Questions Asked on
August 2, 2015

  1. Real Estate

    An owner lists her home at a 7% commission rate and wants to net $45,000 after paying the mortgage balance of $68,000 and the broker's commission. To the nearest dollar, what should the selling price be to net her $45,000?

    asked by Linette
  2. Real Estate

    An owner lists his home and agrees to pay a 6% commission provided he nets $10,000 after paying the commission and the balance of his mortgage, which is $75,000. To the nearest dollar, what should the selling price be to net the owner his $10,000?

    asked by Linette
  3. stadistic

    If a student randomly guesses at 15 multiple-choice questions, find the probability that the student gets exactly seven correct. Each question has four possible choices

    asked by danasiy
  4. Physics

    A bullet of mass 10 g hits a target and penetrated 2 cm in to it if the average resistance offered by target is 100 N then the velocity with which the bullet hits the target is ?

    asked by Tamanna
  5. geometry

    I would love for someone to check my work on the seven problems that I did. I would be eternally grateful. I am going to list my problems and answers. Even if you only want to check one of them, that would be great. 1. Write an equation of a line in point

    asked by Savannah
  6. Math

    a person who is 6 feet tall is standing 108 feet from the base of the tree, and the tree cast a 120 foot shadow . The person's shadow is 12 feet in length that is the height of the tree

    asked by Mo
  7. Math ho.

    A piece of ribbon 25 meters long is cut into pieces of equal length. It is possible to get a piece with irrational length?

    asked by Kimber
  8. U.S History Check Please :)

    What was the "corrupt bargain" of the 1824 election? Split of the Democratic-Republican candidates Description by Andrew Jackson of the election outcome Smear campaign John Quincy Adams used to win**** Difference between the popular and electoral votes

    asked by Kenxie
  9. stats

    A survey of 38 people was conducted to compare their self-reported height to their actual height. The difference between reported height and actual height was calculated. You're testing the claim that the mean difference is greater than 0.8. From the

    asked by Anonymous
  10. maths

    San Jay is 2 years younger than Sara. Who is 5 years old than Sasha. San Jay age and Sasha s age total 31. How old is Sara?

    asked by chels
  11. Literature

    5. In "Paul's Case," the story suggests that Paul's "dark corner" represents his (A). homosexual orientation. B. fear of his father. C. destiny as a misfit. D. contempt for authority All of the above answers in my opinion contributed to Paul's darkness. I

    asked by Christopher
  12. Real Estate

    If a borrower can afford to make monthly principal and interest payments of $1,000 and the lender will make a 30-year loan at 8-1/2%, how large a loan (rounded to the nearest $100) can this buyer afford? (BE SURE TO USE THE AMORTIZATION TABLE.) 30 yr loan

    asked by Linette
  13. probability/please help

    At a local college,147 of the male students are smokers and 343 are non-smokers. Of the female students,180 are smokers and 420 are non-smokers. A male student and a female student from the college are randomly selected for a survey. What is the

    asked by Mary Ann
  14. math

    Sam bought a new car for $26,500. The car depreciates approximately 13% of its value each year. a) What is the decay factor for the value of this car? b) Write an equation to model the decay value of this car?

    asked by mary
  15. Algebra

    if the number of professors in a college is p and the number of students s and there are 19 times as many students as professors, write an algebraic equation that shows the relationship Thanks for the help!

    asked by Bella
  16. Chemistry

    In a constant-pressure calorimeter, 65.0 mL of 0.330 M Ba(OH)2 was added to 65.0 mL of 0.660 M HCl. The reaction caused the temperature of the solution to rise from 24.28 °C to 28.78 °C. If the solution has the same density and specific heat as water,

    asked by Emily
  17. SLCS

    Paul and Juston are carrying a sack or rice weighing 6.02x10^2 N on a pole between them. If the pole is 2.0 m long and the load is .50m away from Juston,what force should each boy exert to make it equilibrium. Neclect the weight of the pole.

    asked by Jean
  18. gnmps

    The ratio of madhus age and karinas age is 6:7.after 12years the ratio of their ages will be 12:13. Find their present ages?

    asked by navjot
  19. Finance

    Organic Foods Inc. sells 50-pound bags of grapes to the public schools for $10 a bag. The fixed costs of this operation are $80,000, while the variable costs of grapes are $.10 per pound. a. What is the break-even point in bags? b. Calculate the profit or

    asked by Jen
  20. unisa

    Explain dr charles da costa's theory on racial stereotyping (paragraph 9) use the appropriate register to make it accessible to the general public

    asked by nompilo
  21. Statistical inference

    Suppose the results for stat 201 in 2014 are normally distributed with mean 160 and standard deviation 18 . Find the probability that a random sample of size 36 gives a sample mean value in the following cases Question : between 120 and 220 p(120 < z <

    asked by Manngopo
  22. Math

    a local government had an employee reduction and lost 1/9 of their employees. If 176 of its employees were left after the reduction how many employees were there originally?

    asked by Bella
  23. geometry

    Write the equation of a line in slope intercept form that passes through (2,4) and (5,4).

    asked by Savannah
  24. english 3

    which choice contains broad pronoun reference?

    asked by danielle
  25. chemistry

    calculate the mole fraction of ethylene glycol in a solution containing 20% of ethylene glycol prepared in water. answer it as fast as possible.........

    asked by raksha
  26. Math

    Two similar triangles have perimeters of 12 feet and 36 feet, respectively. If the area of the smaller triangle is 6 square feet, what is the area of the larger triangle?

    asked by Jeana
  27. org chem

    2 ethylpentane My answer for this is a correct name and structure but my teacher said it is incorrect.. Why? Please explain.

    asked by fay
  28. Physics

    A golfer hits a shot to a green that is elevated 2.90 m above the point where the ball is struck. The ball leaves the club at a speed of 19.1 m/s at an angle of 30.0˚ above the horizontal. It rises to its maximum height and then falls down to the green.

    asked by Cassie
  29. Physics kinematics

    The break of a car can slow it down from 60 miles per hour to 40 miles per hour in two secs how long it bring the car to a stop from an initial velocity of 25 miles per hour at the same acceleration

    asked by Ggg
  30. physics

    I need to figure out how to calculate the speed time and acceleration for a jetpack to lift a 75kg man from ground. I am not sure what equations I need to use. I realize that gravity has to come in to play but other than that I am lost.

    asked by jimmy
  31. Engineering

    For what values of (¢ belongs to R) the following system of equations has (1)no solution (2)a unique solution (3)infinitely many solutions? (5-¢)x+4y+2z=4 4x+(5-¢)y+2z=4 2x+2y+(2-¢)z=2 2) Consider three planes in R3. List all possibilities of their

    asked by Edward
  32. Math

    Gary took a drive down to the beach and drove at a pace of 45 mph on the way there. The trip took him 3 hours. He drives the exact same route on the way back, but takes it slow so he can enjoy the sunset. If Gary's return trip took him 4 hours, how fast

    asked by Jeana
  33. Regent University

    A point charge of 0.5 is brought to a point a in free space. How much work is required to do this?

    asked by Joseph
  34. org chem

    When a solute dissolved in a solvent A. Freezing pt incrases B. Boiling pt increases C. Vapor pressure increases D. Concentration of the solvent My answer is B.

    asked by fay
  35. physics

    Find the partial pressure of nitrogen gas in the equatjon Nitrogen+Oxygen gives Niticoxide

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Math ho.

    Explain why 6.7320508075689 is a irrational.

    asked by Kimber
  37. physics

    Find the partial pressure of nitrogen gas in the equatjon at one atmosphere atm Nitrogen+Oxygen gives Niticoxide

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    The lengths of two sides of a parallelogram are 3 and 5. Which of the following is a possible value for the length if a diagonal if a parallelogram?

    asked by Jeana
  39. Algebra

    I am trying to solve 6 and 3/4 + x = 8

    asked by Dee365
  40. english

    The average height of members of the high school basketball team is six feet, three inches. Jerry is on the high school basketball team, so Jerry must be taller than six feet. The argument above is flawed because it confuses

    asked by lisa
  41. math

    Solve the elimination method. 4x-9y=18.5 7y-2x=10.5

    asked by Tykechia
  42. Math

    Henry found a tablet computer on sale with an incredible 55% discount. If he ended up paying $215 for the tablet, what was its original non-sale price?

    asked by Jeana
  43. math problems

    shelia works at Bills Bargin. She earns $350 per week plus 10% of all sales. What is her commission for the week, if she sold $2490 worth of goods?

    asked by Tanya
  44. Math Probability

    What is the probability of choosing an odd # from A that is AnB? A{1,2,3,4,7,9} B{3,7,9,11,12,15}

    asked by Seany
  45. msc

    How animated jungle animals,sea creatures, fairies, cars and non human characters can be used to represent race.

    asked by magafane
  46. Engineering

    For what values of (¢ belongs to R) the following system of equations has (1)no solution (2)a unique solution (3)infinitely many solutions? (5-¢)x+4y+2z=4 4x+(5-¢)y+2z=4 2x+2y+(2-¢)z=2

    asked by Edward
  47. business ethics and leadership

    discuss how advertising become ethical?

    asked by saimi
  48. math

    given that the funcfion f(x)= X+p/X-3. find f(x)

    asked by Anonymous
  49. org chem

    Law of partition means? I think it is distribution? How is this applied in extraction involvong immiscible solvent? Help please.

    asked by fay
  50. Maths

    Question(1):Show that the curve y=x^2-3x-5 passes through the point (5,5),(4,-1),(2,-7),(0,-5) and (-t,5) calculate the gradient at each pont. question(2):given a 5by5 matrices with determinant equal zero and the same determinant of its interior element

    asked by Edward
  51. maths

    find the perimeter of the parallelogram with verticles P(-2,2),Q(0,0),R(2,4) and S(0,6) correct to one decimal place

    asked by sibongokuhle
  52. maths

    Given that the function f(x)=x+p/x-3. find f(x)

    asked by sonko
  53. Math

    The three sides of a triangle are 5, 9, and x. What inequalities gives the range of values for x?

    asked by Jeana
  54. Math

    The area of square 1 is 4. The perimeter of square 2 is tree times the perimeter of square 1. What is the area of square 2?

    asked by Jeana
  55. the practice of working with school age children

    increased availability of afterschool programs has resulted in an increase in a.teen pregnancy in urban areas b.childhood obesity in japan c.parental productivity at work d.vandalism in local neighborhoods my answer is b

    asked by susue
  56. Math

    Which of the following represent the number of units between -5 and -2 on the number line? a.|-5 -(-2)| b.|-2 -(-5) c.|-5 + (-2_| d.|-2 +(-5)|

    asked by Pam F