Questions Asked on
July 15, 2015

  1. science,

    A force of 4400 N is exerted on a piston that has an area of 0.020 m2. What force is exerted on a second piston that has an area of 0.040 m2?

    asked by cristopher
  2. math

    The standard deviation of a sample taken from population A is 17.6 for a sample of 25. The standard deviation of a sample taken from population B is 21.2 for a sample of 30. The standard deviation of the sample mean differences is_____. (Round your answer

    asked by j
  3. math

    The angle of depression of a boat from the mid-point of a vertical cliff is 35 degree.if the boat is 120m from the foot of the cliff,calculate the height of the me confirm my answer. Tan35=x/120 x=120tan35 =84.02m

    asked by Bayo
  4. Math

    Kate wants to build a fence around her garden to prevent rabbits from eating her vegetables. The rabbit fencing costs $7.50 per metre. How much will it cost to enclose a square garden with an area of 144 m2?

    asked by Astrid
  5. Math

    The treadmill is set at its maximum slope of 0.20. The run is 80 inches. What is the rise?

    asked by Amanda
  6. Algebra 2

    Evaluate 20(0.5)^(n-1) when n= 3 to 12. Use sigma notation .

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Psychology

    1)The Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-Revised is used to Select one: a. determine a child’s reading level b. determine a deaf child’s understanding of words c. identify people with communication difficulties d. identify children who should skip a grade

    asked by Anonymous
  8. college chemistry

    A 9.60 mL sample of 12.0 M HCl is used to prepare 125 mL of diluted acid. A sample of 32.4 mL of Ba(OH)2 base is exactly neutralized by 24.0 mL of dilute acid. What is the concentration of the Ba(OH)2 base? Help. I don;t know where to start.

    asked by sara
  9. Physics

    The force F sub x acting on a particle is shown as a function of X. If an object starts at the origin (of a graph) moving to the right with a kinetic energy of 45.5 J, how much kinetic energy does it have at x = 3.0 m ? I have no clue how to do about

    asked by Anonymous
  10. algebra

    A country's population in 1995 was 175 million. In 2000 it was 181 million. Estimate the population in 2020 using the exponential growth formula. Round you answer to the nearest million. P=Ae^kt

    asked by bob
  11. English

    In his literary work, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, Ishamael Beah uses symbols to underscore his central theme of oppression and/or freedom. for this thesis statement, the three symbols I wana use are Cassettes, moon, and AK-47 gun. Are these

    asked by Natasha
  12. Economics

    Analyze the factors that affect the demand of a washing machine detergant

    asked by Soorya
  13. Physics

    What is the angle between the vectors A and B if vector A multiplied by vector B = 0.5 AB

    asked by Sarah
  14. Math

    The coordinates of the top of a hill are (2, 14). The coordinates of the bottom of the hill are (10, 2). Given this information, what is the slope of the hill?

    asked by Amanda
  15. Snethezekile High School

    Maths lit,History,Economics,Business Studies,Tourism Which careers must a person focuss on when doing these subjects?

    asked by Philile Nhleko
  16. economics

    3. Suppose that the total monthly demand for golf services is given by Q = 20 – P The marginal cost to the firm of each golfer is $1. If this demand function is based on the individual demands of 10 golfers, what is the optimal two part pricing strategy

    asked by Anonymous
  17. math

    express the repeating decimal 10.232323 as a ratio of two integers

    asked by jen
  18. Lemoyne Owen College

    Math- If the gas is initially at room temperature (20celsius)and is heated in an isobaric (constant pressure) processing then what will be the temperature of gas in degree Celsius when it has expanded to a volume of 0.700 m to the third power

    asked by Kimberly
  19. Psychology

    Which of the following factors will not affect how a person does on an IQ test? Select one: a. How much sleep he/she had the night before b. None of the above c. What kind of mood that person is in d. Whether that person had anything to eat that day I am

    asked by Anonymous
  20. chemistry

    how much volume of oxygen at stp in litres is required to burn 4g of methane gas completely

    asked by sweety
  21. math

    Ahmad is choosing a password to access his teacher’s web page. He must choose a capital letter and three nonrepeating digits from 0 through 9. The letter can be in any position in the password. Which shows part of the sample space for Ahmad’s password?

    asked by bla
  22. english

    Beginning writers tend to overuse _______, which quickly become monotonous A. long sentences B. complicated sentences C. short, simple sentences D. complex sentences

    asked by sheneka
  23. Calculus

    My question is finding the derivitive of y=((x+λ)^4)/(x^4+λ^4). I distributed the exponent in the numerator, but I don't know if that's right. Rewritten as y=(x^4+λ^4)/(x^4+λ^4). I found the derivitive and multiplied accordingly, as

    asked by Jessica
  24. health and legal

    A surgeon performs elective surgery on Patrick John Smith. Smith later complains to his surgeon about pain resulting from the surgery. His surgeon dismisses his complaints as not credible and eventually withdraws from the case. Smith is then treated by

    asked by latasha
  25. White Collar Crime

    How can I apply the definition of white collar crime to consumer fraud, religion crime, and corporate fraud. I'm having a hard time trying to connect white collar crime to the three categories. I understand the definition clearly, just stuck on how to

    asked by Sabxo
  26. Stanger Secondary ex-school

    What subjects do u really need to do for art such as Drawing and Poetry...#"compulsory subjects" for these arts. Is it: Physics,pure math,geog,life sciences,mech tech,EGD,mah.lit,BS,history,economics,...which ones are needed??? Ain't u shuld be smart in

    asked by Philile Teddy Nhleko
  27. : math

    Clayton has 3 quarters, 7 one-dollar bills, 9 dimes, 9 nickels, and 3 pennies. How much money does he have?

    asked by lana
  28. biology

    Activates conversion of pepsinogen to pepsin. What is the component? What is the secretion?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Biology

    Breaks down proteins into polypeptides and amino acids What is the component?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Biology

    1) The nose has small __________. 2) Hairs in the nose trap __________. 3) The nose makes a sticky liquid called __________.

    asked by A
  31. Biology

    1) Mucus traps __________. 2) The windpipe is lined with sticky __________ and microscopic __________. 3) Tiny microscopic __________ are called cilia.

    asked by Ben
  32. Biology

    1) Microscopic hairs of the windpipe are always __________. 2) The cilia of the windpipe move harmful substances __________. 3) You build a heavy gust of air when you __________ or __________. 4) Coughing and sneezing help push harmful substances from the

    asked by Anna
  33. Math

    The graph of a linear relation goes through the point (6, 4) and is parallel to the line y = 5x + 10. Write the equation of the linear relation in slope- intercept form.

    asked by Kelly Brians
  34. chemistry

    How many grams of sucrose are in 1.5kg of a 10.5% (by mass) solution of sucrose?

    asked by vicki
  35. Intermediate algebra

    A collection of nickels dimes and quarters consists of 50 coins with a total of $5.50. If there are two times as many dimes as quarters find the number of each type of coins?

    asked by Hope
  36. Rabindra sahu

    What is physics?

    asked by Rabindra sahu
  37. geology

    True or False: Sand dunes are one of the most stable features on the Earth's surface.

    asked by michael
  38. physics

    What is the variable and unit for centripetal force and centripetal acceleration?

    asked by M
  39. Physical Science

    A hot iron ball is dropped into 200.0 g of cooler water. The water temperature increases by +2.0°C and the temperature of the ball decreases by -18.6°C. What is the mass of the iron ball?

    asked by elise
  40. physics

    Calculate the work done if a force of 300N Is applied at 30° to the horinzontal and body moves 20m

    asked by tina loko
  41. english

    can someone please check one of my paragraphs for my essay and then delete the post

    asked by aha
  42. Geology

    True or False: Longshore drift is the movement of sediment sideways down the shoreline.

    asked by jj
  43. literacy

    Please someone can tell me if my answer is correct. Does the U.S. Senate choose the Supreme Court justices? yes or no. My answer is (no).

    asked by ezekiel
  44. Algebra

    Solve for x: X-1/7=2x-2/3x-1

    asked by Daniela
  45. Physics

    A mineshaft has an elevator hung from a single steel-wire cable of diameter 2.5 cm. Young's modulus of the cable is 10×1010N/m2. When the cable is fully extended, the end of the cable is 500 m below the support. How much does the fully extended cable

    asked by Tommy
  46. English

    Question: In lesson plan, we can see two items; one is 'Registration Number' and the other is 'Identity Number.' What is the difference between them. -- Two or three applcants for teaching at school will come and start teaching for demonstration for about

    asked by rfvv
  47. Math

    Jai has 35 pieces of fruit. They are all apples and pears. He has 15 more apples than pears. How many pears does he have?

    asked by Lizzie
  48. Math

    You need to hire a part-time associate to work 30 hours a week in your store. You have $250 in labor budget for the new associate each week. You just interviewed an excellent candidate for the position who has requested to be paid $9.00 per hour. Your

    asked by Anonymous
  49. physics

    A stone is dropped from a cliff 100 ft. high. Disregarding friction; a. how long does it take the stone to hit the ground? b. With what speed and direction does it strike the ground?

    asked by happy
  50. physics

    A marble is thrown vertically downward at an initial velocity 200cm/!@#$%^&s the floor in 2.5 seconds ,At what height is the marble thrown?

    asked by happy
  51. physics

    a stone is dropped from a cliff 100 ft high .disregarding friction; long does it take the stone to hit the ground b.With what speed and direction does it strike the ground?

    asked by happy
  52. Math

    a woman drives to work and averages 70 kilometers per hour for the trip. On her trip from work to home she averages 100 kilometers per hour. What is her average speed for the round trip?

    asked by Justin
  53. science

    Some say that the hot air balloons with which the Montgolfier brothers performed their first flight had a volume of 1700 cubic metres and could lift 780 kilograms (that includes the balloon, basket and payload). Assume that the balloon took off on a day

    asked by sakthi
  54. Math

    The formula Total cost = Cost + Shipping cost + Holding cost is used to find the total cost of a business asset. The formula can be written in symbols as T=C+S+H. Solve the formula for C, the cost of the asset.

    asked by Doug
  55. Calculus Partial Derivatives

    Verify that the sum of three quantities x, y, and z, whose product is a constant k, is maximum when these three quantities are equal.

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Chemistry

    a) Determine how many molesof I3 are produced by 1 mole of Cu(IO3)2. b)Determine the stoichiometric ratio between iodate and thiosulfate. c)Determine the molar solubity expression for Cu(IO3)2 For C) I got ksp=[Cu2+][IO3-]^2 Is this correct?

    asked by Please Help
  57. Math

    Suppose Paul kicks a soccer ball straight up into the air with an initial velocity of 96 feet per second. The function f(x) = -16t2 + 96t gives the height, in feet, of the soccer ball after t seconds What are the zeros? Write the number(s) only. If more

    asked by Aliy
  58. chemistry

    Why can't lead chloride be directly prepared by adding hydrochloric acid?

    asked by jacky
  59. math

    A trapezium ABCD is such that AB//CD and the perpendicular from A to CD is 40cm.if AB=20cm,DA=50cm and CD=60cm.calculate the (i)area of the trapezium (ii)

    asked by james007
  60. non-for-profit

    (Accounting standards-setting bodies) Three accountants started talking about hospitals. One said he was treated at a not-for-profit hospital, another said she was treated at a county hospital, and the third said he had just returned from the hospital run

    asked by Angie
  61. algebra

    solve x^4+px^3+qx^2+rx+s=o

    asked by yamuna
  62. Calculus

    So, I have a homework question on The Quotient Rule (taking derivitives) and I would like to know if I did it right. Calculate: y=(1/sqrt(x))-(1/(5th root of x^3). My 1st step was to change the sqrt to x^1/2, and the 5th root to x^1/5+^3. So then I got

    asked by Jessica
  63. Math

    What price do we charge a patient if the AWP for 300 tablets is $14.55 and we want to give the patient 30 tablets plus a 6% markup and a $3.00 dispensing fee?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Chemistry

    If 32.6 mL of 0.240 M oxalic acid are required to titrate 48.9 mL of unknown sodium hydroxide: How many moles of acid are used in the titration? How many moles of base are used in the titration? What is the molarity of the unknown NaOh base? Please help I

    asked by sarah
  65. South bank uni

    How many points of inflexion dose the function y= x^4 have

    asked by Abdul
  66. Chemistry

    A sodium hydroxide sample is contaminated with sodium chloride. A 0.240 gram sample of this impure sample is dissolved in water and titrated with 21.50 mL of 0.130 M H2C2O4. Calculate the percent sadium hydroxide in the impure sample [(mass of NaOH in

    asked by Sam
  67. french

    SraJMcGin, Im not sure what my instructions for my work means or what i am supposed to do. Donnez des ordres aux gens pour completer une tache (Come up with an imaginary task) en utilisant l'infinitif en forme de l'imperatif (VERBE QUI TERMINE EN -ER, -IR

    asked by Rose
  68. Ecology

    I am having trouble with the global patterns of atmospheric heating and circulation. I don't completely understand.

    asked by Tina
  69. Math

    If 3 pounds of apples costs .99 how much does 2 pounds costs?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. white collar crime

    I need help defining and describing edwin sutherlands distinct elements of white collar crime. All I have so far is that the two elements are the social status of the offender -And the occupational mechanism by which the offense is committed. Im having a

    asked by Sabxo