Questions Asked on
July 19, 2015

  1. math

    if tan=15/8 and cos negative then what is the value of [sin(-a)-cosa]/[tan(-a)+sec(-a)]

    asked by Anwar
  2. Math

    Farmer Brown planted corn and wheat on his 1200 acres of land. The cost of planting and harvesting corn is $275.00 per acre. The cost of planting and harvesting wheat is $125.00 per acre. If Farmer Brown's total cost was $244,500, how many acres of corn

    asked by Janice
  3. physics(kinematics)

    The acceleration of a particle is defined by the relation a=-8m/s2. Knowing that x=20m when t=4 and that x=4m when v=16m/s. Determine. A)the time when the velocity is zero. B)the velocity and total distance traveled when t=11s.

    asked by ben
  4. english

    Select the choice which best identifies the given passage from "The Cask of Amontillado." "I forced the last stone into its position; I plastered it up. Against the new masonry I re-erected the old rampart of bones. For the half of a century no mortal has

    asked by Anonymous
  5. maaaath

    on selling 250 apples , a man loses the selling price of 10 apples . find the loss % . had he purchased them for rs 650 , what would have been the selling price of one apple ?

    asked by rupali
  6. accounting

    If fixed costs are $700,000 and the unit contribution margin is $17, what amount of units must be sold in order to realize an operating income of $100,000?

    asked by chrissi
  7. Thokozwayo secondary school

    English is the language of opportunities why bother teaching indigenous languages?

    asked by Minnih
  8. Math (Finite)

    In how many ways can a committee of 7 people be chosen from 15 married couples if 2 couples must be on the committee?

    asked by Stephanie
  9. Geometry

    The volume of a rectangular prism is 960 cubic inches. If the dimensions of the base are doubled and the height remains the same to create a new prism, what will be the volume of the new rectangular prism in cubic inches?

    asked by Jeffrey
  10. college chem

    Calculate the molarity of the solution: 42.6 g NaCl in 1.58 L

    asked by tonia
  11. Finance

    Brand advertising is offered a 3/10 net 40 trade discount by its supplier. In the past Brand has been able to get away with paying for supplies on credit in 60days. since it doesnt have money on hand to take advantage of discount, it tries to negotiate a

    asked by Donna Claire
  12. math

    A model rocket is launched off the top of a table. The height of the rocket is given by the function, h(t) = - 4.9t2 + 9.5t + 1.2 where h(t) is the height in metres and t is the time in seconds. How long will it take for the rocket to reach the ground?

    asked by algebra hard
  13. physics

    a gas is filled in a vessel at 27 degree Celsius. to what temp should it be heated so that it 1/3rd of of the gas escapes out of the vessel? my attempt to solve; i tried applying charles law. so, V1/V2= T1/T2. V2= V1+V1/3= 4V1/3 hence, applying charles law

    asked by saumya
  14. blue bells model school

    Science physics A ball A moving with kinetic energy E makes a head on elastic collision with a stationary ball with mass n times that as A . What is the potential enery stored during collision ?

    asked by kanika
  15. Vukile high school

    1.what are welfare payments or consumer payments 2.what is the south african government providing and to whom? 3.what are the costs and cosequences of providing the subsidies and welfare? 4.are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed

    asked by Zakithi
  16. life orientation

    Evaluate the extent to which the service delivery protest you have described did met or did not meet the requirements of processes that you have researched about the high bills of water and electricity

    asked by khomotjo
  17. physics

    doing webwork when i came across this question. sure i had it right but apparently im not. The weightless horizontal bar in the figure below is in equilibrium. Scale B reads 4.20 kg (N.B. as you know, the scale should read N, but no one told the

    asked by sam
  18. Math

    A landscaper is drawing a scale model of a garden. The scale is that one half double prime 1 2 on the plan represents 1 foot in the garden. If a flower bed is 5 prime 9 double prime59 ​long, how long will it be on the​ plans?

    asked by Peewee
  19. Physics

    A bridge is 200 m long. A car weighing 2.5 metric tons is 50 m from one end of the bridge and a trucj weighing 6 metric tons is 80 m from the other end. The bridge is uniformly paved and weighs 20 metric tons. How much force does the vertical support at

    asked by Julie
  20. Business Stats

    The average life expectancy of Canadian women is 75 years, and is normally distributed. The standard deviation is known to be 7 years. If a random sample od 49 women is taken, what is the probability that the average age of the sample of women is: Between

    asked by Anonymous
  21. calculus

    Sketch the region in the first quadrant enclosed by y=6/x, y=2x, and y=.5x. Decide whether to integrate with respect to x or y. Then find the area of the region. need final area as answer please, and step would be helpful also if you can post.

    asked by Nick
  22. geography 10th grade

    Major sources of income for the Mexican economy include all of the following except; a. agriculture. b. tourism. c.the technology industry. d.petroleum extraction

    asked by Gisselle
  23. science

    The focal length of a concave mirror, that produces four times larger real image of an object placed at 5 cm distance from the mirror, is------

    asked by sanjay
  24. Managerial Finance II

    Ten rights are necessary to purchase one share of Fogel stock at $54. A right sells for a $6. The ex-rights value of Fogel stock is...?

    asked by Donna
  25. Physics

    The ends of a rope are tied to two hooks on a ceiling. A set of books weighing 36.0 N is tied and hung on the rope so that the segments of the rope make angles of 35 degrees and 50 degrees respectively with the horizontal. Compute for the tension on each

    asked by Julie
  26. math

    If an equithagorean triangle is an equilateral triangle in which the sum of the cubes of two sides is equal to the square of the third side, what is the perimeter of an equithagorean triangle? A. 0.5 B. 1.5 C. 4.5 D. 6

    asked by Larry
  27. Nutrition

    Cholesterol: a) can be converted to vitamin D. b) can be found in all foods. c) contains glycerol and 3 fatty acids. d) acts as an emulsifier. I believe it is D

    asked by khalilah
  28. life science

    what features do African ape share with humans

    asked by xonolo
  29. History

    What was the purpose of account of the Maccabean Revolt? Who was the intended audience?

    asked by Matt
  30. Math

    In the average ball​ game, the sum of the scores of both teams is 4545​, with a standard deviation of 55. If the score of a game resulted in a​ z-score of 1.801.80 and the winning team had a score of 3333​, what was the other​ team's score?

    asked by Peewee
  31. Physics

    A 30-N non-uniform pole, 5m long, was used to carry a load of 400 N by two men. The load was hung at the middle of the pole. Find the center of gravity of the pole if the force exerted by each man on each end were 220 N and 210 N respectively.

    asked by Julie
  32. nutrition

    Which statement is correct: a) The total grams of fat in the American diet has stayed relatively constant over the past 40 years. b) The total grams of fat in the American diet has decreased over the past 40 years. c) The total grams of fat in the American

    asked by khalilah
  33. Physics

    A borad, 3m long, is hinged at point a and is supported by a vertical rope at point b, 2m from a. A boy weighing 200 N stands at the end of the board at point c. Neglecting the weight of the board, calculate the force on the rope.

    asked by Julie
  34. math

    Determine the trigonometric functions (sin θ, cos θ, tan θ ) of the angles (in standard positive) whose terminal side passes through the given point (x, y)=(1.2, 0.5). Give answers in exact form.

    asked by ashmita
  35. Science Thermochemistry

    How much heat would be liberated by the combustion of 2.5 moles of C. Delta Hc C=94600 cal

    asked by Bryan Molina
  36. French

    Remplissez les tirets avec la bonne forme de "lequel" If my answers are correct. 1) C'est un travail a propos(de) duquel nous ne sommes pas d'accord. 2) Les bureaux auxquels j'ai envoye (a) une demande d'emploi ne m'a pas repondu 3) Il y a un professeur

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Physics

    A weight of 340 N is suspended from a pole by means of a rod 4m long and a rope tied to one end 3m above. Find the tension on the rope the force of the rod.

    asked by Julie
  38. Physics

    A uniform rod 1.2 m long has weight of 1000 dynes and 2000 dynes at its ends. At what point on the rod can it be balanced horizontally if the rod weighs 2500 dynes?

    asked by Julie
  39. Criminal Justice/Terrorism

    Many assessments are based on partially understood problems or partially understood technologies, and seldom reflect a true __________ approach. A. common-sense B. intelligent C. system D. logical I think it's D, but not sure

    asked by Pat
  40. science, chemistry

    "You run out of brown sugar and decide to use only granulated sugar instead. The cookies come out much thinner than usual. Design a controlled experiment to test your hypothesis *, describing how you would interpret your results. Please limit your response

    asked by llau
  41. math

    A baseball pitcher can throw a base ball at 150 ft/s. Can this pitcher hit the 200-ft ceiling of its game dome, if he was capable of giving a baseball an upward velocity of 85 ft/s, from a height of 7 ft? (Assume the ball is traveling as a free-falling

    asked by Josh
  42. maths

    for what value of k the expression kyx²+(k+1)x+2will be a prefect square of a linear square

    asked by mann
  43. bcm

    if one of the two complementary angles is 20 degree larger than 4 times the other, find the arngles.

    asked by prabhpreet
  44. Economics

    Are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed?

    asked by Malibongwe
  45. science

    You run out of brown sugar and decide to use 1.5 cups granulated sugar instead. The cookies come out much thinner than usual. Design a controlled experiment to test your hypothesis, describing how you would interpret your results. Please limit your

    asked by llau
  46. Organic Chemistry

    Consider the weak organic base n-propylamine. The Kb value for this base is 1.3-10^-5, and its pKa is 10.6. At what pH are the "proton on" and "proton off" forms present in equal concentrations? At what pH values would the "proton on" form have the higher

    asked by Lily
  47. Ashford University

    Find the missing numbers. cost selling price $175.00 mark on selling price markup rate 50% mark amount=

    asked by patricia
  48. organic chemistry

    How will i know if the r group's common name is tert-pentyl or sec-penytl? What is the difference between sec and tert?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. General Question

    I need help. I tried searching on google but there isn't any solutions. How can I get rid of a bright pink pen mark on my white backpack? Also since the backpack is white, there are some dirt stains on it? What should I do?

    asked by tanny
  50. MATH

    48+(-2)3 but the 3 is an exponent

    asked by MED
  51. organic chemistry

    what is the principle involved in the detection of phosphorus? the visible result of it is canary yellow

    asked by Anonymous
  52. design curriculum

    why is it logical to write test items or assessments before producing instructional strategies

    asked by Jourdan