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August 13, 2015

  1. Math Probability

    An ant begins at the top of the pictured octahedron. If the ant takes two "steps", what is the probability it ends up at the bottom of the octahedron? Assume a "step" is a journey from one vertex to an adjacent vertex along an edge.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Maths

    Simplify ; 4 root (132 by143) minus 2

    asked by Aditya
  3. math

    a pantry contains 6 shelves each 42 inches long. the shelves are to be reclined with fresh paper. the paper is sold in 1 yard rolls. the number of 1 yard rolls needed is:

    asked by andy
  4. Math Probability

    Mario, Yoshi, and Toadette play a game of "nonconformity": They each choose rock, paper, or scissors. If two of the three people choose the same symbol, and the third person chooses a different symbol, then the one who chose the different symbol wins.

    asked by Anonymous
  5. calc

    A particle moves along the x-axis with velocity v(t) = t^2 − 1, with t measured in seconds and v(t) measured in feet per second. Find the total distance travelled by the particle from t = 0 to t = 2 seconds.

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Biology HELP!

    1. Which of the following correctly identifies the composition of an oxygen atom? (1 point) 8 protons, 8 electrons, and 8 neutrons 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons 8 protons, 6 electrons, and 7 neutrons 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 12 neutrons 2.

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  7. Applied Geometry

    What is the volume of a right triangular pyramid whose base is 3 meters on each side and whose altitude is 4 meters? 4.5 m3 3.9 m3 5.2 m3 Are the possible answers, I calculated 3 square root 3 m3, which simplified was 5.19, so I think it is 5.2m3. Can you

    asked by HWKIS
  8. Spanish 2

    Dear Profesora, Can you check my answers? 11 of 21 Grammar Questions: Choose the best answer to express the given statement or question. Creo que el poema ______________ por Pablo Neruda. escribió fue escrito** fuera escrito escriba unable to answer

    asked by Karen
  9. Math

    Bob works 1 1/2 hours per day and is payed $7 per hour. He works five days a week. How much money does he earn in 7 weeks? My answer is $367.50, am i correct?

    asked by anonymous
  10. Physics

    A large rock that weighs 164.0 N is suspended from the lower end of a thin wire that is 3.00 m long. The density of the rock is 3200 kg/m3. The mass of the wire is small enough that its effect on the tension in the wire can be neglected. The upper end of

    asked by Hazel
  11. Science

    What is the difference between a scientific theory and a scientific law? A. A scientific theory describes a pattern of observations, while a scientific law is an educated guess based on observation. B. A scientific theory is based on a few experiments,

    asked by Amber
  12. Math Urgent

    To form a certain sequence, the rules are: 1)If a number is even, divide by 2 to get the next number 2)If a number is odd, multiply by 3, then add 1 to the the next number. Starting with 12,the 1000th term would be... a.1 b.2 c.3 d.4 THANKS

    asked by Ms Sue Help ME
  13. physics

    As preparation for this problem, review Conceptual Example 10. The drawing shows two planes each dropping an empty fuel tank. At the moment of release each plane has the same speed of 105 m/s, and each tank is at the same height of 4.79 km above the

    asked by annon
  14. Math

    A recipe requires 3 / 4 c ups of nuts for 1 batch of muffins how many batches of muffins can be made using 7 1 / 2 cups of nuts

    asked by Ano
  15. math

    at the video store where you work the dvd cases are 5/8 of an inch wide. New shelf units are available that have 6 40-inch shelves. How many dvd should fit on a 6-shelf unit?

    asked by catherine
  16. Maths

    construct an equilateral triangle of perimeter is 19.5cm. Measure and Verify that each angles measures 60 degree

    asked by angela
  17. Geometry

    What is the perimeter of the shaded area, if the shape is a quarter circle with a radius of 8? A) 2 pi B) 4 pi C) 2 pi + 16 D) 4 pi + 16 Is it C?

    asked by Jina
  18. Hwiti High School

    Which career path i can follow with the following subjects:geography,history,maths literacy,life science,english,sepedi ans life orientation?

    asked by Mmalekgwathane
  19. Math

    Do the following points represent a point on the graph of y=x 4? (0.-4) (5,-1)

    asked by Jo
  20. Math

    A baseball team wins 60% of their first 70 games. They have 40 games left in the season. How many more games do they need to win to get a perfect 70%. Is the answer 35%?

    asked by Kareen
  21. math

    ggreen eggs 2.25 regular eggs 2.00 ham 1.50 bacon 1.25 small drink 0.75 large drink 1.00 today's special 4.25 ticket #12;x+g+b=$5.50 what was ordered on ticket 12. how do you know? is there another possibility for the order? if so,, what is it?

    asked by kathy
  22. math help

    ggreen eggs 2.25 regular eggs 2.00 ham 1.50 bacon 1.25 small drink 0.75 large drink 1.00 today's special 4.25 suppose you have $10 to spend. what are some possible orders you can make? get as close to $10 as you can without going over.

    asked by kathy
  23. Math

    How do u divide 9.69 divided by 29.3

    asked by Tk Mitchell
  24. Math

    A student needed to get a final grade of 90 to get a grade of A for the semester. He scored 83, 85, 92, 86, and 87. If the last two scores would be counted as one score. What is the least grade the student would need to get to get a final grade of A? Is

    asked by Kareen
  25. Math

    The height of a cylinder is 15ft with a radius of 7ft. What is the radius of a similar cylinder with a height of 10ft. Is the answer 4.66 ft?

    asked by Kareen
  26. Chemistry Ap

    A sprinter completes the 100 yard dash in 9.30 seconds. How long would it take her to complete 100. meters if she continued at the same speed? 1. 10.2 sec 2. 10.9 sec 3. 10.7 sec 4. 9.30 sec

    asked by Jai
  27. Ligege secondary school mathematics

    Factorize fully 2.1 5ac+10ab-25ad 2.2 4x(a+b)-3y(a+b) 2.3 ax-bx+2a-2b 3.1 2(x+y) -t (x+y)

    asked by Khuliso
  28. Algebra

    The number of items on two grocery list differs by seven.the total number of items is 33 how many items on each list

    asked by Albert
  29. Physics

    A turn of radius 20m is banked for the vehicle going at a speed of 36km/h. If the coefficient of static friction between the road and the tyres is 0.4, what are the possible speeds of a vehicke so that it neither slip down nor skids up?

    asked by Rohit
  30. MATH

    What is the difference between two places in the local time between two places in latitude 55°N if they are located at longitudes 8°W and 18°E respectively?

    asked by JAY
  31. Arithmetic progession

    The third term of an A.P is 10times more than the second term. Find the sum of the eight and fifteen term of the A.P if the seventh term is seven times the first term

    asked by Abraham
  32. math

    . A respondent tells you she just bought living room carpet which is 20 feet long by 15 feet wide. If carpet is $6.00 per square foot, how much did the new carpet cost?

    asked by debbie
  33. math

    Five coupons of values $2,six coupons of values $3,two coupons of values $5 and two coupons of values $8 are put into a small box.Two coupons are drawn at random from the box without replacement.Calculate the probability that (b)the total value of two

    asked by mandy
  34. Math

    A fruit seller had 450 apples and pears.He sold 1/2 of the apples and 1/4 of the pears. He had a total of 265 apples and pears lefty How many more apples than pears did he have at first. Thanks😊

    asked by Chole😊
  35. maths

    sarah, tom and johns were all friiends. sarah and john were surprised to know that tom didn't know how old they were. sarah: if you add athird of my age to three quartes of toms age you get, 30.5 tom: if you take my age and double it, you get six times the

    asked by zaakiyah
  36. math

    Write the number 1100 and two ways

    asked by Anonymous
  37. history

    Standard Oil has been characterized as a menacing octopus that devours small oil businesses. Look at the cartoon below. Bill Sikes is a fictional criminal from Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist. How does the nursery rhyme characterize Standard Oil?

    asked by Nani
  38. math

    rewrite the improper fraction as a mixed number. 1364/93

    asked by lakshmi
  39. discrete mathematics

    can you give an example of indirect proof in trigonometry using the identities.

    asked by angelyn
  40. physics

    the Apollo 10 spacecraft traveled at 11 km/s just prior o its re-entry, setting a speed record for humans. Suppose advanced technology raises the speed record by a factor of 100, to 1100 km/s. if a time travel of 1 hour elapsed on a ground-based clock, by

    asked by Brian
  41. Conference

    Your assignment is to review the case study starting on page 150, “Closer Look: The Stanford Prison Study.” Write a paper answering the following questions: • Considering the effects this experiment had on its subjects, do you have any ethical

    asked by Regina
  42. Physics

    The resultant of two vectors a and b is perpendicular to the vector a and its magnitude is equal to the half magnitude of vector b the find angle between a and b

    asked by Deepak
  43. Math

    There are 5 students in a classroom. The median age of the children are 9. Two of the children ages are 5. The range of all the students are 7. What is the age of the second to the last child? 5, 5, 9, ? , 12 Is the answer 12? May you please give an

    asked by kareen
  44. Math

    There are 24 marbles in a jar. Nine of the marbles are yellow and the remainder are blue. What is the probability of picking one blue marble from the jar? Is the correct response 5/8?

    asked by kareen
  45. Math

    8 ft of ribbon cost $4.80. The ribbon was cut into pieces measuring 16 inches. What is the cost of each piece? Is the answer $0.80?

    asked by kareen
  46. Sociology

    Understanding what is required to test theories? a- reason b- imagination c- validity research my answer is d

    asked by Steve
  47. algebra

    whats the difference between place value and decimals

    asked by stephania
  48. English

    Id the 2 adjectives. Argyles are patterned socks named after a Scottish clan. My answer patterned & Scottish

    asked by Steve

    According to the DPT of Health Services , 12% of 30-39 have depression. Suppose 3 30-39 year olds are selected randomly what is the probability that all three will have depression.

    asked by Sean
  50. Entrepreneurs

    If switching to fast replenishment compared to holding inventory in a dc (distribution center). Is this: Operational? Tactical? or Strategic?

    asked by John
  51. math

    green eggs 2.25 regular eggs 2.00 ham 1.50 bacon 1.25 small drink 0.75 large drink 1.00 today's special 4.25 ticket #5 2(G+H) what was ordered? what was the cost>? what method did you use to figure out? what is another way to calculate the price for ticket

    asked by kathy
  52. Math

    3. A can do a piece of work in 6 days. B is 50% more efficient. The number of days it take B to do work is A. 9 B. 3 C. 2 D. 4 Is the answer 4? If so, how did you get your answer?

    asked by 7th grade Math
  53. Math

    There are5 red balls6 white balls,7 green balls in a box.without looking at it you pick one ball,what is the probabikity that it is whit?

    asked by Maribetyh
  54. Math

    A student needed to get a final grade of 90 to get a grade of A for the semester. If the last two scores would be counted as one score. What is the least grade the student would need to get to get a final grade of A? Is the answer 45? /

    asked by Kareen
  55. Math

    6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 23, 23 A student did the following push ups in gym class. Which of the following would be used to say he did the most push ups? mean median mode mean-13.1 median- 12.5 mode-23 The answer is the mode?

    asked by Kareen
  56. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 62 cm. The length is 5 less 2 times the number x. What is the width? Is the answer 18?

    asked by Kareen