Questions Asked on
September 30, 2015

  1. Math

    In your​ class, you have scores of 73,85,76, and 92 on the first four of five tests. To get a grade of Upper C, the average of the first five tests scores must be greater than or equal to 70 and less than 80. a) Solve an inequality to find the least

    asked by Ms. E
  2. math

    There are 80 questions on a college entrance examination. Two points are awarded for each correct answer, and one-half point is deducted for each incorrect answer. How many questions does Tami need to answer correctly in order to score at least 100 on the

    asked by K. Smith
  3. math

    The mean of four numbers is 5 and the mean deviation is 3.Find the fourth number if the mean deviation of the first three numbers is 2?

    asked by I-learn
  4. chemistry

    what is the total molarity of all the ions present in 0.1M cuso4 and 0.1M al2(so4)3 solution?

    asked by banda
  5. math

    A basketball player is 6 ft. 4 in. tall and a volleyball player who is 1.75 m. 17. How tall is the basketball player in meters? How tall is the volleyball player in feet? (round to one decimal place)

    asked by Angie
  6. Art

    Bourgeois by Alfred Jacob Miller Look at the following illustration of an early american settler. it would likely inspire a writer to create a story based on all of the following historic information except A) the clothing worn by the individuals B) the

    asked by Ana
  7. algebra

    You buy 10 gallons of ice cream for a party, how many cup sized containers can you fill with this?

    asked by Kristen
  8. Science

    What is the total displacement of two trips one 10km north and the other 24km east

    asked by Jack
  9. Multivariable calculus

    Find dy/dx x=te^t y=t+sint

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Language Arts

    1) What can you infer from this sentence near the start of "The Story Teller"? Most of the aunt's remarks seemed to begin with "Don't," and nearly all of the children's remarks began with "Why" The children have a lot of questions for their aunt. The aunt

    asked by Shalee ^~^
  11. math

    Could someone please show me how to do these problems? or just show me how to do 1 or 2? I would really appreciate any help you could give... There are examples in my lesson but I don't understand them, here are the examples~~ EXAMPLE~ Solve 3(x – 2) + 4

    asked by Abby
  12. Algebra/Math

    What is the sum of 5/6 + 2/3? My answer is 1 1/2. Cody has 6 1/2 boxes of candy to share at a picnic. If he gives each person 1/3 of a box, how many people can receive candy? My answer is 19. Which of these are not rational? a.3 squared. b.1/5 c.9 squared

    asked by Essie
  13. Probability

    Ten horses run in a race. How many different arrangements of placing 1st, 2nd , 3rd? I tried by doing 10!over 7! But I don't know if that is correct , also how can you tell the finishing number as well.

    asked by Amber
  14. english

    true or false 1.The "bottoms up" proofreading technique involves reading a paper one sentence at a time, from the beginning to the end. 2.Writers who make many mistakes should concentrate finding the worst errors.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Chemistry

    The Kw of water varies with temperature. Calculate the pH of water at 46⁰C with a Kw = 1.219 x 10-14. Show all calculations leading to an answer. I got this so far : Kw = 1.219x 10^-14 [H+]^2= 1.219 x 10^-14 [H+]= -/(1.219) x 10^14 [H+] = 1.104 x 10^-7

    asked by Swag
  16. math

    Vesna Vulovic survived the longest fall on record without a parachute when her plane exploded and she fell 6 miles and 551 yards. What is this distance in yards? What is this distance in meters? (round yards to nearest whole number, round meters to one

    asked by Angie
  17. Math

    Not Urgent But Please Check My Answer: A pencil at a stationery store costs $1, and a pen costs $1.50. Stella spent $21 at the store. She bought a total of 18 items. Which system of equations can be used to find the number of pencils (x) and pens (y) she

    asked by Nina
  18. math

    Could someone please show me how to do these problems? I would really appreciate any help you could give... There are examples in my lesson but I don't understand them, here are the examples~~ EXAMPLE~ Solve 3(x – 2) + 4 > 2(2x – 3). First I'll

    asked by Abby
  19. trig

    The angle relative to the horizontal from the top of a tree to a point 12 feet from its base(on flat ground) is 30*. Find the height of the tree.

    asked by rita
  20. physics

    Calculate the change in energy of an atom that emits a photon of wavelength 2.21 meters. (Planck’s constant is 6.626 x 10-34 joule seconds, the speed of light is 2.998 x 108 m/s)

    asked by Anonymous
  21. algebra

    A particular style of sunglasses costs the retailer $80 per pair. At what price should the retailer mark them so he can sell them at a 20% discount off the selling price and still make 30% profit on his cost?

    asked by Dan
  22. geometry

    Find the distance between the two points to the nearest hundredths place: 7. (1, 3), (-2, 4)

    asked by ala
  23. math fractions

    Sophie jogs four and one-fourth miles in seven-eighths hour. How far would she run in four and one-half hours if she kept the same pace?

    asked by Kiki
  24. science

    1.the modern atomic model includes orbiting the nucleus. which of the following parts of dalton's was disproved by the discovery of the electron atoms are tiny particles atoms cannot be divided into smaller parts atoms have specific mass and size atoms

    asked by alex
  25. TC Maths

    Prove sin^2(x)-cos^2(y)/Sinx cosx-Sinycosy=TAN(x+y)

    asked by Rabinprakash Dahal
  26. Chemistry

    A 0.45-g sample of vegetable oil is placed in a calorimeter. When the sample is burned, 18.9 kJ is given off. What is the energy value (kcal/g) for the oil?

    asked by Emma
  27. Math

    balace scale, it is balance by box a and a 4/5 pound weight. How much does box b weight .8 (12.8oz)1/5 B

    asked by Maria
  28. macroeconomic

    if the price of the frozen yogurt increase the demand for the ice cream will increase too. Does the price for the ice crease raise or fall?

    asked by Aziz
  29. math fractions

    12 liters of water flow out of the faucet every three-fifths minute. How much water flows out each minute?

    asked by Kiki
  30. math fractions

    The teacher gives each pair of students one and fourteen-fifteenths liters to water their plants in the garden. If the pairs of students share the water evenly how much water does each student get

    asked by Kiki
  31. Pre-Algebra

    1. What makes the statement true? 8^-2 =? A. 64 B. 16 C. -1/64 D. 1/64 2. What is the solution to (4 x 10^3) x (6 x 10^6), written in a scientific notation? A. 24 x 10^9 B. 2.4 x 10^9 C. 24 x 10^18 D. 2.4 x 10^10 3. What is 0.000000512 written in a

    asked by Lilith
  32. math

    the number of bottles a machine is proportional to the number of minutes the machine operates the machine fills 250 bottles every 20 minutes 0,0 to 10,125 explain why these are the answers

    asked by elizabeth
  33. Language Arts

    The Vietnam war memorial needed to be "harmonious" with its surrounding site. In this context, what does harmonious mean? The construction had to be the same as the other monuments visitors would hear peaceful music the memorial had to blend pleasingly

    asked by Julian
  34. Homeschool

    A ibc with no lid is made by cutting four squares if side length x from each corner of a 10 cm by 20 cm rectangle sheet of metal. Sketch the graph of the function and state restriction 250 200 150 100 50 -5. 5. 10. 15 -50 -100 -150 -200 -260

    asked by Vicky
  35. Physics

    In the design of a rapid transit system, it is necessary to balance the average speed of a train against the distance between station stops. The more stops there are, the slower the train's average speed. To get an idea of this problem, calculate the time

    asked by Anonymous
  36. math

    Pls i want you to teach me the 5 90 lotto formular pls i need it now

    asked by abiodun
  37. Physics

    A "swing" ride at a carnival consists of chairs that are swung in a circle by 17.4 m cables attached to a vertical rotating pole, as the drawing shows. Suppose the total mass of a chair and its occupant is 291 kg. (a) Determine the tension in the cable

    asked by Anonymous
  38. chemistry

    Explain why using a Büchner funnel with vacuum to filter hot fluid will result in clogging. What is the result of reduced pressure on a hot volatile solvent? How does this affect the amount of solute that is dissolved? Where would the funnel become

    asked by L
  39. Math

    Mara finished 1/5 of her assignment on Saturday and 3/8 of her assignment on Sunday. What fraction of her assignment did she complete on Saturday and Sunday? --Thank you!--

    asked by Scott
  40. Social Studies

    1. TO which system of governemt is the feral system most similar? A. the unitary system, ecause both place most powers with legislature B. the conferal system, because both spilt powers among the state and national governemnts C. the unitary system,

    asked by HELPPP
  41. Math,Science,Algebra,geography

    The 3 Letter code that summaries your 3 strongest career types is called your? A.)Holland-Code B.)Myers-Briggs Type C.)Teamwork Profile D.)Beblin Code

    asked by DJ
  42. Math,Science,Algebra,Geography

    Beryl Really Likes taking care of all the details needed to finish up a project. Her Belbin Team Role is? A.)Computers/Finisher B.)Resource/Investigate C.)Sharper D.)Plant

    asked by DJ
  43. GHS


    asked by DEB
  44. Music

    Please help me with this. I need help so badly on this. 1. How many beats does the rest occupy? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 My answer was 4 but I think it might be 2

    asked by Motionlessinwhite
  45. math for managers

    Cost analysis Te owner of a small construction busi-ness needs a new truck. He can buy a diesel truck for $38,000 and it will cost him $0.24 per mile to operate. He can buy a gas engine truck for $35,600 and it will cost him $0.30 per mile to operate. Find

    asked by Anonymous
  46. english

    Is the following a compound, complex or simple sentence: When water evaporates from the sea, it becomes fresh water.

    asked by holden
  47. u.s

    Why did slavery continue after the Revolution? A. The colonial government encouraged manumission. B. British, Loyalists, and Patriots all agreed that liberty did not extend to slaves. C. The Southern plantation economy depended on slavery. D. Slave labor

    asked by kko
  48. math

    Find the equation of the tangent line to the graph of f(x) = 2x − 6/x + 1 at the point at which x = 0. (Let x be the independent variable and y be the dependent variable.) I got this question wrong. I thought the answer would be y=-4x-6 I followed the

    asked by Angelica
  49. english

    Select the letter of the answer that correctly identifies the subject and complete verb in each sentence. You should bring a change of clothes to the beach a. you, bring b. you, should bring c. clothes, bring

    asked by Anonymous
  50. math,(integral calculus)

    Integrate with respect to x:4x^2.dx

    asked by I-learn
  51. Washington high

    A women has a total of $9000 to invest. She invests part of money in an account that pays 8% per year and rest in account that pays9% per year, if the interest earned in the first year is$750, how much did she invest in each account

    asked by anju
  52. math

    2/3 of a pound of walnuts costs $2.50 would this be right 0.8 cent per pound unit price

    asked by Steve B
  53. Finance

    Rob and laura wish to buy a new home. The price is $187,500 and they plan to put down 20%. CIBC will lend them at a fixed rate for 25 years with monthly payments. How much will Bob and Laura's monthly payment be? Assuming they pay off this mortgage over

    asked by Yvonne
  54. History

    What is the difference between the definition of interest groups and the definition of a political party? A. Interest groups aren’t organized. B. Interest groups don’t raise money. C. Interest groups don’t try to influence government. D. Interest

    asked by Adam
  55. Health, Safety, and Nutrition

    Which if the following is a mandatory standard? (1 point) 1) Food Labels 2) National Health and Safety Standard 3) dietary reference 4) Childmand adult care food program *Havng a hard time finding it in the book

    asked by Ellie
  56. Probability

    Ten horses run in a race. How many different arrangements of finishing are there?

    asked by Amber
  57. math

    From the set A={3,root2,2root3,root9,root7},a number is selected at random.find the probability that is a rational number.

    asked by I-learn
  58. Advanced function

    At a certain marathon race, the winner comes in at a time of 130 minutes. Second place comes in at a time of 135 minutes, and third place comes in at 140 minutes. Starting with third place, contestants come in at regular intervals all the way up to the

    asked by No name
  59. math

    The temperature dropped 12 degrees Celsius from 10pm to 4am one night. What is the average drop of the temperature 12 divided by 5 = ____

    asked by Melissa
  60. Washington high

    Stacy has a total of $6000 in two accounts.the amount of interest she earns from both accounts in the first year is $500.if one of the accounts earns 8% interest per year and the other earns 9% interest per year, how much did she invest in each account?

    asked by anju
  61. physics

    10. The drawing shows a baggage carousel at an airport. Your suitcase has not slid all the way down the slope and is going around at a constant speed on a circle (r = 12.4 m) as the carousel turns. The coefficient of static friction between the suitcase

    asked by johnny
  62. math

    what type of problem can be solved using the least common multiple?

    asked by camron
  63. Washington high

    A man invest $12000 in two accounts.If one account pays 10% per year and the other pays 7% per year, how much was invested in each account if the total interest earned in the first year was $960?

    asked by anju
  64. Math Answer Check

    1. cos^-1((-sqrt3)/2) 5pi/6 2. arccos(cos7pi/2) -pi/2 3. sin^-1(sin7pi/4) -pi/4 4. csc(arctan11/60) 61/11

    asked by Anonymous
  65. physics

    Consider two vectors where F1 = 98 N , F2 = 61N,θ1 = 343◦ ,andθ2 = 68◦ ,measuredfrom the positive x axis with the counter-clockwise angular direction as positive. What is the magnitude of the resultant vec- tor F⃗ = F⃗ 1 + F⃗ 2 What is the

    asked by yifei
  66. Equation find x xo tricky

    X^x(root(x)=(xroot(x)^x???? Find x

    asked by Collins
  67. Physic

    A Coast Guard ship is traveling at a constant velocity of 4.13 m/s, due east, relative to the water. On his radar screen the navigator detects an object that is moving at a constant velocity. The object is located at a distance of 3900 m with respect to

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math?

    33.2 °C - 25.1 °C = 8.1 °C Would my answer be 8.1 °C or 8.10°C ?? I have to consider sig figs but idk if 8.10 °C would be correct & if that should be my final answer??

    asked by Emily
  69. math

    For what intervals is g(x) = 1/x2 + 1 concave down? (Enter your answer using interval notation.) For this question I understand that we have to find where the second derivative is negative. So first I found the first derivative and got 2x/x^4+2x^2+1 and

    asked by Angelica
  70. History

    Which of the following describes a Hindu concept? A shadowy afterlife follows death. The soul is reincarnated after death. God has the same faults as humans. There is one all-powerful god.

    asked by Sara
  71. math

    1. Simplify: (y^4)(y^3) -y^1 -y^7 -y^12 -y^43 Im pretty sure its y^12, am i right?

    asked by ashton
  72. Probability license Arrangements

    All license plates have a letter, two characters (which are either a number or a letter) Followed by two numbers. The letter choice for the first character can only be either an E,W,P,R,A,F OR U. How many license plates can be made? What is the probability

    asked by Amber
  73. math fractions

    Jaelen's new toy car can move four and one-fourth feet in two-thirds second. How far coyld it go in six seconds? THANKS!!

    asked by Kiki
  74. math fractions

    A recipe calls for three cans of condensed milk. Each can holds one-half cup of condensed milk. If Alice wants to cut the recipe in half how much condensed milk will she need? THANKS!!!!

    asked by Kiki
  75. algebra

    the sum of the digits of a three digit number is 14. the tens digits exceeds twice the hundred digit by one. If 3 were added to the number, the units and hundreds digit would be the same. find the number. solve H = hundred digit t in ten digit u in unit

    asked by nancy
  76. math fractions

    Jenni loves crochet. She buys five-sevenths yard of yarn for $2. How much yarn would she get for $1? THANKS!!!!

    asked by Kiki
  77. math

    The weight of box A is 4/5 of box B. If box B is placed on one side of a balance scale, it is balanced by box A and a 4/5 pound weight. How much does box B weigh?

    asked by Maria
  78. Oklahoma History

    What are the four principal mountain ranges in Oklahoma? 1.) Ouachita Mountains 2.) Wichita Mountains 3.) Arbuckle Montains 4.) _______________

    asked by Kat
  79. Science

    How do binomial or 2 part names compare with early versions of scientific names? shorter longer descriptive in English my answer is descriptive

    asked by Steve
  80. international school dammam

    if zeroes of p(x)=5x^2-7x+k are reciprocal of each other then find value of k

    asked by noaf
  81. Chemistry

    If you have light that has a frequency of 2.88 x 10 to -9 power Hz, what is the wavelength? I don't know how to do this and what formula to use.

    asked by Jessica
  82. trigonometry

    from a window 30 feet above the street, the angle of depression of the curb on the near side of the street is 50 degree that of the curb on the far side is 13 degree. how wide is the street from curb to curb? Oblique triangles by using right triangles

    asked by jam
  83. geometry

    Find the distance between the two points to the nearest hundredths place: (1, 3), (-2, 4)

    asked by ala
  84. Physics

    You would like to shoot an orange in a tree with your bow and arrow. The orange is hanging 5.00 m above the ground. On your first try, you fire the arrow at 32.0 m/s at an angle of 30.0° above the horizontal from a height of 1.10 m while standing 52.0 m

    asked by Colin
  85. maths

    a man goes 5m west and then 12m due south.Find the the distance of the man frm the starting point

    asked by faris
  86. math 5th

    what is the missing number which makes the fractions equivalent 3 15 - - 5? the answer are only 17 10 and 25 and 35

    asked by Mia
  87. sat

    A fence consist of sections built in a row. the figure above shows the first two sections of the fence. each section is identical and consists of two horizontal boards between consecutive vertical posts. each post cost $ 8 and each board coat $6. If the

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Physics

    A 0.050 kg cart has a spherical dome that is charged to +1.0 x 10–5 C. The cart is at the top of a 2.0-m long inclined plane that makes a 30° angle with the horizontal. The cart and the plane are placed in an upward pointing vertical uniform 4000N/C

    asked by Kyle
  89. Math

    "Half the measure of the angle is 25 more than one third the measure of the complement. Find the angle" I don't understand how to set up and solve this at all.

    asked by R
  90. maths lit, economics,business, CAT

    What career can this subjects offer?

    asked by ayanda
  91. math

    abel,belle and cindy have $408. belle has 7$ more than cindy and $5 more than abel, how much does abel have?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Norman

    Algebra 2 The difference of two numbers is 4. Three times the smaller minus the larger is 10. Find the numbers.

    asked by Matthew
  93. History

    summarize the differences and a way to understand the similarities between gnp and gdp and gni

    asked by Anonymous
  94. pre algebra

    robin is making bows to sell at her mothers yard sale she will use 3/4 foot of a ribbon and 2/3 of blue ribbon what is the ratio of the length of the blue ribbon to the red ribbon

    asked by elizabteh
  95. maths

    for a given data with 50 observation less than ofive and more than ogive intersectat (30,25) find the median

    asked by faris
  96. math

    brenda is making lemonade and needs 1 2/3 cups of lemonade concentrate for each batch. She wants to make 4 1/2 batches of lemonade, how many cups of lemonade concentrate will she need?

    asked by ana
  97. English

    A sub-genre that is often concerned more with style and theme than with plot is called: literary fiction

    asked by Sara
  98. pre algebra

    robin is making bows to sell at her mothers yard sale she will use 3/4 foot of a ribbon and 2/3 of blue ribbon what is the ratio of the length of the blue ribbon to the red ribbon explain how its 2/3 to 3/4

    asked by elizabeth
  99. Math

    Hello, I need to use a matrix to solve this but am stumped on how to do it. All I need is a little nudge to push me in the right direction. Please help. Thank you You have been hired as a consultant for Crazy Al’s Car Rentals, a new car rental agency in

    asked by Andres
  100. maths

    if HCF (12,a)=6 and LCM (12,a)=60 find a

    asked by faris
  101. Science

    I am writing a mock biotechnology research proposal for class and I don't know what I should make this research plan about. What are some of the most breaking scientific news, or diseases and issues in this field(biology preferred, or chemistry) that are

    asked by Betty
  102. Maths

    A runner runs a 10 metre race, the runner runs according to the following rule: s = 0.2t(t - 5.1)(t - 9.1) Where displacement (s) is in metres and time (t) is in minutes. Calculate for the runner: their starting position any changes in direction over the

    asked by Olivia
  103. math

    j+5 is a(n) ________ expression,because _______

    asked by kayli
  104. college algebra

    Kiran drove from City A to City B, a distance of 242 mi. She increased her speed by 10 mi/h for the 351-mi trip from City B to City C. If the total trip took 12 h, what was her speed from City A to City B?

    asked by Maggie
  105. Science

    which of the following is an example of a chemical change? A)Iron changes when heated B)Gas bubbles form in boiling water C) Balls of wax form when melted wax is poured into ice water. D)A gas forms when vinegar and baking soda are mixed My Choice D

    asked by Appreciated Help
  106. Math

    A basketball player attempted 1789 free throws. He made 801 of of them. What is the probability that the player will make the next shot he attempts? Write the probability as a decimal rounded to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Katie
  107. Social Studies

    Describe the developments that occurred in georgia after it became a royal colony? I really need help

    asked by Kirsten
  108. Health

    In order to loose weight you have to ___? A. Burn less calories than you consume B. Burn more calories than you consume C.Eat more D.Eat less

    asked by Danielle
  109. Chem

    A 18.46 g sample of a compound contains 5.89 g potassium (K), 5.34 g chlorine (Cl), and oxygen (O). Calculate the empirical formula.

    asked by Diana
  110. Science

    The relative age of a rock is ? 1. its age based on how much carbon-14 it contains 2. its age compared with the ages of other rocks 3. less than the age of the fossils it contains 4. the number of years since it formed my answer is D

    asked by China one
  111. Integers and Algebraiac Expression

    Simplify this expression please -12 divided 3 times (-8 + (-4) to the second power - 6) +2

    asked by Mya
  112. math

    A certain computer can perform 10^5 calculations per second. how many calculations can it perform in 10 seconds

    asked by samuel
  113. math

    What are the steps to show the quotient in simplest form? 0.000027/0.000009

    asked by samuel


    asked by JAY
  115. Math

    I keep getting 130gm for the answer!! Supposed to be 129.9 (I know it will round up, but rounded up is not the answer) I just need to know A pharmacy has 325 mL of a 40% solution in stock. 120mL of sterile water is added to the solution to decrease the

    asked by Rayne
  116. Social Studies

    In the reading, why did the Dissenters want the Huguenots disenfranchised? give the Dissenters more power gain control of their rich farmland** force them to return to their homeland show their dislike of those with French heritage In

    asked by LEVI ^///w///^
  117. Math

    A country's Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of the cost of living. The inflation rate is the annual relative rate of change of the CPI. Use the data in the following table to estimate the inflation rate for each of years 2007–2012. Year 2007 CPI

    asked by Julie
  118. Math

    Segment CB bisects angle ABD and segment DB bisects CBE. Also, angle ABC= 10 and angle CBE= 2x^2-8x. Solve for x.

    asked by Cassidy
  119. math

    Kim has a balance of -20.59 in her account. Her bank requires a minimum balance of 40.00 How much does kim need to deposit in order to have a 40.00 balance

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Physics

    How long does it take an automobile traveling 72.5 km/h to become even with a car that is traveling in another lane at 55.5 km/h if the cars’ front bumpers are initially 146 m apart?

    asked by cortney
  121. chemistry

    Observe the diagram of the electrolytic cell (A aqueous solution of molten salt with a power supply). The molten salt is lithium flouride. Write the half reaction occuring at the cathode, following the usual style guide and making sure to balance

    asked by johnathan
  122. Physics 114

    an object is dropped from a height of 7.00 meters and takes 1.19 seconds to fall to the ground. What is the acceleration due to gravity estimated from this measurement? Suppose the experiment above is done five times. Determine the mean fall time and the

    asked by Elizabeth
  123. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of a sample of gold that occupies 0.723 cm3. The density of gold is 19.3 g/cm3. Answer in units of g.

    asked by a
  124. Math

    I can't figure this out! Help please! The Problem At the local park, I saw a man was quizzing a boy with some simple arithmetic problems, and the boy seemed to be getting them all correct. He asked the boy, "32 + 5", and the boy answered, "37". The man

    asked by George
  125. math

    The Smith family took a car trip. They traveled 1/2 the distance from San Antonio to Austin on Monday and 3/12 the distance on Tuesday. What fraction of the distance between San Antonio and Austin did the Smith family travel on Monday and Tuesday. THANK

    asked by kimie
  126. Chem

    Suppose the water sample has a relatively high percent of volatile solid material. How would this have affected the reported mass of: a. dissolved solids -- too high, too low, or unaffected? Explain. TDS will be unaffected b. total solids -- too high, too

    asked by Rebecca
  127. physics

    A box of mass 50 kg starts from rest to slide down a ramp that makes an angle of 10.7 degrees with respect to the horizontal. 6.3 seconds later, it has covered a distance of 3.39 meters. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction?

    asked by Caroline
  128. chemistry

    Recrystallization Lab What are the potential consequences of using a spatula to scrape crystals from wet filter paper during filtration?

    asked by Andrew
  129. MATH


    asked by JOANA
  130. physics

    An extreme skier slides down an incline that forms an angle 24 degrees above the horizontal. The skier starts from rest and accelerates firmly at 4.00m/s^2 for a distance of 50.0m to the edge of a cliff. The cliff is 30.0m above the powdery snow below.

    asked by jason
  131. Physics

    A 2.00 kg box slides down a rough incline plane from a height h of 1.99 m. The box had a speed of 2.77 m/s at the top and a speed of 2.34 m/s at the bottom. Calculate the mechanical energy lost due to friction (as heat, etc.) If I were to calculate the

    asked by Ronnie
  132. Socials

    Why did the Canadian government feel the need to control the economy, transportation, and trade after war was declared in 1914? I need help answering this question.

    asked by Jamie
  133. physics

    A ball starts at the top of a ramp with an incline of 7 degrees and rolls down, picking up speed. (see the table below) Time (s) Position (m) 0 0 .4917 .1 .7625 .15 .975 .3 1.1583 .45 1.2833 1.6467 (a) Linearize the data and find the slope of the new line.

    asked by Daniel
  134. Physics

    A small plane is 150 km south of the equator. The plane is flying at 150 km/h at a heading of 30∘ to the west of north. how many minutes will the plane cross the equator?

    asked by raquel
  135. physics

    A rifle is aimed horizontally at a target 50 m away. The bullet hits the target 2.4 cm below the aim point. Part A What was the bullet's flight time? Neglect the air resistance Part B What was the bullet's speed as it left the barrel?

    asked by raquel
  136. math

    Alexander purchased a computer on sale. The original price was $1200. The sale price was 5/6 of the original price. How much did Alexander pay for the computer? **thank you!!!

    asked by Tim
  137. College english

    The phrase that signals a contrast context is A. Such as. B.on the other hand C.for instance illustrate I think it is D

    asked by jeny
  138. Math,Science,Algebra,Geography

    the personality type theory that gives people codes based on their levels of four traits, including sensing-intuition or making of thinking-feeling is called the? A.)Holland Code B.)Myers-briggs C.)Beblin Roles D.)Team Work Profiles

    asked by DJ
  139. algebra

    horatio is purchasing a computer cable for $15.49. if the sales tax rate in his state is 5.25%, what is the total cost of the purchase?

    asked by tareca
  140. Physics

    Runner A runs 7.5 meters per second and runner B runs 7.9 meters per second. Runner A has a 55 meter lead, how long will it take runner B to catch runner A?

    asked by Abe
  141. maths

    how would you solve 14 = 0.9x(x - 6)

    asked by jen
  142. math 5th

    what is the missing number which makes the fractions equivalent 3 15 - - 5 ?

    asked by Mia
  143. U.S. History

    Was it easier for Paleo-Indians (hunter gatherers) in dry climate or cold climate?

    asked by Laura
  144. Physics

    a block of mass 5.62 kg lies on a frictionless horizontal surface. The block is connected by a cord passing over a pulley to another block of mass 2.53 kg which hangs in the air. Calculate the Acceleration of the first block. The acceleration of gravity is

    asked by Beatriz
  145. math

    Wen 26 83 65 19 68 is winning number what is next winning number

    asked by abiodun
  146. Churchill

    Develop a "position paper" for the colonial government. In it, you will represent the wishes of either the family compact or upper canada reformers; or the chateau clique or the patriotes. Your paper should be a point-form list of grievances and

    asked by Joshua gross
  147. History

    Before the Industrial Revolution how did people earn a living, what were some of the tools they used, what was the sources of power, transportation, work hours, role of children, and how was clothing and food made?

    asked by Daniela
  148. math

    A deep-sea diver descended from a rock that is 45 feet below sea level to a coral reef that is 88 feet below sea level. How far did the diver descend from the rock to the coral reef? **we did it this way, is this right? -45-(-88) -45+88=43 He descended 43

    asked by Tim
  149. math

    The mean and range of a set of numbers 0.80,0.80,0.90,1.00,1.10,1.20,1.20,1.40 are m + r respectively,find m + r?

    asked by I-learn
  150. Math

    in four games of basketball, michael scored 14, 9, 10 and 11 points. After one more game his mean was 12 points per game. how many points did he score in the fifth game?

    asked by Ted
  151. physics

    in a slap shot,a hockey player accelerates the puck from a velocity of 5.5m/s to 36m/s. if the shot take 3.16*10^-2, find the distance

    asked by Anonymous
  152. Mathematics

    two brothers Peter and Paul owns a store. if there share ratio of store value 3 ratio 5, later peter sold 2/3 of his share to Paul for 8000 naira. what is the value of the goods in the store.

    asked by Joshua
  153. math

    a rectangular frame has a length of 3 and 1/8 feet and an area of 2 and 3/4 feet. what is the width ,w, in feet, of the frame? 0.67 feet i don't know if i am correct so i want you to show the work with me please because i really don't understand what the

    asked by vanice
  154. Word problem

    37 men each do 7hours 35min work in a day,per what total working time in a week per six days,dose their employer have to pay wages????

    asked by Collins
  155. Biology

    Synthesis means the process by which simple compounds are united to form more complex materials. Dehydration means loss of water. Explain why chemists refer to the joining of monosaccharide molecules to form disacchardies as dehydration synthesis reaction

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Word problem maths

    The average wage of a class of 21 boys is 14year 3month.if the oldest boy is not counted in,the average drop to 14years olds is he in the class ????

    asked by Collins
  157. Math

    If I had three times as many marbles as my friend and toghter we had 48 marbles how many marbles do I have? 48/3=16?

    asked by Molly
  158. Word problem maths

    The average age of a class of 21 boys is 14year 3month.if the oldest boy is not counted in.the average drops to 14years 2month,how old is he???

    asked by Collins
  159. math

    estimate the value of 475,999/6

    asked by courtenay
  160. life orientation

    what is water scarcity?

    asked by nsizwenhle mbatha
  161. MATH

    find the perimeter of the square if its side is: h-2k ____ 16 Thank you :)

    asked by Camz
  162. MATH

    if the area of the square is: x^2 + 4x + 4 _____________ cm^2 16 find its side. Thank you :)

    asked by Camz
  163. Math

    What is 4 to the power of 3 plus 3? I got 67.

    asked by Rebecca
  164. MATH

    find the perimeter of the triangle if the measures of its sides are: x+2/4, 5x/5, 2x+1/20x

    asked by Camz
  165. Math help

    Mt. Everest is more than 8000 m high. How fast would an object be moving if it could free fall to sea level after being released from an 4750-m elevation? (Ignore air resistance) How would I solve this?

    asked by Hanna
  166. futher mathematics

    Find the centres and radii of the circles given by A)x2+y2=6x B)x2+y2-6x+14y+49=0

    asked by princess
  167. Math

    Write an integer to describe each of the following scenarios. 576 feet above sea level A loss of 25 yards

    asked by Amy
  168. Math

    I know that I have to apply the product or quotient rules for these problems but I'm not sure why I'm getting them wrong. Please help me! Find the derivative: 1) f(x) = x^6/108 times (6 ln(x) − 1) I got: 6x^5 times 6 ln(x)-1 + x^6/108 times 6/x 2) f(x) =

    asked by Angelica
  169. Social Stuides

    What were some inventions that were inspired by the telephone? I've already got computer, please don't say another phone like the cell phone and smart phone. Thanks!

    asked by Jack
  170. Math

    Write the equation of the line that satisfies the given conditions. Express the final equation in standard form. Contains the point (-7, 2) and is perpendicular to the line 4x − y = 4

    asked by kylee
  171. math

    how would you find x in an equation like this? 10 = 0.6x(x - 5.8)

    asked by alexis
  172. math

    an artist is using tiles and boards for a project. a tile has length 1/3 ft and width 1/3 ft a board has length 1/2 yd and width 1/2 yd. what is the ratio of the tile to the length of the board? What is the area of the tile to the length of the board? what

    asked by valarie roberts
  173. Management

    I just wanted to ask what does "Network of equals" mean in decision making? Is it the same as decentralization?

    asked by Hibah
  174. math 4

    A formed planted 12/18 of his form with pechay how many thirds of the form was planted with pechay

    asked by jamer
  175. Please check my math questions.

    I only need y'all to check my responses. Thanks in advance! Is (0,3) a solution to the equation y=x+3 Yes**My choice No Is (1,-4) a solution to the equation y=-2x Yes No**My choice

    asked by Derpy Pegasus
  176. mathematics

    i am greater than a hundred. if you divide me by 25,you will get 5.

    asked by Anonymous
  177. Math

    You drop a rock into the ocean. The rocks depth is changing by -3 feet per second. If you dropped the rock at sea level, what is the depth of the rock after 30 seconds?

    asked by Amy
  178. Math

    How many beats of rest would the combination of a half note and quarter note create? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 How many eighths rest are equal to sex sixteenth rest? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4

    asked by Motionlessinwhite
  179. Chemistry

    Suppose the density of 100.0 mL of some liquid was found to be .78 g/mL . What would be the specific gravity of 25.0 mL of the liquid?

    asked by Abby
  180. Geometry

    Are all horizontal lines parallel Use slope to explain how you know I put yes

    asked by Anonymous
  181. Math

    How much water could a swimming pool hold that is 25 feet Long, and 8 feet wide, and 6 feet deep? Your answer will be in cubic feet.

    asked by Amy
  182. chemistry

    Determine the pH of a 0.045mol dm–3 solution of sodium ethanoate (ethanoic acid: pKa=4.75).

    asked by Kay-Anna
  183. chemistry

    find the# of molecules in 5.3 moles of h20

    asked by robert
  184. World HIstory

    What do you think was the most important legacy of ancient Greece? Explain and give specific examples from your reading to support your answer.

    asked by Learner
  185. PHYSICS

    A placekicker is about to kick a field goal. The ball is 20.1 m from the goalpost. The ball is kicked with an initial velocity of 18.7 m/s at an angle θ above the ground. Between what two angles, θ1 and θ2, will the ball clear the 3.12-m-high crossbar?

    asked by Tori
  186. math

    so if a car goes east 30mph and th other car was going 60mph south for one hour how far will they be from each other

    asked by Anonymous
  187. Math

    The probability of being attacked by a shark is approximately 1 in 4,000,000. The probability of being struck by lightning is approximately 1 in 80,000. How many times more likely is it to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark? a. 5 Selected: b.

    asked by .
  188. Math

    A jet travels 480 miles in 2 hours. At this rate, how far could the jet fly in 8 hours? What is the rate of speed of the jet? In 8 hours it would travel 1920 miles. How would I find the rate of speed?

    asked by Steve B
  189. Math

    1.8 divided into 5.0 is what answer? My answer is 2.7 with 7 continuing or with a remainder of 14

    asked by Kim
  190. PHYSICS


    asked by ROJAI
  191. Math

    if Carlos has 10 books on his shelf. he has read 4 out of 10 books are read, what fraction of the books were not read

    asked by Tonya
  192. Maths

    A starts to run when B had gone 1.76 m .A & B travels 760 m in 5 min and 6 min.How far A meet to B

    asked by PREM CHAURASIYA
  193. Calculus

    Show that u(x, t) = f(x−ct)+g(x+ct), where c is a constant and f and g have continuous second derivatives, is a solution of the wave equation in one dimension, ie (∂t)^2 u = c^2 ∂x^2 u. Note that this solution to the wave equation consists of two

    asked by Margo
  194. Math

    what is the product of (5.1x10^3) x (3.2x10^3) 16.32 x 10^6 1.632 x 10^7 16.32 x 10^9 1.632 x 10^10

    asked by Adri
  195. Math

    What is the sum of 5/6 + 2/3? My answer is 1 1/2. Cody has 6 1/2 boxes of candy to share at a picnic. If he gives each person 1/3 of a box, how many people can receive candy? My answer is 19. Which of these are not rational? a.3 squared. b.1/5 c.9 squared

    asked by Essie
  196. maths

    write the following expression ,if possible, as apolynomial in the form a, (xcube - xfourth + 2x +1)-(xfourth + x cube - 2xraised2 +8

    asked by abel
  197. English

    1. There are two books; one is mine, the other is my friend's. 2. There are two books; one is mine, and the other is my friend's. ======================= Is #1 correct? In Sentence 'and' is missing.

    asked by rfvv
  198. Language Art

    1.)In "The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh", what does the general call the drummer boy? A.)The BRAINS OF THE ARMY b.)The Heart Of The Army C.)The Backbone of the army D.)The PRIDE OF THE ARMY

    asked by Student
  199. English

    I went swimming. It was fun. - Wow, sounds like you had a good time. ==================== Q1: that sounds like...., it sounds like.... Is 'that' or 'it' missing before sounds? Q2: Is "like" a conjunction here?

    asked by rfvv
  200. Language Art

    2.)Why does the author of "The Drummer Of Shiloh" say it is a "Solemn Night For a boy just turned fourteen"? A.)The wind is full of whispers B.)The Army is Camped near a church C.)The boy will be his 1st battle soon D.)The boy does not like sleeping in a

    asked by Student
  201. english

    a personal narrative is like an autobiography in that it

    asked by anonymous

    A 18.46 g sample of a compound contains 5.89 g potassium (K), 5.34 g chlorine (Cl), and oxygen (O). Calculate the empirical formula. is the answer KClO3?

    asked by Diana
  203. maths

    Find (-5 i) (1/8 i)

    asked by vishal
  204. Chemistry

    Mary was determining the density of a metal cylinder. When recording the diameter, she mistakenly recorded a number that was too small. Will her calculated value for density be too high or too low? Explain

    asked by Anonymous
  205. Chemistry

    Suppose the density of 100.0 mL of some liquid was found to be .78 g/mL . What would be the specific gravity of 25.0 mL of the liquid?

    asked by Anonymous
  206. History

    With which statement would BOTH FDR and Reagan agree? A. Government must protect freedom of speech. B. Government must resolve inequality of wealth. C. Government must hold businesses accountable. D. It is government’s role to resolve social problems.

    asked by Adam
  207. Chem

    The titration of 25.0 mL of an iron(II) solution required 18.0 mL of a 0.265 M solution of dichromate to reach the equivalence point. What is the molarity of the iron(II) solution?

    asked by Emily
  208. English

    Sorry, I can't see you. ================== What does this sentence above mean? #1 or #2? Is the person blind? 1. Sorry, I can't meet you. 2. Sorry, I am not able to see you.

    asked by rfvv
  209. lotto calculations

    what will be the winning numbers for Saturday 3/10/2015

    asked by sammy
  210. algebra 2

    3x+y+z=14 -x+2y-3z=-9 5x-y+5z=30 linear equations solve by elimination

    asked by aaron
  211. math

    Find the mean deviation of the distribution 12,6,7,3,15,10,18,5

    asked by I-learn