Questions Asked on
July 13, 2015

  1. Physics

    Three people pull horizontally on ropes attached to a post, as shown in the figure.(Figure 1) The total force that they exert on the post is zero. One of them pulls directly north with F1 = 500 N . Another pulls with F2 = 400 N in a direction 60.0∘ west

    asked by Nerdy
  2. math

    The HCF of 2 no is 70. Their product is 49000. What is the difference between the 2 numbers.

    asked by roochira
  3. Physics, Eectric flux

    A cubical Gaussian surface surrounds three positive charges, each has a charge q1 = +4.00 × 10-12 C, and two negative charges, each has a charge q2 = −2.30 × 10-12 C as the drawing shows. What is the electric flux passing through the surface?(The

    asked by Dave
  4. Geometry

    What is the relationship between the side length and the apothem of an equilateral triangle?

    asked by Roger
  5. Problem solving (point of intersection)

    Alpine Valley charges $10/hr for lessons and $40 for the lift ticket and snowboard rental. Chicopee Hills charges $20/hr which includes lessons, lift ticket and rentals. Which resort would you choose? Equation A: y=. X+ Equation B: y=. X+ Decide on a

    asked by Justin
  6. LNU math

    math In a class of 50 students it was found 21 are taking English 14 are taking Math 28 are taking History 7 are taking Math and English 10 are taking Math and History 11 are taking History and English 3 are taking all three courses 1.)Make a Venn Diagram

    asked by generose
  7. maths

    A committee of 4 people is to be chosen from 5 married coiples.find in how many ways the committee can be chosen if: i) everyone is equallt eligible ii) the committee should include at least one woman solution so far.5 couples=10 people. To choose

    asked by james007
  8. Geometry

    what is the relationship between the side length and the apothem in a regular hexagon?

    asked by Roger
  9. math

    Sarah has a collection of nickels, dimes, and quarters worth $9.25. She has 10 more dimes than nickels and twice as many quarters as dimes. How many coins of each kind does she have?

    asked by bb
  10. Chemistry/Physics

    How much heat is required to raise the temperature of 100 g of lead 20 degrees C? The specific heat of lead is 0.0305 cal/g K. A) 51 cal B) 61 cal C) 71 cal D) 81 cal

    asked by Domino
  11. Algebra

    9. When doctors prescribe medicine, they must consider how much the drug’s effectiveness will decrease as time passes. If each hour a drug is 20% less effective as the previous hour, at some point the patient will not be receiving enough medicine and

    asked by Daniela
  12. Algebra

    8. Mark wants to purchase a combination of at least 16 turkey subs or roast beef subs for a party. Each turkey sub, , is priced at $5 and each roast beef sub, , is priced at $4. Mark has at most $80 to spend on the subs. A. Write a system of inequalities

    asked by Daniela
  13. Math

    What is the relationship between the side length and the apothem of an equilateral triangle?

    asked by Roger
  14. computers (hacking)

    Back door programs: A. allow entry at will. B. insert advertisements. C. attack specific programs. D. look for passwords. i know nothing about computers and my guess would be C is this correct?

    asked by Sabx0
  15. math

    Explain why an even function does not have an inverse that is a function. and if log b < 0, what can you say about b?

    asked by Lynn
  16. physics

    A player kicks a football at an angle of 45 degree with initial speed of 20 metre per second a second player on the goal line 60 metre away in the direction of a kick start training to receive the ball at that instant find the constant speed of the second

    asked by palash
  17. medical terminology

    Judy walks stiffly into the medical office and says she has severe back pain. She wants to know whether she has injured her spinal cord. What should the nurse tell Judy?

    asked by felicia
  18. Chemistry

    A student collected the following data for a fixed volume of gas: Temperature (C) Pressure (mm of hg) 10 726 20 750 40 800 70 880 100 960 150 ??? Fill in the missing data point. Show all calculations leading to an answer.

    asked by Maria
  19. Spanish

    I was hoping that I could get some to look my essay and tell me the proper tenses of the verbs. In the first paragraph the imperfect tense of the verb and in the second paragraph the need to be preterit tense. If you could help that would be great. Cuando

    asked by Caleb
  20. Algebra

    Problem solving (point of intersection) You are considering changing your cell phone plan . Company A offered a flat fee of $40 plus 10cents for each additional min of use. Company B offers a monthly flat fee of $20 plus 15 cents for each additional min of

    asked by Justin
  21. Computer

    15. Wendy works for a large corporation, and her supervisor has asked her to create an informative PowerPoint presentation for an all-employee meeting. To help create consistency on every slide, which of the following tools should Wendy use? A. Auto Layout

    asked by Ashley001
  22. School of Christ International, physics

    A value of 22.0m of nitrogen gas at 20°c is heated under constant pressure to 167°c What is the new nitrogen gas

    asked by MOSES
  23. Statistics

    The table I have is: Color of Candy Frequency Proportion (as a fraction and decimal) Percentage Red 13 13/100 or .13 13% Orange 25 25/100 or .25 25% Yellow 8 8/100 or .08 8% Brown 8 8/100 or .08 8% Blue 27 27/100 or .27 27% Green 19 19/100 or .19 19%

    asked by Destiny Park
  24. health

    what can a person do to relax his muscles?

    asked by alice
  25. Physics

    The electric potential at a position located a distance of 20.1 mm from a positive point charge of 6.50×10-9C and 12.1 mm from a second point charge is 1.26 kV. Calculate the value of the second charge.

    asked by Julie
  26. Criminal Justice

    Electronic monitoring: A. increases the importance of probation officers. B. responds to the service needs of offenders. C. has been subjected to extensive research. D. none of the above i'm confused between A and C

    asked by Amy
  27. pure maths, life sciences, physical sciences and g

    I was want to know what careers are there when I am doing these subjects and job opportunities

    asked by sihle
  28. English

    What literary device does the following sentence use? "a world ruled by judging eyes"

    asked by Gerald
  29. Math

    A hotel manager found that his gross receipts for the day, including a 9% sales tax, were $3927.27 . Find the amount of sales tax collected

    asked by Makaila
  30. Criminal Justice

    Success in probation/parole: A. is usually conceived of in terms of recidivism. B. depends on which statistics one decides to emphasize. C. is complicated by the issue of selection. D. all of the above im confused between A and C

    asked by Amy
  31. Math

    One half the members of the junior high math team are ninth graders. One fourth of the remaining members are eighth graders. One fifth of the rest are seventh graders. There are twelve 6th graders on the team. How many members on the team?

    asked by Tim
  32. science

    The greenhouse effect is caused by the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation

    asked by seirra
  33. math

    Al and Alice went to a "being a Snack" party. Al spent 10 pennies + 16 dimes. Alice spent as much as Al, but her 26 coins consisted of only quarters and nickels, How many nickels did Alice spend?

    asked by Larry
  34. Physics

    An airplane pulls into a vertical loop, and has horizontal and vertical velocities Vx=90m/s and Vy=120m/s. If the radius of curvature of the flight path is R=900m, and the airplane has a vertical acceleration Ay=11m/s^2, determine its tangential and

    asked by J.T.
  35. Problem solving (point of intersection)

    You are considering changing your cell phone plan . Company A offered a flat fee of $40 plus 10cents for each additional min of use. Company B offers a monthly flat fee of $20 plus 15 cents for each additional min of use. What plan would you choose?

    asked by Justin
  36. Math

    The mass of a cat is about 3.6 kg. Use the formula b  0.01m0.7 where b represents the brain mass and m represents the body mass. What is the approximate mass of the cat’s brain?

    asked by Amanda
  37. English

    4. You applied for teaching. Would you let us know why you decided to be a teacher? - When I was an elementary school student, my homeroom teacher liked me very much. I also studied hard to please my teacher. So, my future job became teaching at school. I

    asked by rfvv
  38. College Algebra

    A rectangular parcel of land is 20 ft longer than it is wide. Each diagonal between opposite corners is 100 ft. What are the dimensions of the parcel? This is an Example in the book but it does not clarify in the text book, Can anybody please show me how

    asked by Lydia
  39. English

    1. My skin always peels when I've been in the sun. 2. My skin always peels when I am in the sun. ============== Which one is right? Are both correct? What is the difference between them?

    asked by rfvv
  40. Thermodynamics

    Consider an ancient, rigid, but sealed jar resting 80 ft below the surface of the ocean. If the specific gravity of sea water is 1.025 and the barometric pressure is 14.7psia, determine the absolute pressure acting on the jar (in psia).

    asked by J.T.
  41. science

    a baby pushes a toy across the floor with a force of 5 newtons inertia balanced force unbalanced force velocity

    asked by christina
  42. Psychology

    Sam’s I.Q. was 105 when he was tested at age nine. When he was thirteen, he was re-tested and his I.Q. was 120. Explain the increase in I.Q. using the concepts of trends/theories and socioeconomic factors.

    asked by Anonymous
  43. french

    Indicate if subjonctive or infinitif 1) Je suis certain qu'il trouve le passeport 2) Est-ce que tu penses qu'il trouve le passeport? 3) On dit qu'il trouve le passeport

    asked by dan
  44. math

    If xy+2x+3y+4=5, then y= A. 1-2x/3 B. 1-2x/x C. 1-2x/x+3 D. 1-3x/xy+3

    asked by Larry
  45. research paper

    Can anyone help me in writing a research paper on the importance & benefits of stretching & warm-up exercises

    asked by Kim
  46. Math

    Barry is 6 yrs old.Larry is twice as old as Barry.Terry is the same number of years older than Barry as he is younger than Larry.How many years old is Terry?

    asked by Bob
  47. math

    If x+1995 represent the smallest of 1995 consecutive odd integers, then ? represents the 1995th of these same odd integers. A. x+3989 B. x+3990 C. x+5983 D. x+5985

    asked by Larry

    Why correct or proper use of abbreviations and symbols important in writing?

    asked by sophie
  49. math

    118 ft = ________yd____________ft . 21 ft 11 in =_______in please explain how to solve these sums. thank u

    asked by sai

    why correct pronouns important in writing?

    asked by sophie
  51. math

    There is on real number x for which |x+1| - |x-1| = A. 4 B. 1 C. 0 D. -2

    asked by Larry
  52. Math

    Sin a=

    asked by Aniket kumar
  53. geography

    Give an account for the differences in water balance from place to place through out the year

    asked by omega
  54. Math

    During multiplication by 10,100,etc, why is it that the digits move one or more places to the left depending on the number of zeros?what's the logic? Ex: 24X10=240, 24X100=2400.

    asked by HELP !!!
  55. algebra


    asked by anne
  56. English

    Lesson Plan .... Standards Addressed: General Goal9s): Specific Objectives: ...... ===================== In a leson plan, what is 'Standards Addressed'?

    asked by rfvv
  57. math

    Which of the following is divisible by 6 when n is any integer? A. (2n+3)(3n+2) B. n(n+1)(n+2) C. (2n+3)(3n-2) D. n(n+2)(3n+6)

    asked by Larry
  58. English

    3. How can yo make students focused on your teaching in calss? - I think motivation is very important, so I will motivate the students first. I can make them imagine they study at a university. I can make them imagine that they live a healthy and happy

    asked by rfvv