Questions Asked on
September 10, 2015

  1. Pre-ALgreba

    A kite flying in the air has a 12 - ft line attached to it. Its line is pulled taut and casts a 10 - ft shadow. Find the height of the kite. If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Cassie
  2. Chemistry

    Round each number to two significant figures: 233.356 0.002353 1.005 Can you please show me and explain how to do this? Im confused. thank you!!!

    asked by Alex
  3. Math

    The top of a tree makes angles s and t with Points K and L on the ground, respectively, such that the angles are complementary. Point K is x meters and Point L is y meters from the base of the tree. A)In terms of x and y, find the height of the tree.

    asked by Kristin
  4. statistics

    A multiple-choice quiz has 15 questions, each with 4 possible answers of which only 1 is the correct answer. What is the probability that a student gets 7 to 11 correct answer?

    asked by jean
  5. Geometry

    line BD bisects angle ABC. Find angle ABD, angle CBD, and angle ABC if angle ABD equals 3x+6 and angle DBC equals 7x-18 please help it would mean a lot

    asked by Laura
  6. Pre-Calculus

    A rectangular window is topped with a semicircle. The height of the rectangular part is 1 more than 3 times its width, w meters. Which function represents the total area, A, of the window in terms of the width?

    asked by Caitlin
  7. Physics

    A motor cyclist travelling at 12m/s decelerates at 3m/s square a) how long does he take to come to a rest b) how far does he travel in coming to rest

    asked by Hannah
  8. math

    Which addition sentences show you how to find 16-9? Answer choices 9+1=10 , 10+5=15 9+1=10 , 10+6=16 * 9+2=11 , 11+6=17 9+1=10 , 10+9=19

    asked by YOLO
  9. dee

    vertical and horizontal asymptote of arcsin, arccos, and arctan

    asked by Anonymous
  10. physics

    The human lungs can function satisfactorily up to a limit where the pressure difference between the outside and inside of the lungs is 1/21 of an atmosphere. If a diver uses a snorkel for breathing, how far below the water can she swim? Assume the diver is

    asked by please help
  11. mathematics

    Two towns T and S are 300km apart, two buses A and B started from town T at the same time moving towards town S, Bus B traveling at speed 10km/h greater than bus A and reached S 1 1/4 hours earlier. Find the average speed of A? How far was Bus A from T

    asked by simon
  12. Early Childhood

    The association between the presence of thimerosal in vaccines and autism is

    asked by Sandra

    A river is flowing from west to east at a speed of 8m/min, a man on the south bank of the river , capable of swimming at 20m/min in still water, wants to swim across the river in the shortest time. He should swim in a direction of a) due north b) 30 degree

    asked by PRAJAKTA
  14. mathematics

    1} the first term of an AP is 2 and the common difference is 3.Find the sum of the first 11 terms. 2}The 2nd and 5th terms of a GP are -6 and 48 respectively.Find the sum of the first four terms

    asked by promise
  15. economics maths lit business studies tourism

    What will i do with these subject maths lit tourism business studies economic

    asked by khwela snegugu
  16. Science

    A hollow iron cube has measures 5cm on each side and has a mass of 20g will the iron cube sink or float?

    asked by April
  17. Chemistry

    Hi! I am having some trouble with this question, can you please help me? Which of the following describe chemical properties? Check all that apply. - Iodine (a purple solid) becomes a purple gas. - Titanium is less dense that iron . - Water freezes at 0'C

    asked by Kris
  18. Chem

    Can you check to see if I'm correct? Which of these substances are elements? a. silicone b. quartz c. iodine d. water e. silicon f. lead is the answer: c, e, and f?

    asked by Kris

    EL PRETÉRITO. Modifique el párrafo por cambiar los verbos italizados al pretérito. Ejemplo: Tenemos que preguntarle al revisor. Tuvimos que preguntarle al revisor. Voy___(1)___ a coger el tren para irme de vacaciones a la sierra. Ya no me queda___(2)___

    asked by Matt
  20. psychology

    Which approach would explain that phobias are acquired through classical conditioning and the hypochondriac's "sickness behavior" is reinforced by sympathy and attention?

    asked by april
  21. Physics

    To qualify for the finals in a racing event a car must achieve an average speed of 250 km/h on a track with a total length of 16,000 m if a particular car covers the first half of the track at an average speed of 230 km/h what minimum average speed Must It

    asked by Aleksa

    A consistent system of equations is a system with __________. the same line parallel lines intersecting lines and lines that have the same slope intersecting lines and lines that have the same equation

    asked by Oscar
  23. math

    Select the equation of the line that passes through the point (5, 7) and is perpendicular to the line x = 4. y = 4 x = 5 y = 7 x = 7 pls help

    asked by Oscar
  24. Math

    Evelyn sells used cars he base salary is $800 a week and she receives a 12% commission on each sale represent Evelyn total salary for the week if she had d dollars of sales

    asked by Ashley
  25. Ed Tech

    Before katie turns in the paper she typed she wants a peer to review it and give her feedback. katie uses her all in one printer to scan her edit,prints, and send them to her friend. An all in oneprinter is -Input device -Output device -Data storage device

    asked by Elizabeth
  26. Science

    1. Which skill involves creating representations of complex objects or processes A. Classifying B. Predicting C. Making models D. Evaluating 2. The mass of an object is described in what A. Meters B. Cubic meters C. Liters D. Grams

    asked by Serenity
  27. Math

    A car is traveling at 30 mi/hour. What's the cars speed in feet per second?

    asked by Janey
  28. Physics

    Calculate the total entropy change hat occurs when 2kg of lead at 40 degrees celcius are placed in a very large quantity of water at 10degrees celcius. the specific heat of lead is 0.031 cal/g K).

    asked by Kelsey
  29. math urgent

    Prove: TanA+2Tan2A+4Tan4A+8Cot8A=CotA

    asked by Rabinprakash
  30. math

    the sum of the ages of two siblings is 23 and the difference between their ages is 7. if frank is the older brother of beth, determine their ages by creating a pair of simultaneous equations and solving them. this is killing me i have been working on it

    asked by lucy
  31. algebra

    Which statements represent the function of the yearly cost in dollars, y, based on x, the number of game tokens purchased for a member of the arcade? Check all that apply.

    asked by ashlynn
  32. FRENCH!!!

    I replied to Sra Mme to my french story yesterday. I need help because I tried correcting my sentences.

    asked by SAM
  33. Math

    how do you solve? kim's mom is 47 years old. in 5 years her mother will be 10 years older than twice what kim's age will be. how old is kim now?

    asked by Victor
  34. algebra

    which equation matches the statement the sum of -4x and 2 is 9

    asked by ciara
  35. Math

    Roger mixed 5/8 cup of red paint with 2/5 of yellow paint. How much red paint is needed to mix with one cup of yellow paint?

    asked by Samory
  36. math

    if the temperature was 18 degrees at noon and it dropped 13 degrees every 5 hours what would be the temperature at 5:00

    asked by tavia
  37. algebra

    Determine the missing coordinate in the ordered pair so that it will satisfy the equation 5x + y = 1.

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    . Jordan’s Jeans Company reported net income for 2014 of $871,800 and the company paid dividends of $0.08 per share in 2014. Given this information (along with the data provided above), compute what Jordan’s Jeans Company reported as retained earnings

    asked by Ryan
  39. Physics

    It takes you 7.1 min to walk with an average velocity of 2.4 m/s to the north from the bus stop to the museum entrance. How far did you walk? Answer in units of m.

    asked by Anonymos
  40. AP Chemistry

    Please show me how to do this step by step I would appreciate it We add excess Na2CrO4 solution to 42.0 mL of a solution of silver nitrate (AgNO3) to form insoluble solid Ag2CrO4. When it has been dried and weighed, the mass of Ag2CrO4 is found to be 0.520

    asked by Hannah
  41. Grammar

    Can someone correct my answers, please? I really need help! (Underlined words have parenthesis over them, and anything with asterisks by them means that's what I believe the answers are.) 6. Choose the function of the underlined word in the sentence. Call

    asked by Marco
  42. chemistry

    3A+2B+2C > 4D+2E 1) what is the rate of this reaction in terms of change of concentration of reactant B? - is it '1/2' ? 2) what is the rate of this reaction in terms of change of concentration of product D? please help

    asked by Bobby
  43. Chemical Science

    What is a solid (One of the States of Matter) that is a alkaline/base (8-14 on the pH scale. Name as many as you can that doesn't include baking soda.

    asked by Calypso Darkness
  44. math

    a square carpet covers an area of 64 ft ^2. what is the length of each side of the carpet?

    asked by ruby
  45. Calculus

    Verify the following identities, cos 3x = 4 cos^(3) x - 3 cos x

    asked by Ribie
  46. Math

    if a bullet travels at 645.0m/s, what is its speed in miles per hour? can you please show me how to solve this?

    asked by Alex
  47. Chem

    To what decimal place should each answer be rounded? and how many significant figures does the rounded answer have? a) 9cm + 2.8 cm= 11.8cm (unrounded) b) 0.135 atm + 0.6 atm= 0.735 atm (unrounded) can you show me how to do this?

    asked by Albert
  48. math

    convert 40.0m^3 to liters. note that 1mL = 1cm^3. can you show me how to do this problem?

    asked by Albert
  49. Physics

    The pressure in the room also increased when the temperature increased, because pressure is ___________ to temperature.

    asked by Anonymous
  50. algebra

    what 3x 4= equals to

    asked by ribery
  51. Social Studies

    Which was the most important source of wealth the French developed in their colonies? A. gold B. horticulture C. silver D. Fur trade*** Which European colonial power settled the farthest north on continent of North America? A. Spain B. France*** C. England

    asked by Amber
  52. Physics (deriving Keplers 3rd law)

    How do I derive a straightforward form of Kepler's 3rd Law if I start with Newtons's Law of Gravitation. (the opposite of what Newton did)

    asked by Jason
  53. Physics

    t a NASA research center free-fall research is performed by dropping experiment packages from the top of an evacuated shaft 156 m high. Free-fall imitates the so-called microgravity environment of a satellite in orbit. What constant acceleration would be

    asked by Ali
  54. Physics

    The Space Shuttle travels at a speed of about 5.05 x 103 m/s. The blink of an astronaut's eye lasts about 93.5 ms. How many football fields (length = 91.4 m) does the Space Shuttle cover in the blink of an eye?

    asked by Garren
  55. Chemistry VERY URGENT PLEASE

    What does the chemical formula, MgSO4 * 7H2O, become when the hydrated is heated? I got so far is MSO4 * 7H2O + Heat ---> MgSO4 + H + O

    asked by Finn
  56. Language Arts

    At the end of her aunts story in the story teller the older girl asked whether the girl in the story would have been rescued even if she had not been good. what does she seem to think is the theme of her aunts story

    asked by Darth Vader
  57. math

    Can someone help me answer this question? I need to Combine the like terms. My teacher said I got a portion incorrect. Question~~ – ½ a + ¾ b – (a – 8b) My answer~~ -1/2a+1a 1/2a 3/4b+8b (3/4+8)b 8 3/4b The answer is 1/2a+8 3/4

    asked by Abby
  58. physics

    A ball is dropped from a helicopter which is descending at 1.5 m/s. After 2 seconds, what are a) the the velocity of the ball, and b) how far is the ball below the helicopter? c) & d) Repeat your calculations for a) and b) if the helicopter had been rising

    asked by john smith
  59. trigonometry

    The length of AB is 1 mulliken (10 inches) on ΔABC. Calculate the lengths of AC = _____________ mullikens and BC = _____________ mullikens.

    asked by a
  60. Chemistry URGENT!

    If the reaction of 0.500 grams of aluminum metal with excess aqueous HCl releases 9.72 kJ of heat, what is the ΔH value for the reaction? 2 Al(s) + 6 HCl(aq) → 2 AlCl3(aq) + 3 H2(g) All I have is: .500gAl*(1 mol Al/26.98gAl) Please and thank you so

    asked by Jim
  61. biology

    the species in a forest include moose, wolves, lichens, mosses, lake trout, mosquitoes, and spruce trees, what level of organization does this group of species form?? is it community?

    asked by sahsa
  62. Math

    The 6th term of an arithmetic sequence is 3 times the 2nd term. Prove that the 10th term is twice the 5th term. tn=t1+(n-1)d

    asked by Naomi
  63. st andrews

    a stone is droped from a long does it take to reach the ground a)the first 50m b)the second 50m

    asked by p sai deekshitha
  64. Math

    How can I insert 4 arithmetic means between √2 and 12/√2? How do I incorporate fractions and roots into sequences?

    asked by Naomi
  65. biology

    circle all the things from the list that would be included in a community. explain why you circles those items. deer ticks mushrooms rotting leaves lady bug 3 inches of rainfall oak tree soil 75 degrees Celsius kudzu 6 hours of daylight

    asked by sahsa
  66. 3rd grade math

    explain how to compare 8,563 and 8,699

    asked by debbie
  67. math

    the ratio of boys to girls is 7:8 How many boys are there in school if there are 968 girls? My answer is 581 boys is this correct??

    asked by jill
  68. AP English

    Analyze the validity of the following argument: Sally argues, "Mom, your rules are way too strict! Melissa's mother lets her stay out until 2:00 AM on weekends. Peter's parents let him go to all-night raves even on school nights. Tom's parents don't even

    asked by Ellie
  69. chem intro

    The rate of the following reaction is 0.90 M/s. What is the relative rate of change of each species in the reaction below? A + 3B --> 2C

    asked by Cal
  70. MATH (factoring)

    I don't understand how to factor this question: (x+y)^2 -64 The final answer is (x + y + 8) (x + y - 8). I just don't understand how to get to that answer.

    asked by TIM
  71. math

    How would you convert the repeating nontermonating decimal to a fraction? Explain the process as you solve the problem 0.1515 I put 1515/10000 and got 303/2000

    asked by anonomous
  72. math

    you have the numbers from 1 through 9. divide them into 3 groups so that each group has the same total after adding the digits in them.. i got until: adding all the digits makes 45 and and divided by 3 so each will be 15, but what next? any method for that

    asked by edina
  73. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  74. Geometry

    If 1/3 of a circle with a radius of 6 is shaded, what is the area of the shaded portion of the circle? HINT: A=\Pir^2 (Leave your answer as a decimal rounded to the nearest tenths place)

    asked by Antonio
  75. science

    titrat m/20 oxzlic acid(20 ml) of by KMnO4

    asked by Vanashree
  76. Math

    A triangle has side lengths 10, 15, and 7. Is the triangle acute, obtuse, or right? Show your work and explain. I think it's gonna be an obtuse and maybe right....might be wrong...

    asked by Alex
  77. hoerner college

    A man sells a tv set for rs 3,450 and makes a profit 15% he sells a second tv set at loss 10%,find the cp ?

    asked by shishu singh
  78. math

    An investment of $1400 earns $80 each year how much must be invested to earn $120 year? $1400/$80=$m/$120 did I set this up correctly? Thank You

    asked by jill
  79. Math

    In a 4 mile walk, Jenny covered the first 2 mile in 40 minutes. How fast should she walk the rest of the way to average 3.5 miles per hour overall?

    asked by Dan
  80. Statistics

    The distribution of heights of women aged 20 to 29 is approximately normal with a mean of 2.8 inches and standard deviation of 2.8 inches. The height (+/- 0.1 inch) of the middle 99.7% falls between a low of ?? inches and a high of ?? inches. Please help

    asked by Angel
  81. Math

    Given sin30= 1/2 and cos30= (√3)/2 determine the following - csc30 I see the sin30 part can be used to find the answer, but what about the cos30 part?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. algebra

    A medical rescue helicopter is flying at an average speed of 172 miles per hour toward its base hospital. At 2:42 p.m., the helicopter is 80 miles from the hospital. Use this information for Items 4–6. 4. Which equation can be used to determine m, the

    asked by Sarah
  83. language

    at the party Alyssa danced more happily than I have ever seen him before What type of adjective or adverb is more happily comparative adjective comparative adverb superlative adjective superlative adverb -----------

    asked by School
  84. History

    The Code Talkers were members of which Native American tribe? Apache Hopi Navajo******** Pueblo 2. Why was the Code Talkers' code so hard to break? It was based on a language that lacked an alphabet and was hard to learn. The people who developed it came

    asked by Patty
  85. Chemistry

    Follow up question: Explain why the reaction of aluminum metal with aqueous sulfuric acid solution has very nearly the same ΔH value as the reaction between aluminum metal and HCl? Consider the atomic level. All I have is that they have the same net ionic

    asked by Jim
  86. trigonometry

    Angles of the triangle: ∠A=30° ∠B=60° ∠C=90° Hypotenuse: 1 mulliken (10 inches) How can I find the sin A, cos A, and tan A?

    asked by a
  87. Ivy tech

    if one out of every five people who buy ice cream buys vanilla ice cream. If a store sells 125 ice cream cones in one day, about how many will be vanilla?

    asked by kathy
  88. Physics Using hydrostatic equilbrium)

    3. A model of Earth’s interior: Look up the radius and mass of the Earth. Radius is 6,371 km Mass is 5.974 x 10^24 kg Calculate its average density. p_e = (5.974 x 10^24 kg)/ (4/3)pi r^3 = (5.974 x 10^24 kg)/ (4/3)pi (6371)^3 = 5.54 g/cm^3 Using this

    asked by Jason
  89. Physics ( using earth to find pressure of planet y

    3. A model of Earth’s interior: Look up the radius and mass of the Earth. Radius is 6,371 km Mass is 5.974 x 10^24 kg Calculate its average density. p_e = (5.974 x 10^24 kg)/ (4/3)pi r^3 = (5.974 x 10^24 kg)/ (4/3)pi (6371)^3 = 5.54 g/cm^3 Imagine a

    asked by Kim
  90. pchs mankon

    A man make 20 deposit into an account which is set to be in an arithmetic progression if the 11 term is twice the 15 term and the first term is 10000frs a) fine the common difference b) the 11 term

    asked by samson
  91. probability

    You and your friend just rented a car for an 8,000 mile cross-country road trip. Your rental car may be one of three different types: new (N), nearly one year old (O), and old (L). If the car you receive is brand new, it will break down with probability

    asked by matt
  92. Science

    To answer these questions you will need to refer to the volume of water dripping over time graph that you created in your science notebook from interactive art plotting a line graph activity. 1. According to the trend shown by the graph what volume of

    asked by Serenity
  93. math

    if you ask batman's nemesis catwoman how many cats she has,she answers wtih a riddle.five-sixths fo my cats plus seven. how many cats does catwoman have

    asked by if you ask batman'phyllis
  94. Algebra

    the smaller of two numbers is 18 less than the larger number. If 5 timnes the larger number esxceeds four times the smaller by 100. Find the numbers.

    asked by Kalee
  95. maths


    asked by maso
  96. Math

    The displacement from equilibrium of an oscillating weight suspended by a spring is given by y(t) = 2 cos 6t, where y is the displacement in centimeters and t is the time in seconds. Find the displacement when t = 1.45, and round your answer to four

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Sere

    750 mL of water should take approximately 20 minutes to boil

    asked by Serenity
  98. Riddles

    two fathers and two sons went out to eat for burgers everyone got a burger but only three were eaten how is this possible

    asked by Dominic
  99. reading

    what is the sequence of components in the following sentence listless and depressed by vistas of snow and grey sky's, Dieter left the cabin and walked toward the frozen pond . (A).subject modifier verb (B).modifier subject modifier verb (C)modifier subject

    asked by kyle
  100. Math

    How many 3-digit numbers can be formed sing the digits 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, if repetitions are not allowed? however 180 can't be the answer i checked? any one know how to solve this one

    asked by jacqueline
  101. math

    Find the smallest positive integer n for which 126n cube root is a whole number

    asked by Ethan
  102. Math

    License plates are made using 3 letter followed by 2 digits. How many plates can be made if repetition of letters and digits is allowed?

    asked by jacqueline
  103. Math

    Cos 30?

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Math

    Yvonne owes her sister $25. Michael's checking account balance is -$20. Write an inequality to compare the amounts. Explain the meaning of the inequality.

    asked by Jiggz
  105. Algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  106. math

    In 2014, Timmers, Inc. (a retail clothing company) sold 102,300 units of its product at an average price of $100.00 per unit. The company reported estimated returns and allowances in 2014 of 1.5 percent of gross revenue. Timmers actually purchased 109,500

    asked by Ryan
  107. MATH

    WHAT IS THE FORMULA FOR CALCULATING: A diver is on a platform 11 meters above the water. If she dives down 4 meters below the water, what is her total dive

    asked by JACKIE
  108. Social studies

    1. Which name describe 200 million africans who are descendants of the people who migrated from West Africa more then 4,000 years ago A. Savanna B. Sahara C. Bantu D. Mali 2. One thing that makes piecing together the history of sub-saharan Africa easier

    asked by Serenity
  109. trig

    If each leg has length 5 meters, what are the lengths of the other leg and the hypotenuse

    asked by drake
  110. Math

    Hello I am mother trying to explain to my 13 year-old daughter the result of this equation: 7x^2+7y-4x^2-4y equals to 3x^2-3y I just want to know that I am right since my daughter insists that that was not what the teacher had on the board she got 34y

    asked by Anonymous
  111. algebraII

    the sum of the digits of a three digit number is six. the ten digit is one less than the units digit and the number is twelve more than one hundred times the hundred digit Find the three digits x y=x-1 z=7-2x x+x-1+z=6 2x-1+z=6 z=7-2x x-1=100(7-2x)+12 what

    asked by adeline
  112. physics

    Two point charges of +30μC and -10μC are separated by a distance of 10cm. What is the magnitude of electric field due to these charges at a point midway between them? (k = 9 × 109 N · m2/C2)

    asked by mike
  113. physics

    Which of the following does not involve a force? a.tug of war b.pushing a wagon c.riding a bike d.jumping e.None of the above f.towing a car g.hitting a ball Is the answer e. none of the above? I know a,b,c,d, and g exert a force, but I am not sure about

    asked by Anonymous
  114. css

    The height of a triangle is increased by 15% and the base is increased by 10%. Find the increase in its area.

    asked by Anonymous
  115. math

    Find the integer between square root of 30 and 4 pi over 3

    asked by Ashantae
  116. physics

    In the (Figure 1) the coefficient of static friction between mass mA and the table is 0.42, whereas the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.17. Ignore masses of the cord and the (frictionless) pulley. What minimum value of mA will keep the system from

    asked by Allie
  117. physics- work

    what is the work required to raise a 10-kg bucket from a well 100-meter deep? Is this right? 10*9.8= 98N 98N*100= 9800J

    asked by Anonymous
  118. History

    1. Africa's Rain forests are located on either side of the what A. Equator B. Coastal C. Sahara D. Deserts 2. Much of the area north and south of Africas rainforest is _____ a rolling grassland A. Tundra B. Desert C. Savanna D. Semi-arid

    asked by Serenity
  119. math

    What angle does a 3.8m ladder make with the ground if it reaches 2.1 m up the wall? How far is the foot of the ladder from the wall?

    asked by caeden
  120. general chemistry

    How many oxygen atoms are in 3.90 g of quartz?

    asked by Lyndsay
  121. Maths

    Helena wants to make 8 bags or popcorn each weighing 0.375 grams for her friends

    asked by Jay
  122. Biochemistry

    Calculate the amount (in grams) of Tris Base needed to make 1L of 0.01M Tris buffer? Tris Base=121.4 g/mol

    asked by San
  123. Calculus

    If a ball is thrown into the air with a velocity of 34 ft/s, its height (in feet) after t seconds is given by y = 34t − 16t^2. Find the velocity when t = 1.

    asked by kelly
  124. Giyani high, math

    The dimensions of a rectangular swimming pool are 10m by 6m, customers want the pool built 1/4 of the length and a third of its width wider. What are the new dimensions of the pool, calculate the area

    asked by Naledi
  125. Calculus 1

    Find the instantaneous velocity, using limits, for the given value of t of an object moving according the given equation. a. s(t)=t^2–8t+18 ; t=3 b. 𝑠(𝑡)=1/t^2 ; t=1

    asked by TayB
  126. Physics

    A speed skater moving across frictionless ice at 8.3 m/!@#$%^&s a 5.6 m -wide patch of rough ice. She slows steadily, then continues on at 6.5 m/s What is he acceleration on the rough ice?

    asked by Caylee
  127. Calculus 1

    Find the requested derivative using limits a. 𝑓′(-4)if f(x)=sqrt(1-2x) b. 𝑓′(a)if f(x)=(2x+1)/(x+3) c. 𝑓′(x) if f(x)=x^-2

    asked by TayB
  128. kwasa secondary school

    illustrate three ways on how this issue can impact negatively to the health of the people in school or community

    asked by Thwala Philile
  129. kwasa secnotary school

    discuss three practical measures to deal with this environmental issue that causes ill -health on a personal level

    asked by Thwala Philile
  130. math

    which number, rounded to the nearest hundred is zero? 94 68 52 or 31

    asked by jilmer
  131. Algebra 2

    suppose the experimental probability is 1/3 that a carton of eggs contains at least one broken egg. Use a stimulation of 20 trials to find the experimental probability that three cartons selected at random contain only unbroken eggs.

    asked by Liliya
  132. kwasa secondary school

    choose one issue and provide two brief descriptions of the issue

    asked by Thwala Philile
  133. kwasa secondary school

    identify four environment issues that cause ill-health in community

    asked by Thwala Philile
  134. Math

    Describe a real-world problem that can be solved using the expression 29 divided by (3/8 + 5/6). Find the answer in the context of the situation. I know the answer is 24, however I cannot think of an expression to go along with this.

    asked by Liz
  135. Algebra 1

    There are three times as many finches as mockinigbirds. If there are 48 birds, how many mockingbirds are there?

    asked by KD
  136. chem

    500-g of hg (density=13.55-g/ml) poured into a 100-ml graduated cylinder, how much water would have to be added to fill the cylinder up to 100-ml mark?

    asked by rey
  137. Science please help

    I am doing a crossword puzzle that has statements that you write their answers in the right column. I have two that I can't get. Heart of a scientific investigation what I have so far: --e-t-- standard of comparison for checking the results of an

    asked by Bianca
  138. life orientation (kwasa secondary school)

    illustrate three ways on how this can impact negatively to the health of the community

    asked by Thwala Philile
  139. Math


    asked by Mary
  140. Precal

    The velocity v of a fluid flowing in a conduit is inversely proportional to the cross- sectional area of the conduit.( Assume that the volume of the flow per unit of time is held constant .) Determine the change in the velocity of water flowing from a hose

    asked by Tom
  141. MATH

    11.) A company produces a product for which the variable cost is $12.30 per unit and the fixed costs are $98,000. The product sells for $17.98. Let x be the number of units produced and sold. a.) the total cost for a business is th sum of the variable cost

    asked by Sam
  142. health

    How dose lock-and-key mechanism relate to hormones? A. If a hormone fits the receptor site, then there is no reaction. If a hormone and a receptor site do not match, then there will be an effect. B. If a hormone fits the receptor site, then there will be

    asked by Michael
  143. physics

    During an all-night cram session, a student heats up a 0.360 liter (0.360 x 10- 3 m3) glass (Pyrex) beaker of cold coffee. Initially, the temperature is 18.1 °C, and the beaker is filled to the brim. A short time later when the student returns, the

    asked by help
  144. Mathematics

    Johnny can drive 50 miles on two gallons of gasoline.How many gallons will he need to go 298 miles? A) 12.10. B) 5.96. C) 8.90 D) 11.92

    asked by Dado
  145. math

    If you go 60 mph, How many miles would you be going in a hour?

    asked by kayleigh
  146. Mount Carmel

    In a trapezium ABCD , angleA :angleD = 3:2 and angle B : angle C = 4:5 . Find all angles of trapezium .

    asked by Yashvi
  147. Math

    A man hires a car with the fuel tank 5/8 full. He travels 180 miles and is left with 2/8 of a tank. How much fuel will he need to put in the car at the start of his return journey of 200 miles to ensure he has 5/8 of a tank when he gets back with no wasted

    asked by terry
  148. Math

    What is (z×6)???

    asked by Student
  149. English

    In the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass what is the cumulative effect of a periodic sentence, antithesis, and balanced sentence have on the story. Also how does sentence structure help to create the effect.

    asked by Ann
  150. prealgebra

    ron lost 10 points seven times playing a video game. He then lost an additional 100 points for going over the time limit. What was the total change in his score?

    asked by Kenzey
  151. Math

    A rope is 20 feet long what is the maximum number of peices each 20 inches long that can be cut from the rope

    asked by Britney
  152. New holy ganges public school (Khagaria , bihar)

    In a class test 5 marks are given for every correct answer and ( - 2 ) marks are given for every incorrect answer and no marks for not attempting any question. C scores ( - 5 ) marks by attempting 13 questions. How many questions has C attempted correctly

    asked by Atul kumar
  153. Math

    A bus makes 28 stops every 2 hours. How many stops does it make in 3 hours? in 4 hours? How do you get 42 stops; 56 stops? Thanks!

    asked by Joel
  154. Chemistry

    0.00267m= how many nm? please show me how to set this up. thanks!

    asked by Amy
  155. maths

    a book contain 312 pages.1/6 th ofpages of the book has pictures .how many pages have pictures in the book?

    asked by remya hari
  156. Math

    If I post is put every 6 feet along the fence that is rectangular and nuts 42 feet long and 36 foot wide how many posts do I need

    asked by Alexa
  157. Engineering/Shop

    I've been asked to help a friend make a longsword. Aiming for a length of 3 to 4 feet, what metal should I use to give it a weight of 50 pounds or less? I've experimented with steel, but that is too heavy to fit dimensions. I was thinking titanium or

    asked by Kazuto
  158. Intermediate Algebra (math)

    m = 2rg^2 – 5rx solve for x I worked this problem, but I don't think its right and just can't figure out anything else. I took the term -5rx and thought how can I get that x removed and alone so that I can get it isolated on one side to solve for x To do

    asked by Steph
  159. physical science

    Calculate your average walking speed by measuring off a ten meter distance and walking at your normal pace while timing yourself with the second hand on the room clock or a watch. If you have a stopwatch, so much the better.

    asked by quartiyanna
  160. Math

    Hi what is (z-3^2)? I think it equals (1-9). Is that correct?

    asked by Student
  161. Chemistry

    Which of these mixtures are heterogenous? - granite - brass - oil and water - salt and water can you please explain this to me?

    asked by Amy
  162. math

    sara has 15 pennies and jenny has 7 dimes. How many fewer dimes does Sara have? 7 dimes= 70 pennies 70-15= 65 pennies 65 pennies= 6 dimes

    asked by DMarkis
  163. math

    Please help me Combine the Like Terms, I really need help. My teacher said to show at least one more step. Evaluate the following when a = 4 and b = -1. Question~~ 4a – 5b + 2a – b2 My answer~~ 4*(4)-5*(-1)+2*(4)-(-1)^2 = 28

    asked by Abby