Questions Asked on
September 7, 2015

  1. physics

    You throw a baseball directly upward at time t = 0 at an initial speed of 13.3 m/s. What is the maximum height the ball reaches above where it leaves your hand? At what times does the ball pass through half the maximum height? Ignore air resistance and

    asked by Jordan
  2. Chemistry

    What volume of “wet” methane would have to be collected at 20.0 oC and 760.0 torr to be sure the sample contained 2.00 x 102 ml of dry methane at the same temperature and pressure ? My Work: All I have so far is that I use P1V1=P2V2 but I don't know

    asked by Joe
  3. statistics

    According to a certain country's department of education 39.6% of 3-year olds are enrolled in day care. What is the probability that a randomly selected 3-year old is enrolled in day care?

    asked by john
  4. algebra help me please

    The equation below shows the area of a trapezoid, A, with a height of 9 cm, and one base 35 cm. A = 9 over 2(b + 35) Which of the following formulas correctly solves for the other base, b? b = 2A over 9 + 35 b = 2 multiplied by A over 9 − 35 b = 2

    asked by oscar
  5. algebra

    Abbey wants to use her savings of $1325 to learn yoga. The total charges to learn yoga include a fixed registration fee of $35 and a monthly fee of $50. What is the maximum number of months for which Abbey can learn yoga with her savings? 24 25 26 27 is it

    asked by oscar
  6. Math

    A rectangular plot, 18 ft by 19 ft, is to be used for a garden. It is decided to put a pavement inside the entire border so that 110 square feet of the plot is left for flowers. How wide should the pavement be?

    asked by Chelly
  7. physics

    While standing at the edge of the roof of a building, you throw a stone upward with an initial speed of 7.65 m/s. The stone subsequently falls to the ground, which is 11.1 m below the point where the stone leaves your hand. At what speed does the stone

    asked by Jordan
  8. Math Urgent

    In a survey of 63 people, 23 people subscribe to magazine A, 21people subscribed to magazine B,and 17 people subscribed to magazine C. For any two of the magazines,4 people subscribed to both magazines but not to the third magazine. If 5 people in the

    asked by Bell
  9. history

    Scholasticism provides an example of which of the following? the blending of Norse and Christian culture the blending of Greek and Roman architectural styles the blending of Greek and Roman philosophies with Christian ideas the blending of Jewish and

    asked by oscar
  10. Economics (Net Present Value

    Approximately 14 million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol. The federal government estimates that these addicts cost the U.S. economy $300 billion in medical expenses and lost productivity. Despite the enormous potential market, many biotech

    asked by Leo
  11. geometry

    which point is the midpoint of AE if A=-6, B=-4, C=-2, D=1, E=8

    asked by karina
  12. stats

    Suppose you toss a coin 100 times and get 82 heads and 18 tails. Based on these results, what is the probability the next flip will be a tails?

    asked by john
  13. math

    Prove: (1+tan21)(1+tan28)(1+tan24)(1+tan17)=4

    asked by Rabinprakash
  14. Math

    Alicia walked 7/8 mile on Saturday and 6/8 mile on Sunday. How far did she walk over the weekend? Give the answer as a mixed number.

    asked by Bryce
  15. Science

    Which of the following statements is not true of using electron dot diagrams? A. The element's group number provides a clue about the number of valence electrons. B. An element with eight valence electrons is chemically unstable. C. Dots should be placed

    asked by Dia
  16. maths

    There are 28 in our class. One day there were 6 times as many present as there were absent. How many were present? How many were absent?

    asked by chloe
  17. algebra

    i need you to check my answers for the following questions: use the table to answer problems 1 to 4. the table lists the commuting times for 5 people. write each ratio in the form a/b, and then as a decimal. tell whether each decimal is a terminating or a

    asked by anon
  18. Math

    Which set of numbers best describes the displayed weights on a digital scale that shows each weight to the nearest half of pound. A) Whole B) Rational C) Real D) Integers My answer is Rational because rational numbers can be written as a decimal or

    asked by Tamara
  19. algebra

    Below are the steps to solve an equation: Step 1: |x − 2| + 3 = 7 Step 2: |x − 2| = 7 − 3 Step 3: |x − 2| = 4 Which of the following is a correct next step to solve the equation? x + 2 = −4 −x − 2 = 4 x + 2 = 4 x − 2 = −4 is it d

    asked by oscar
  20. Computer Programming

    2. Chocolate Delights Candy Company manufactures several types of candy. Design a flowchart or pseudocode for a program that accepts a candy name (for example, "chocolate-covered blueberries"), price per pound, and number of pounds sold in the average

    asked by Linda
  21. History

    1) How does New Mexico's landscape mostly vary? It has both very wet and very dry regions. Some parts are flat, but others are mountainous.********** Coastal regions are cooler than inland regions. Farmland in some areas requires a great deal of

    asked by Trish
  22. ECON

    You’ve recently learned that the company where you work is being sold for $500,000. The company’s income statement indicates current profits of $25,000, which have yet to be paid out as dividends. Assuming the company will remain a “going concern”

    asked by Chante
  23. Chemistry

    A 2.20 g-sample of a compound containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen is burned and it produces 4.61 g CO2 and 0.94 g H2O. What is the empirical formula of this compound?

    asked by JORDAN
  24. baseball

    A baseball player hit 59 home runs in a season. Of the 59 home runs 18 went to right field, 16 went to right center, 8 went to center field, 12 went to left center field, and 5 went to left field. A) What is the probability that a randomly selected home

    asked by john
  25. history

    Which of the following was not a primary concern of Charlemagne? establishing a central government to rule his territory building a standing army conquering Norse-held lands of Sweden and Denmark strengthening the Christian faith across Europe I think its

    asked by oscar
  26. algebra

    Shiloh has to earn at least $200 to meet her fundraising goal. She has only 100 cakes that she plans to sell at 5 dollars each. Which inequality shows the number of cakes, x, Shiloh can sell to meet her goal? 20 ¡Ü x ¡Ü 200 40 ¡Ü x ¡Ü 100 100 ¡Ü

    asked by oscar
  27. Chemistry

    What relationship exists between the electron structure of a Group A ion and the electron structure of the nearest noble gas? Why do boron, carbon and silicon not form simple ions? How do they satisfy their electron requirements?

    asked by Anon
  28. algebra

    Jess observed that 60% of the people at a mall on a particular day shopped for clothes. If 2500 people at the mall did not shop for clothes that day, the number of people who shopped for clothes that day was ______. (only put numeric values, no other

    asked by oscar
  29. chemistry

    calculate the grammes of oxygen which would be evolved on heating 5g of potassium trioxochlorate(v)

    asked by tea
  30. ela

    What are the advantages of living in the society of fahrenheit 451

    asked by mariam
  31. Math

    On what day in the year 1943 was the year 300 000 minutes old?

    asked by Pam
  32. probability

    Anne and Bob each have a deck of playing cards. Each flips over a randomly selected card. Assume that all pairs of cards are equally likely to be drawn. Determine the following probabilities: (1) The probability that at least one card is an ace, (2) the

    asked by matt
  33. chemistry

    Lime water can be used to detect carbon dioxide but it cannot be used to absorb carbon dioxide. Why?

    asked by clive
  34. finite

    The probability that a randomly selected 2 year old feral cat will live to be 3 years old is 0.73877. A) what is the probability that 2 randomly selected 2 year old cats will live to be 3? B) what is the probability that 7 will live to be 3?

    asked by john
  35. problem solving

    for a parallel structure of identical components, the system can succeed if at least 1 of the components succeeds. Assume that components fail independently of each other and that each component has a 0.19 probability of failure. A) unusual to see 1

    asked by john
  36. Physics

    Packing material made of pieces of foamed polystyrene can easily become charged and stick to each other. Given that the density of this material is about 35 kg/m^3, estimate how much charge might be on a 2.5 cm diameter foamed polystyrene sphere, assuming

    asked by Ana
  37. Trigonometry

    Prove sin theta ( sec theta+ csc theta)= tan theta+1

    asked by Mark
  38. AP Chemistry

    For the reaction NH3+? O2 →? NO+? H2O , what is the maximum amount of NO (30.0061 g/mol) which could be formed from 3.79 g of NH3 (17.0305 g/mol) and 18.63 g of O2 (31.9988 g/mol)? Answer in units of g -My first thought was to balance the equation, but I

    asked by Ally
  39. microeconomics

    Mickey is very picky and insists that his mom makes his breakfast with equal parts of cereal and apple juice. Any other combination ends up on the floor. Cereal costs 4 cents per tablespoon and apple juice costs 6 cents per tablespoon. If his mom budgets

    asked by Alex
  40. math

    A factory is to be built on a lot measuring 210 ft by 280 ft. A local building code specifies that a lawn of uniform width and equal in area to the factory must surround the factory.

    asked by Marie
  41. math

    Suppose an object is dropped from a height h0 above the ground. Then its height after t seconds is given by h=−16t^2+h0, where h is measured in feet. If a ball is dropped from 48 feet above the ground, how long does it take to reach ground level?

    asked by Marie
  42. algebra

    A company did a quality check on all the packs of nuts it manufactured. Each pack of nuts is targeted to weigh 18.25 oz. A pack must weigh within 0.36 oz of the target weight to be accepted. What is the range of rejected masses, x, for the manufactured

    asked by oscar
  43. Algbra 2

    The length of a rectangle is 3 yards less than 3 times the width. If the perimeter is 50 yards, find the length and the width of the rectangle.

    asked by jotheny
  44. algebra

    Is the following relation a function? {(1, -2), (1, -3), (2, 1), (3, -2)} Yes or no pls help me

    asked by oscar
  45. geometry

    The height of a triangle is 25 inches greater than its base. The area of the triangle is 625 square inches. The height of the triangle is inches and the base of the triangle is inches.

    asked by Gaby
  46. Math

    Wilma drove at an average speed of 35 mi/h from her home in City A to visit her sister in City B. She stayed in City B 15 hours, and on the trip back averaged 40 mi/h. She returned home 41 hours after leaving. How many miles is City A from City B?

    asked by Emmanuel
  47. Physics

    While John is traveling along a straight interstate highway, he notices that the mile marker reads 280. John travels until he reaches the 156-mile marker and then retraces his path to the 175-mile marker. What is John's resultant displacement from the

    asked by Robert
  48. Chem

    18) Chlorine reacts with potassium bromide to produce potassium chloride and bromine. A) write a chemical equation, using words, to represent the above chemical reaction. My answer: chlorine + potassium bromide ==> potassium chloride and bromine ( I'm

    asked by Sara
  49. Physics

    Packing material made if pieces of foamed polystyrene can easily become charged and stick to each other. Given that the density of this material is about 35 kg/m^3, estimate how much charge might be on a 2.5 cm diameter foamed polystyrene sphere, assuming

    asked by Yanka
  50. math

    Perform indicated operation and simplify 5/8 + 7/10

    asked by Esther
  51. math

    Perform and indicate operation and simplify 5/8+7/10

    asked by Esther
  52. History

    10. Which statement best summarizes a main characteristic of kachina religion? Only women can take part in religious ceremonies. Ute Mountain is the most sacred natural site. Hundreds of spirit beings influence the human world. The Anasazi were gods who

    asked by Trish
  53. physics

    a uniform pole 20 ft. long and weighing 80 lb. is suspected by a boy 2.0 ft.from end A and a man 5.0 ft. from end B .at what point should a load of 100 lb. be placed on so that the man will support twice as much as the boy?

    asked by herher
  54. math

    What is 17+15/3-two to the fourth power. thakyou!

    asked by kiki
  55. community psycology

    Need an idea on something for a meet that I would be able to attend it all information needs to be on website

    asked by Ann
  56. Physics

    Prairie dogs are burrowing rodents. They do not suffocate in their burrows, because the effect of air speed on pressure creates sufficient air circulation. The animals maintain a difference in the shapes of two entrances to the burrow, and because of this

    asked by Help
  57. algebra

    how many full days are in 450,000 seconds?

    asked by fahime to damon
  58. statistics

    An online site presented this​ question, 'Would the recent norovirus outbreak deter you from taking a​ cruise?' Among the 34 comma 203 people who​ responded, 66% answered​ 'yes'. Use the sample data to construct a 90​% confidence interval

    asked by Roberts
  59. jiskha

    so im wondering, what time do the main tutors log off of jiskha ? like some main tutors, reiny, damon, steve, ms. sue, and writeacher. i don't see any tutors that are answering the 9 current questions, but i know that writeacher is still on because he/she

    asked by anon
  60. life orientation

    What are four environmental issues that cause ill health to our community

    asked by mbali

    A Norman window has the shape of a rectangle surmounted by a semicircle. If the perimeter of the window is 50.700 ft. give the area A of the window in square feet when the width is 8.800 ft. Give the answer to two decimal places.

    asked by Maricela
  62. polytechnic of Namibia

    Basic science, A hammer of mass is dropped from thew top of a roof of the two storey building to the ground. Another hammer of equal mass fell from a coffee table to the ground. Given than the height of the two storey building and the coffee table are 10m

    asked by frans
  63. science

    Based on the oxidation numbers which compound is the oxidizing agent in the following reaction? 8Al + 3KClO4 ¨ 4Al2O3 + 3KCl

    asked by morgan
  64. IMT

    Science: calc.the mass in gram of ammonium chloride with formulae mass 53.49g/mol that will be mixed in 1litre of distilled water to give 0.05

    asked by oluchi
  65. 2 demensional design

    Tangent shapes touch or nearly touch the frame of __________or another element.

    asked by adiell
  66. IMT

    Calc.the mass in gram of potassium iodide with formula mass 166.01g/mol that will be dissolved in 1 litre of distiiled water to give 0.40

    asked by oluchi
  67. Chemistry

    The solubility of potassium nitrate at 20¡ãC is 340g/litre. How many grams of KNO3 can dissolve in 185ml of water?

    asked by Samuel
  68. programmimg

    There are 15 pupils in the Introduction to Programming I module. The age of every student is entered in years and months. Convert the age into months to calculate the average age. Display the answer (average age) in years and months on screen.

    asked by kulani ngobeni
  69. Pre Cal

    Let me try again, because I keep getting something different. This is the problem: ( (2x^-4y-1)(2y^4z^-1) )^-2/2yx^3z^0 Can you please help me simply this. I didn't get what you got. Thanks.

    asked by bob
  70. English: Amoretti LXXV: One Day I Wrote Her Name

    What are three questions asked in this sonnet. If you can help great! If not that's fine

    asked by Alex
  71. algebra

    convert 384 fluid ounces to gallons?

    asked by fahime to damon
  72. History

    Briefly identify two effects of European colonization on New Mexico during 1600s and 1700s I need help on this one Poor crops so they colonized to learn new agriculture. political oppression to have freedom in religion If im wrong can you point me to where

    asked by Trish
  73. AP Chemistry

    An ore contains Fe3O4 and no other iron. The iron in a 39.3-gram sample of the ore is all converted by a series of chemical reactions to Fe2O3. The mass of Fe2O3 is measured to be 10.6 g. What was the mass of Fe3O4 in the sample of ore? Answer in units of

    asked by Sierra
  74. english help

    A sentence fragment expresses a complete thought fails to express a complete thought connects two complete thoughts together puts two incomplete thoughts together is it b pls help me

    asked by oscar
  75. math

    On a graph paper draw a rough sketch of the straight lines whose equation are x-y=2 and x+y=1.Estimate the point at which they meet .check your result by solving the two equations simultaneously.(show the drawing and checking)

    asked by macpherson emily
  76. intermediat Algebra

    Rachel runs 7 miles in 80 minutes. At the same rate, how many miles would she run in 64 minutes?

    asked by David
  77. Statistics

    A regional manager visits local fast food franchises and evaluates the speed of the service. if the manager receives her meal within 45 seconds, the server is given a free movie-admission coupon. If it takes more than 45 seconds, the server receives

    asked by Bea
  78. English

    1. I'm running late. 2. I'm becoming late. ========== Does #1 mean #2?

    asked by rfvv
  79. english help

    Which of the following is an example of a run-on sentence? Baseball is an amazing sport to play and to watch. Nothing beats the thrill of the sport on the diamond. I hope you like watching baseball, I really love it. If you don’t watch it, you don’t

    asked by oscar
  80. english help

    A run-on sentence A fails to express a complete thought and lacks proper punctuation B is a dependent clause and lacks proper punctuation C combines two or more complete thoughts without proper punctuation D combines two or more dependent clauses without

    asked by oscar
  81. Physics

    A ball is dropped from rest and takes 0.43 s to fall to the floor. At what height was the ball released?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Physics

    Inside a metal conductor, why is it not possible to have a static charge configuration if there is a net electric field?

    asked by Alex
  83. orgolab

    plz help! don't understand problem at all. The solubility profile of tartaric acid in water is given in the following table. Temperature (C) Solubility (g/100 mL of water) 0 115 10 126 20 139 30 156 40 176 50 195 60 217 70 244 80 273 90 307 1. Suppose

    asked by domo
  84. Math

    Give the answer as a mixed number 7+2/3=?

    asked by Amari
  85. Chemistry

    Experiment questions: Experiment 1 results mass of beaker:116.944 g mass of dodecanoic:11.629 g hot water: 175 C warm water: 10 C Average Fressing pt of Dodecanoic = 42.7 Experiment 2 results: Unknown C solution mass: 2.091g Hot water: 175C warm water: 10C

    asked by Jessica
  86. Math

    The dark chain is 5/12 yard long. The light one is 9/12 yard long. How long will they be if they are joined? Give the answer as a mixed number.

    asked by Amari
  87. english help

    Which of the following is an example of a sentence fragment? She writes comics. That was her dream. Because she loves them. In time she made it happen. is it d pls help me

    asked by oscar
  88. Geometry

    emily has a square swimming pool that has the side length of 20 feet. She has a walkway that is 6 feet wide. How much fencing will she need to but to enclose the pool and walkway?

    asked by Endia
  89. english help

    A comma cannot be used to correct most run-on sentences can be used to correct most run-on sentences can be used to combine two independent clauses correctly is required to combine two dependent clauses correctly is it b pls help me

    asked by oscar
  90. spanish

    anyone help me with spanish 1 i have to create a conversation comic strip using only the vocab words on my list

    asked by jacie
  91. Math

    Can someone explain to me why -4 not a whole number. THANKS

    asked by Tamara
  92. math

    The cost of a pencil is $0.25 more than the cost of an eraser. If the cost of 8 pencils and 10 erasers is $12.80, find the cost of each.

    asked by Dad
  93. kv luchnow

    one of two digit of a two digit number is 5 time other digit if we interchange the digit of is two digit number the resulting new number is 6 more then thrice theoriginal number find two digit original two digit number

    asked by juni
  94. Math

    Sondra has a lot of cats (which have four legs) and parakeets (which have two legs) but no other pets. Among her pets, Sondra counts 57 heads and 176 legs. How many cats does she have?

    asked by Pam
  95. Physics

    A history book that weighs 30 N is placed on top of a literature book that weighs 10 N. If up is considered the positive direction, what is the force that The history book exerts on the literature book?

    asked by Priyen
  96. Physics

    A history book that weighs 30 N is placed on top of a literature book that weighs 10 N. If up is considered the positive direction, what is the force that The history book exerts on the literature book? I know that the literature book would exert 30N on

    asked by Priyen
  97. spanish

    anyone know spanish help me pzl!! any tutors

    asked by spanish help

    Why are the trunks of fruit trees painted with a mixture of copper sulphate and calcium hydroxide

    asked by saurav
  99. alGEBRA 1

    how many minutes in a year?

    asked by rachel
  100. izazi

    identify four environment issues that cause ill-healht to the community

    asked by nelly
  101. chemistry

    A normal salt is formed when all the hydrogen atoms in acid have been replaced by a metal.Give equation

    asked by jack
  102. Math

    One tire has a diameter of 7 in and another has a diameter of 12 in. What is the difference in the distance the tires make in two revolutions? I don't get the question could you explain?

    asked by Nina
  103. math

    How many times greater is the 8 in38,234 than the 8 in 37,825?

    asked by calena graham
  104. chemistry

    What is the mass of 0.0137 mol of aspirin?

    asked by Amanda
  105. history

    Which of the following people was of similar status to the pope in the Middle Ages' social hierarchy? bishop vassal king knight was it the king

    asked by oscar
  106. math

    A Standard wrench set has a different size from every 16th of an inch. If a 1/2 wrench is too small and a 5/8 wrench is too big, which size should fit. It's a picture of a number line 1/16 through 16/16.Explain how you used the number line to find your

    asked by Ashiree
  107. computer programming

    Do the planning and write an algorithm to solve the following problem. Prepare test data for the example to test all possibilities and draw a trace table. Sam works at a coffee company where all the employees receive a bonus of R700, except the employees

    asked by theblues
  108. Math

    The formula t =vh/4 can be used to find the time t in seconds it will take an object to fall from a certain height h in feet .how long did it take the applet o fall?

    asked by Nayelis
  109. statistics

    how do i write this into a formula confide level 95% margin of error 5% population 10,000 sample size 370 like n= and so on i m not sure how to do that

    asked by Anoymous
  110. finite math

    Among 26 to 31 year olds 35% say they have driven a car while under the influence of peer pressure. suppose 2 26 to 31 year olds are selected at random. A)the probability that at least 1 has not driven under the influence? B)the probability that at least 1

    asked by john
  111. finite

    suppose that 2 cards are randomly selected from a standard 52 card deck. A) whats the probability the first card is a club and the second is a club if the sampling is done without replacement? B) if both cards are clubs but it is done with replacement?

    asked by john
  112. physics

    The ratio og intantanous charge and maximum charge on the plates of capacitor at T=RC is ??

    asked by Muqadas
  113. history

    Charlemagne first came to power using which of the following tactics? He allied with his brother to defeat a rival leader. He asked the Pope to name him the Emperor of the West. He named himself Emperor of the West. He allied with the Lombards to overtake

    asked by oscar
  114. Question

    Could someone please delete my previous question due to privacy issues? Posted by:Turner Date: Saturday, September 5,2015 at 9:00 pm Subject: AP Physics Thank you so much!

    asked by Turner
  115. physics

    The ratio of instantanious charge and maximum charge on the plates of capacitor at T=RC is ??

    asked by Muqadas kainat
  116. finite


    asked by john
  117. Math Trig

    A plane's flight path called for it to fly from J to W. W is 200kms due North and 500kms due west of J. Draw a coordinate picture. What bearing will the pilot fly and what distance will he or she go in air kilometers?

    asked by K
  118. spanish

    can anyone help me with the spanish comic strip please

    asked by spanish help
  119. Physics

    In a cathode ray tube, a beam of electrons is injected horizontally into the exact center of the parallel-plate region. Here L = 3.0 cm and d = 0.20 cm. The top plate has a surface charge density of σ0 = +0.15 μC / m2, and the bottom plate has a surface

    asked by Alex
  120. Math

    If 2ab + 5cd = 5 and abcd = 1, what is the value of 4a^2b^2+ 25 c^2d^2

    asked by Noor
  121. probability

    You and your friend just rented a car for an 8,000 mile cross-country road trip. Your rental car may be one of three different types: new (N), nearly one year old (O), and old (L). If the car you receive is brand new, it will break down with probability

    asked by matt
  122. Math Probability

    Chances of winning a house in a charity is 1 in 5000. You buy a ticket then a second. How much do your chances of winning increase when you buy the second ticket?

    asked by Shea
  123. probability

    Alice and Bob each choose at random a number between zero and two. Consider the events events A: The magnitude of the difference of the two numbers is greater than 1/4. Event B: At least one of the numbers is greater than 1/4. Event C: Alice’s number is

    asked by matt
  124. probability

    Dealt five cards in a row from a new deck. What is the probability of you having the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of hearts?

    asked by Shea
  125. probability

    On your daily route, the possibility of having an accident is 1 in 3650. If you drive to work 220 times a year, how many accidents do you expect to have in 20 years?

    asked by Shea
  126. Chemistry

    Elements that do not chemically react with other elements are said to be???

    asked by Alessandra
  127. history

    Use the excerpt to answer the following question: "And so as it were at the same moment the master's command is given and the disciple's work is completed, the two things being speedily accomplished together in the swiftness of the fear of God by those who

    asked by oscar
  128. microeconomics

    Budget constraint 1 is faced when price food = 10 and price clothing = 5. Budget constraint 2 is faced when pfood = 40/7 and pclothing = 10. The income is 100 for both budget constraints. Draw both budget constraints. Next, draw the following four

    asked by Alex
  129. probability

    Spaceman Spiff’s spacecraft has a warning light that is supposed to switch on when the freem blasters are overheated. Let W be the event “the warning light is switched on” and F “the freem blasters are overheated”. Suppose the probability of

    asked by jerome
  130. science!

    i want you to check my answers for the questions and i might need help on constructing the graph that i need to do for problem 7. variables and graphing assessment practice some students wanted to investigate the effect of light on the growth of spanish

    asked by anon
  131. pre cal

    Can you simplify (2x^-4 y^-1 times 2y^4 z^-1)^-2/ 2yx^3 z^0 I got the numerator to be 16x^16 y^17 z and then divided by the denominator to get 8x^13y^16z

    asked by bob
  132. microeconomics

    Save Open Spaces (SOS) is a non-profit organization that promotes protection of undeveloped land. They perform two primary activities: purchasing undeveloped land for preservation and lobbying Congress for additional protection for undeveloped land. SOS

    asked by Alex
  133. math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 24, and its diagonal is √74. Find its dimensions and area.

    asked by Marie
  134. math

    f(x)=1x, g(x)=1x, then (f∘g)(x)

    asked by Cooper
  135. math

    f(x)=x2−1, g(x)=2x+2, then (fg)(x)= x2−12x+2, x≠1 so is this correct

    asked by Cooper
  136. statistics

    I need help with this I already did it on a calculator but now I don't know how to write the formula out on paper like n= for the population and * this or that I m not sure how to write it out help please how do i write this into a formula confide level

    asked by Anoymous
  137. physics 201

    A soccer ball is released from the top of a smooth incline. After 3.90 s the ball travels 10.0 m. One second later it has reached the bottom of the incline. Assume the ball's acceleration is constant and determine its value ( m/s2). How long is the

    asked by austin
  138. math

    A factory is to be built on a lot measuring 210 ft by 280 ft. A local building code specifies that a lawn of uniform width and equal in area to the factory must surround the factory. a) What must the width of the lawn be? b) And If the dimensions of the

    asked by Marie
  139. Precalculus

    #1.) Write (1-i)^10 in a+bi form. #2.) Write (1+i)^20 in a+bi form. How do I do these? Thanks!

    asked by Ellie
  140. Algebra

    Choose all correct answers. Which of the following ordered pairs are solutions of the system, y =x-4 (6,3) (4,0)*** (3,-1)***** (2,-4) Please help

    asked by Bubbles
  141. History

    Reference Maps and Thematic Maps vary across the globe. Which of the following is the correct answer? A. Mental Maps are only found using GPS B.Mental Maps are only useful by Geocachers who use GPS to post clues worldwide C.Mental Maps are used for remote

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Math


    asked by Max
  143. History

    Which characteristics did all early Native Americans in New Mexico share? They all built wickiups. They all built kivas. They were all very war-like. They were all skilled farmers.************

    asked by Trish
  144. math

    The number of units a factory produces is estimated to increase 15% every year geometrically. The production of first years was 5000 units. Estimate the production of the fifth year.

    asked by K
  145. science!

    first go to my original question which has the data table with my name, anon, and the school subject as science! tanks. okay so i have a question and most likely will be posting more questions regarding of constructing a graph. my question is, x axis is

    asked by anon
  146. mohlatlego machaba secondary school ,life orientation

    which bad road use has a direct impact on the physical, emotional, social, and economic aspects to the family, the country

    asked by doctor
  147. math

    Determine the end behavior of the function as x → +∞ and as x → −∞. f(x) = 1000 − 39x + 51x^2 − 10x^3 As x → +∞, f(x) → ???? . As x → −∞, f(x) → ??? I know that the end behavior of the function is determined by the leading

    asked by Natalie
  148. Math

    The ratio of female teachers to male teachers in a junior school is 13:5. if there are 48 more teachers than the male teachers, find the total numbers of teachers in junior school?

    asked by Safi
  149. Chemical Engineering

    A small family home in Tucson, Arizona, has a rooftop area of 1967 square feet, and it is possible to capture rain falling on about 56% of the roof. A typical annual rainfall is about 14 inches. If the family wanted to install a tank to capture the rain

    asked by STAN
  150. music appreciation

    The basic framework for ordering music through time is the A. syllable. B. meter. C. value. D. phrase. I'm pretty sure it's B, but I really wanna ace this test.

    asked by maddie
  151. physics

    A tourist being chased by an angry bear is running in a straight line toward his car at a speed of 4.09 m/s. The car is a distance d away. The bear is 20.9 m behind the tourist and running at 6.04 m/s. The tourist reaches the car safely. What is the

    asked by Alex
  152. ALGEBRA


    asked by Anonymous
  153. algebra

    You and your friend part at an intersection. You drive off north at a constant speed, and your friend drives east at a speed that is 10 mph higher. After 4 hours the distance between you and your friend is 368.78 miles. You have been driving at mph. (Round

    asked by Michael
  154. math


    asked by maria
  155. algebra

    how many minutes in a year

    asked by fahime
  156. math

    After the game the coach bought 9chicken meals for $5 each and 15 burger meals for $6 each. What percent of the total amount the coach spent was used for the chicken meals?

    asked by kiki
  157. algebra

    If g(x) = x2 + 2, find g(3). 9 8 11 6 is it c pls help me

    asked by oscar
  158. Math

    Find the values of a^2 + b^2 and a^4 + b^4 when a + b = 5 and Ab = 4.

    asked by Noor
  159. Math

    81p^2 + 49 q^2 as products of two terms

    asked by Noor
  160. Math

    a menu which serves 4 people requires 3 cups of many cups of flour are needed for the menu to serve 12 people?

    asked by Trixie
  161. Interview Questions

    You enter an exam room to see an elderly patient, and they refuses to remove their glasses during the exam. How would you handle the situation? You have a patient whose English skills need some improvement, and you do not speak their language. How do you

    asked by Anonymous
  162. Government

    How do the European Union (EU) and United States (US) differ? Question 2 options: a)Location. b)The EU remains a confederation whereas the US is a federation. c) EU governance is based on treaties whereas the US is based on a constitution. d)Members of the

    asked by Ally
  163. enlgish

    not a question, just want you to check my revision of a draft with an action lead in. this is just the revision of the beginning, i may post more revisions of my draft for the middle and end, and will probably ask questions in the answer section. Revision

    asked by anon
  164. Math

    You and your friend part at an intersection. You drive off north at a constant speed, and your friend drives east at a speed that is 10 mph higher. After 4 hours the distance between you and your friend is 368.78 miles. You have been driving at mph. (Round

    asked by Emma
  165. math

    You wish to invest $800 over one year in two accounts paying 5% and 6% annually. How much should you invest in each to earn $43? Answer: in the 5% account and in the 6% account.

    asked by Wilito
  166. MATH-Please Help me

    a menu which serves 4 people requires 3 cups of many cups of flour are needed for the menu to serve 12 people?

    asked by Trixie
  167. english

    oh i forgot to put in my original draft, which i also forgot to say it was a rough draft. my rough draft needs to have multiparagraph, insights, transitions, and that i wrote a narrative. rough draft: choices An incident from my circle map is when I chose

    asked by anon
  168. bio

    If phosphorous has a charge of -1, how many electrons would be in the first electron orbital?

    asked by idris
  169. math/physics

    A pomegranate is thrown from ground level straight up into the air at time t = 0 with velocity 96 feet per second. Its height at time t seconds is f(t) = −16t2 + 96t. a) Find the time it hits the ground. t=? s b) Find the time it reaches its highest

    asked by Natalie
  170. Science

    How does the cisternal space divide the cell?

    asked by Bri
  171. Math-Help Please

    1) at 65kph,mrs Escarcha can reach home within 50 what rate should she drive her car so that he can reach home 10 minutes earlier? 2) Five people can finish painting a wall within 5 hours. if only 3 people are available, how many hours do they have

    asked by Alanis
  172. Science

    How are the types of ER related to the cell type?

    asked by Bri
  173. Maths

    A particle moves on a line away from its initial position so that after t hours it is s=3t^2+t miles from its original position.

    asked by Murina
  174. Algebra

    A plane takes off from an airport and flies east at a speed of 350 mph. Ten minutes later, a second plane takes off from the same airport and flies east at a higher altitude at a speed of 400 mph. How long does it take the the second plane to overtake the

    asked by Doug
  175. math

    Sarah has $4.55 worth of change in nickels and dimes. If she has 5 times as many nickels as dimes, how many of each type of coin does she have?

    asked by Unal
  176. Algebra

    Solve and graph on a number line: -3 times the absolute value of 2x + 4 is greater than 6

    asked by Doug
  177. AP Chemistry

    A 33.8 g sample of iron ore is treated as follows. The iron in the sample is all converted by a series of chemical reactions to Fe2O3. The mass of Fe2O3 is measured to be 20.7 g. What was the mass of iron in the sample of ore? Answer in units of g. - I

    asked by Allyson
  178. Algebra

    Solve and graph on a number line: -3/2x + 4/ > 6

    asked by Doug
  179. Physics

    A truck with a mass of 2200 kg, moving at 31 m/s (69 mph), crashes into an immovable wall. It crumples; after the collision, the truck is 0.65m shorter in length than it was before. What is the average speed and how long did the collision last? I was

    asked by Krys
  180. calculus

    derivative of y=ln(2x-1)

    asked by herher
  181. statistics

    need to explain how i obtain the sample size which is 370 here's the rest of the information i don't know how to writ this out? calculate the sample size using 95% CI and 5% margin of error i got sample size 370 but how do i write this out

    asked by Anoymous
  182. Csb

    A student obtained the following quiz scores: 90, 85, 93, and 78. What should be the minimum score he has to obtain in the fifth quiz to have an average of at least 80.

    asked by Keano
  183. social studies

    what are the disadvantages of a reorganized family

    asked by crystal charles
  184. PLZ! HELP! Algebra

    Barbara has $4.40 worth of change in nickels and dimes. If she has 2 times as many nickels as dimes, how many of each type of coin does she have?

    asked by Unal
  185. algebra

    how many full days are in 450000 seconds?

    asked by fahime
  186. Chemistry

    ClO- + I- → IO- + Cl- 1) What are the names of these ions? is it "The hypochlorite ion reacts with iodide ion to form iodate ion with chloride ion" ? 2) Write the general rate law (using the letters k for the rate constant, and n and m for the reaction

    asked by Ken
  187. college algebra

    Barbara has $4.40 worth of change in nickels and dimes. If she has 2 times as many nickels as dimes, how many of each type of coin does she have?

    asked by lun
  188. Algbra

    Admission to a baseball game is $3.00 for general admission and $5.00 for reserved seats. The receipts were $4545.00 for 1285 paid admissions. How many of each ticket were sold?

    asked by Hugo