Questions Asked on
September 14, 2015

  1. inglesh

    In “The Raven and the First Men: The Beginnings of the Haida,” which evidence best helps the reader infer that the Haida might find it acceptable behavior to play tricks on one another? The story presents Raven’s trick against the Sky Chief in a

    asked by Anonymous
  2. chemistry

    A student measure 9.43 mL of an unknown liquid in a graduated cylinder. The mass of the empty cylinder is 34.670 g, and the mass of the cylinder and liquid is 44.197 g. What is the density of the unknown liquid? (remember significant figures and units in

    asked by Erica
  3. Math

    1. What is the name of the ray that is opposite of ray BA? Description of the ray. It's a straight line with the points A B C D all in a row. A) Ray BD B) Ray BA C) Ray CA D) Ray DA This doesn't make sense. I thought that CD would be opposite of BA. But

    asked by Tim
  4. Calculus

    Find the limit as x approaches infinity. sqrt(81x^2 + x)− 9x. I've worked this two different ways and have gotten 0 and 1/9, neither of which is the right answer according to the homework system??

    asked by kelly
  5. Chemistry

    In one experiment, 7.62 g of Fe are allowed to react with 8.67 g of S. What is the limiting reagent, what is the mass of FeS formed, and how much excess reagent is left, respectively? I am not sure how to solve this. I started by doing (7.62 g Fe/55.85

    asked by Jorge
  6. Chem

    A 25.0 mL aliquot of a well-shaken and filtered sample of river is pipetted into an evaporating dish. The sample was heated to dryness. Assume the density of the river water was 1.01g/mL. The following data were collected for Trial 1. Complete the data.

    asked by James
  7. precalc

    what is the value of cot 2π/5? how do i find the answer?

    asked by a
  8. Chemistry

    The density of aluminum is 2.70 g/ml. What is the mass of a cube of Al that measures 2.20 cm on each side?(remember significant figures and to include the units of g in your answer, remember that 1 ml=1 cm3)

    asked by Erica
  9. Science

    1. What is the difference between a scientific theory and a scientific law? A) A scientific theory describes a pattern of observations, while a scientific law is an educated guess based on observation. B) A scientific theory is based on a few experiments,

    asked by Tim
  10. chemistry

    Convert 1.01 x 10-8 seconds to nanoseconds

    asked by Erica
  11. chemistry

    A tank holds 52.9 cm3 of water. What is the volume in in3? (2.54 cm=1 in, Remember significant figures, but this answer does not need units, since the answer must be in in3)

    asked by Erica
  12. math

    Hank sells furniture and earns $280/week plus 4% commission. a) Determine the sales that Hank needs to make to meet his weekly budget requirement of $900. b) Write an equation for this situation, and use it to verify your answer for part. Let x represent

    asked by tina
  13. Math

    Suppose that a wind is blowing in the direction S45°E at a speed of 50 km/h. A pilot is steering a plane in the direction N60°E at an airspeed (speed in still air) of 150 km/h. The true course, or track, of the plane is the direction of the resultant of

    asked by Matthew
  14. physics

    A basketball player can jump to a height of 1.1 m off the ground, so he can easily dunk a basketball.For such a leap, what is his "hang time" - the time spent in the air after leaving the ground and before touching down again?

    asked by Ninie
  15. India international, Mathis trigonometry

    If sec0-tan0=4 Then prove that cos0= 8/7

    asked by Arjun
  16. language arts

    Identify the choice that best describes the underlined word in the sentence. 1. With practice, both Kendra and (Jason) mastered the violin. A. Part of a compound subject. B. Part of a compound predicate C. A direct object Identify the choice that best

    asked by Skylar
  17. chemistry

    Assume water boils at 100.0 C in Houston(near sea level) and at 90.0 C in Cripple Creek Colorado(near 9, 500 feet). If it takes 4.7 min to cook an egg in Cripple Creek and 4.4 min in Houston, what is Ea for this process? Enter your answer in scientific

    asked by patrick
  18. pre calculus

    A ship’s sonar detects a submarine 880 feet below a point on the ocean’s surface 1450 ft dead ahead of the ship. To the nearest degree, find the angle x.

    asked by devante
  19. Calculus

    If a rock is thrown upward on the planet Mars with a velocity of 19 m/s, its height (in meters) after t seconds is given by H = 19t − 1.86t^2. When will the rock hit the surface?

    asked by kelly
  20. 5th grade math

    insert parentheses to make each statement true: 3x9+18+36/9=33 No way i do this do i get 33. One way I get 31.5 the other way I get 9. I don't think this is a good equation to =33.

    asked by reid
  21. math

    An actor invests some money at 6% and $29000 dollars more than 4 times the amount at 9%. The total annual interest earned form the investment is $29910 how much did he invest at each amount

    asked by jake
  22. science

    What is the importance of questioning in the SQ3R system? 1.) Questioning helps you read the material quickly. 2.) Questioning keeps your brian actively trying to find answers while you are reading. 3.) Questioning helps you identify questions that will be

    asked by HELP PLZ
  23. chemistry

    How many inches are in 2.41 m? (2.54 cm = 1 inch, remember significant figures and units)

    asked by Erica

    The author of “My Brother’s Keeper” emphasizes Jamie’s conflict by (1 point) describing the car accident in detail. detailing Jamie’s physical appearance and good grades. flashing back to earlier events with his brother Ted. including the

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  25. Algebra

    Katie has a strip of paper 39 inches long. She wants to cut the paper so that one piece is 9 inches shorter than the other. How long should each of the 2 pieces be?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Geometry

    The coordinates of the vertices of ABC are A(-2,2) B (5, -3) and C (-4,-1) Identify the perimeter of ABC. Round each length to the nearest tenth before adding. I am totally lost!

    asked by Roberty
  27. Rocky heights

    How do I write .000006 in words

    asked by Sam
  28. Math

    jason has $1.56 in change in his pocket . if there is a total of 19 coins, how many quarters, dimes,nickels, and pennies does he have.

    asked by Juliee
  29. Algebra

    You normally buy a crate of wine for $75. One crate has 6 bottles of wine. After a month, the store clerk informs you that the same crate of wine now costs $82. However, there are 7 bottles in a crate. To the nearest cent, determine the average cost of the

    asked by tracy
  30. geometry

    Jenny is building a rectangular garden around a tree in her yard. The southwest corner of the garden will be 2 feet south and 3 feet west of the tree. The northeast corner of the garden will be 1 foot north and 4 feet east of the tree. If jenny paves a

    asked by katy
  31. Math

    Stacey made a necklace using 4 times as many blue beads as red beads. She used a total of 40 beads. How many blue beads did Stacey use?

    asked by Pj
  32. Business connections

    Business Connections 07003200 4 1. If you were at a neighborhood party, _______ would be very much like networking. A. hosting C. toasting B. mingling D. interrogating 2. You've joined the American Emu Association and have arrived at its annual

    asked by Raheem
  33. History

    Which of the following tools of the Archaic culture was primarily used for hunting birds and smaller prey? A. atlatls B. game nets C. bird stones D. grinding stones

    asked by Karl
  34. Dingukwazi high (life orientation subject)

    1choose one issue from your list as your topic and provide two brief descriptions of the issue you have chosen. 2illustrate three ways on how this issue can impact negatively to the health of the people in your school/community. 3 discuss three practical

    asked by Precious zulu
  35. chemistry

    The growth of Pseudomonas bacteria is modeled as a first-order process with K=0.035 min ^-1 at 37 degrees C. The initial Pseudomonas population density is 1.0 x 10^3 cells/L. Enter your answers in scientific notations. A) What is the population density

    asked by tatiana
  36. Biology

    The maltose molecule can be broken down into two individual glucose molecules with the help of an enzyme produced within a cell. Which of the following changes is most likely to slow down this reaction? Adding more maltose molecules Increasing the volume

    asked by eee
  37. com200

    Self-concept can be changed through interpersonal communication. (Points : 1 true or false

    asked by caryma200
  38. Math 10

    What is the circumference of the largest circle you could cut from a 30 cm by 20 cm sheet of paper? What area of paper would you cut away. PLZ HELP GUYS TEST TOMMOROW OH MA GAWD!

    asked by James
  39. Physics -Material

    1. If you are designing a product with requirement of a high UTS(Ultimate tensile Strenght), high YS, low ductility steel, what process should you apply onto steel to get the steel with required properties? 2. If you want to get lustrous surface metal,

    asked by Tina T
  40. Health

    3. During adolescence, your self­esteem may influence you to choose other friends or reject the friends you’ve had for years. true* false 4. Which of the following behaviors might help you maintain good emotional and mental health? (Pick 2) keeping a

    asked by YOLO
  41. english

    Possibilities. Of having a route at home

    asked by b.d. salwan public school
  42. Physics

    The North American and European continents are moving apart at a rate of about 3.0 cm/yr. At this rate how many years will it take them to drift 500.0 km farther apart than they are present?

    asked by Haley
  43. Inverse Functions

    A ship’s sonar detects a submarine 880 feet below a point on the ocean’s surface 1450 ft dead ahead of the ship. To the nearest degree, find the angle x.

    asked by devante
  44. Criminal Justice/White Collar Crime

    Some of the worst con artists practice their craft based on meteorological events. These are known as ________ con artists. A. event B. disaster C. weather D. special occasion I think it's B, but not sure

    asked by Pat
  45. adv algebra

    The probability of any outcome cannot be larger than which number? A) 0 B) 0.5 C) 1 D) 10

    asked by Johnson
  46. History

    LANDSAT images have changed cartography because A. The images allow scientists to track earths environment*** B. The images allow scientists to view entire mountain ranges C. The images allow scientists to view oceans D. None of the above

    asked by Abby
  47. automobile engineering

    For an automobile with wheel base 2.5m, the centre of gravity lies 0.6 m above the ground and 1.15 m in front of the rear axle. The automobile is moving on level ground with a speed of 45 km/hr. Find the minimum stopping distance when (a) Only rear wheels

    asked by amit
  48. Physics

    How long does it take an automobile traveling 62.9 km/h to become even with a car that is traveling in another lane at 48.9 km/h if the cars’ front bumpers are initially 130 m apart? Answer in units of s.

    asked by Brittney
  49. Math

    1. Plane hkp and plane rkp are two distinct planes. name the intersection of the plane hkp and plane rkp. A) Ray KP B) Ray HK C) Ray RP D) The planes need not intersect. Is the answer A? Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you!

    asked by Tim
  50. Math

    A scuba diver dives to a depth to a of 50 feet, then rises 15 feet, sinks 12 feet, then rises 20 feet, whats the answer?

    asked by Matthew
  51. Thematic poetry

    Which definition below best describes the definition of theme within poetry?

    asked by Help
  52. Buisness

    Hello! I'm taking a test for my business class and I'm having trouble with these questions. If someone could check my answers I would really appreciate it! Thank you! 6. Asking yourself "What can I do to build a loyal customer base?" is an example of A.

    asked by Maliya
  53. Math

    A rectangle is inscribed between the x-axis and the parabola y=9-x^2 with one side along the x-axis. One side in touchin the x- axis and the opposite two vertices touch the parabola. A) Suppose the point (2,5) is the vertex of the rectangle on the original

    asked by Beth
  54. Math

    The local health club is advertising a special for new members: no initiation fee to join and lnly $34.50 per month for the first year. If Andy joins the health club for one year, how much will he spend on membership?

    asked by AJ
  55. Physics

    A model rocket rises with constant acceleration to a height of 3.1 m, at which point its speed is 26.0 m/s. A.) How much time does it take for the rocket to reach this height? B.) What was the magnitude of the rocket's acceleration? C.) Find the height of

    asked by Amanda
  56. Math

    Your a 7th grade math teacher and you want to create an experiment for your class with red, yellow and purple marbles in a bag. You want to theoretical probability of drawing a red marble to be 1/2, the theoretical probability of drawing a yellow to be

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Maths

    The minute hand of a clock is 16cm long, how far will the tip of the minute hand travel in 1hour.

    asked by Dougal
  58. math

    In 2012, third baseman Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers baseball team had 205 hits in 622 times at bat. What is Miguel’s batting average?

    asked by curly
  59. Math

    Carletta has 23000 dollars to invest. As her financial consultant, you recommend that she invest in Treasury Bills that yield 7%, Treasury Bonds that yield 8%, and corporate bonds that yield 9%. Carletta wants to have an annual income of 1800 dollars, and

    asked by julie
  60. com200

    Self-concept can be changed through interpersonal communication. (Points : 1

    asked by caryms
  61. English

    Posted by rfvv on Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 7:55am. She was sitting in the train. ================== Is she moving to sit down in the train? Or she sat before and now she remains seated in the train? English - Writeacher, Saturday, September 12, 2015

    asked by rfvv
  62. BSu Probability

    In a multiple choice examination there are 20 question, each question has four alternative answer following it and a student must select one correct answer. Four marks are given for the correct answer and one mark is deducted for every wrong answer. A

    asked by onoja
  63. English

    1. She held out her hand to catch the balloon. 2. She stretched her hand to catch the balloon. 3. She extended her hand to catch the balloon. ======= Are they all the same in meaning?

    asked by rfvv

    A ball is thrown upwards. What is its initial vertical speed? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2 and maximum height is 4.6 m ,. Neglect air resistance. Answer in units of m/s

    asked by G
  65. Algebra

    Answer to page 204

    asked by Anonymous
  66. history

    X= least important cause or consequence with explanation why A,B, C = least important cause or consequence, with explanation why Y= your assertion statement can someone plz explain what the thesis formula means and how to use it my topic is Analyze the

    asked by sarah
  67. Chemistry

    When 24.0 cal of heat is added to 18.5 g of aluminum at 19.0 ∘C, what is the final temperature of the aluminum?

    asked by Christina
  68. Calculus 1

    Find the horizontal and vertical asymptotes of (3x^2-48)/(x^2-3x+10)

    asked by TayB
  69. Calculus 1

    Find the slope of the tangent line and the equation of the tangent line to f(x)=x^2-x at x=3

    asked by TayB
  70. Calculus

    I know the derivative of x is 1, but I'm having a hard time proving it with the limit definition of the derivative. I have... Lim delta x ->0 (x+ delta x)-(x)/delta x = 0 But I know the answer is 1. I don't understand what I am doing wrong

    asked by K
  71. I have a question

    What's the difference between |-6| and -6 and |-8| and -|8| and |-5| and 5? For the first one wouldn't it be = ? Both a -6 For the second one wouldn't it be < ? -|8| bigger than |-8| And for the last one wouldn't it be < ? 5 bigger than |-5| Please HELP

    asked by Jela
  72. Chemistry

    When 1.63 g sample of an unknown hydrocarbon is completely burned in oxygen, 4.97 g of CO2 are produced. What is the percentage by mass of hydrogen in this hydrocarbon? THANK YOUU Found out the formula: 4CH+5O2--> 4CO2+2H2O then found out the moles of CH=

    asked by Alex
  73. Calculus 1

    Find the derivative of f'(x) of f(x)=4sqrt(x) using limits

    asked by TayB
  74. Literature

    In which part of the plot of "An Amateur Peasant Girl" does Liza dress up as a peasant in order to meet Alexei?

    asked by Johnnie
  75. Math

    A plane flys 230 km due north. The wind is blowing west at 85 km. what direction is the plane flying. Calculate the actual speed of the plane. What is the hearing from North?

    asked by Georgia
  76. Science

    How do i prepare 5M NH4NO3 from HNO3...because i don't have ammonium nitrate

    asked by Abhijeet
  77. Physics

    A student rides his skateboard for 10 minutes and travels 1.2 miles. What is the average speed of the skateboarder in miles/minute?

    asked by Tesha
  78. Math

    Translate the following sentence into math symbols. Then solve the problem. y more than 4 is -36 My answer: 4 + y = =36 y = -40? Did I answer both of the questions right?

    asked by James
  79. English

    Thank you all for _____ _____ in our volunteer work. 1. Fill in the blanks with suitable expressions. 2. Put two English words in the blanks. 3. What are the appropriate words for the blanks? Complete the sentence by putting right words in the blanks.

    asked by rfvv
  80. Science

    What are distinguishing features of animals? A. Generally, an animal body exhibits a definite symmetry, form and shape. B.Growth of the body occurs proportionately. C. Reserved food is glycogen. D. All of the above.

    asked by Lilia
  81. chem

    The following state were collected for determining the concentration of suspended solids in a water sample. (D= 1.01 g/mL). Express all calculated data with the correct number of significant figures. Volume of sample (mL): Trial 1: 25.0 trial 2: 20.0 trial

    asked by James
  82. English

    What is this place called in English? Each student carry a waste basket from his classroom to this place. In this place, there are big plastic bags for the recyclable items and unrecyclable items. Students brings used textbooks and notebooks. Then put them

    asked by rfvv
  83. College Physics

    At a firing range, a target is placed 300 m from where someone is firing a rifle. The muzzle speed of this rifle is 700 m/s. If the rifle is aimed directly at the center of the target, by how far will the target miss? At what angle would the rifle need to

    asked by Tom
  84. Math

    Determine the value or values of the variable for which the expression is defined. 3/x-5

    asked by Pam
  85. Economics

    The SA government is not providing enough welfare or subsidies to the poor and underpriviledged.

    asked by Lwando mafuya
  86. English

    1. You have to structure your time effectively. 2. You have to construct your time effectively. 3. Yoiu have to organize yoiur time effectively. ================ Are they the same in meaning? Are they all grammatical? Which verb do we have to use?

    asked by rfvv
  87. Physics

    An 83-kg fireman slides down a fire pole. He holds the pole, which exerts 500-N steady resistive force on the fireman. At the bottom he slows to a stop in 0.49 m by bending his knees. Determine the acceleration of the fireman while sliding down the pole.

    asked by Iris
  88. Geometry

    How do you find the coordinates of the image of J (-7,-3) after the translation (x,y) (x-4,y+6)

    asked by Randy
  89. Algebra 2

    1. A bag contains 12 red checkers and 6 black checkers. You will randomly select two checkers, one at a time, without replacement. (a) In how many ways can you select two checkers so that at least one of the checkers is red? List the ways. (b) What is the

    asked by Jennifer
  90. English

    1. She like to be idle and watch TV all day long. 2. She like to be lazy and watch TV all day long. 3. I need to examine your teeth, so open your mouth wide, please. 4. I need to check your teeth, so open your mouth widely, please. ================= Which

    asked by rfvv
  91. Physics

    You are standing on a 50m cliff and throw a ball upwards at 8.2m/s - calculate the maximum height the ball will reach - calculate the time it will take the ball to return where it started - calculate the speed of the ball when it hits the ground. Please

    asked by Jay
  92. Physics

    A 10.0 kg object is resting on a horizontal surface with a coefficient of friction of 0.7. Determine the minimum force that can move the object.At what inclination should force be applied?

    asked by May
  93. Math

    Together Jamie and Michael can paint the pool building in 9 hrs. From past Experience Jamie can paint the building in 2 hrs less than Michael. How long would each take to paint alone.

    asked by Austin Reed
  94. math

    You are given a fraction in simplest form. The numerator is not zero. When you write the fraction as a decimal, it is a repeating decimal. Which numbers from 1 to 10 could be the denominator? THANK YOU!

    asked by Scotty
  95. U.S history\

    how did the south atlantic slave trade not change north american colonies

    asked by sarah
  96. physique

    An air plane is flying due east relative to still air at a speed of 320 km/h. There is a 65 km/h wind blowing to ward the north, as measured by an observer on the ground. What is the velocity of the plane measured by the ground observer?

    asked by mohamad
  97. che 130

    explain what happen to the color of FeSCN^2 if we add Ag, thnx

    asked by azz
  98. che 130

    explain what happen to the color of FeCl^-4 if we add Ag, thnx

    asked by azz
  99. Maths

    Write this as a single fraction in its simplest possible form. x/yz . y^2x/z . z^2/y please note that the dot "." is equilvalent to a multiplication sign. Remember it needs to be in a single fraction. And can you please tell me step by step so i know for

    asked by Anonymous
  100. science

    What are 3 ways plants can reproduce? I think it is asexual and sexual but I can't figure out what the third way would be.

    asked by Aveary
  101. Chemistry

    How many grams of magnesium oxide could be formed from the reaction of .248g of magnesium metal?

    asked by Dee
  102. algeba

    what is another way to write -3*(4+7)

    asked by cheyann
  103. math algebra

    What is another way to write -3*(4+7)?

    asked by cheyann
  104. Physical Science

    A 144 kg park bench made of iron sits in the sun and its temperature increases from 25 degrees celsius to 35 degrees celsius. How many kilojoules of energy does the bench absorb?

    asked by Travis
  105. Statistics

    Using the empirical rule, 95% of female heights should be between what two values? Either show work or explain how your answer was calculated

    asked by Anonymous
  106. math

    What value could be added to 2/15 to make the sum greater than 1/2. A. 1/15 B. 8/30 C. 5/15 D. 8/15 2. Which set of mixed numbers had a difference less than 1? A. 1 2/9,1 1/9 B. 3 4/7,2 1/7 C. 2 4/5,1 1/3 D. 2 7/9,1 1/3 1. A 2. A Thanks

    asked by Skylar
  107. math

    the diver reaches a depth of 4 meters. it is 11m top to the bottem. what is the change in elevationof the dive?

    asked by shyenne
  108. English

    1. The lady looked up at the handcuffed man. 2. The lady looked up to the handcuffed man. ================================ Do they have the same meaning? Ot Are both different in meaning?

    asked by rfvv
  109. Biology

    Based on Figure 2-4, what is the mass number of carbon? It says on the table (2-4) that carbon has 6 neutrons and 6 atomic number How do I solve this? Please help!

    asked by SkatingDJ
  110. Math

    Romain,fabien,lise,jen and adrien stand in a single row.romain is after lise.fabien is before romain and just after jennifer.jennifer is before lise but she is not d first.where iS adrien?

    asked by John
  111. math

    can anybody tell me what 89 divided by 1235 is...

    asked by aubreec
  112. Mathematics in science

    Can you check my answers please? 1. A student measures the volume of a liquid and finds it to be 40ML. How many significant figures are in the measurement? 1. 2** 3 4 2.Calculate the area, with the appropriate number of significant figures, of a

    asked by Moonlightlee
  113. math

    what is 98654433445*876689956e347 equal

    asked by mariana
  114. Math

    Your school’s marching band is performing at halftime during a football game. In the last formation, the band members form a circle 100 feet wide in the center of the field. You start at a point on the circle 100 feet from the goal line, march 3008

    asked by R
  115. Math

    Ok Juliee now.. you said that Jason has 1dollar and 56 cents right? so what do You do? Sent from my DSi

    asked by Aubree
  116. Algebra 2

    The base of an isosceles triangle is 1/4 as long as the two equal sides. Write the area of the triangle as a function of the length of the base.

    asked by Raven
  117. Science

    A scientist studying the effects of gamma rays on marigolds gathered the data shown below. Hypothesis: Marigolds exposed to higher levels of radiation will not grow as well as marigolds that are exposed to less radiation Plant A: Gamma Rays (Rad/day) is 5.

    asked by Tim
  118. science

    A bus makes a trip according to the position–time graph shown in the illustration. What is the average acceleration (in km/h2) of the bus for the entire 3.5-h period shown in the graph?

    asked by Molly
  119. Chemistry

    How many kJ is released when 3.4 mol of water is frozen?

    asked by Fatima
  120. ENN103F

    Two main reasons for a wave of discontent directed at those who have represented the people over the decades.India elections of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty under treat 1 week

    asked by Nozoly
  121. algebra

    A health inspector wants to check compliance with a new city ordinance on meat storage. Since he can only inspect 10 of the 33 stores, he chooses to do a stratified random sample that consists of all 3 of the large chain stores, 4 of the 10 smaller chain

    asked by Jammal
  122. Life Orientation

    the link between itrapersonal conflict and an initiating romantic relationship

    asked by Grace
  123. algebra

    A middle school student is doing a math project in which she has to make a graph of the different ways students get to school. To collect her data, she stands under the bus canopy and asks 100 students how they normally get to school. Is her data valid?

    asked by Lebron
  124. History

    1) Why were New Mexicans affected by the Bataan Death March? A)Military bases in New Mexico trained pilots to fly over the Bataan Death March. B)The United States declared war on Japan because of the Bataan Death March. C)The Bataan Death March happened in

    asked by Appreciated Help
  125. Math

    Four thousand students at a school were asked to name their favorite pizza topping. The results were 800 Pepperoni, 1,000 Sausage, 1,200 Mushrooms, 560 Peppers, 240 Onions, and 200 Other. Your friend expresses these results in this circle graph. Your

    asked by David
  126. Physics

    A car starts from rest and accelerate uniformely at 4m/s^2 for 6 seconds. for the next 8 sec. the driver moves with constant velocity. After this the driver applies brakes and stops the car in 10 sec. What is the total distance travelled by the car?

    asked by Calvin
  127. math

    Can someone help me answer this question? It's combining like terms, my teacher said that the first term is right but the rest is wrong. Question~~ 2x^2y–5xy–7xy–8x^2y+9xy^2 –xy^2 My answer ~~ 2x^2+-8x^2 (2-8)x^2 -6x^2 y+y+y+y (1+1+1+1)y 4y

    asked by Abby
  128. chemistry

    for the reaction H2+I2--2HI at a given temperature it was found that an equilibrium mixture in a 10mL container consisted of 8.0 mol of HI, 1.0 mol of H2 nd 1.0 mole of I2. what is the equilibrium constant at that temperature?

    asked by kedi
  129. Calculus

    A funnel is constructed by removing a sector form a circular metal sheet with 7 inch radius. Determine the maximum volume of the funnel constructed in this way if the small amount of volume lost at the tip of the funnel is neglected.

    asked by Kingsly
  130. math

    a man from point A 80 m with beariNBC N 60 degree E walked toward the point of destination C, while another man from point B walked 60m with bearing S 30 degree E also toward C. find the distance between A and B

    asked by reggy
  131. Physics

    "a vector r has a magnitude of 18 units and makes a 30 degree angle with respect to the x axis. find the vector components of r using a protractor and some graph paper to verify your answer by drawing r and measuring the length of the lines representing

    asked by Alyssa
  132. algebra

    It takes Nemo 2 hours more to swim 15 miles upstream than to go back downstream. If it takes Nemo to swim at 4 miles per hour in still water, what's the rate of the current?

    asked by Nica
  133. Math

    Which Is More Correct? A Watch That Doesn't Work At All Or A Watch That Loses A Minute Each Hour? BTW It's a Trick Question😉 All I have is the one that loses a minute each hour because it's logical reasoning but I just wanted to double check

    asked by Leena
  134. algebra

    A chemistry laboratory has supplies of two sulfuric acid solutions only. One is 10% concentrated and the other is 50% concentrated. How much of each solution should be mixed to make a 40 mL 25% sulfuric acid solution?

    asked by Nica
  135. physics

    Suppose a soccer player kicks the ball from a distance 28 m toward the goal. Find the initial speed of the ball if it just passes over the goal, 2.4 m above the ground, given the initial direction to be 55° above the horizontal.

    asked by Anonymous
  136. math

    A normal distribution has a mean of 44 and a standard deviation of 4. What is the probability that a value drawn from the distribution lies between 36 and 48? A) 0.18 B) 0.32 C) 0.82 D) 0.91

    asked by Mark
  137. math

    When Mrs. Myles gave a test, the scores were normally distributed with a mean of 72 and a standard deviation of 8. This means that 95% of her students scored between which two scores? A) 40 and 100 B) 48 and 96 C) 56 and 88 D) 64 and 80

    asked by Jake
  138. math

    A health inspector wants to check compliance with a new city ordinance on meat storage. Since he can only inspect 10 of the 33 stores, he chooses to do a stratified random sample that consists of all 3 of the large chain stores, 4 of the 10 smaller chain

    asked by Jammal
  139. math

    A study conducted an experiment with 22,000 women over 10 years to investigate whether a high-stress job leads to heart problems. The study concluded that all women in high-stress jobs are 70% more likely to have a heart attack than women less stressed out

    asked by Jacarious
  140. chemistry

    What mass of protons would be required to just neutralize the charge of 1.1 g of electrons?

    asked by jenny
  141. Fix a RUN ON sentence - due today please

    Do I put a comma or semi colon? For example, when looking at a subway map to plan a route or completing challenges from hack nights I attended weekly at Pace University I began to see patterns in everything I came across. ------------ Also, what is the

    asked by FORT
  142. math

    You work for a financial information website. You draw a random sample of 100 subscribers and determine that their mean income is $68,500. Which statement is true? A) You conclude that the income of all subscribers is $68,500. B) You conclude that half of

    asked by Benard
  143. Word problem

    I have some bananas on sunday,on monday morning i ate some of them and at night the bananas became double on, tuesday morning i ate same number ,and at night the bananas so became double.this process continued till saturday and all the bananas were

    asked by Collins
  144. math

    Tate has bag of golf balls: 3 red, 5 blue, 2 yellow, and 2 green. What is the probability that he pulls out a red one, replaces it, and then pulls out another red one? A) 1/24 B) 1/22 C) 1/16 D) 5/12

    asked by Malik
  145. chemistry

    a metal X that reacts with metal Y in a solution of Y but does not react with Z in a solution of Z means that ........

    asked by Ms Joy
  146. Math

    Find the LCD of 3/5 and 1/6. 5 6 11 30 I believe it is 30

    asked by Lost
  147. Math

    If a trend line has equation y=-4x-6, what y- value would you expect to obtain when the x- value is 0? ?

    asked by jacqueline
  148. science

    Animals with Bilateral symmetry have have a distinct head end have no definite shape can only move in one direction -------- all live in water

    asked by TTNG

    On average, eight teens in the U.S. die from motor vehicle injuries per day. What is the probability that no teens will die on any given day?

    asked by BONOCARIS
  150. chemistry

    Convert 15 ºF to degrees K. (Just type the number with correct sig figs, do worry about finding the degree symbol)

    asked by Erica

    Mr theta buid a wire models of solid to show his mathematics much wire would he need yo build each of these shapes with the given dimensions?a square with 6,5

    asked by elisa khampepe
  152. Business connections

    you've joined the American Emu Association and have arrived at its annual conference. You see a man standing off to the side and decide to practice your networking skills on him. What is the best way to make contact?

    asked by Raheem
  153. Pre-Cal

    A penny is dropped from the top of Bank of America building. How long does it take to reach the group? Assume the back is 1024 ft high. My work so far: -16t^2+0t+1024 t=8 sec Is this correct? Thanks!

    asked by Rosie
  154. math

    my homework saids express each phrase as a rate and and unit rate round to the nearest hundredth. 120 miles on 4 gallons of gas the ratio is 30 to 1 I have to write it in a rate and unit rate to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by laila
  155. health

    Smooth muscle cannot be controlled consciously and thus acts ________.

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Math

    Gymnastic lessons cost $30 per week. How much will 18 weeks of gymnastic lessons cost? - Do i multiply 30 times 18?

    asked by Cameron
  157. econs

    How do you think our nation’s output should be distributed according to income or according to some other standard (such as basic human need)?

    asked by mac
  158. Chemistry

    Calculate the amount of hydrochloric acid in 25cm3 of 0.100M HCl

    asked by Jess
  159. math help

    2 3/4 2 4/6 < ------------------------------ > =

    asked by imaginary
  160. math

    whats three to the third power

    asked by laila
  161. Math

    S= L(1-r), solve for r I tried both distributing L and dividing by it, but I am not sure which way is correct. Any help would be much appreciated.

    asked by Ryan
  162. Geometry

    what is the difference between line p (-4, 3) and q (6, 1)? round to the nearest tenth. This is practice please help!

    asked by Amanda
  163. math 208

    parking in a student lot cost 3.00 for the first half hour and 1.25 for each hour there after a partial hour is change the same as a full hour what is the longesr time that student can park

    asked by Anonymous
  164. Buisness

    I took a test for my business class and I'm having trouble with these questions. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! 5.Jim is beginning his research on franchise businesses in order to find one that meets his needs. A quick, easy way to get general

    asked by Maliya
  165. Math

    An hourglass, composed of two identical cones, is 12 cm tall. The radius of each cone is 3 cm. If you want to fill the bottom half of the hourglass full of salt, how much salt will you need? Explain the method you would use to find the amount of salt.

    asked by Alex
  166. Math

    Janine wants to paint just the sides of a cylindrical pottery vase that has a height of 45 cm and a diameter of 14 cm. To the nearest whole number, find the number of square centimeters she will need to paint. Explain the method you would use to find the

    asked by Alex
  167. Geometry

    Two lines intersect so that angle 1 and angle 3 are vertical angles, angle 2 and angle 4 are vertical angles, and angle 1 and angle 2 form a linear pair. how do you slove for x and find the measure of all the angles when angle 2= x sqaured -3x and angle 4=

    asked by Laura
  168. Math

    At a track meet, 50 people ran the 100-meter dash. 2 people finished in 11 seconds, 5 people finished in 12 seconds, 8 people finished in 13 seconds, 10 people finished in 14 seconds, 21 people finished in 15 seconds, 2 people finished in 16 seconds, and 2

    asked by Alex
  169. English

    2. Are there any themes that run through more than one of the memoirs in this unit? If so, what are they? List at least two themes that appear in more than one of the memoirs you read, and explain the similarities you noticed in how the author explored

    asked by My name
  170. Organic Chemistry

    I have already calculated the volume of ethyl alcohol need to dissolve 0.300 g of sulfanilamide at 78 degrees Celsius. I got 1.429 mL ethyl alcohol. My question is: how do I calculate how many grams of sulfanilamide will remain dissolved in the mother

    asked by Sasha
  171. Global History

    how do malaysia's natural resources, imports, and exports help make a strong economy?

    asked by Emily
  172. Sacred/

    Physic. You can walk at the average speed of 2.5 m /s. How long will it take to reach your school 1km acar?

    asked by Gonmei

    - If you have a properly adjusted hot flame, which is pale blue with three distinct cones, what is observed if the gas control valve is slightly closed? Explain. - If you have a properly adjusted hot flame, which is pale blue with three distinct cones,

    asked by Armela
  174. science

    Luis is an avid baseball player. For his science project, he decides to test which type of bat is best for hitting home runs. Luis prefers to use an aluminum bat when he plays, so he hypothesizes that he will hit more home runs using an aluminum bat than a

    asked by lizbeth
  175. Science

    Which of the following is a way to practice safe science? A. Rewrite directions. B. Taste chemicals. C. Wash your hands. D. Discard your apron.

    asked by lizbeth
  176. Math

    -800,400,-200,100,..... What's the next two numbers in this pattern?

    asked by Jordyn
  177. p.s 38

    zelk is cooking 1/3 of a bag of rice for a meal. He will give each of his 4 guests the same amount of rice. Zeck is not eating any rice. What is the maximum fraction of the bag of rice Zeck could give each of his four guest?

    asked by derinsola
  178. Chemisrty

    Identify the type of question. Is it a literature research question, observation only question, demonstration question, or investigation question? How would you determine the PH of vinegar using cabbage juice as an indicator? (investigation) Do germaniting

    asked by Anonymous
  179. Science

    Pineapple has high requirements for the fertilizer elements nitrogen (N), potassium (K), and iron (Fe), and relatively low requirements for the fertilizer elements phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca). Although Hawaiian pineapples grow in red soils whose iron

    asked by Luke
  180. Global History

    If an unemployment is low in percentage, is that a good thing?

    asked by Emily
  181. Science

    Luis is an avid baseball player. For his science project, he decides to test which type of bat is best for hitting home runs. Luis prefers to use an aluminum bat when he plays, so he hypothesizes that he will hit more home runs using an aluminum bat than a

    asked by lizbeth
  182. Maths

    Rearrange in the form ax+by+c=0 1) y+4 = 3/5(x-1) Thank you 😘

    asked by Anonymous
  183. Chem

    The following state were collected for determining the concentration of suspended solids in a water sample. (D= 1.01 g/mL). Express all calculated data with the correct number of significant figures. Volume of sample (mL): Trial 1: 25.0 trial 2: 20.0 trial

    asked by James
  184. Precalculus

    A vehicle has an engine that is connected directly to a gear box. In the highest gear, a 2 inch radius gear is turning a 14 inch diameter gear. This gear is connected to the drive shaft. The drive shaft attaches to a wheel and a tire that measures 2 and

    asked by Heather
  185. math

    may u help me with not sure what step to take first

    asked by noni
  186. Algebra

    On successive plays, the home football team gains 12 yd, loses 3 yd, loses 5 yd, gains 15 yd and runs 16 yd for a touchdown. What is the average gain or loss in yards per play?

    asked by J
  187. Civics

    Hi, I have a question. Naturalized U.S citizens have a. the same rights as native born citizens b. fewer rights than native born citizens c. the same rights as illegal immigrants d. fewer rights that illegal immigrants. I think it is A, but I don't know.

  188. Cemistry

    Tom wanted to test his hypothesis that plants grow better at room temperature than in cold temperatures. He placed an ivy plant in the refrigerator, which had no light source.He also placed a spider plant in the window in his room. b. What were Tom's

    asked by anonymous
  189. Math

    Rochelle's car average 32.5 miles per gallon the highway.At that rate,how many gallons of gas will her car use for driving on the highway for 260 miles?

    asked by LayLay
  190. math

    how do I find the number of zeros in the quotient of 8x10 tithe fifth power

    asked by Rich
  191. math

    the relationship between input values x and the output values y is described as:y is one less than a quarter of the number x .if x is equal to -8,-4,0,4,8;represent this relationship in a flow diagram

    asked by Kabelo
  192. Math

    If a trend line has equation y=4x-5, what y- value would you expect to obtain when the x- value is 5? this is kind of tricky

    asked by jacqueline
  193. chemistry

    Assume water boils at 100.0 C in Houston(near sea level) and at 90.0 C in Cripple Creek Colorado(near 9, 500 feet). If it takes 4.7 min to cook an egg in Cripple Creek and 4.4 min in Houston, what is Ea for this process? Enter your answer in scientific

    asked by patrick
  194. MATHS - please help

    Rearrange in the form ax+by+c=0 1) y+4 = 3/5(x-1) Thank you

    asked by Anonymous