Questions Asked on
September 22, 2015

  1. Algebra

    If 18g of a radioactive substance are present initially and 8 yr later only 9 g remain, how much of the substance will be present after 20 yr?

    asked by Sasha
  2. maths

    haby is four times as old as kenneth and haby is 36 years older than kenneth . how old is haby.

    asked by charllote
  3. Physics

    A hose lying on the ground shoots a stream of water upward at an angle of 60deg. To the horizontal with a velocity of 16m/s . The height at which the water strikes the wall 8m away is?

    asked by Chaitanya
  4. Chemistry

    The number of calories needed to raise the temperature of 32 g of water from 12 Celsius and 54 Celsius is _____.

    asked by Destany

    A trip to the ocean can be a relaxing escape from the everyday pressures of life. A sailboat glistening on the horizon provides a mental escape to faraway places. The rhythm of the ocean beating against the sand is sedating music to a troubled mind. A

    asked by LAMAR
  6. Algebra

    Is(0,3) a solution to the equation y=x+3 A. Yes B. No*** Is (1,4) a solution to the equation y= -2x A. Yes*** B. No Look at the following points (4,0) (3,1) (6,3) (2,-4) Which are the solutions to y= x-4? Choose all the correct answers A.(6,3) B.(4,0)***

    asked by Abby
  7. algebra

    An “A” is considered 4.0, a “B” is 3.0, a “C” is 2.0, a “D” is 1.0, and an “F” is 0. In your first semester you received the following grades. Calculate your grade point average English = credits 3.0 Grade = C Biology = credits 4.0

    asked by Kristen
  8. Algebra

    Write and solve an equation to find how much warmer Montana's average 3 month temperature is than Minnesotas. Montana weather is -0.7 degrees celsius and Minnesota is -2.5 degrees celsius

    asked by Gavin
  9. AP chemistry

    A certain complex of metal M is formulated as MCl3 ∙ 3 H2O . The coordination number of the complex is not known but is expected to be 4 or 6. (a) Would conductivity measurements provide information about the coordination number? (b) In using

    asked by stark11
  10. SS

    A scientist was studying the effects of oil contamination on ocean seaweed. He thought that oil runoff from storm drains would keep seaweed from growing normally so he decided to do an experiment. He filled two tanks of equal size with water and monitored

    asked by Mike
  11. Math

    8 students share 5 square pieces of cake equally. Draw to show how much each person gets.

    asked by Pam
  12. Gr 12 chemistry

    Given the equation: 6C6H12O6+O2= 6CO2+ 6H2O How many moles of carbon dioxide will be formed upon the complete reaction of 24.1 grams of glucose with excess oxygen gas

    asked by Avery
  13. Physics

    The tortoise and the hare are in a race of 1000m distance. The tortoise travels the entire race at a speed of 2.0 m/s while the rabbit runs the first 200 m @ 2.0 m/s. Then he stops to take nap for 1.3 hrs and awakens to finish the last 800m with an average

    asked by Karen
  14. Chemistry

    for each of the following acid-base reactions calculate the mass (in grams) of each acid necessary to completely react with and neutralize 4.85g of the base solution 1)2HNO3(aq)+ Ca(OH)2 (aq)> 2h20(l)+ Ca(NO3)2 2) H2SO4(aq)+ 2KOH(aq)---> 2H2O(l)+ K2SO4

    asked by Mark
  15. English

    Which of the following vocabulary words ends in a suffix that indicates it is an adjective? imminent*** doggedness infallibility

    asked by Kaai97


    asked by sj
  17. Calculus

    What does it mean when the limit of f(c) doesn't exist?

    asked by Catera
  18. probability

    The state of Ohio has several statewide lottery options. One is the Pick 3 game in which you pick one of the 1000 three-digit numbers between 000 and 999. The lottery selects a three-digit number at random. With a bet of $1, you win $500 if your number is

    asked by Alex
  19. chemistry/engineering

    Wet sugar, containing one-fifth water by mass is conveyed through an evaporator in which 85.0% of the entering water is vaporized. Taking a Basis of 100 kg of feed to the evaporator A barrel of oil contains about 6 million Btu and about 1000 Btu is needed

    asked by katy
  20. stats

    A box contains 16 white and 16 black marbles. Construct a sample space for the experiment of randomly drawing out, with replacement, three marbles in succession and noting the color each time. (To draw “with replacement” means that each marble is put

    asked by Hailey
  21. Science

    A scientist was studying the effects of oil contamination on ocean seaweed. He thought that oil runoff from storm drains would keep seaweed from growing normally so he decided to do an experiment. He filled two tanks of equal size with water and monitored

    asked by Mike
  22. Algebra

    K2 is11,194 feet higher than Mt. Kenya. Write and solve an equation of Mt. Kenya. Please hep with this 9ne thanks

    asked by Will
  23. Please help with this 1

    A football team has a net yardage of -26 1/3 yards of a series of plays. The team needs to get yardage of 10 yards to get a first down. How many yards do they have to get on their next play to get a first down?

    asked by Step hie
  24. Algebra

    A diver begins at sea level and descends vertically at a rate of 2 1/2 feet per second. How long does the Diver take to reach -15.6 feet?

    asked by Will
  25. Economics

    Assume that the manufacturing of plastic (PVC) windows is a perfectly competitive industry. The market demand for plastic windows is described by a linear demand function: Q = (6000 -50P)/9. There are 50 manufacturers of plastic windows. Each manufacturer

    asked by Maria
  26. Math

    Bridget ungrouped 5,000 as shown. 5,000-2896=. Use your understanding of place value to explain how the ungrouped number is equal to 5,000.

    asked by Bryce

    1.)what is the magnitude of the force experienced by a proton moving at 3 km/s inside magnetic field of strength 0.05T 2.)an electron is moving at 2x10^5 m/s through a uniform magnetic field of 1.4x10^-3 T.what is the magnitude of magnetic force if the

    asked by Tricia
  28. reading

    What is the prefix root and suffix for daintly? Am i correct? Prefix- none Suffix-ily Root- daint

    asked by Nina
  29. Math

    Will a 2-quart pitcher hold an entire recipe citrus punch -recipe- 2cups orange juice 2cups grapefruit juice 1/4 cup of apricot neater 1/3cup of pineapple juice 4cups ginger ale is the whole recipe 8 2/14 cups?

    asked by Jamie
  30. Programming

    The Romance World Cruise Line provides special gifts for passengers who are newlyweds, as well as for those who have been married more than 40 years. Design a pseudocode for a program that accepts a couple's last name, ship cabin number, and number of

    asked by Dawlton
  31. Geometry

    How to put each circle in standard form? 1. Center of the line 5x-3y=12 and tangent to both axes.(first quadrant circle only). 2.passes through (-3,22) and tangent to the y axis at (0,19) 3.diameter ab with a (4,10) and b (8,14) 4. Center (6,10) tangent to

    asked by Please HELP
  32. reading

    What is the prefix, suffix and root for the word pitch? Am i correct? No prefix No suffix Root- pitch

    asked by 🐶
  33. reading

    What is the prefix suffix and root for the word devastation? Am i correct? Prefix- none Suffix- ion Root- devastate

    asked by 🐶
  34. math

    list all the 3 digit numbers that fit these clues. the hundreds digits is less than 3. the tens digit is less than 2. the ones digit is greater than 7

    asked by maya
  35. Maths

    A ladder of a length of 6m is placed against a wall. The distance from the foot of the ladder to the wall is 2.5m. How far up the wall is the ladder?

    asked by Jack
  36. Algebra

    1.What is the sum of 5/6 + 2/3? (1 point) MY ANSWER C. a.1 1/3 b.1 1/2 c.1 2/3 d.1 3/4 2.Sue needs 2 1/3 cups of flour for a batch of cookies.How many complete batches can she make with 10 cups of flour? (1 point) MY ANSWER D. a.5 batches b.3 batches c.2

    asked by CassLovesCandyXD

    1.)what is the magnitude of the force experienced by a proton moving at 3 km/s inside magnetic field of strength 0.05T 2.)an electron is moving at 2x10^5 m/s through a uniform magnetic field of 1.4x10^-3 T.what is the magnitude of magnetic force if the

    asked by Please! Anybody Help me.
  38. Pre Algrebra

    Which expression has the same value as m^-4+1/5^-4 a)1/m*1/m*1/m*1/m+5*5*5*5 b)m-4+1/5-4 c)1/m*1/m*1/m*1/m+4*4*4*4*4 d)1/m*1/m*1/m*1/m+1/5*1/5*1/5*1/5

    asked by HELP PLZ
  39. Physics

    A 6.08 kg box sits on a ramp that is inclined at 37.4 ∘ above the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the ramp is 0.30. What horizontal force is required to move the box up the incline with a constant acceleration of 4.30

    asked by Nicholas
  40. Math

    There are three times as many chickens than pigs on a farm. All the chickens and pigs have 2400 feet all together. How many more chickens than pigsare there?

    asked by Brad
  41. Calculus

    How do you simplify vectors? 1)AB + BC + CD 2) BC - FE - BA + DE - DC

    asked by Anonymous
  42. HISTORY!!

    Okay so this is the question: 2. There were many empires that rose and fell between 2300 B.C. and 334 B.C. Write a brief essay that compares and contrasts the Babylonian and Hittite empires. In what ways were they alike, and how were they different? I'm

    asked by HELP!!! PLEASE!
  43. unisa

    Describe two improvements that the people of Ikror have enjoyed from the state assembly and mention two aspects that still need improvements

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Life orientation

    lo task on the topic road use-the rrsponsibilities of the road users to ensure safety for one another

    asked by Hlogi tsatsa
  45. Math

    Determine the limit below (if it exists) Problem: lim 8x^2+40x+32/x+4 x→-4

    asked by Tina
  46. life orientation

    Assess the extent to which bad road use has a direct impact on the physical,emotional,social and economic aspects to the family,the community and the country.

    asked by Hlogi tsatsa2
  47. Science Can You Please Check

    1. DNA is found in ____ cells. sex sperm all* no 2. A ____ is part of the DNA code on a chromosome. gene* genotype phenotype gender 3. ____ is defined as either male or female except for rare species that have the ability to change sex. Competition

    asked by YOLO
  48. math

    The tenths digit of ds decimal is the smallest prime n.The hundredths digits is twice the tenths digit is the GCF 18 and 27.

    asked by josh
  49. AP Environmental Science

    Why is it necessary to eliminate absolutely all invasive fire ant colonies to eradicate the invasive population? A)Every colony has a major impact on native flora and fauna. B)Because the last colony found is the one housing the invasion’s queen. C)Even

    asked by Savanna
  50. Physics

    1.)what is the magnitude of the force experienced by a proton moving at 3 km/s inside magnetic field of strength 0.05T 2.)an electron is moving at 2x10^5 m/s through a uniform magnetic field of 1.4x10^-3 T.what is the magnitude of magnetic force if the

    asked by ROSE-Help Me Please PLEASE!!!!!
  51. Math

    A 3-pound pork loin can be cut into 10 pork chops of equal weight. How many ounces is each pork chop. Is my math correct? 3lb=48oz so 48/10=4.8 so is each pork chop, 4.8 os or do i have to divide 8 by 10?

    asked by Adrianna
  52. math

    combine the following polynomials (2x^2-5x+9)-(0.5x^2-7x+3) (-3x^3-6x-4)+(2x^3+4x^2+()-(4x+3)

    asked by shellyb
  53. Chemistry

    What happens when you mix ammonium chloride and sodium nitrate? I don't need any equations, just what would you see when you mix them together Thanks~

    asked by Claire
  54. Calculus 3! ASAP please

    1.A given line is described by the system of equations x=2t+7; y=-3t+4; z=5-t; find the equation of a line parallel to the given line and which contains the point (1,1,0). 2.Let a= and b=, then the component of a parallel to b is given by? - the answer is

    asked by Sally
  55. Calculus 3

    1. An object moves along a straight track from the point (1,−2,1) to the point (0,−7,5). The only force acting on it is a constant F=2i−3j−5k newtons. Find the work done if the distance is measured in meters. 2. A wrench 0.5 meters long lies along

    asked by jagga
  56. U.S. History

    How did the issue of Kansas statehood reflect the growing division between North and South?

    asked by Victoria
  57. L.A

    Which of the following expresses a main idea from Always to Remember? a.Maya Ying Lin was a talented and smart college student who became a designer. b.Maya Ying Lins family life, travel experiences, and education provided her a background necessary for a

    asked by Amber
  58. Math

    If a piece of string is 3/4 meter long then how many pieces of string that are 1/20 meter long can Wyatt cut?

    asked by Cassi
  59. reading

    What is the prefix, suffix, root for the word constructed? Am i correct? prefix-none Suffix-ed Root-construct

    asked by 😀
  60. Precalc

    Identify all of the trig functions that fit each description: 1. Has a amplitude of 1 2. Is discontinuous at odd multiples of π/2 3. Is continuous at odd multiples of π/2 4. Has sin x as a denominator value 5. Is completely bounded 6. Has the exxact same

    asked by Anon
  61. reading

    What is the prefix, suffix, and root for the word veins? Prefix-none Suffix-s Root- vein Am i correct?

    asked by 🐶
  62. math

    y-x=1 2x-y=1 changing it to y y=-x+1 y=2x-1 can someone check if I did it right? If not, please correct me.

    asked by tina
  63. precalculus

    the following is a point not on a unit circle. θ → (-5,4) use it to find: 1. cos θ = -5 2. csc θ = 1/4 am i correct? also, sec θ is negative, tan θ is positive. in what quadrant is < θ?

    asked by yani
  64. algebra

    Factor the following expressions x^2-8x+12 3a^3-27a 4y^2-9

    asked by shellyb
  65. science

    Help me please looked everywhere T- the skeletal system consists of 206 bones H- helps protects the body E- S-support K- E- L-ligaments E- T-tendons A- L- S-skeleton Y- S-shape and structure T- E-exercise M-

    asked by Anonymous
  66. reading

    What is the prefix suffix and root for the word lullaby? Am i correct? Prefix-none Suffix-by Root- lulla

    asked by 🐶
  67. math

    a football coach divides 42 players into equal groups for a warm up drill.each group should have at least 5 players but no more than 8 players.what are the possible group sizes?

    asked by lakshmi
  68. Math

    A stick 60 cm long is cut into two pieces in yhe ration 2:3 how long is each P.s I need it on September 23 4:00 am plssssssss thank you

    asked by Mark
  69. algebra

    Julie the Jeweler has fifteen gold necklaces worth $120 each, nine silver necklaces valued at $90 each, ten plated necklaces valued at $60 each and thirty beaded necklaces worth $15 each. What is the average value of a necklace at Julie’s shop? (round to

    asked by Kristen
  70. algebra

    What is the final grade for this student? (round to two decimal places) Quizzes = 5%, Exam 1 = 20%, Exam 2 = 20%, Lab Reports = 15%, Research Paper = 15%, Final Exam = 25% Lab Reports: 75,80,70,75,85,69,90,75 Quizzes: 85,60,70,0,75,80,80,80 Exam 1: 80 Exam

    asked by Kristen
  71. Math

    1.)what is the magnitude of the force experienced by a proton moving at 3 km/s inside magnetic field of strength 0.05T 2.)an electron is moving at 2x10^5 m/s through a uniform magnetic field of 1.4x10^-3 T.what is the magnitude of magnetic force if the

    asked by Please Help me to my HW?
  72. Math

    The number of locks is 9 in the ones place the number in the hundreds place is one more than the number in the tens place those two numbers equal 11 how many blocks are there

    asked by May
  73. History

    Can someone help me answer these questions? Please help me... I really can't figure out these ones. 1) The Puritans came to America seeking religious freedom England. They established colonies around the church. Give one example of how they sought to

    asked by Abby
  74. maths

    Use the digits 22468 find the number less than 70000 which has the same units and hundreds digit its thousands digit double its units digit

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by sj
  76. maths

    Use the digits 22468 find the number less than 70000 which has the same units and hundreds digit its thousands digit double its units digit Is the number 46282

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by sj
  78. reading

    What is the prefix, suffix, and root for the word resourceful? Am i correct? No prefix Suffix- ful Root- resource

    asked by 🐶
  79. desert sands

    Denise took a total of 80 calls on her shift at work today. Of those 80 calls, 55% were resolved, 15% escalated to a supervisor, and 10% required that a technician be sent out to the customer's house. What is the total number of calls that Denise resolved

    asked by asjley
  80. Speech

    Metaphor, simile, repetition, parallelism and alliteration. What fits each sentence: Many lessons need to be learned from Hurricane Katrina we are one nation but separated according to race and class we are one nation but separated according to advantaged

    asked by KristyK1234
  81. Math

    Determine the limit below (if it exists) Problem: lim 8x^2+40x+32/x+4 x→-4 I got 0/0, is that right?

    asked by Tina
  82. Trigonometry

    find the value for the indicated trig function for ø, if ø is an angle in standard position with the terminal side defined by the given point. (18,24); find cos ø

    asked by Kimmy
  83. Physics

    Part A of this question asks for the sum of vector A = 3x+5y and vector B = 1x-3y. I did this and got the vector A + vector B = 4x+2y. Part B then asks what the magnitude and direction of vector A + vector B? The answer in the back of the textbook says

    asked by Kendall
  84. ELA

    what is five thing you would like to cancel in the world? Ex: green beans cause I hate them!! What is five things you would want in the world!! Ex: brighter light nights.

    asked by Tisy
  85. Math

    which statement is false?(1 point) a.every integer is a real number b.the number zero is a rational number c.every irrational number is real number d.every real number is a rational number

    asked by Caylee
  86. Physics

    What are three different kinds of automatic switching devices? What are the conditions that cause the on/off action of the switch?

    asked by Grace
  87. math for managers


    asked by Anonymous
  88. social studies

    Which of the following is most likely to help countries in West and Central Africa solve their economic problems? a. griots b. microcredit c. imports of natural resources d. negative balance of trade

    asked by khandrel
  89. science

    Describe how you would find the mass of 250mL of water

    asked by aaron
  90. Chemistry

    How can the concept of changing oxidation states of manganese be used in the real world

    asked by Lema
  91. Maths

    What number am I? I am a multiple of 3 I am also a multiple of 7 My units digit is half my tens digit

    asked by Shannon


    asked by sj
  93. Geometry

    Jason designed an arch made of wrought iron for the top of a mall entrance. The 11 segments between the two concentric circles are each 1.25 m long. Find the total length of wrought iron used to make the structure. Round the answer to the nearest meter.

    asked by Alexa
  94. Math

    So, I need to state the properties of two equations that look like a(b-c)=d and c(b-a)=d. Is it associative property?

    asked by Hailey
  95. Physics

    Suppose a rocket ship in deep space moves with constant acceleration equal to 9.80 m/s2, which gives the illusion of normal gravity during the flight. (a) If it starts from rest, how long will it take to acquire a speed 12% that of light, which travels at

    asked by Jessica
  96. Algebra

    There were 170 tickets sold in 1 day and amount money made $1475.00. Adult tickets cost $10.00 and children $7.00. How many adult and children tickets were sold.

    asked by Tristan
  97. sabela

    Discus three practical measures to deal with this environmental issue that causes I'll health on a personal level

    asked by nhlanhla
  98. Math

    Please solve: t/2 + t/6 = 2.

    asked by Ty
  99. physics

    A block is at rest on the incline shown in the figure. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction are µs = 0.4 and µk = 0.34, respectively. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s. What is the largest angle which the incline can have so that the mass

    asked by king
  100. Science

    A scientist was studying the effects of oil contamination on ocean seaweed. He thought that oil runoff from storm drains would keep seaweed from growing normally so he decided to do an experiment. He filled two tanks of equal size with water and monitored

    asked by Michael
  101. Math

    Solve m/3 + m/4 -1 = 5/2

    asked by Jamar
  102. science

    What is the volume of a cardboard box that is 11 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 7 inches high.

    asked by Alayssa Hickey
  103. Math

    Geddy has a pool with a volume of 25.0m^3. It costs $2.35 per cubic foot (ft^3) to clean. How much will it cost to clean the pool?

    asked by Julia
  104. U.S. History (Please check my answer)

    Which American officer assisted Frémont's attacks in northern California? A: John Drake Sloat assisted Frémont's attacks in northern California.

    asked by Victoria
  105. Social Studies

    According to the declaration of independence, all men have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Which document outlines specific freedoms guaranteed to United States citizens? A) Article 1 of the Constitution B) Article 2 of the

    asked by Julian
  106. algebra

    If a=2 what is -a^2? -4 or 4? Why?

    asked by Katie
  107. Computer/Math

    In an examination five pass grade and one fail is awarded a. For mark between 70 and 100 b. For mark between 60 and 69 c. For mark between 50 and 59 d. For mark between 45 and 49 e. For mark between 40 and 44. Write a program to input an mark for a student

    asked by Tosin
  108. Gr 12 chemistry

    Based on this reaction: H2(g) + I2(g)= 2HI(g) How many moles of iodine are necessary for form 0.530 moles of hydrogen iodine

    asked by Avery
  109. Algebra I

    I got the following question but since I haven't reached a definite answer I'm wonder if I've solved it correctly: Write the slope-intercept form of an equation of the line that passes through (-2,5) and has an undefined slope. I got: 5=-2m+b 5--2m=b

    asked by Brittany
  110. physics

    A speeder driving down the road at a constant 20m/s passes a patrolman parked on the roadside. The patrolman waits 3 seconds then pursue the speeder accelerating at a constant 4m/s2. When does the patrolman catch the speeder

    asked by chelsea
  111. U.S. History (Answer Check)

    What act triggered violence in Kansas?

    asked by Victoria
  112. English

    According to An Inconvenient Truth, what is the role of infrared radiation in global warming?

    asked by Tony
  113. Chem

    2.) convert 200.46 miles per hour to km/s 5.) convert 1.745 * 10^-5 m^3 to pints. 7.) convert 1.5 square miles to dm^2.

    asked by Jake
  114. Math

    After 40 spins, Chris landed on red 18 times. What is the experimental probability of landing on red? What is the theoretical probability of landing on red? Right as a fraction in simplest form.

    asked by Kate
  115. Science

    In the space below, write a paragraph describing the work of a chemical engineer. Include a description of the different industries that they work in and the skills they need to be successful Need Help!!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Mathematics (I really need help)

    The place value of 4 in 36.54 is how many times the place value of the 4 in 24.81?

    asked by Ano
  117. Physics

    Basically... distance is 4 km Takes 4 min to go down river Takes 6 min to come up How fast is the river?

    asked by Eric
  118. Physics (density)

    A steel drum (barrel) has a volume of 200 Liters and a mass of 16 kg. It is filled to the top with an unknown liquid, sealed and thrown into water. It is floating with 50% of its volume underwater. What is the density of the liquid inside the drum? Assume

    asked by Jason
  119. Physics(volume flow rate)

    Imagine a house with two bathrooms/showers: one downstairs, the other upstairs. The volume flow rate of the shower head downstairs (2 meters above the ground level) is 4*10-4 m3/s. The cross sectional area of the shower head is 30 mm2. What is the volume

    asked by Jason
  120. Chem (HELP!!)

    Test tomorrow too! I don't understand how to do these at all! HELP PLEASE _______________________________ 3.) 11.45 L of milk spilled on the floor. How many gallons spilled? 6.) Suppose 19.0 quarts of water is consumed by a thirsty dessert traveler. How

    asked by Emily
  121. Calculus

    Can you please explain to me what are the qualifications for a function to be continuous? Please explain your response in easy to understand wording. thank you in advanced!

    asked by Catera
  122. U.S. History (Ms. Sue)

    Which side, the North or South, achieved more of its goals in the Compromise of 1850? A: The South achieved more of its goals in the Compromise of 1850.

    asked by Victoria
  123. Math

    If Emma ran 2 1/5 miles and Lily ran one third the distance that in Moran how far in miles did Lily run ? Do you divide or multiply or what

    asked by Cross
  124. Mathematics (I really need help)

    The place value of 4 in 36.54 is how many times the place value of the 4 in 24.81?

    asked by Anon
  125. math

    In jims,5 times as many students take the bus as those who walk. A total of 24 students walk or take the bus. How many more students take the bus than walk to school?

    asked by Morgan
  126. Math

    A group of friends went out for dinner. 19 of the diners ordered vegetarian food and 14 ordered non-vegetarian food. What is the ratio of the number of vegetarian meals to the number of non-vegetarian meals?

    asked by Bryson
  127. Physics

    Two small cars same weight travel towards each other red going 2.13 seconds/meter and blue going 2.99 seconds/meter at how many meters will they collide if one starts at 0 meters and one starts at 3.5 meters.

    asked by Nika
  128. Maths

    Tiffany makes $4000 a month plus some money by commission rates. She gets 4% of everything she sells. If Tiffany sold $40000 worth of items this month, what is her salary for the month?

    asked by Sky
  129. physics

    A bullet is fired straight up from a gun with a muzzle velocity of 217 m/s. Neglecting air resistance, what will be its displacement after 9 s? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 .

    asked by pedro
  130. Math

    Hi! I need help with this question: Directions: Find the rest of the answers for the table and then find the estimate for it's limit. Problem: lim x→0 cos(3x-1)/3x Table: (top row) -0.1, -0,01, -0.001, 0.01, 0.1 (trying to find what the bottom would be

    asked by Lily
  131. computer programming

    Write a C++ pogram for the following Employee Name and 12 months’ salary. Salary starts with $5000 per month and increments every month by 10% of previous month salary. At the end of the year, the employee is paid a 5% bonus on top of the yearly salary.

    asked by Gokul
  132. math

    Paul needs 3 7/8 yards of fabric to make one table cloth. how many table clothes can he make from 38 3/4 yards of fabric?

    asked by Anonymous
  133. math


    asked by Anonymous
  134. Physics

    A boy sledding down a hill accelerates at 2.33 m/s2 . If he started from rest, in what distance would he reach a speed of 8.70 m/s? Answer in units of m

    asked by Nadeen
  135. English

    What is an aspect of the tense?

    asked by P.Dhanvin
  136. Half-Life

    The rate constant for this first-order reaction is 0.0990 s–1 at 400 °C. A --> products After how many seconds will 10.0% of the reactant remain?

    asked by Sam
  137. Social Studies

    How does a satellite help us?

    asked by P.Yajvin
  138. AP Physics

    A baseball player throwing the ball from the outfield usually allows it to take one bounce on the theory that the ball arrives sooner this way. Suppose that ball hits the ground at an angle θ and then bonuses but loses half of its speed. A. Assuming that

    asked by Rachel
  139. math

    Find each quotient. Express using positive exponents: 7 to the 6th power over 7

    asked by alex
  140. physics

    A bear spies some honey and takes off from rest, accelerating at a rate of 2.8 m/s^2. If the honey is 20m away, How fast will the bear be going when he gets to the honey?

    asked by ana
  141. MATH

    The position function of a particle is given by s(t) = t^{3}-3t^{2}-7t, t\ge 0 where s is measured in meters and t in seconds. When does the particle reach a velocity of 20 m/s? PLEASE HELP. I found the derivative which is 3t^2-6t-7. Now do I set that

    asked by STEPH
  142. Math Help- Test Tomorrow!

    We were doing review in class today and I remembered this one question I never got(though I don't have the specific question with me anymore). 1. It was a composite function question that asked for 'a' when f(g(a))=1. We were provided with the graphs of

    asked by Ben
  143. physics

    A giant bull running at 15 m/s slows at a rate of 2.4 meters per second per second. How long does it take it to stop?

    asked by ana
  144. Calculus

    How do you simplify vectors? 1)AB + BC + CD 2) BC - FE - BA + DE - DC Calculus - Steve, Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 11:39pm AB+BC = AC so, AB+BC+CD = AD BC-DC = BC+CD = BD See if you can use that idea to rearrange +/- terms so the ends line up in order

    asked by Anonymous
  145. Math

    The radius of a sphere is 3 cm . the radius is increased by a linear scale factor of 5:2 . calculate the surface area of the new sphere

    asked by Jordan
  146. Math

    1. Solve the Following equation: 3(x-7)-x=2x-21 a. 7 b. -2 c. infinitely many solutions d. no solution 2. Solve the Following equation: 4=2y=9+2y a. 4 b. -4 c. infinitely many solutions d. no solution Can someone walk me through how to do these please? I

    asked by Vae
  147. math

    Can someone check my math homework? I have to set up an equation... my math teacher said that I didn't show how I set up the equation. can someone show me how to do that please? My work is under the question. 7. Anne is seven years younger than her

    asked by Abby
  148. Algebra

    For the period 1995-2002, the total personal expenditures (in billions of dollars) in the United States for food, f(x), and for housing, h(x), can be described by the equations shown below, where x is the number of years past 1995. f(x) = 40.74x + 742.65

    asked by Jamie
  149. Math

    At the grocery store, almonds are on sale for $2.88 per pound. What is the price of 3.5 pounds?

    asked by Amy
  150. algebra

    Bacteria of species A and species B are kept in a single test tube, where they are fed two nutrients. Each day the test tube is supplied with 19,740 units of the first nutrient and 31,990 units of the second nutrient. Each bacterium of species A requires 4

    asked by Jamie
  151. Algebra

    A nurse has two solutions that contain different concentrations of a certain medication. One is a 20% concentration and the other is a 5% concentration. How many cubic centimeters of each should he mix to obtain 10 cc of a 14% solution?

    asked by Jamie
  152. Algebra

    Each ounce of a substance A supplies 2% of the nutrition a patient needs. Substance B supplies 10% of the required nutrition per ounce, and substance C supplies 16% of the required nutrition per ounce. If digestive restrictions require that substances A

    asked by Jamie
  153. Chemistry

    Lets say you have 25 ml of a 3.25M copper(II) chlorate solution. How many moles of copper (II) chlorate would be in the solution and how many moles of the copper(II) ion would be in the solution?

    asked by Heather
  154. Calculus 1

    Differentiate. f(x)=5sqrt(x)sinx

    asked by TayB
  155. math

    F= 9/5-62+32

    asked by Brandon
  156. Science Project suggestions??

    I cannot think of an original science project idea. I would really like an original one instead of the online ones which have already have their own procedures and stuff. I would like to do a science project that is has to do with chemistry or computer

    asked by Eunice
  157. math

    A printing company agreed to publish a book about Western history. When they were numbering the pages of the book, they noticed that they used 2989 digits. How many pages long was the book they agreed to publish?

    asked by Anonymous
  158. our lady of fatima university Chemistry

    What is the PH of the solution after 25.00 ml of 0.250 M KOH is added to 75.00 ml of 120 M Acetic acid?

    asked by Chephira
  159. math

    Use parenthesis to make statement true 2x8+5-3=36

    asked by Eve
  160. science

    preparation of 600ppm sodium ions from sodium carbonate

    asked by Eugene
  161. mshweshwe high school

    A car accelerates from rest at 5 metres per square seconds. Calculate the distance covered by the car after 6 seconds

    asked by sipho
  162. math

    There are 42 marbles in a napsack. of 2 different colors. 7 of the marbles in the bag are Red,and the rest are blue. What is the ratio of blue to red marbles

    asked by Anonymous