Questions Asked on
July 2, 2015

  1. Algebra

    70 students are studying mathematics,physics & chemistry.40 students study mathematics,35 study physics and 30 study chemistry.15 students are studying all the three subjects.How many students are studying exactly two of the subjects

    asked by Anika
  2. physics

    A ladder (ℓL = 7.50 m) of weight WL = 350 N leans against a smooth vertical wall. The term "smooth" means that the wall can exert only a normal force directed perpendicular to the wall and cannot exert a frictional force parallel to it. A firefighter,

    asked by Lola
  3. Algebra

    Calvin deposits $400 in a savings account that accrues 5% interest compounded monthly. After c years, Calvin has $658.80. Makayla deposits $300 in a different savings account that accrues 6% interest compounded quarterly. After m years, Makayla has

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Math

    Tiffany is constructing a fence around a rectangular tennis court. She must use 300 feet of fencing. The fence must enclose all four sides of the court. Regulation states that the length of the fence enclosure must be at least 80 feet and the width must be

    asked by Lily
  5. English

    Change to simple past tense : 1. We shall not see him again. 2. Is there any man who does not love his country.

    asked by Aruna
  6. Hlalukweni

    Will i be able to become a social worker or psycology if i do geography,life sciences,maths lit and consumer studies?

    asked by Faith
  7. chemistry

    calculate the molal solution depression constant of a solvent which has freezing point 16.6° and latent heat of fusion 180.75J/g 3.3 3.86 2.9 38.6

    asked by please............
  8. polynomials naman

    If remainder on division x^3-kx^2+13x-21 by 2x-1 is -21 ,find quotient and k.Hence find zeroes of cubic polynomial x^3 -kx^2+13x-21.

    asked by pankaj khanna
  9. Math

    The distance between two cities on a map is 4 inches. The actual distance between the two cities is 24 miles. What is the scale used on the map? If the scale on a different map of the same area is inch = 1 mile, how many inches separate the same two

    asked by anonymous
  10. Chemistry

    How many GRAMS of boron are present in 3.54 moles of boron trifluoride

    asked by Anonymous
  11. polynomials pankaj

    If one zero of polynomial (a^2+a)x^2+13x+6a is reciprocal of other ,find a.

    asked by pankaj khanna
  12. Physics

    A sphere of mass 3.75 grams is suspended from a cord. A steady horizontal breeze pushes the sphere so that the cord makes a constant angle of 32.9° with the vertical. Find the magnitude of the push from the breeze. Answer in Newtons. I know that there are

    asked by Mister R
  13. trigonometry26

    If 1+sin^2 theta = 3sin theta cos theta, then prove that tan theta =1or 1/2

    asked by pankaj khanna
  14. English

    HIDDEN LESSONS: BY DAVID SUZUKI In spite of the vast expanse of wilderness in this country, most Canadian children grow up in urban settings. In other words, they live in a world conceived, shaped and dominated by people. Even the farms located around

    asked by No Name
  15. trigonometry 28

    In triangle ABC , if angle c=90°,then prove that sin^2 A+sin^2 B=1.

    asked by pankaj khanna
  16. mathematics

    A kilogram of rice costs $6. What is the cost of 400g of the rice.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Physics

    Two blocks are in contact on a horizontal, frictionless table. Block 1 has a mass of 4.39 kg and block 2 has a mass of 2.59 kg. A horizontal force of magnitude 8.25 N is applied to the one of the blocks. Find the magnitude of the force between the blocks

    asked by Angela R
  18. math

    A reading list contains 3 historical books and 4 science-fiction books. What is the probability that Tena will randomly choose a historical book for her first report and a science-fiction book for her second?

    asked by nate
  19. biotechnology

    i want secondary antibody dilution in 1:15000 in PBS. How i should do it

    asked by ALOK
  20. Applied Mathematics ( Mechanices

    A stone is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 14.7 meters per second from a window 29.4 meters above the ground. How long does it take to reach the ground? THis is what I came up with : Acceleration= -9.8 final velocity= 0 initial velocity = 14.7

    asked by Babita
  21. Math

    The adjacent sides of parallelogram are 26cm and 28cm and one of its diagonal is 30cm. Find the area of the parallelogram by using heron's formula

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Math

    If 3x+2y=12 and xy=6,find 27x^3+8y^3

    asked by Meera
  23. Math

    The adjacent sides of parallelogram are 26cm and 28cm and one of its diagonal is 30cm. Find the area of parallelogram by using heron's formula

    asked by Meera
  24. Physics

    Uugghhh help please. The velocity of a 4.6 kg particle is given by vector v=(4t{i}+7t^2{j}), where v is in m/s and t is in seconds. At the instant when the net force on the particle has a magnitude of 40 N, what is the angle between the particle's

    asked by Jesus
  25. com200

    The term ________________ describes a wide range of common and nonstandard English, including jargon, colloquialisms, idioms, and slang.

    asked by nancy
  26. introduction to business

    The rate the feds charges members banks for short term loans is called: A.reserve requirement b. discount rate c. margin rate d. federal rate My answer is B Discount rate can someone please verify...thanks in advance

    asked by Joan B
  27. Language arts

    Which sentence best uses grammar for clarity and style? 1. A flashback is a device in which a story is interrupted to present a past event. 2. A flashback is a device where a past event interrupts the story. I believe its the second one because of its

    asked by rabi
  28. physics

    Physics Genius! please let me! Three objects lie in the x, y plane. Each rotates about the z axis with an angular speed of 6.12 rad/s. The mass m of each object and its perpendicular distance r from the z axis are as follows: (1) m1 = 6.36 kg and r1 = 2.20

    asked by Lola
  29. Finite

    Linear programming A candy merchant sells two variety bags of cookies. Each pound of variety X contains 60 % chocolate chips and 40% raisin bran and sells for $ 8.00 a pound. Each pound of variety Y contains 45% of chocolate chips and 55% raisin bran and

    asked by Abigale
  30. english

    Why does he think we need to exercise our anticivilzation emotions? What are some other ways we might confront these emotions?

    asked by reg
  31. trigonometry

    If sin(x-20°)=cos(3x-10°),find x.

    asked by pankaj
  32. physics

    the first law of thermodynamics can be expressed with the equation ΔU=ΔQ+ΔW where ΔU is the change of internal energy,ΔQ is the heat supplied to the system. Apply the first law to the brakes of a train as the brakes are applied and the train

    asked by micheal
  33. Finite Math

    State and perform the next elementary row operations that should be performed to put the matrix in diagonal form 1 2 -3 3 2 -4 6 8 3 6 15 12

    asked by Krystal
  34. math

    what is the unit digit in (7^95 - 3^58) ?

    asked by medlin
  35. Art

    Think about how different class systems of people are represented during Art of Europe and America (1700 - 1900). Looking at the values and representation of values or ideas, please compare and contrast the visual subject, form, and content of these two

    asked by Amy
  36. algebra

    Solve ln(x+8) + ln(x-8) =0.

    asked by kim
  37. calculus

    Car A is 30 mi apart from car b. Car A moves 30 mph due east at the same time car b moves 30 degrees south of east. how fast is the distance between them changing after an hour.

    asked by Jhun
  38. linear equations in two variable

    A person going at a rate of 5 km/hr in still water,takes thrice as much time in going 40km upstream as in going downstream. Find the speed of the stream.

    asked by pankaj khanna
  39. statistics /pure maths

    A box contains N identical balls of which 4 are Red, 3 are Green and the rest are White . If 3 balls are drawn at random one after the other without replacement.the probability that all 3 balls are Whit is 1/22. 1.Find the number of identical balls in the

    asked by gbafa
  40. Physics

    Block A has a mass of 4.11 kg and block B has a mass of 5.1 kg. The blocks are connected by a string of negligible mass and are free to slide on a horizontal, frictionless surface. A force vectorA=(11.1 N)i is applied to block A and a force vectorB=(24.6

    asked by Natasha M.
  41. Algebra

    Mike has two thirds of the minutes that Payton has. Payton has ___ fewer minutes as Mike. Payton has ___ percent as Mike. How many minutes does Payton have?

    asked by Salem
  42. Math

    I need help with these few questions on my homework please :) 1. How much money would you need to pay to receive a payout annuity of $8,503.05 annually for 10 years, assuming your money earns 7.5% compounded annually? Assume that your payments increase

    asked by Macy
  43. Finite Math

    Pivot the matrix about the element 4 1 3 5 5 4 2

    asked by Amanda
  44. Business

    Price Action on ebay are an example of a. e-business b. information c. entertainment d. communication I have a. e-business please help me

    asked by Patricia
  45. Calculus Minimum

    Problem: Find minimum?maximum for: y=xa^(1/x) Ans given: X=ln(a) (min) Can't get to it.

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Life science

    What is food fad?

    asked by Zoya
  47. Science

    Water also travels through living reservoirs. Which of the following organisms does not function as a living reservoir for water? - Squirrels - Wolves - Plums - All of above are living reservoirs for water

    asked by Comet
  48. Chemistry

    1) Which group of elements is the least reactive? Explain why. 2) What properties distinguish metalloids from other elements? 3)Explain how to predict the charge usually observed for a monatomic ion.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Chemistry

    If I were to explain to someone about how to find a charge of an element, would anyone agree with this: The charge of an element is determined by the gain or lose of electrons. Depending on how close they are to the left/right side of the periodic table

    asked by Joey
  50. math

    can anyone help me visualize multidigit multiplication ? for example let us consider this question 245 X345 here when we multiply 4 at tens place with 5 with at ones place we do it as if it onesXones multiplication but place the product at tens place and

    asked by Help me out !!!
  51. Math

    I need help with these few questions on my homework please :) 1. How much money would you need to pay to receive a payout annuity of $8,503.05 annually for 10 years, assuming your money earns 7.5% compounded annually? Assume that your payments increase

    asked by Macy
  52. calculus

    calculate the largest area possible that can be made by a 15 meter long wire that will be bent to form a closed plane area. No figure given

    asked by Jhun
  53. Calculus

    Find the limit of cosx/(1-sinx) as x->(pi/2) from + side

    asked by Patricia
  54. Economics

    What are welfare payment or consumers subsidies?

    asked by Gcinile
  55. Algebra

    Mike has two-thirds of the minutes that Payton has. Create a diagram illustrating the relationship. Payton has ___ times as many minutes as Mike.

    asked by Salem
  56. Biology, evolution

    how does biochemical molecules show evidence of evolution?

    asked by Crissy
  57. math

    If you get mixed nuts with cashews that cost $6.25 lb. and if you get mixed nuts with peanuts @ $2.30 lb. But if I just want 1/2 lb. of mixed nuts for $1.70 how much of each would be included? How many lbs. of cashews and how many lbs of peanuts.

    asked by Leslie
  58. Applied Mathematics ( Mechanices

    A mass of 50 kg is moved vertically upwards by a rope. find the tension in the rope when: (a) the mass moves with constant velocity of 3ms-1 (b) the mass accelerates up wards at 5ms-2 (c) the mass accelerates downwards at 5 ms-2 I couldn't manage this

    asked by Babita
  59. Algebra

    When 2 parents and 3 children visit a theme park the admission cost is $57. The cost is $33 for 1 parent and 2 children. Find the cost for 1 adult and the cost for 1 child?

    asked by Luis
  60. math

    If you get mixed nuts with cashews that cost $6.25 lb. and if you get mixed nuts with peanuts @ $2.30 lb. But if I just want 1/2 lb. of mixed nuts for $1.70 how much of each would be included?

    asked by Leslie
  61. trigonometry

    If sin theta =a/b and theta lies in first quadrant, find all t-ratios.

    asked by pankaj
  62. vacunero sto. domingo

    a 50 kg wagon is at rest on a rough surface.The coefficient of sliding friction is 0.85.How much force is needed to start moving the wagon.

    asked by maria
  63. Math

    Hi Steve, Sorry I did not explain my self better than I did. See this is the second time taking this Statistic course,and I have no idea how to do anythings. The question is: Hi Steve, It is a graph where there is a line on point is on -3 and the other

    asked by Mary Ann
  64. Math

    Mary is getting paid $383.00 every two weeks at her job. How much does she make hourly? How would I figure this out?

    asked by Bob
  65. math

    5t^2-7t=1 find exact solution

    asked by Peter
  66. math

    solve 4^(x+2)=2^x

    asked by Leslie