Questions Asked on
August 8, 2015

  1. Math

    Let ∠X and ∠Y be complementary. If sin(X) = 3/5 and cos(X) = 4/5 then what is the value of sin(Y)? A)3/5 B) 4/5 C) 5/4 D) 5/3 Is it A?

    asked by Yolanda
  2. wits

    Vector A has magnitude of 75 units and points in the positive x direction.vector C = A+B points points in the y direction and has magnitude of 95m.(a) sketch vector A; B & C. (b) Estimate the magnitude & direction of vector B. (c) verify your estimate in

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Sociology

    What are necessary to explain research findings? a- variables b-theories c- symbols d- research models I'm not sure of the answer because you would need models to conduct the research and theories to model the research. I don't think symbols would explain

    asked by Steve
  4. Math

    Trina has $1000 to purchase an open-top cylindrical dog pen in her backyard. She wants the height of the pen to be 5 feet. If the pen costs $1 per square foot, what is the biggest pen (in terms of the radius) that she can afford? Round your answer to the

    asked by Yolanda
  5. computer programming

    Boardman College maintains two files—one for Sociology majors and another for Anthropology majors. Each file contains students' ID numbers, last names, first names, and grade point averages. Each file is in student ID number order. The college is merging

    asked by John
  6. Math

    A circle has an area of 36 in2. What is the area of a sector of the circle that has a central angle of π/6 ? A) 3 in2 B) 6 in2 C) 12 in2 D) 196 in2 I think Its 12

    asked by Yolanda
  7. physics

    A swimmer, capable of swimming at a speed of 1.81 m/s in still water (i.e., the swimmer can swim with a speed of 1.81 m/s relative to the water), starts to swim directly across a 2.29-km-wide river. However, the current is 1.31 m/s, and it carries the

    asked by anonymous
  8. Math

    A gallon of milk costs $3.80. If there are 128 ounces = 1 gallon ,how much money does an 8 ounce glass of milk cost? (Change ounces to gallons to dollars)

    asked by Hailey
  9. Math

    In a shop selling bicycle and tricycle, a total of 80 pedals and a total of 98 wheels were counted. How many bicycles and tricycles does he have?

    asked by Ira
  10. Science

    Balance this equation using oxidation method:I2+HNO3---->HIO3+NO2+H2O

    asked by Sadiya
  11. phy.

    If you witnessed a broadside collision, would you expect that the velocities and weights of the cars determine where the cars will land after collision?

    asked by ll
  12. Physics

    A dog runs west for 20m then north for 15m. What is the resultant displacement of the dog graphically and by calculations?

    asked by Sfundo
  13. physics

    A golfer hits a shot to a green that is elevated 2.70 m above the point where the ball is struck. The ball leaves the club at a speed of 19.0 m/s at an angle of 36.0˚ above the horizontal. It rises to its maximum height and then falls down to the green.

    asked by anonymous
  14. Physics

    Just reposting. A spaceship is on a straight-line path between the Earth and the Moon. At what distance from Earth is the net gravitational pull on the probe from the Earth and the moon zero? Mass of Earth = 6×10^24 kg. Mass of Moon = 7×10^22 kg. The

    asked by Yoyo
  15. Physics

    Leila walks south for 20m and then west for 20m. What is her resultant displacement graphically?

    asked by Sfundo
  16. World History

    Why did Mesopotamia city-states flourished? Was it due to specialized labor or conquered an area large enough to make themselves self-sufficient.

    asked by Ken

    if length of a wire increasES BY 20% THEN WHAT IS %INCREASE RESISTANCE

    asked by RAM
  18. Math

    what is a real life example of 3/4 divided by 1/2

    asked by Kyle
  19. Psychology

    Dissociation and selective attention are two possible explanations for the phenomenon of

    asked by Tony
  20. physics

    A 50.9-kg crate rests on a level floor at a shipping dock. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction are 0.526 and 0.311, respectively. What horizontal pushing force is required to (a) just start the crate moving and (b) slide the crate across the

    asked by anonymous
  21. algebra

    The perimeter is 38.8 millimeters and the length is 2.4 times the width. (Round your answers to one decimal place.

    asked by john
  22. physics

    A golfer hits a shot to a green that is elevated 2.70 m above the point where the ball is struck. The ball leaves the club at a speed of 19.0 m/s at an angle of 36.0˚ above the horizontal. It rises to its maximum height and then falls down to the green.

    asked by anonymous
  23. Important question regarding chemistry

    Explain intermolecular hydrogen bonding with reference to ortho nitrophenol

    asked by Sonam
  24. Math

    Peter is 8 years younger than Alex. In 9 years' time, the sum of their ages will be 76. How old is alex now?

    asked by Josh
  25. physics

    Using the following conversion factors, determine the number of milliliters in a volume of 2.37 fluid ounces: 1 gallon (gal) = 128 oz., 3.785 x 10-3 cubic meters (m3) = 1 gal, 1 mL = 10-6 m3. I got an answer 7.09ml, but it's incorrect, so confused how to

    asked by Jack
  26. sakre school

    A piece of material subjected to three mutually perpendicular stresses of 70, 56 and 84 Mpa. If E = 200GPa, Poisson's ratio = 0.28, determine (10) (a) Principal strains (b) Shear modules (c) Bulk modules.

    asked by avin
  27. Math

    You and five of your friends like to go to McDonalds once a week and get Happy Meals for the prize inside. McDonalds has just started a new “dinosaur toy” promotion for their Happy Meals with six different dinosaurs you can collect: Brachiosaurus,

    asked by Joe Rivers (parent)
  28. physics

    damon,reiny,steve,ms sue.plz get a solution 2 my question please itz urgent!!!

    asked by edward
  29. Physics

    A lumberjack (mass = 104 kg) is standing at rest on one end of a floating log (mass = 234 kg) that is also at rest. The lumberjack runs to the other end of the log, attaining a velocity of +3.18 m/s relative to the shore, and then hops onto an identical

    asked by Cassie
  30. Medical Billing

    You're a coder who's reviewing the record of a 62-year-old woman who was admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath and minor chest pain. The doctor diagnosed the patient with Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia and you assigned a code of 482.41.

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Math

    ln(y-9)-ln7=x+lnx Thank you sooo much for helping:))))

    asked by Lucas
  32. Mathematics , business studies , economics , geography

    Which courses or careers i should follow doing those subjects

    asked by William
  33. Maths pure, economics, business studies, geography

    Which careers or courses i should do doing those subjects

    asked by William
  34. Maths

    20 children go for a picnic in a bus. They are to sit 2 or 3 to a seat. There are 7 seats. How many seats will have 3 children seated on them?

    asked by mamta
  35. Math

    I have finished Summer Work all but this one. Denver beat the Giants in a game. The sum of their scores was 44. The difference of their scores was 20. How many points did Denver score? I don't want the answer, I just want to know how to figure it out.

    asked by Kyle
  36. science

    Whar are two longest wavelength in frequency 1kghz and 200kghz

    asked by aman
  37. physics

    A proton with charge mass ratio of 108 C/kg is moving in a circular orbit in a uniform magnetic field of 0.5T .Calculate the frequency of revolution.

    asked by Simran

    Angel is thinking of a number. All its digit are even numbers. The sum of its digit is 18. The digit 6 stands for sixty. The smallest of the three digits is in the tenths place. The greatest of the three digit is in the ones place. What number is Angel

    asked by Donna
  39. algebra

    sketch the graph of each linear inequality x>5

    asked by gwen
  40. DAMON, Please where are, please scrol down answer my question please

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    asked by Godwin
  41. physics

    qustion(1):A rectangular face of a casting 250mmx100mm is to be machined on a sharper.if the average cuting speed is to be 20m/min and the feed is to be 2mm/stroke,calculate the time taken to machine the face of casting.allow 5mm overun at each end of the

    asked by edward
  42. Physics

    so i need to calculate the moment of inertia of the pulley and the angular acceleration of the pulley. mass A = 9kg Mass B = 15kg Inner pulley= Mass 3kg R= 6cm Outerpulley= mass 7kg R=12cm both are disks glued together. it is a composite pulley with two

    asked by john
  43. sales

    are interested in buying a new car and Bob let's you borrow one of the new cars on his lot for a week to test drive. You decide you like the car and when you visit Bob to drop off the car, he hands you the following document and a pen: May 1, 201x I

    asked by Anonymous
  44. algebra i

    two rubber balls are dropped from two different heights 136 ft and 287 ft. Find the function that describes them. I believe it is H(t) = -16t^2 + 136 and H(t) = -16 ^2 + 287. There are no answers in the book . I assumed velocity is 0. Am I correct? Thanks,

    asked by Sandy
  45. algebra 1

    How many solutions are there to the system: y=1+2x+x^2 y=1-x Write your answer as an integer.

    asked by sydney
  46. Math

    Interval it exists on: (5-x)y"+3xy'-y=1 y(0)=2

    asked by Eric
  47. Microeconomics

    A firm currently uses 40,000 workers to produce 180,000 units per day. The daily wage per worker is $100, and the price of the firm’s output is $28. The cost other variable input is $500,000 per day. (Note assume that output is constant at the level of

    asked by Anonymous
  48. org chem

    is precipitation technically the same as crystallization?

    asked by dane
  49. Trig

    cos 13 pi = ?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Physics

    Just reposting. A cricket ball rotates at 1800 rev/min as it travels through the space in a straight line at 160 km/hr. How many times does it revolve after traveling 20m? Can someone confirm with me if 13.5 revolutions in 20m is right. That's the answer i

    asked by Yoyo
  51. Topology

    Let (X,d) be the discrete metric space and let S be a infinite subset of X. Create a proof that S is non-compact in X. Thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  52. algebra

    sketch the graph of each linear inequality 3x+2y>-10

    asked by gwen
  53. math


    asked by assma
  54. math

    the difference between two prime numbers is 1985 the larger of these prime numbers is what

    asked by Anonymous
  55. math

    |x^{2}-16x+56| = -4x-7 what does x equal?

    asked by ash
  56. math

    how do I write 6 2/3 + 3 4/5 to its simpliest form. This is how I did it. Could someone tell me if its write?. Or give me the proper steps to doing this? 6 2/3 + 3 4/5 = 20/15 + 19/15= 39/15= 2 9/15 = 2 3/5

    asked by CJ
  57. math

    prove sum(x^2)=n(n+1)(2n+1)/2 from x=1 to x=n

    asked by assma
  58. ENN 103F

    how can non human characters be used to represent race?

    asked by tshepo rakereng