yield would likely increase and the purity of the product would increase -Yield would likely decrease and the purity of the product

    asked by Ash
  40. stats

    Katie must take five exams in a math class. If her scores on the first four exams are 77, 79, 95, and 93, what score must Katie get on the fifth exam for her overall mean to be at least 80? The maximum score on an exam is 100 points. If it is not possible

    asked by alicia
  41. physics

    A w1 = 255 N bucket is lifted with an acceleration of a = 2.00 m/s2 by a w2 = 105 N uniform vertical chain. A.Find the tension in the top link of the chain. B.Find the tension in the middle link of the chain. C.Find the tension in the bottom link of the

    asked by Anonymous
  42. FIN/370

    If a firm buys on trade credit terms of 1/10, net 45 decides to forgo the trade credit discount and pay on the net day, what is the annualized cost of forgoing the discount (assume a 360-day year)? The annualized cost of the trade credit terms of 1/10, net

    asked by monica
  43. math

    six lettered tiles are drawn from a bag and placed in a row .if 3 tiles have 3 x's and 3 have o's.find the probability that no 2 adjacent tiles have the same letter?

    asked by nelushi
  44. Physics

    Figure Ex5.7 shows the velocity graph of a 5.0 kg box as it pushed to the right (->) along a horizontal surface. Assume that a 12 newton friction force acts on the box to the left () acting push on this object at the given times? t=2 N=? t=7 N=?

    asked by ames
  45. Chem

    copper sulfate reacts with sodium hydroxide producing copper hydroxide and sodium sulfate.. If sodium hydroxide is the limiting agent how many grams of copper hydroxide should precipitate out?{There are 634.44 g of copper sulfate and 240 grams of sodium

    asked by Steve
  46. Math(Dynamics)

    To find the time taken by a planet to describe a given arc of its elliptic orbit starting from the nearer and of the major axis.

    asked by Siddhartha Sankar Roy
  47. Maths division jus xo confused need help plz

    If 2^2011 is divided by 13 what is the remainder???

    asked by Collins
  48. Physics

    The electric field at a distance of 0.150 m from the surface of a solid insulating sphere with radius 0.367 m is 1720 N/C . Assuming the sphere's charge is uniformly distributed, what is the charge density inside it? Calculate the electric field inside the

    asked by jj
  49. Prove that sin(A+B)

    Show that sin(A+B)=sinAcosB+sinBcosA... diagram can be use if necessary

    asked by Collins
  50. Prove that sin(A+B) need help

    Show that sin(A+B)=sinAcosB+sinBcosA... diagram can be use if necessary????

    asked by Collins
  51. Integration need help

    Integrate (6x^2-cos(2x))dx??

    asked by Collins
  52. Integration need help also

    Integrate sinx^2.xdx???

    asked by Anonymous
  53. math

    if the wall is 8 2/5 high and 18 1/3 long how do I calculate how much square foot is painted blue if 1/2 is painted?

    asked by denise
  54. physics

    A metal ball is thrown vertically upwards from the top of a tower with an initial velocity of 20 metres per seconds. If the ball took a total of 6 seconds to reach ground level, determine the height of the tower.

    asked by anonymous
  55. Physics

    1) A box m1 = 9.30 kg is stacked on top of another box m2 = 20.0 kg, placed on the floor inside an elevator. When the elevator is accelerating downward with a magnitude of 3.72 m/s2, what is the normal force that box m1 exerts on box m2? What is the normal

    asked by Mike
  56. Algebra

    A luxury car rental company charges $150 per day in addition to a flat fee of $50 for insurance. Write an equation that represents the cost, f(x), (in dollars) to rent the car for x days. This equation should be in slope-intercept form.

    asked by Sarah
  57. science

    combination of which two tissue. is responcible for movement in humans

    asked by shehzad
  58. science

    what is the mometum of a mass 75 kg when he moves with a velocity of 2m/s

    asked by shehzad
  59. science

    why does (second ) square occurs in the unit of acceleration

    asked by shehzad
  60. science

    to find the height of a bridge over a river. a stone is dropped freely in the river from the bridge.the stone takes 2s to touch the water surface of the river. calculate the height of the bridge from the water surface (g=9.8 m/s

    asked by shehzad
  61. sciece

    what happens to cells formed by meristematic tissue ? diffrent between simple and complex permanent tissue.

    asked by shehzad
  62. wcience

    calculate the ratio of momentrum when (a) velocity of an object is doubled (b) mass of an object is halved (c) both mass and velocity are increased by three times

    asked by shehzad
  63. general

    how to write 02-october-2015 in 5 letters without using numbers?

    asked by ayyappa
  64. Gr.11 Biology

    In humans, muscular dystrophy is a condition in which the muscles waste away during early life, resulting in death in the early teens. It is due to recessive sec-linked gene. A certain couple have 5 children- 3 boys, ages one, three and ten; and 2 girls,

    asked by Helen
  65. Gr. 11 biology

    Your aunt moves out of the town and leaves you her mouse, Henry. In order to make some money, you decide to breed mouse and sell the offspring. In looking over Henry's family history, you discover that Henry's grandfather expressed a rare genetic disorder

    asked by Helen
  66. science

    calculate the ratio of momentrum when (a) velocity of an object is doubled (b) mass of an object is halved (c) both mass and velocity are increased by three times

    asked by shehzad
  67. HELP HELP ap biology

    field of view for 1000x total magnification is it .2 micrometers? help!

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Algebra

    Yazmin decided to get some exercise by taking the stairs from the first to the fifth floor in her apartment building. The first time she went up the entire flight, she walked up some steps and ran up 16 steps. This took a total of 60 seconds. The second

    asked by Mary
  69. Calculus

    The revenue for a sale of x books at $70 each is given by R(x)=70x. The commission for a revenue of x dollars is given by C(x)=.20x. Express the commission as a function of the number of books sold.

    asked by Suzanne

    forces of 3N and 4N and 12N act at a point in mutually perpendicular directions. Tha magnitude of the resultant force in newton is

    asked by Sreethi
  71. stats

    With the help of following data, determine both the regression equations Psychology (X): Mean= 30, Standard deviation=1.6 Sociology (Y): Mean= 25, Standard deviation= 1.7 Coefficient of correlation = 0.95

    asked by arti
  72. math

    Could someone help me solve this Absolute Equation? Please? I would really appreciate any help... Question~~ Evaluate the given expressions when a = 3, b = -3, c = 4, and d = -1 (a/c)|c| + b – d

    asked by Abby
  73. Chemistry

    copper sulfate reacts with sodium hydroxide producing copper hydroxide and sodium sulfate.. If sodium hydroxide is the limiting agent how many grams of copper hydroxide should precipitate out?

    asked by Steve
  74. algebra1

    6 + x/-8 = 4/7 what does x =

    asked by tom
  75. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of Cu2+ in a catalyzed reaction using 3 drops of CuSO4 at .03M in 50.0ml, and what is the molarity of Cu2+ using 6 drops? (Consider the extent of dilution of the 0.1 M CuSO4 solution in preparing the 50 mL reaction solution. Estimate

    asked by Jim
  76. science

    How to cal. The range of π+arcsin(3x-4x^3).give the whole solution step wise

    asked by RALLZO
  77. Career

    4. Scott just started a new job that requires many of the same organizational and communication skills as his last job. These skills are Scott's: Big Five. Career types. Transferable skills. *** Type indicators. 13. All of the following traits contribute

    asked by Labbayk
  78. Physics

    A 360 g model rocket is on a cart that is rolling to the right at a speed of 2.5 m/s. The rocket engine, when it is fired, exerts an 8.5 N thrust on the rocket. Your goal is to have the rocket pass through a small horizontal hoop that is 20 m above the

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Physics

    A large centrifuge is used to expose aspiring astronauts to accelerations similar to those experienced in rocket launches and atmospheric reentries. a) At what angular velocity is the centripetal acceleration 10 gs if the rider is 10.0 m from the center of

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Poems

    I have to write a poem about Christopher Columbus and the tano's and I'm really stuck :( please help :( Christopher Columbus: My name is Columbus. I had my first voyage in fourteen-ninety two. I sailed across the ocean, big and blue. With my three ships,

    asked by Shalee ^~^
  81. calculus need help

    use the first principle to obtain the differencial coefficient y=1/(2x-1)

    asked by collins
  82. calculus i need help also

    If y=2x^2-21x^2+60x+6 what is the value of x? dx^2/dy^2=0

    asked by collins
  83. algebra

    Solve y=kx for k

    asked by John
  84. Economics

    My homework question says " what is the opportunity cost of good x in term of y, when production is shifted from point b to c along the pcc?" For b the x axis is on 40 and the y axis is at 75. So the opportunity cost will be 35 For c the x axis is 70 and

    asked by Pavleen