Questions Asked on
July 17, 2015

  1. calculus

    The rate of decay in the mass, M, of a radioactive substance is given by the differential equation dM dt equals negative 1 times k times M, where k is a positive constant. If the initial mass was 100g, then find the expression for the mass, M, at any time

    asked by Anonymous
  2. calculus

    Find the particular solution to y ′ = sin(x) given the general solution is y = C − cos(x) and the initial condition y(pi/2)=1

    asked by Anonymous
  3. math

    The scale drawing of a rectangular room will be enlarged by a scale factor of 4 to create the actual room. The actual area of the room will be 150 square feet. What expression finds the area of the scale drawing?

    asked by DeMarcus Smith
  4. math

    The dimensions of a rectangle dining room are 18 feet by 16 feet.If a scale factor of 1/4 is used to make a scale model of the dining room,what is the area of the dining room in the scale model? A.18 square feet B.36 square feet C.48 square feet D.72

    asked by DeMarcus Smith
  5. calculus

    The temperature of a hard boiled egg varies according to Newton's Law of Cooling: dT dt equals negative k times the quantity T minus A, where T is the temperature of the egg, A is the room temperature, and k is a positive constant. If the egg cools from

    asked by Anonymous

    6.(Money Creation) Show how each of the following would initially affects a banks assets and liabilities.

    asked by gretel
  7. History

    Which of the following best describes the Framers’ intentions concerning the relationship between state and federal courts? A.Federal courts were to be the primary courts under the Constitution, hearing all important cases, i.e., felony criminal

    asked by question2
  8. math

    A scale model of a rectangular building lot measures 7 feet by 5 feet. If the actual house will be built using a scale factor of 12, what is the area of the actual building lot? 35 square feet 420 square feet 840 square feet 5,040 square feet

    asked by DeMarcus Smith
  9. mathematics

    from a point x a boat sails 6 km on a bearing of 038 degrees to a point then sails 7 km from y on a bearing of 067 degrees to a point z.calculate the; a.distance XZ correct to two decimal places b.bearing of Z from X correct to the nearest degree

    asked by David simon michael
  10. math

    Simon and Jimmy had 167 stamps altogether. Simon gave 4/7 of his stamps to Trina, and Jimmy gave 37 stamps to Trina. Simon and Jimmy had the same number of stamps left. How many stamps did Jimmy have in the beginning? I need you to show me how you did it

    asked by Anonymous
  11. English

    1. In at least three sentences, locate and explain the effectiveness of three rhetorical devices. ----------------------- Pearson’s address on the inauguration of the national flag of Canada: On September 5, 1945 an Order-in-Council was passed declaring

    asked by Light
  12. english teachers?

    are there any english teachers on here at this time?

    asked by anna
  13. math

    Point C and point D are plotted on the graph. Plot points A and B to form rectangle ABDC with an area of 36 square units. Plot point E at (2, 4).

    asked by Jack
  14. english 2

    What is brainstorming? using a type of outline for drafting making an illustration or map of a place for ideas jotting down a list of possible ideas for a topic working together in groups to polish a piece of writing

    asked by susana
  15. math

    A model of a rectangular patio at a landscaping business will be enlarged by a scale factor of 2 when it is installed in a customer’s back yard. The area of the new enlarged patio will be 160 square feet. What is the area of the landscaper’s model?

    asked by DeMarcus Smith
  16. math

    A piece of carpet is 8 feet wide and 12 feet long. The carpet needs to be reduced by a scale factor so that the reduced carpet is 2 feet wide. What is the area of the reduced carpet? 6 square feet 12 square feet 24 square feet 48 square feet

    asked by DeMarcus Smith
  17. College

    Three(3) digit numbers can be formed from the digits 0,1,3,5,7 and 8. How many numbers can be formed without repeats. (A) if the 3 digits numbers must be divisible by 5. (b) if the 3 digits number must be a multiple of 2

    asked by Ibrahim issahaku kpaniyili
  18. Math

    A carpenter is assigned the job of expanding a rectangular deck where the width is one-fourth the length. The length of the deck is to be expanded by 10 feet, and the width by 6 feet. If the area of the new rectangular deck is 128 ft^2 larger than the area

    asked by Ally
  19. science

    . If you dissolve 70.0g of KNO3 at a temperature of 60.0°C, would the resulting solution be unsaturated, saturated, or supersaturated?

    asked by joulie
  20. maths

    The sum of digits of a 2 digit number is 7, If digits are interchanged the new number formed is 3 less than four times of original number. ( use 2 variables)

    asked by manavi
  21. maths

    sum of ages of mother and daughter is 32 years.Daughter is a year old.In how many years will mother be 4 times daughters age(use one variable only)

    asked by manavi
  22. algebra 2

    If an observer is 200 ft from a building and the angle of elevationto the top of a building is 60°,what is the height of the building?

    asked by Kayla
  23. psychology

    * Does life really start in prenatal development? * Who are the actual individuals involved in the prenatal stage of development?

    asked by kim
  24. Math

    You currently lease scanning equipment at a cost of $1,500 per quarter and two copy machines at $120 each per month. a. What will you need to budget annually for this leased equipment?

    asked by Debbie
  25. maths

    A dealer wants to mix 20 kg of product A costing rupees 2.40 per kg with product B, worth rupees 3.30 per kg to produce a mixture worth rupees 2.70 per kg. How many kilograms of product B should he use?

    asked by manavi
  26. maths

    A man swimming in a river finds that it takes him thrice the time to swim 2 km upstream as it takes him to swim bac. If the river flows at the rate of 1.5 km/hr, find the swimming speed of the man in still water.

    asked by manavi
  27. maths

    A speed boat at the shore wants to overtake a sail boat that is 3 km out at sea. If the sail boat is travelling away from the shore at 1.5km/hr, how fast should the speed boat travel to overtake the sail boat in 5 minutes fro the shore?

    asked by manavi
  28. History

    Presidential communications are: • Presumptively privileged from compelled disclosure. • Completely confidential. • Absolutely privileged from compelled disclosure. • Not privileged from compelled disclosure whatsoever

    asked by question
  29. math

    How much is the 25 of $42,500

    asked by Debbie
  30. maths

    i had 30 candies on monday. on wednesday, i have 19. bekka took some from me on tuesday. how much did she take?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. science

    How food travels through various compartments

    asked by neha
  32. math

    How we can write 17 - 07-2015 in 5 letters

    asked by pinki
  33. French SraJMcGin

    Faites 5 phrases en donnant des solutions possibles aux guerres, faminines, etc. UTILISEZ SEULEMENT LE SUBJONCTIF! ON DOIT AVOIR UN EXEMPLE DU PRONOM "ON" COMME LE PRONOM SUJET! I have to write 5 phrases using the subjonctive, on solutions for war, poverty

    asked by Rose
  34. world history

    where was Srivijaya centered? a.Cambodia B. Burma C. Sumatra D.The Malay peninsula MY answer C which of these characterized Baghdad under the Abbasid's? A. small, Arab, agricultural b New ,cosmopolitan, multi ethnic c. small, commercial, Persian d. large,

    asked by sandra
  35. world history

    which of these elements of Indian culture was not adopted in Cambodia? a. Hindu and buddhist coexistence b.a burreocracy dominated by military religious leaders c. architecture d. The caste system my answer B

    asked by sandra
  36. world history

    the major emphasis of Sufism was a. rejection of shiiite practices b. unity against Hindus c rejection of worldly pleasures d repressing secularism my answer C

    asked by siulaniperez
  37. asibemunye

    what are welfare payment or consumer subsidy

    asked by mpour
  38. Algebra 2

    Can someone help me with the following please What property is the following: a(b + 0) additive inverse property - this was confirmed from previous equation = a x b + a x 0 Distributive. (I think) = a x b + 0. Multiplication property of zero (I think) = a

    asked by Mom50
  39. math

    The area of the scale model of a playground is 6 square yards. The scale model is enlarged by a scale factor of 3 to create the actual playground. What is the area of the actual playground?

    asked by DeMarcus Smith
  40. algebra

    fee at fair is $2 per child and $4 per adult. on a certain day 2000 people enter and $6000 is profited. How many child and adults went to the fair.

    asked by sandra rodgers
  41. maths

    an electronic device makes a beep after every 60 seconds,another device makes a beep after every 62 seconds.they beep together at 10 am.the time when they will next make a veep together at the earliest is?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. physics

    A stone is dropped from a height of 4.5m.What will be the distance travelled by it during the last second of its fall?

    asked by dona
  43. Geometry

    Determine whether a tangent line is shown in the diagram, for AB = 7, OB = 3.75, and AO = 8. Explain your reasoning. (The figure is not drawn to scale.)

    asked by John
  44. College Education

    What was the role of school counselors during the Agrarian age, the Industrial age and the Knowledge age. Or were there counselors during this time period?

    asked by Blount
  45. International studies

    Whatdoes these phrase means les asiatiques sont a paris pour les boutiques

    asked by Olivia gonzales
  46. Math

    1÷5 (45y+20)+3÷4 (12y=24)=19 Find solution set (9y=14)+(9y=18)=19 18y = 33÷8

    asked by Sue
  47. english

    Whats another way to say "no human rights.." My sentence is starting with "In order to solve.."

    asked by Ashley
  48. adfaf

    after seeing the movie "The Day of the jackal",_______________. (a)the book was read by many people. (b)the book made many people want to read it. (c)many people wanted to read the book (d)the reading of the book interested many people.

    asked by shabbir
  49. early childhood education

    24. What is the first step in planning an early childhood education environment? A. Deciding how the environment will reflect program goals and values B. Obtaining adequate liability insurance C. Planning how the environment will match children's

    asked by raven
  50. Criminal behaviour

    Choose three criminal acts. Describe and discuss how each of the three key sociological perspectives in the Schmalleger text explains the commission of the criminal acts. Each criminal act must have been disposed of ( by conviction or acquittal of the

    asked by Sheldon
  51. media

    Can the source language of the film have an impact on its diffusion and its distribution?

    asked by Jessica
  52. Personal Finance

    Assume that you are 23 years old and that you place $3,000 year-end deposits each year into a stock index fund that earns an average of 9.5% per year for the next 17 years. how much money will be in the account at the end of 17 years.

    asked by Maria
  53. critical thinking

    In February 1992, a representative of the Catholic Church in Puerto Rico gave a radio interview (broadcast on National Public Radio) in which he said that the Church was against the use of condoms. Even though the rate of AIDS infection in Puerto Rico is

    asked by javi
  54. chemistry

    calculate the pH. A solution is formed mixing 12.0 mL of .120 M HBr with 22.0mL of .180 M HCl

    asked by ellena
  55. math

    Given f(x) > 0 with f ′(x) > 0, and f ′′(x) > 0 for all x in the interval [0, 3] with f(0) = 0.1 and f(3) = 1, the left, right, trapezoidal, and midpoint rule approximations were used to estimate the integral from 0 to 3 of f of x, dx

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Accounting

    Assume that Esquire consulting erroneously recorded the payment of $30,000 of dividends as salary expense. How would this error affect the equality of the accounting equation? How would this error affect the income statement, retained earnings statement

    asked by jasmine