Questions Asked on
July 16, 2015

  1. calculus

    Newton’s law of cooling states that the rate of cooling of an object is proportional to the temperature difference between the object and its surroundings. So the rate of cooling for a bottle of lemonade at a room temperature of 75°F which is placed

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Stats

    A pizza parlor has 12 different toppings available for its pizzas, and 2 of these toppings are pepperoni and anchovies. If a customer picks 2 toppings at random, find the probability that neither topping is anchovies. Round your answer to four decimal

    asked by Anon
  3. rearabilwe

    i am doing Economics,life science, maths lit, agriculture,english,lo and Setswana i want to know what careers are possible with this subjects

    asked by BOPHELO
  4. Geometry

    YW bisects angle XYZ. The measure of angle XYZ = 80 degrees. Find the measure of angle XYW

    asked by Claire
  5. maths

    What is the sum of 4x dollars and 4x cents. Express your answer in cents .

    asked by Bobby
  6. geometry

    In the accompanying diagram, triangle ABCis similar to triangle DEF, AC = 6, AB = BC = 12, and DF = 8. Find the perimeter of triangle DEF. it an isoslese triangle 6 and 8 are both base my work 6+2=8 12+2=14 2(14)+6=p 24+6=28 I don't understand how to find

    asked by Samantha
  7. Chemistry

    If 2.64g of CO2 dissolves in 500ml water at 25°C, what is the Kh(Henry's law constant) for CO2? The total pressure is 3340 mmHg and air pressure at 25°C is 680 torr.

    asked by Jake
  8. geometry

    A street that is 155m long is covered in snow. City workers are using a snowplow to clear the street. The snowplow has tires that are 1.5m in diameter. How many times does a tire have to turn in traveling the length of the street? Use the value 3.14 for π

    asked by lisa
  9. Finance

    This morning, you purchased a stock that will pay an annual dividend of $1.90 per share next year. You require a 12 percent rate of return and the annual dividend increases at 3.5 percent annually. What will your capital gain be on this stock if you sell

    asked by Mallory
  10. English

    What rhetorical devices were used in Lester Pearsons address on the inauguration of the national flag? I have found an alloiteration in paragraph 4 "our new flag will fly for the first time" an antithesis in para 5 and an anaphora in para 13? Are these

    asked by Sam
  11. chem

    Determine the mass(w/w%) percent of CaCl2 given the following information. The vapor pressure of a CaCl2 solution is 81.6 mmHg at 50degrees C. The vapor pressure of pure water at this temp is 92.6mmHg. Assume that you have 1.00mol of water.[Raoult's Law:

    asked by kale
  12. maths

    Five years ago father was thrice son's age. 10 years hence father will be twice sons age, find present age ( use two variables)

    asked by manavi
  13. geometry

    In the accompanying diagram, triangle ABCis similar to triangle DEF, AC = 6, AB = BC = 12, and DF = 8. Find the perimeter of triangle DEF.

    asked by Anonymous
  14. PSYCH

    One feature of taste aversion learning that is NOT found in any other type of learning is: A. learning with delays of several hours. B. very slow extinction. C. Both a and b D. Neither a nor b MY ANSWER IS D. IS THAT RIGHT?

    asked by MAE
  15. Math

    If 5X + x squared > 100 then x is not equal to

    asked by Melissa
  16. science

    A concave mirror having a radius of curvature 40 cm is placed in front of an illuminated point source at a distance of 30 cm from it.Find the location of the image.

    asked by tiger
  17. st.joseph's high school

    two boxes are selected randomly.the first box contains 2 white balls and 3 black balls.the second ball contains 3 white balls and 4 black balls.what is the probability of drawing a white ball?

    asked by thejaswini.aleti
  18. PSYCH

    Unlike the Rescorla Wagner model, Mackintosh's theory of attention states that: A. subjects can learn to pay increased attention to informative CSs. B. subjects can learn to pay less attention to uninformative CSs. C. Both a and b D. Neither a nor b PLEASE

    asked by Paul
  19. Curiosity

    What does Jiskha mean? I saw this question got asked but not answered and it made me curious.

    asked by Austin
  20. English

    Writing Skills: A Research Project, you are asked to compose an essay responding to ONE of the prompts offered. At its base, this is a personal essay, but you must incorporate research that will support your views and opinions. The core of this essay must

    asked by Simon
  21. Math

    In Canada, the number of girls playing organized ice hockey from January 1990 to January 2010 increased by approximately 4162 girls per year. In January 2000, there were approximately 45 400 girls playing organized ice hockey. a. Write an equation in

    asked by Kelly Brians
  22. Sj

    Mathematics......Under number patterns-Geometric series If a question goes.determine the expression for the nth term of the following sequence if the a) 4th term is 24 and the 7th term is 192 in a geometric sequence.what formula do i use here?because i

    asked by Mahlogonolo
  23. Math

    Can some please explain what I have to do to get the answer? An airplane passes directly over Seneca High School. A student at Cherokee High School, which is 4.3 miles away, finds the angle of elevation of the plane to be 19°. Find the altitude of the

    asked by Claire
  24. French - SraJMcGin

    Recris les phrases suivantes au passe compose enutilisant "faire causatif" Original sentences: 1) Les vedettes ont porte les valises 2) Apres la recption, nous avons lave la vaisselle 3) La directrice a ecrit la lettre 4) Le professeur a lu le poeme 5) Je

    asked by Rose
  25. Geometry

    Angles A and C are complementary, and angles C and B are supplementary. If Angle A = 45 degrees, what is the measure of angle B?

    asked by Claire
  26. From theory and practice

    Which of the following is best suited to a formative assessment of progress? A. Muscular strength and endurance B. Awareness of self and space C. Body fat analysis D. Flexibility My answer is B

    asked by Amanda
  27. Math

    During decimal multiplication, we know that the placement of the decimal point in the product is decided by the sum of number of digits after the decimal point in both the factors being multiplied. I know that's what we do but i don't understand why this

    asked by HELP !!!
  28. math

    In a school with 323 students there are 15 more girls than boys.How many boys are there?

    asked by elizabeth
  29. math

    In a science experiment, the temperature of a glass of water rose 18.24 degrees after six hours. If the temperature rose the same number of degrees per hour, then how many degrees did the water increase per hour?

    asked by veronica
  30. Math

    2x – 3y – 6 = 0 How do you change the equation to slope –intercept form?

    asked by Kelly Brians
  31. Sj

    Maths. Under functions on graphs of a parabola and a one to one function on the same set of axes when calculating the length how do i use the Turning point formula?

    asked by Mahlogonolo
  32. maths literacy, biology, geography, tourism

    what course can i do with these subjects

    asked by zoliswa
  33. Math

    Find the equation of the line in general form. (1, 9) & (3, 19)

    asked by Kelly Brians
  34. From theory and practice

    Which of the following is an obstacle to learning for a beginning mover? A. Chronic indifference characteristic between birth and age three B. Knowledge of what elements of the movement to focus on C. Shorter time to monitor perceptual input from the

    asked by Amanda
  35. Algebra

    Need help on how to solve system of equations 2x - y + z = -7, x - 3y + 4z = -19, and -x + 4y - 3z = 18.

    asked by Bern
  36. math

    I have two kinds of candy,one which is selling at P8.00 per kilo and other at P6.00 per kilo. How many kilos of the P6.00 candy can i mix with 20 kilos of the P8.00 kilo candy to have a mixture that i can sell at P7.00 per kilo?

    asked by ana
  37. math

    If a scale of 1-10 was in front of you based on maturity; where would you land?(Minimum 2 Sentences)

    asked by ...
  38. Math

    How do you write this equation into slope intercept form 15 𝑥 − 12 𝑦 − 1 = 0

    asked by Kelly Brians
  39. From theory and practice

    A child throws a ball with speed and accuracy when he throws a ball to his teacher but his throws are slower and less accurate when plays with a group of friends. This difference is explained by A. classical stage theory B. probility theory C. locomotion-x

    asked by Amanda
  40. From theory and practice

    When a child pulls up in an attempt to maintain upright position, he is demonstrating a(n) _______ reflex. A. locomotor B. endometric C. primitive D. postural My answer is D

    asked by Amanda
  41. From theory and practice

    Which of the following is an example of a closed skill? A. Hitting a pitched ball B. Striking a stationary ball C. Playing tag D. Catching a butterfly My answer is B

    asked by Amanda
  42. From Theory to practice

    According to Leeds, at snack time, children should be given _______ of each food for each year of their lives. A. two tablespoons B. one cup C. one-quarter cup D. one tablespoon B.

    asked by Amanda
  43. math

    49 students go on a trip there are 5 more girls than many boys are there?

    asked by elizabeth
  44. math

    49 students went on a trip .There are 5 more girls than boys.How many boys are there?

    asked by elizabeth
  45. Alebra 2

    Give the applicable formula or law to use in each situation. If you are given two sides of a triangle and the included angle,how would you find the third side?

    asked by Jane
  46. From theory and practice

    The major emphasis of movement programs for young children is the development of concepts. Which of the following three major categories are they broken into? A. What, who, and where B. Movement, skill, and fitness C. Awareness, knowledge, and

    asked by Amanda
  47. French SraJMcGin

    I also have another question. I have to write 5 phrases with the direct pronouns and make it faire causatif. I also have to to do the same for the indirect pronouns. But im not sure how to?

    asked by Rose
  48. From theory and practice

    The most fundamental principle behind learning is that children A. learn through play. B. construct knowledge. C. learn through social interaction. D. learn when their physical needs are satisfied. My answer is A

    asked by Amanda
  49. English

    1. What are the merits and demerits in teaching students in class? 2. What are the merits and demerits about teaching students in class? ------------ Which one is grammatical and commonly used?

    asked by rfvv
  50. chemistry

    in our notes for strengths of acids and bases it says that you could add a strong/weak acid with a strong/weak base and it will give you a low, medium or high delta h. so wouldn't acids and bases be related to thermochemistry?

    asked by will
  51. From theory and practice

    Introducing organized sports among young children is not recommended because A. they lack the social interaction skills needed. B. they should be making up their own rules.C. they lack the necessary physical maturation needed.D. this excludes the teacher

    asked by Amanda
  52. billing and coding

    which of the following will you place below the returned address of a business envolope

    asked by david
  53. science

    write aout chemistry

    asked by bhawana bhusal