Questions Asked on
July 26, 2015

  1. MAth 109

    The formula d= square root of 3h/2 models the distance, d, in miles, that a person h feet high can see to the horizon. If the pool deck on a cruise ship is 80' above the water, how far can passengers on the pool deck see? Write the answer in simplified

    asked by Zsa Zsa
  2. Physics

    What is the tension in the string in (Figure 1) ? The volume of plastic ball is 95 cm3 and the density is 840 kg/m3.

    asked by Tommy
  3. maths

    If 7=56,then 10=? A)74 B)65. C)50. D)90

    asked by ragavi
  4. Calculus

    My teacher wants me to use this formula for half life question C(t) = Ce^-kt but i used a different formula plz help. the question is: A radioactive isotope has a half life of 30 years. If we started off with 10 mg of this isotope 12 years ago: a) Find and

    asked by max
  5. Math Functions

    Write two equations to represent the same exponential function with a y-intercept of 5 and an asymptote at y=3 . Investigate whether other exponential functions have the same properties. Use the transformations to explain your observations.

    asked by Jacob
  6. St Kabir

    Find theta if sin(theta+36°)=cos theta where theta +36 is an acute angle

    asked by Amrit
  7. Physics

    A pole-vaulter just clears the bar at 4.42 m and falls back to the ground. The change in the vaulter's potential energy during the fall is -3800 J. What is his weight?

    asked by zee
  8. science

    A boy is riding a skateboard. Why does the skateboard have the ability to do work? because it can slow down because the force applied by the rider acts in the opposite direction as the motion of the skateboard because it can change direction because the

    asked by Nour
  9. Language Arts

    What lesson or meaning do you think the story "The Mark of the Beast" by Rudyard Kipling, held for the British audience of the Victorian era?

    asked by James
  10. stats

    glucose level in patients free of diabetes are assumed to follow a normal distribution with a mean of 120 and a standard deviation of 16. (20 pts) What proportion of patients has glucose levels exceeding 115?

    asked by genia
  11. statistics

    A lottery offers one $10000 prize, one $5000 prize and five $1000 prizes. 1000 tickets are sold at $30 each . Find the expectation if a person buys one ticket workings: 9970/1000+4970/1000+4850/1000-29790/1000 = -10000/1000 =-$10

    asked by Anonymous
  12. ssc..math

    A tree 30 feet tall casts a shadow 7 feet at the same time that a flagpole casts a shadow 5 feet .Find the height of the flagpole .

    asked by jonalyn
  13. physics

    8. Two blocks of masses 50 Kg & 30 Kg, lie on two smooth inclined planes of 30° and 60° through a light rope which passes over a smooth pulley at junction of two planes. Calculate common acceleration and tension in rope

    asked by srinivasan
  14. art/125

    example the relationship between art and popular culture?

    asked by dinah
  15. Physics

    a full draw is the maximum distance that an archer can pull an arrow. Using the recurve bow shown below, a particular archer requires an average force of 130N to pull a full draw of 70.0cm. (when the arrow is relaxed in the bow, there is a distance of

    asked by Brandy
  16. writing

    15. Once you acquire these two basic skills, you'll be able to transform a vague idea in your mind into a coherent piece of writing.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. math

    Mercury is a metal, which is liquid at room temperature. Its melting point of alcohol is 39 Celsius the freezing point of alcohol is-114 Celsius. how much warmer is the melting point of mercury than the freezing point of alcohol?

    asked by Raina
  18. Math 156

    What is the greatest prime you must consider to test whether 7356 is prime? Thanks for the help.

    asked by Bella
  19. Algebra 2 (probability)

    Sara has 5 flower pots with a unique flower. The pots are arranged along a line. One day she decided to change their order the condition that no pots that were originally next to each other remain next to each other. Find out the number of possible orders

    asked by Johnson
  20. Maths

    A ruler is 10 cents more than a pencil. If 2 rulers and 5 pencil costs 3.70 dollars, how much is the cost for a single pencil?

    asked by Jones
  21. Math

    A manufacturing company is thinking of launching a new product. The company expects to sell $950,000 of the new product in the first year and $1,500,000 each year thereafter. Direct costs including labor and materials will be 45% of sales. Indirect

    asked by Priscilla
  22. math

    How many license plates can be made if each should have 3 letters of the English alphabet with no letter repeated ? what will be the answer if the letters can be repeated?

    asked by nakul
  23. Math

    What is the greatest prime you must consider to test whether 7356 is prime?

    asked by Kim
  24. Data management

    Which of the following three events is more likely to happen that a person get a) At least 1 six when 6 dice are rolled; b) At least 2 sixes when 12 dice are rolled, or c) At least 3sixes when 18 dice are rolled. Explain why.

    asked by Helen
  25. math

    Equations solve by matrix method (1) x+y+z=3 (2) x+2y+3z=4 (3) 2x+4y+9z=6

    asked by nakul
  26. src

    the 4th term of an arithmetic progression is 27 and the sum of the 1st and 4th term is 42. What is the third term

    asked by samad
  27. math

    solve -8/15 a = 9/10

    asked by Carter
  28. Physics

    Canadian geese move up and down on the surface of a lake. If one moves up and down 15 times a minute and you estimate the distance between the wave crests to be 1 m, determine the speed of the water F = rpm F = 15/60 F = .25 V = wavelength * Frequency v =

    asked by Lucina
  29. Maths

    3 inlet pipes A,B and C can be used to fill 1000m^3 water storage tank . When 3 pipes are in operation,the tank can be filled in 10hours .When only pipes A and B are used,the time increases to 20 hours. With pipe A and C, the tank can be filled in 12.5

    asked by Rainie
  30. calculus problem I have tried 100 times

    A tank in the shape of an inverted right circular cone has height 5 meters and radius 4 meters. It is filled with 2 meters of hot chocolate. Find the work required to empty the tank by pumping the hot chocolate over the top of the tank. The density of hot

    asked by Anonymous
  31. math- partial fractions

    how do you i do the partial fraction for 1/(s^2)(s^2 +2s +3)

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Nat Sci

    why when the granite decompose it converts to clay? and what is the simplest meaning of B horizon. i don't fully understand the things i've read about b horizon on net. please help me

    asked by Anonymous
  33. chemistry

    To what volume should you dilute 47.0 mL of a 5.95 M KI solution so that 27.5 mL of the diluted solution contains 3.50 g of KI?

    asked by greg
  34. math

    Solve (1) TTX=2 (2) 3x+2=5x+7-2x (3) 6x+2-4x=5+2x-3

    asked by nakul
  35. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the following functions using the f prime of x = the limit as h approaches 0 of f(x+h) – f(x) all over h a)ƒ(x) = x2 + 5^x b)ƒ(x)= 1/2^x

    asked by Jonathan
  36. cal

    Show that the limit as h approaches 0 of (e^h-1 ) all over h = ln e = 1 using at least two numerical examples.

    asked by Jonathan
  37. Calculus

    Show that the limit as h approaches 0 of (e^h-1 ) all over h = ln e = 1 using at least two numerical examples.

    asked by Jonathan
  38. Math

    Show that the limit as h approaches 0 of (e^h-1 ) all over h = ln e = 1 using at least two numerical examples.

    asked by Jonathan
  39. Chemistry

    What are some errors that can be made in colorimetry?

    asked by Kendall
  40. Math

    I am doing estimating Standard deviation of grouped data. I have done all the sum freg 60/ midpoint 2580/ x bar is 43 for all/ and total with x bar is 10260. Can you explain how to get the variance and sq root from these. I know that you have to

    asked by Mary Ann
  41. algebra

    When my answer is 4=x and I rewrite it as x=4, is that illustrating a property? Why am I able to do that?

    asked by Lisa
  42. math

    solve 7/10 d = 21/20

    asked by jalen
  43. Physics

    An officer is investigating an accident. A car has struck a pedestrian at a school crosswalk.There are no witnesses to the accident. The officer measures the coefficient of friction at the accident site to be 0.55, and he measures skid marks that are 52m

    asked by Beth
  44. Algebra


    asked by Alex
  45. organic chemistry

    What does delocalization mean? what is the difference between non delocalizabe and delocalizable? Thank you in advance..

    asked by Anonymous
  46. science

    cite samples of lesson plan for elementary students

    asked by tina
  47. math

    Equations solve by matrix method (1) x-y+3z=2 (2) 2x+y+2z=2 (3) -2x-2y+z=3

    asked by nakul