Questions Asked on
June 17, 2015

  1. Economics

    Which statement best describes the role of government in a mixed economy? 1) it controls all decisions about business activities, including profit levels. 2) it forms companies and then allows individual managers to run them. 3) it follows a strict policy

    asked by Dori
  2. math help please

    Sue Stitch buys a sewing machine. The price, including tax, is $575.00. She finances the sewing machine over 24 months after making a $25 down payment. The true annual interest rate is 15%. What are Sue's monthly payments (principal plus interest)? To the

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Intro to computers

    you are trying to network two laptops together using a Ethernet cable but it isn't working. Which of the following selections might explain why it isn't working? A) using outdated CAT 3 cable B) using straight-through cable C) using a crossover cable D)

    asked by carol
  4. physics

    A 115-N sign is supported by two ropes. One rope pulls up and to the right 26.5° above the horizontal with a tension T1, and the other rope pulls up and to the left 48.5° above the horizontal with a tension T2, as shown in the figure. Find the tensions

    asked by chris browning
  5. math help please

    Carol Byrd gets a student rate of $30.00 a month. There is a $250 deductible; but no coinsurance payment. She recently received treatment for a covered condition. The bill was $2,300.00. Carol's insurance company provided payment of 80% of the bill less

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Economics

    Consumer spending rose 4.5% in the month of January. Could some one explain me this question, i don't get it 1)Positive 2)normative

    asked by Cloe henderson
  7. Physics

    A sprinkler mounted on the ground sends out a jet of water at a 35∘ angle to the horizontal. The water leaves the nozzle at a speed of 15m/s . How far does the water travel before it hits the ground?

    asked by Tommy
  8. Physics

    A photon having wavelength λ scatters off a free electron at A (see figure below), producing a second photon having wavelength λ'. This photon then scatters off another free electron at B, producing a third photon having wavelength λ'' and moving in a

    asked by melanie
  9. physics

    a bullet moving with a velocity of 10m/s is stopped after penetrating the wooden plank of 4 cm of thickness. calculate acceleration of the bullet

    asked by nothing
  10. Physics

    3. Johnny, of mass 65 kg, and Lucy, of mass 45 kg, are facing each other on roller blades. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the roller blades and concrete surface is 0.20. When Johnny pushes Lucy from rest he applies a force for 1.0 s. Lucy then

    asked by Furkan
  11. Chemistry

    Hi guys. I cannot figure out how to do this question. Can you please do all the working out. Thanks How many moles of Al atoms are needed to combine with 1.58 mol of O atoms to make aluminum oxide, Al2O3?

    asked by Gursimran
  12. Physics

    Levon throws a ball straight upwards with an initial velocity of 15.0 m/s. a.How high will it reach? b.How long will it take unit his friend in a tree 5.0 m above him catches the ball? (he catches the ball on its way back down)

    asked by Furkan
  13. science

    The driver of a 1125 kg. dump truck exert a sudden broke with a force of 2500n . calculate the acceleration of the truck upon a sudden brake

    asked by dyna fe
  14. Physics

    Jennifer is running the 100.0 m dash at track. She accelerates at a rate of 0.88 m/s2 for the first 45 m and then maintains this speed for the remainder of the race. How long will it take her to finish the race?

    asked by Furkan
  15. Physics

    2. An elephant is pushing, with 75 000 N of force, on two jeeps that are stuck in the mud. The elephant pushes on the first jeep (which is 2000 kg (2 SD)) and it, in turn, pushes on the second jeep (which is 1500 kg). The co-efficient of friction between

    asked by Furkan
  16. English

    In “The Birthmark,” what does the birthmark represent for the two main characters, Aylmer and Georgiana? At the end of the story, what does the birthmark come to symbolize? I read the story I just don't understand the question

    asked by Sara
  17. Maths

    what are the strengths/advantages of a sine function?

    asked by Tayla
  18. physics

    four resistor of resistances 1ohm,2ohm,3ohm,5ohm, are connected in series and afterwards in parallel.calculate the combined resistance in each case

    asked by Alade
  19. Physics

    An elevator with a mass of 1.0 x 10^3 kg accelerates downward at 0.10 m/s^2. What would the force of tension be in the supporting elevator cable?

    asked by Furkan
  20. logical statements-urgent

    I have to come up with a logical statement when making a truth table that has these conditions: The statement is always false if both P and Q are true. Otherwise, the statement is true if Q is true but R is not true. so far I have ~(P&Q) which makes it

    asked by Anonymous
  21. chemistry

    Imagine that you have an ideal gas in a 4.80L container, and that 2450 molecules of this gas collide with a square-inch area of the container at any given instant. If the volume is increased to 19.2L at constant temperature, how many collisions will occur

    asked by Alicia Estrada
  22. English 1

    What did the author of “The Cold Equations” most likely want you to believe? What examples from the story make you think this? Explain your answer in three to five sentences.

    asked by Anonymous
  23. economic

    Are there any current subsidy or welfare issues that are being discussed or addressed in parliament or in municipalities?

    asked by Lerato Justinah
  24. Chemistry

    A solution containing excess lead(ii) nitrate is reacted with 380.0ML of 0.250mol/L potassium iodide solution. A bright yellow Precipitate is of lead(ii) iodide is formed. Calculate the mass of lead (ii) iodide that should be formed. Pb(NO3)2+2KI->

    asked by Robyn
  25. science chemistry

    Brandon prepares a potassium hydroxide solution (KOH) that he uses during a titration to determine the unknown concentration of a hydrochloric acid solution calculate the mass of potassium hydroxide that is need to prepare 250 cm^3 of a standard 0,125

    asked by dennis
  26. physics

    A test rocket is launched vertically from ground level (y = 0 m), at time t = 0.0 s. The rocket engine provides constant upward acceleration during the burn phase. At the instant of engine burnout, the rocket has risen to 49 m and acquired a velocity of

    asked by gillies
  27. Math

    Nuts worth $3 per lb are to be mixed with 8 lb of nuts worth $4.25 per lb to obtain a mixture that will be sold for $4 per lb. How many pounds of the $3 nuts should be used?

    asked by Mary
  28. psychology

    Could the effect of being clinically depressed on the number of close friendships an individual has be studied in an experimental research design? I think not because the variables cannot be manipulated.

    asked by shelly
  29. chemistry

    The amount of carbon which when completely burnt in air,produces 100gram of carbon dioxide by weight is

    asked by Xaim
  30. Calculus

    One side of a rectangular animal pen is to be formed by the side of a barn. If you have enough material to build a total of 34 feet of fence, find the maximum area than can be enclosed

    asked by Bella
  31. chemistry

    What is the amount of water produced when 2gram of hydrogen is ignited with 8gram of oxygen

    asked by Xaim
  32. English

    1. There are a house , trees and a shining sun in the first picture. 2. There is an English textbook in Picture 2. Do you like English. English is fun, isn't it? 3. There are two boys. What are they doing? They are playing with a ball in the sea. 4. A math

    asked by rfvv
  33. Mathematics

    what are the 3 geometric means between 4 and 1/4?

    asked by Angel
  34. Chemistry

    Showing all calculations and specific references to the equipment needed, describe how to prepare 500mL 0.250mol/L potassium iodide(KI) solution.

    asked by Robyn
  35. science

    Darren the astronaut traveled to Planet U-427, a planet that is as big as Earth but is half the mass of Earth. What can you say about Darren's weight in this planet?

    asked by ej
  36. Green wood

    Active voice convert in to possive voice write 10 sentences

    asked by Abhinay
  37. physical science chemistry

    If 25 cm^3 of the potassium hydroxide (KOH) solution was used to neutralise 35cm^3 hydrochloric (HCl)solution, determine the concentration of the hydrochloric acid solution. Thanks

    asked by jonathan
  38. Math

    The cost of a video game is $29.95 and sales tax is 6%. About how much will the game cost, including tax?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. math

    Brian has a bag that contains 14 red marbles and 12 yellow marbles. He selects a marble at random, and then, without replacing the first one, selects another marble at random. What is the probability that Brian selects a red marble and then a yellow

    asked by courtney
  40. Maths trig

    Sketch the graphs of f(x)=3overx+1 and g(x)=-2x-4 on the same set of axes

    asked by Lulu
  41. algebra

    200 logs are stacked so that 20 logs at bottom row 19 in the next ,18 in the next and so on.In how many rows can 200 logs be arranged and how many are there on the top row ?

    asked by vihaan
  42. algebra

    Can you explain this? An intercept of the quadratic graph is the same as the root of quadratic equation. You have to find out the discriminant. If the discriminant is positive, you have two roots which equals two intercepts. If it is zero, there is one

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Finite Math

    Can someone help me out with this! Thank you in advance :) Frank’s Fruit Stand sells fresh fruit as well as fruit dipped in chocolate and covered with chopped almonds. Each dipped banana requires 6 grams of chocolate and 3 grams of almonds to coat. It

    asked by Katy
  44. math

    At a zoo, 1/3 of the animals are birds, 4/9 are mammals, and the rest are reptiles and amphibians. What fraction of animals at the zoo are reptiles and amphibians?

    asked by cc
  45. CAPM

    choose two other companies,look up their beta and report the names of these companies and their betas. suppose you invest one third of your money in each of the stocks of these companies. what will the beta portfolio be? given the data in (b), what will

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Chemistry

    Guys. I have another chemistry question that I am unsure with. I would appreciate it if you could help me with working out. Thanks. A sample of ethane, C2H6, contains 9.6 * 10 ^ 22 atoms. How many mole of ethane is present in the sample? Why do I need to

    asked by Mole help!
  47. Maths trig

    Sketch the graphs of f(x)=3overx+1 and g(x)=-2x-4

    asked by Lulu
  48. science

    Darren the astronaut traveled to Planet U-427, a planet that is as big as Earth but is half the mass of Earth. What can you say about Darren's weight in this planet?

    asked by ej
  49. Calculus

    Okay, so I worked out 17 = T(10) = 2 + 23e ^10k 15/23 = e^10k k= 1/10ln(15/23) k = - 0.043 But when I do this equation 17 = T(30) = 2 + 23e^30k 15/23 = e^30k k = 1/30ln(15/23) k = -0.142 But the answer is apparently 8.38? Can someone please help. I think

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Physics

    So we did this lab about how we are to measure the half life of the beta decay of indium 116 (the indium 116 is captured by indium 115 and undergoes beta decay to become tin 116. Since the Indium 116 I reused I understand that every time we use it, the

    asked by Anna
  51. Physics

    A mass, 5.0 kg is being pulled from rest with an applied force of 25N. The friction force is 10.0N. How far has it moved after 6.0s?

    asked by Furkan
  52. math

    the hundred thousands digit of a six-digit even numbers is 3 more than the thousand digit,which is twice the ones digit.give at least four numbers that satisfy the given condition.

    asked by louie
  53. Statistics

    X 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 P(x) 0.05 0.1 0.3 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.05 =As the manager you check the cashier ( to see if you need to open a new cashier line). What is the probability that you find exactly 2 people waiting in line? please need to know how to solve

    asked by Larry
  54. biology help

    What are the biological terms of the following 1.A diagram that show the evolutionary history of plant groups 2.hoploid cell which grows into a plant

    asked by jonathan
  55. calculus

    The following rational function describes concentration in blood of a certain medicine taken once depending on time, find: A.the horizontal asymptote(s) B.the vertical asymptote(s) C. describe their possible meanings Horizontal asymptote is y=-100 vertical

    asked by Sharon
  56. Chemisrty

    Calculate the grams of substance from the moles of substance given.... 2 moles C6H10O5. Please help I am lost!

    asked by Michelle
  57. Math

    Of the 597 students at Duzine Elementary School, 19% have a computer at home. About how many students have a computer at home?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Math

    Kristine made 4.9% of her 3-point shots last basketball season. She attempted forty 3-point shots in all. About how many points did she score from just 3-point shots?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Physics

    An electron starts from one plate of a charged closely spaced (vertical) parallel plate arrangement with a velocity of 1.78×104m/s to the right. Its speed on reaching the other plate, 2.25cm away, is 3.63×104m/s . If the plates are square with an edge

    asked by Yasamin
  60. chemistry

    The total number of water molecules in 36gram of water is

    asked by Xaim
  61. chemistry

    Which of the following numbers is most significant (a)2000 (b)2.00033 (c)6.67×10 (d)0.000122

    asked by Xaim
  62. chemistry

    the reaction contains initially 5 moles of CO and 2 moles of H2O.the volume is 1 litre.but at equilibrium it is 0.5 moles of h2o .then value of Kc for reaction is.

    asked by khushbo
  63. English

    1. The price was 40,000 won. The price is 50% off. Now the price is 20,000 won. 2. The price of the shirt was 40,000 won. The shirt is 50% off. Now the shirt is 20,000 won. ================ Which one is grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  64. allied school faiz pur campus

    determine the time of evaporation of 250ml of water on heating

    asked by Anonymous
  65. math

    Andy wanted to match the profits from his lemonade project 3-fold. How much did he add to the proceeds? Lastly, Andy knows the proceeds are divided into 2 categories; travel and food. How much will each category receive?

    asked by lauren
  66. oghara

    Coulomb law

    asked by Williams
  67. global warming

    What is the Cause of global warming

    asked by Clara
  68. math

    a final examination score in General maths is weighted four times as much as each test score If the student has a final exam score of 87% and test grades of 70% and 92%, then the mean score is

    asked by jay
  69. Art

    what is the story behind Jay z and Marina's influence?

    asked by Amy
  70. Social Studies

    im doing research paper on that aboriginals have the right to self government. discuss. i need to do citations in paper, and im trying to look for 5 or 6 good websites i can do citations from and paraphrase. if you know of any good sites please post.

    asked by Mohammed
  71. school

    If 30 % of students in middle school 15 % of those in music are in choir what % of the whole school is in choir

    asked by Anonymous
  72. British lit

    I need help with a few questions. They need to be answered to help me write an essay on Neoclassicism. Please help me. Thank you! 1. Throughout his career, critics accused John Dryden of catering to people in political power. Does Annus Mirabilis fit this

    asked by Alexis
  73. Math

    There are 1,500 animals living at the zoo.15% of the animals have feathers. How many animals at the zoo have feathers?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. math

    solve for x. 2450 * 4.80L= 19.2L * x

    asked by Alicia Estrada