Questions Asked on
August 5, 2015

  1. physics

    A bicycle is rolling down a circular portion of a path; this portion of the path has a radius of 8.73 m. As the drawing illustrates, the angular displacement of the bicycle is θ = 0.979 rad. What is the angle (in radians) through which each bicycle wheel

    asked by paul
  2. math

    ifasinx=bcosx=2ctanx/1-tan^2 x prove that(a^2-b^2)^2 =4c^2 (a^2+b^2

    asked by ggggigi
  3. Maths Lit, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies

    I am a grade 10 learner doing Maths Literacy, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Life Orientation, English and Afrikaans I want to know what Degree I can study in University and also to check what career path I would be able to do.

    asked by Andy
  4. mathematical

    Robin is 25 years younger than his father. After 10 years, their ages will be in the ratio 1:2 . Find their present ages.

    asked by jashan preet kaur
  5. Trigonometry

    An airplane is sighted at the same time by two ground observers who are 2 miles apart and both directly west of the airplane. They report the angles of elevation as 11˚ and 20˚. How high is the airplane? Round to the nearest hundredth of a mile.

    asked by Remy
  6. World History

    Which of the following is NOT true about bias? Answer: a) Using both biased and non-biased resources in research will create bias results b) Bias can be identified by the facts that the Web site includes as well as the facts that are excluded c) In a

    asked by Steve
  7. MATHS

    the following is an AP 9,X,Y,Z,25 1.find the values of x,y,z.

    asked by ANTHONY
  8. alg1

    solve for 8m^2 +20m=12 for m by factoring

    asked by tom
  9. math

    A student had an average of exactly 84 marks after taking three tests. On the fourth test, he scored 96%. The average for all four tests is A. 84 B. 86 C. 87 D. 82

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Math

    The diagonals of a rectangle is 8m longer than it's shorter side. If the area is 60m.sqr., what are its dimentions? Show the solution.

    asked by Paps olarte
  11. MTH 156

    When two gears are mashed the revolution per minutes (rpm) are inversely proportional to the number of teeth, as show below. In one machine the rpm ratio of the larger gear to the small gear is 4:7 The small gear has 216 teeth In second machine the larger

    asked by Kimberly
  12. Math

    The complement of the supplement of an obtuse angle is always: A) an acute angle B) an obtuse angle C) a straight angle D) a right angle Is it D?

    asked by Jina
  13. ithala

    Q1+3uc and Q2-9uc

    asked by Snethemba
  14. Physics

    The position of a particle is given by the expression x = 2.00 cos (6.00πt + π), where x is in meters and t is in seconds. (a) Determine the frequency. ______Hz (b) Determine period of the motion. ______s (c) Determine the amplitude of the motion.

    asked by Mark
  15. moretlwe

    describe a recent service delivery protest in your community or in the neighbourhood.

    asked by elizabeth
  16. art

    Creating artwork that showed scenes of everyday life was very different from what was normally painted in the late 1800s This change in style allowed the artist to be more

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Criminal Justice/Cyber Crimes

    The President’s Working Group on Unlawful Conduct on the Internet was created to evaluate the: A. prohibition of disclosure of confidential information. B. efficiency of data mining. C. reliability of packet sniffing. D. utility of education and

    asked by Pat
  18. Math

    The number of seconds in 2 hours equals the number of minutes in how many days?

    asked by Jenna
  19. Physics

    A fully loaded elevator weighing 2000 lbs accelerates upward from rest, attaining its rated velocity of 20 fps upon reaching a height of 25 ft. Solve for the tension on the cable lifting the elevator. What is the minimum required power of the lifting motor

    asked by Aries
  20. Kgothala secondary

    Life oriatation

    asked by Martha
  21. Kgothala secondary

    Life oriatation, description of recent service delivery protest

    asked by Martha
  22. mth 156

    a company needs $55,000 in 7 years for a new addition. To meet this goal, the company needs to deposit money in an acct today that pays 5% annual interest compounded quarterly. What amount should the company invest to total $55,000 in 7 years? Thanks!

    asked by Bella
  23. math

    Each of the following is a factor of x^2 +3x-4 except A. x+4 B. x-1 C. x-4 D. 1

    asked by galaxy
  24. Enthalpy Change Calculations

    Find the heat of reaction (ΔH) for each of the following chemical reactions and note whether each reaction is exothermic or endothermic. 1. H2O(l) -> H2O(g) This is what I have so far: H2(g) + ½ O2(g) -> H2O(l) ΔH = -286.0 kJ/mol H2(g) + ½ O2(g) ->

    asked by Emily
  25. math

    The cost C in dollars of having an electrician come to your house to do a repair job in h hours if he charges $16 for coming to the house and $30 for each hour.

    asked by Alyssa
  26. English

    Pls explain y noun,verb,adjective,adverb are called major parts of speech

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    Mrs. Dana can buy a coat for $187.00 cash or $35.00 down or $15.00 per month for 12 months. The charge for buying on the installment plan is: Also, can you explain what the installment plan is.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Math

    A circular pizza of radius 8 is cut into 8 equal slices. What is the perimeter of one slice?

    asked by Jenna
  29. Math

    A swimming pool 75 ft. long and 30 ft. wide is filled to an average depth of 6 ft. If 7.5 gal occupy 1 cu. ft. the number of gallons the pool contains is:

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    How many pairs of parallel edges does a rectangular solid have?

    asked by Jenna
  31. algebra/ math

    Solve the problem. Leave the answer in exponential notation. The expression 2^6 x64^t approximates the number of bacteria after t hours. After 1/2 hr, how many bacteria are those? is it 2^6..

    asked by jacqueline
  32. Chemistry

    If the speed of light is 186,000 miles / sec, how far does light travel in 8.0 minutes?

    asked by Sara
  33. mathematics

    A baseball team played 149 complete games last season. They had 31 fewer wins than losses. How many games did the team win?

    asked by jackie
  34. Statistics

    Suppose a multiple-choice test has 10 questions each with 5 choices. If a student guesses randomly. What is the probability that they get an B or better. ( they get at least a 80% on the exam) make sure to declare a binomial random variable and show all

    asked by John
  35. Physics

    Calulate the acceleration of a 300,000kg jet on take when the thrust is equal to 120,000N. I used a = f/m to get 0.4m/s/s Tricky part. How long a runway is required for the plane to take off at a speed of 300km/h? Help?

    asked by Roland
  36. Chemistry

    If there are 5,280 ft=1.00 mile ,how many miles are in 50,000 ft?

    asked by Lara
  37. Chemistry

    Determine the mass of PbSO4 produced when 10mL of 0.2M CuSO4 reacts with 10mL of 0.2M Pb(NO3)2? Balance the equation CuSO4 + Pb(NO3)2 → PbSO4 + Cu(NO3)2 Find the number of moles for CuSO4 c=n/v n=c × v n=0.2 × 0.01 n=0.002 mol Since it is a 1:1 ratio,

    asked by Kendall
  38. English

    Traditional marriage is a advantage to men only not women

    asked by Snethemba
  39. math

    A baseball team played 149 complete games last season. They had 31 fewer wins than losses. How many games did the team win?

    asked by jacqueline
  40. Calculus

    Can someone show how to solve this problem Find the equation of the line normal to the graph of y = x^2 + 1 that passes through the point (1, 2). Thanks!

    asked by Henry
  41. c++

    MACHINE PROBLEMS #2 1. Create a C++ program that would input the following data about a merchandise: Product Number, Item Description, Original Price, Estimated Years of used of a Merchandise, Salvage Value of Merchandise. Compute the Depreciation and Rate

    asked by mimi
  42. Physics

    A particle with a mass of 0.660 kg is attached to a horizontal spring with a force constant of 23.76 N/m. At the moment t = 0, the particle has its maximum speed of 15 m/s and is moving to the left. (Assume that the positive direction is to the right.) (a)

    asked by Mark

    Last year Angela used her 60% margin account and purchased 100 shares of stock at a price of $33 a share. Today she sold this stock for $36 a share. Angela paid a total of $70 in margin interest for the year. Ignoring transaction costs, what rate of return

    asked by RITHY
  44. Vocabulary

    "The Court and its area of control, its jurisdiction, are established in Article III of the Constitution." The word "jurisdiction" means A) the limits within which authority may be exercised B) personnel C) branches throughout the country D) special

    asked by Jenna
  45. math

    Solve using suitable property [name the property] 1]428 x[-23]+[-428]x(-223) 2] 105 x(-37)

    asked by Diana
  46. Math

    If there are 100 centimeters = 1 meter ,how many centimeters are in 1.25 m?

    asked by Hailey
  47. Calculus

    Can someone show how to solve this problem Find the equation of the tangent line to the curve given by, x=3e^t y=5e^-t at the point where t=0 Thanks!

    asked by Henry
  48. Cactus middle school

    How do I get the equation of a word problem that needs the average number of miles per gallon

    asked by Carissa
  49. computer(internet)

    in my computer all sites are available but facebook site is not available when i tries to open facebook "this webpage is not available"comes i have window xp and i use modem for internet connection plzzzzzzzzz help me?????????????????????????

    asked by tina
  50. socialology

    Does functionalism or conflict theory do a better job in discussing religion and the effects of religion today?

    asked by mee
  51. chemistry

    What is the pH of a buffer solution if you have 250 ml of a 1.56M Acetic Acid and you added 26.56 grams of sodium acetate (NaCH3CO2)? What is the new pH if you now add 1gram of NaOH to the buffer solution?

    asked by lilly
  52. statistic

    If a test has a mean score of 75, with a standard deviation of 11, what % of students scored an A (90 or higher) ?

    asked by debbie
  53. Chemistry

    What data do you need to determine whether the following reaction is spontaneous or not? 4Fe(s) + O2(g) ----> 2Fe2O2(s) Would it be temperature, delta H and delta S?

    asked by Sharkeisha
  54. Vocabulary

    "Higher forms of animal life have a variety of systems within their bodies that are used for special functions: a circulatory system for he blood; the food supplier; a digestive system for converting food into energy and body tissue; and others. The

    asked by Jenna
  55. English

    Costa's theory on racial stereotyping in animation

    asked by Nkateko
  56. algebra

    +write an expession for the volume of a rectangular prism if the length is 2 feet longer than some x amount the width is 6 feet longer than x and the height is x feet

    asked by lisa
  57. Math

    A piece of copper of mass 0.55 kg is heated from 57oC to 100oC .What is the increase in the internal energy of the copper

    asked by Eunny
  58. Math

    If there are 100 centimeters = 1 meter ,how many centimeters are in 1.25 m?

    asked by Hailey
  59. science

    calculate the osmotic pressure at 18.5 degree celcuis of a suspension containing 30g/L of solid particles. each particle weighs 10^-9g.

    asked by johnson
  60. Precalculus (Logarithmic)

    Express each of the given question in logarithmic form. i) e^2x = 15 ii) e^x-4 = 1/2 iii) a^x+1 = 5 Solutions But am not sure if this is the way it should be done. i) e^2x = 15 In (15) = 2x ii) e^x-4 = 1/2 In (1/2) = x-4 iii) a^x+1 = 5 Log 5 with base "a"

    asked by Aron
  61. Math

    If there are 12 inches = 1 foot,how many inches are in 8.2 miles

    asked by Hailey
  62. math

    cindy can type 50 words a minute. At this rate, how many words can she type in a half hour?

    asked by valentina
  63. English

    What is been written wrong in the following sentence " i am please asking for airtime please "

    asked by Georginah
  64. Math

    Crew receives a check for $5100. The journeyman makes 300% of what the apprentice makes and the master makes 150% of what the journeyman makes. How much do they each make? Thanks!

    asked by Bella
  65. mth

    A faculty lost 1/5 of its faculty in the reduction. If 88 faculty were left, how many faculty were there originally? Thanks!

    asked by Bella
  66. college. physics and chemistry and mathematics

    An element crystalline in face centred cubic lattice. CCalculate the length of the side of the unit cell if the radius of atom is200pm

    asked by nerswn narzary
  67. Art

    When an idea is presented in a way that is original, it is considered to be

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Algebra

    If Patrick walked one mile in an hour and a half and Rodney walked the same mile in an hour, how much faster was Rodney walking than Patrick?

    asked by rodney
  69. MTH 156

    2^6 * 2^7 multiply and simplify and then write the answer in exponential notation. Thanks!

    asked by Bella
  70. Math help

    Convert the repeating decimal to a/b form, where a,b are integers and b =0(there is a slash through the equal sign) 2.36(there is a line over .36)'

    asked by Kimberly
  71. MTH 156

    2^6 * 2^7 multiply and simplify and then write the answer in exponential notation. I know the answer is 8,192 but I cannot figure out how to write that in exponential notation. Thanks for the help.

    asked by Bella
  72. art

    Animation has changed from each scene cell being drawn by hand to entire worlds being created on a computer. This is a goo example of

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Benue State University Makurdi

    In attempt to increase revenue and profits, a firm is considering a 4 percent increase in price and an 11 percent increase in advertising. If the price elasticity of demand is -1.5 and the advertising elasticity of demand is +0.6 would you expect an

    asked by Osbert
  74. Physical Science

    Four forces of 10N,8N,6N and 4N act at the same point of an object on bearing 0 degrees,90 degrees,135 degrees and 270 degrees respectively

    asked by kenanao Itumeleng
  75. maths

    resolve the partial fraction: x^3+6/x^2x+6.plz explain thanks

    asked by edward
  76. Social studies

    Write three cultures that should be discarded

    asked by Bisi
  77. English

    Im writting an essay titled I SALUTE MOTHERS,,,my points in the mind map are LOVE. MOTHERHOOD and ROLE MODEL please help me with the introduction,I started off with'Mothers are the strong hearted human beings'

    asked by Mahlogonolo
  78. Logical Reasoning

    All of the bikes in the shed are red. Some of the bikes in the garage are blue. All of the bikes locked to the post are green. Mike's bike is red, and Lynn's bike is green. Based only on the statements above, which of the following MUST be true? A) Mike's

    asked by Jeana
  79. janulal

    two mass 10 kg and 20 kg are connected with a massless string. a force pf 200 N is acting on the mass 20 kg . the acceleration of 10 kg is 12m/s^2 then the acceleration of 20 kg mass is

    asked by mohit
  80. maths

    resolve the partial fraction:x^3+6/x^2(x+3).with explanations thanks

    asked by edward
  81. English

    My essay title..'I salute mothers'. In my mind map i have Love,Role model and motherhood...Paragraph1...Mothers are the strong hearted human beings.People that randomly live their lives like other people but have a special way of prioritising.

    asked by Mahlogonolo
  82. physics

    Q: A block A of mass 0.5 kg can slide on a frictionless incline of angle 30o and length 0.8 m kept inside an elevator going up with uniform velocity 2m/s. Find the time taken by the block to slide down the length of the incline if it is released from the

    asked by mohit
  83. mathematics

    Jake has a cable that is 55.3 feet long. He wants to cut it into pieces that are 7.9 feet long. How many 7.9 foot pieces will he get from the cable?

    asked by Jacqueline
  84. Statistics

    The research hypothesis is a vitally important element of any quantitative research study. This Discussion provides an opportunity for you to develop your own testable hypothesis based on the data set for the Final Project. To prepare for this Discussion,

    asked by Yabby
  85. Mathematics

    Ray's gross pay is $320.09 a week. &46 is witheld for federal income tax, $24.04 for FICAtax, and $11.20 for other deductions. Find his net pay?

    asked by Jacqueline
  86. math

    the town mayor plans to build a pathway for the rectangular plaza whose length is 20 m longer than the width. If the pathway is 20 m shorter than twice the width. what is the length of the pathway

    asked by roel
  87. Vocabulary

    "In a large metropolitan airport, an air terminal at the edge of a major city, it is not unusual to have many landings and take-offs during a 24-hour period." The word "metropolitan" in the line above most nearly means A) international and domestic B)

    asked by Gina
  88. Vocabulary

    "The network of capillaries, veins, and arteries make up the intricate routes that the blood travels through in its continuous journey in the body." The word "routes" means A) circuit B) stations C) vessels D) organs Is it C?

    asked by Jina
  89. Mathematics

    An insurances fund invests $70,600 in real estate and earns 14% per year on the investment. How much money is earned per year? .tricky

    asked by Jackie
  90. Fundamentals of Math

    An outlet store had monthly sales of $51,000 and spent 20% of it on promotions. How much was spend on promotions?

    asked by Jacqueline
  91. Chemistry(Titration)

    Why is methyl orange indicator used instead of phenolpthalein when determing calcium content in a chalk by back titration

    asked by Kester
  92. math

    Which of the following is not a true fact about angles? A) The measure of an angle depends on the amount of rotation. B) Angles depend on the length of the rays that form the angle. C) All right angles are equal in measure. D) All straight angles are equal

    asked by Jenna
  93. math

    Find the simple interest and the final value of the deposit that earns the given rate for the indicated length of time. Round your answers to the nearest cent. $8439 earning 8% for 1.4 years ?

    asked by Alyssa
  94. fundamentals math

    Last year, Maria earned $312 per week. This year, her salary increased to $343 per week. What is the percent of increase?

    asked by jacqueline
  95. math

    Each of the following is a factor of x^2 +3x-4 except A. x+4 B. x-1 C. x-4 D. 1

    asked by galaxy
  96. mathematics

    A house was purchased for $67,000 After 7 years the value of the house was $130,000. Express the house's value V(t) in terms of time t in years.

    asked by jacqueline