Questions Asked on
July 10, 2015

  1. Math

    Ralph's age is currently 3 years more than twice joe's age. But 3 years ago, ralph was was 4 times as old as Joe was the . How old will joe be in 10 years?

  2. mth 157

    Matt has four times as many stickers as David. How many stickers mush Matt give Davis so that they will each have 75 stickers? I am so bad at these problems, please help!

  3. changing

    If for a sequence (tn),sn=2n²+5n,find tn and show that the sequence is an a.p

  4. Geography

    Wallace Creek has been offset by 130.0 meters (430 feet) to the right along the fault. The age of stream deposits indicates that this offset began 3700 years ago. Based on these figures, calculate the average rate of movement along this segment of the

  5. Algebra

    what is the interest rate necessary for an investment to quadruple after 5 years of continuous compound interest? I keep getting r=11%

  6. obamoruf math

    find the permeter of a parallelogram whose base is 6cm and side 5cm

  7. prob & stat

    An academic department with five faculty members—Anderson, Box, Cox, Cramer, and Fisher—must select two of its members to serve on a personnel review committee. Because the work will be time-consuming, no one is anxious to serve, so it is decided that

  8. microeconimics

    one type of systematic error arises because people tend to think of benefits in percentage term rather than in absolute dollar amounts. as an example, samir is wiling to drive 20 minutes out of his way to save $4 on grocery item that cost $10 at local

  9. Physics

    A boy moves 10km eastwards, 5km northwards and then 2km eastwards. The distance and magnitude of displacement of the boy is

  10. Algebra 2

    An object is dropped from a small plane. As the object falls, its distance, d, above the ground after t seconds, is given by the formula d = –16t2 + 1,000. Which inequality can be used to find the interval of time taken by the object to reach the height

  11. Maths

    A ball is dropped from a height of 80ft.The elasticity of this ball is such that it rebounds three-fourths of the distance it has fallen. How high does the ball rebound on the fifth bounce? Find a formula for the height the ball rebounds on the nth bounce?

  12. Math

    Suppose that a graphing calculator is programming to generate a random natural number between 1 and 10 inclusive . What is the probability that the number will be prime?

  13. MATH

    writing an equation of a line given the y-intercept and another point. It say to write an equation of the line one point is on y0 and x is on -6. Thank you

  14. Physics

    A particle (charge = +4.0 nC) is located on the x-axis at the point x = -20.0 m, and a second particle (charge = -10.0 nC) is placed on the x-axis at x=+8.0 m. What is the magnitude of the total electrostatic field (in N/C) at the origin (x=0)?

  15. science

    A particle starts from the origin with a velocity of 10 m/s and moves with a constant acceleration till the velocity increases to 50 m/s. At that instant the acceleration is suddenly reversed. What will be the velocity of the particle, when it returns to

  16. Curiosity for Mrs.Sue

    Mrs Sue, what is your worst subject since you seem to be able to answer them all!

  17. chemistry

    1. Which example has particles that can be drawn closer to occupy smaller volume? a. fruit juice b. block of wood c. air inside the syringe d. ice cube 2. Which of the following phenomena does NOT involve the application of gas pressure? a. burning fuels

  18. chemistry

    The polarogram for 20ml solution that was 3.65 x 10^-3 M in cadmium (Cd2+) gave a wave for that ion with a diffusion current of 31.3microampere. Calculate the percentage change in concentration of the solution is the current in the limiting current region

  19. org chem

    How to know if there's a dipole moment???

  20. Orgnic chemistry

    Some molecules w/ non polar bonds like C-S and C-I when exposed to a highly polar environment may assume polarity -Due to vacant d orbitals of S (i don't get this. So if it has a lot of vacant orbitals it will be polar?) -big atomic radius of I (please

  21. chemistry

    Zinc is to be used as an internal standard for the polarographic analysis of thallium. A standard solution containing twice the concentration of zinc as thallium has diffusion currents of 1.89 microAmps for thallium and 3.5 microAmps for zinc. A 10.0g

  22. maths,intergration

    A perticle moves in a srraight line through a fixed point 0 wth velocity (4-T)m/s find an expression for its displacemnt S from this point given that S=5 when T=0?

  23. English

    waste: the use of resources on things that do not need it ========================= word: its definition What does 'it' refer to in 'that do not need it'?

  24. Chemistry

    Prepare 250ml of 0.2M phosphate buffer of pH 6.4.starting from Na2HPO4,NaH2PO4,0.129N NaOH solution.

  25. math-percentage

    there are 792 workers in a factory. if the number of male workers is 20%less than that of female workers, then the number of male workers is? answer:352 i always get confused with the equation of this type of quesion. Thanks:)

  26. Physics

    A boy travels 8km north, 3km east and then 5km south. Find the magnitude of displacement of the boy

  27. Maths

    Find the terms as stated: (x-1/x)^6 constant term

  28. Math

    How do you write the square root of 3 in exponential form? or any other radical into exponential form

  29. MTH 156

    a function machine accepts inputs as ordered pairs. the components of the ordered pairs are natural number and the first component is the length of a rectangle and the second component is the width. The given machine computes the perimeter (the distance

  30. physics

    A book has the mass of 1.5 kg what is pressure that it puts down on the table if it has the dimension 20cm by 26 cm? What would the pressure be if it were on end with the dimensions of 20 cm by 4 cm?

  31. Physics

    In procedure 1: suppose the hanging mass is mH = 203 g and the mass of the cart is mC = 1286 g. a) Assume there is no friction anywhere in the system, and the system starts at rest. i. Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the masses. a = m/s2 ii. Find

  32. st joan of arc

    Math from a spot 60 ft from the base of a building the angle of elevation is 48 degrees and the of elevation of the top of the antenna is 56 degrees. What is the height of the building? What is the height of the antenna?

  33. english

    I need to create a tale, which the principal topic is summer. Im not sure what kind of tale i can write about summer

  34. Math

    A recipe requires 3/4 cup of nuts for 1 batch of muffins. How many batches of muffins can be made using 7 1/2 cups of nuts?

  35. english

    If i wanted to write a history of summer.. how would i start it

  36. math

    can someone help me with this math question?Solve the system of equations given below. x+3z=12 -x-2y+z=10 3x+5y+2z=-7 I am really stumped. Please help! Thanks in advance!

  37. algebra

    As isosceles triangle has two sides of equal length. If the third side of an isosceles triangle is five inches longer than one of the equal sides, and the perimeter is 26 inches, find the length of each side.

  38. physics

    A cement company is moving lime using an Archimedes screw system. The density of the lime p=2700 kg/m^3. The available area inside the screw system A=0.01 m^2 and the screw advance speed v=0.5 m/s. What is the mass flow rate?

  39. Calculus Partial Derivatives

    Problem: Find dimensions of a box that provide the greatest volume when the length plus the girth cannot exceed six feet. I tried 2w+2h+l=6, l=6-2w-2h, but couldn't get to w=1, h=1, l=2, which is the correct answer.

  40. Geometry

    The Effel Tower in Paris is 328 feet wide at the bottom and 984 feet tall a model of the tower is 12 inches tall What is the width of the model?Round to the nearest tenth

  41. stats

    A multiple choice test consists of four questions. Each question has five possible answers of which only one is correct. A student guesses on every question. Find the probability distribution of X, the number of questions she answers correctly. A) x P(X =