Questions Asked on
August 31, 2015

  1. math

    Find f(g(x)) where f(x) = 2/x and g(x) = 4x+2 I got till 2/(4x+2) but am not sure where to go from there. Please help!

    asked by Natalie
  2. math

    If you have to find f(t)g(t) where f(x) = 2/x and g(x) = 4x+2 I got 2/t times 4t+2 and then from that I got 8t+4/t. How do I simplify that further?

    asked by Natalie
  3. Physics

    a 72 kg man on roller skates, initially at rest, fires a pistol due west. if the 35 g bullet travels at 270 m/s, find the velocity (including direction) of the man.

    asked by Ginger
  4. additional

    Four added to a number

    asked by mk
  5. math

    a yeast grows at a rate proportional to its present size, if the orinally amount doubles in two hours, in how many hours will it triple?

    asked by jonie
  6. c++ programming

    Write a C++ program for an amusement park to display the bill for the cashier. The pricing schedule is as follows: Category Price Children $ 10.00 each Adults $ 20.50 each

    asked by nary
  7. physics

    two trains are moving towards each other with velocitied u1 and u2 see that the distance between them is x.the condition for them to not collide is

    asked by poonam
  8. biochem

    The pKa of butanoic acid is 4.87. A student mixes 120 mL of 0.45 M butanoic acid with 50 mL of 0.3 M NaOH and adds water to give a final volume of 1 L. What is the pH of the final solution? Please show you work.

    asked by Kim
  9. social studies (history day project)

    Before I introduce my assignment and what I need to do, I tried my best copying off from the instructions given and it's long, obviously. (and I may have some errors but please excuse those) I have another page of directions, but it will be short. Oh and

    asked by anon
  10. Physics

    A 60-kg soccer player kicks a stationary 0.4 kg ball giving it a speed of 14 m/s. The player's foot is in contact with the ball for 0.08 second. What is the average force on the ball?

    asked by Julie
  11. Physics

    A 50 kg ice hockey player standing on a frictionless ice surface throws a ball, mass of 5.0 kg horizontally with a speed of 3.0 m/s. With what speed will the player recoil? • What formula/s should I use?

    asked by Lea
  12. Physics

    A body falls freely from rest for a 6sec find the distance traveled in the last 6sec.

    asked by Dave Ang
  13. physics

    A 2000-kg car starts from rest and gains a velocity of 20 m/s in 5 /0s. What force was applied on it? What formula/s will I use?!

    asked by fey
  14. chemistry

    100g of stea initial at 100 degree celcius is passed through a calorimeter containing 1kg of water at 20 degree celcius. Assuming no heat loose and negligible heat capacity of the calorimeter, calculate the final temperature of the calorimeter and the

    asked by minenhle
  15. Physics

    What is the momentum of a 54 kg ball just before it hits the ground when it is dropped from a height of 1.4m? What formulas should I use?!

    asked by jam
  16. Physics

    A body w/ initial speed of 3m/s from which constant acceleration of m/s. A.)what is the speed covered in 1minute to acceleration? B.) what is the distance covered in 1minute?

    asked by Dave Ang
  17. Physics

    A uniform of 100N pipe is use as a lever. When must the fulcrum (supported point) be placed if a 500N weight at one end to balance a 200N weight at the other end? How much load must support (S) hold?

    asked by Dave Ang
  18. Physics

    From what height must water fall from a dam to strike the margine waves w/ a speed 30m/s.

    asked by Dave Ang
  19. physic

    A 1.2-kilogram basketball travelling at 7.5 meters per second hits the back of a 12-kilogram wagon and bounces off a 3.8 meters per second, sending wagon off in the original direction of travel of the ball. How fast is the wagon going?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. nahata high school


    asked by shuvo das
  21. Algebra

    1.What is the simplified form of the following expression? 13[6^2€(5^2-4^2)+9] A.169 B.585*** C.181 D.26 2.What is the simplified form of the expression? 6xyz/2xz A.3 B.3y C.3xyz*** D.3x^2yz^2 3.In a football game. A running back ran for -7 and -5 on

    asked by GummyBear
  22. life orientation

    Four environmental issues that causes it ill-health?

    asked by thembi
  23. Algebra

    1.Simplify the following expression. 4(20+12)÷(4-3) 4(20+12 ÷ 1 4 32 ÷ 1 128 2.A gym membership cost $25 to join and $14 a month. Write and use an algebraic expression to find the cost of the gym membership for 6 months. $25+$14x6m =$109 Did I solve the

    asked by GummyBear
  24. Math

    Please help me with this question solving for x. Thanks. 4^x = 10 - 4^(x + 1)

    asked by G

    A large number of hydrogen atoms have electrons excited to the nh=4.How many possible spectral lines can appear in the emission spectrum as a result of the electron reaching the ground state(n1=1)?Draw a diagram to show all path ways for the de-excitation

    asked by BOIKETLO
  26. Math, trigonometry

    An observer in a lighthouse 47m high sights a ship at at an angle of depression of 4.25• if the the foot of the light house is at sea level how far is the ship from the foot of the lighthouse

    asked by Sam
  27. physics

    The height of a certain waterfall is 33.2 m. When the water reaches the bottom of the falls, its speed is 25.8 m/s. Neglecting air resistance, what is the speed of the water at the top of the falls?

    asked by gadissemasa
  28. Physics

    Describe an experiment to measure the specific heat capacity of a liquid.

    asked by Mukupili
  29. math,accounts,economics

    what job can I get with these subjects

    asked by tamara
  30. English

    Why put it in an nonfactual persuasive. I need options.

    asked by Car'Leeha
  31. Math

    Question2: a gardener with 5770 plants to arrange them such that the number of rows of plants equals the number of plants in each row. When he does so,he discovers that the number of plants falls short by 6 .find the number of rows the gardener wants to

    asked by Noor
  32. Math

    Question1: find the least perfect squared number that is divisible by 12, 16,20 and 24

    asked by Noor
  33. maths

    in the fig ab = ad and ac=ae. prove that bc=de

    asked by jaz
  34. Algebra

    1. What is another way to write:72-(-25)? 72+25** -72-25 72-25 -72-(-25) What is the value of -27-8? -35** -19 19 35 How much is 37+13? -50 -24 24 50** What is the solution to:40+)-11)? -51 -29 29** 51 What is the value of:-31+30? -61 -1** 1 61

    asked by Aaliyah
  35. Math

    At a speed of 45 yards per minute, a 120 pound swimmer burns 600 calories per hour. Use two different methods to write a linear equation that models the number of calories burned per hour as a function of a swimmer's weight

    asked by T
  36. Math

    The parallel sider of a trapezium are 25 cm and 11 cm, while its nonparallel sides are 15 cm and 13 cm. find the area of the trapezium.

    asked by Ahmad
  37. Math

    The volume of a block of a gold is 0.5 m sqare. if it is hammered into a sheet to cover an area of 1 hectare,find the thicness of the sheet.

    asked by Ahmad
  38. chemistry

    The volume of 0.025M Ca(OH)2 solution which can neutralise 100ml of0.0001M H3PO4

    asked by Arun
  39. maths

    40 learners are going on a tour,the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls is 3:2 how many boys are there in the group?

    asked by nozipho
  40. math accounts economics

    what job can I get with these subjects

    asked by Anonymous
  41. physics

    Two forces whose magnitude are in ratio of3:5 give a resultant of 35N if the angle of inclination be 60 degree calculate magnitude of each force

    asked by srishti
  42. chem

    12.16 mL of 0.205 M thiosulfate are required to reach the endpoint in the titration of 2.26 g of bleach sample

    asked by Anonymous
  43. american history

    Why did so many colonists protest the Stamp Act?

    asked by Alex
  44. English

    What is the term for the part of a story that sets up the story's ending? Exposition Conflict Falling action Resolution Plzzzz help me

    asked by Labbyak
  45. Life orientation

    Environmental issues that cause ill-health

    asked by Mandisa
  46. History

    Which of the following environmental conditions have New Mexicans dealt with since ancient times? A)mining damage B)rising temperatures C)air pollution D)water scarcity My Choice D

    asked by Trish
  47. Government

    how do you think the framers would respond to the broad interpretation of the preamble intent embraced by many modern political leaders

    asked by Tamara
  48. american history

    What arguments did supporters of the public school movement make to support their cause?

    asked by Alex
  49. math(algebra)

    a boat can travel at a speed of 15 kph in still water. the boat travels 40 km downstream in a river at the same time it takes to travel 25 km upstream. what is the speed of the river?

    asked by daniela
  50. Algebra

    What is the shape that is formed by taking the inner piece of cardboard in a paper towel roll, carefully cutting along the seam and flattening? How do you know this?

    asked by Kali
  51. Chemistry

    Determine the freezing point of an aqueous solution containing 10.50 g of magnesium bromide in 200.0 g of water.

    asked by Zac
  52. american history

    How did the spoils system affect politics during the Gilded Age?

    asked by Alex
  53. Chelsea

    Solve the equation. (Find only the real solutions. Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) x + 2 = 38 − (x/2)

    asked by Algebra
  54. Geometry-Help Please

    Explain how you can use a straightedge and a compass to construct an angle that is both congruent and adjacent to a given angle.

    asked by Cassie
  55. English

    Which of the following vocabulary words ends in a suffix that indicates it is an adverb? A. Imminent B. Doggedness C. Infallibility Is the answer B? Thank you

    asked by Lia
  56. math

    Factor the expression: x^3-4x^2-4x+16. I ended up getting x^3-4(x^2+x-4), but can I take it farther than that?

    asked by kelly
  57. Siyabusa secondary

    Calculate the volume at STP of these compounds 1,5 mol oxygen gas

    asked by Khanyisile
  58. Geometry

    Explain the distance formula. Then use it to calculate the distance between A(1,1) and B(7,-7). Any help please.

    asked by Cassie
  59. math

    Am i correct? 90° ferenhight = 33° celcious

    asked by lola
  60. Algebra

    A mountain climber ascends a mountain to its peak. The peak is 12,740 ft above sea level. The climber then descends 200 ft to meet a fellow climber. Find the climber's elevation above sea level after meeting the other climber. 12,540 ft above sea

    asked by Trish
  61. Algebra-domain

    I had to find the domain of a function, and my answer is that x is all real numbers except -5 and 6. How do I write that in interval notation?

    asked by kelly
  62. Chemistry

    is concrete homogeneous or heterogeneous

    asked by Sam
  63. Algebra

    The measure of the smallest angle of a triangle is one-fourth the measure of the largest angle. The measure of the second angle is 36 less than the measure of the largest angle.

    asked by William
  64. L.A

    In "The Finish of Patsy Barnes" when Patsy saw Black Boy, his "heart was beating very wildly beneath his jacket" because he? A. Had never ridden in a race before B. Was thinking about his mother's illness. C. Feared his mother's reaction to his riding in

    asked by Amber
  65. math

    1/4 my answer is 0.25 am i correct?

    asked by dana
  66. Oak view elementary

    It is greater than 43 and less than 52 if you add the digits the sum is 8 write the number word

    asked by Miracle
  67. pre algebra

    is 0.75 a rational numbre?

    asked by dana
  68. pre algebra

    is 0 a whole number, integer, rational, and real number?

    asked by dana
  69. Math

    1. In geometry, the symbol used to identify an object often looks like the meaning, or picture, of itself. Which of the symbols in geometry listed below does not resemble itself? A) angle B) parallel C) perpendicular D) similar** Is the answer D? Thank you

    asked by Tim
  70. pre algebra

    o.12 my answer is x=3/25 an i correct?

    asked by dana
  71. Math

    1. Nicole plans to apply 2 coats of varnish to a square floor measuring 12 feet on each side. if 1 quart of varnish covers 150 square feet, what is the minimum number of quarts of varnish nicole needs for 2 coats of varnish? A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 So this

    asked by Tim
  72. pre algebra

    1/4 my answer is 0.25 am i correct?

    asked by dana
  73. Math

    100 milk cartons were put out for breakfast. At the end of breakfast ony 27 remained what is the ratio of milk cartons taken to total milk cartons

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Math

    1. a triangle has vertices at (0,0), (2,1),(1,3). About which line could the triangle be resolved, in order to form one cone? A) the line at x=2y B) the line at y=3x C) the x-axis D) the y-axis Could someone please explain how to do this? Thank you.

    asked by Tim
  75. noun

    The following are fundamental units except. kelvin newton radian seconds

    asked by deman
  76. Physical Chemistry

    If 5.00 mL of 3% H2O2 is decomposed, how many mL of gas will be produced at 1.01 bar and 25C?

    asked by Michelle
  77. U.S. History

    How did geography influence the way the English colonies developed?

    asked by Victoria
  78. French

    Can someone help me fix my Introduction/story seeing if everything is in it's correct imparfait and past tense? Story: 1. Quand j'etais Mars. 2. Il y avait une fille qui s'appellait Noor. 3. Elle avait quinze ans. 4. Elle était très petite . 5. Elle

    asked by Amy
  79. Algebra

    on Monday morning, a mechanic has no cars in her shop. the table at right shows the number of cars dropped off and picked up each day. Find the total number of cars left in her shop on Friday.

    asked by Lindsey
  80. Math

    The record for the Boston Marathon's wheelchair division is one hour 18 minutes and 27 seconds A) The Boston Marathon is 26.2 miles long what was the average speed of the record winner of the wheelchair division round to the nearest hundredth B) at this

    asked by Paige
  81. biochemistry

    You have 325 mL of an 0.11 M acetic acid solution. What volume (V) of 2.00 M NaOH solution must you add in order to prepare an acetate buffer of pH = 5.07? (The pKa of acetic acid is 4.76.)

    asked by joy
  82. Chem

    A pure silver ring contains 2.60X10^22 silver atoms. How many moles of silver atoms it contain?

    asked by Tiffany
  83. Algebra

    1.Is (0,3) a solution to the equation y=x+3? A.yes*** B.No 2.Is (1,-4) a solution to the equation y=-2x? A.yes B.No*** 3.Look at the following points (4,0),(3-1),(6,3)(2,-4) Which are solutions to y=x-4?chose all correct answers A.(6,3) B.(4,0) C.(3,-1)***

    asked by GummyBear
  84. spanish

    anyone who speak spanish know any private tutors who can help with assignemtns and are really good

    asked by Spanish people@@@
  85. Math

    How much larger than the sum of -1, -2 and 5 is the sum of the squares of these same integers?

    asked by Naomie
  86. physics

    Guys help with my physics please!!! Four 40-gram weights are suspended at the 13-cm 21-cm 35-cm and 74-cm marks of a uniform meter stick.if the stick is supported at the mid point what load must be suspended at the 82 cm mark to attain equilibrium please

    asked by Jared
  87. physics

    three 80 gram weights are suspended at 32 cm 43 cm and 76 cm of a uniform meter stick. if the stick is made to rotate at its midpoint where must the 4th 80 gram weight be suspended to attain equilibrium? please and thank you

    asked by Jared
  88. physics14

    a non uniform bar which is 3m long weighs 60n. if the center of gravity is 1.1m from the larger end. and if the bar is supported at the midpoint, what load must be suspended at the smaller end to maintain equilibrium?

    asked by jason
  89. math

    How do I solve 18x - 6x + 2x

    asked by tomeisha
  90. math

    Cherish planted 12 flowers. She put the same number of flowers in each row. Draw a picture to show how she planted her flowers. Write an addition sentence to match your problem

    asked by Anonymous
  91. physics

    1)A hypothetical neutral atom has 77 electrons. One of its electrons is held in circular orbit of radius r = 0.244 nm by electrostatic attraction between the electron and the nucleus. Assume: the interaction between electrons is negligible. Calculate the

    asked by physicshand
  92. Langugae

    How can I start a paragraph describing a scene I have observed? Any suggestions of scenes I can use?

    asked by Kylie
  93. spanish i

    i have to create a comic strip with different people and scenes using vocabulary i cant attach anything on here soo

    asked by Spanish people@@@
  94. Precalc

    How do you know what quadrant these two are in? I'm having a little trouble determining. Can someone check if my answers are correct for all and help me fix it to make it right. 10.) The point is on the x-axis and 12 units to the left of the y-axis. My

    asked by Josh
  95. Math

    Is 257 a whole number or a rational number

    asked by Tisy
  96. Quick chemistry help

    The primary purpose of the scientific method is to A. Solve problems B. Design experiments C. Make observations D. Publish theories Is it c?

    asked by Hannah
  97. Chemistry

    How much energy in joules is required to change the energy state of the H-atom electron from n=2 to n=3? from n=2 to n=4? from n=2 to infinity? Kind of confused on this concept. Could you please explain for me? Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Math

    1.A number is not an integer. What type of number can it be? 2. Katie said, "negative numbers are integers." What was her error?

    asked by Tisy
  99. math-Urgent help please.

    A diver's elevation is -30 feet relative to sea level. She dives down 12 feet. What is her elevation after the dive?

    asked by Ali
  100. math/ratio tables

    A girl runs 50 miles in 60 minutes. At this rate,how long would it take her to run 15 miles?

    asked by Vince
  101. algebra 1

    simplify the expression (7+5)+4*13-2

    asked by jesus
  102. 6th grade math

    Please explain: Ursula wrote the sum of 5.815 + 6.021 as a sum of two mixed numbers. What sum did she write? Compare the sum of the mixed numbers to the sum of the decimals? Please explain.

    asked by Crystal
  103. precalc

    write a linear equation to fit each situation or description. 1) the line through (2,4) parallel to the x axis. 2) the line through (2,4) perpendicular to the x axis. 3) the line through (3,1) perpendicular to y=4x-3. 4) the line through (-2,5) parallel to

    asked by d
  104. math

    During a promotional weekend , a state fair gives a free admission to every 17th person who enters the fair. On saturday, there were 6,742 people attending the fair. On sunday, there were 5,487 people attending the fair. How many people received a free

    asked by pietro
  105. lbcc

    Gymnast Clothing manufactures expensive soccer cleats for sale to college bookstores in runs of up to 500. Its cost (in dollars) for a run of x pairs of cleats is C(x) = 3000 + 6x + 0.1x2 (0 ≤ x ≤ 500). Gymnast Clothing sells the cleats at $130 per

    asked by jasmin
  106. Grammar

    Can we go to the movies later this evening compound or simple sentence

    asked by Sherdria
  107. s. economics

    Brooke and Georgia are neighbors. Each have 40 hours per week. Brooke needs 5 hours to paint a beautiful picture and 2 hours to make a picture frame. Georgia takes 8 hours to paint an equally beautiful picture and 4 hours to make a picture frame. What two

    asked by jojo
  108. Math

    Katie said, "negative numbers are integers." What was her error?

    asked by Tisy
  109. Calculus

    A 6 feet tall man walks away from a streetlight that is 15 feet high at a rate of 5 ft/s. Express the length 's' of his shadow as a function of time. What I have so far: I set up a triangle and used similar triangles to create a ratio (6/s) = (s/d+s) s =

    asked by Rosie
  110. Anonymous dddd

    Translate the proposition below into explicit conditional. Identify Given and Conclusion. Humans are mammals. Given: Conclusion: I think that the given part is "If human are mammals," and the conclusion part is "then mammals are humans." An example of what

    asked by Basic Geometry
  111. math

    In the city , the monthly high temperature for July is 88°F. The record monthly low temperature is 30°F .what is the range of temperature for July?

    asked by amia
  112. English

    Independent of compound clause she got a hot dog you got a hamburger and she got a salad

    asked by Sherdria
  113. Math

    Write each number sentence as a equation x is less or equal to 18 X=18 X

    asked by Bryson
  114. Quick English check

    Can someone check that I put these words in the right spot of where they need to go? Please correct me if I'm wrong! :) In the 1950s in Europe, to BROACH such a controversial subject as the Algerian separatist movement in a public forum was assured to

    asked by Grace
  115. Art

    Do all art paintings have culture in the paintings

    asked by Iris
  116. math

    A pool must be 25 meters long and 3 meters deep and the room is only 10 meters wide can u still build a pool that will hold 800 cubic meters of water and why

    asked by Kaliah Gables
  117. Math

    What is the circumference of a circle with a point at the center located at (7,5) and a point of the edge (7,12)? Tell me how you can find the answer!

    asked by Taylor
  118. Quick English check

    Please check to see if I have these words in the correct sentences. Correct me if I'm wrong! :) 1. The defendants attorney objected to the plaintiff's ASSERTION, claiming it was hearsay. 2. The news media PROMULGATED the results of the election. 3. I tried

    asked by Grace
  119. Pre-Calculus

    Write an equation to fit the description. 0° Celsius = 32° Fahrenheit. 100°C = 212°F. (Let x = degrees Celsius and y=degrees Fahrenheit.) y=9/5x+32 Is this correct?

    asked by Lucy
  120. math

    660/60 = ft/s

    asked by Anonymous
  121. Algebra

    Write a linear equation to fit each situation. 1) A medical laboratory charges $30 for a consultation and an additional $10 per test. (Let t = the # of test, f(t) = the total fee.) Answer: f(t)=30+10t 2) A 150 kg man goes on a diet and loses 1.4 kg/week.

    asked by Tess
  122. Chemistry

    Suppose that 2.091x10^-18 J is absorbed by the electron of a hydrogen atom in the n=1 energy state. Describe the final energy state of the atom.

    asked by Anonymous
  123. Math

    I need help on my math the question is make up a set of at least 12 numbers that have the following landmarks with maximum:8 range:6 mode:6 median:5 can you help me solve this equation

    asked by Abbey
  124. math

    Bob enlarged the size of a photo to a width of 18 inches. What is the new height if it was originally 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide?

    asked by madison
  125. Algebra 2

    I need step by step on how to solve this problem plz help I've been trying to figure it out for like an hour. Solve the system using the elimination method. 4x-y+2z=-18 -x+2y+z=11 3x+3y-4z=44

    asked by Malia
  126. Chemistry

    Calculate the density of an unknown sample of metal given that a 2.3504 gram sample of metal causes the water level in a graduated cylinder to rise from 33.5 ml to 35.2 ml. Show work

    asked by josh
  127. Science

    Patrick and Spongebob love to blow bubbles! The ads claim that Super Bubble soap will produce bubbles that are twice as big as regular bubble solution. Sample is made with 5 oz of Super Bubble soap and 5 oz of water, while the other is made with the same

    asked by Wes
  128. Math

    What am I? I am a decimal fraction with three digits I am bigger than half of 6 I am smaller than double 2 All my digits are odd When you add my digits you get 15

    asked by Alicia
  129. Chem

    A 150-lb person burns about 2700 Calories to run a marathon. How much energy is burned in kJ?

    asked by Tiffie
  130. Algebra

    solve this (-1 2/3)/(-2 1/2) I know the end result is 2/3 but how do I get there? Please help

    asked by Cassie
  131. Algebra 2

    a car travels for 2 hours at r mph and then decreases its speed by 5mph for the next 3 hours. What is total time traveled?

    asked by Stephanie
  132. Math 100

    ed moura has $11000 invested in 6%. how much additional money should he invest in certificates of deposit paying 3% so that the average return on the two investments is 4%

    asked by Jte
  133. Math

    I am a 4-digit even number. I am less than 2500. The digits in my hundreds and the tens place is different. The digits in my hundreds place are less than the digits in the one thousands place. The sum of my last 2-digits equal 9. I am _?

    asked by Rico
  134. Math

    A banquet hall has 22 tables for 4 and 15 tables for 6 ,but 3 chairs are missing from the tables .How many many chairs will there be if 134 are seated

    asked by Natalie
  135. Algebra

    Write the word phrase as an algebraic equation The ratio of 16 to x

    asked by Monica
  136. math

    What number is one million greater than 337,676

    asked by malachi
  137. genetics

    We have dealt mainly with only two genes, but the same principles hold for more than two genes. Consider the following cross: A/a ; B/b ; C/c ; D/d ; E/e × a/a ; B/b; c/c ; D/d ; e/e a. What proportion of progeny will phenotypically resemble (1) the first

    asked by Bri
  138. Algebra

    Write a algebraic equation Ron is 10 years younger than maria. If maria is 'n' years old, how old is Ron

    asked by anonymous
  139. Physics

    Jonathan walks up stairs that are inclined at 25 degrees to the horizontal and 10m long. A.How far has he moved vertically? B.How far has he moved horizontally?

    asked by Michael
  140. Math

    Make alast of possible out comes... my hundreds place number is greater than 7 and my tenths place number is 1 greater than my hundreds number and my ones place number is less than 2

    asked by Tana
  141. Geometry

    On Line ABCDE If BD exceeds CD by 10 and If BD=x^2 and CD = x + 4, compute x. I tried: BD = CD + 10 X^2 = (x+4)+10 x^2 = x+14 That's where I get stuck. Do I convert to: x^2 - x -14 = 0 ? If so, how do I solve for x? Thank you in advance for any assistance!

    asked by Michael
  142. Physics

    an empty truck weighs 4000N its engine can produce an accelerationof 1m/sif the truck is loaded with 2000N, find the acceleration the engine can prodeuce?

    asked by syed
  143. Math

    The definition of the derivative, applied to f(x) = 7^x, results in the formula f'(x) = k \cdot 7^x where k = lim of ((7^h-1)/(h) h approaches 0 The value of the constant k cannot be determined using the usual tricks for evaluating limits. Using your

    asked by Jordan
  144. 8th grade math

    I am in 8th grade math as a sixth grader. I am stuck on one problem. It is this: You are making a necklace that is 9 inches long. You use 6 beads for each inch. what integer is the change in your supply of beads after making the necklace?

    asked by Casey
  145. Math

    Explain how you can use a straightedge and a compass to construct an angle that is both congruent and adjacent to a given angle.

    asked by JJ