Questions Asked on
June 15, 2015

  1. algebra 2

    f(x)={2x,x1} Given the piecewise functions shown below, select all of the statements that are true. A.f(5)=1 B.f(2)=4 C.f(-2)=4 D.f(1)=5

    asked by karla
  2. physics

    A test rocket is fired straight up from rest. The net acceleration is 20 m/s2 upward and continues for 4.0 seconds, at which time the rocket engines cease firing. What maximum elevation does the rocket reach?

    asked by alex
  3. Math-NPV

    Net Present Value Big Steve's makers of swizzle sticks, is considering the purchase of a new plastic stamping machine. This investment requires an initial outlay of $110,000 and will generate net cash inflows of $17,000 per year for 11 years. a. what is

    asked by Callie
  4. Physics

    The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has a main span of length 1.28 km, one of the longest in the world. Imagine that a steel wire with this length and a cross-sectional area of 4.00 x 10-6 m^2 is laid on the bridge deck with its ends attached to the

    asked by Anna
  5. chemistry

    At room temperature , the density of water is 1 g/ml and the density of ethanol is 0.789 g/ml . What volume of ethanol contains the same no. of molecules as are present in 175 ml of water?

    asked by Kajal
  6. math

    In a class of 40 students 18 passed economics 19 passed accounts 16 passed economics 6 passed mathematics only 9 passed accounts only 5 passed mathematics and accounts only 2 passed accounts and economics only. How many failed in all the papers? How many

    asked by david
  7. physics

    a man goes 10m towards north,then 20m towards east then displacement is what

    asked by sajid
  8. math 4

    For the spinner above, the probability of landing on black is 1/2, and the probability of landing on red is 1/3, Suppose it is spun three times. What is the probability it will land on black all three times? ansewrs

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Chemisty

    Balance TeO3^3- + N2O4 --> Te +NO3^- using oxidation numbers Need help A.S.A.P

    asked by Clara
  10. Science 207

    Lab 2 – Water Quality and Contamination Experiment 1: Effects of Groundwater Contamination Table 1: Water Observations (Smell, Color, Etc.) Beaker Observations 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 POST LAB QUESTIONS 1. Develop hypotheses on the ability of oil, vinegar, and

    asked by Lisa
  11. calculus

    Find the distance, in feet, a particle travels in its first 4 seconds of travel, if it moves according to the velocity equation v(t)= −t2 + 4 (in feet/sec).

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Math

    Piano lessons cost $30 per lesson. Find ordered pairs that represent the total cost for x number of lessons.

    asked by Cordarius
  13. Physics

    Find x and y components of a vector which is 10 units in length and 40 degrees below the +x axis. I honestly don't even know how to begin this problem .. Please help me !

    asked by Sasha
  14. Math

    How many different rectangles can you make with aperimeter of 12 matchstick

    asked by Snethemba
  15. Chemistry

    Balance TeO3^3- + N2O4 --> Te +NO3^- using oxidation numbers

    asked by Sara
  16. Writing

    Hello! For critical essays analyzing literature, is it better to analyze one text or can it done with more than one text? Thank you!

    asked by Lucina
  17. English

    A: May I take your order? B: Yes, please. I'll have a chicken sandwich. A:Sure. Anything else? B: One small orange juice, please. (Conversation at a sandwich shop) ============================== Q1: What is the meaning of 'Sure'? Why is 'Sure' used here?

    asked by rfvv
  18. university

    A uniform electric field of magnitude 260 V/m is directed in the positive x direction. A +14.0 µC charge moves from the origin to the point (x, y) = (20.0 cm, 50.0 cm). (a) What is the change in the potential energy of the charge field system?

    asked by john
  19. algebra2

    is f(x)= x^3-x^2-9x+9 a one to one function

    asked by karla
  20. math

    in a booster club, 1/8 of the members are men. How many male members are in the club.

    asked by Anonymous
  21. chemistry

    write a balanced chemical equation for the process of photosynthesis and the conditions of the reaction giving physical state of all the substances

    asked by aakriti
  22. chemistry

    How can i Fill in the missing words Ionisation energy, water, melting point, electronegativity, non-polar, solvent, pair, boiling points, polar A covalent bond is formed when a 1________ of electrons is shared between the bonding atoms.when the electrons

    asked by dennis
  23. Physiscs 222

    The inner and outer surfaces of a cell membrane carry a negative and positive charge respectively. Because of these charges, a potential difference of about 70*10-3 V exists across the membrane. The thickness of the membrane is 8.0*10-9 m. Assumption the

    asked by Nathan
  24. Life orientation

    Factors that could limit the core functions of the media

    asked by Mbali
  25. physics

    If R is the range for an angle of projectin 0f 15¤ wd the horizntl ' then the 0thr angle of projection for which the range is R 'is

    asked by dani
  26. English

    1. What will you have from the menu above? - I'll have a cheese sandwich and a large Coke. 2. What will you buy from the menu above? - I'll buy a cheese sandwich and a large Coke. 3. What will you eat from the menu above? - I'll eat a cheese sandwich and a

    asked by rfvv
  27. chemistry

    If the theoretical yield of a reaction is 0.173g and the actual yield is 0.165g , what is the percent yield?

    asked by dj
  28. pre-calculus 11

    an object has a mass of m= 3x/4x^2 and density of d=x-1/2^2 where ve m/d and state any restrictions on the variable. So this simplifies to v=3x/2x-2 my question is the restriction i have found is x cannot be 1 which would make the denominator zero. Do I

    asked by George
  29. Help

    Compound subjects- those that joined with " and"- should take singular verbs. The CD player and moon-roof is included in the car's price. Is it true?

    asked by Patricia
  30. ict

    ) Write an algorithm (in flowchart) that calculates your total daily profit, given an estimated quantity of litres of fuel per day.

    asked by tertiary
  31. calc

    The base of a solid in the region bounded by the graphs of y = e^-x y = 0, and x = 0, and x = 1. Cross sections of the solid perpendicular to the x-axis are semicircles. What is the volume, in cubic units, of the solid?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. math

    For f(x) and g(x) given below, find the following, f(x) = (x-1)^5, g(x)=1-6x a) (f of g)(x)= -7776x^5 b) (g of f)(x)= -6x^5+30x^4-60x^3+60x^2-30x+7 c)f(f(x)= d) f^2(x)=(f*f)(xx)= Im stuck on c and d

    asked by tracy
  33. shiloh

    rolling a number cube and tossing a coin is this independent or dependent?

    asked by tiah
  34. Calculus

    A ladder 30 ft. long is leaning up against a building. If the top of the ladder is being pulled up the wall of the building at a rate of 1.5 feet per minute, find the rate at which the base of the ladder is moving toward the building when it is 18 feet

    asked by Alex
  35. chemistry

    If 32.9mL of 0.170M BaCl2 are needed to react completely with 35.0mL of 0.160M Na2SO4 . How many grams of BaSO4 will be formed?

    asked by jennifer
  36. algebra

    f(x)=3|x-1| find the value of f(3)-f(-2)/3

    asked by karin
  37. calculus

    A girls throws a tennis ball straight into the air with a velocity of 64 feet/sec. If acceleration due to gravity is −32 ft/sec2, how many seconds after it leaves the girl's hand will it take the ball to reach its highest point? Assume the position at

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Science Help. Thank You! (:

    What are the three of the most widely used energy sources in California?

    asked by ilovelasagna
  39. algebra

    the graph of a first degree absolute value function has a Y-intercept of 3, x-intercepts of -9 and -3 , and a minimum vlaue of -3 at x=-6. on the axes provided , sketch a graph of this function.

    asked by karin
  40. Math

    The Empire Carpet Company orders merchandise for $17,700, including $550 in shipping charges, from Mohawk Carpet Mills on May 4. Carpets valued at $1,390 will be returned because they are damaged. The terms of sale are 2/10, n30 ROG. The shipment arrives

    asked by Jay
  41. Calculus

    On the closed interval, [0, 2*pi], find the absolute maximum of the function f(x)= sin^2(x)

    asked by Alex
  42. Math

    Internal rate of return What is the internal rate of return for the following project. An initial outlay of $9500 resulting in a single cash inflow of $16,281 in 7 years. Internal rate of return for the project is ___%

    asked by Katie
  43. physics

    Hot air balloon A is rising upward a rate of 5.0 m/s. A passenger aboard balloon A observes balloon B rising upward at a relative rate of 7.5 m/s. What is the velocity of balloon B relative to the ground? Assume that up is positive.

    asked by alex
  44. physics

    A stone is thrown vertically upwards, reaches a highest point, and returns to the ground. When the stone is at the top of its path, its acceleration

    asked by alex
  45. math

    The greatest integer function ,shows below, is defined to be greatest________less than or equal to x. f(x)=[[x]]

    asked by karla
  46. physics

    An astronaut in a spacecraft looks out her window and observes a comet travel in the opposite direction at a relative speed of 237 m/s. The velocity of the spacecraft is 114 m/s directly away from the sun. What is the comet's velocity relative to the sun?

    asked by alex
  47. physics

    A jetliner is traveling east from Seattle to Chicago, a distance of 1,750 miles. The jetliner travels at an average air speed of 620 mph relative to the air. At the jetliner's altitude, the wind is blowing 46 mph to the east. How long does the journey

    asked by alex
  48. math

    1000ml x 15 gtt x 1 hr = 31 gtt 8hr ml 60 min How do you do this???

    asked by Brian
  49. Math - NPV & IRR

    East Coast Television is considering a project with an initial outlay of $X ( you will have to determine this amount) It is expected that the project will produce a positive cash flow of $60,000 a year at the end of each year for the next 16 years. The

    asked by Callie
  50. Math

    Fijisawa Inc. is considering a major expansion of its product line and has estimated the following cash flows associated with such an expansion. The initial outlay would be $1,980,000, and the project would generate incremental free cash flows of $490,000

    asked by Alicia
  51. MATH

    If the demand function for a commodity is given by equation p^2+12q=18 and the supply function is given by the equation 700-p^2+6q=0, find the equilibrium quantity and price

    asked by tracy
  52. Math

    Sorry I wasn't finished with the problem. Fijisawa Inc. is considering a major expansion of its product line and has estimated the following cash flows associated with such an expansion. The initial outlay would be $1,980,000, and the project would

    asked by Alicia
  53. socialology

    What situation in which you might see in a gemeinschaft community partnered with organic solidarity?

    asked by Dereck
  54. algebra

    you are looking to join a monthly coffee delivery club. your search has been narrowed down to the two top rated clubs on the internet . five star coffee charges a $40 start up fee and then $8 per month.custom coffee company charges $25 start up fee and

    asked by karin
  55. Physics

    A body moved on x-axis at time t secs, the displacement of the particle from the origin is x-metre and the velocity of the particle is vm/s when t=0, s=0 and v=0. 1) given that the particle moves at a constant acceleration and that v=1 when t=4, find a)the

    asked by clement
  56. Social Studies Help (:

    List 2-­‐3 possible alternative (Communist/Socialist/Fascist ideas) solutions to the New Deal’s programs:

    asked by ilovelasagna
  57. Maths

    A rectangular room is 3m longer than it is wide. It costs 364 pounds to carpet the room. Carpet costs 16 pounds per square metre. How wide is the room?

    asked by Naya
  58. Differential equation

    A first order linear equation in the form y′+p(x)y=f(x) can be solved by finding an integrating factor μ(x)=exp(∫p(x)dx) (1) Given the equation (x+4)^2y′+5(x+4)y=16 find μ(x)= I found it to be e^(5ln(x+4))which is correct** (2) Then an explicit

    asked by Joe
  59. LA

    what is the difference between internal conflict and external conflict Need help A.S.A.P

    asked by iris
  60. Math

    Vicky bought 6 and 2/3 yards of one type of ribbon and 4 and 3/4 yards of another type of ribbon to make hair bows. If each bow takes 1 and 1/2 yards, how many hair bows can she make?

    asked by Breanna
  61. Math

    What is the approximate average of these numbers: 9,18 and 31?

    asked by Elizabeth
  62. statistics

    a private opinion poll is conducted for a politician to determine why proportion of the population favors decriminalizing marijuana possession. how large a sample is needed in order to be 90 percent confident that the sample proportion will not differ from

    asked by ash
  63. math

    From the following data calculate final balance and forward it in the pay stubs. Beginning balance $2000 Jan 2 Deposit $500 Jan 10 Check written to Alex company $600 Jan 16 Check written to Angels Company

    asked by sara
  64. math

    last one is $300

    asked by sara
  65. Organic Chemistry

    Which isomer of 1-ethyl-3-methylcyclohexane is more stable, cis or trans? My teacher hasn't covered this material as of yet, but we have a test done tomorrow on it. What is a cis and trans? Not sure how to begin figuring this out. My text book isn't

    asked by Michelle
  66. Physics

    A rowboat is heading across a river at 2.4 m/s east. The current of the river is 1.7 m/s south. What is the rowboat's resultant velocity?

    asked by Kathy
  67. English

    She describes the pain as sharp pain located in the right trochanteric region.

    asked by Dandy
  68. physical science

    A car is driving at an average speed of 100km/hr for 2 hours, then drives an average of 50.0km/hr for one hour. what was the average speed of the 3 hours? 100.0km/h 100.0km/h +50.0km/h =250.0km/3h 250.0km/3h divided by 3h =83.3km/h

    asked by Teresa
  69. Finance

    If a firm buys on trade credit terms of 3/10, net 50 and decides to forgo the trade credit discount and pay on the net day, what is annualized cost of forgoing the discount (assume a 360-day year)? The annualized cost of the trade credit terms of 3/10, net

    asked by Kelly
  70. Physics

    Boxes A and B are in contact on a horizontal, frictionless surface. Box A has mass 21.0 kg and box B has mass 8.0 kg . A horizontal force of 100N is exerted on box A. What is the magnitude of the force that box A exerts on box B?

    asked by Sarah
  71. Physics

    A man is dragging a trunk up the loading ramp of a mover's truck. The ramp has a slope angle of 20.0 degrees, and the man pulls upward with a force whose direction makes an angle of 30.0 degrees with the ramp. How large a force is necessary for the x

    asked by Michaelanne
  72. History

    Using China as a case study, explore the entry of developing countries into the WTO and the effects of globalization. What is the WTO? Who gains and who loses from globalization? Focus on these two perspectives: a. The entry of developing countries into

    asked by Rafa
  73. Politics

    The nerve center of the American Presidency is

    asked by shelby
  74. Math

    to determine the number of catfish in a pond, a game warden catches 131 catfish, tags them and throws them back into the pond. later, 20 catfish are caught, 10 of them are tagged. How many catfish would the game warden expect to be in the pond? 131/10 20/x

    asked by Kayla
  75. Physics

    What is the significance in the observation of discrete spectral lines in the emission spectrum of hydrogen??

    asked by Anna
  76. E.s groly

    5 times the 5th term of arthmetic progression is equa to 10 times the 10th term. Find the common difference and the first term

    asked by Aphrodis
  77. physic

    if you have a intial object going 1m/s to the right then after 1.2seconds its going 0.5m/s to the left. whats is the constant acceleration?

    asked by john
  78. statistics

    twelve different vTideo games showing substance use were observed and the duration times of game play (in seconds) are listed below. The design of the study justifies the assumption that the sample can be treated as a simple random sample. Use the sample

    asked by melissa jones
  79. Math

    Between 4am and 5am, the water rises from 1.4m to 1.9m. Therefore, it rises 50 centimetres in 60 minutes. This means that the water rises approximately 0.83 centimetres every minute (50 ÷ 60 = 0.83cm). The water will have to increase 0.31m – or 31cm –

    asked by Jess
  80. Maths

    Find the points of intersection of parabola Y=x^2-7x+23 and the straight line Y=7x-1.

    asked by Kulex
  81. English

    Identify the following sentences as simple,compound,complex, or compound-complex I saved money so that I could buy either a house or a car

    asked by Hailu
  82. Area/volume of hollow figure

    A hollow box 10x10in with a thickness of 1in with a length of 500 Would the area be (10*10) Would the volume be ((10*10)-(9*9))*500

    asked by Joe