Questions Asked on
August 21, 2015

  1. life orientation

    Define risk behavior and explain why it is important for teenagers to investigate and be knowledgeable about it.

    asked by jonathan
  2. Social Sudies please help

    workers mostly sell there labor in order to earn income --------- grow their productivity become entrepreneurs avoid inflation

    asked by ttng
  3. Geometry

    12. the midpoint of CD is E(-1,0) one endpoint is C (5,2). What are the coordinates of the other endpoint?

    asked by blahhh
  4. Geometry

    11. PB is a line segment on a number line it has endpoints at -2 and 12 what is the coordinate of its midpoint Can someone explain this to me??

    asked by blahhh
  5. Geometry

    Explain the distance formula. Then use it to calculate the distance between A (1,1) and B(7,-7)

    asked by blahhh
  6. Math

    Which set of integers are in the right order from least to greatest? A. -8,8,6,|-7|,5 B. |-7|,-8,8,6,5 C. -8,5,6,|-7|,8 D. 5,6,8,-8,|-7| Is the answer b? Thank you

    asked by Liz

    which of the following are reasonable answer for the product of two negatives and a positive a. 20** b. 10 c. -20 d. -10 Which statement about the product is true 5.5⋅√5 a. The product is rational b. The product is irrational**** c. The product is

    asked by BUBBLES
  8. math

    which of the following are reasonable answer for the product of two negatives and a positive a. 20** b. 10 c. -20 d. -10 Which statement about the product is true 5.5⋅√5 a. The product is rational b. The product is irrational**** c. The product is

    asked by TeaCup
  9. History

    Which statement best characterizes the effects of European colonization in New Mexico? A)Europeans eliminated all Native American influence in New Mexico. B)European colonization contributed to a unique blend of cultural elements. C)European colonization

    asked by Trish
  10. Algebra 1

    Your cousin is eight years older than your brother three years ago your cousin was twice as old as your brother how old is your cousin now how old is your brother now

    asked by Anonymous
  11. History

    Which of these is the best example of European and Native American interaction in New Mexico? A)Christopher Columbus landed in the Caribbean. B)New Mexicans fought in the Spanish-American War. C)Spanish buildings were made from adobe. D)Native Americans

    asked by Trish
  12. Social Sudies please help

    which of these factors does not contribute to the income potential the education required to be successful at a job the amount of income a person wants to make at a job the special skills needed to do a job well the enjoyment a person finds in a job -----

    asked by ttng
  13. Physics

    A body is projected at angle of 30 degree with the horizontal at an initial speed of 200m/ far from the point of projection will it strike

    asked by Bright
  14. Physics

    The Kelvin temperature of an object is T1 and the object radiates a certain amount of energy per second. The Kelvin temperature of the object is then increased to T2, and the object radiates 81 times as much energy per second as it radiated at the lower

    asked by Anonymous
  15. math

    On the first day in each month, Enid deposited $4 into her bank account and Jim deposited $3 into his. They opened these accounts on May 15, 1990. On December 31, 1990, they each had $72 dollars in their account. How much did each person deposit on May 15?

    asked by Tricia

    Velocities of the 2 cars during the race are given in the tables below where velocities, v are in miles per hour and times t are in seconds. Sappho's car: time: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 velocity:0 20 35 48 62 75 85 93 99 106 111 Homer's car: time: 0 1 2 3 4

    asked by Ashley
  17. Physics

    A man can swim in still water at a speed of 3km/hr.He wants to cross the river that flows at 2km/hr and reach the point directly opposite to his starting Point.find the angle if his body makes with the river flow.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. science`

    When doing an experiment, it is important to follow all of the procedures EXCEPT ______________. Question 1 options: wearing protective goggles arranging and organizing the work space neatly understanding the meaning of the safety precautions using smaller

    asked by sciene lab safety
  19. cheistry

    Fractional distillation is suitable for separation of miscible liquids with a boiling point difference of about 25 K or less. What part of fractional distillation apparatus makes it efficient and possess an advantage over a simple distillation process.

    asked by joe
  20. Math

    Sammy has fifty coins in his pocket that add up to one dollar. how many coins of each denomination are in sammy's pocket?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. llinear programming

    Mountain Laurel Vineyards produces three kinds of wineMountain Blanc, Mountain Red, and Mountain Blush. The company has 17 tons of grapes available to produce wine this season. Acask of Blanc requires 0.21 tons of grapes, a cask of Red requires 0.24 tons,

    asked by Anonymous
  22. acct ii

    A company has $314,000 in credit sales. The company uses the allowance method to account for uncollectible accounts. The allowance for doubtful accounts now has a $1,890 debit balance. If the company estimates that $8,160 of accounts will be uncollectible

    asked by t
  23. Covenant polytechnic. Aba.

    Two converging lenses having power of +2.0 and +20.0 diopter are used to give magnifications in an astronomical telescope. calculate the angular magnification of the telescope when (I).in normal adjustment. (ii).The final image is formed at the least

    asked by Ewuosa Destiny
  24. Physics.

    A glacier advances at 3.9x 10 -6 cm/s. How far will it move in 50000s? How far will it move in 3.3y? Answer in units of cm.

    asked by Diana
  25. Algebra

    You invested 20,000 in two accounts paying 4% and 7% annual interest, respectively. If the total interested earned for the year was $830, how much was invested at each rate?

    asked by Alex
  26. physics

    2 forces pull horizontally on a heavy box. force b is directed 20 west of north and pulls twice as hard as force a. the resultant of these two pulls is 400N directly northward. using vector components to show two possible solutions to this problem: a. what

    asked by courtney
  27. Geography

    in 3-5 sentences, provide brief description of the Okefenokee Swamp, its creation as a national wildlife refuge, and its importance for biological diversity in the state.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Algebra

    (5)^-1/2 * (5x)^5/2 (5x)^-3/2 = 1/5*sqrt5x^5(1/sqrt5x^3)= sqrt5x^5/sqrt5*sqrt5x^3= x^2 sqrt5x/ sqrt5 * x sqrt5x= x^2/x sqrt5= x/sqrt 5 Is this correct? If not, where am I going wrong and what is the answer?

    asked by Madeleine
  29. Integration help


    asked by Edward
  30. physics

    A car travels along a straight stretch of road. It proceeds for 11.2 mi at 52 mi/h, then 23.2 mi at 40 mi/h, and finally 48.2 mi at 31.9 mi/h. What is the car’s average velocity during the entire trip?

    asked by shriya
  31. math

    Which symbol is used to make -6? |-8| a true statement? A. > B. < C. = Is the answer B? Thank you

    asked by Liz
  32. Trigonometry

    Sinx+root3cos=1 if 0

    asked by Edward
  33. Math

    50% Rule: The repackaged vial or unit dose must have an expiration date placed on it; but it is not the same expiration date as what is on the stock bottle. You must take the date on the stock bottle and write the half way date between today’s date and

    asked by Anonymous
  34. math.fraction

    There are 12 marbles in the container.. then colored half of the marbles the quarter of the marble is the rest of marble us green.. what us the fraction of green

    asked by gemmalyn bautista
  35. Ela

    So i was reading this article about best new ice cream shops in nyc and answer questions like What is the central idea of the article... What does it mean by Central idea of the article?

    asked by Penelope
  36. Chemistry

    A compound contains 84% carbon and 10% hydrogen.find the emperical formula.

    asked by Sanni
  37. alliance

    the distance between town M and N is 280km a lorry and a car travelled from M to N .the car arrived 1hour 10minutes earlier than the lorry. calculate their speeds

    asked by harun
  38. Math- Need Help

    If 5x +4y and 4x +3y =5 15x +12y =18 16x +12y = 20 31x/31= 38/31 x= 1 7/31 20x +16y =24 20x +15y = 5 31/y/31 = 29/31 y=29/31 x +y = 1 7/31 + 29/31 2 5/31

    asked by kareen
  39. Math

    In the number 436,621 which places contain digits where one digit is ten times as great as the other? I picked the 2 6's.

    asked by Gwen
  40. Math: Mean, Median, Mode, Range & Finding the devi

    What is deviation? And what is the definition of frequency distribution & how would I solve a problem in 8th grade math with this problem...My child is asking about this problem she has in an 8th grade book. Given the following numbers

    asked by Aayla
  41. Geography

    What is the number and origin of patients in the case of health facilities or number and origin of learners in the case of a high school?

    asked by Wanga
  42. Algebra II

    The longer side of a triangle is 3 times the shorter side. The third side is 4 inches longer than the shorter. How long is the short side if the perimeter is more than 39 inches?

    asked by Derick
  43. science cbse school


    asked by arti
  44. Mathematics

    the sum of all digits in each pair is 19 and the sum of the numbers in each pair is 100. I don't understand what the question is trying to ask? Is it to find that number, or?

    asked by anon
  45. Science

    Give the scientific terminology for each discription 1The chemical synthesis process in plants in which CO2 plays a vital role 2Manure that comes from plants that are planted,but not harvested 3The name of the first step in the ostwald process

    asked by Lusanda
  46. Algebra

    Simplify 5^-1/2 * 5x^5/2 (5x)^-3/2 My final answer was x/sqrt5

    asked by Stephen
  47. math

    A rectangle is 12 cm longer than it is wide. a wooden walk 2 ft wide is placed around the pond. the area covered by the pond and walk is 160 ft^2 greater than the area covered by the pond alone. What are the dimensions of the pond

    asked by twnkal eshaal
  48. Math97

    Rename as a decimal 7/8 and how do get the answer 0.875

    asked by Harry
  49. Geography

    the fall line divides which two physiographic regions

    asked by Anonymous
  50. linear algebra

    It is not possible to meet exactly the recommendation by applying some combination of the three(3) brands of fertilizer because having put d question in a Matrix form. The determinant to know whether it is possible or not is equal to Zero(0) which is

    asked by John E. Livinus
  51. Algebra

    Factor by removing the common factor with the lesser exponent 2x(x-5)^-3 -4x^2(x-5)^-4 I don't really know how to do this. The final answer I got is: 2x(2x^2-10x+1) -------------- (x-5)^4

    asked by Stephen
  52. Algebra

    (5)^-1/2 * (5x)^5/2 (5x)^-3/2 Simplifies to 1/5 * ã5x^5(1/ã5x^3) My final answer is x/ã5 is that correct?

    asked by Jane
  53. English

    waste: the use of resources on things that do not need it ========================= word: definition Q1: What does 'it' refer to? Q2: What is the antecedent of the clause 'that do not need it'? Resources or things?

    asked by rfvv
  54. s.s children

    How much sodium bicarbonate is required to neutralise 1.5 litres of acetic acid

    asked by shanu
  55. Percentage

    I just got a 3% merit pay increase to my current rate of $20 an hour. How much will my hourly rate be now?

    asked by Mike
  56. science

    Hey im doing grade 11 at 2012 but I drop out at June but I have the results at March how do I do to get a matric or finish school?

    asked by mayekane
  57. English

    1. We are planning various events for the elderly people there. ----------- What is the part of speech of 'there'? Does 'there' modify 'people' or 'planning'?

    asked by rfvv
  58. le

    a fraction is such that the numerator is seven less than the square of the denominator. if six is added to the numerator and on to the denominator the result is 2. Find the fraction

    asked by john
  59. mathmetic

    if 4th power of pojetive real number 3.215 find the number,also veriphy your answer.

    asked by ganesh patil
  60. Algebra

    t^2/ã(t^2+1) - ã(t^2+1) ------------------------- t^2 Is the final answer -1/t^2 sqrt(t^2+1)

    asked by Stephen
  61. Algebra

    Simplify. -x^3(1-x^2)^-1/2 -2x(1-x^2)^1/2 ------------------------------- x Do I first start by getting rid of the negative exponents? I do not know where to begin. Please help.

    asked by Stephen
  62. math

    whats 3-7+(8+9)=

    asked by kimberly
  63. Algebra

    Solve the complex fraction ((t^2/sqrt t^2+1)-sqrt t^2+1))/t^2 Is the LCD to multiply by sqrt t^2+1????? Please help!

    asked by Stephen
  64. Maths

    At a flower shop , there was a total of 494 sunflowers and roses. After 2/5 of sunflowers and 57 roses were sold , the ratio of number of sunflowers to number of roses were 2:3. How many roses were there at first?

    asked by Jane
  65. physics

    a car moving at 6m/s accelerate at 1.5meter squared per second for 4seconds.It then it slows down at rate 1.2 meter squared per second. What is the distance travel?

    asked by melanie
  66. Integration


    asked by Edward
  67. Math

    The opposite of -4 is? I believe it is 4.

    asked by Lost
  68. organic chem

    Is methanal delocalizable?

    asked by shie
  69. meme

    Consider the system of equations A ⊗ x = b where (i) A ∈ R m×n max , x ∈ R n max, b ∈ R m max and Rmax = R ∪ {−∞}, (ii) ⊗ denotes the max-plus matrix (or matrix-vector) product based on the arithmetic operations of ”addition” a ⊕ b

    asked by twnkal eshaal
  70. Trigonometry and Analysis

    Oscar has twice as many pennies than he has dimes. All together he has $.84. How many dimes and pennies does he have? I tried to solve this, but I know I did it wrong, because I got a decimal for the amount of dimes. Here's what I did: P=D*2

    asked by Juan