Questions Asked on
August 27, 2015

  1. Computer

    Katie typed a paper using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a type of? operating system (this one) software hardware data storage device (or this one?) Julian downloaded some music of the music he created to play for his friend. Julian's friend wore

    asked by Aaliyah
  2. mabathoana high school maseru

    A block and tackle system of 5 pulley is used to raise a load of 500N steady through a height of 20m the work done against friction is then 2000J. Calculate the work done By effort, efficiency and effort applied

    asked by Mamoeletsi
  3. Math

    a lottery game has balls numbered 1 through 19. What is the probability of selecting an even numbered ball or a 4? Its hard one please anyone know how solve?

    asked by jacqueline
  4. Math

    Mr. Kole has 30 students in his class. He has twice as many girls as boys. What is the ratio of boys to total students? 1:3 1:2 2:3 2:1

    asked by *Kayla *
  5. problem solving.

    10 yrs ago, Jane was 4 times as old as bianca. Now she is only twice as old as Bianca. Find their present age

    asked by Ian
  6. Geometry

    Point J is between H and K on line HK. Use the given information to write an equation in terms of x. Solve the equation. Then find HJ and JK HJ=5x-3 JK=x-9 KH=5x

    asked by anonymous
  7. English 3

    Choose the correct relative pronoun in the sentence: (answer I think is correct) Mrs. Eggelson tells _____ will listen about her health problems. whoever (whomever) The children argued about the actor _____ should receive the award. (who) whom Few people

    asked by Amanda
  8. science

    (1) A sample of the hydrate CuSO4.5H2O has a mass of 12.5g. (a) how many molecules of hydrogen are contained in this hydrate? If the hydrate is completely dehydrated.

    asked by chancy xdicey
  9. Chemistry

    A compound is found to contain 50.05 % sulfur and 49.95 % oxygen by mass. What is the simplest (empirical) formula for this compound? They said to assume that it is 100 grams. I found the molar mass. S- 32.06 0-16.00 But now I don't know what to do. Please

    asked by Jordan
  10. Calculus 1

    simplify the expression. cos(2 tan^-1 x)

    asked by TayB
  11. Geometry check

    how is constructing an angle bisector similar to constructing a perpindicular bisector? Both constructions begin with a given angle Both constructions allow you to find the midpoint of a segment Both constructions require that you draw a ray Both

    asked by sammy
  12. Ecology

    The nitrogen utilized by most plants is derived from A. decayed organic matter. B. nitrogen gas. C. soil. D. the atmosphere. ?

    asked by Brooklyn
  13. Ecology (Ms.Sue)

    . If the birthrate is 10 per 1,000 and the death rate is 10 per 1,000, then the growth rate is A. 10% B. 20%. C. 0%. D.100%. My best choice would be C.0%.

    asked by Brooklyn
  14. math

    For tax purposes, you may have to report the value of your assets, such as cars or refrigerators. The value you report drops with time. "Straight-line depreciation" assumes that the value is a linear function of time. If a $1020 refrigerator depreciates

    asked by Natalie
  15. Midway park

    in a golf match Jesse scored 5 over par ,Neil scored 3 under par Felipe scored 2 over par and Dawson scored an even par. Order the players from least to greatest score

    asked by Cameron
  16. math

    Chicken was on sale for $7.95 per pound. Laurie bought small package that weighed 0.8 pound. How much did Laurie pay for the chicken?

    asked by sarah
  17. math

    a box has a surface area of 184 sq in give the dimensions it could have for its length width and height hint find three areas that add up to 92 square inches

    asked by Broham
  18. Math

    Ronnie misses the school bus 1 out of every 30 school days. He sets up the proportion 1/30=180/x to predict how many days he will miss the bus in the 180-day school year. What is Ronnies error?

    asked by Brooke
  19. Geometry

    A triangle has a perimeter of exactly 24 units. Which of the following could be the vertices of the triangle? A.) (-1,3),(2,-1),(-1,-1) B.) (6,0),(6,7)(0,7) C.) (-1,-1),(-6,-13),(-9,-9) D.) (-3,-4),(3,-4),(3,4) I am not sure on this one any help would be

    asked by Cassie
  20. physics

    a ball is thrown horizontally from the top of a building 35m. high. the ball strikes the ground at a point 80m from the base of the building. a. find the time the ball is in flight b. its initial velocity c. the x and y components of velocity just before

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Geometry/Steve

    A circle has an area of approx. 78.5 square units. If the center of the circle is at (2,4). Which of the following points is on the circle? A. (-6,4) B. (2,-1) C. (-4,-4) D.(2,-9) ******** My thoughts are D - can you please check it...thanks

    asked by Cassie
  22. NOVEL

    What does the word mimetic tell us about the difference between novels and most of the literature of the 1800s? A. Novels were unique in trying to imitate real life. B. The authors were new and unknown. C. Novels presented common things in new ways. D.

    asked by Maria
  23. Science

    Fishnets g cxx busty gzfu gd I bzy Gozo duo chv blog

    asked by Keeper tract
  24. Physics

    A skier slides horizontally along the snow for a distance of 12.1 m before coming to rest. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the skier and the snow is 0.0343. Initially, how fast was the skier going?

    asked by Ben
  25. chemistry

    How many grams of lithium hydroxide are needed to remove 920 g of carbon dioxide in the air

    asked by Katherine
  26. calculus

    a colony of bacteria living on a petri dish under optimal conditions doubles in size every ten minutes. At noon on a certain day, the Petri dish completely covered with bacteria. At what times (to the nearest hour, minute and second) was the percentage of

    asked by john
  27. Pre-algebra

    Is 7/8 an irrational number

    asked by Rio
  28. French

    I want to say : I am five feet. Is this correct: Je suis cinq pieds.

    asked by Jake
  29. Math

    An airline know that,on average the probability that a passenger will not show up for a flight is 6%.If an airplane is fully booked and holds 300 passengers,how many seats are expected to be empty?If the airline overbooked the flight by 10 passengers,about

    asked by Brooke
  30. French

    I want to say: I am five feet. My answer: Je suis cinq pieds. Am I correct?

    asked by Jake
  31. math

    lola is placing appetizers on plates. she has 63 spring rolls and 84 cheese cubes. she wants to include both appetizers on each plate. each plate must have the same numbers of spring rolls and cheese cubes. what is the greatest number of plates she can

    asked by jason
  32. Algebra

    Written in simplest form, 3x^3-27xy^2 / 12x^2+36xy is: (1) x+3y/4 (2) x+4y/3 (3) x-3y/4 (4) x-3y/4(x+3y) My work: 3x^327xy^2/12x^2+36xy=3x(x^2-9y^2/3x(4x+12y)=x^2-9y^2/4(x+3y)

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Geometry

    What is the circumference of a circle in terms of pi with a radius of 2.2? I know that c = 2 pi * r c = 2 pi * 2.2 c = 2 * 2.2 my answer is 4.4 pi

    asked by Steve
  34. Algebra 2

    You need to earn $539 per week to afford the new car you want to purchase. Your work week is 46 hours. You get 1.5 times the regular hourly rate for overtime (anything over 40 hours). How much does your hourly rate need to be? (use step 1-4).

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Kitakita high

    Identify four environment issues that cause ill-health to your community?

    asked by Sibonginhlahla
  36. cnn student news world georgraphy

    yes i am i just finsihed watching the first one 8/20 vedio but i couldnnt find the part where it says shout out write the answer to today's shoutout? why is this significant?

    asked by rachel
  37. Social Studies

    what would be the most likely method for a game store to distribute a popular new video game to customers A.First come first served B.Levels C.Needs D.Auction which these states a basic economic question A.What job is best B.How much should this good cost

    asked by Mahoganie
  38. 6 grade math

    Erin buys a bag of peanuts that weighs of 3/4 of a pound. Later that week, the bag is 2/3 full. How much does the bag of peanuts weigh now?

    asked by Aria
  39. information literacy

    4. Which of the following statements about human-power search engines is true? A. People code the search engine so that they'll populate lists of trending search terms and phrases. B. Links are selected by users. C. Users send in their search request and

    asked by francis
  40. geography need help please

    I need to pass my finals tomorrow! pleas help me! its geometry? Does anyone know how to do any of these problems ? please help! 1- 3, 5, 7, 9... Generalize the pattern by finding the nth term. A) 3n B) 2n + 1 C) n + 2 D) (n + 1)(n + 2) 2- If the radius of

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Science

    can you name two hemisphers in duluth ga

    asked by brooke
  42. Geometry

    explain how you can use a straight edge and a compass to construct an angle that is both congruent and adjacent to a given angle.

    asked by Steve
  43. English

    I just learning more accuracy English important with communications.

    asked by Chrysta E Banks
  44. Geometry

    Line pb is a line segment on a number line. It has endpoints at -2 and 12. What is the coordinate of its midpoint. My answer would be the total length pf pb is 14 units so the midpoint would be 7.

    asked by Steve
  45. Science

    Why do NBA players wear shoes made of rubber? Think about friction, durability, weight and other factors that make rubber the perfect material for the soles of basketball shoes.

    asked by brooke
  46. C++

    Write a program that prompts the user to enter the cost of renting one room,the number of rooms booked,the number of days the rooms are booked and the sales tax (as a percent). I am confused on how to start

    asked by Martiika
  47. Geometry

    There were 30 people. 9 visited the museum and zoo. 14 visited the zoo but not the museum, 5 visited the museum and not the zoo and 2 visited the zoo but not the museum. What is the probability that a person picked at random visited the museum and not the

    asked by Margie
  48. Geometry

    A plant is picked at random. There is a 30% chance the plant was purchased this year. There is a 6% chance that the plant was purchased this year and will produce berries. What is the probability that the plant was purchased and will not produce berries?

    asked by Margie
  49. math

    Part A: Solve the inequality for x and explain if the solution is reasonable or not. Part B: Explain how each piece of the inequality corresponds with the situation. If the inequality is incorrect, explain why that/those part(s) of the inequality is/are

    asked by alonzo
  50. Calculus 1

    Find the exact value of each expression. (a) tan(sec^−1 5) (b) sin(2sin^-1(5/13))

    asked by TayB
  51. Calculus 1

    Find the exact value of each expression. (a) cot^-1(sqrt(3))

    asked by TayB
  52. English

    Samuel Johnson's Letter to Lord Chesterfield ? Help? Where in the letter does the tone seem ironic? And also where does the tone shift? Please Help

    asked by Stephanie
  53. Developing Healthy Eating Habits

    1. Which one of the following choices can be added to increase the "creaminess" and nutritional value of soups without adding fat? A. Nonfat milk B. Creamed corn C. Pureed root vegetables D. Cornstarch A? 2. Sports beverages should ideally contain A.

    asked by MsxJaylaXx
  54. algebra

    Simplify. 3 - 2(4 - 7) ÷ 9 i don't know what ta dooooo after i subtract 4 and 7 which is -3 then multiply 2 which is -6 then i don't know what to do afterwards, i know pemdas so -6 divided by 9 cannot be so please help on that. the integers from -3 to +3

    asked by anon
  55. thuto-boswa sec school

    solo buys a roll of wrapping paper.The length of The paper is 4,5m.She estimates that she will need 1,25m to wrap a present for her sister,and 2,8m to wrap a present for her dad.How much paper she will have left over?

    asked by veronica diedericks
  56. algebra

    simplify. 3 - 2(4 - 7) ÷ 9 i don't know what to do after i subtract 4 and 7 which is -3 then multiply 2 which is -6 then i don't know what to do afterwards, i know pemdas so -6 divided by 9 cannot be so please help on that. the integers from -3 to +3 can

    asked by anon
  57. math

    Find the domain and range for y=x^2+9. Is the answer all real numbers? How would you enter that in interval notation? From Googling the definition of real numbers, I now understand that the infinity sign would not be included. For a continuous function you

    asked by Natalie
  58. Math

    17Min and 38mind explain the mental math

    asked by Destiny
  59. nyakasura school

    a body of mass 50kg accelerates from rest and covers 40m in 8seconds find its acceleration

    asked by frankline
  60. Physics

    A 58.0-kg man is riding an escalator in a shopping mall. The escalator moves the man at a constant velocity from ground level to the floor above, a vertical height of 3.70 m. What is the work done on the man by (a) the gravitational force and (b) the

    asked by Kate
  61. Math

    During a track meet Kelly throws the shotput 51 feet, 50 feet,and 58 feet. Write an expression that represents the length of her average throw in feet. Evaluate the expression.

    asked by Valerie
  62. english

    can anyone please take this small "vocab game?" I want to see how I do compared with others... q u i z l e t .c o m /89352005/scatter

    asked by davy
  63. Physics

    Starting from rest, a 2.4x10-4 kg flea springs straight upward. While the flea is pushing off from the ground, the ground exerts an average upward force of 0.42 N on it. This force does 1.5x10-4 J of work on the flea. (a) What is the flea's speed when it

    asked by Kate
  64. math

    the garden has fencing around the perimeter and has a partition down the center. The length of the garden is 30 ft and the entire length of fencing used is 37 yards. How long is the partition in feet?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. science

    The potential energy (in J) of a system in one dimension is given by: 2 3 U(x) = 5 − x + 3x − 2x What is the work done in moving a particle in this potential from x = 1 m to x = 2 m? What is the force on a particle in this potential at x = 1 m and x =

    asked by kamal
  66. physics

    A bicycl rider starts from rest and moves with uniform acceration of 1.5m\s^2 it is velocity reachs 7.5m\s of a distance .......

    asked by donia
  67. math

    If (2 1/2)^4y =1/8 then y = A. -4 B. -1/8 C. 7/8 D. 3/2 E. 21/16

    asked by anonymous
  68. rasul

    The vertices of triangle LMN are L(3,1) M(4,3) N(-2,1). a transformation maps triangle onto one with vertices at L(-1,3) M(0,5) N(2,-1). Describe transformation and find its matrix

    asked by juma
  69. English 3

    Choose the correct relative pronoun in the sentence: I have great respect for _____ accepted that responsibility. whoever whomever Is the answer whomever?

    asked by Amanda
  70. English

    Tati (write) letters once a month (?)

    asked by Aryani
  71. Physics

    At a carnival, you can try to ring a bell by striking a target with a 8.46-kg hammer. In response, a 0.411-kg metal piece is sent upward toward the bell, which is 5.22 m above. Suppose that 34.4 percent of the hammer's kinetic energy is used to do the work

    asked by Ben
  72. Physics

    The height of a cylindrical container is 15 cm and the inside diameter of the container is 10 cm. a) what is the volume? b) How much weight (in kg) would be required to fill the container to a density of 1.3 g/cm^3?

    asked by James
  73. Physics

    A voltmeter is specified as being accurate to within 2%. The reading on the voltmeter is 3.50v..the maximum voltage represented by this reading is?

    asked by Victor
  74. Geometry

    Can I please get some help? by+2/3=c, for y

    asked by Luis
  75. international school of south Africa

    mathematics, geography, economics and English literature what career options are there following those subject choices

    asked by grace
  76. Algebra

    (1,12) (2,76) (3,108) (4,124) (5,132) (6,136) (7,138) (8,139) (9,139.5) What is the rule or equation?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. 4th grade math

    Tell how u could use a number line to determine which of two number is greater

    asked by booda
  78. Math

    A recipe for punch calls for 4 cups on lemonade for every 6 quarts of fruit juice. How many quarts of fruit juice should elly use if she has already added 10 cups of lemonade

    asked by George
  79. Social studies

    What is one natrul recorse that germany has that italy doesnt

    asked by And
  80. Math

    What is the cube of 8? A. 512 B. 24 C. 64 D. 2 C?

    asked by Brooklyn
  81. Science

    A truck whose bed is 2.5m long 1.5 m wide and 1.0 m high is delivering sand for a sand sculpture competition. About how many trips must the truck make to deliver 7 m3 if sand

    asked by Brooke
  82. Math 10

    EXPONENTIAL EQUATION Find the X 3^x - 82/9 = -3^-x

    asked by Julie
  83. Math

    If there was 66% off the whole store and you wanted to by a couch and a dinning room table made of glass Couch:600 Room table glass:7,000 How much would you pay

    asked by Nashly
  84. equation on tangent of a curve need help

    find the equation of a tangent of a curve at point(1,3) x^2.y^3+y^2.x^4+4x^2-14=0,i tried differentiate it n also applying this formula i gt confuse

    asked by edward
  85. Thermodynamics

    Gas is contained in a n 8L vessel at a temperature of 20¡ãC and a pressure of 9atm. a)Determine the number of moles of gas in the vessel. b) How many molecules are there in the vessel?

    asked by Joanne
  86. Idk

    matthew travels tow and one half miles to get to school this is 3 time the distance that jennifer travels how far does jennifer travel

    asked by King
  87. Math

    My math question is, write 0.67 in simplest form. My answer is 20/40 am I correct.

    asked by tamara
  88. Math

    My math question is to write 5.6 in simplest form. My answer is 5 2/5 am I correct. Thanks

    asked by Tamara
  89. science

    find the direction p of the line of intersection of the plains x+3y-z=5 and 2y +4z=3

    asked by peace
  90. geometry

    a 12 ft by 16 ft rectangular swimming pool has a 3 ft wide no slip serface arond it what is th outer perremeter around it

    asked by bbg
  91. Language

    1. What is the term for the part of a story that sets up the story's ending? (1point) exposition conflict falling action (either this one) resolution (or this one) Please I need this to be correct. so please tell me how you found out that my answer was

    asked by Aaliyah
  92. Siphuthando High School

    Discuss two examples how the media supports democratic society.How society has benefited from them?

    asked by phumla
  93. Mathematics

    A 25kg bags of sugar is to be repack into a smaller bags of 250g of weight.How many such bags are needed?

    asked by Allan
  94. Statics

    If both the projection Pa and component Fb of the force F are 250 N, determine the magnitude of the resultant F and the orientation theta of the b-axis. There is a 34 degree angle from the resultant force to the a-axis. There is a 4 degree angle from the

    asked by Jared
  95. Algebra

    a worker has a new pump and an old pump. the new pump can fill a tank in five hours and the old pump can fill the same tank in 7 hours write and solve an equation for the time it will take both pumps to fill one tank if the pumps are used together.

    asked by Kayla
  96. chemistry

    back again with another analytical Q, the question tells you to prep a 50 mL solution of a 750 ppm iron solution using ammonium iron III oxalate trihydrate (MM: 428.06 as a source of iron. Determine the mass of compound required. I'm assuming you would

    asked by paul
  97. math

    the square root of 144 is 12 am im correct

    asked by crankman
  98. MATH

    iS 1/4 as a decimal 0.4. am I correct.

    asked by SELAH
  99. math

    6/3 as a decimal is 0.622. am i correct

    asked by SELAH
  100. Math

    What is the probability of rolling two dice and getting 3 and a 6? and could you explain how you would get the answer?

    asked by Taylor
  101. cnn student news world georgraphy

    i need someone to go on the cnn student news website and listen to the two vedios dated 8/20/15 abd 8/26/15 on the 8/20 write the answer to todays shout out" why is this significant? briefly describe the news stories from today:5 reflection write a 4-5

    asked by rachel
  102. math

    3 3/4 as a decimal is 0.366. Am I correct.

    asked by tete
  103. math

    at a track meet with 135 participants, 25 participate in jumping event, 1/5 of these jumpers are female, and 1/3 of the the total participants are female. What is the probability that a participant chosen at random is a jumper, given that the person is a

    asked by jacqueline
  104. English

    true or false all the words in could have been prevented are verbs.

    asked by Cadence
  105. Science

    Which of the following is not an example of acceleration. A a person jogging atn3 m/s along a winding path B a car stopping at a stop sign. C a cheetah running 27m/s east D a plane taking off

    asked by Kevin
  106. Math

    In the question: a rational number plus an irrational number will be ____ a. irrational b real c. rational d. A and B I know it is irrational but would it also be real since irrational numbers are real? Thanks....

    asked by Brandi
  107. MATH


    asked by Barny
  108. Math

    On average it takes Miguel 45 minutes to compete his math assignments and 30 minutes to complete his science assignments. If he had 24 math assignments this grading period , what was his total minutes spent on math ?

    asked by AnnaChavez
  109. Chemistry

    an empty flask as a mass of 123.4 grams. When the flask is filled with water, the mass is 211.6 grams. If 10.0 grams of zinc (d=7.14 g/cm3) are added to the flask filled with water (and the sides of the flask are dried from the displaced water) what is the

    asked by Hannah
  110. hudson ntsan'wisi

    assess the extent to which bad road use has a direct impact on the physical,emotional, social and economic aspects to the family,the community and the country.

    asked by tony
  111. ALBEBRA


    asked by ELVIA
  112. Equation

    X^2-b(x-1)-1=0 find. (x)

    asked by Edward
  113. Math

    A pilot flew to Montreal and back . The average speed going was 320 mph , and the average speed returning was 480 mph. Find the distance to Montreal if the total flying time was 5 hours.

    asked by norde
  114. Physics

    a speed boat is moving though the water at a speed of 28 m/s when the engine stalls. the boat comes to a halt over 120m, what is the time it takes to stop and what is the acceleration. im trying to figure it out but i don't know what kinematic equation to

    asked by Neil
  115. pre-calculus

    h(t)=15t + 1200 is a function that models the motion of a mountain climber. h(t) is his height above sea level at time t in minutes. 1a) the coefficient on t is 15. what does it tell you about the motion of the mountain climber? 1b) what does it tell you

    asked by d
  116. Life orientation

    Assess the extent to which bad road use has a direct impact on physical,emotional,social ,economic aspect to family,community,country

    asked by Sharon
  117. Math

    Consider the functions in the figure below. Find the coordinates of C in terms of b. So there are two functions. There is the y=x^2 u-shape and then a line in the middle of it with points (0,b) and (1,1) in that order from left to right. Farther to the

    asked by Natalie
  118. math

    if about 32,680 kilobytes of memory is still available how many more pictures can they take

    asked by julie