Questions Asked on
August 22, 2015

  1. physics

    two small kids weighing 10kg and 15kg are trying to balance on a seesaw of total length 5 m with the fulcrum at the centre. if one of the kids is sitting at an end where should the other sit?

    asked by anonymous
  2. Chemistry

    You have 75.0 mL of a 2.50 M solution of Na2CrO4 (aq). You also have 125 mL of a 2.15 M solution of AgNO3 (aq). Calculate the concentration of NO3 when the two solutions are added together.

    asked by Sarah
  3. calc

    The velocity of a particle moving along the x-axis is v(t) = t2 – 2t, with t measured in minutes and v(t) measured in feet per minute. To the nearest foot find the total distance travelled by the particle from t = 0 to t = 3 minutes..

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Calculus 1

    A variable star is one whose brightness alternately increases and decreases. For one such star, the time between periods of maximum brightness is 4.7 days, the average brightness (or magnitude) of the star is 5.3, and its brightness varies by ±0.35

    asked by TayB
  5. algebra

    A spinner with 10 equally sized slices . The dial is spun and stops on a slice at random. What are the odds in favor of landing on a white slice when white has 7 slices. 2 black and 1 grey

    asked by djd
  6. physics

    A cyclist is at rest at a traffic light. When the light turns green, he begins accelerating at 2.13 m/s2. How many seconds after the light turns green does he reach a cruising speed of 5.05 m/s?

    asked by Kevin
  7. statistics

    the mean gas mileage for a hybrid car is 56 miles per gallon suppose that the gasoline mileage is approximately normally distributed of 3.2 miles per gallon what is the probability that a randomly selected hybrid gets more than 62 miles per gallon.

    asked by Anoymous
  8. Maths proportions

    1) Nine milk bottles contain 4.5 litres of milk between them.How much do five bottles hold? 2) A shopkeeper can buy 36 toys for $20.52. What will he pay for 120 toys? 3) Three men can build a wall in 10 hours. How many men would be needed to build the wall

    asked by Sami
  9. Maths-Proportions

    1) An aircraft flying at 500 km/h completes a journey in 8.4 h. How long would the journey take if it flew at a speed of 420 km/h? 2) Jackie can drive to work in 18 mins if he travels at an average speed of 35 m.p.h. How long will the journey take if she

    asked by Sami
  10. algebra

    how much copper and how much iron should be added to 100% pounds of an alloy containing 25% copper and 40% iron in order to obtain an alloy containing 30% copper and 50% iron?

    asked by bating
  11. Geometry

    What is the area of rectangle wxyz with vertices w(0,1),x(3,4),y(-1,8) z (-4,5) to the nearest unit?

    asked by Steve
  12. English

    Super Mario Bros Classroom blast =============== What is the meaning of 'bros' and 'blast' here?

    asked by rfvv
  13. Life Orientation

    Types of environmental issues that cause ill-health in community

    asked by Sanelisiwe
  14. Physics

    At an instant the block(M = 33kg) is moving down the slope. Angle between slope and floor = 33deg Force Pulling up the slope 49N at 38deg to the slope What is the acceleration of the block up the slope if the kinetic coefficient of friction is 0.5? My

    asked by Jonathan
  15. life orientation

    assess the extent to which bad road use has a direct impact on the physical,emotional,social and economic aspects to the family. the communit and the country

    asked by omphulusa
  16. maths

    A and B together can finish a piece of work in 12 days if a alone can finish the same work in 20 days in how many days b alone can do

    asked by venays
  17. Science

    How to find the volume of the solvent that is added to a diluted solution.

    asked by Andreah
  18. English

    How come one person usually pays for everybody in Korea? -Oh, I also thought that was very strange at first. I think the oldest person always picks up the bill. - Well, you can consider (1)it just a part of Korean culture. However, (2)it's changing these

    asked by rfvv
  19. Physics

    In a house the temperature at the surface of a window is 22.3 °C. The temperature outside at the window surface is 2.82 °C. Heat is lost through the window via conduction, and the heat lost per second has a certain value. The temperature outside begins

    asked by Anonymous
  20. English

    unbelievable: so surprising that it is almost unable to believe [word: definition] ============== Q1: What does 'it' refet to? Q2: Is 'to believe' a real subject? Is 'it' an empty(artificial) subject?

    asked by rfvv
  21. chemistry

    So im tasked to make an aspirin, could you please help me think of a cute or awesome name for my aspirin?

    asked by rocelle
  22. graphical geometry need help

    the graph of the relation y=x^2+2x+k, passes through 2 and 0 find the value of k. plz explain

    asked by edward
  23. Physics

    a block of mass 1500kg lying steady on horizontal surface of a table needs 200N horizontal force to come in motion. What is coefficient of static friction between the block and the surface of table

    asked by Janmesh patel
  24. math

    If the ratio of the rise to run on the pitch of a roof is 7/10 and the run is 30 feet, what is the rise?

    asked by Cortney
  25. Physics

    A stone is dropped from a ballon while ascending at the rate of 8mps. The stone reaches the ground in 6 sec. What is the height of the balloon when the stone was dropped?

    asked by Karylle
  26. Math

    When Bruce started bowling, he won 1/4 of the games he played. Within six months, he was winning 7/16 of his games. If he improves at the same rate, what fraction of his games should he expect to win after another six months? I subtracted the 1/4 from 7/16

    asked by Sarah
  27. algebra

    One pipe can fill a tank in 60 minutes and another pipe can fill it in 50 minutes .If these two pipes are open and a third pipe is draining water from the tank ,it take 35 minutes to fill the tank .How long will it take the third pipe alone to empty the

    asked by ghie
  28. Calculus

    A line rotates in a horizontal plane according to the equation Y = 2t^3- 6t, where Y is the angular position of the rotating line, in radians, and t is the time, in seconds. Determine the angular acceleration when t = 2 sec.

    asked by Linda
  29. Cyber Security

    Which type of terrorists are considered to be the most dangerous and why? domestic or international terrorists?? I'm trying to write an essay that has two parts and i'm stuck on the first part all terrorists are dangerous... i think so anyway

    asked by Sabxo
  30. qnt/561

    Help bad golf balls shall not be greater than 1.620 ounces (45.93) the diameter of the ball shall be less than 1.680 inches the velocity f the ball shall not be greater than 250 feet per second. they check these often using random sampling, the dozen of

    asked by Anoymous
  31. chem

    If a measured quantity is written correctly, which digits are certain?

    asked by fernanda
  32. ALG 2

    Determine the standard form of the equation of the line that passes through (-6,6) and (3,-2). My slope is -8/9 Y=mx+b -2=-8/9(3) + b SOLVING FOR b -2=-24/9 + b WHAT DO I DO NOW

    asked by MOM50
  33. Geometry

    a circle has a center (3,5). the point (3,8) is on the circle. What is the circumference of the circle to the nearest unit?

    asked by Steve
  34. Geometry

    a circle has a center (8,2). the point (3,7) is on the circle. What is the area of the circle to the nearest square unit?

    asked by Steve
  35. PleaseHelp! Geometry!

    Suppose that the area between a pair of concentric circles is 49pi. Find the length of a chord in the larger circle that is tangent to the smaller circle.

    asked by BillyBobJoe
  36. Criminal Justice/Leadership in Law Enforcement

    Question: "It's just a technicality" and "It's not illegal" are two examples of what ethical-wrongdoing category? A. Denying or trivializing its significance B. Invoking the double standard C. Professing ignorance D. Arguing necessity I think it's A, but

    asked by Pat
  37. Phyics

    A cylinder which is in a horizontal position contains an unknown noble gas at 4.63 × 104 Pa and is sealed with a massless piston. The piston is slowly, isobarically moved inward 0.202 m, while 1.95 × 104 J of heat is removed from the gas. If the piston

    asked by Erin
  38. Algebra

    I am working on a review worksheet and there are 2 problems I can't remember how to do. Each question has 6 other questions, so helping me with these will remind me how to do the others! Thank you!! 1.2(x+5) = 1.6(2x+5) and Solve for y a(y+c) = b(y-c)

    asked by Jeffrey
  39. Math

    AB= , BC=19, AC=37

    asked by Jessica Fleming
  40. Algebra

    You go to a forest and measure the shadow of a tree as being 6 m long. The shadow of your meter stick is 2 m long .How tall is the tree ?

    asked by Bob
  41. Science

    You have 75.0 mL of a 2.50 M solution of Na2CrO4 (aq). You also have 125 mL of a 2.15 M solution of AgNO3 (aq). Calculate the concentration of NO3 when the two solutions are added together.

    asked by John
  42. Algebra

    while turning a city, you see a skyscrape and wonder how tall it is. You see that it is clearly divided into floors . You estimate that each floor is 20 feet high . You kill that the skyscraper as 112 floors .how tall is the skyscraper

    asked by Bob
  43. math

    156.1 is 70% of what number?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Geometry

    Help! I don't understand this problem Find the angle of rotation that maps point P (1,0) on to P'. What are the x and y coordinates of point P' to the nearest thousandths? Determine a translation rule that maps point P onto P'.

    asked by Kelly
  45. Algebra

    If you place one staple on an electronic balance,the balance still reads 0.0 grams.however,if you place 210 staples on the balance ,it reads 6.80 grams. What is the mass of on staple?

    asked by Aby
  46. Pre algebra

    If a farmer has ten trees and he wants to plant them in 2 rows of five then how does he do it?

    asked by Paige Turner
  47. Algebra

    While touring a city ,you see a skyscraper and wonder how tall is it.You see that it is clearly divided into floors.You estimate that each floor is 20 feet high.You count that the skyscraper has122 floors.How tall is this skyscraper ?

    asked by Alexis
  48. Math

    The weight of box A is 4/5 of box B. If box B is placed on one side of a balance scale, it is balanced by box A and a 4/5 pound weight. How much does box B weigh?

    asked by Constella
  49. Physics

    A clown at a birthday party has brought along a helium cylinder, with which he intends to fill balloons. When full, each balloon contains 0.00280 m3 of helium at an absolute pressure of 1.20 x 105 Pa. The cylinder contains helium at an absolute pressure of

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Math I am lost!

    Tom travelled to the train station at 60 mph and arrived 1 minute earlier. He then travelled back home at 30 mph and arrived 1 minute late. How long was the trip. D= 60 * T - 1 + 30*T+1 60T+30T -1+1 90 t

    asked by kareen
  51. Math

    Six people used a spa for 20-40 min. for an average of 48 minutes.How many would be able to use it for 50 minutes if one person used it for 50 min is the answer 8

    asked by kareen
  52. Algebra

    Jorge took a trip to Mexico.Upon leaving he decided to convert all of his pesos back into dollars.How many dollars did he receive if he exchanged 42.7 pesos a rate of $5.30 = 11.1 prsos?

    asked by Zoe
  53. Math

    A treasure box contained 3 bags of mint and 4 bags of chocolate. What is the probability of a student grabbing a bag of mint without looking? 3/7

    asked by kareen
  54. Math

    A picture frame has a height of 10cm and width 8 cm. If you take 2 1/2 from the height from both sides and 2 cm from one side, what is the area? 24 cm sqrt

    asked by kareen
  55. algebra1

    Melissa wants to figure out how many fish live in a small lake by her house .She ccatces 15 fish and tags the (safely).Shethen outs thoes fish back in the lake .Then next day ,she catches 28 fish .of those 28 fish, 3 of them have the tags on them.About how

    asked by Victor
  56. Algebra

    Factoring x^2+1= (x+1)(x+1)= 5 Trying to see if I am doing it right or have the right answer.

    asked by Dee365
  57. Calculus

    What would the limit be for the following problems? lim (square root (x+3)) x--> 1 I thought it would be 1.4 lim (1/x) x--> 7 I thought it would be 0 or .1 but neither of those show to be correct. Thank you!

    asked by Serena
  58. Math

    Yvonne had 25 stamps. She used 20 of them. Which represents the portion of the stamps she used. 0.4. 4/5 60% or 15/20

    asked by Ledian Gonzalez
  59. Math

    Find x √2x/9.81= √(300+h)^2+60^2/150 Thankyou!

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Math

    A Picture is surrounded by a frame 10 5/8 inches and 6 1/2 inches. what is the area of the entire picture including the frame

    asked by Nancy
  61. Algebra

    Find x √2x/9.81= √(300+x)^2+60^2/150

    asked by Andrei
  62. algebra 1

    If you place one staple on an electrionc, the balance still reads 0.0 grams.However ,if you place 210 staples on the blance ,it reads 6.80 grams .What is the mass of one staple ? - i don't understand this can u explan it

    asked by zack