Questions Asked on
July 29, 2015

  1. Easy Math??

    The stock that Mr. Ames bought cost him $80 a share. The par value of the stock is $100. If the stock pays $6 a year in dividends, what rate of interest is Mr. Ames getting on his money? A.16 2/3% B.7 1/2% C.3% D.6% E.None of the above Personally, what

    asked by Ryan
  2. rd. math

    Pl find out hcf using division method 180,252,576

    asked by Raj
  3. science

    The potential difference measured across a coil is 20 V when a direct current of 2 A is passed through it. With an alternating current of 2 A at 40 Hz, the p.d. across the coil is 140 V. If the coil is connected to a 230 V, 50 Hz supply, calculate: (a) the

    asked by mpho
  4. Math

    1) Each side of a triangle is a different length. One side is 6, one side is more than 6, and one side is less than 6. The perimeter of the triangle could not be... a.13 b.18 c.22 d.24 2)Which of the following could not be the measures of two of the three

    asked by Bell
  5. calc

    Let F of x equals the integral from 1 to 3 times x of the natural logarithm of t squared. Use your calculator to find F″(1).

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Calculus - Rate of Change

    Can someone explain how to solve this problem? Sand is being dumped on a conveyor belt onto a pile in such a way that the pile forms in the shape of a cone whose radius is always equal to its height. Assuming that the sand is being dumped at a rate of 10

    asked by Fred
  7. Science

    Consider a car moving along a straight horizontal road with a speed of 72km/h.If the coefficient of static friction between the tyres and the road is 0.5,the shortest distance in which the car can be stopped is(taking g=10m/s^2) (a)30m (b)40m (c)72m (d)20m

    asked by Diwije
  8. maths

    'A ship sales for 60km on bearing 040 degrees.How far east of it is the starting point?'

    asked by rajini
  9. maths

    Everyday there is at least 2 special dishes in a restaurant. If burger is in the menu on every sixth day and pizza is served every eighth day and both pizza and burgers are on today’s menu, how many days will it be that they are both on the menu again?

    asked by manindra
  10. Chemistry

    The formula for magnesium carbonate is MgCO3. What is the charge of the cation in Ag2CO3? Would it be +1 or +2 because there are two of Ag?

    asked by Angel
  11. Math

    the length of a rectangle is three times of its width. if the length of the diagonal is 8 root 10cm then the area of the parameter of the rectangle ?

    asked by Ashu
  12. Geometry

    A square football field 3 mi. wide.

    asked by Anna
  13. physics

    Thank you Henry for helping me with my physics problem about the angle etc and the golf ball on 7/28.

    asked by Doug
  14. math

    The teacher of a mathematics class has written up the final exam, but wants the questions to be random for each student. There are 28 students in the class, and the test has 100 questions. Each question has four possible answers. a. After reading carefully

    asked by lana
  15. Maths

    Noors knows that David, Adam, Jane and Luisa are brothers and sisters. However, she does not know the order in which they were born. There are 24 different combinations of their birth order. How many more different combinations would there be if there were

    asked by Bryan
  16. math

    Jo needs to know which of the following cannot be a prime number whenever p is a prime number greater than 2001. A. p-2 B. p+2 C. p+999 D. p+9990

    asked by ben
  17. trig

    The hypotenuse of a right triangle has length 8. The area of the triangle is also 8 units squared. What is the perimeter of the triangle?

    asked by Alexa
  18. Criminal Justice

    Hello, I have been looking for data on how many minorities are executed in Texas, but I cannot find a reliable source with the data broken down by groups. I have found sources given me the total but not broken down by race. I have tried government cites

    asked by Howard
  19. math algebra

    Jo needs to know which of the following cannot be a prime number whenever p is a prime number greater than 2001. A. p-2 B. p+2 C. p+999 D. p+9990 Im stuck

    asked by Ben
  20. science

    How are moon observations from space different from moon observations made on Earth? I think there is no deifference.

    asked by Nour
  21. Math

    How would you simplify this equation?? ((1/x)-(1/y))/(y^2-x^2)

    asked by Jess
  22. Algebra II

    Can you please let me know which property this is? If h = 7 + 8 and 7 + 8 = 15, then h = 15 I believe it is the transitive property of equality Thank you!

    asked by Mom50
  23. math

    Tangent are drawn to the circle x2 y2=12 at the points where it is met by the circle x2 y2-5x 3y-2=0

    asked by siddharth
  24. English four

    Identify the gerund phrase and identify the noun function of the gerund. Brett earn his income by repairing cars

    asked by Danielle
  25. maths

    A garden shed is 6m long and 4m wide. A path 1.5 m wide and 10 cm deep is going to be made around the shed. What is the volume of concrete needed to lay the path?

    asked by Please help
  26. Solving Geometry Formulas

    If the perimeter of a rectangle is 48 ft. and the width is 9 ft., what is the length of the rectangle?

    asked by Anna
  27. College Algebra

    Use the Laws of Logarithms to expand the expression. loga(x^5/yz^6) Can anybody help me step by step pleassse?

    asked by Melany
  28. College Algebra

    Use the Laws of Logarithms to combine the expression. 1/5log(x + 3)^5 +1/3 [log x^6 − log(x^2 − x − 12)^3]

    asked by Melany
  29. College Algebra

    Use a calculator to evaluate the function at the indicated values. Round your answers to three decimals. g(x) =(2/3)^x-1 g(1.5)= g(square root of 3)= g(2pie)= g(-4/5)

    asked by Melany
  30. College Algebra

    Use the definition of the logarithmic function to find x. (a) ln x = 6 x = (b) ln e^2 = x x = can someone explain to me how to do this?

    asked by Melany
  31. maths

    plz i cerious need help i posted dis qustion bt due 2 my wrong typing it was nt anser plz here it is:x^4+3x-2/(x^2+1)=Ax+B/(x^2+1)+Cx+D/(x^2+1)^2+(Ex+F)/(x^2+1)^3+G/(x-4)+(Hx+1)/(x-4)^2.find ABCDEFGH? plz it a partial fraction thank yo u and Godbless u

    asked by anthony
  32. Potlake'Life orientation

    Five interview questions tobe used to evaluate the understanding of a service delivery protest by learners

    asked by Mmasello
  33. mohlakeng primary school

    explain the scientific interpretation of the fossils found in the crandle of humankind

    asked by sdumo rangwane
  34. Math

    Mr Lee spent 1/12 of his money on a.belt and 1/4 of it on books. He had $240 left. How much did he spend on the books?

    asked by Angeline
  35. Living Waters private school

    Can I choose Human resource or safety officer when am doing maths literacy, economic,business and tourism

    asked by Angel
  36. math

    Carlos joins a DVD club.The membership cost$49 per year. Each DVD cost$4. supose carlos buys 28DVDs this year . How much money will he make?

    asked by kayla
  37. physics

    A 100 kg trunk loaded with old books is to be slid across a floor by a young woman who exerts a force 300 N down and forward at 30° with the horizontal. If µs = 0.5 and µk = 0.5, compute the resulting acceleration.

    asked by nwra
  38. Math

    Drew is twice as old as his sister joy.The quotient of their ages five years ago is seven less than Joy's present age. Find out how old they are at present.

    asked by Alex
  39. Data management

    A card is drawn from a shuffled deck of 52 cards. What's th probability that the card is a spade or a face card?

    asked by Peter
  40. accounting

    What entry in account journalizing this would be: Mr. W made a additional payment of 2k by issuing a 60 day note. Thank you!

    asked by Colleen
  41. College Algebra

    A radioactive substance decays in such a way that the amount of mass remaining after t days is given by the function m(t) = 9e−0.012t where m(t) is measured in kilograms. (a) Find the mass at time t = 0.

    asked by Melany
  42. computer

    Jump in loops

    asked by nakul
  43. physics

    A meter stick is found to balance at the 47.3cm mark when placed on a fulcrum. When a 45.7g mass is attached at the 10.5cm mark, the fulcrum must be moved to the 38.5cm mark for balance. What is the mass of the meter stick?

    asked by Mishaal
  44. computer

    What is branching statement? Explain with the help of flow chart.

    asked by nakul
  45. computer

    write a c programs to find the trace of a given matrix.

    asked by nakul
  46. calculus

    what is the interval notation for solution set of the inequality x^2+16x is less than or equal to 0

    asked by Hazel
  47. programing in c

    write a c programs to find the trace of a given matrix.

    asked by nakul
  48. programing in c

    Jump in loops

    asked by nakul
  49. programing in c

    What is branching statement ? Explain with the help of flow chart.

    asked by nakul
  50. physics

    two charges, -16uC and +4uC, are separated by three meters. a) Where along the line through the charges is the electric field zero? b) What is the force on a 14uC charge place there? uC = microCoulombs for a), would it be 16+ -4? Thank you!

    asked by Lola
  51. operating system

    Define process. Explain state of process concept and PCB.

    asked by nakul
  52. mayville secondary school

    Why traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only not for women

    asked by sthembile
  53. operating system

    Relocatable loading

    asked by nakul
  54. operating system

    Shell key word

    asked by nakul
  55. digital circuits & systems

    Floating point representaction.

    asked by nakul
  56. digital circuits & systems

    Explain the method of constructing karnaugh maps.

    asked by nakul
  57. digital circuits & systems

    What do you mean by logic gates? Explain different types of logic gates.

    asked by nakul
  58. digital circuits & systems

    Draw the architecture of a microprocessor and explain it.

    asked by nakul
  59. Calculus

    An airplane is heading at a bearing of N23°E at a speed of 700 km/hr, but there is a wind blowing from the west at 60 km/hr. If the plane does not make any correction, what will be the bearing of the plane? What is its speed relative to the ground (ground

    asked by Alexa
  60. Maths,history,andriculture,life science

    What my career if i'm doing this subject maths,life scienc,history,agriculture

    asked by Lusanda
  61. math

    Eric is planning a 7-day resort vacation. He will play golf on four mornings. He also wants to play tennis but can only play tennis on days he does not play croquet. He will play croquet on any day immediately following a day that he plays golf. What is

    asked by Jackson
  62. Science

    {1}Discuss the parts of typical alimentary canal of multicellular organisms. {2}State the action of following enzyme in the process of digestion (a)Salivary amylase (b)Pepsin (c)Pancreatic enzyme (d)Trypsin (e)Lipase

    asked by Diwije