Questions Asked on
July 23, 2015

  1. English

    A speech about traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only,not women

    asked by natasha
  2. science: chemistry

    How many moles of NaOH must be added to 1.0 L of 2.6 M HC3H5O3 to produce a solution buffered at each pH? 1)pH= 4.28 2)pH=pKa

    asked by Julie
  3. English

    All these sentences look right to me. Which is incorrect? Identify the incorrect sentence. A. The jury has been deliberating for the past three hours. B. Members of the jury have been deliberating for the past three hours. C. The jury is arguing over the

    asked by Lynn
  4. English

    I don't get the message or theme of the short story by Susan Michalski "The wrong place". I am suppose to identify figurative elements used in the story that help identify the theme. I have identified simile -like acrobats, bank of clouds fluffy as

    asked by Celine
  5. science: chemistry

    A buffered solution is made by adding 47.4 g C2H5NH3Cl to 1.00 L of a 0.68 M solution of C2H5NH2. Calculate the pH of the final solution. (Assume no volume change. Assume that all solutions are at 25°C.)

    asked by Julie
  6. College Algebra

    The sum of three consecutive natural numbers is 966. Find the numbers.

    asked by Richard
  7. ENG 225

    Filmmakers can make up for which of the following problems with the use of coverage? (Points : 1) A poor music score A weak script A low budget A bad performance

    asked by Christopher
  8. basic math

    The tank for a car holds 12 gallons. The gasoline gauge shows the tank is 14 full. How much gas is still in the tank?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. chemistry

    Epsom salts, a strong laxative used in veterinary medicine, is a hydrate, which means that a certain number of water molecules are included in the solid structure. The formula for Epsom salts can be written as MgSO4 · x H2O, where x indicates the number

    asked by Tutakumbo
  10. Math quadratic function

    Jose bautista hits a baseball that travels for 142m before it lands. The flight of the ball can be modelled by a quadratic function in which x is the Horizontal distance the ball has travelled away from jose, and h(x) is the height Vertical distance of the

    asked by Sandy
  11. History

    Under most domestic search warrants what legal standard must be established before a warrant will be issued? A. Reasonable suspicion B. Reasonable cause C. Certiorari D. Probable cause any one sure of the answer

    asked by John
  12. chem 101

    How many milliliters of 0.205 M NaOH solution are needed to completely neutralize 5.50 mL of 0.865 M H2SO4 solution?

    asked by april
  13. math

    Sondra has a conical bird feeder with a circular top. The volume of the bird feeder is 153.86 cubic inches. The height of the feeder is 12 inches. What is radius of the top? Use 3.14 for mc019-1.jpg. Round the answer to the nearest tenth.

    asked by daniella
  14. sets

    In a group of 65 people,40 like cricket,10 like both cricket and tennis.How many like tennis only and not cricket?How many like tennis?

    asked by Nitu moni
  15. Physics

    Find the gravitational force acting on the Sun by the Earth. Given: Mass of the Sun = 1.99 * 1030 kg Mass of the Earth = 5.98 * 1024 kg Radius of the Sun = 6.96 * 108 m Radius of the Earth = 6.37 * 106 m Distance between the Sun and the Earth = 1.50 * 1011

    asked by Emily
  16. Math grade 11 uni

    Jose bautista hits a baseball that travels for 142m before it lands. The flight of the ball can be modelled by a quadratic function in which x is the Horizontal distance the ball has travelled away from jose, and h(x) is the height Vertical distance of the

    asked by Sandy
  17. statistics

    Of the Statistics graduates of a University 30%, received a starting salary of $45,000.00. If 5 of them are randomly selected, find the probability that all the graduated had starting salary of $45,000.00.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Tapovan high school bbsr

    An object is thrown upward with a velocity of 128ft/sec.Find out the time taken to reach the ground.

    asked by Parsuram Naik
  19. History life science geograhy maths literacy and languages

    Which career should i follow? Please help

    asked by Davido setshele
  20. History

    The right to a fair trial in federal cases stems from what constitutional source? A. The Sixth Amendment Speedy Trial Clause B.The Fifth Amendment Just Hearing Clause C. The Fourth Amendment Speedy Trial Clause D. The Fifth Amendment Due Process Clause i

    asked by Alice
  21. Visual Logic

    Create an amortization schedule to calculate your monthly payments on a car and show the loan balance over time with visual logic? Must include assignment statements, IF statement, loop, array. amount= 20000 interest rate= 2% Pay by= 5 yrs So far i've done

    asked by sunny
  22. History

    Currently, how many amendments have been added to the Constitution? A.26 B.19 C.27 D.10

    asked by romeo
  23. chemistry

    is gravimetric analysis or colourimetry more accurate when it comes to precipitation reactions where only around 6g and 100ml of the products are used?

    asked by Kendall
  24. History

    According to the readings, which of the following provisions has not been formally applied to the states? A. Eighth Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment B. Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination C. Fifth Amendment right to a grand

    asked by shah
  25. History

    Prior to 1954, if a state wanted to enact a program that separated individuals based on their race, but still provide both sets of persons equal services, what would the government have to demonstrate for this program to be deemed constitutional? A. it was

    asked by Bob
  26. french SraMcGin - If my answers are correct

    Mien,Tien,Sien If my answers are correct.*original sentences and after hyphen are my answers 1) On a lu ses histoires - Ce sont les siennes 2) Nous téléphonons à votre mère - C'est la vôtre 3) Marc prenait mon auto - C'est la mienne 4) Julia va voir

    asked by Rose
  27. pre-calc 12

    Determine the magnitude of an earthquake that is 200 times as intense as an earthquake of magnitude 3.7 on the Richter scale.

    asked by lindo
  28. History

    How many amendments were originally proposed and submitted to Congress as the initial draft of the Bill of Rights? • A. 12 B. 8 C. 15 D. 10 what will be the answer

    asked by John
  29. Math

    The grades received on a test by twenty students were: 100, 55, 75, 80, 65, 85, 90, 80, 45, 40, 50, 85, 85, 80, 80, 70, 65, and 60. What is the average?

    asked by Marshall
  30. un scramble these letters to make seven words


    asked by freddie
  31. History

    Who was primarily responsible for drafting the Bill of Rights? A.Thomas Jefferson B. Thomas Paine C.James Madison D.Benjamin Franklin

    asked by Alice
  32. algebra

    $50,000 was invested in bonds at %6and stocks at 8%. how much money was invested in each if the total return was $32,000?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. english

    Before planting a tree, a gardener needs to choose a good location, and dig a deep enough hole. The location should have the right kind of soil sufficient drainage, and enough light for the tree chosen. The hole should be slightly deeper than the root ball

    asked by russell springs

    patient complains of a fast heart rate. Which diagnosis does this statement indicate?

    asked by KRISS
  35. Data management

    Problems solving with Matrices [-3 1] * [ 4 7 0] 2 5 -3 -5 1 I'm stuck with this matrices. Please help me~~

    asked by Helen
  36. life orientation

    Im reaserching on how one another should engage in a protest, when ever there is an issue before or during a protest in the community?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. math

    draw a square on the graph paper whose each side of the length 5 centimetre and then make partition of the square into 25 small squares as soon in figure 1.1 each square is small square have its height and length 1 centimetre

    asked by rohit
  38. math

    The product 1.25 X 10^n is the cube of an integer when n= A. 1999 B. 2000 C. 2001 D. 2002

    asked by hila
  39. Trigonometry

    Convert to a rectangular equation. r+5sinØ = 7cosØ Is the solution to this x^2+y^2-7x+5y

    asked by Christa
  40. Unisa

    Suppose the arc subteding the central angle theta has length 20 pi metres and the radius is 24 metres, then what is theta measured in radians

    asked by Henry
  41. maths

    A box contains 5 red bowls, 6 yellow bowls and 3 white bowls. If 4 bowls are randomly drawn from the box at the same time, (a)find the probability that exactly 2 red bowls are drawn; (b)find the probability that at least 2 red bowls are drawn.

    asked by Charles
  42. History

    The United States Supreme Court decision that requires prosecutors to turn over any evidence that tends to show the innocence of the defendant is: A. Batson v. Kentucky B. Gideon v. Wainwright C. Santobello v. New York D. Brady v. Maryland

    asked by Marshall
  43. Algebra 2

    Hey, I just have two questions, Thanks. 1. Find the exact solutions of x² - (y - 6)² = 36 and y = -x² 2. Solve the system,4x² + y² = 20 and y = 4x.

    asked by Tony
  44. english

    Im writing an essay on the novel The Stranger(L'etranger) and im trying to think of a good title. The themes im discussing are isolation, society and class and death. Is "Separation from the Public" a good one?

    asked by Rose
  45. english

    how to write a summary on lesson the summit within

    asked by amar jeet singh
  46. junior maths olympiad 2005

    find two numbers between 60 and 70 which exactly divides 2^48 - 1

    asked by vas
  47. French - SraJMcGin

    Ecrivez 5 phrases qui montrent clairement la difference entre peut-etre et Peut-etre que. Je ne veux pas une explication, mais une petite conversation imaginaire qui utilise les deux. FAITES-LE EN FORME D'UN COURRIEL (EMAIL). S'il vous plait, lisez bien

    asked by Rose
  48. math

    Our spring break lasted only a+b days, where a and b are positive integers and the square root of a+b equals the square root of 8. The break ends in how many days? A. 4 B. 6 C. 8 D. 16 No idea as to what to start...

    asked by hila
  49. math

    In a certain right triangle, the lengths of the legs have a sum of 50 and a product of 282. What is the length of the hypothenuse? A. 44 B. 42 C. 40 D. 25squareroot2

    asked by hila
  50. math

    The only real root of x^3 - 1999x^2+x-1999=0 is 1999. What is the only real root of (x-1)^3-1999(x-1)^2 +(x-1)-1999=0? A. 1 B. 1998 C. 1999 D. 2000

    asked by hila
  51. Finance

    You want to buy a share of Acme Corp. stock. Your on-line broker shows a bid price of $30, and has a bid-ask spread of $.50. Assuming you buy “at the market” (i.e., at the prices currently quoted) how much will you pay for a share of the stock? How

    asked by Cole
  52. Health

    The difference between dysthymic disorder and major depressive disorder is that ________. A. Symptoms of Dysthymic disorder are usually less severe than those of major depression B. Symptoms of Dysthymic disorder are usually shorter than those of major

    asked by BB
  53. Calculus

    Can someone explain how cos(X)/ square root (sin (X)) is 2 square root sin(x) +c Thanks!

    asked by John
  54. English

    What does the light at the START of the tunnel mean? I know what the light at the end of the tunnel means, that there's always help, but I have no clue what to say for a speech about the light being at the start.

    asked by Mel
  55. math

    find the area of a triangle whose altitude is (5y-2)m and the base is (4y-7)m ? Thank you!! :))

    asked by Camz
  56. nvas physics

    A body is thrown vertical ly upward with a velocity of the 21m/s find maximum height reached by body

    asked by swayam
  57. Computer

    Input Process Output or IPO with Flowchart Question: A reel of electric wire 150 metres long is cut into two pieces.One is 40 metres shorter than twice the length of the other.How long is each piece. Please answer with flowchart.Thanks and god bless.

    asked by PHil
  58. History

    Which of the following rights within the Bill of Rights officially has not been incorporated and applied to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment? A.The right against double jeopardy B. The right to counsel C.The right to a trial by jury in felony

    asked by romeo
  59. History

    Is the federal government obligated to avoid denying persons the equal protection of the law? Why or why not? A. No, because the federal government does not have a history of discrimination B.No, because the equal protection clause only applies to the

    asked by romeo
  60. math

    ou were named District Manager of the Month at BeBop Records due to a hiring study you conducted. Your study showed that each of 30 salespersons that you supervise average $50,000 in sales each month. Your study also showed that for each new salesperson

    asked by Jenn
  61. Maths literacy and life science

    Can i become an pathologist

    asked by Bonolo
  62. Math

    How do you factor this polynomial? y^6 + 3y^3 – 10

    asked by Amy
  63. math

    If the coordinates of the vertices of a parallelogram are (-2,3), (3,1), (-1,4) and (-6,6), then one of its diagonals has a slope of A. -1 B. -2/5 C. 5/9 D. 1

    asked by hila
  64. math

    What is the largest power of 5 which divides the product of an the first 100 positive integers: 1 X 2 X 3 X ... X 98 X 99 X 100? A.5^2 B. 5^20 C. 5^24 D. 5^100

    asked by hila
  65. Trigonometry


    asked by Ervin