Questions Asked on
June 25, 2015

  1. Economic

    1. What are welfare payment or consumer subsidies? 2.what is the south africa government provinding and to whom? 3. What are the cost and consequences of provinding the subsidies and welfare? 4.are there any welfare or subsidy payment that should be

    asked by Thandeka
  2. Algebra

    A golf ball is struck by a​ 60-degree golf club at an initial velocity of 84 feet per second. The height of the golf ball in feet is given by the quadratic function h(x)= 16 x^2/(42)^2+72.7/42x where x is the horizontal distance of the golf ball from the

    asked by Janice
  3. Math (arithmetic)

    The total seating capacity of an auditorium is 1,065. The first row has 21 seats arithmetic series and each row has one seat more than the row in front of it. How many rows of seats are there in the auditorium?

    asked by Roxane
  4. science

    Octane (C8H18) is a liquid that combusts with oxygen gas (O2) to form water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Write a balanced chemical equation for this reaction and explain the scientific principle (statement) that requires the balancing of an equation to

    asked by Bookworm
  5. Algebra

    The price p and the quantity x sold of a small​ flat-screen television set obeys the demand equation below. ​a) How much should be charged for the television set if there are 80 television sets in​ stock? ​b) What quantity x will maximize​

    asked by Janice
  6. Biology ( Ms.Sue help)

     A parent with type AB blood could not produce a child with type  A. AB. B. A. C. B. D. O. I am stuck!

    asked by Brooklyn
  7. Probability

    The numbers 1 to 15 are placed in a hat, and a number is selected. What is the probability that the number is 4 given it is known to be an even number?

    asked by Roger
  8. Agosec Ghana

    a machine was used to lift a load of 30N through a distance of 2metres. the effort applied was 10N through a distance of 8metres. calculate the. A) mechanical advantage B) work input of the machine C) work output of the machine D) the efficiency of the

    asked by Phidelis
  9. Help!!! Main ideas reading skills

    In American society, romantic love is considered the main reason for people to marry. On the other hand, in some societies, romantic love is considered a form of obsession or madness. In fact, even in many societies where "true love" is not considered a

    asked by Renee
  10. chem

    A 0.158 g sample of magnesium metal reacts completely with 100.0 mL of 1.0 M hydrochloric acid in a coffee cup calorimeter. The temperature of the solution rose from 25.6°C to 32.8°C. What is ∆Hrxn? Assume the specific heat of the solution is 4.184

    asked by peter
  11. Math

    My hundreds digit means nothing. Six more than my hundreds digit is my thousand’s and ones less than my thousands’ is my ten thousands. My tens digit is four more than my hundreds and my ones digit is five more than my tens digit. Question: What number

    asked by John
  12. Science physics

    a machine was used to lift a load of 30N through a distance of 2metres. the effort applied was 10N through a distance of 8metres. calculate the mechanical advantage

    asked by Arnold
  13. Physics

    What is the relative humidity on a 25.0 °C day when the air contains 14 g/m3 of water vapor?

    asked by Donnie
  14. Physics

    A box is sliding down an incline tilted at an angle of 2.14° above horizontal. The box is sliding down the incline at a speed of 5.15 m/s. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the incline is 0.387. How far does the box slide down the

    asked by Jen
  15. physical

    A ball is dropped from the roof a building which is 256m high.The height h of the ball at any instant t is described by h(t)= -16tsqure+256 Find 1)Instantaneous velocity of ball at t= 3sec 2)The time taken by ball to reach the ground level

    asked by Qandeel
  16. Algebra

    Eight U.S. coins are worth a total of 38 cents. How many of the coins are dimes?

    asked by XXX
  17. Algebra

    Find the largest three-digit number that can be written in the form 3^m + 2^n, where m and n are positive integers.

    asked by XXX
  18. Atakpa science college zaki-biam

    Two identical charges repel each other with a force 0.1mN and are moved additional 5.0cm a part the repulsive force is reduced to 25 x 10^-6N, (a) How far were they originally (b) what is the size of the charges

    asked by Terzungwe nicholas
  19. physics

    Ican Flye performs the infamous "Triple Lindy" dive from a point 15 m above water. a. If he starts his dive with no vertical velocity, how long will it take him to hit the water? b. How fast will he be traveling vertically when he hits the water? c. If he

    asked by Anonymous
  20. physics

    A 200 g model rocket is observed to rise 100 m above the ground after launch. What must have been the launch speed of the rocket at the ground?

    asked by idnchfywek
  21. algebra

    A train leaves a station and travels north at a speed if 50 mph. Five hours later, a second train leaves on a parallel track and travels north at 175 mph. How far from the station will they meet?

    asked by yolanda
  22. math gr. 10

    A concrete border is to be built around a triangular flower garden that has sides of 10 m, 7 m and 8 m. The border is to be 1 m wide on all sides of the garden. Before the concrete can be poured, wooden forms needs to be placed on the inside and outside

    asked by bhupinder
  23. physics

    I have no idea. Please help. Thank you. The drawing shows a sulfur dioxide molecule. It consists of two oxygen atoms and a sulfur atom. A sulfur atom is twice as massive as an oxygen atom. Using this information and the data provided in the drawing, find

    asked by Lola
  24. technology

    The idea that social and economic inequalities must be to the greatest benefit of the least-advantaged members of society is called: capitalism. communism. socialism. the difference principle. socialism?

    asked by Reina
  25. Algebra

    The Mathletes won 2 of their first 10 meets. They went on to win all their remaining meets and finished the year with an equal number of wins and losses. What is the total number of meets in which the Mathletes competed?

    asked by XXX
  26. History

    Which country did America support during the Spanish American war? A) Cuba B) Spain C) Mexico D) South America Is it C?

    asked by Rafa
  27. Algebra

    A car gets 30 miles per gallon of gas and is driven 1000 miles per month. Gas costs $4 per gallon. How much will the car's owner save on gas expenses in one year by buying a new car that goes 50 miles for each gallon of gas?

    asked by XXX
  28. English

    She ate a piece of bread at the table. ===================== What does 'a piece of bread' mean? 1. a small piece of bread 2. a big piece of bread 3. whole bread such as a sandwich

    asked by rfvv
  29. Shiv jyoti public school..jalandhar..punjab

    If wire has resiatence 0.45 ohm. What will be the length of another wire if length is increased by4 times and area decreased by 3 times?

    asked by Adoti
  30. Criminal Justice

    Disclosure of PSI information enables the defendant to contest information that he or she considers unfair and to be protected from the effects of unfounded information, but disclosure may cause all of the following EXCEPT: A. family members may fear

    asked by Amy
  31. Macroeconomics

    Each of the following is an indirect tax EXCEPT the __________ tax. gasoline telephone corporate income excise my answer is Telephone. :)

    asked by Anwar
  32. Probability

    If three people are randomly selected, find the probability that they will all have birthdays on the same day of the year.

    asked by Roger
  33. Physics

    Galileo’s law of falling bodies states that the rate of fall caused by gravity is the same for all objects, regardless of weight. This means that all objects have a free-falling acceleration of 9.8m/s2. However, a significant contradiction of this theory

    asked by Aurora
  34. math

    i am thinking of a number twice the number plus 18 results in 20 what is the number

    asked by zelene
  35. criminal justice

    The defendant's rap sheet: A. cannot contain any abbreviations. B. is the arrest record of the defendant. C. always includes the disposition of any arrests. D. typically describes each offense and whether it is a felony or misdemeanor. im confused between

    asked by Amy
  36. intro to psychology

    Although the majority of draw information from different schools of thought, most agree that it’s important to

    asked by elly
  37. Math

    For the given equation r=1/(3-4sintheta) a. Graph the equation in polar form. b. Reduce the equation to simplest rectangular form. c. Determine the Center and the type of graph of the resulting equation.

    asked by Justine
  38. Math: Compounded Interest

    A principal of $200 is invested at 5% interest rate annually. Determine the future value in 3 months' time if compounded: (a) Semi-annually (b) Quarterly

    asked by Aurora
  39. health

    How often should children and teenagers be physically active?

    asked by danni
  40. criminal Jusitce

    All of the following are true about the extensive use of plea bargaining EXCEPT: A. plea bargaining increases the need for a PSI. B. plea bargaining decreases the need for a PSI. C. plea bargaining has resulted in the use of pre-plea reports. D. plea

    asked by Amy
  41. English Language & Composition

    In this essay there are 6 sources. I would type it out but I doubt that someone will read all the sources to help me out. If you want, I could type every source out. Can someone help me explain what this is asking and how I could make a thesis statement

    asked by Beth
  42. Macroeconomics

    How does a decrease in supply affect equilibrium price and quantity? a. A decrease in supply leads to a lower equilibrium price and a lower equilibrium quantity. b.A decrease in supply leads to a lower equilibrium price and a higher equilibrium quantity.

    asked by Anwar
  43. Biology

      How does mitosis in plant cells differ from that in animal cells?      A. Plant cells lack centrosomes.">A. Plant cells lack centrosomes.B. Plant cells lack spindle fibers.">B. Plant cells lack spindle fibers.C. Animal cells lack a cell

    asked by Brooklyn
  44. Algebra

    Tom took five math tests and got an integer score on each of them. He never scored higher than 90, and his lowest score was the fourth test. If his average score, rounded to the nearest integer, was 82, what is the lowest possible score he could have

    asked by XXX
  45. psychology

    Although the majority of draw information from different schools of thought, most agree that it’s important to: A. gather empirical evidence, rather than rely on their hunches. B. obtain certification in all branches of psychology before selecting one to

    asked by elly
  46. intro to psychology

    People in the grocery store are asked to do a taste test of a new soft drink. Two paper cups are given to each volunteer. Fifty percent of the participants are given two different soft drinks. The other half receive the same product but are told that the

    asked by elly
  47. intro to psychology

    The weather person on the evening news reports that the average monthly rainfall for the last six months is 10 inches. A farmer is trying to determine how the rain might affect his crops. This report will be meaningless to the farmer unless he also knows

    asked by elly
  48. Cowdray park

    A donkey pulls a cart with aforce of 1500n for 1km howmuch work does the donkey do

    asked by Tinashe
  49. math

    60 20 23 26 79 please what will be the follow up am waiting for anwser

    asked by kendy
  50. math

    18 mm long in kilometers

    asked by ricky
  51. maths

    find series solution of the differential equation y"+3x^2y'-xy=0

    asked by Anonymous
  52. physics

    a screen is placed at a distance of 1.5 m from a narrow slit. the slit is illuminated by light of wavelength 6000 angstrom if the first minimum on either side of the central maximum is at a distance of 5 mm from , find the width of the slit

    asked by Snehal Semwal
  53. Math - Statistics

    The proportion of red M&M's made is 0.24. Suppose one took a random sample of 51 M&M's. (a) What is the probability that an SRS of 51 M&M's has as its proportion of red M&M's 0.23 or below? (b) Find the 80th percentile for sample proportions of red M&M's

    asked by Samantha
  54. ogwini


    asked by smangele
  55. Math

    My overall average right now is a 77%. A test exam of 67 has to be added in. That exam itself is only 10% added to final. Can someone help and tell me what my final will average out after 10% of the 67 will be? Thank you

    asked by Nursing student
  56. Math

    A body is initially at rest at an origin O it subsequently move in a straight line from O with acceleration at an instance given by g(1+v) where v is the velocity of the particle at that instant and g is constant,if S is a displacement of the particle from

    asked by Harday
  57. economics

    a key reason that our gasoline prices elevated rapidly from 2006 to 2008 was: A) tight global supplies and high prices B) war in the middle east C) greed by oil exporting countries D) inflation. d inflation?

    asked by Anwar
  58. math

    find a ratio equal than the ratio given 12:7

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Advanced Algebra

    If the number m, 4m-8, m^2-6 are the first three terms of an arithmetic sequnce, what is m? I don't know what equation to start with. I tried getting the m from 4m-8 which is equal to 2 but the answer is different on m^2-6. Most likely my method is wrong.

    asked by Dannie
  60. physsics

    If the vehicle travelled at a speed of 88.6 km/h is now at rest, find the change in momentum for both the 68.4 kg adult driver and the 34.2 kg child passenger.

    asked by Shawn
  61. DTM

    $0.50 per km over 100km per day, expected to travel 500 km in total?

    asked by anonymouse
  62. Algebra

    The Smith family has 13 children, all born exactly 2 years apart. How old will the second-youngest child be when the oldest child is five times the age of the youngest child?

    asked by XXX
  63. psychology

    In recent decades, the public’s appetite for psychological information has led to the rise of pseudoscience, which: A. promises easy fixes to life’s problems and challenges. B. is a recently recognized branch of modern psychological study. C. focuses

    asked by elly
  64. intro to psychology

    Critical thinking involves being able to: A. wonder, ask questions, define the question in clear terms, and accept the obvious. B. examine the evidence, analyze assumptions, and avoid emotional reasoning. C. examine the evidence, be curious and ask

    asked by elly
  65. intro to psychology

    Functionalism is a school of psychology that examines: A. the causes and consequences of behavior. B. what happens when someone behaves the way they do. C. who in the person’s family behaves in a similar way. D. the parts of the brain that make people

    asked by elly
  66. Physics

    Would a feather have more air resistance than a lump of lead?

    asked by Emily
  67. Science

    why is it when we cook something sour like plums, it will tend to become sweeter & lose its sourness.

    asked by Mohammad
  68. mathematics

    What is the product of 324 and 46?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. math 2

    a bag contains 8 blue marbles 6 red marbles and 4 green marbles .What is the probability of selecting a blue marble, replacing it in the bag and then selecting a red marble ?

    asked by denise
  70. Math

    The parametric equation {x=t^2+4t+8 ; y=t+4 a. Reduce the equation to simplest rectangular form b. Determine the Center and the type of graph of the resulting equation. c. Graph the equation in rectangular form

    asked by Allyssa
  71. Chemistry

    How would I find the pH of these? I found it for d and e, but I don't know how to do the rest a) 0.25M carbonic acid b) 0.075M CN- c) 0.15M F- d) 0.015M HCl (I got 1.8) e) 0.015 M NaOH (I got 12) f) 0.050 M acetic acid

    asked by Sara