Questions Asked on
August 1, 2015

  1. Algebra

    The boat travels 60 miles to an island and the same 60 miles coming back. Changes in the wind and tide made the average speed on the return trip 3 mph slower than the speed on the way out. If the total time of the trip took 9 hours, find the speed going to

    asked by Scott
  2. Chemistry

    What is the correct order of increasing acidity of the following acids;HF,HI,HCl,HClO4 and HBr.

    asked by Anonymous
  3. alpha

    Secø + tanø=x Then find the value of secø

    asked by daivik
  4. MATH

    the fist term of a geometric series is 1, the nth term is 128 and the sum of the n term is 225. Find the common ratio and the number of terms?

    asked by Alleyah
  5. Physics

    A softball player swings a bat, accelerating it from rest to 8 rev/s in a time of 0.3 s. Find the torque the player applies to one end of the bat. Approximate the bat as a 2.2 kg uniform rod of length 0.95 m.

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Math

    What is the 11th term of the following geometric sequence? Enter a whole number 7/9,-7/3,7,-21,63

    asked by Liz
  7. Physics

    A gymnast with a mass of 54 kg stands on the end of a uniform balance beam as shown in the figure. The beam is 5.00 m long and has a mass of 250 kg. Each support is 0.54m from the end of the beam. What is the force on the beam due to support 2? 0

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Physics

    Consider the figure above, where a rigid beam of negligible mass and 10 m long is supported by a cable attached to a spring. When NO block is hung from the beam, the length L (cable-spring) is equal to 5 m. Assume that immediately after block (weight of

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Chemistry

    A sample of nitric acid has a density of 1.42g/cm3 and contains 69.5% by weight of the pure acid.What is the molarity of the solution?

    asked by Kester
  10. net

    An owner list his home and agrees to pay a 6% commission provided he nets $10,000 after paying the commission and the balance of his mortgage, which is $75,000. To the nearest dollar, what should the selling price be to net the owner his $10,000?

    asked by Linette
  11. Physics

    A small 700 g ball on the end of a thin, light rod is rotated in a horizontal circle of radius 1.5 m. Calculate the torque needed to keep the ball rotating at a constant angular speed if the air resistance experienced by the ball is 0.1200 N. Ignore the

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Physcis

    A uniform meter sick of mass 200 g is held horizontally by two vertical strings, one at the zero cm mark and the other at the 89 cm mark. Find the tension in the string at the 89 cm mark.

    asked by Anonymous
  13. net

    An owner lists her home at a 7% commission rate and wants to net $45,000 after paying the mortgage balnce of $68,000 and the broker's commission. To the nearest dollar, what should the selling price be to net her $45,000?

    asked by Linette
  14. maths

    if the price of an orange was raised by 1/2k per orange, the number of oranges a customer can buy for #2.40 wil be less than 16.what is the price of an orange

    asked by edward
  15. trigonometry


    asked by rp
  16. chemistry

    If 25ml of 3M HNO3 AND 75ml of 4M HNO3 ar

    asked by murtaza
  17. Statistics

    4. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) has a combined verbal and quantitative mean of 1000 and a standard deviation of 200. Scores range from 200 to 1600 and are approximately normally distributed. For each of the following problems: (a) draw a rough sketch,

    asked by Samantha
  18. Thank You To All of You Who Help

    Thank you to all the people that answers questions on this website. It is truly helpful to people like me. I don't know how to respond to those of you that help me, but Thank You!

    asked by Laurie
  19. chem

    the mass/volume percent of a NaCl solution in which 136 g of NaCl is dissolved in enough water to give a total volume of 4.90 L .

    asked by mar
  20. Afford

    If a narrower can afford to make monthly principal and interest payment of $1,000 and the lender will make a 30 year loan at 8-1/2%=7.69 using amortization table. how large a loan(rounded to the nearest $100) can this buyer afford?

    asked by Linette
  21. Managerial Accounting

    Inmelt Corp charges price of $6.50. Total Fixed Cost is 314,400. per year, break-even point is 131,000 units. What is the variable cost per unit.

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Managerial Accounting

    Doughboy Bakery would like to buy a new machine for putting icing and other toppings on pastries. These are now put on by hand. The machine that the bakery is considering costs $78,000 new. It would last the bakery for ten years but would require a $9,000

    asked by Kat
  23. Physics

    Consider the figure above consisting of three particles of mass m attached to a massless rod. Given an axis of rotation through point P, the rod rotates as shown in the figure. If the rod is released from rest in the horizontal position at t = 0. What is

    asked by Anonymous
  24. physics

    a fan rotates speed of 600rev per min the power is cut it stopped after 60 rev find time

    asked by mohit
  25. Organic chemiststry

    What type of alcohol is used for processing alcoholic beverages?

    asked by Kester
  26. Algebra problem

    A cyclist travels at an average speed of 12km/h. At this rate how far will he travel in 9h What's the equation for this?

    asked by Phil
  27. university of phoenix

    Suppose y is directly proportional to x and that y = 40 when x=5. Complete parts (a)and(b). Find the constant of proportional k. k= (b)use y=ky to find y when x=9 y=

    asked by jenna
  28. black river

    Mathematics How high is the tree if I had 5m 4m how high is the tree

    asked by lia
  29. English

    Explain Dr Charles DA Costa's theory on racial stereotyping in animation films

    asked by Ataniya
  30. Statistics

    5. For the data presented below, answer the questions that follow. Score on political Score on current Individual awareness test events test 1 24 23 2 16 12 3 11 11 4 9 6 5 8 13 6 14 11 7 17 16 8 19 16 9 21 21 10 25 25 11 18 11 12 13 13 13 11 14 14 6 10 15

    asked by Samantha
  31. math

    the general solution of the diff. eq. is y' = (1/x)(y/(1-y)) - (1-x)(y/(1-y)) what is the implicit form? what method would I use for this?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Science

    The following questions concern the iconic Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, shown below: 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup butter or margarine, softened 3/4 cup granulated sugar 3/4 cup packed brown

    asked by Dora
  33. algebra 117 A

    Suppose y is directly proportional to x and that y = 40 when x=5. Complete parts (a)and(b). Find the constant of proportional k. k= (b)use y=ky to find y when x=9 y=

    asked by kimya
  34. Chemistry

    Explain why a catalyst speeds up a chemical reaction.

    asked by Tais
  35. Reading

    What is the punctuation? Zora's tree produced to much fruit. She gives them away there to her friends and neighbors.

    asked by Anonymous o
  36. Math

    A certain recipe requires 6 2/7 cups of flour and 7 2/9 cups of sugar. A) if 6/5 of the recipe is to be made, how much sugar is needed? Write your answer as a proper or improper fraction: B) if the above ingredients are required for one batch, find the

    asked by Karen
  37. philosophy 208

    According to the video “Religion, War, and Violence,” Just War Theory asserts that military intervention (Points : 1) can be seen as an act of altruism must always have an altruistic component must be primarily an act of altruism must never have an

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Organic chemistry

    What type of alcohol is used in the production of alcoholic beverages?

    asked by Kester
  39. Engineering

    How to solve this equation : log(base10)x - log(base10)y = 2

    asked by Edward
  40. physics

    If a staircase has five steps each 1.45m high and 1.5m wide. A ball is placed on the top of the staircase what maximum (horizontal) velocity be given to the ball so that it directly hits the lowest plane?

    asked by sunny
  41. High school Algebra

    For the following example: 5 * 6 - 2 * 4 = 30 - 8 Does this represent the substitution property? I am assuming yes since you are substituting 5*6 for 30 on the other side of the equation. Thank you to those who answer. I was not sure how to send a thank

    asked by Laurie
  42. PSY 303

    This theory of psychology proposes that dysfunction begins in infancy, and emphasizes the importance of unconditional positive regard as a vehicle for becoming constructive and productive adults

    asked by Lisa
  43. English

    Ideas on how to deal with racial stereotyping

    asked by Ataniya
  44. English

    How can animated jungle animals, sea creatures, fairies, cars and other non-human characters can be used to represent race

    asked by Ataniya
  45. science

    what is heat?

    asked by dty
  46. economics

    what are welfare payments or consumer subsidies?

    asked by babongile
  47. math

    Jason invested $13700 for 2 years and received $1096.00 in interest. At what rate did he invest if the interest was calculated using the simple interest formula? Use the formula

    asked by Anonymous
  48. math

    if y=y(x) is a solution of y' = y/x + x/y and y(1)=2 then y(e) is ? so I used the homogeneous equation method and subbed v=y/x then found y' = xv' +v and subbed those into the original equation to get xv' + v = v +1/v what do i do from here?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Probability/Statistics

    The teacher of a mathematics class has written up the final exam, but wants the questions to be random for each student. There are 28 students in the class, and the test has 100 questions. Each question has four possible answers. a. After reading carefully

    asked by Spencer
  50. Chemistry

    How many moles of Ag2CrO4 will be produced from 6 moles of AgNO3?

    asked by Andrea
  51. Algebra

    how do you solve this, its about rational expressions ?? 4 2 -------- + -------- X^2–4x+1 x^2-1

    asked by Anonymous
  52. poly technic

    A bullet strike uniform plant with a velocity 400m/s snd comes out with half of that velocity. What should be the velocity of the out coming bullet.If the plant were half thick?

    asked by abhijith vs
  53. science

    what is the farenheit celsius kelvin of 300 ml of coffee . ?

    asked by Anonymous