Questions Asked on
June 22, 2015

  1. history

    the reign of terror was a necessary evil discuss

    asked by tanya
  2. Algebra

    The CarryItAll​ mini-van, a popular vehicle among soccer​ moms, obeys the demand equation ppequals=negative StartFraction 1 Over 40 EndFraction x plus 19 comma 000−140x+19,000. The cost of producing xx vans is given by the function Upper C left

    asked by Janice
  3. CHEM

    4. The decomposition of phosphine, a very toxic gas, forms phosphorus and hydrogen in the following reaction: 4PH3 (g) P4 (g) + 6H2 (g) (a) Express the rate of reaction with respect to each of the reactants and prducts (b) If the instanteneous rate of the

    asked by N.Z
  4. statics

    Walleye is a common game fish. Adult walleye have a length with a mean of 44 cm and a standard deviation of 4 cm and the distribution of lengths is approximately Normal. What fraction of walleye are longer than 52 cm in length?

    asked by angel
  5. math

    A, B, C, and D are points on a line, and the lengths of the line segments are: AB = 12, BC = 4, CD = 7, and DA = 15. Which of the following is a possible order for the points? A.A,B,C,D B. A,C,D,B C. A,D,C,B D. A,C,B,D•Math - Steve, Tuesday, July 22,

    asked by mmv
  6. algebra

    A rancher has 4 comma 7004,700 feet of fencing available to enclose a rectangular area bordering a river. He wants to separate his cows and horses by dividing the enclosure into two equal areas. If no fencing is required along the​ river, find the length

    asked by Janice
  7. science

    A sample consisting of 1.00 mol Ar is expanded isothermally at 0°C from 22.4 dm3 to 44.8 dm3 (a) reversibly, (b) against a constant external pressure equal to the final pressure of the gas, and (c) freely (against zero external pressure). For the three

    asked by Tris
  8. algebra

    In mc021-2.jpg, LM = 11 and mc021-3.jpg. Find KL. Leave your answer in simplest radical form

    asked by Anonymous
  9. science

    what is the percent by volume of ethanol (C2H6O, or ethyl alcohol) in the final solution when 85 mL of ethanol is diluted to a volume of water? Show your calcutayions

    asked by jeomen
  10. algebra

    Country A has a growth rate of 3.7% per year. The population is currently 5,422,000 and the land area of Country A is 29,000,000,000 square yards. Assuming this growth rate continues and is exponential, after how long will there be one person for every

    asked by Anonymous
  11. geography.math lit,l.o,life science,english,sepedi and history

    well among all those subject i'm good at sepedi, maths,history,english an geography,so is it possible to become a lawyer wth these subject?

    asked by shakes
  12. math

    what is the surface area of a cylinder to the nearest whole number if the radius is 7 in and the height is 8 inch? Use 3.14 for pi. my answer is 659.4 and rounding is 659.

    asked by siulani perez
  13. Physics

    A bottle with a volume of 196 U. S. fluid gallons is filled at the rate of 1.08 g/min. In years, how long does the filling take? (The density of water is 1 g/cm3 and 1 U.S. fluid gallon = 231 in3.) 196(231)/(1.08) The answer given was 1.31 years, not sure

    asked by Ralph
  14. Geometry

    The area of triangle ABC is _____. A. 60 u2004-05-02-04-00_files/i0060001.jpg B. 65 u2004-05-02-04-00_files/i0060002.jpg C. 130 u2004-05-02-04-00_files/i0060003.jpg D. 150 u2004-05-02-04-00_files/i0060004.jpg

    asked by Tristan
  15. Economics

    Popcorn and coke are complements because the are often enjoyed together. When the price of coke rises, what happens to the supply, demand, quantity supplied, quantity demanded, and the price in the market for popcorn?

    asked by Lili
  16. algebra

    Farmer Ed has 9 comma 0009,000 meters of​ fencing, and wants to enclose a rectangular plot that borders on a river. If Farmer Ed does not fence the side along the​ river, what is the largest area that can be​ enclosed?

    asked by Janice
  17. Chem 30

    The solubility of KCL is water is 30g/100g of water at 20 degrees centigrade. A heated solution containing 60g of KCl in 140g of water is cooled to 20 degrees C. How many grams should precipitate out of solution?

    asked by Jim
  18. physics

    What amount of heat is required to raise the temperature of 20 grams of water from 10°C to 30°C? The specific heat of water is 4.18 J/g°C. 1200 joules 1500 joules 1700 joules 1900 joules 2000 joules

    asked by sc
  19. History

    Which is an argument against free trade? It increases the prices for many products. It violates basic economic principles. It encourages outsourcing. It leads to international conflict.

    asked by Sara
  20. algebra

    Chenlee is as old as Kenneth was four years ago. In two years, chenlee’s age will be eleven more than half of kenneth’s age. How old is chenlee now?

    asked by me
  21. Math velocity

    A ball is thrown straight up from the edge of the roof of a 60.0 m tall building. If a second ball is dropped from the roof 2.0 s later what must the initial velocity of the first ball be if both are to reach the ground at the same time?

    asked by Tom
  22. Math

    A car traveled at a constant speed for 4 hours and covered 144.6 miles. It used 12 gallons of gas to travel this distance. How far did the car go in 1 hour? How far did the car travel on 1 gallon of gas?

    asked by Aiden
  23. algebra

    A club currently has 300300 members who pay $ 400$400 per month for membership dues. The​ club's board members want to increase monthly revenue by lowering the monthly dues in hopes of attracting new members. A market research study has shown that for

    asked by Janice
  24. Math

    What qualities do your friends have? Write an acronym of the word "Friendship" showing the qualities you are looking for a friend.

    asked by Maritess
  25. Biology

      Which one of the following reactions occurs in the cristae of the mitochondria?   A. The prep reaction  B. Glycolysis  C. The electron transport chain  D. The citric acid cycle  B? 

    asked by Brooklyn
  26. Geometry

    A carpenter checks to see if a board is warped by laying a straightedge across the board in several directions. State the postulate that is related to this procedure.

    asked by Julia
  27. math

    I am five digit number greater than 40,000 but less than 70,000.My ones digit is more than my ten thousands digit.All my other digit are the same.The sum of my gigit is 19.What number am i?

    asked by angel
  28. algebra

    Jim wants to build a rectangular parking lot along a busy street but only has 1 comma 9001,900 feet of fencing available. If no fencing is required along the​ street, find the maximum area of the parking lot.

    asked by Janice
  29. ICP

    What is the value of work done on an object when a 10-newton force moves it 30 meters and the angle between the force and the displacement is 25°?

    asked by Cheri
  30. Biology

    Why do introduced species often disrupt an ecosystem?

    asked by Sara
  31. English

    1. My favorite book is Tempest. It was written by William Shakespeare. I like it because it was about the happenings on a magic island. 2. My favorite book is Tempest. It was written by William Shakespeare. I like it because it was about betrayal, magic

    asked by rfvv
  32. balayan national highschool

    The hundred thousands digits of a six-digit even number is 3 more than the thousand digit, which is twice the ones digit. Give at least four numbers that satisfy the given condition.

    asked by mercy laureano
  33. Math

    At an electronics store, the number of 37-inch HGTVs that is expected to be sold in a month is double that of 58-inch HGTVs and 50-inch HGTVs combined. Sales of 58-inch and 50-inch HGTVs are expected to be equal. 58-inch HD-TVs sell for $4800 50-inch

    asked by Phil
  34. Calculus

    Demand Equation. The price(in dollars),and the quantity x sold of a certain product, obey the demand equation. I can't figure out what price the company should charge to maximize revenue p=-1/10x+150 R=p*x R=((-1/10)*x+150)*x R=(-1/10)*x^2+150x

    asked by Anonymous-1
  35. chememistry

    the water molecule is composed of 2 atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen what is the mass of one mole water?

    asked by nikita bhukar
  36. Science

    4g of an organic compound gave 2.34g of carbon 0.16g of hydrogen 0.46g of nitrogen 1.04g of oxygen.what is the empirical formula

    asked by Samuel
  37. Algebra

    A ball is thrown from the top of a building. It's height (y) in feet at any given time (x) in seconds is y=-16x^2+240. What is the maximum height of the ball?

    asked by Brooke
  38. Life orientation

    "THE MEDIA DO NOT TELL US WHAT TO THINK .THEY TELL US WHAT TO THINK ABOUT".analyse the above statement .illustrate your answer by referring to any THREE media forms over the same two week period.

    asked by Aphiwe
  39. Organic Chemistry

    1. Which of the following bonds is the strongest? a. F-F b. F-Cl c. F-Br d. F-I I think it's A because of the same atomic radius. Is that correct? Am I on the right track?

    asked by Michelle
  40. math

    Jane spends 1/3 of her money on snacks and 2/5 on a book. She remained with $60.00. how much money had Jane.?

    asked by Sirryah
  41. physics

    what acceleration is imported to a football when the player kicked it with a force of 25 N mass of football 0.40kg

    asked by Anonymous
  42. programming ( qbasic)

    I am stuck in this question. I don't know how to proceed The question ? If A=1 , B=2 ,C=3 , D=4, E=5 ........................................... then print the sum of the user entered word .. ( if the user enters ABC, then the output must come :" 6 " ..

    asked by Clive
  43. Algebra

    The number of 37-inch HDTV's that is expected to be sold in a month is double that of 58-inch HDTV's and 50-inch HDTV's combined.sales of 58-inch HDTV's are expected to be equal. 58-inch HD-TV's sell for $4,800, 50-inch HD-TVs sell for $2000, and 37-inch

    asked by Phil
  44. Math

    The number of 37-inch HDTV's that is expected to be sold in a month is double that of 58-inch HDTV's and 50-inch HDTV's combined.sales of 58-inch HDTV's are expected to be equal. 58-inch HD-TV's sell for $4,800, 50-inch HD-TVs sell for $2000, and 37-inch

    asked by Stuck on this one
  45. math

    what is the volume of a rectangular prism which the bottom side is 23 inch and one of the side is 4 and the other side 7. my answer is 644. A more or less example 23 x 7 x 4= 644 4__________________ 7__________________ 23

    asked by siulani perez
  46. math

    Find the Unknown length? ______________ 4 ft ______________x 15 ft my answer is 180 ft and the unknown side is 4 ft.

    asked by siulani perez
  47. History

    Which is not an argument for free trade? It results in less expensive goods for many people. It allows countries to focus on what they do best. It eliminates unemployment in developed nations. It encourages international cooperation. I think its either B

    asked by Sara
  48. chemistry

    NUMBER of electorn in 18ml water (solidity is 1gm/ml)

    asked by nikita bhukar
  49. English 100

    Make your corrections in the space provided beneath each sentence. Most students do not like english class. They think its a waste of there time and energy. Ain’t nobody likes to right papers and take tests anyway? Me and you dont. My friend Johnny now

    asked by Tam
  50. Math

    What is true about a cylinder: A. The base is equal to 360° B. There are three parallel planes C. The surfaces are on the shape on a polygon D.There is more than one vertex

    asked by Anonymous
  51. english

    Asepsis, 766-793 Medical, 766-781 Cleaning in, 767 Client education in, 780 Control of infection transmission and, 768-769 Disinfection and sterilization in, 767-768 Hand hygiene in, 769-770 Isolation precautions and, 774-776 Personal protective equipment

    asked by jess
  52. math

    my favorite is two digit number. its tens is 2 more than its ones. if the tens digit is 5, what is my favorite number?

    asked by wesly
  53. math

    Solve for x:2^x=x^2

    asked by james007
  54. math

    i am a 5 digit number greater than 60,000 but less than 70,000 my ones digit 1 less than my 10,000 digit all my other digits are the same the sum of my digit are 23. What is my number?

    asked by carl
  55. algebra

    Deb is slicing up a cake for three people. The cake is 45cm long and the second piece is 10cm longer than the first, and the third piece is 5 cm less than double the first . How big is each slice?

    asked by Phil
  56. Algebra

    Oil that costs $22.50/barrel is mixed with oil that costs$35.00/barrel. How many barrels of each oil should be included in 1250 barrels of mixture that sells for $27.50/barrel?

    asked by Phil
  57. Algebra

    The Jones family bought a new pet rabbit. They want to build an enclosure outside . They have 30ft of lumber. Find the length and width of the enclosure if the length is to be 4ft longer than twice the width.

    asked by Phil
  58. math

    What is the area of a semi circle to the nearest whole number? Use 3.14 or 22/7 of pi. The semicircle is 32 m. my answer is 402.12 and rounding 402

    asked by siulani perez
  59. math

    what is the volume of a cylinder that has 10 inch length and 4 inches radius to the nearest whole number? Use 3.14 for pi. My answer is 502.65 rounding is 503.

    asked by siulani perez
  60. English first paper

    Why are words written in italic even though they are formal English?

    asked by getty
  61. math

    For this assignment, you will be finding the surface area and the volume of three different spherical objects. You will need to find three objects and measure the distance around the center using a ruler or tape measure. Show all work! I am using a lemon

    asked by crissy
  62. Ratios and propotions

    If 30percent of the students in your class like basketball, how many students are in your class if 6 students like basketball?

    asked by Shayaan Haider
  63. chemistry

    find the valuv of element X wich atomic wait is 6.664.10-23 and it's 40kg atoms number

    asked by nikita bhukar
  64. biology

    the names of bons and cartilages in humen body

    asked by nikita bhukar
  65. bio

    what happens when the alveoli are destroyed? It is decrease in oxygen?

    asked by jess
  66. math

    How can we measure a dollar bill? Is it in Inches, centimetres, and any measurements??

    asked by jess
  67. life orientation


    asked by Luca
  68. mathematics


    asked by Anonymous
  69. Science

    What fundamental force is the reason behind the following and why: 1. Ice ring formation around Saturn 2. Aging and sagging of the skin 3. Lightning 4. Navigation using a compass 5. A neutron transforming into a proton 6. The variety of elements as seen in

    asked by Millie
  70. math

    Solve for x:2^x=x^2

    asked by james
  71. math

    how to find the number of a subset in a set?

    asked by regine
  72. english synthesis

    Betty is a pretty girl. Fatimah is a pretty girl. Both_______________________________________________.

    asked by jenny
  73. MATH

    Henry had x oranges. he gave 12 to his sister and 6 fewer to his friend. He remained with twice as many as he gave away. How many oranges had he at first

    asked by Sirryah
  74. Algebra

    A student has 70%, 80%,79%,and 69% on the first 5 tests . There is one test left and he wants to get at least an 80% in the course. is it possible ? Explain.

    asked by Phil