Questions Asked on
July 1, 2015

  1. Maths

    The adjacent sides of parallelogram are 26cm and 28cm and one of its diagonal is 30cm. Find the area of the parallelogram by using heron's formula

    asked by Meera
  2. calc

    Which of the following is the general solution of the differential equation dy dx equals the quotient of 8 times x and y?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chemistry

    How many grams of NaOH are needed to make 450mL of a 2.5%(m/v) NaOH solution?

    asked by Telimm
  4. Chem 105

    A gas has a volume of 36.0 L and a pressure of 750. torr when the temperature is 10. °C. What is the pressure if the volume changes to 15.0 L and the temperature changes to 78 °C, if the amount of gas stays the same?

    asked by Jessica
  5. Chemistry

    Predict the answer to each question according to trends in the periodic table. Justify each answer based on the locations of the elements on the periodic table and/or the shell model. a. Which has a greater atomic radius, Al or Cl? b. Which has a greater

    asked by Madison
  6. math

    Janice earns a 4 percent commission for the medical equipment that she sells. If she earned $1,823.94 in commission on the digital x-ray machine that she sold, what was the cost of the machine?

    asked by deez
  7. Maths

    The price of a pair of shoes is increased by 12% . If the present price of the pair of shoes is 896 rupees , then find its original price?

    asked by Zoya
  8. Chemistry

    What is the net ionic equation, including phases, for the reaction of AgNO3(aq) with K2SO3(aq)

    asked by Patty
  9. chemistry

    A sample of ammonium phosphate(NH4)3PO4 contains 3.18 moles of hydrogen atoms. The number of moles of oxygen atoms in the sample is (1)0.265 (2)0.795 (3)1.06 (4)4.00

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Chemistry

    Determine what this molecule should really be named. 2,2-ethylpent-3-ene I get the answer 2,2-diethylpent-3-ene. Why would the answer be: 4-ethyl-4-methylhex-2-ene

    asked by Sara
  11. physics

    Explain how it is possible for a motorcycle (mass = 250 kg) to have the same momentum as a locomotive engine (mass = 2,500 kg) i though momentum was directly proportional to mass so the more mass the more the momentum? how is it possible then?

    asked by K
  12. algebra

    Solve 10* 2^{4 x -5} = 41 so 2^{4x-5}=41/10 ln 2 * {4x-5}= ln 41/10 ln 4.1 +5/ ln 2 not sure what I'm doing wrong Thanks

    asked by kim
  13. Biology ( Ms.Sue help)

    Ms.Sue I am sorry for not understanding you but I read your post and I still don't understand what the answer is. All I was asking for was a yes or no answer to my question. Autosomes are _______ chromosomes. A. abnormal B. homologous C. haploid D. nonsex

    asked by Brooklyn
  14. leadership skills

    If the culture values __________, then leader development should focus opportunities on all employees. A. egalitarianiasm B. high power distance C. action-orientation D. high communication context I originally thought the answer was high power distance but

    asked by Sabx0
  15. Math

    A bag contains 3 red marbles, 4 blue marbles, and 5 white marbles. What is the probability of pulling out two red marbles in a row if none are replaced? A. 1/22 B. 1/16 C. 1/24 D. 1/5

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Basic electrical engineering

    The average velocity of the electrons in a conductor carrying a current of 65.5 amp is 0.0153 inches per sec.what is the cross-sectional area of the conductor.

    asked by Kenzo
  17. U.S. History

    What effect did the demobilization that followed World War I have on the American workforce? A) Members of labor unions were viewed as disloyal and were monitored by the FBI. B) Thousands of women and African-Americans lost their jobs as returning

    asked by Roger
  18. U.S. History

    Which statement BEST distinguishes the Viet Cong from the North Vietnamese Army? A) The North Vietnamese Army fought beside the allied forces, while the Viet Cong fought against the allied forces. B) The North Vietnamese Army represented the political

    asked by Roger
  19. Chemistry

    Analyze each table of ionization energy data (in kJ/mol) to identify each element. a. A Period 3 element (1 point) IE1: 496, IE2: 4562, IE3: 6910, IE4: 9453, IE5: 13354, IE6: 16613, IE7:20117 b. A Period 5 element (1 point) IE1: 403, IE2:2633, IE3: 3860,

    asked by Madison
  20. Math

    good evening, I was wondering if you could direct me in right direction to lean how to evaluate a line that is there with two numbers and I have to find out how to write it. Either by factions or whole numbers. Thank you for you time.

    asked by Mary Ann
  21. Algebra

    You and 3 of your friends went to a zoo with a coupon for $10 off the total price of your tickets. If you paid a total of $17 for 4 tickets, how much would you (individually) have paid without the coupon?

    asked by Samantha
  22. physics

    A ball (mass 12 kg) moving at 15 m/s in the +x-direction collides with a ball (mass 36 kg) moving at 5.0 m/s in the +y direction. After colliding, the 12-kg ball moves at 6.0 m/s at an angle of 30°above the +x direction. Afterward, what is the speed and

    asked by K
  23. mechanic

    a can of oil 8 inches high and 8 inches in diameter .what is the approximate volume of the can?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Science

    What is the difference between alcohol and phenol? Respond in detail.Thanks

    asked by Genius
  25. maroeconomics

    GDP=330 Government spending increases by 30 Investment increases by 10 Net Exports decreases by 15 MPC=.2 What is the new equilibrium GDP?

    asked by ann
  26. maths

    If Logx (1 / 8) = - 3 / 2, then x is equal to

    asked by keerthtika
  27. English grammar

    The gardener_______(water) the lawn if we tell him.

    asked by Richa
  28. math

    A quart of paint will cover 3/4 of a wall . how many quarts are required to cover four walls of the same size

    asked by vanessa
  29. math in distress

    If a textbook weighs 2 1/2 pounds and the notebook weighs 4 ounces. You bought 5 textbooks and and 5 notebooks what is the total weight in pounds? 2.5 pds 4 oz 12 1/2 *5 textbooks *5 + 20 oz ___ ____ __________ 12 1/2 20 oz I'm confused after that.

    asked by toya5
  30. Biology ( Ms.Sue help)

    Sorry to bother you but am I correct for the answer homologous?

    asked by Brooklyn
  31. English grammar

    The gardener_______(water) the lawn if we tell him.

    asked by Richa
  32. math in distress

    There are 5 kids, the median age is 9. Two of the kids are 5. The range of all the kids are 7. What is the age of the 2nd to the oldest? 1. 5 2. 5 3. 9 4. 5. 12 (7+5) =12 I have went around in circles with this. Please help!!!

    asked by toya5
  33. chemistry

    A sample of ammonium phosphate (NH4)3PO4 contains 3.18 moles of hydrogen atoms then the on. of moles of oxygen atoms in the sample is

    asked by Priti
  34. Math

    If 3x+2y=12 and xy=6,find 27x^3+8y^3

    asked by Meera
  35. Math

    if a=√5+1/√5-1 and b=√5-1/√5+1 , find a^2+ab+b^2/a^2-ab+b^2

    asked by Meera
  36. statics

    A box contain 3 red balls and 6 white balls. One ball was pulled and was seen its collar, and after that was pulled another ball.Find the probability that the first ball was white and the second was red ?

    asked by lanya
  37. Math

    If a^x=b^y=c^z and b^2=ac then prove that : 1/x+1/z=2/y

    asked by Meera
  38. English grammar

    Complete the following sentences, using going to wherever possible and will or shall in other cases : 1 The gardener_____(water) the lawn if we tell him. 2 He____(clean) his room this evening.

    asked by Richa
  39. Maths

    The age of two children are 11 and 8 years in how many years him will be the product of their age be 208

    asked by Silver
  40. math in distress

    A salesman drove 480 miles from Pittsburgh to Hartford. The next day he returned the same distance to Pittsburgh in half an hour less time than his original trip took, because he increased his average speed by 4 mph find his original speed. Okay... I did

    asked by toya5
  41. math in distress

    A total of 1,200 students attended Top View high school the ratio of teachers to students is 1:30. How many teachers are there in the school? I did it this way... x + 30x = 1200 31x/31 = 1200/31 1200/31 x= 38.70 = 39 __

    asked by toya5
  42. math in distress

    I am new to this site. Can someone tell how to respond to tutors. thanks Steve and Sue for answering expeditiously

    asked by toya5
  43. Microeconomics

    suppose Belgium produces only two goods, chocolate and lace. If Belgium has a comparative advantage in lace, a move toward free trade will a. benefit chocolate workers, harm lace workers in the short run, but benefit the nation as a whole. b. harm

    asked by Juan
  44. Geography

    How has Europes coast affected its culture and settlement patterns?

    asked by Chance
  45. Math

    Find the value of the following" 10!7! over 12!5! If your answer is not an integer, write it as an exact fraction. Thank you

    asked by Mary Ann
  46. M/J Language Arts

    Which set of sentences has the best anecdote that gives details and describes how Abe Lincoln experienced death and grief for the first time?

    asked by Dale Palmer
  47. From Theory to practice

    Children learning to take their heart rates are demonstrating A. movement relations. B. body concept. C. body awareness. D. fitness concept. Answer D

    asked by Amanda
  48. From theory and practice

    One component of a healthy diet is a high amount of A. monounsaturated fats. B. sodium. C. grains. D. polyunsaturated fats. Answer is C

    asked by Amanda
  49. Algebra 1

    Roman mixes 12 liters of 8% acid solution with a 20% acid solution, which results in a 16% acid solution. Find the number of liters of 20% acid solution in the new mixture. show your work

    asked by Sara
  50. From Theory to practice

    . A very young child takes his sock off. The caregiver puts it back on. This process is repeated over and over. The child is engaging in _______ play.A. constructive B. rule-based C. functional D. dramatic Answer D but I'm thinking about C

    asked by Amanda
  51. From Theory to practice

    A plant in the classroom appears to be wilting. The children are asked to come up with as many possible explanations for this as they can. They're engaged in the second stage of decision making, called A. railroading ideas. B. brainstorming. C. groupthink.

    asked by Amanda
  52. From Theory to practice

    A teacher requests that a child use a small stepladder to reach a book on a shelf. She is helping the child develop A. locomotor reflexes. B. spatial awareness. C. movement qualities. D. primitive reflexes. Answer is B

    asked by Amanda
  53. From Theory to practice

    A child who responds "no" to every request is demonstrating A. hereditary distemper. B. nascent narcissism. C. willful obstinacy. D. autonomy. answer is D

    asked by Amanda
  54. History

    As we approach the late 1400s (and the end of the course), we can see the beginnings of a fundamental change in the order of the Afro-Eurasian world. In the centuries prior to this age, E0urope was a relative backwater, while China and the Muslim World

    asked by Amy
  55. From Theory to practice

    A child who moved from throwing a ball using only an elbow movement to throwing a ball using her elbow, wrist, and shoulder is showing signs of _______ development. A. spatial B. intertask C. joint-plate D. intratask Answer is D

    asked by Amanda
  56. Calculus Derivative

    Find derivative: y= e^(x^x)

    asked by Anonymous
  57. From Theory to practice

    A child who hasn't learned the prerequisite fundamentals needed for a combination of motor patterns is suffering fromA. proficiency barrier.B. poor muscle control.C. anxiety.D. nonacquisition barrier. Answer is B

    asked by Amanda
  58. From Theory to practice

    A child bringing her mouth into contact with a nipple is an example of a(n) _______ reflex.A. primitive B. endometric C. locomotor D. rudimentary Answer is A

    asked by Amanda
  59. From Theory to practice

    Two children using finger paints agree to share them. They're engaged in _______ play. A. parallel B. associative group C. groupthink D. cooperative Answer is B

    asked by Amanda
  60. Math

    Solve the system of equations using linear combination. a+c=9 8a+4.5c=58

    asked by Sara
  61. From Theory to practice

    A child throws a ball with speed and accuracy when he throws a ball to his teacher but his throws are slower and less accurate when plays with a group of friends. This difference is explained by A. classical stage theory B. probility theory C. locomotion-x

    asked by Amanda
  62. Differential Equation

    Determine the particular solution: (y')^2=(1-y^2)/(1-x^2) ; y=1/2 x=1

    asked by Kenzo
  63. phscology

    Juanita is 45 years old. She has been married for 20 years and has three children. She has been employed as a retail store manager for many years. Recently, she notices that she is having a hard time reading product lists, receipts, and other documents at

    asked by Khala
  64. algebra

    Solve 14 - ln(2-x)=0. solve for x -ln(2-x)=-14 ln 1/(2-x)=-14 1=-14(2-x) 1=-28+14x 29=14x 29/14=x not sure where I'm going wrong

    asked by kim
  65. Chemistry

    Describe 3 experiments, run prior to 1930, and the types of energies/particles used to probe the structure of the atom. What did each experiment investigate? Include the names of the scientists associated with each experiment in your answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Chemistry/reading

    Although Rutherford's model was highly successful, scientists realized that it was incomplete. For example, hydrogen atoms contain one proton, and helium atoms contain 2, yet a hydrogen atom has only 1/4 the mass of a helium atom. I'm not comprehending

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Math

    An invoice for a camcorder that cost $1210 is dated August 2, with sales terms of 4/10 EOM. If the bill is paid on September 5, how much is due for the net amount due?

    asked by Pam
  68. Chemistry

    I know Chadwick found/discovered the neutron, but my textbook does not state what experiment he did to find it. Can someone briefly state what he did to find the atom?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Algebra

    Solve (log base{3} +(log_{3} x)) = -1. x =

    asked by mike
  70. Chemistry

    How many grams of NaCl are present in 1.5L of a 0.25M NaCl solution?

    asked by Telimm
  71. calculus

    p=-1/5x+200 Cost of a Commodity. The price p, in dollars, of a certain commodity and the quantity x sold. Obey the demand equation. p= -1/5x+200

    asked by Anonymous-2