Questions Asked on
July 18, 2015

  1. Math

    A Ferris wheel has a radius of 35m and starts at 2m above the ground. It rotates once every 53 second. a) determine the cosine equation of the graph, if the rider gets on at the lowest point. b) what is the height of the rider at 81 seconds?

    asked by Sarah
  2. Algebra

    Find the largest three-digit number that can be written in the form 3^m + 2^n, where m and n are positive integers.

    asked by Mr. Alexander
  3. Math URGENT!!!

    Jason bought 10 of the 30 raffle tickets for a drawing. What is the probability that Jason will win all 3 of the prizes if once a raffle ticket wins a prize it is thrown away?

    asked by Dude
  4. calculus

    Sketch the region in the first quadrant enclosed by y=6/x, y=2x, and y=12x. Decide whether to integrate with respect to x or y. Then find the area of the region.

    asked by Nick
  5. White Collar Crime

    I'm writing an essay for White Collar Crime and i'm stuck! the text book i was assigned has nothing on the 3 major areas of cost associated with white collar crime!I'm just looking for resources to use to answer the first part of the question for a 4 page

    asked by Sabxo
  6. K. N. Memo Academy Asarganj Munger (a student)

    A bullet leaves the barrel of a rifle with a speed of 300m/s. If the length of the barrel is 0.9m, at what rate is the bullet accelerated while in the barrel?

    asked by Meesha
  7. Chemistry

    You pass a road sign saying "New York 112 km." If you drive at a constant speed of 65 mi/h, how long should it take you to reach New York? If your car gets 28 miles to the gallon, how many liters of gasoline are necessary to travel 112 km?

    asked by Chen
  8. math

    If j is the number of integers between 1 and 500 that are divisible by 9 and k is the number of integers between 1 and 500 that are divisible by 7 what is j+k.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. math

    math . please help me to answer this i really don't know what is the answer I need the answer later i have 2 more hours to finish this. please help me Find the value of x if the geometric mean of 2x and 19x-2 is 7x-2

    asked by april rose florida reyes
  10. maths

    Pooja walking at 4 km/hr reaches her school 5 minutes late. If she walks at 5 km/hr, she will reach her school 4 minutes early. Find the distance of her school from her residence

    asked by manavi
  11. Physics 2

    Three point charges are fixed on the x-axis: 2.9×10−6 C at x = −0.45 m, −9.3×10−6 C at the origin, and 9.1×10−6 C at x = 0.32 m. Find the electrostatic force acting on the charge at the origin due to the other two charges. Let a positive value

    asked by Skippy
  12. Math

    A ball is thrown, and its height is recorded a number of different times. The ball reaches a maximum height of 20 m after 1.5 s. How do you sketch this relation from just a vertex. Grade 11 functions

    asked by Bill
  13. Physics

    A girl weighing 310 N sits on a hammock supprted by two ropes. Each tied 60 degree from vertical posts. What is the tension on each rope?

    asked by julie
  14. science

    The focal length of a concave mirror, that produces four times larger real image of an object placed at 5 cm distance from the mirror, is------

    asked by sanjay
  15. Math

    A woman spent two third of her money. She lost two-third of the remainder and then had 200 pesos left. With how much money did he start?

    asked by Renz
  16. Stats

    4) The amount of Jen’s monthly phone bill is normally distributed with a mean of $50 and a standard deviation of $10. Find the 25th percentile.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Physics

    A particle with a mass of 3.65×10−24 kg and a charge of 6.40×10−19 C starts at rest and is accelerated for a distance of 0.102 m through a uniform electric field having strength E = 7.25×104 N/C. What is the resulting speed of the particle?

    asked by Skippy
  18. Math

    A landscaper is drawing a scale model of a garden. The scale is that three eighths double prime 3 8 on the plan represents 1 foot in the garden. If a flower bed is 6 prime 3 double prime63 ​long, how long will it be on the​ plans?

    asked by Peewee
  19. maths

    A speed boat at he shore wants to overtake a sail boat that is 3 km out at sea. If the sail boat is travelling away from the shore at 1.5 km/hr, how fast should the speed boat travel to overtake the sail boat in 5 minutes from the shore

    asked by manavi
  20. Physics 2

    A particle with a mass of 3.65×10^−24 kg and a charge of 6.40×10^−19 C starts at rest and is accelerated for a distance of 0.102 m through a uniform electric field having strength E = 7.25×10^4 N/C. What is the resulting speed of the particle(m/s)?

    asked by Skippy
  21. College Algebra II

    A patient’s cost for a hospital stay is determined as follows: Admission = $50 Room charge: first night: $1000 nights 2-4: $1500 per night night 5 and beyond: $2000 per night Surgery: $8500 per surgeon, plus $3000 for an anesthesiologist (a) What would

    asked by Lucas
  22. Calculus

    Can someone show how this question is solved. Consider the curve given by the equation 2y^3 + y^2 - y^5 = x^4 -2x^3 +x^2 Find all points at which the tangent line to the curve is horizontal or vertical. Thanks!

    asked by Henry
  23. Chemisty

    (I am a mom trying to help my child had Chem years ago if I can see how this is doNE I can explain it to them) You have 70.0mL of a .400M stock solution that must be diluted to .100M. How much water should I add?

    asked by Kristina
  24. statisitics

    ľ Bob takes an online IQ test and finds that his IQ according to the test is 134. Assuming that the mean IQ is 100, the standard deviation is 15, and the distribution of IQ scores is normal, what proportion of the population would score higher than Bob?

    asked by Gilberto
  25. maths

    A body moving with constant acceleration travels the distance 6 m and 16 m respectively in 2 s and 4 s. Calculate the initial velocity and acceleration of the body

    asked by manavi
  26. Math

    Write an equation and for each sine function described. Each cycle behind at the origin. a) amplitude=6, period=180 b) amplitude=2, period=540

    asked by Sarah
  27. math

    6AA*8=50B4 If A and B represent distinct digits in this correctly worked multiplication problem what is the value of B.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. math

    A lawn is 80 m long and 60 m wide. There is a swimming pool of length 20 m * 6 m in this lawn. what will be the cost of putting grass in the remaining part of field at Rs.30 per square metre?

    asked by uttama
  29. math

    According to Chebyshev's theorem, at least a percentage of either,56%,75%,85%,89% of the measurements lie between 119.3 mmHg and 146.9 mmHg. I really hate to ask any question of you guys I know you are busy, but I am totally lost with this statistic stuff.

    asked by Mary Ann
  30. maths

    A boat takes 2 hours to go 40km down the stream and it returns in 4 hours. Find the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the stream

    asked by manavi
  31. locus

    if a moving point p is always equidistant from the point A(2,4) and the line y=-4, find the equation of the locus of p

    asked by zoe
  32. Algebra

    Tom took five math tests and got an integer score on each of them. He never scored higher than 90, and his lowest score was the fourth test. If his average score, rounded to the nearest integer, was 82, what is the lowest possible score he could have

    asked by Mr. Alexander
  33. English

    Some one assist me to write application latter as hotel waiter.

    asked by Blessings
  34. Mathematics

    Find the equation for a line in slope –point form for the following: A line that has an x-intercept of – 4 and is perpendicular to the line defined by the equation y = 52 x + 4

    asked by Kelly Brians
  35. maths

    A dealer wants to mix 20 kg of product A costing rupees 2.40 per kg, with product B, worth rupees 3.30 per kg to produce a mixture worth rupees 2.70 per kg. How man kilograms of product B should he use?

    asked by manavi
  36. Math 115 Statistics

    In the game of craps, the player rolls two balanced dice, 36 equally likely outcomes, compute the probability the player looses on the first roll if the sum of the dice is 3, 4, or 6.

    asked by Tamiko
  37. Criminal Justice/Terrorism

    A good thing to remember about a new technology is that it: A. can easily make up for a lack of training. B. can always be updated with new software. C. has been lab tested, so you know it will work in the field. D. can never replace training and judgment

    asked by Pat
  38. math

    What is the sum of the roots of (x-1)(x+2)(x-3) X ... X (x+98)(x-99)(x+100) = 0? A. -50 B. 50 C. -100 D. 100

    asked by Larry
  39. accounting,economics,maths lit and business studies

    which career can i choose if i'm doing this career,help me please

    asked by Nomfundo
  40. st.Xavier's high school

    0.1+2×2.4÷0.2-0.7 1.1×0.1+3.01-1.01

    asked by komal
  41. Math

    6x + 2 for x = 3

    asked by Jalen
  42. Math

    1/4y for y = 16

    asked by Ronald
  43. Math

    20(B- 15) FOR B = 19

    asked by Dre
  44. math

    It's 4PM. If my raft leaves for Hawaii in h hours, where h is the sum of all integers x which satisfy ≤ x^2 ≤ 81, then my raft leaves for Hawaii at A. 4 PM B. 2 PM C. noon D. 8 AM

    asked by Larry
  45. math

    The coordinates of two of the vertices of a square are (0,0) and (0, -4). Of the following, which could not be the coordinates of the point where the diagonals of the square intersects? A. (2, -2) B. (-2, 2) C. (0, -2) D. (-2, -2)

    asked by Larry
  46. electronic comerce

    a software surveys users reading interests, then uses machine learning to find new web pages and new articles

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Phi

    Pigs are smarter than dogs. It's easier to train them.

    asked by denald
  48. Trigonometry

    The angles of elevation of an office building as observed from the top and ground level of a 10 meters tall residential building are 68° and 72° respectively. How tall is the office building? How far apart are the two buildings?

    asked by Kate
  49. English, Literature, Arts, Shakespeare

    The fusion of classical and romantic elements in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.

    asked by Krytle
  50. maths

    The length of two pendulum is 110 cm and 27.5 cm, calculate the ration of their time periods

    asked by manavi
  51. MATH

    Why hexagons are the most extensively found shapes in nature?what is the mathematical reason?What makes them so efficient? Why heptagon,octagon etc are not preffered over hexagon?

    asked by HELP !!!
  52. social studies

    Who may declare war? A.President B.Entire Congress C.House of Representatives D.Senate

    asked by mint