Questions Asked on
September 12, 2015

  1. maths

    a small ant climbs 3cm in 1 minute but slips down 2cm. how much time will it take to climb 4cm

    asked by ritvik
  2. Calculus 1

    A particle moves along a straight line with equation of motion s = f(t), where s is measured in meters and t in seconds. Find the velocity and speed when t = 5. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) f(t) = t^−1 − t *We havent learned derivative

    asked by TayB
  3. Maths

    A shopkeeper purchases 50 dozen eggs at Rs. 16 per dozen. Of these 40 eggs were found to be broken. At what price should he sell the remaining eggs in order to make a profit of 5%?

    asked by Arundati
  4. music and movement

    What is the correct developmental sequence of nonlocomotor skills starting from first learned?

    asked by elisha
  5. music and movement

    a child's strength and balance which allows the child to walk early is considered what type of constraint

    asked by elisha
  6. phyics

    Suppose a runner completes one lap around a 400-m track in a time of 50 s. Calculate the average velocity of the runner. Express your answer in meters per second to the nearest integer.

    asked by shelby
  7. phyics

    Four cars undergo acceleration as described by the data in the following table. Car Initial Velocity (m/s) Final Velocity (m/s) Time period (s) A 2.0 11.0 3.0 B -5.0 3.0 2.0 C 1.0 -5.0 2.0 D 0.0 25.0 10.0 Rank the accelerations from most positive to most

    asked by sharon
  8. Algbra 2

    Divide using the division algorithm. Write your answer in the form Q + RD where the degree of R is less than the degree of D. x^3+3x+4/x+1 How am I supposed to do this?

    asked by Idkm
  9. science

    Suppose you are hiking along a trail. Make a comparison between your displacement and your distance traveled. Check all that apply. -Your displacement must be less than your distance traveled. -Your displacement must be greater than your distance traveled.

    asked by sarah
  10. Algebra

    Find the domain of the function. (Write your answer using interval notation.) sqrt(x)/ (4x^2 + 3x − 1) If you set the bottom equal to zero, I got that x can't be -1 or 1/4. But I'm not sure if that's right, or how to write the answer in interval

    asked by kelly
  11. physics

    A stone is dropped from the top of a tower 400 m high and at the same time another stone is projected upward vertically from the ground with a velocity of 100 ms −1 . Find where and when the two stones will meet.

    asked by Deepa
  12. math

    Austin is creating a new trail mix by combining two of his best­selling blends. A pineapple­coconut­macadamia (pcm) mix that sells for $18/kg and a banana­papayapeanut (bpp) mix that sells for $10/kg. Write the equations and find the point of

    asked by sarah
  13. math (please help)

    A company's retained earnings increased $375,000 last year and its assets increased $973,000. The company declared a $79,000 cash dividend during the year. What was last year's net income?

    asked by samantha
  14. algebra

    The sides of a square are three to the power of two sevenths inches long. What is the area of the square? nine to the power of four sevenths square inches three to the power of four sevenths square inches three to the power of the fraction four over forty

    asked by oscar
  15. riddle

    20 pigeons sat on the branches of a tree. A man hit 1 pigeon with a cannon. How many were left on the tree?

    asked by sasha
  16. Government

    What is meant by “standards of justice have not always been met”? Provide examples of some efforts that have been made to reach the goals of justice at all?

    asked by Rachel
  17. college algebra

    A car salesperson's annual income depends on the amount of his sales. His annual income is a salary of $11500 plus 12% of his annual sales. Write a linear equation for his annual income for sales of x dollars. ( I = mx + b ). 11500=I i Don't know what is

    asked by JTR
  18. Physics

    A rescue helicopter drops a package of emergency ration to a stranded party on the ground. If the helicopter is travelling horizontally at 40m/s at a height of 100m above the ground, what are the horizontal and vertical component of the velocity of the

    asked by Ramla
  19. chemistry

    If a rectangular solid has a mass of 59.345 g and measures 10.05 cm by 5.20 cm by 1.25 cm, what is the density of the solid?

    asked by Dan
  20. Criminal Justice/White Collar Crime

    ___________is an especially alarming characteristic of white-collar crime that, ironically, is also an explanation of low public interest in white-collar crime. A. The small number of people actually victimized by white-collar crime B. Excessive government

    asked by Pat
  21. Chemistry Lab

    Suppose that you used 0.75g of iron. What is the minimum volume of 1.5 M_ CuSO4 solution required Using eqn. (3-1)? and eqn. (3-2)? (3-1) Fe(s) + Cu^2+ (aq) ---- Fe^2 (aq)+ Cu (s) (3-2) 2Fe(s)+ 3Cu^2+(aq) --- 2Fe^3+ (aq) +3Cu (s)

    asked by Liza
  22. probability

    An installation technician for a specialized communication system is dispatched to a city only when three or more orders have been placed. Suppose that orders follow a Poisson distribution with a mean of 0.25 per week for a city with a population of

    asked by poisson
  23. math

    If your 4ft from the mirror;the mirror is 15ft.from the wall and your eyes are 6ft from the floor,what is the height of the wall?

    asked by Vernon
  24. algrebra

    In a recent pancake eating contest, Phil ate three less than twice as many pancakes as Sara. Together they combined to eat 15 pancakes. How many pancakes did they each eat?

    asked by elia
  25. Children Development

    Describe and give examples of changes in your child’s exploratory or problem solving Behavior from 8 through 18 months and categorize them according to Piagetian and Information processing theories. What does this question mean?

    asked by M
  26. Algebra

    The total of dharma's, Eugene, and Ferns final exam score is 272 Dharma score is added to Eugene score the sum is 28 points less than twice ferns score if Eugene score is eight point higher than Dharma score what is each student's final an exam score?

    asked by Tim
  27. Math 9th Grade

    Write an expression for the distance a car travels in t hours at a speed of s km/h

    asked by Alex
  28. math

    lim x-->-9 x^2+10x+9 / x-9

    asked by Ernie
  29. physic

    Suppose a runner completes one lap around a 400-m track in a time of 50 s. Calculate the average speed of the runner. please explain process

    asked by rachel
  30. Math

    Four members of a club decide to buy shares in a company. They will divide the cost equally. Two new members join the club and agree to contribute to the shares. Their contribution results in a savings of $200 for each of the original four members. How

    asked by Anonymous
  31. pre algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  32. math

    1 mulliken = 10 inches 11 9/10 inches = how many mullikens? 5 13/16 inches = how many mullikens?

    asked by A
  33. thesis

    could this be a thesis for this topic When Bullying Turns Deadly: Can It Be Stopped Thesis" Bullying causes many problems in teenager's lives such as stress, depression and suicide

    asked by Ann
  34. Biology

    My hair color is blonde and so is my parents.What is my genotype?

    asked by M
  35. math

    How many ways are there to roll out a 3 question True or False?

    asked by kenny
  36. Biology

    My mom was average height and my dad was short and mine short. I am think my genotype is heterozgous. My mom weight is average and my dad was overweight and my was average. I am think my genotype is homozygous.

    asked by M
  37. Math

    How many ways can you set up a committee of 4 people from 10 people?

    asked by Mubarak
  38. Algebra 2

    Jason loves to download music. Downloads R Us sells songs only in packages of three, and it charges $2.00 for each package of three songs. Jason's favorite group just released their greatest hits CD, which has 17 songs on it. Jason wants to buy all 17

    asked by Ken
  39. Algebra

    Find the domain of the function. Write in interval notation. sqrt(x^2 − 64). For the answer, I got (-infinity, -8)u(8, infinity), but that's wrong, and I'm not sure what else to try?

    asked by kelly
  40. Math

    The volume of water in a container is x(2x²+x+5)cm³ when the depth is Xcm water is added at the rate of 60cm³5¯¹ when the depth is 5cm,at what rate is the level rising.

    asked by Hardney David Smith
  41. Algebra

    The speed of the current is 4kph. A boat travels 6km upstream in the same time it takes to travel 10km downstream. What is the spees of the boat in still water?

    asked by Sammy
  42. Math

    An ordinary plane leaves an airport and flies due west at 180kph. Two hours later a jet leaves the same airport and flies due west at 900kph. How far from the airport will the jet overtake the ordinary plane?

    asked by Sammy
  43. statistic

    An individual federal tax return form asks, among other things, for the following information: income (in dollars and cents), number of dependents, whether filing singly or jointly with a spouse, whether or not deductions are itemized, amount paid in local

    asked by Lucas
  44. Algebra 2

    Can someone please help me solve this rational expression?

    asked by Tommy
  45. Algebra 2

    I have to add this rational expression but I keep on ending up with 2 different answers each time I try to solve the expression. 2/x + 1/2x My answer is 4x+1/2x; but I also got 5/2x. Which one is correct and why?

    asked by Jerry
  46. accounting

    bought goods on credit from Tom with a list price of 2000, less 10% trade discount

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Science

    On a 120 km trip a motorist travels 60 km at 60 km/h. How fast must the motorist go for the next 60km in order to average 120km/h for the whole trip? i have attempted this question, yet the answers say it is impossible.

    asked by Ben
  48. phyics

    Consulting the graph shown in (Figure 1) , determine the object's average velocity over the time interval from 2 to 4 seconds. Express your answer in meters per second to the nearest integer. Position versus time graph for an object traveling with a

    asked by Rachel
  49. Elementary Mathematics

    The probabilities that May, Lily and Mary will pass a test are 2/5, 7/10 and 9/10 respectively. Find the probability that (i) At least one of them will pass the test, (ii) 2 of the girls will pass the test

    asked by Seow Kian
  50. ELA

    How does jack London build suspense.

    asked by Brooke bell
  51. Physics

    Explain how the electric potential energy of a particle can increase when moving from a region of high electric potential to a region of low electric potential energy.

    asked by Kelsey
  52. Physics

    A car is at mile marker 132 on the highway heading North. Of the car is traveling with a velocity of 24 mi/hr, what mile marker will the car be at after 150 minutes

    asked by Michael

    two equal masses of 12kg each are 2m apart. WHat is the gravitational force between them?

    asked by Princess Blabla

    a 2500-kg car is travelling at 20 m/s around a road curve of radius 200 m. Find the central force acting on the car?

    asked by Princess Blabla

    A wheel of radius 1.5 m rotates at a uniform speed. If a point on the rim of the wheel has a central acceleration of 1.5 m/s ^2. what is the point's tangential speed?

    asked by Princess Blabla

    a metal ball tied to the end of a string 1.8 m long is whirled in a horizontal circle at 4 m/s. what is the mass of the ball if the tension on the string is 30 N ?

    asked by Princess Blabla

    An object weighs 480 N on earth. what would its weight be on a planet whose mass is twice the mass and half the ratio of the earth?

    asked by Princess Blabla

    the gravitational forve between two masses is 500 N. What is the gravitational force if the masses are doubled and distance between them is likewise doubled?

    asked by Princess Blabla
  59. maths

    bhanu went in the motor boat for riding. He paid money for 5 hours 30 minutes. Half of the time finished he came back . how many hours and minutes he spend for the ride

    asked by ritvik
  60. Algebra 2

    Did I solve this complex rational expression correctly? (2/3)-(x)/(2/3)+(x) 2/3-x = 2/3-x(3)/1(3)= (-x)+(2/3) (2/3)+ (x)= 2/3 + x(3)/1(3)= (x)+(2/3) (-x)+(2/3)/(x)+(2/3) = -(3x-2)/(3x-2)

    asked by Sally
  61. maths

    A light house is 30m taller than a building which is 28m tall, how tall is the light house

    asked by ritvik
  62. English

    She was sitting in the train. ================== Is she moving to sit down in the train? Or she sat before and now she remains seated in the train?

    asked by rfvv
  63. Physics

    A 4000 kg trailer is towed up a hill with a 5% grade. If the towing truck starts from rest at the bottom of the hill and reaches a speed of 12 m/s at the top of the hill, how much is the towing force. The road from the bottom to the top of the hill is

    asked by Anonymous
  64. science

    Bacteria in swelling on the roots of peanut plants convert blank gas from the air into compounds that the plants need to grow.

    asked by zaniya
  65. math ( having difficulty)

    Superior has provided the following information for its recent year of operation: The common stock account balance at the beginning of the year was $18,000 and the year-end balance was $19,000. The additional paid-in capital account balance increased

    asked by samantha
  66. Calculus

    Let f(x) be the function f(x)={x2−c for x

    asked by Lou
  67. Math

    An individual federal tax return form asks, among other things, for the following information: income (in dollars and cents), number of dependents, whether filing singly or jointly with a spouse, whether or not deductions are itemized, amount paid in local

    asked by Lucas
  68. Business

    Explain how competition among businesses can influence a marketplace? please help.

    asked by S.S

    A car with a uniform speed of 60km/h enters a circular flat curve whose radius is .50 km. If the friction between the road and the car's tires can supply a central accekeration of 1.25 m/s^2, dies the car negotiate the curve safely? Prove your answer.

    asked by NotYourTyn
  70. Trigonometry

    a pizza has a diameter of 18 inches and it's divided into 8 equal parts, and you take one slice of it. what is tha central angle of your share in mills measurements? with a solution

    asked by Jen
  71. math

    Jenny gets a salary increment of 20%. She gives 1 5 of her new salary to her mother and spends another 40%. If she has RM600 left,what is her original salary?

    asked by ayu
  72. Physics

    A person exerts a force of 90 N on a rope that pulls a sled across a very smooth surface. The rope is oriented 37∘ above the horizontal. The sled has a total mass of 40 kg . The sled starts at rest and moves for 10 m.

    asked by Alex
  73. Algebra

    The speed of the current is 4kph. A boat travels 6km upstream in the same time it takes to travel 10km downstream. What is the spees of the boat in still water?

    asked by Sammy
  74. math


    asked by karthik
  75. math egd;science;algebra

    Identify environment issues cause illhealth

    asked by khulekani
  76. Math

    5 sin theta +12 cos theta = 13. Prove 5 cos theta - 12 sin theta =0.

    asked by Priya
  77. mathamatics

    L.C.M OF 21168

    asked by arshad
  78. discrete math

    4m+5n^2=20 (proof by cares)

    asked by ben
  79. Duck Ponds High School

    1.Identity four environmental issues that cause ill-health to Madadeni community in Newcastle. 2.choose one issue from list as your topic and provide two brief descriptions of the issue. 3.Illustrate three ways how this issue can impact negatively to the

    asked by Mayenziwe Mvelase
  80. Physics

    Find the change of the mechanical energy of a 1000-kg car traveled down an incline with 1:10 grade a total distance of 100 m during which its speed increased from 10 m/s to 20 m/s? Is my answer correct, if not what did I do wrong? ME=KE+PE+Q

    asked by Is my answer correct?
  81. real writing

    1.Choosing a used car to buy can be _more difficult___ than it might seem. A. more difficult B. most difficult 2. Getting the _most best___ car possible for your money involves a lot of research. A. best B. most best 3.The _cheaper___ car available is

    asked by bear1995
  82. Criminal Justice/White Collar Crime

    The financial cost of street crime is __________ of the cost of white-collar crime. A. less than 1/10 B. about 1/4 C. about 1/3 D. over 1/2 Textbook says 6% so I am completely lost on this question.

    asked by Pat
  83. life orietation

    list four environmental issues that causes ill health

    asked by sandile
  84. math

    2/5c+4-1/5 equals -4

    asked by tomeisha
  85. Computers

    Draw the flowchart or pseudocode for an application that allows a user to enter the price of an item and computes 8 percent sales tax on the item.

    asked by Dawlton
  86. alGEBRA 1

    write two verbal expressions for the following: 4+m write a verbal expression for the following;7-y

    asked by sasha
  87. Chemistry

    Suppose that you used 0.75g of iron. What is the minimum volume of 1.5 M_ CuSO4 solution required Using eqn. (3-1)? and eqn. (3-2)?

    asked by Liza
  88. alGEBRA 1

    the ratio of lemon juice to water in lemonade is 3:7 ,. if 9 cups of water aer used to make a pitcher of lemonade , how many cups of lemon juice are needed

    asked by sasha
  89. Magoni secondary school

    accounting. economic. business studies n maths literacy if am doing those subject wch career can l get plz help me

    asked by Sandra mukwevho
  90. Algebra

    Joanne paid $27,840 as a down payment for her house. If the down payment was 12 percent of the actual cost of the house, what was the actual cost?

    asked by Jackie
  91. algebra

    Lucas wins $50,000(after taxes) in the lottery and decides to invest half of it in a 5-year CD that pays 5.35 percent compounded quarterly (4 times/year). He invests the other half in a money market fund that unfortunately turns out to average only 2.6

    asked by Jackie
  92. Bio

    A field mouse eats 10000 g of leaves each year, among other things. Of each gram of leaves has absorbed 150 kj of energy from the sun, about how much energy is available for the mouse?

    asked by Jenna
  93. osizweni

    Math,busi age is three time the age if six years time their combine age is 18 .what are their ages now

    asked by mphile
  94. algebra

    Given f(x)=3x^2-4x-1 and g(x)=8-2x, find each of the following: f(2) g(-2) f(-1) g(1/4) f(-4)

    asked by Jackie
  95. algebra

    Write an equation of a vertical line through the point (-3,-5).

    asked by Jackie
  96. physics relativistic energy

    I'm not too good with these special relativity problems :/ The question is: A 20 kiloton bomb releases 8 x 10^13 joules. How much mass must be converted into other forms of energy? You are already given Energy, would I still use the E=mc^2 formula??

    asked by paul
  97. math

    The number of my hundreds plus the number of y thousands is 3.the number of my tens is 7 times the number of my hundreds.the number of my ones in 3 times the number of my thousands.all my digits are different.What number am i?

    asked by maria
  98. Math

    The Snack Shack is making a batch of trail mix. They use 9 1/3 pounds of granola, 9 1/3 pounds of mixed nuts, and 9 1/3 pounds of yogurt raisins to make a trail mix. They divide the mixture into 14 packages. How much is in each package? Explain.

    asked by Horrid at math
  99. math

    Gabriella has between 2 and 3 hours to spend on Math, Sociology, and English homework. She plans to spend equal amounts of time studying Sociology and English, and to spend 2 times as much time studying Math as in studying Sociology.

    asked by devindra
  100. Math

    If a - 1/a = 2 then show that ( a + 1/a )^2 = 8

    asked by Noor
  101. trigonometry

    (a) If è is in standard position, then the reference angle è is the acute angle formed by the terminal side of è and the ---Select--- x-axis y-axis . So the reference angle for è = 120° is è = ?°, and that for è = 210°is è = ? degrees. (b) If è

    asked by lovelady7
  102. algrebra

    solve the equation -4(3-x)=3(4x-6)

    asked by Jackie
  103. ENGLISH

    Formal essay topic sentence guidelines: 1.) Topic sen. must be debatable, or, at the very least, worthy of discussion. They should not present straight facts with which most people would readily agree, nor should they be general statements about life. 2.)

    asked by Emily
  104. IPV

    Solve the equation by Gauss elimination method 6x+3y-z=7 5x-9y+4z=4 8x+5y-z=11

    asked by Hari prasad A
  105. ENGLISH!! HELP!!!


    asked by Emily
  106. Math Pre Algebra

    evaluate 5(14-2^3)+ 8/2 =

    asked by Tay
  107. science

    Do I need the comma after "months" here? Over the past 6 months, OvaScience has been continuously hammered down by short sellers.

    asked by Bobby
  108. statistics

    I need to figure out the variables one independent and the other dependent from the data set. I forgot what a data set is and what the variables are I have the paper I m supposed to be looking on for it but have no idea what i m looking for.

    asked by Anoymous
  109. Highland

    A cash register has no one dollar bills and all of the bills are five dollar bills $10 bills or $20 bills they are a total of 37 in the cash register and the total value of his bills is &310 if the number of the $10 bill in the register is twice the number

    asked by Zen
  110. Pre-calculus

    write the complex number -5 in polar form. I don't get how to do this because arctan of b/a would be 5/0 which is a fraction with no solution. Also, is a zero? Sorry if I'm being confusing! Thank you!

    asked by Ellie
  111. english

    the performance was a huge disappointment

    asked by atouria
  112. umkc

    A hunter on a frozen, essentially frictionless pond uses a rifle that shoots 4.20 g bullets at 970 m/s . The mass of the hunter (including his gun) is 69.5 kg , and the hunter holds tight to the gun after firing it.

    asked by gh
  113. Algebra

    Solve the equation 3/8(x=8)+1/8x=-1/2(x-7) 1.4x-3.1=0.2(x-27.5)

    asked by Jackie
  114. Algebra: Avc

    A cash register has no one dollar bill in it all of the bills are five dollar bills $10 bills or $20 bills there are a total 37 bills in the cash register and the total value of this bills is $310 if the number of $10 bills in the register is twice the

    asked by Pat
  115. Physics

    Ball A is thrown upward from the top of a building and takes 12 s to hit the ground. Ball B is thrown downward with the same speed as Ball A and takes 7 s to hit the ground. How long does it take for ball A to reach it peak?

    asked by Kendra