Questions Asked on
August 9, 2015

  1. math

    If 40 percent of r is equal to s then which of the following is equal to 10 percent of r? Would appreciate an explanation as well. A. 4s B. 2s C. s/2 D. s/4 E. s/8

    asked by Jon Davis
  2. mechanics

    the greatest and the least resultant of twoforces acting on a particle are the 35KN and 5 KN respectively. if 25KN is the magnitude of the resultant for the given system of forces f1 and f2 .prove that the forces are acting at right angle

    asked by devdas
  3. engineering physics 1-science

    A crate of mass m(=32 kg) rides on the bed of a truck attached by a cord to the back of the cab . The cord can withstand a maximum tension of 68N before breaking. Neglecting friction between the crate and the truck bed, find the maximum acceleration the

    asked by Endes Nalabaw
  4. Chem

    Rust formula is rep by Fe2O3 How many moles of Fe are present in 24.6 g of the compound

    asked by Cleo
  5. Math

    How would I find the smallest three digit number that is divisible by exactly three different prime numbers? My friend says the answer is 2 - 3 - 17 but won't tell me how he got it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You.

    asked by Kyle
  6. English

    "I submit that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for

    asked by Steve
  7. Math

    Which transformation will be equivalent to rotating a figure 90° counterclockwise? A) reflecting over the x-axis and the y-axis. B) translating left 3 units and down 5 units. C) Reflecting over the x-axis and then reflecting over the line y = x. D)

    asked by Yolanda
  8. Chemistry

    Which processes are taking place in the following reaction? 2CO(g) + O2(g) ⇌ 2CO2(g) A. displacement and reduction B. synthesis and decomposition C. ionization and recombination D. sublimation and evaporation Is B right?

    asked by Coco
  9. Math

    Kathy spent 1/3 of her money. On a wallet and 1/4 of the remainder on abelt what fraction of her money did she spend on the belt what fraction as let after buying the belt and wallet

    asked by Anonymous
  10. chemistry

    Standard Addition Question: Serum containing Na+ gave a signal of 4.27 mV in an atomic emission analysis. Then 5.00 mL of 2.08 M NaCl were added to 95.0 mL of serum. This spiked serum gave a signal of 7.98 mV. Find the original concentration of Na+ in the

    asked by Phil
  11. Corporate Finance

    suppose you bought a 6 percent coupon bond one year ago for $1,040. The bond sells for $1,063 today.

    asked by Cecilia
  12. Pre calc

    You are standing at the peak of a mountain that is 14000 feet above sea level. The angle of depression from this peak to a nearby smaller peak is 4°. On your map, these two peaks are represented by points that are 1 inch apart. If each inch on your map

    asked by Sarah
  13. Physics

    A spaceship is on a straight-line path between the Earth and the Moon. At what distance from Earth is the net gravitational pull on the probe from the Earth and the moon zero? Mass of Earth = 6×10^24 kg. Mass of Moon = 7×10^22 kg. Can someone please

    asked by Yoyo
  14. physics

    A 33 tonnes jet airline has 4 engines,each producing a nearly constant thrust of 165kN during the takeoff roll.Determine the length of the runway required if the takeoff speed is 320km/h.Neglect air and rolling resistance.

    asked by olivia (pls help!!)
  15. Math

    Find the point, M, that divides segment AB into a ratio of 3:2 if A is at (0, 15) and B is at (20, 0). A) (9, 6) B) (12, 6) C) (12, 9) D) (9, 12) Is it b? if not how do I find the answer?

    asked by Yolanda
  16. psy 303

    . ___________ provided the first physiological explanations for mental illness. (Points : 1) Pinel Plato Galen Hippocrates

    asked by lisa
  17. Calculus - HELP URGENT PLEASE

    The region R is bounded by the x-axis, x=2 and y=x^2. Which of these expressions represents the volume of the solid formed by revolving R about the line x=2?

    asked by Ashley
  18. Chemistry

    The following reaction represent a propsed reaction mechanism for the formation C(C6H5)3OH from C(C6H3)3Cl. Step 1: C(C6H5)3Cl--> C(C6H5)3^+ + Cl- Step 2: C(C6H5)3^+ + OH- --> C(C6H5)3OH What are the intermediate product(s) of the net reaction? Explain

    asked by jonah
  19. Math

    Find the simple Interest; Principle $ 300 Rate 6.5% Time 1/2 year

    asked by Judy
  20. Chemistry

    Before a chemical reaction reaches equilibrium, A. the reaction rates of the reactants and products increase. B. the reaction rate of the reactants increases and the reaction rate of the products decreases. C. the reaction rates of the reactants and

    asked by soco
  21. chemistry

    By applying Le Châtelier’s principle to a reaction that has come to equilibrium, the reaction can be made to A. produce more reactants. B. run to completion. C. reach a new chemical equilibrium. D. All of the above Is the answer D?

    asked by syd
  22. math PLEASE HELP

    The bases of trapezoid $ABCD$ are $\overline{AB}$ and $\overline{CD}$. Let $M$ be the midpoint of $\overline{AD}$. If the areas of triangles $ABM$ and $CDM$ are 5 and 17, respectively, then find the area of trapezoid $ABCD$.

    asked by laura
  23. math

    prove sum(x^2)=n(n+1)(2n+1)/6 from x=1 to x=n

    asked by assma
  24. math

    If a^2=b/c, than c^2=

    asked by Anonymous
  25. better days

    a ball thrown vertically from the ground level hits the ground after 4secs.calculatethe maximumheight it reachedduringit's journey.(g=10m/s2)

    asked by emmanuel
  26. EDU 230

    Before school starts, a student is found sleeping on the restroom floor. What is the cultural identifier

    asked by Toy
  27. Physics

    A torque of 32Nm is applied to a wheel, which causes it to accelerate at 25 rad/s2. What is the rotational moment of inertia of the wheel? I got 1.28kg/m^2. Is this correct?

    asked by Yoyo
  28. Nursing QUESTION HELP

    Does LPN work with kids? I asked my mom and she said no (she an LPN herself) but online it says yes.

    asked by ANITA
  29. english

    why did the neighbours kill the dog ?

    asked by anusree.n.t
  30. algebra

    Prove by mathematical induction that x^2n - y^2n has a factor of x+y. My answer is incomplete since i do not know what to do next. here it is: i.) for n=1 x^2(1) - y^2(1) = x^2 - y^2 = (x+y)(x-y) ii.) Assume that the proposition is true for all n=k, that

    asked by Kenneth
  31. physics

    A 50.9-kg crate rests on a level floor at a shipping dock. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction are 0.526 and 0.311, respectively. What horizontal pushing force is required to (a) just start the crate moving and (b) slide the crate across the

    asked by anonymous
  32. Math

    How many cubic yards of concrete are needed to make 1200 square concrete posts 9-inches by 9-inches by 6-feet?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math

    What is the GREATEST number of pictures each 2.5-inches by 3.5-inches, that a photographer can print on an 8-inch by 10-inch piece of sensitized paper? Isn't the answer supposed to be 4, because once you cut it you cannot put it back together. Please tell

    asked by Anonymous
  34. physics

    a projectile is fired at an angle of 27 above the horizontal from the top of a cliff 500 ft high. The initial speed of projectile is 1670 ft/s. How far will it move horizontally before hitting the level ground at the base of the cliff?

    asked by vien
  35. science

    a body is pulled towards the west by the force of 10N making an angle 30 degree with the south. What are the magnitude of the south and west direction component of the force?

    asked by tariq hassan
  36. org chem

    is precipitation technically the same as crystallization?

    asked by dane
  37. engineering math

    What is the increase in temperature necessary for a hydrogen gas, initially at 0°C, to increase its volume by 5% at constant pressure?

    asked by kris
  38. Chemistry

    The student used the KHP in a subsequent titration experiment where he titrated 25.00 +/- 0.03 ml of the acid against an unknown solution of NaOH. The titration required 23.70 +/- 0.10 ml of the base. What is the concentration of NaOH?

    asked by Aaeisha
  39. Kaputian samal Central

    The zoo hot some new giraffe. The zookeeper asked the helper to deliver one bucket of food to each new giraffe. The zookeeper gave his helper some clues about how many new zebras needed food. Here is the clue . There are more than 15 but fewer than 25. It

    asked by Nicirl dionsay
  40. soofia english medium

    A brick has mass 600g and was lifted at the height of 12m with the speed of 9m/s. What energy was used to lift the brick?

    asked by maureen
  41. Kaputian central elementary school

    My math book is in my locker. All the digits in my locker are odd numbers and their sum is 11. There are 120 lockers. What is my locker number?

    asked by Nicirl dionsay
  42. Algebra

    In a three digit number, the hundreds digit is twice the units digit. If the digits are reversed, the new number is 396 less than the original number. Find the number.

    asked by George
  43. computer

    how EPOS terminal will be better for shoppers?

    asked by abdus saboor
  44. darlaghat

    state and explain 1st law of thermodynamics

    asked by thakur yash
  45. physics

    light from the sun travels 1.5x10km to reach the earth .how long does it journey take in minutes?

    asked by rob
  46. Math

    What is the area of a square with a side whose length = x + 5? A) 2x + 10 B) 4x + 20 C) x2 - 10x + 25 D) x2 + 10x + 25 is it C?

    asked by Yolanda
  47. Math

    A steel plant has two sources of ore, source A and source B. In order to keep the plant running, at least three tons of ore must be processed each day. Ore from source A costs $20 per ton to process, and ore from source B costs $10 per ton to process.

    asked by Yolanda
  48. Math

    υиιт яαтє: 40 ¢м σf ѕиσω ιи 8 нσυяѕ

    asked by Crazy
  49. math

    An adult giraffe that is 17.8 ft tall casts a shadow that is 65.9 ft long. Find the height of a baby elephant that casts a 11.8 ft shadow.

    asked by shaneika
  50. math

    unit rate 376 points for defeating 94 enimies

    asked by Crazy
  51. math, unit price

    a fast food resturant has 4 boxes of chicken nuggets for $25.44. a competing resturant has 6 boxes of chicken nuggets for $39.00. which food has a higher unti price?

    asked by Crazy
  52. p

    what is gravirty

    asked by kongo
  53. damon or reiny need ur help God bless you

    A rectangular face of a casting 250mmx100mm is to be machined on a sharper.if the average cutting speed is to be 20m/mins and the feed is to be 2mm/stroke,calculate the time taken to machine the face of the casting.Allow 5mm overrun at each end of the

    asked by edward