Questions Asked on
August 26, 2015

  1. Algebra

    The Master Chief collects spiders and starfish. If his spiders have 8 legs and his starfish have 5 legs, how many starfish must he have given that his spider/starfish collection totals 19 creatures and 116 legs?

    asked by Mr. Alexander
  2. Algebra

    Whenever Deven and Laura owe each other money, they "pay" each other using stickers. They've agreed that a Harry Potter sticker is worth 49 dollars and a Twilight sticker is worth 35 dollars. They can even use stickers as "change" if one person overpays

    asked by Mr. Alexander
  3. science

    A certain quantity of electricity deposits 0.54grams of silver nitrate solution. What volume of H2 will be liberated by the same quantity of electricity at 27 ° C and 750 mm of Hg pressure

    asked by Navneeta
  4. science

    which of the following properties of water explains its characterization as the universal solvent. a)kinetic energy of liquid water molecules b)high specific heat c)polarity of water molecules d)high surface tension I chose C

    asked by Brenda
  5. Ap algebra

    Question 1: if a function is undefined at a point can that point be its domain. Explain Question 2: explain what is meant by the minimum value of a function

    asked by Karen
  6. Algebra (Percentages)

    Annie loves giving away puppies. When her friend Bobby walks by, she instantly gives him 50% of her puppy stash. Bobby, stunned with this shower of puppies, gives back 20% of his total. Annie counters by giving Bobby 50% of her new puppy total. Bobby

    asked by Mr. Alexander
  7. maths

    factorise completely:2ax-4bx-ay-2by

    asked by dimpho
  8. geometry

    B is the midpoint of AC. A has coordinates (-3,4), and B has coordinates (-1 1/2,1). Find the coordinates of C. Did i get the right answer? (2)-1 1/2=(2)-3+x(over 2) -3-3=3+x-3 -6=x (2)1=(2)4+y(over 2) 2-4=4+y-4 -2=y The coordinates of C are (-6,-2)

    asked by kaitlyn
  9. Logs

    Approximate e^-0.6 to 3 decimal places. I am not sure how to approach this without a calculator. I don't think we are allowed to use a calculator but I'm not 100% sure on that either.

    asked by Lillian
  10. physics

    A speed skater moving across frictionless ice at 9.0 m/!@#$%^&s a 5.3 m -wide patch of rough ice. She slows steadily, then continues on at 5.8 m/s. What is her acceleration on the rough ice? Express your answer using two significant figures.

    asked by hannah
  11. Algebra

    The ratio of the number of junior high students to the number of senior high students in a school is 7 to 9. If there are 100 more senior high students than junior high students, how many junior high students are there?

    asked by Ratios
  12. Geometry

    When constructing inscribed polygons and parallel lines, how are the steps similar? a protractor is used to take measurements four right angles are created a compass is used to copy an angle **** there are no similarities

    asked by #1Student
  13. fundamentals math

    a box contains the following mixture of colored marbles 2 black, 3 red, 5 yellow, and 2 green. If two marbles are drawn, the second being drawn n after the first is replaced, then what is the probability that both are black?

    asked by jackie
  14. Counting and Probability

    What is the difference between the sum of the first 400 even counting numbers and the sum of the first 400 odd counting numbers?

    asked by Mr. Alexander
  15. science

    A body of mass 20kg moving with a velocity of 8m/s collides with a stationary body of mass 10kg and the two stick together.They then move with a common velocity V.Find the value of V.

    asked by emmanuel
  16. physics(lens)

    Two converging lenses, A and B,with focal length F1=20cm and F2=25cm,are placed 80cm apart. An object is placed F0cm in front of the first lens. 1)Determine the position of the final image formed by the magnification of the two lenses. 2)Determine the

    asked by benjamin
  17. Geometry

    The endpoints of a diameter on a circle are a(2,1)and B(5,5). Find the area of the circle in terms of 3.14.

    asked by Steve
  18. math

    write each expression using n as your variable.then simplify fully. 1.five more than the sum of a number and ten. 2.the product of eight and seven less than a number. 3.the quotient of a number and three, increased by one. 4.ten less than the product of

    asked by bre
  19. science

    which of the following properties of water explains its characterization as the universal solvent. a)kinetic energy of liquid water molecules b)high specific heat c)polarity of water molecules d)high surface tension

    asked by Brenda
  20. math

    During a department store sale 30 shoppers bought only clothing. 5 shoppers bought only towels, and 15 shoppers thought both clothing and towels. If 100 people shopped that day and a shopper is chosen at random, what is the probability that the shopper has

    asked by jackie
  21. Algebra

    Agents J and K work in a long hallway with 4000 equally-spaced, consecutive offices. The agents decide to walk toward each other so they can meet and have lunch together. Agent J has recently been relocated from office 2013 to office 1. His former office

    asked by Mr. Alexander
  22. Science

    You are exercising on a hot day. Your body temperature goes up. You begin to sweat. The sweat cools your body. Sweating is an example of: A. Input. B. Process. C. Output. D. Feedback.*** I think D?

    asked by Amber
  23. mathematics

    one digit from the number 3,474,554 is written on each of seven cards. What is the probability of drawing a card that shows s 5?

    asked by jacqueline
  24. physics(lens)

    Two converging lenses, A and B,with focal length F1=20cm and F2=25cm,are placed 80cm apart. An object is placed F0cm in front of the first lens. 1)Determine the position of the final image formed by the magnification of the two lenses. 2)Determine the

    asked by benjamin
  25. math

    junita is making necklace to give present.she plans to put15 beads in each necklace . Beads are sold in packages of 20.what is the least number of packages she can buy to make necklaces and have no beads left over?

    asked by Ash iq
  26. biology

    why is carbon so abundant in living things when oxygen is the most abundant element on earth

    asked by ciara
  27. Physics

    Scientists hypothesized that finer grain iron oxide on video and audio tapes would result in better recording and playback. They produced ten tapes with a range of partial sizes, recorded them, and tested the quality of the playback. Electronic instruments

    asked by Annah
  28. language arts

    2. In which of the following sentences does the boldfaced word contain the Latin root -lum-? A.The bear tucked into his cave for a long winter's (slumber). B.Hannah's face was (luminous) with the soft morning light. *** C.The (plumber) peered into the dark

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Math

    An artist wants to frame a square painting with an area of 400 square inches. She wants to know the length of the wood trim that is needed to go around the painting. a. If x is the length of one side of the painting, what equation can you set up to find

    asked by I Need Help :/
  30. Geometry

    solve for x and AC if C is between A and B, AC = 3x + 55, CB = 2x and AB = 65. Draw figure and show algebra work. Can someone help me please I don't quiet get it?

    asked by SiSi
  31. social psych

    Research on motivation and culture would suggest that Susan, an American child, would be more motivated to perform while engaging in which of the following tasks? A. A puzzle that her teacher asked her to do B. Reading a book that her mother picked out for

    asked by psych911
  32. Math

    You have been given a recipe for a completely new fruit drink. The recipe has three parts. Here is the recipe: Fruit drink recipe: 2 parts pineapple juice, 3 parts cranberry juice; 5 parts lemon juice The mixers need to make 1 quart (4 cups) of juice for

    asked by Mario
  33. Math

    The third, fifth and seventeenth terms of an arithmetic progression are in geometric progression. Find the common ratio of the geometric progression.

    asked by Gustav
  34. Math

    Explain whether a function that has a slope of 0 can have the attribute of symmetry. . My answer is yes, because even though there is no slope you still have a possibility of it being symmetrical to the y axis depending on the domain. Am I correct

    asked by Karen
  35. Algebra 2

    the sum of the angles in a triangle is 180 degrees. if A:B:C = 2:3:3, what is C-A?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Algebra

    Which equation represents "fifteen more than r is sixty-one? a. r + 61 = 15 b. r + 15 = 61 c. r - 15 = 61 d. r + 61 = 15 I think its b or c because b is 46 and c is 76

    asked by Kelly
  37. Math (functions)

    For tax purposes, you may have to report the value of your assets, such as cars or refrigerators. The value you report drops with time. "Straight-line depreciation" assumes that the value is a linear function of time. If a $1020 refrigerator depreciates

    asked by Natalie
  38. Math

    a rectangular piece of cardboard is twice as long as it is wide . from each of its for corners, a square piece 3 inches on a side cut out. the flaps at each corner are then turned up to form an open box. if the volume of the box is 168 cubic inches, what

    asked by Anonymous
  39. english

    The road home is both icy and curvy, so be careful!

    asked by ines
  40. Math

    Pail has just enough money to buy 5 erasers and 30 pencils or 10 erasers and 24 pencil. Each eraser costs 30 cents. How much does each pencil cost?

    asked by Austin
  41. Science

    1. The senses are used to make which of the following? (1 point.) inferences predictions evaluations observations*****

    asked by Aaliyah
  42. Physics

    Consider a cloudless day when the sun shines down across the United States. If 2375 kJ of energy reaches a square meter (m2) of the United States in one hour, how much total solar energy reaches the entire United States per hour? The entire area of the

    asked by Ashley
  43. Algebra

    you count the number of times your heart beats in 15 seconds define a variable and write an expression for the number of times your heart beats in a minute HELP

    asked by Chandler
  44. maths

    facorise completely:4(a-3)-xsquared(a-3)

    asked by dimpho
  45. math

    two marbles are drawn without replacement from a box with 3 white,2 green, 2 red, and 1 blue marble. Find the probability. Both are white marbles.

    asked by jackie
  46. physics

    A piece of ice its mass is 2.5 kg and at 0.0 C temperature , it is crawling on the ground with 5.7 m/s , what is the mass of the melted ice , if we know all of the kinetic energy of the ice turn into the internal energy (of the ice ) , that we need 3.3 X

    asked by MAD
  47. physical science

    A box is sliding across the horizontal floor of an elevator the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the floor is 0.310. Determine the kinetic frictional force that acts on the box when the elevator is accelerating downward with an

    asked by annonimous
  48. Algebra 1

    A teacher buys 50 train tickets for a school trip for a total cost of $1,200. She buys x number of student tickets for $20 each. She also buys y number of adult tickets for $30 each.

    asked by tommy
  49. Math-Trigonometry

    The angles of elevation to the top of a mountain are measured from beacons A(22°) and B(40°) at sea. If the beacons are 125m apart, how high is the mountain?

    asked by Lucifer Mato
  50. math

    OK thank you so much I appreciate it

    asked by tomeisha
  51. english

    I saw __________ one-eyed rogue. [a/some] please help me

    asked by Pradeep
  52. Life orientation

    Types of environmental issues that can cause ill-health

    asked by Pinky
  53. Math

    What is .45 with bar notation over the 45 rounded to?

    asked by Potato
  54. physics

    What is basically difference between the following : 1)Internal energy and latent heat 2)Internal energy and potential energy I'm really confused , because they're so close in meaning. Thanks

    asked by MAD
  55. Math

    Which expression are equivalent to -3.5(2-3n)-2.5n

    asked by Dontrell
  56. statistics

    p=0.50 the 90% confidence interval for p is?

    asked by Anoymous
  57. Math

    A tree casts a shadow of 12 meters when a 5meter post nearby casts a shadow of 6 meters find the height of the tree.

    asked by mary jean
  58. Math

    A building casts a shadow of 8.5 meters when a man, 1.68 meters tall, casts a shadow of 1.1 meters.Find the height of the building.

    asked by mary jean lumagot
  59. Calculus

    The equation of a circle, C, is x^2 + y^2 + 6x - 8y +9=0. Find the center of C and find the radius of C. Show that the C touches the x-axis. Find the equation of the circle which is a reflection of C in the y-axis

    asked by Sabrina
  60. Math

    A blueprint 8 centimeters wide and 14 centimeters high is to be enlarge.if the height of the enlargement will be 30 centimeters, how wide will it be?

    asked by Mj
  61. Math

    A quality control sample taken on a certain day revealed that for every 2000 units of a particular product manufactured,30 units were defective ?

    asked by Mj
  62. Math

    A blueprints scale of 1 cm=5m. what are the dimensions of a function room that measures 9cm by 7cm on the blueprint?

    asked by mary
  63. AP economics

    Explain how each of the following people would talk about scarcity and trade-offs the president of the United States, the leader of a developing nation, a US citizen whose income is in the top 1% and US citizen whose income is in the bottom 5%

    asked by Kim
  64. Math


    asked by Tamara
  65. biology

    how is a protein different from a complex carbohydrate

    asked by ciara
  66. statics

    5N 30degrees and 10N 45 degrees 10N at 3rd quadrant. find the direction of resultant force.(in degrees) a.)2.74 b.)-4.57 c.)-2.74 d.)5.33 e.)4.57

    asked by phil
  67. Physics

    a ball is thrown vertically upward and reaches a height of 15 cm. Find, a.) The projection velocity b.) the time of flight c.) the speed with w/c the ball passes the starting point

    asked by Justine
  68. Science

    After developing a hypothesis a scientist is ready to test it by

    asked by Mahoganie
  69. georgia

    what is a solubility rate?

    asked by chemistry
  70. Chemistry

    To determine the concentration of 10.31mL of an unknown solution of a monoprotic acid, it is titrated with 0.172M sodium hydroxide. The initial reading on the buret of sodium hydroxide is 2.19mL. The final reading is 13.41mL. What is the concentration of

    asked by Alex
  71. algebra

    is this correct?: -4^4= -256 (-5)^2= 25 (-3)^5= -243 ( I don't get the meaning of the parantheses) thank you!

    asked by ruby
  72. Chemistry

    In chemical analysis, it is often necessary to prepare a solution by diluting a stock solution.Calculate how much of a 5.337M NaOH is needed to make 1.669 liters of a 0.063M sodium hydroxide solution. (Remember to include units.)

    asked by Alex
  73. Account -2

    Based on the financial statements for Jackson Enterprises (income statement, statement of owner’s equity, and balance sheet) shown below, prepare the following financial ratios. All sales are credit sales. The Accounts Receivable balance on January 1,

    asked by Norman
  74. chmistry

    For the following equation, how many grams of NO2 can be formed from 2.50 g of CuO mixed with 0.500 L of NO gas at 25 C and 1.12 atm. ? 2 CuO (s) + NO (g)  Cu2O (s) + NO2 (g

    asked by Anonymous
  75. math

    There are a total of 36 bikes.If the ratio of green bikes to blue bikes is 4 to 5,how many of the bikes are blue?

    asked by ignacio
  76. PSY 202

    According to a 2011 report that is explained in our textbook, which of the following is one of the four overriding obstacles to gender equity in the workplace?

    asked by Kim
  77. physics

    10 planks are required to stop the bullet in initial velocity u thickness of each planks is x and all planks are producing equal retardation find the final velocity of bullet after coming out of first plank

    asked by deepica
  78. maths

    What is addition and tables

    asked by shalini
  79. Math

    at a track meet with 135 participants, 25 participate in jumping event, 1/5 of these jumpers are female, and 1/3 of the the total participants are female. What is the probability that a participant chosen at random is a jumper, given that the person is a

    asked by jackie
  80. Unisa (psychology)

    Piagets theory of cognitive development is very important in the mediation of learning ,especially under multicultural conditions

    asked by Zodwa
  81. Math

    Diamonds are measured in units called a carat. One carat equals 200mg. If a diamond is 0.600 carat, what is the mass of the diamond in ounces? * 1kg=2.205 pounds* *1pound= 16 ounces* . . How do I get to the answer showing work/setting it up?

    asked by Karen
  82. chemistry

    Two unlabelled organic samples are believed to contain cyclopropane and propane.By means of one chemical test,show how the two compounds can be distinguished?

    asked by kyei
  83. English

    1. There was a village beneath this hill. 2. There was a village under this hill. 3. There was a village below this hill. ======================== Which preposition is suitable in the sentence?

    asked by rfvv
  84. Psyc

    Hypothesis (H): Two semesters of the Florida Curricular Program/FCP will raise the IQ of 400 male and female experimental children as measured by the Scott Intelligence Test (SIT). 1. Design a Punnett square and identify all participants by 4 cell

    asked by Regina
  85. Math

    The food that the average American consumes in a day provides 2.0 X 10^3 kcal of energy. How many calories a sec is this? *how to set up work in dimensional analysis*? & *what is "k" in kcal stand for*?

    asked by Karen
  86. English

    1. It is the World Cup soccer contest. 2. It is the World Cup soccer match. 3. It is the World Cup soccer game. =================================== Are they all grammatical? Which one is commonly used? Thank you for your help.

    asked by rfvv
  87. mathematics

    Use the quadratic formula to find the exact roots of 2x² = 5x + 2

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Precalc

    Can someone show me how to simply this: (5x^3 y^-1 z^-5)^-3 (x^2 y^0 z^-6)^2

    asked by Johni
  89. AP Calculus

    Find each of the limits without a calculator. Use the limits as an aide to sketch the graph of f(x)= (x-2)/(|x|-2) for-10

    asked by Ana
  90. Algebra

    Need help to an math problem. James have 15 cases, with 15 boxes per case, and 15 brands per box. Write an exponential expression using a base of 15 to show how many total brands there are in a stack of cases. How would I write that?

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Precalc

    Consider the function f(x)=2x^3 +1. Determine whether the inverse of F is a function. Find the inverse.

    asked by Johni
  92. physics(measurement)

    What accurate method can be used to determine the thickness of a coin. Explain pls..

    asked by benjamin
  93. Art

    can you help me make an example brochure for an appreciation seminar of any software??

    asked by zoe
  94. Trig

    Evaluate the following expression: sin(cos^-1(12/13)) tan(sin^-1(3/5)) I do not know what the inverse values would would I work through this?

    asked by Lillian
  95. Math

    Find the domain and range for y=x^2+9. Wouldn't the domain and range just be all real numbers since nothing else is really given in the equation? How would you enter "all real numbers" in interval notation? Would it include the infinity sign?

    asked by Lillian
  96. math

    An angle of 60 radians can be converted to BLANK an angle of degrees. (Give an exact answer as a fraction, not a decimal approximation.)

    asked by Stacy
  97. Math Equations

    Find all real solutions of equation 3 + 4 z+ z^2.

    asked by Melaina
  98. precalc

    9.) Write an equation of the line that passes through (-2,3) & is @parallel b) perpendicular to the line y=-4x+1

    asked by Johni
  99. Math

    Find all y such that the distance between the points (4, 3) and (8, y) is 11.

    asked by Isabelle
  100. Math Functions

    Find the inverse function of f(x)=5 + \sqrt[3]{x}. so f^-1(x) equals...? I'm not sure how to approach this problem.

    asked by Sarah
  101. Algebra

    I have another one What is the value of 42-2(3x5+1)? I thought you worked the parentheses first which would be 16, then subtract 42 from 2 and you get 39, you would then multiply 16x39 and you would get 624. But the answers I have to choose from are 8, 1,

    asked by Kelly
  102. Algebra

    A wooden plank is 5 feet long and 1 1/2 inches thick. To make the plank 1 1/8 inches thick, a carpenter removes the same thickness of wood from the top and bottom of the plank. How many inches does the carpenter remove from the top of the plank? Express

    asked by Mr. Alexander
  103. maths

    my brother is 6 years older than i am our combined age is half the age of our grandfather.our grandfather is 68 years old how old am i

    asked by masoo
  104. math

    Perform the indicated operation. Simplify the result, if possible. 11 - \frac{5}{4x-5} would you multiply the denominator to both sides and get the answer?

    asked by Lillian
  105. CHM 300

    What explains the difference between the propagated uncertainty and the standard deviation?

    asked by Nour
  106. Counting and Probability

    The fifth term of an arithmetic sequence is 9 and the 32nd term is -84. What is the 23rd term?

    asked by Mr. Alexander
  107. physical science

    If the park is 360 meters wide and the tram takes 6 minutes to get to the other side, how fast is it moving?

    asked by Andrew
  108. biology-science

    organism: 7 characteristics that make up all organisms biosphere: name our biospherE?

    asked by kasha
  109. math

    simplify 4 root of 500 over 4 root of 5 show work

    asked by karina
  110. math

    If a and b are two natural numbers such that (a)^b =36 , then find the value of (b)^a-2.

    asked by satyajit
  111. king senzangakhona high school

    Formulae income statement

    asked by slindile
  112. Calculus

    True or false. 1. If f(x) has a vertical asymptote at x=a, then the limit of f(x) as x --> a from the left is negative infinite and the limit of f(x) as x--> a from the right is positive infinite. I think this is true. Take for instance, a rational

    asked by Anonymous
  113. chemistry

    A block of metal has a width of 3.2 cm, a length of 17.1 cm, and height of 3.6 cm . Its mass is 1.5 kg . Calculate the density of the metal.

    asked by sara
  114. math


    asked by Jordan
  115. Algebra 2

    1. A bag contains 12 red checkers and 6 black checkers. You will randomly select two checkers, one at a time, without replacement. (a) In how many ways can you select two checkers so that at least one of the checkers is red? List the ways. (b) What is the

    asked by Matt
  116. physics

    Two forces 7N each are inclined at an angle of 120 degree to each other. Find the single force that will replace the given force system

    asked by sheryl
  117. algebra, numerical operation

    Danny made a mistake in the following problem. Each line shows the steps Danny took in order to solve the problem. The mistake was made in Line ___. Only input the number of the first incorrect line. Line 1 21 + 35 ÷ 7 + 6(2) Line 2 21 + 5 + 6(2) Line 3

    asked by ANDY
  118. math

    one digit from the number 9,848,778 is written on each of seven cards. What is the probality of drawing a card that shows s 9, 8, or 4?

    asked by jacqueline
  119. Math

    Evaluate 1/2 x 1/2 And write as an exponent 1/2 x 1/2

    asked by Amy

    When an electron is displaced in a semiconductor, the hole that's left behind is A. incapable of carrying a charge. B. considered an impurity in the crystal. C. attracted to the anode of the voltage source. D. attracted to the negative terminal of the

    asked by Anonymous

    When constructing inscribed polygons and parallel lines, how are the steps similar? a protractor is used to take measurements four right angles are created a compass is used to copy an angle **** there are no similarities I think its c, but it might be b.

    asked by Anonymous
  122. Geometry

    A garden is 5 ft by 6 ft has a walkway that is 2 ft wide around it. What is the amount of fencing needed to surround the walkway?

    asked by Steve
  123. Algebra

    write an expression to show the difference of twice X and 3 then find the value of your expression if x equals negative 2 Help again pls

    asked by Chandler
  124. math

    henrietta deposits $3500 to start a new bank account. it earns a simple interest rate of 6.5% per year. henrietta makes no more to deposits to the account. how much interest will henrietta have earned after three years?

    asked by tomeisha
  125. math

    A train traveled 325 mile. You want to know how long it took the train to travel that distance. What question would you need to have answered in order to calculate the answer to this problem.

    asked by tomeisha
  126. math

    i am a 6-digit number greater than 700, hundred thousands digit is twice my ones digit,my thousands digit,and my hundreds remaining digits are the same-a prime number greater than 5

    asked by josh
  127. math

    A construction expected a new project from start to finish to take 12 weeks. The crew will work 7 days a week. In how many days will the project be complete. Explain how you could check your answer to be sure it's correct.

    asked by tomeisha
  128. math

    Describe how to order 7,463, 74,633, 74,366 from least to greatest

    asked by mom
  129. math

    What symbol is needed between -2 and [-3] to make a true statement>

    asked by lost
  130. Algebra

    What is the equation expression for the difference of twice a number G and 10 is 24 ? I was thinking it was 2g * 10=24 but I'm sure it's highly wrong

    asked by Kenzie
  131. Algebra

    What is the equation expressions for 12 more than a number b? I said 12x + b I Need help ASAP!

    asked by Kenzie
  132. Algebra

    This sheet it says representing functions as grass I have a graph I also have a table and says make a table graph the function Y equals X plus one when the domain is (1,2,3,4)? How do I begin ??

    asked by Kenzie
  133. English

    I have to find all the nouns and label them. Exploration is dangerous. It takes courage to sail to an unknown land. Exploration - idea Courage - idea Land - place

    asked by Aveary
  134. algebra

    what is -4^4 thank you!

    asked by maria
  135. maths

    if nomthi paid R6.50 HOW FAR DID SHE TRAVEL

    asked by dimpho
  136. maths

    factorise the following completely:axsquared-2ax-apx

    asked by dimpho
  137. maths

    factorise completely:xsquared-4x-5

    asked by dimpho
  138. maths

    factorise fully:18xsquared-50ysquared

    asked by dimpho
  139. maths

    expand and simplify:2(x÷2)squared-(2x-1)(x+2)

    asked by dimpho
  140. math

    the imaginary i or j which is ewuivalent to square root of -1 has a phase difference of ____ with real number 1. what's the answer? 0,45,90,180, or 360? and why?

    asked by reece
  141. maths


    asked by dimpho
  142. maths

    expand and simplify:(5x-3)(2xsquared+3x-3)

    asked by dimpho
  143. math

    Bob must save a total of 180 dollars for a new bike. So far he saved four fifths of the amount. How much money has Bob saved for his bike

    asked by kenney
  144. pre algebra

    IN the question 20-2.7+1+(3)+10 am I right when I PEMDAS 20-14+4+10= 20-28=-8?

    asked by dalton
  145. physics

    In physics what are the dependent variables between 0 and 2 on a line graph? I must use the rounded number to mark off intervals along the axis. The intervals must be the same amount each time (count up by the same number).

    asked by clint
  146. math

    In electric circuit theory, the phase angle of "true and real" power is expressed in terms of what function in reference to the apparent power?

    asked by reece
  147. sound

    In a stringed musical instrument, the sound frequency of a particular string can be increased by A. lengthening the string. B. tightening the string. C. increasing the string's thickness. D. loosening the string.

    asked by Anonymous
  148. math

    Tony would like yo build a circular pond with depth of 1.5 feet in her backyard. She is considering how many fish a pond will hold. The home and garden store recommends 1 goldfish for every 3 square feet of surface area or 1koi for every 10 square feet of

    asked by tomeisha
  149. English

    1. In Japan, we have to pay for every little dish. 2. In Japan, we have to pay for every small dish. 3. In Japan, we have to pay for every little/small food. 4. In Japan, we have to pay for all little dishes. 5. In Japan, we have to pay for all small

    asked by rfvv
  150. Lccn acardamy

    What are the deffrance between mecury, alchol, water?

    asked by Joy
  151. Algebra

    Multiply and simplify. Assume any factors you cancel are not zero. 8/(15x+24y) times (5x+8y)/10 = ?? I multiplied straight across and got (45x+64y)/(150x+240y) but then I wasn't sure where to go from there.

    asked by Lillian
  152. Math

    Deshawn and Luke had an equal number of stickers. After Deshawn used 26 stickers and Luke lost 38 stickers,Deshawn had twice as many stickers as Luke. How many stickers did each of them have?

    asked by Alyssa
  153. vector

    the imaginary i or j which is equivalent to square root of -1 has a phase difference of ____ with real number 1. what's the answer? choices are: a.)0 degrees, along or within the force b.)90 degrees c.)360 degrees, one complete revolution d.)180 degrees

    asked by reece
  154. math

    How did you find the answer for number of goldfish and number of koi

    asked by tomeisha
  155. English

    how do you write an evaluation for a narrative about Cry Freedom explaining techniques you have used in your narrative(eg. simile, metaphor, structure)???

    asked by Sally
  156. algebra

    Suppose a box is to be constructed from a square piece of material of side length x bt cutting out a 3-inch square from each corner and turning the sides. Express the volume of the box as a polynomial in the variable x.

    asked by Yo!
  157. MATH

    Evaluate: x^5y^8 ______ if x=2, y=2 and z= 1. z^5 ^its in fraction form Thank you so much for those who answer :))

    asked by Camz
  158. physics

    A person hammered a 0.5 kg something (substance ) with a hammer that its weight is 2.5 kg , with the velocity 65 m /s ,, if one third of the hammer's energy turn into the internal energy to both of the substance and the hammer , then what is the change

    asked by MAD
  159. MATH

    Simplify x^3x^4y^0 __________ x^0

    asked by Camz