Questions Asked on
July 27, 2015

  1. College Algebra

    Find a fourth-degree polynomial with integer coefficients that has zeros 4i and −1, with −1 a zero of multiplicity 2. (Use x for the variable.) can somebody help me do this?

    asked by Melany
  2. chemistry

    How many grams of table sugar (C12H22O11) will be needed to make 3.5 L of a 11.5 M solution?

    asked by Will
  3. research and MLA citation

    Which of the following would not be considered plagiarism? A. Summarizing source information and including a citation on the Works Cited page B. Acknowledging a source when directly quoting but not including quotation marks C. Submitting an essay that a

    asked by Daniela
  4. Math

    1. Suppose the buying power of the dollar decreases by 6.7% this year. What is the rate of inflation this year? a) 7.6% b) 7.2% c) None of the above.

    asked by Jessica
  5. science

    Amanda is holding a compass and notices that the north pole of the compass points toward the north pole of the Earth. She is confused because she knows from her science classes that the north poles of two magnets will repel each other. How can she explain

    asked by Nour
  6. MAL citation

    In MLA style, how long must a quote be to be a block quotation? A. More than 8 lines B. More than 2 lines C. 50 words or more D. More than 4 lines my answer is d.

    asked by Daniela
  7. Pre-calc

    which expression completes the identity sin ucosv=?

    asked by Daisy
  8. French - SraJMcGin

    If my paragraph is correct « Une affaire terriblement seule de la vie. Vous entrez dans seul le monde et vous sortez seul du monde pourtant il semble à moi que vous êtes plus seul tout en vivant que jamais allant et venant » – Emily Carr In le roman,

    asked by Rose
  9. pre-calculus

    which of the following is a solution to 3tan^3x=tanx? A.) 60 degrees B.) 120 degrees c.)150 degrees D.)240 degrees E.)300 degrees

    asked by Daisy
  10. Chemistry

    A technician mixes a solution containing silver nitrate with a solution containing sodium chromate. 2.89 g of precipitate is produced (assume silver chromate). Calculate the mass of silver nitrate present in the first solution. Make sure you have the

    asked by Jill
  11. Math

    Suppose the stock of Microsoft increases in value by $5 per share. If all other Dow stock prices remain unchanged, how does this affect the DJIA? a) 37.80 points up b) 30.24 points up c) 22.68 points up

    asked by Jessica
  12. Physics

    What distance does Anna covered by running on a circular track of length 500m?

    asked by Edgar
  13. pre-calculus

    find the exact value of sin 112.5 in fraction form

    asked by Daisy
  14. Chemestry

    Question 1) Consider the following reaction of calcium hydride (CaH2) with molten sodium metal:CaH2(s) + 2 Na(l) -> 2 NaH(s) + Ca(l) Identify the species being oxidized and the species being reduced? Question 2) Give the names to the binary compounds

    asked by Ashley
  15. English 9 grammar

    1. Which of the following is grammatically correct? (mixed constructions) A) Even though the boy left early does not mean he was sick. >>B) Even though the boy left early, it does not mean he was sick. 2. Which of the following is grammatically correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. MLA citation

    Why is it better to rely on information from scholarly journals, not magazines, in academic writing? A. Scholarly journals are more difficult to find. B. Magazines are entertaining, which means they can't be educational. C. Scholarly journals are more

    asked by Daniela
  17. Math

    Suppose the rate of inflation this year is 4.5%. What is the percentage decrease in the buying power of a dollar? a) 4.3% b) 4.7% c) None of the above.

    asked by Jessica
  18. Calculus

    Can someone show how to solve this problem Two vertical towers of heights 60 ft and 80 ft stand on level ground, with their bases 100 ft apart. A cable that is stretched from the top of one pole to some point on the ground between the poles, and then to

    asked by Hank
  19. MLA citation

    Which type of writing assignment would benefit the most from the use of outside sources? A. The first act of a play about John F. Kennedy B. An essay describing your favorite kind of automobile C. An informative essay about the transformation of a

    asked by Daniela
  20. pre-calculus

    What is the exact value of sin 225

    asked by Daisy
  21. MLA citation

    Of the following, which is the most important to consider when analyzing and revising an academic paper? A. That the paper will be entertaining for the instructor to read B. That the thesis is clear and that the main points support that thesis C. That the

    asked by Daniela
  22. math

    I really need help to find the answer to this question below. If possible, please show every step of the way in a detailed form so i can understand, it takes me a while to fully comprehend whats being done. Thank you so much. QUESTION: the data shown model

    asked by sarah
  23. Math

    A package of 12 hex bolts and 10 anchor bolts weighs 7 pounds. A second package of 5 hex bolts and 15 anchor bolts weighs 4 pounds. A single hex bolt weighs ___________pounds, rounded to one decimal place.

    asked by Amy
  24. Nat Sci

    how do mountain formed? its because of the colliding pulling apart sliding past each other of tectonic plate? am i right? what is the difference of tectonic plates with plate tectonics?

    asked by micoh
  25. English 9

    1. Jessica gave a ___________ account of the conversation she'd had with the police. A) verbatim B) decorous ----C) dilatory D) munificent 2. The _________ old apple seller on the street corner used to scare Sarah. ------A) copasetic B) pulchritudinous C)

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Developing Healthy Eating Habits

    If an outdoor runner develops a headache, feels tired, and has an elevated heart rate, what is the most probable cause?

    asked by myke
  27. Statistics

    The Phillies were accused of cheating their beer customers by not putting enough beer in their 12 oz cups. When 15 cups were selected at random, they were found to have a mean of 11.7 ounces with a standard deviation of 0.5 ounces. At the .01 significance

    asked by Sabrina
  28. math

    The product of the digits of 2000 is 0. How many integers y, 2000

    asked by hila
  29. math

    The product of 2000 negative numbers could equal. A. -200 B. -1 C. 0 D. pi

    asked by hila
  30. MLA citation

    What is the difference between a bibliography and an annotated bibliography? A. An annotated bibliography includes a brief summary of each source's content and focus. B. It's easier and faster to complete an annotated bibliography. C. An annotated

    asked by Daniela
  31. Algebra

    The mean is 18.1 the data set for 13 is -1.7 What is the standard deviation for this data set.

    asked by Malu
  32. MLA citation

    Which of the following is not a tip that can help you find good sources for a topic? A. Limit yourself to one source in the beginning. B. Have a narrowed topic and working thesis. C. Keep track of citation information for each source. D. Have a clear

    asked by Daniela
  33. MLA citation

    Which of the following is an example of opinion? A. The Canadian men's hockey team won the gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics. B. Abraham Lincoln presented the Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863. C. The color blue sometimes signifies sadness or

    asked by Daniela
  34. MLA citation

    Which of the following is an example of a secondary source? A. An interview with Stephen King B. A novel by Stephen King C. Stephen King's letters to his editor D. A biography of Stephen King my answer is d.

    asked by Daniela
  35. MLA citation

    Suppose that you're going to interview someone in preparation for writing a research paper on teaching techniques for macroeconomics. For this topic, who would be the best person to interview? A. A student in a macroeconomics course B. An economist C. A

    asked by Daniela
  36. MLA citation

    Which of the following statements is true about choosing sources? A. Books and articles written prior to the year 2000 are the most accurate. B. A person's opinion makes the best source when you hear it yourself. C. It's most important to determine whether

    asked by Daniela
  37. MLA citation

    You're working to come up with an interesting topic. Which of the following terms would not apply to that effort? A. Manageable B. Breaking C. Practical D. Novel I believe is b.

    asked by Daniela
  38. math

    The square of a certain whole number N is N squared.If 60 is a factor of N squared ,its possible that xis not a factor of N squared.

    asked by Anonymous
  39. math

    The dimensions of a box are 9 by 16 by radical 25. Its volume is a. 60 b. 3600 c. √(50) d. √(60) please explain

    asked by Anonymous
  40. al 1

    how do you solve 4x < 0.325?

    asked by denya
  41. trigonometry

    From the roof of the building 25 meters high, the angle of elevation of the top of the pole is 21°11’ , from the bottom of the building, the angle of elevation is 43°2’, determine the height of the pole .

    asked by lyn
  42. trigonometry

    From the roof of the building 25 meters high, the angle of elevation of the top of the pole is 21°11’ , from the bottom of the building, the angle of elevation is 43°2’, determine the height of the pole .

    asked by yn
  43. Math

    Two acid solutions are to be mixed together.  Solution A is 30% acid by volume.  Solution B is 70% acid by volume. The 800 mL mixture is 54% acid by volume. The amount of Solution A, rounded to the nearest milliliter, is ____________mL.

    asked by Amy
  44. science

    Lamont has a dark container. He knows that the container has a mass of 2.0 g when it is empty. He cannot see inside the container. However, he is able to use a balance to determine that the container has a mass of 2.7 g. What can Lamont conclude about the

    asked by Nour
  45. Physics

    A particle is projected from the surface of Earth with a speed equal to 2.4 times the escape speed. When it is very far from Earth, what is its speed? ?km/s

    asked by Anonymous
  46. English grammar

    He loves reading good books. Make it as the complement of an intransitive verb of incomplete prediction.

    asked by Richa
  47. math

    Evaluate(2+j4)*(-3-j4) and express in polar coordinate fform

    asked by saurabh
  48. Math

    From the top of a tree the angle of depression of a boat is 30degree if the height of a tree is 36m above the sea level calculate the horizontal distance of the boat from the bottom of a tree?

    asked by Charito
  49. Maths

    A rectangle has area 6 cm^2 and diagonal length 2 square root 5cm. What is its perimeter

    asked by Liam
  50. math

    construct a triangle ABC such that AB =BC=4.7 cm and

    asked by SUNITA
  51. Maths

    Two trains, Aand B , leave a train station at the same time but in different directions, one towards east and the other towards west. Train B travels 20km/h faster than train A. After 6 minutes, the two trains are 11 km apart. Find the average speed of

    asked by Jones
  52. Maths

    A car traveled from A to B at a speed of 15 km/h and return at a speed of 30 km/h. Find the average speed for the whole journey.

    asked by Jones
  53. math

    how to construct a quadrilateral MATH where MT bisects M. AH is perpendicular bisector of MT. M is 60 degrees. A is 120 degrees. MH is 8cm

    asked by Roch
  54. algebra

    5x-1=1 32x+5=17

    asked by beverly
  55. math

    In a class election,the votes of the two candidates were in the ratio 4:5. If there were 45 students in the class, how many did each get?

    asked by jas
  56. Maths Problem

    Really need help..I can't figure out how? A van travelling at 60km/h left Town A for Town B at 7.00am. At 7.30am, a car left Town A for Town B. If the car travelled at an average speed of 80km/h, at what time would it catch up with the van?

    asked by Amy S.
  57. Maths

    John spends 380 dollars to buy the following two items sugar and salt, the amount is 100 bags, a bag of sugar is 2 dollars, a bag of salt is 5 dollars, how much did John bought each of it? I dunno how to write the equation and helps pls

    asked by Jones
  58. m.e.i.pampore

    if we tritrate weak acid(oxalic acid)with strong base(naoh).which indicator is used and why

    asked by yamin nazir
  59. chemistry

    What volume of 0.5M H2SO4 will exactly neutralise 20cm3 of 0.1MNaOH solution?

    asked by aniekan
  60. Math

    The amounts by weight of gold, silver and lead in three alloys of these metals are in the ratio 1:5:3 in the first alloy, 2:3:4 in the second and 5:2:2 in the third. How many kg of the first alloy must be used to obtain 10kg of an alloy containing equal

    asked by Anne B.
  61. Maths

    kavita has 1 metre of ribbon. she uses 1/3 metre to wrap one package. ho many package can she wrap with 2 metres?

    asked by Kashish
  62. Algebra

    A woman spent 75 more than 75% of her money in one store. She then spent 75 more than 75% of her remaining money in another store. She did the same in a third store and had only 700 left. How much money did she originally have? My answer is 51,100. Is this

    asked by Jeysi
  63. Math

    One solution contains 25% as much water as alcohol and another solution contains 5 times as much water as alcohol. How many gallons of each solution must be mixed in order to obtain 7 gallons of the new solution which contains as much water as alcohol?

    asked by Ben
  64. pre-calculus

    Which of the following is NOT a solution to cos^2x=3sin^2x? A.) 30 degrees B.) 60 degrees C.) 150 degrees D.)210 degrees E.)330 degrees

    asked by Daisy
  65. Math

    There's a question I've been having difficulty solving, and I would really appreciate if you can show he steps to how I can achieve the answer. QUESTION: The numbers 1, 4, 10, 20, and 35 are called tetrahedral numbers because they are related to a four

    asked by Sarah
  66. English Vocab 9

    Jessica gave a ___________ account of the conversation she'd had with the police. ----A) verbatim B) decorous C) dilatory D) munificent 2. The _________ old apple seller on the street corner used to scare Sarah. A) copasetic B) pulchritudinous ---C)

    asked by Anonymous
  67. pre-calculus

    which expression is equivalent to (sinx+1)(sinx-1)? A.) COS^2X B.) -COS^2X C.) COS^2X+1 D.) COS^2X-1 E.) -COS^2X+1

    asked by Daisy
  68. Algebra

    Use factoring to solve 5^4-8x^2=0 Not sure where to begin I got x^2(5x^2)-8=0

    asked by sue
  69. algebra

    f(x)=2x^2-20x+5 find vertex is(5,55)correct

    asked by roger
  70. Statistics

    About how many participants are needed for 80% power in each of the following planned studies that will use a t test for dependent means with p

    asked by Maria
  71. algebra

    I get f(5)=2*5^2-20*5+5=2*25-100+5=50-100+5=55 not sure what doing wrong

    asked by roger