Questions Asked on
September 20, 2015

  1. math

    A dolphin is swimming with her friend. The dolphin jumps to a height of 4.5, meters above the surface of the water as her friend swims 9.8 meters directly below her. What is the position of the dolphin's friend relative to the surface of the water?

    asked by laxcy545
  2. Math

    The amount of Jen's monthly phone bill is normally distributed with a mean of $55 and a standard deviation of $9. Within what range are 68% of her phone bills?

    asked by Jacqueline
  3. Physics

    A force F1 of magnitude 6.90 units acts on an object at the origin in a direction θ = 54.0° above the positive x-axis. (See the figure below.) A second force F2 of magnitude 5.00 units acts on the object in the direction of the positive y-axis. Find

    asked by Jennifer
  4. Chemistry

    Technetium-99m, an important radionuclide in medicine, has a half-life of 6.0 hours. What percentage of a sample of technetium-99m will remain undecayed after the following times? 18.0 hours 1 day 5 half- lives

    asked by Anonymous
  5. math

    The cost price of a Jean is Rs. 200 and marked price is 50% more than the cost price. But the shopkeeper sold it at 25 % discount. Find the marked price. Find the discounted price.

    asked by zenab
  6. American History

    Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries the colonists underwent a gradual transformation---they became less Anglo-American and more uniquely American. Discuss four elements responsible for this slow metamorphosis. (To merely list the elements is not enough,

    asked by John
  7. Math

    An artist makes a profit of (500p - p^2) dollars from selling p paintings. What is the fewest number of paintings the artist can sell to make a profit of at least $60,000? Don't know how to even set it up

    asked by Cort
  8. science

    Consider the diprotic acid H2A with K1 =1.00 X 10-4 and K2 = 1.00 X 10-8 . Find the pH and concentrations of H2A, HA- , and A2- in: (a) 0.100 M H2A; (b) 0.100 M NaHA; (c) 0.100 M Na2A.

    asked by mmm
  9. algebra

    The amount of Jen's monthly phone bill is normally distributed with a mean of $55 and a standard deviation of $9. Within what range are 68% of her phone bills?

    asked by anonymous
  10. Algebra

    -3/7(-w^2)(7w) In this equation, why is the answer positive? I thought the answer is negative because there are 3 negative signs..

    asked by Junyoung
  11. phyics

    A dart leaves the barrel of a blowgun at a speed v. The length of the blowgun barrel is L. Assume that the acceleration of the dart in the barrel is uniform. a) Show that the dart moves inside the barrel for a time of 2L/v Express your answer in terms of

    asked by sarah
  12. chemistry

    Combustion analysis of 1.0g of a compound containing carbon , hydrogen and oxygen gives 2.3 g of carbon dioxide and 0.93g of water . If The relative molecular mass is 58. Calculate The empirical and molecular formula

    asked by hiedi
  13. Math

    A teacher charges Php 500 per hour of tutorial service to a second year high school student. If she spends three hours tutoring per day, how much would she receive in 20 days?

    asked by Jennylyn
  14. algebra

    Angela is on her way from home from Jersey City into New York City for dinner. She walks 1 mile to the train station, takes the train 1/2 of the way, and takes a taxi 1/6 of the way to the restaurant. How far does Angela live from the restaurant?

    asked by anonymous
  15. Art

    creating artwork that showed scenes of everyday life was very different from what was normally painted in the late 1800s. This change in style allowed the artist to be more Common Traditional Creative Boring Please Help! :)

    asked by Anonymous
  16. statistics

    suppose that from 8 students, we want to take a committee of students? How many committees of 3 can be selected? How many of 4?

    asked by Danielle
  17. Macroeconomics

    Suppose that Paulie and Vinny each can produce ice cream or t-shirts. it shows the quantity of each good that Paulie and Vinny each can produce in one hour, respectively, if they devote all of their time and effort into making the good. paulie can make 3

    asked by Lulu
  18. Business Statistics

    The quality control manager at a light bulb factory needs to estimate the mean life of a large shipment of light bulbs. The manufacturer's specifications are that the standard deviations is 100 hours. A random sample of 64 light bulbs indicated a sample

    asked by Tim
  19. Criminal Justice/White Collar Crime

    Like other criminogenic cultures, the savings and loan industry placed a heavy emphasis on: A. presence of organized crime interests. B. intricate government regulations. C. reduced competition. D. profit. I think it's D, but not sure

    asked by Pat
  20. Math

    your management company was hired to take over the maintenance of the room. last year the old floor tiles were replaced with spanish portico special ceramic tiles. the tiles cost $13.50 per square foot. the owner paid $6534 for the tiles. Determine the

    asked by Student
  21. math

    Is the products of two mixed numbers less than, between, or greater than the two factors?

    asked by sharmour
  22. Math

    The systolic blood pressures of a group of 18-year-old women are normally distributed with a mean of 120 mmHg and a standard deviation of 12 mmHg. What percentage of women in this group have a systolic blood pressure between 108 mmHg and 132 mmHg?

    asked by Jacqueline
  23. Math

    Jessie uses 20 liters pf gasoline to travel 200 kilometers, how many liters of gasoline will he use on a trip of 700 kilometers?

    asked by Jennylyn
  24. Physics-HELP

    An airplane is traveling 775 km/h in a direction 42.5° west of north (Figure 3-31). (a) Find the components of the velocity vector in the northerly and westerly directions. northerly km/h westerly km/h (b) How far north and how far west has the plane

    asked by Manny
  25. Math

    The pressure p at the bottom of swimming pool varies directly as the depth d of the water. If the pressure is 125 Pascal when the water is 2 meters deep, find the pressure when it is 4.5 meters deep.

    asked by Jennylyn
  26. Math

    The shadow of an object varies directly as its height h. A man 1.8 m tall casts a shadow 4.32 m long. If at the same time a flagpole casts a shadow 12.8 m long, how how is the flagpole?

    asked by Jennylyn
  27. pre calculus

    The minute hand and the hour hand of a clock have lengths inches and inches, respectively. Determine the distance between the tips of the hands at 10:00 in terms of and m h.

    asked by jim
  28. math

    Peter is three years older than his sister paula. If their combined age is 21 find their actual ages. x+3=21 X+3-3=21-3 X=18 Answer=18 and 3

    asked by ali
  29. Physics

    A boy weighing 3.9 102 N jumps from a height of 2.15 m to the ground below. Assume that the force of the ground on his feet is constant. a) Compute the force of the ground on his feet if he jumps stiff-legged, the ground compresses 1.80 cm, and the

    asked by Stacey
  30. Physics

    A hammer is thrown horizontally from the flat roof of a tall building at a velocity of 10m/s and hits the ground below after 5 seconds. (a) How high is the roof? (b) How far from the building does it land.

    asked by Heinnrick
  31. Physics

    Calculate the height through which a crane can lift a load of 4 ton when it's motor of 4 H.P operates for 10 sec. Acceleration due to gravity is 10 m/s2

    asked by Sarthak
  32. Physics

    a student sees a ball fall from the third floor of a building and notes that it takes 2.50 s for the ball to fall the last half of the way to the ground. What is the height of the building?

    asked by Liselotte
  33. organic chemistry

    1. Predict the order of elution of a mixture of triphenylmethanol, biphenyl, benzoic acid, and methyl benzoate from an alumina column. You may need to examine the structural elements in each compound. 2. Once the chromatography column has been prepared,

    asked by DONT UNDERSTAND!!
  34. Criminal Justice/White Collar Crime

    Actions by the government that contributed to the collapse of the savings and loan industry included all of the following EXCEPT: A. increasing down payment requirements. B. commercial real estate loans. C. permitting money market mutual funds. D.

    asked by Pat
  35. english

    compare and contrast the words maneuver and manipulate

    asked by jeff
  36. Math

    500! is divisible by 21. How many times can 21 go into 500! ? Have zero clue how to do this. Thanks in advance!

    asked by Brandy
  37. grammar

    Please explain why the sentence, The flat creek bed was made of warm soft mud is neither a compound subject nor a compound predicate?

    asked by Liam
  38. math for managers

    Adam is 3 times as old as Cynthia and Fred is 16 years younger than Adam. One year ago, Adam's age was twice the sum of Cynthia's and Fred's age. Find their present age: (Write answer as Adam is __, Cynthia is __, Fred is __)

    asked by Anonymous
  39. algebra

    A size 36 shoe in France is size 3.5 in England. A function that converts shoe sizes in France to those in England is g(x)=3x-94/4. A size 6 shoe in the United States is size 3.5 in England. A function the converts shoe sizes in England to those in the

    asked by T
  40. geography(development)

    What are the Four Negative results of development?

    asked by melissa
  41. Chemistry ! Need help.

    A buffer prepared by dissolving oxalic acid dihydrate (H2C2O4·2H2O) and disodium oxalate (Na2C2O4) in 1.00 L of water has a pH of 5.007. How many grams of oxalic acid dihydrate (MW = 126.07 g/mol) and disodium oxalate (MW = 133.99 g/mol) were required to

    asked by Owen
  42. Criminal Justice/White Collar Crime

    A gift becomes a bribe when: A. it is requested. B. there is a quid pro quo. C. the amount exceeds the salary of the elected official. D. it is freely given. I think it's C, but not sure.

    asked by Pat
  43. Math

    The annual precipitation for one city is normally distributed with a mean of 329 inches and a standard deviation of 2.6 inches. Find the probability that a randomly selected year will have more than 323.8 inches of rain. Express the probability as a

    asked by jackie
  44. math

    if the teacher begins recording on a digital camera with an hour available,is there enough time to records everyone if she gives a 15 minutes introduction at the beginning of class and every student takes a minute to get ready?

    asked by sharmour
  45. Math

    A mailman can sort out 738 letters in 6 hours. If the number of sorted letters varies directly as the number of working hours, how many letters can be sorted out in 9 hours?

    asked by Jennylyn
  46. calculus

    10. A military jet flies horizontally with a velocity of 450 m/s and 20,000 m above the ground. When the jet is straight above an artillery gun a shell is fired. Assuming the shell hits the jet. a. Calculate the horizontal component of the initial velocity

    asked by Sue
  47. math for managers

    f 5 times the first number plus 3 times the second number equals 47, and 10 times the first number minus 4 times the second number equals 54, what are the numbers?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. phyics

    A car takes 11 s to go from v=0m/s to v = 22 m/s at constant acceleration. If you wish to find the distance traveled using the equation d=1/2at2, what value should you use for a? Express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate

    asked by sarah
  49. Statistics

    b. What is the probability of randomly generating a 7 from the numbers 2 to 12 inclusive?

    asked by Joe
  50. Math

    For what values of n will the sum n+3 be less than 50

    asked by Keyani
  51. History

    With respect to the Holocaust, recent scholarship has revealed that A. a majority of Germans were indifferent to the plight of the jews. b. German soldiers in Eastern Europe generally opposed the anti-Semitic program. c. Resistance to the Holocaust sparked

    asked by Bernard
  52. Math 050

    Input= X and is decreased by 7 how would that be expressed into a algebraic expression? Please help

    asked by Anahi
  53. Chemistry

    How many moles of sodium ions are present in a 50.0 g sample of NaCl? Do I use avagadros number?

    asked by EV
  54. Chemistry

    A 39 g of iron ore is treated as follows. The iron in the sample is all converted by a series of chemical reactions to Fe2O3. The mass of Fe2O3 is measured to be 7.9 grams. What was the percent iron in the sample of ore? Answer in units of %. Please help

    asked by Alex
  55. social studies

    What individual behaviors might be influenced by television? A) Suicide- I am not as attractive as those on TV. B) Drug use - I am not happy as those on TV. C) Promiscuous Sexual Activity - it seems to be normal behavior on TV. D) All of the above.

    asked by toti
  56. English

    1. He will be back in a while. 2. He will be back soon. 3. He will be back after a long time. ================= What is the definition of 'in a while'? Does #1 mean #2 or #3?

    asked by rfvv
  57. Pre-Calc

    An airplane is flying at a speed of 250 mph at an altitude of 4 miles. The plane passes directly above a radar station at time t = 0. What is the distance s between the plane and the radar station after four minutes?

    asked by Sam
  58. history

    Between 1963 and 1990, which standard of review was used by the Court to evaluate free exercise claims?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. chem

    The accepted density of the sugar solution is 1.392 g/mL . Based on the average value of each data set, rank the data sets in decreasing order of accuracy.

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Maths

    What are conditions for taking |x*y|=|x|*|y|

    asked by Edward
  61. Math

    Will someone please explain to me how to simplify -10n - 6 + n - 5 And -6(n-9)

    asked by Anon
  62. Chemistry

    A 0.020 M KMnO4 solution was used to determine the percent iron in a sample containing iron(II). MnO− 4 + 5 Fe2+ + 8 H+ → Mn+2 + 5 Fe3+ + 4 H2O It took 25.0 mL of the KMnO4 to completely react with all the iron(II) in the 0.500 g sample. What was the

    asked by Child
  63. Physics

    A rocket is fired at a speed of 75.0 m/s from ground level, at an angle of 56.3 ° above the horizontal. The rocket is fired toward an 11.0-m high wall, which is located 21.5 m away. The rocket attains its launch speed in a negligibly short period of time,

    asked by Physisc Help
  64. Math

    If you deposit 10,000 every year into an account paying 5% interest compounded annually, how long will it take to accumulate 1,000,000?

    asked by Julie
  65. 7th grade math "Math Makes Me Think"

    Day 15: What's my number? It has 3 digits. Sum of digits is 9. GCF of digits is 1. Product of hundreds and tens place is 1.

    asked by anonymous
  66. U.S. History

    I'm writing a Common Sense Today Article for homework. I chose to write about Terrorism, but every idea I come up with, my parents have a way to get around it. I've thought of an idea to stop sending aircraft over there, or to stop the ships, or to get oil

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Pre-Calculus

    how do i find the vertical asymptote of x−1 / x(x-2) so far i got x-1 / x^2-2x

    asked by Devin
  68. Science

    Please help!!! You mix 100 millimeters of 10 degrees Celsius water and 100 millimeters of 90 degrees Celsius water. What is the final temperature?

    asked by N
  69. Physics-HELP

    An Olympic long jumper is capable of jumping 7.5 m. Assume that his horizontal speed is 8.8 m/s as he leaves the ground. How long is he in the air? How high does he go? Assume that he lands standing upright, that is, the same way he left the ground.

    asked by Manny
  70. AP Chemistry

    Hey guys! What is the rate constant is particularly sensitive to: 1 A change in volume 2 A change in pressure 3 A change in product concentration 4 A change in reactant concentration 5 A change in the activation energy I feel like it is a change in the

    asked by Allie
  71. Lifespan Development

    What are some theories, models, and constructs that might influence my perspective on facilitating a counseling session/encounter.

    asked by Chris
  72. math

    A small grill can hold two hamburgers at a time. If it takes 10 minutes to cook one side of a hamburger, and 5 minutes to cook the other side, then what is the shortest time needed to cook both sides of three hamburgers? (HINT: You are allowed to cook one

    asked by pedro
  73. Algebra

    What is the square root of 9x^2

    asked by Dee365
  74. Math

    Will someone explain how to do this Simplify the expression -10-7(n-3) I understand these, just not this one

    asked by Anon
  75. math

    The exterior surface of a cylinder with a circumference of 2 feet and a length of 5 feet (and no end caps) is the same as the area of

    asked by pedro
  76. Math

    (x+1)(x−2)(x−4)≤0 A) (−1, 2) ∪ (4, ∞) B) (−∞, −1] ∪ [2, 4] C) [−1, 2] ∪ [4, ∞) D) (−∞, −1) ∪ (2, 4) im confused on which to chose ( or ]

    asked by Lauren
  77. math

    You are asked to calculate gas mileage for a car, and your answer comes out with units of gal/mi. This means that

    asked by pedro
  78. scienc

    three vertical wires in the same plane are suspended from horizontal support. they are all in the same length and carry a load by means of rigid cross bar at their lower end is of copper

    asked by mik
  79. Jacksonville university

    Write a numerical expression for the phrase. Then simplify it. The sum of -4 and 2 and 6

    asked by Francis David
  80. Science

    Suppose that a sample of gas occupies 119 mL of volume at 25◦C and a pressure of 221 torr. What would be the volume if the pressure were changed to 647 torr at 25◦C? This is boyle's law right? p1v1 = p2v2 Since I'm looking for v2 I rearranged it to be

    asked by RT
  81. AP Physics I

    A placekicker is about to kick a field goal. The ball is 26.6 m from the goal post. The ball is kicked with an initial velocity of 19.0 m/s at an angle θ above the ground. Between what two angles, θ1 and θ2, will the ball clear the 2.8-m-high crossbar?

    asked by Matt
  82. Physics

    a driver of a car traveling at 17.3 m/s applies the brakes causing a uniform deceleration of 2.8m/s^2. How long does it take the car to accelerate to a final speed of 13.5 m/s?

    asked by Tytiana
  83. Physics

    Two stones are thrown simultaneously, one straight upward from the base of a cliff and the other straight downward from the top of the cliff. The height of the cliff is 6.34 m. The stones are thrown with the same speed of 9.35 m/s. Find the location (above

    asked by Hannah
  84. Math

    Part 2: Once the tiles were laid, mahogany floor trim was installed around the perimeter of the floor. The trim cost $11.85 per foot. Determine the perimeter of the room and the total cost of the floor trim that was installed

    asked by Student
  85. Physics

    10. A military jet flies horizontally with a velocity of 450 m/s and 20,000 m above the ground. When the jet is straight above an artillery gun a shell is fired. Assuming the shell hits the jet. a. Calculate the horizontal component of the initial velocity

    asked by Zachary Star
  86. physics

    A fire fighter is trying to shoot water straight to the window located at the second floor of a house 6 m above the ground. The distance between the fire fighter and the house is 8 m and he holds the fire hose 1.8 m above the ground. The water leaves the

    asked by Phillip
  87. Math

    Fred spent 1/3 of his pocket money on computer game and 1/4 of his pocket money on tickets for football much packet had he left.idont how to do this help!!!

    asked by AMS18
  88. Math

    The sum of the ages of Jared and Caitlyn is 80 years. 8 years ago, Jared's age was 3 times Caitlyn's age. How old is Jared now?

    asked by Jai
  89. physics

    A tourist being chased by an angry bear is running in a straight line toward his car at a speed of 6.27 m/s. The car is a distance d away. The bear is 32.1 m behind the tourist and running at 9.06 m/s. The tourist reaches the car safely. What is the

    asked by Hannah
  90. math

    10. A military jet flies horizontally with a velocity of 450 m/s and 20,000 m above the ground. When the jet is straight above an artillery gun a shell is fired. Assuming the shell hits the jet. a. Calculate the horizontal component of the initial velocity

    asked by alfred
  91. calculus

    Please answer. An airplane at an altitude of 3000m, flying horizontally at 300km/hr, passes directly over an observer. Find the rate at which it is approaching the observer when it is 5000m away.

    asked by joecel
  92. math

    there are approximately 402 1/4 meters around a typical running track. Sandra has challenged here to run 10 laps a day for 5 days. how many meters will Sandra run if she meets her challenge?

    asked by sharmour
  93. Physics

    a box weighing 800n is dragged across a level floor at a constant speed under the influence of a 60n applied force.What is the coefficient of sliding friction between the box and the floor?

    asked by Lyd
  94. Math

    he annual precipitation for one city is normally distributed with a mean of 399 inches and a standard deviation of 3.3 inches. In what percentage of years is precipitation in the city between 392.4 inches and 405.6 inches? Hard help?

    asked by Jacqueline
  95. Chemistry

    average atomic mass of isotopes

    asked by Lisa
  96. Math / Finance

    You are planning to save for retirement over the next 15 years. To do this, you will invest $1,100 a month in a stock account and $500 a month in a bond account. The return on the stock account is expected to be 7%, and the bond account will pay 4%. When

    asked by Caroline
  97. P6 maths

    At a concert, tickets were sold at $12 , $30 and $50. The sales of $12 tickets made up 25% of the total amout of money collected. The sales of $30 tickets made up of 60% of the total amount . Given that 5 more $12 tickets were sold than the $30 tickets ,

    asked by John
  98. Math

    The fence in David's backyard is 14 feet 5 inches long how many total inches is that

    asked by Anna
  99. Geometry

    In a triangle, one angle is twice the second , and the third angle is 20 degrees less than the second . What is the measure of largest angle?

    asked by Alshen
  100. Music

    Which phrase describes the parts of a basic music staff? 5 lines and 6 spaces high and low music notes 5 spaces and 4 lines 5 lines and 4 spaces

    asked by Sara
  101. Physics

    A sustained force of 44 N moves a model airplane 10 m along its runway to provide the required speed for takeoff. Find the kinetic energy at takeoff.

    asked by Genesis
  102. algebra

    a car travels at 53 miles per hour for 2.5 hours. how far will it travel? thank you

    asked by lauren
  103. Math

    Every 3 months, a man deposits in his bank account a savings of Php 5,000. In how many years would he have saved Php 250,000?

    asked by Jennylyn
  104. math

    What is the z-score such that the area under the curve to the left is .48?

    asked by rachel
  105. Math

    A mailman can sort out 738 letters in 6 hours. If the number of sorted letters varies directly as the number of working hours, how many letters can be sorted out in 9 hours?

    asked by Jennylyn
  106. College Algebra

    Randall is 105 years old. Colleen is 5 years old. How many years until Randall's age is 5 times Colleen's age?

    asked by Jai
  107. Chemistry problem

    How many moles of UF6 would have to be decomposed to provide enough fluorine to prepare 2.14 mol of CF4? I'm not sure how to solve this problem? So far all I did is calculate the moles of F in CF4, which is 8.56 moles

    asked by Tina
  108. Science

    In the following total ionic equation which ions are spectator ions? 2 Na+ (aq) + 2 Cl−(aq) + Pb2+(aq) + 2 NO3−(aq) ¨ PbCl2 (s) + 2 Na+ (aq) + 2NO3− (aq) I think the answer is all of them because I DO NOT see any that cancel from one side to the

    asked by Clay
  109. Chemistry help

    How many moles of Fe3O4 are required to supply enough iron to prepare 0.752 mol Fe2O3?

    asked by Tina
  110. Math

    105 students were asked if they liked soccer, rugby, or football. 4 liked only rugby, 40 liked rugby, 12 liked only rugby and football, 63 did not like football, 21 didn't like any, 16 liked only soccer and football, 60 liked soccer. How many liked only

    asked by Spencer
  111. language

    What is a 13 letter word whose 9th letter is "O" and describes a relationship between two people or mood?

    asked by dav
  112. Math

    The sum of the ages of Devonte and Anna is 107 years. 11 years ago, Devonte's age was 4 times Anna's age. How old is Devonte now?

    asked by Jai
  113. algebra (check work)

    evaluate the expression when a = , b = -3, c = -12 |a + b + c| = 22 is 22 the correct answer?

    asked by sally sue
  114. science

    How fast does a kHz travel per second?

    asked by Christine
  115. Science

    How long does a mHz take to travel?

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Physics

    A married couple is driving on a dark road at night at the rate of 98.0 m/s until they see a clown 50m in front of them and slam the brakes to slow the car down to 10.0m/s and still manage to hit the clown. How much time would the clown have had to move

    asked by Tiffany
  117. Finance

    You plan to start a

    asked by JoJo
  118. Finance

    You plan to start an elite 2 year MBA program on September 1, 2015. Tuition is $75,000 per year payable on that date, at the beginning of the school year. You expect tuition to increase by 6% in the second year. If the market interest rate is 3% per year,

    asked by Jordy
  119. question

    You purchased 8 pounds 10 ounces of candy from a candy shop. You want to split it equally among 3 classrooms at a local school.

    asked by mary
  120. Physics

    A 0.340 kg particle moves in an xy plane according to x(t) = -15.00 + 2.00t - 4.00t3 and yet) = 25.00 + 7.00t - 9.00t2, with x and y in meters and t in seconds. At t = 0.700 s, what are (a) the magnitude and (b) the angle (relative to the positive

    asked by Haad
  121. Physics

    A 17.8 kg block is dragged over a rough, horizontal surface by a constant force of 72.8 newtons acting at an angle of 31.3 degrees above the horizontal. the block is displaced 64.4 m and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.239. find the work done by

    asked by Giana
  122. grammar public school rawlakot

    The cost price of a Jean is Rs. 200 and marked price is 50% more than the cost price. But the shopkeeper sold it at 25% discount. Find the marked price. Find the discounted price.

    asked by zenab
  123. physics

    A truck starts from the rest and moves with a accelaration 1.5m/s^2 ,at the same time a car which is 150m behind the truck starts from the rest with an accelaration of 2m/sec^2. Find the time which the car will overtake the truck and the distance travel.

    asked by Afreed
  124. BioChemisty

    You have a 0.5 M HEPES pH 7, and a 0.5 M HEPES pH 8 solution. How much of each stock solution do you need to make 125mL of a 50 mM HEPES pH 7.5 solution? How much water?

    asked by Kay
  125. physics

    When a 0.106 kg mass is suspended at rest from a certain spring, the spring stretches 3.50 cm. Find the instantaneous acceleration of the mass when it is raised 5.20 cm, compressing the spring 1.70 cm.

    asked by john
  126. Algebra

    How many boards, each 4 ft by 10 in long, can be cut from a 40 ft board if there is no waste?

    asked by Kayla
  127. life orientation

    Factors that are responsible for road accident of competence of driver

    asked by mutshidzi
  128. physics

    Convert the resultant vector into its x and y components. 225 N at 12 degrees A.(222.3 N, 37.4 N) B(201.1 N, 10.8 N) C.(45.8 N, 201.1 N) D.(220.1 N, 46.8 N)

    asked by john

    It keeps saying I am wrong! Am I doing the math incorrectly? Problem: Calculate the amount of energy released in kJ/mol for the fusion reaction of two 1H atoms to yield a 2H atom and electron: 1/1H+1/1H→2/1H+0/1e The atomic masses are 0/1e (0.0005486 u),

    asked by Rach
  130. physics

    Add the following vectors: 440 N at 100 degrees 905 N at 160 degrees A.1187.7 N at 128.7 degrees B.1010.4 N at 48.2 degrees C.1345 N at 130 degrees D.1013.5 N at 149 degrees

    asked by kat
  131. life orientation

    research on processes of campaigns and prtests

    asked by karabo
  132. physics

    Knowing that in most all movement situations the mass of the system stays constant, how do you get the momentum of a system to change?

    asked by kat
  133. Moshidi LO

    Assess the extent to which bad road use has a direct impact on the physical,emotional,social and economic aspects to the family,the community and the country

    asked by Mmatlou patience Somo
  134. math

    A box full of packets of biscuits each weighing 200 g weighs 12 1/2 kg.The empty box weighs 2 kg 500 g. calculate the number of packets of biscuits in the box.

    asked by lo
  135. Science

    The airplane can take off when its airspeed (speed of the air flowing over the wing) is equal to 65 knots. What is the length of runway required for the plane to take off if there is a 13 knots head wind? The runway at the Tallahassee Regional Airport has

    asked by Emi
  136. science

    How is 2-iodopropane convert into 2,3-dimethyl?

    asked by wungmung
  137. science

    How is ethyl alcohol convert into chloroform?

    asked by wungmung
  138. chemistry

    How is phenol converted into salicylic acid. Give chemical equation?

    asked by wungmung
  139. AP Chemistry

    An unknown amount of water is mixed with 350 mL of a 6 M solution of NaOH solution. A 75 mL sample of the resulting solution is titrated to neutrality with 52.5 mL of 6 M HCl. Calculate the concentration of the diluted NaOH solution. Answer in units of M I

    asked by Anonymous
  140. Medical

    True or False There's no cure for ALS

    asked by Alice
  141. History

    According to David Ricardo, what determines the price of labor, or wages?

    asked by Daniela
  142. math

    What is 1/10 of 0.08? 0.07??? Am i correct?

    asked by Nina
  143. physics

    what is the pressure on the bottom of an aquarium 0.3 m deep filled with water

    asked by cath
  144. algebra

    two more than four times a number whats the expression using x as the variable? thank you!

    asked by leigha
  145. math for managers

    5x+3y=47, 10x+4y=54

    asked by Anonymous
  146. chemistry

    what is the percent yield of reaction in which 455g of tungsten (VI) oxide (WO3) reacts with excess hydrogen gas to produce metallic tungsten and 9.60 cm^3 of water.(density of water = 1.00 g/cm^3) ???

    asked by chancy xdicey
  147. english

    who are the characters of the story?

    asked by white knight
  148. math urgent

    Prove : Tan20+4Tan20=√3

    asked by Rabinprakash
  149. English

    Word bank Coerco Intervene I. 1) I looked forward to this arrival with __. (n) 2.) Take raincoats if you __ bad weather. (v) 3.) They used ___ to get answers. (n) II. 1.) Hire some more people to ___ the work. (v) 2.) Can be done ___ if we had more

    asked by Alice
  150. engilsh

    what does central claim mean?

    asked by alex
  151. Geography(development) help

    Does globalization mean "the rich get richer and the poor get left further behind"?And please me a reason.

    asked by nathen
  152. math

    a square upon a+b minus a-b upon a-b

    asked by kusum
  153. math too urgent

    how to construct 75 degree angle

    asked by kusum
  154. Math

    Rita earned 45 points on a test.She lost 8 points, earned 53 points, then lost 6 more points. What is Rita's final score on the test?

    asked by Taleb
  155. Biology

    What role does mutation play in the evolution of antibiotic resistance?

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Math

    Linda inherited an estate worth $225,000.the attorney told her that they would deduct it from the estate before giving her the much money will Linda receive?

    asked by Ann
  157. Math

    1. Which of the following is an example of an integer? (1 point) a.-15*** b.3/5 c.square-root of 7 d.0.252525... 2.Which statement is false?(1 point) a.Every integer is a real number b.The number zero is a rational number c.Every irrational number is a

    asked by Demetrius Wright
  158. Biology

    What roles do survival and reproduction play in the evolution of antibiotic resistance?

    asked by Anonymous
  159. math 316

    A teacher wants to give 5 prizes to a class 27 students. I low many ways can he do this if all the prizes are the same and students can receive more that one prize? How many ways can he do this if all the prizes are different and students can receive more

    asked by max
  160. integrated science

    with all other factors equal, if you double the balanced force on an abject of a given mass the acceleration will be?

    asked by lala
  161. Biology

    Imagine that you have a stock solution with a concentration of 4.6 M glucose (C1). You want to use the stock solution to prepare a diluted solution of 0.22M glucose (C2). You need a total volume of 10mL of 0.22M glucose (V2). What volume of water you need

    asked by Marco
  162. Algebra

    ten-pin bowling ball has a volume of about 5274 cm3. A candlepin (8) bowling ball has a volume of about 48 in3. About how much greater is the volume of a ten-pin bowling ball than the volume of a candlepin bowling ball?

    asked by Katie
  163. Chemistry

    Imagine that you have a stock solution with a concentration of 4.6 M glucose (C1). You want to use the stock solution to prepare a diluted solution of 0.22M glucose (C2). You need a total volume of 10mL of 0.22M glucose (V2). What volume of water you need

    asked by Marco
  164. English

    1. Thank you so much for not telling her the truth. 2. Thank you so much for not having told her the truth. ============ Which one is grammatical? Are both OK? Which one is commonly used?

    asked by rfvv
  165. English

    Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 1:27am. 1. I'll be there(=in prison) for seven years for making fake money. 2. I'll be there (=in prison) for seven years for having made fake money. (Which expression is grammatical?) English - Steve, Tuesday,

    asked by rfvv
  166. math foe managers

    f 5 times the first number plus 3 times the second number equals 47, and 10 times the first number minus 4 times the second number equals 54, what are the numbers?

    asked by Anonymous
  167. Math

    John is a 45 year old and wants to retire at age 65. He wishes to make monthly deposit into an account paying 9% compounded monthly so when he retires he can withdraw $320 a month for 30 years. How much should John deposit each month?

    asked by Faye