Questions Asked on
August 14, 2015

  1. Geometry

    Line MO bisects

    asked by Steve
  2. Geometry

    asked by Steve
  3. chemistry

    3-pentanol is heated with sulphuric acid (H2SO4) to become compound M. Compound M is reacted with Br2/ H2O to form Compound N. Outline the reaction step and name the compound M and N

    asked by aiman
  4. Geometry

    Find the,

    asked by Steve
  5. Pre-Calculus

    A local salesman receives a base salary of 675 monthly. He Also receives a commission of 11% on all sales over 1900. How Much would he have to sell in a month if he needed to have a monthly income of 3000? My Work: 1900*.11=209 3000-675=2325

    asked by Lost
  6. Physics

    The relative density of a solid is 6.5. Find (1)the mass of a solid substance cube of side 20cm. (2) the volume of the substance if the mass is 1.3kg

    asked by Oluchi
  7. Algebra 1

    Which of the following statements is true about the function y = 5⋅x4 ? It is an even function It is an odd function It is an exponential function It is an inverse function

    asked by Jamie Ciacico

    125 g of dry ice (solid CO2) is dropped into a beaker containing 500 g of 66°C water. The dry ice converts directly to gas, leaving the solution. When the dry ice is gone, the final temperature of the water is 29°C. What is the heat of vaporization of

    asked by SERA
  9. Algebra ASAP

    pls pls help out A geometric sequence begins 36, 9, 9/4, 9/16, 9/64, . . . . (a) Find the common ratio r for this sequence. r = (b) Find a formula for the nth term an of the sequence. an = (c) Find the tenth term of the sequence. a10 =

    asked by hey
  10. Physics

    Two equal-mass stars orbit their centre of mass. The distance between the stars (measured from the centre of mass of each) is 1 AU. What is the period of revolution in years? How much energy would be required to unbind these stars if they each have the

    asked by Jim
  11. Physics

    A spaceship is on a straight-line path between the Earth and the Moon. At what distance from (the centre of) Earth is the net gravitational pull on the probe from the Earth and the moon zero? Mass of Earth = 6×10^24 kg. Mass of Moon = 7×10^22 kg. The

    asked by Jim
  12. physics

    an elevator and its load have a total mass of 1000 kg. find the tension in the supporting cable if the elevator originally moving downward at 10m/s is brought to rest with a constant acceleration after moving a distance of 50m?

    asked by acceleration
  13. Algebra 1

    Which of the following equations best represents the function for the situation "an initial population (P) of 1,400 people decreasing by 5% per year (x)"? p=1,400-5x p=1,400(0.05)^x p=1,400(0.95)^x p=1,400/5x

    asked by Jamie Ciacico
  14. physics

    A football player runs the pattern given in the drawing by the three displacement vectors , , and . The magnitudes of these vectors are A = 4.00 m, B = 15.0 m, and C = 18.0 m. Using the component method, find the (a) magnitude and (b)direction of the

    asked by jacob
  15. chemistry

    write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction that would occur ewhen a base is added to a solution containing H2PO4-/HPO4^2- buffer system can you please help we write this balanced equation. thank you

    asked by coco
  16. Physics

    A length of copper wire is shaped into a single circular loop of circumference 63 cm, similar to that shown in the picture below. A magnetic field of strength 0.50 T is parallel to the normal of the loop. The copper wire has a resistance of 2.5 x 10-2 Ω.

    asked by Andrew
  17. college algebra

    Solve the following exponential equation by expressing each side as a power of the same base and then equating exponents. 31-x = 1/27

    asked by yan
  18. statistics

    4. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) has a combined verbal and quantitative mean of 1000 and a standard deviation of 200. Scores range from 200 to 1600 and are approximately normally distributed. For each of the following problems: (a) draw a rough sketch,

    asked by Martin
  19. Discrete Math

    A multiple choice test consists of eight questions, each of which has five choices. Each question has exactly one correct answer. William guesses randomly at each answer. What is the probability that he gets six or fewer questions correct?

    asked by Shalini
  20. Physics

    Two charged particles have equal mass and carry charges of 2 nC and 3 nC respectively. They enter a magnetic field of strength 2 mT at the same velocity. Assuming that both particles exit the field parallel to each other and perpendicular to the field,

    asked by Brian
  21. sensitive probability plz help

    (i):find the number of four letter words that can be formed from the letter history (ii):how many of them begin and end with a consonant (iii):how many contain the letter (Y) (iv):how many beging with (T) and end with a vowel (v):how many contain both

    asked by edward
  22. Chemistry

    For the reaction ? Li+? N2 →? Li3N , what is the maximum amount of Li3N which could be formed from 11.79 g of Li and 17.08 g of N2? I got 19.72 g as my final answer and I just want to make sure I am correct. If I am not can you please help me understand

    asked by Allie
  23. Algebra 1

    The initial number of bacteria in a Petri dish is 2,300 and grows at a rate of 3% per hour. Which best approximates the number of bacteria in the dish after 8 hours? 1803 2914 2,324 0

    asked by Jamie Ciacico
  24. Calculus

    The following rational function describes concentration in blood of a certain medicine taken once depending on time, find: A) the horizontal or oblique asymptote B) the vertical asymptote, if any C) describe their meanings f(x)=x/x^2-100

    asked by Wendy
  25. history

    Among the legislative acts passed during Franklin Roosevelt’s first term as president, which one gave relief to artists, actors, and writers? A. Works Progress Administration B. National Recovery Administration C. Tennessee Valley Authority D. Civilian

    asked by april
  26. Chemistry

    The equivalence point of any acid titrated with a base occurs when the A. concentration of the acid and concentration of the titrant are equal. B. mass of the acid and the mass of the titrant are equal. C. pH of the mixture of the acid and titrant is 7.0.

    asked by coco
  27. Algebra 1

    The growth of the population of a country can be modeled by the equation . Using this equation, which of the following best represents the number of years it will take for the population of the city to double?

    asked by Jamie Ciacico
  28. Algebra 1

    Which of the following quadratic functions has zeros at x = -3 and x = 2? y=(x+3)(x-2) y=(x-3)(x+2) y=(x+3)^2-2 y=(x-3)^2+2

    asked by Jamie Ciacico
  29. microeconomics

    A firm currently uses 40,000 workers to produce 180,000 units of output per day. The daily wage per worker is $100, and the price of the firm's output is $28. The cost of other variable inputs is $500,000 per day. (Note: Assume that output is constant at

    asked by bushra
  30. Statistics/Binomal

    I really need help I do not understand how to start this problem. A machine that manufactures automobile parts produces defective parts 15% of the time. If 7 parts produced by this machine are randomly selected, what is the probability that at least 3 of

    asked by Mary Ann
  31. math

    a man spent 5% of his salary on rent and out of remaining 20% on car and out of remaning on insurance and furniture in the ratio of 13:7 the value of 7 parts is 4907 what is his salary

    asked by kaku
  32. Interpersonal communication

    In interpersonal communication, when two people are talking face to face, the channel is the air (or auditory channel) around them that carries the message. (Points : 1) True False

    asked by Christopher
  33. physics

    A helicopter flies over the arctic ice pack at a constant altitude, towing an airborne 99-kg laser sensor which measures the thickness of the ice (see the drawing). The helicopter and the sensor move only in the horizontal direction and have a horizontal

    asked by sarah
  34. physics

    An LED is a device that emits light of a particular frequency when the voltage applied across the LED reaches a certain value. This effect can be used to measure Planck’s constant. In the circuit shown below the switch is closed and the potentiometer is

    asked by Desmond
  35. statistics

    Construct a scatterplot. b. Draw a regression line through the data point that “fits” the data points reasonably well. c. Enclose the data points with a ellipse. d. Estimate the direction of the correlation. e. Estimate the strength of the correlation

    asked by shiela
  36. Chemistry

    We were testing standard solutions of Cu(NO3)2 and a filtrate of Cu(NO3)2 using a spectrophotometer and all of the absorbances recorded were higher than what they were predicted to be. Why might this be?

    asked by Georgia
  37. Algebra 1

    What type of symmetry does the graph of y = x3 exhibit? Rotational symmetry of 90 degrees clockwise about the origin Rotational symmetry of 180 degrees clockwise about the origin Reflectional symmetry about the y-axis Reflectional symmetry about the x-axis

    asked by Jamie Ciacico
  38. Algebra 1

    Which of the following statements is true about the function ? It has 4 real zeros It has no real zeros As x approaches positive infinity, y approaches positive infinity As x approaches positive infinity, y approaches negative infinity

    asked by Jamie Ciacico
  39. physics

    A vehicle accelerates from rest with a unifrom acceleration of 0.5m/s^2 up to a velocity of 36km/h.It travels at constant velocity for 1km,the brakes are then applied and it comes to rest in 20s.Calculate the total distance travelled and the total time

    asked by Prince y.Alpha
  40. Physics

    A 10 g dart traveling at 400 m/s sticks into a 10 kg, 1 m wide door at the edge opposite the hinge causing the door to swing open. What is the angular velocity of the door immediately after impact?

    asked by Yoyo
  41. grammar

    Jermaine loves applying his Learning Pattern knowledge to his relationship with his family members at home. At the kitchen table, ______ discuss how they would approach the task of remodeling the guest bathroom. a. he and his wife b. his wife and him c.

    asked by Shawn
  42. math

    an empty 50 gallon is filled with water by faucet with a rate 4 gallon per min while it can be drain by a faucet at the bottom of the drum by half a gallon per minute . how long will it take the faucet to fill the drum up to brim if at the same time the

    asked by al sah him
  43. math

    Victor jogs early morning from his house to rizal stadium at an average of 5kph rests for half and hour and jogs back with half his average speed going to stadium. If he consumes a total of 4 hrs. how far does victor jog?

    asked by al sah him
  44. math

    the product of the sum and the difference of two nu8mberts is 105. find the two numbers

    asked by beth
  45. Algebra 1

    The profit of a company can be modeled using the rule P = -C2 + 10C - 16 where P represents the profit and C represents the cost of the item sold. What cost will produce the maximum profit?

    asked by Jamie Ciacico
  46. physics

    A bird watcher meanders through the woods, walking 0.744 km due east, 0.925 km due south, and 3.97 km in a direction 18.3 ° north of west. The time required for this trip is 1.765 h. Determine the magnitudes of the bird watcher's (a) displacement and (b)

    asked by bill
  47. Algebra 1

    Which rule below represents a quadratic function with vertex (4 ,-5) and passing through the point (0, -1)? y=(x-4)(x+5)-1 y=(x-4)^2-5 y = 0.25 (x - 4)^2 - 5 y = 0.12 (x - 4)^2 - 5

    asked by Jamie Ciacico
  48. Math

    Kate wanted to have a cake in which Elmos’ nose was 6 inches in diameter, because the preschool is 6 years old. Her original recipe of the cake batter called for: 3 eggs, 2 baking mix, Half a cup of oil, 1 cup of water. How much of each ingredient will

    asked by Althea
  49. MATH


    asked by LINETTE
  50. Electrical principles

    a. What current is flowing in a 2.0m length of wire in the Earth's field of 55μT if it experiences a force of 10mN? b. A 2 wire cable is suppling 100 A to a DC motor. Each wire has a 2 mm insulation layer and there is also a 2 mm separate insulation layer

    asked by francis
  51. algebra 2

    Im having troubles with this question if u can explain it ill appreciate it. 1)Suppose a contest offers $1,000 to the person who can guess the winning four digit number.How many possibilities are there?

    asked by Janet
  52. Math

    Jane used one fifths on her shoes and two thirds on her dress and she was left with R60.00 how much did she have altogether

    asked by Amira
  53. Chemistry

    in the equation, n = cv, what is the meaning of n? I know that it stands for the number of moles, but I'm not exactly sure what that means. Our teacher wants us to mention Avogradro’s number in our explanation

    asked by Jessica
  54. math

    2/9 divided 15/4 divided 4/12

    asked by kevin
  55. physics

    For small nuclei, an equal number of protons and neutrons gives rise to a stable nucleus. However, for larger nuclei, an excess of neutrons is required. Using your knowledge of the relevant physics, discuss why additional neutrons make one of these larger

    asked by Tekila
  56. math

    a jeepney bound for Lawton leaves Carriedo at 11:57 am with an average rate of 40kph at 12 noon Mr Sammy leaves carriedo at rate 65kph. If the distance from Carriedo to Lawton is 7km at what time the jeepney and Mr Sammy reach Lawton.

    asked by al sah him
  57. Biology, please help 9th

    how the brain is related to human behavior and what the brain’s role is in the field of psychology.

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  58. Math

    If it takes B hours to walk a certain distance at the rate of 3 miles per hour, the number of hours it takes to return the same distance at 4 miles per hour is...?

    asked by Victoria
  59. math pls help

    What is the product of 58 and 34?

    asked by anon
  60. math

    what is the word form for34,235,345

    asked by anthony
  61. English

    An informal reading response to the book Ordinary People by Judith Guest asks me to comment how on my emotional reaction to the Jarrett family while using 3rd person and present tense. I only really need help with the beginning and then I should be able to

    asked by Ryna
  62. Chemistry

    A buffer solution A. contains approximately equal amounts of a weak acid and its conjugate base. B. increases its properties with an increase in the concentrations of the two buffer components. C. resists changes in pH. D. all of the above I got C is that

    asked by Syd
  63. physics

    A 14.4-kg sled is being pulled across a horizontal surface at a constant velocity. The pulling force has a magnitude of 66.9 N and is directed at an angle of 32 ° above the horizontal. Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction

    asked by sarah
  64. Algebra 1

    If , which of the following best represents x when y = 4? 1 1+_ sqrt(2) 1+_2sqrt(2) 4

    asked by Jamie Ciacico
  65. Algebra 1

    Which of the following is true about the function y = 11 + 3⋅x - x2? It has a maximum value. It has a horizontal asymptote. It has a constant rate of change. It intersects the x-axis exactly once.

    asked by Jamie Ciacico
  66. physics

    A small boy blows a big soap bullet at a birthday party where the room is illuminated with yellow light of wavelength 600 nm. a) What is the colour of the soap bubble? Give reasons for your answer. b) Estimate the thickness of the soap bubble. [Refractive

    asked by aiman