Questions Asked on
June 30, 2015

  1. chemistry

    Nitrogen forms five compounds with oxygen in which1.0g of nitrogen combines with0.572,1.14,1.73,2.28,2.85 of oxygen respectively. verify law of multiple proportions.

    asked by gurlabh
  2. Anonymous

    Life Orientation.What are the 3 disadvantages of students that study at the institution of higher education through nsfas?

    asked by Mahlogonolo
  3. physics

    A water-balloon launcher with mass 5 kg fires a 1 kg balloon with a velocity of 8 m/s to the east. What is the recoil velocity of the launcher?

    asked by kari
  4. Tupper

    Katie made some chocolate truffles. Katie gave 1⁄4 of her truffles to Leanne. Then Katie gave 1⁄2 of the remaining truffles to Jeff. At that point, Katie had 18 truffles left. How many chocolate truffles did Katie have at first?

    asked by Nazima
  5. Anonymous

    Life orientation task..My question is-What are any four kinds of fraud that students who receive and repay nsfas shoul guard against?? I have one answer that-Students should not tell False information like saying they do not have a family,maybe live @

    asked by Mahlogonolo
  6. maths

    the sides f a triangular field are in the ratio of 5:3:4 and its perimeter 180m.find its area

    asked by devi
  7. Statistics

    The number of chocolate chips in a bag of chocolate chip cookies is approximately normally distributed with a mean of 1264 chips and a standard deviation of 116 chips. (a) Determine the 28th percentile for the number of chocolate chips in a bag. (b)

    asked by Amanda
  8. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume occupied by 5.25 g of nitrogen at 26*c [temperature] and 74.2 cm of pressure.?

    asked by Awadhesh kumar
  9. statistics

    26. The law of permutations, combinations, and filling slots are the counting rules used to (a) determine the total number of possible outcomes (b) determine all possible combinations of “n” objects from a total of N objects (c) determine the odds of

    asked by meri
  10. Botse botse high school

    Am a grade 10 learner n would like to know if i'll be able to become a social worker with the following subjects maths literacy , tourism , history and geography

    asked by Hellen
  11. St. Basil's school: Chemistry

    The pressure of a gas having volume 1800ml. Originally occupying 300ml. at 6 atms. Pressure.

    asked by Richa
  12. Statistics

    The number of chocolate chips in a bag of chocolate chip cookies is approximately normally distributed with a mean of 1264 chips and a standard deviation of 116 chips. (a) Determine the 28th percentile for the number of chocolate chips in a bag. (b)

    asked by Amanda
  13. Math

    Bob and Mary start traveling toward each other from 480 miles apart, each moving at the same speed. They meet after four hours. How fast were they each traveling? I had 20 and then 144 I have tried this problem and everything is wrong.

    asked by Kati
  14. mathematics :geometric progression

    The first three terms of a geometric progression are K-3,2K-4,4K-3 in that order find the value of K and the sum of the first 8 terms of the progression

    asked by Diana
  15. Art

    The ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean region were noted for their great battles and powerful rulers. Post two artworks from two different cultures and compare how the idea of power is reflected in your two examples, include the name of the works.

    asked by Amy
  16. BUS 303

    Which of the following is NOT true about the current demographic trends in the workforce

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Differential calculus

    The voltage across the plates of a capacitor at any time t seconds is given by V=Ve -t/CR, where V,C and r are constants. Given V = 300 Volts, C =0.12*10-6 F and R = 4*10 6 ohms Find the initial rate of change of voltage and the rate of change of voltage

    asked by lee
  18. Statistics

    3. A bookstore sells two types of books (fiction and nonfiction) in several formats (hardcover, paperback, digital, and audio). Consider an experiment that consists of observing the type and format of a single book purchase, two possible outcomes are a

    asked by meri
  19. statistics

    Jesse took two data points from the weight and feed cost data set and calculated a slope, or average rate of change. A rat weighs 3.5 pounds and costs $4.50 per week to feed, while a Beagle weighs 30 pounds and costs $9.20 per week to feed. Using weight as

    asked by Anonymous
  20. statistics

    5. Consider the probabilities in problem 4. The probability that a randomly selected single book purchase will not be for a work of fiction is (a) 0.80 (b) 0.25 (c) 0.20 (d) 0.30 (e) 0.75 6. Two dice are rolled. Suppose A is the event the sum of the

    asked by meri
  21. Statistics

    10. Five cards are drawn from a well shuffled pack of 52 playing cards. It can be shown that (disregarding the order in which the cards are dealt) there are 2,598,960 possible fivecard hands, of which only 1287 are hands consisting entirely of spades. What

    asked by meri
  22. statistics

    15. The probability that a recently offered stock by a technology company will double in value within the next three months is 90%. The conclusion regarding this probability estimate was reached based on the opinion of the experts in the technology field

    asked by meri
  23. math arithmetic sequence and series

    A theater has 30 seats in the first row, 33 seats in the second row, 36 seats in the third row, and so on in the same increasing pattern. If the theater has 15 rows of seats, how many seats are in the theater?

    asked by elizabeth
  24. math 0310

    Train A has a speed 20 miles per hour greater than that of train B. If train A travels 270 miles in the same times train B travels 230 miles, what are the speeds of the two trains?

    asked by evelyn
  25. statistics

    12. The probability that the Dow Jones stock index will close above 18000 at the end of the year is an example of (a) classical probability. (b) subjective probability. (c) independent probability. (d) priory probability. 13. The probability calculated

    asked by meri
  26. statistics

    20. A company must select 3 employees from a department that has a total of 5 employees to attend a workshop in quality management. The number of possible selections are (a) 15. (b) 60. (c) 10. (d) 20. 21. From a group of 5 men and 4 women, a committee is

    asked by meri
  27. statistics

    24. Suppose there are five traffic lights that you need to pass while driving from your work to school. The probabilities that you will stop for these red lights are: 0 red light with probability 0.05, 1 red light with probability 0.45, 2 red lights with

    asked by meri
  28. statistics

    34. Two students (say A, and B) are challenged to solve a problem in statistics. Suppose that the probability that A will solve the problem is 40%, the probability that B will solve the problem is 55%, and the probability that A or B will solve the problem

    asked by meri
  29. math

    Find the minimum number of cells connected in two rows in parallel required to pass a current of 6 A through an external resistance of 0.70 ohms. Take the emf of each cell as 2.1 volts and internal resistance of each cell as 0.5 ohm..

    asked by Cora
  30. statistics

    28. From a group consisting of 8 married couples, one man and one woman are to be selected. The probability that the man and woman selected are husband and wife if the selection is equally likely is (a) 5% (b) 50% (c) 12.5% (d) 8.5% 29. A survey at a big

    asked by meri
  31. Statistics

    1. Consider an experiment that consists of rolling a pair of dice. There are 36 possible outcomes for this experiment which are equally likely. What is the probability of getting a total of 3 or 5 for this experiment? (a) 1 /3 (b) 20/36 (c) 1/36 (d) 1/6

    asked by meri
  32. Utlwanang Barolong secondary school

    physical science it is found that 40 ml of a^-3 sodium hydroxide solution is needed to neutralise 20mol of the vinegar. calculate the pH of the sodium hydroxide solution

    asked by Didimalang
  33. Math

    Serena is an account executive. She receives a base pay of $18 an hour plus a 15% bonus for all the sales she generates. Last week she generated $1,200 worth of business. What is the minimum number of hours she could have worked to make $500?

    asked by Jean
  34. World Regional Geography History

    In Oceania, most towns began as

    asked by Malcolm
  35. Science

    At 0°c and 760mm hg pressure, a gas occupies a volume of 100cm cube. The Kelvin temperature of the gas is increased by one - fifth while the pressure is increased one and a half times. Calculate the final volume of the gas.

    asked by Richa
  36. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of moles of CuSO4 contained in 100 ml of 1mole CuSO4 solution. Also find the number of SO4 ~~ ions in it .?

    asked by Awadhesh kumar
  37. english grammar

    jimmy you must leave the room shut the door and be quiet. what is the correct punctuatuion

    asked by june
  38. Chemistry

    Draw a diagram to illustrate your explanation of how the charge of a single electron was determined. I'm suppose to draw a picture to show how they determined electrons were negative, but am unsure of what to draw for it. One of my ideas is to draw a

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Psychology

    When researchers find similarities in development between very different cultures, what implications might such findings have for the nature-nurture issue?

    asked by Jessica
  40. math

    a circular pool measures 10 ft across. 1 cubic yard of concrete is to be used to create a circular border of uniform width around the pool. if the border's depth is 2 inches, how wide would will it be?

    asked by sav
  41. Biology ( Ms.Sue help)

       Autosomes are _______ chromosomes.  A. abnormal B. homologous C. haploid D. nonsex My guesses would be either B or D.

    asked by Brooklyn
  42. Physics

    A Particle moving with uniform acceleration is found to travel 35m in the 8th second and 51m in the 9th second. its velocity in m/sec at the beginning of 11 seconds is a> 49 b> 45 c> 47 d> 51

    asked by ChuLbuLi
  43. statistics

    22. A company is planning to expand its operations. They are currently considering 9 different locations. Two of these are in Ohio. If the locations are selected at random from the 9 locations being considered, the probability of selecting the two sites in

    asked by meri
  44. Geography-~ Cultures

    For an assignment, I had to write a discussion so here is my discussion. My question is: How would YOU respond to my discussion in a good college paragraph. With cultural blending and exchange comes a lot of change in a culture. This was acceptable in some

    asked by Beth
  45. math

    Write out the first five term of the sequence determi whether the sequence converges and if so find its limit ( n^2)/(4n+1) n= 1 to n = ∞

    asked by fatma
  46. statistics

    17. All three‐digit numbers that can be formed using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 without repeating the digits are (a) 50. (b) 60. (c) 15. (d) 71. 18. One of the counting rules used to determine the total number of possible outcomes for experiments in

    asked by meri
  47. algebra

    if the perimeter of a rectangular closet is 40 ft and the width is 1 ft less than half of the length, what are the length and width ?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. statistics

    30. The probability that a person can get infected with a rare type of blood disorder is very small. Suppose that a blood test performed on 10,000 people showed that two persons tested positive that is, a 0.02% chance of getting this type of blood

    asked by meri
  49. statistics

    what is the equation to figure a slope of a line?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. science

    Fan can accelerate from the starting blocks to running 11 m/s down the track in 5 seconds. What is her acceleration?

    asked by cj
  51. statistics

    How do I find the probability of an event A occurring or an event B occurring but not both? How do find this equation with a Venn diagram?

    asked by cat

    'show that a 2.5m length of wire with cross section area 0f 1.0mm and resistance of 0.75ohms has a resistivity o f 3.0 ×10-7'

    asked by JOHN
  53. Algebra 1

    Find the range of f(x)=-x+4 for the domain {-3,-2,-1,1} A) {7, 6, 5, 3} B) {7, 6, 5, 4} C) {-7,-6,-5,3} D) {-7,-6,-5,4}

    asked by Matthew
  54. finance

    Your program is planning to award a contract in January 2015 to purchase 100 missiles at an estimated total cost of $100 million (constant FY 2012 dollars). Currently, for Base Year 2012 in the Missile Procurement Appropriation, the FY 2015 raw index is

    asked by Anonymous
  55. calculus

    Find the complex zeros of the polynomial function. F(x)=5x^4-16x^3-22x^2+200x-39

    asked by Anonymous-2
  56. Statistics

    How would you do this problem The following is a list of ten measurements: 35,36,-38,-18,73,9,0.-67,-64,-59 10 over Sum under that is i=1 then sum-33xi how do I find the answer

    asked by Mary Ann K
  57. Chemistry

    How does a cathode ray tube work? What I want to write: Energy is given to the cathode , thus allowing an energy beam to be crated between the positive charge on one end of the tube, and the negative charge on the other end. Can I add anymore? Also, would

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Science

    Can we have ph=0? Will this be considered acidic. My book says ph 1 to 7 is acidic. I wanted to make sure if ph can equal to 0 or no?

    asked by Lil
  59. Math

    Margo and Carrie are trying to go to Idaho for Dawn's wedding. The probability of finding a flight for less than $400 is 1/7. The probability of Carrie making enough money babysitting to pay for her flight is 3/5. The probability of the girls being able to

    asked by Anonymous
  60. American History

    In Jefferson's view, George Washington's action in addressing the Whiskey Rebellion

    asked by Naomi
  61. math

    Write out the first five term of the sequence determi whether the sequence converges and if so find its limit (n/(n+3) n=1 to n = ∞

    asked by fatma
  62. statistics

    Let, the Sample space, S={1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 8} A={1,3,5,7} B={1,3,4,6,7,8} C={1,7,8} 31. The intersection of A and B is: (a) A B  {1,3,7} (b) A B  {1,3,7,8} (c) A B  {1,3} (d) A B  {1,3,6,7} 32. The value of A(B C) is (a) A (B

    asked by meri
  63. Maths

    Evaluate the following by factorization 59*59-41*41

    asked by wajiha
  64. math

    natilie buy a sweeter that cost 49 dollars and have a discount of 6.25%. what is the total cost of the sweeter to the nearest cent? it is correct? my answer is 42.5

    asked by siulaniperez
  65. Physics 12-grade

    Find out if the force is conservative or non-conservative if the work done is W = x^2.y - x.z^3 - z.

    asked by jzee11
  66. Parents, Finances, and School-Age Children

    What fundamental motor patterns do girls tend to attain more quickly than boys do? a. throwing and kicking b. hopping and skipping c. striking moving objects d. running and jumping  My answer B

    asked by Amanda
  67. math

    if 70% teenagers take a test-those who studied 95%pass-those who did not study 60% pass-what is the probability that a randomly selected teenage will pass

    asked by Cleopatra

    State the fundamental theorem of Arithmetic.

    asked by Robin
  69. experiment physics

    experiment vector and addition. is it necessary to label the first load ? explain

    asked by wowoo
  70. math

    ∑ (-1)^((n-1)) . 7/9^(n-1) n=1 to ∞

    asked by fatma
  71. statistics

    8. A survey was conducted to learn about the shopping preference of consumers during the holiday season. Out of 2000 respondents 22% said they would prefer to shop online because of the free shipping offered; 45% said that they would like to shop in malls

    asked by meri
  72. math

    if a blouse cost 98.00 dollar and have a 35% discount what is the sale price? its that correct? my answer 63.7

    asked by siulaniperez
  73. math

    Jorge rolls two 6 sided number cubes label 1 to 6. what is the probability of Jorge rolling a 1 and a 2? my answer 36

    asked by sandra
  74. experiment physics

    how would the result change if the angle of the third load in second experiment increased ? state the differences

    asked by wowoo
  75. math

    Write out the first five term of the sequence determi whether the sequence converges and if so find its limit (n/(n+3) n=1 to n = ∞

    asked by fatma
  76. math

    Sum[(-1)^(n - 1) (7/9^(n - 1)), {n, 1, Infinity}]

    asked by fatma
  77. Math

    57865- +23129=48675

    asked by Anonymous
  78. math

    ∑ (-3/4)^(n-1) n=1 to n=∞

    asked by fatma