Questions Asked on
July 5, 2015

  1. Algebra

    Under ideal conditions, a population of e. coli bacteria can double every 20 minutes. This behavior can be modeled by the exponential function: N(t)=N(lower case 0)(2^0.05t) If the initial number of e. coli bacteria is 5, how many bacteria will be present

    asked by Janice
  2. maths

    Given that root 2 is a zero of the cubic polynomial 6x3+2x2-10x-4root2, find its other two zeroes

    asked by sanjay
  3. human relations

    A major obstacle to developing good human relations skills is that A.human relations aren't rewarding. B. Few persons have common interests. C. Common interests wont help to keep a conversation going. D.people fear taking risks.

    asked by Maricela
  4. Calculus

    A particle moves on a vertical line so that its coordinate at time t is 3 y = t − 12t+ 3, t≥ 0 . When is the particle moving upward and when is it moving downward? Find the distance that the particle travels in the first 3 seconds. I got that t=2 and

    asked by John
  5. Physics

    You are watching your friend play hockey. In the course of the game, he strikes the puck in such a way that, when it is at its highest point, it just clears the surrounding 2.96 m high Plexiglas wall that is 14.5 m away. (Ignore any effects due to air

    asked by Sam
  6. Math

    Show that the curve with parametric equations x=tcost, y=tsint, z=t lies on the cone z^2=x^2+y^2

    asked by Joe
  7. Math

    Suppose you start at the point (0,0,3) and move five units along the curve x=3sint, y=4t, z=3cost in the position direction. Where are you now?

    asked by Tads
  8. manghigh

    find the 9th term of the g.s 5, 5/2, 5/4....

    asked by dahlia solis
  9. English

    1. I consider him as a hero. 2. I consider him a hero. 3. I consider him to be a hero. 4. I consider that he is a hero. ======================= Which one is grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  10. math

    you invested $8000 between two accounts paying 7% and 9% annual interest, respectively. If the total interest earned for the year was $600 how much was invested at each rate?

    asked by Terry
  11. science

    a train is moving along a horizontal track. A pendulum suspended from the roof makes an angle 4 degree with the vertical. obtain the acceleration of train?

    asked by aman
  12. Math

    'Write down the equation of the line passing through 2,1 and perpendicular to 2x-4y-1=0 I tried figuring out what to do but I don't know how to.

    asked by fay.... pls help
  13. Business

    What demands would most likely be advocated by union leaders interested in obtaining contract ratification?

    asked by Duane
  14. Business

    Why are union officials likely to oppose flexible work hours and other innovative work schedules?

    asked by Duane
  15. Chemistry-Molecular models

    Select a compound and explain the advantages and disadvantages of using ball-an-stick, space-filling, and lewis structure to represent compound. What I have so far: The advantages for all the models are that you can see the shape of the atoms, but unlike

    asked by Anonymous
  16. maths

    Given that^2 is a zero of the cubic polynomial 6x3+2x2-10x-4^2, find its other two zeroes

    asked by sanjay
  17. math

    Country A has a growth rate of 2.1% per year. The population is currently 5,747,000 and the land area of Country A is 36,000,000,000 square yards. Assuming this growth rate continues and is exponential, after how long will there be one person for every

    asked by Leslie
  18. Math

    What is your expected value for a game whose probabilities and outcomes are given in the following table? Assume the wager is $1. Proability 0.2 = you win 2 times wager 0.3 = you win your wager 0.3 = you lose 2 times your wager 0.2 = you win nothing

    asked by Comet
  19. math

    The heights of American women between the ages of 18 and 24 are approximately normally distributed. The mean is 64.1 inches, and the standard deviation is 2.5 inches. What percentage of such women are over 5 feet 8 inches tall? z = (68 - 64.1)/2.5 = + 1.56

    asked by Comet
  20. maths

    When 6 boys were admitted and 6 girls left the %of boys increased from 60% to 75% . Find the original no. Of boys and girls in the clasa

    asked by sanjay
  21. maths

    For which values of a and b , are the zeroes of q(x)=x3+ 2x2+a also the zeroes of the polynomial p (x)= x5 -x4-4x3+3x2+3x+b? Which zeroes of p (x) are not the zeroes of q (x)?

    asked by sanjay
  22. math

    Shreya walks 2/3 km to her school and rosy walk 3/4 km to the school who has to walk a longer distance to reach the school and by how much

    asked by neha
  23. Math

    Find equations of the osculating circles of the ellipse 9x^2+4y^2=36 at the points (2,0)&(0,3).

    asked by Sean
  24. Math

    Veronica rolls a pair of dice twice. On both rolls, the sum is 9. Are these independent events, dependent events, or neither? Explain your answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. statistics

    the probability of NOT drawing either a club or a queen from a standard deck of 52 cards is???

    asked by cat
  26. Chemistry

    A student mixes 764 mL of water and 476 mL of 1.00 x 10-5 M orange food dye solution. What is the concentration of this new dilute solution of orange food dye?

    asked by George
  27. science

    A student needs to mix 50 ml. of glycine with 950 ml. of distilled water. This student has only a 25 ml. graduated cylinder. How many times will the student have to use the cylinder both glycine and water to prepare the solution?

    asked by BB
  28. English

    In one well-constructed paragraph, explain the overall effectiveness of this speech. Be sure to identify what Pearson’s persuasive goal and what arguments he uses to achieve his purpose. Be sure to offer your own opinion, with evidence from the text, on

    asked by Natasha
  29. English

    Using evidence from Orwell’s essay, respond to current events, and draw from personal experience in order to write a well-organized paragraph in which you persuade your reader that the English language either is, or is not, improving over time? Can

    asked by bb97
  30. Chemistry

    Explain how the formulas for H2O and NaCl provide different information about the composition of these two compounds. What I think: For every 1 atom of oxygen, there are 2 atoms of hydrogen. For every one atom of sodium there is one atom of chlorine.

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Calculus

    How do the constants 5, 4, and 12 in f(x) = 5x^2 - 4x + 12, affect the derivative? Thanks!

    asked by Fred
  32. Computer Programming

    I posted this question before: How would I put this into one program? These are the directions: Write a method that takes two parameters. If the first parameter is equal to second parameter. Multiply both and print result. If the first parameter is less

    asked by Jake
  33. American history

    In his farewell address, Washington warned against permanent foreign alliances and? A. The unjust oppression of black slaves B. The formation of political factions. C. The power of the moneyed interests. D. Lowering the tariff on imported goods.

    asked by London
  34. English

    1. He got the product for free. 2. He gor the product free. 3. He got the produce free of charge. 4. He gort the product without a charge. ----------------- Which ones are grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  35. English

    1. We take turns paying for the snack. 2. We take turns in paying for the snack. 3. We take turns to pay for the snack. ============== Are they all grammatical? Which one is commonly used?

    asked by rfvv
  36. personal finance

    You purchase a car $22,000. The interest rate is 5% and you decide to pay over a period of 5 years. What is your payment?

    asked by alex
  37. Business

    What are the costs and benefits for management of allowing the union to decide how the economic package should be divided?

    asked by Duane
  38. Business

    Is it to an employer’s advantage to enjoy the lower turnover rates that unionization seems to include?

    asked by Duane
  39. Business

    To what extent should management allow the union to select the components of an economic package in a contract negotiation?

    asked by Duane
  40. Business

    What balance should exist between local-level and national-level influences in negotiations? Should this balance differ by bargaining issue?

    asked by Duane
  41. Business

    How could an opponent in bargaining overcome what appears to be a strong commitment to an issue by its opposite member?

    asked by Duane
  42. physics

    A rifle fires a 2.11 10-2-kg pellet straight upward, because the pellet rests on a compressed spring that is released when the trigger is pulled. The spring has a negligible mass and is compressed by 8.37 10-2 m from its unstrained length. The pellet rises

    asked by Lola
  43. human relations

    Which of the statements is true? A.Waste isn't a problem in reaching group goals. B.individual productivity is more important than group productivity. C. Sacrifice isn't necessary to achieve group goals. D. Individual productivity Is necessary for group

    asked by Maricela
  44. maths

    by taking three different values on n, show that a cube of an even natural number n, is always even end cube of an odd natural number n, is always odd.

    asked by shehzad
  45. Math

    If Rita can type 55 words a minute, how many minutes to the nearest minute will it take her to type a 1695-word article?

    asked by Saira
  46. Macroeconomics

    Suppose in an economy the nominal money supply is $ 1000, the general price level is 4 and the real output is at its full employment level of $4000. a. what is the price level and velocity of money? b. By assuming constant velocity of money, what would you

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Math

    Find the curvature x=t^2, y=t^3 Using k=|xÿ-yx|/(x^2+y^2)^3/2

    asked by Sean
  48. physics

    How mush force must be exerted at an angle of 45 to top of a table to push along a weight when the frictional resistance to be overcome is a force of 2kg. Force is given in kg so i understand like this: N=kg.m/s^2 so the force in N is such when applied to

    asked by jzee11
  49. math

    integral x^3/ (x^2 +1)^1/2

    asked by fatmah
  50. Computer Science

    How would I put this into one program? These are the directions: Write a method that takes two parameters. If the first parameter is equal to second parameter. Multiply both and print result. If the first parameter is less than the second parameter, add

    asked by Jake
  51. ckms

    write a program to calculate the capacity of an automobile fuel tank in liters and the kmpl thst the automobile can be driven.

    asked by aditya
  52. maths

    Given that√2 is the root of cubic polynomial 6x3 + 2x2-10x -4√2 find the other two roots

    asked by sanjay
  53. emmanuel college

    Chemistry A is a solution of H2SO4 containing 2.5g in 500cm3

    asked by gboyega
  54. gov

    According to David Mayhew’s “electoral connection” thesis, the primary purpose of members of Congress is get reelected. serve the public interest. hold the Executive Branch accountable to the public. get programs enacted.

    asked by eden
  55. Psy326

    What is a technique for reducing carryover, practice and fatigue effects that involves varying the order of presentation between participants

    asked by Anonymous
  56. stats

    At a raffle, 1000 tickets are sold at $5 each. There are 20 prizes of $25, 5 prizes of $100, and 1 grand prize of $2000. Suppose you buy one ticket.

    asked by shonnda