Questions Asked on
July 6, 2015

  1. F.g.c jos

    Maths,show a composite solid consisting of a cube of edge,28cm and a square based pyramid of height 16cm.calculate the volume of the solid.

    asked by Miracle
  2. Information literacy lesson 2

    Within Expanded Academic ASAP, you'll begin your search by choosing to search by A. Keyword, publication, and abstract B. Keyword, subject, or publication title C. Full text, images, and number of pages D. Report, subject, and brief article My answer is A

    asked by Bern
  3. math

    Find the weight of a 60 kg astronaut on earth?

    asked by Aviwe
  4. maths

    A town's population increased by 1200 people,and then this new population decreased 11%. The town now had 32 less people than it did before the 1200 increase. Find the original population.

    asked by Tejaswi
  5. Information literacy lesson 2

    An example of a plain language search is A. Tire AND flat B. Tire* C. How do I change flat tire? D. Tire NOT mechanic

    asked by Bern
  6. maths

    If one of the zeroes of the cubic polynomial x3+ax2+bx+c is -1 then the product of the other two zeroes is -------(A) b -a +1 (B) b-a-1 (C) a-b+1 (D) a-b-1

    asked by sanjay
  7. Math

    1. JUGGLING NUMBERS From old newspapers cut out digits 0 to 9 and stick them in a creative manner. Make sure the digits are not too small. Juggle the digits to make the numbers described below. The challenge is you can use a digit only once in a number. 1)

    asked by Hasitha
  8. Math

    Find the length of the curve r(t)=sqrt(2)ti + e^tj + e^-tk, 0

    asked by Rick
  9. mathematics : intergration

    A particle moves in a straight line through a fixed point O with a velocity (4-t)m/s find an expression for its displacement S from this point given that S=S when t=0

    asked by Diana
  10. chemistry

    1. Which example has particles that can be drawn closer to occupy smaller volume? a. fruit juice b. block of wood c. air inside the syringe d. ice cube 2. Which of the following phenomena does NOT involve the application of gas pressure? a. burning fuels

    asked by ken
  11. Science

    A car runs off the road and hits a stationery rock. Some glass pieces from the windscreen are projected forward and were found at an average distance of 15 meters from the car. The average height of the windscreen is 1.5 meters. Calculate the speed of the

    asked by Jimmy
  12. Psychology

    How can attitude be distinguished from a passing thought about something or someone?

    asked by Lian
  13. maths

    The number of polynomial having zeroes as -2 and 5 is --------(A) 1 (B)2 (C) 3 (D) more than 3

    asked by sanjay
  14. English

    Technology has brought about some changes in different areas of our lives , such as changes in transportation , medical sciences , communication as well as in the home . Discuss the impact of such changes on two areas , giving specific examples . Write

    asked by Rainie
  15. Algebra

    A total of 598 tickets were sold for the school play. They were either adult tickets or student tickets. There were 52 fewer student tickets sold than adult tickets. How many adult tickets were sold?

    asked by Jessica
  16. math

    Kim has fraction 1 over 2 cup of almonds. She uses fraction 1 over 8 cup of almonds to make a batch of pancakes

    asked by devin
  17. statistics

    15. A financial consultant conducts seminars with each seminar limited to 20 attendees. Because of the small size of the seminar, and the personal attention each person receives, a large number of attendees are expected to become clients. From the past

    asked by meri
  18. physical sciences(chemistry)

    Explain why solution turns blue by referring to the relative strength of oxidising agent?

    asked by Xalati
  19. Maths

    Prove that Sin^2(20)+sin^2(40)+sin^2(80)=3/2

    asked by Kasumi
  20. Information literacy lesson 2

    Which of the following sources likely has the most reliable information? A. A computer science textbook written by an expert in the field in the early 2000s B. An article in last month's issue of a peer-reviewed trade journal C. A graduate student's blog

    asked by Bern
  21. Grammar

    On many mornings, the sky is adorned with peach-and-melon-colored ribbons as a blazing SOLAR sun begins to peek over the horizon. 1) Which choice would be the most consistent with the figurative description provided elsewhere in the sentence? A. No change

    asked by Kimberly
  22. Physics

    At takeoff a commercial jet has a 65.0 m/s speed. Its tires have a diameter of 0.700 m. (a) At how many rpm are the tires rotating? Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. rpm (b) What is the centripetal acceleration at the edge of the tire? Incorrect: Your

    asked by Karina
  23. Physics

    The existence of the planet Pluto was proposed based on irregularities in Neptune's orbit. Pluto was subsequently discovered near its predicted position. But it now appears that the discovery was fortuitous, since Pluto is small and the irregularities in

    asked by Karina
  24. physics 20

    Jack the Jaguar can run for only 1.0 min at 13.0m/s before he has to stop to rest, while Zeke the zebra can gallop at 7.25m/s for 5.0 min. How long does Zeke actually have to run for to elude Jack? Can Jack catch Zeke for lunch if they are initially 350m

    asked by ran
  25. Math (Finite)

    5. Let A = 1 4 2 3 and B = 3 -2 4 6 calculate the entry in the second row, second column in AB

    asked by Stephanie
  26. Geometry

    Complete Problem 34 in Section 5.2 Exercises (Ch. 5) of Essentials of Geometry for College Students. Use the table below to show your work and solve the problem. You may add or delete rows as necessary.

    asked by Ice
  27. math

    simply 375 over 200

    asked by shirri
  28. Chemistry

    Give an example of one polyatomic cation and one polyatomic anion. Show how these ions combine to make a compound. My thinking: Cation-ClO Anion-K How they form, I don't know?

    asked by Isaac
  29. math

    write 515% = 3/10 as a mixed number or fraction. answer in simplest terms

    asked by anne
  30. Grammar

    In the sentence " I am fond of both kinds of comics". Which word is the verb

    asked by Morris
  31. physics 1401!!!

    A 2000-kg car rounds an unbanked curve with a radius of 45 m at a speed of 15 m/s. What minimum coefficient of friction must exist between the road and tires to prevent the car from slipping? (g = 9.8 m/s2)

    asked by help me plzz (:
  32. Science

    Einstein put forward the mass-energy equation E=mc2. Can anybody explain why c is squared(2)?Also derive the equation give above.Thanks.

    asked by Genius
  33. Law

    Which of the following groups of people is not majorly impacted by mandatory minimum sentences for crack cocaine? (Points : 1)

    asked by kim brock
  34. Physics

    Engineering a highway curve. If a car goes through a curve too fast, the car tends to slide out of the curve. A frictional force acts on a fast car to oppose the tendency to slide out of the curve. Consider a circular curve of radius R and bank angle θ,

    asked by Natalia
  35. Physics

    A small block slides along the inside of a hemispherical bowl of radius r = 41.4 cm. When the block is at an angle of θ = 62.3° above the lowest point, it is sliding down with a speed of v = 3.02 m/s and speeding up at a rate of 3.54 m/s2. Find the

    asked by Roman
  36. physics

    A spring 30mm by a force of 15N calculate the workdone by the force

    asked by chidolsky
  37. Chemistry

    Heat is applied to an ice cube in a closed container until only steam is present. Draw a representation of this process. What happens to the size of the molecules and total mass of the sample?

    asked by Person
  38. mathematics :integration

    A particle moves in a straight line through a fixed point O with velocity (4-t)m/s find an expression for its displacement S from this point given that S=5 when t=0

    asked by Diana

    importance & benefits of stretching & warm-up exercises ???

    asked by zaree
  40. math

    The united ages of a man and his wife are six times to united ages of their children. Two years ago their united ages were ten times the united ages of their children and six years hence their ages will be three times the united ages of their children. How

    asked by omkar bisht
  41. Geometric Progression

    The first five terms of a sequence are 9,16,25,36,49,.....find A) the 8th term. B) the nth term?

    asked by Mutakai Rennie
  42. physics

    At sea level, the atmospheric pressure is 1.04×10 to the power 5 pa.Assuming g=10ms sq and density of air to be uniform and equal 2 1.3kg m cube find the height of the atmosphere.

    asked by alvin
  43. geography

    examine the sphere of influence of an organisation that renders service in your area, clinic and locsl high school

    asked by shirley
  44. Math

    A reel of electric wire 150 metres long cut into two pieces. One is 40 metres shorter than twice the length of the other. How long is each piece.

    asked by PHil
  45. Statistics

    The probability distribution of number of calls coming to a call center every 15 minute period is shown below. x 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 p ( x ) 0.02 0.04 0.07 0.08 0.09 0.11 0.12 0.13 0.10 Continued… x 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 p ( x ) 0.07 0.06 0.04 0.03 0.02

    asked by meri
  46. statistics

    7. The following statements are true for a binomial distribution except: (a) Binomial is a continuous probability distribution. (b) There are n number of trials. (c) There are two possible outcomes for each trial: Success (S) and Failure (F). (d) The

    asked by meri
  47. statistics

    11. You are taking a multiple choice examination that has 20 questions in a particular section with 5 possible answers for each question. You did not study for the test and you guessed the answers. The probability that you will get at least 50% of the

    asked by meri
  48. statistics

    The US Environmental Protection Agency reports the average fuel costs for various makes of cars. In recent years the fuel costs for mid‐size Japanese cars averaged $1200. Suppose that the annual fuel costs for various makes of automobiles are normally

    asked by meri
  49. statistics

    TRUE OR FALSE 35. A survey of women owned business found that approximately 30% of all small businesses are owned by non‐Hispanic white women. In a sample of 250 non‐Hispanic businesses owned by whites, the average number of businesses owned by female

    asked by meri
  50. Science

    Two balls of mass 10kgs and 100kgs are thrown vertically up at the same speed which ball will pass the point of projection in their downward direction with greater speed?

    asked by Adithya
  51. Physics

    A 2.50 kg fireworks shell is fired straight up from a mortar intending to reach 110m. How much downward force is created to propel that shell upwards to it's intended target?

    asked by Mark
  52. Chemistry

    A 150.0 mL sample of a 1.50 M solution of CuSO4 is mixed with a 150.0 mL sample of 3.00 M KOH in a coffee cup calorimeter. The temperature of both solutions and the calorimeter was 25.2°C before mixing and 31.3°C after mixing. The heat capacity of the

    asked by Richard
  53. math

    What is the payoff for a loan with monthly payments of $359.69, after 26 payments have been made, contract was for 3yrs. at an annual interest rate of 9.2%? need to figure out payoff with 10 payments left, not working out for me

    asked by crash
  54. Spanish

    I was hoping that someone could prof read my essay and check for proper uses of words, grammar, spelling, and conjugations of words. the first three paragraphs are what I have to write in spanish. the three paragraphs below that is the english version of

    asked by Caleb
  55. pre calculus

    32% of a particular radioactive substance disappears in 227 years. Part 1: Find the decay constant. Your answer must be correct to five decimal places. Part 2: Determine the time T in years required for 93% of the substance to disapper. Your answer must be

    asked by Morgan
  56. physics

    In all parts: assume the the air temperature is 17.8o C, so the speed of sound in air is 342.0 m/s. Part A. Suppose a ship's foghorn is sounded toward an iceberg, and an echo is heard 6.16 s later. Find the distance from the ship to the iceberg. d = ? m

    asked by Claudia
  57. Chemistry

    How many moles are there in 0.7g of CFC's

    asked by Fida
  58. math


    asked by Dheeraj Kumar
  59. Information literacy lesson 2

    What is Expanded Academic ASAP? A. An open-access search engine on the web B. A Boolean search engine C. A periodical database D. A metasearch engine

    asked by Bern
  60. biology

    What is cyclosis?

    asked by yasir Ali
  61. Calculus

    The velocity of a ball that has been tossed vertically in the air is given by v(t) = 16 − 32t, where v is measured in feet per second, and t is measured in seconds. The ball is in the air from t = 0 until t = 2. Determine the value of v'(1). What are the

    asked by George
  62. Physics

    An automobile with 0.300 m radius tires travels 75,000 km before wearing them out. How many revolutions do the tires make, neglecting any backing up and any change in radius due to wear?

    asked by Karina
  63. Physics

    Suppose the graph of displacement vs. time produced by the ball's motion is: y = 1.56t^2 + 1.04t + 8.11 What is the magnitude of the acceleration of this object?

    asked by Sara
  64. Chemistry

    What are the pros and cons of using the lewis structure? What I have so far is that it shows the shape of the compound.

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Calculus

    log (base 3) x^2 = 2log(base 3)4-4log(base 3)5 And I need to solve for x.

    asked by Mona
  66. Chemistry

    When is the term, formula unit, useful? Is it when trying to figure out the empirical formula?

    asked by Isaac
  67. Chemistry

    What would the partial pressure of hydrogen in the gas collection tube be if the water in the tube was 25.0 mm above the water level in the beaker, the room pressure was 655 mm Hg, and the temperature of the room was 22 degrees C?

    asked by Jenny
  68. physics 20

    Mr. Smith is standing 50m from a large bell. With his mighty throwing arm, Mr.Smith throws a rock at the bell and he hears the sound of the bell 4.5s later. If the speed of sound is 330 m/s, what was the speed of the rock in the air?

    asked by ran
  69. English

    1. He is doing volunteer for poor kids. 2. He is doing volunteer work for poor kids. ============== Is #1 OK?

    asked by rfvv