Questions Asked on
June 14, 2015

  1. Phenoix

    teresa buys 100 shares of XYZ sock on margin at $20 per share. If the margin requirement is 45 percent, the interest rate is 10 percent, and she holds the security for 1 year, how much interest must she pay?

    asked by May
  2. calc

    Find the velocity, v(t), for an object moving along the x-axis if the acceleration, a(t), is a(t) = cos(t) − sin(t) and v(0) = 3.

    asked by Anonymous
  3. French, foreign languages

    Hi the following sentences are basically unscrambling them in the first place and then putting the sentence in order. If when looking through my unscrambled sentences and you see something wrong with the grammar or something of that nature that does not

    asked by Alex
  4. Statistics

    A random sample of 100 cable TV movies contained an average of 3.38 acts of physical violence per program. At the 99% level what is your estimate of the population value? mean = 3.38 s = 0.30 N = 100

    asked by Christina
  5. chemistry

    what is the freezing point of a solution that contains 20.2g of urea CO(NH2)2 in 295mL water? Assume a density of water of 1.00g/mL

    asked by jennifer
  6. chemistry

    how many grams of methanol must be added to 5.00kg of water to lower its freezing point to -12.0 degrees C? for each mole of solute the freezing point of 1kg of water is lowered 1.86 degrees C?

    asked by jennifer
  7. Chem

    A mixture of 5.00 g of sodium carbonate, Na2CO3 and sodium hydrogen carbonate, NaHCO3 is heated. The loss in mass is 0.31 g. Sodium carbonate does not decompose on heating. Calculate the percentage by mass of sodium carbonate in the mixture.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. chemistry

    Aspirin is a monoprotic acid called acetylsalicylic acid. Its formula is HC9H7O4. A certain pain reliever was analyzed for aspirin by dissolving 0.311 g of it in water and titrating it with 0.0398 M KOH solution. The titration required 22.32 mL of base.

    asked by walter
  9. chemistry

    A student prepares a solution of hydrochloric acid that is approximately 0.1 M and wanted to determine its precise concentration. A 25.00 mL portion of the HCl solution is transferred to a flask, and after a few drops of indicator are added, the HCl

    asked by walter
  10. Social Studies

    This Canadian landform covers about half of the country. Need help? confused.

    asked by Sofia
  11. geometry

    What is the surface area of a cylindrical ring if its outside diameter is 16 mm and its inside diameter is 10 mm? Round your answer to the nearest whole number. A. 92 mm^2 B. 118 mm^2 C. 123 mm^2 D. 385 mm^2 I thought it was C. 123 mm^2. However that is

    asked by Anonymous
  12. mth 125

    Janet Jones borrowed $3,000 on 90-day 12 percent note. Janet paid $250 toward the note on day 35. On day 80 she paid an additional $400. Using the U.S. Rule, her adjusted balance after her first payment is

    asked by Anonymous
  13. physics

    A copper kettle contains water at 29.1 °C. When the water is heated to 86.6 °C, the volume of the kettle expands by 5.56 x 10-5 m3. Determine the volume of the kettle at 29.1 °C.

    asked by ashley
  14. geometry

    One advantage of the prismoidal formula is that you can use it to a) calculate precise volumes of all prismoids b)calculate both volume and surface area c)determine volumes of figures that are not prismoids d)estimate the volume of solids that are

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Matsogella

    Recent service delivery xenophobia in the community or in the neighbourhood

    asked by Tumelo
  16. physics

    A steel section of the Alaskan pipeline had a length of 58.5 m and a temperature of 18.0 °C when it was installed. What is its change in length when the temperature drops to a frigid -37.7 °C?

    asked by ashley
  17. math

    A pair of fair dice is rolled. What is the probability of each of the following? (Round your answers to three decimal places.) (a) the sum of the numbers shown uppermost is less than 6 (b) at least one 6 is cast

    asked by Jay
  18. chemistry

    A 12.6 mL sample of vinegar, containing acetic acid, was titrated using 0.542 M NaOH solution. The titration required 24.1 mL of the base. what is the molar concentration of acid in the vinegar?'

    asked by walter
  19. physics

    Two bars of identical mass are at 29 °C. One is made from glass and the other from another substance. The specific heat capacity of glass is 840 J/(kg · C°). When identical amounts of heat are supplied to each, the glass bar reaches a temperature of 92

    asked by ashley
  20. physics

    Ideally, when a thermometer is used to measure the temperature of an object, the temperature of the object itself should not change. However, if a significant amount of heat flows from the object to the thermometer, the temperature will change. A

    asked by ashley
  21. physics

    The brass bar and the aluminum bar in the drawing are each attached to an immovable wall. At 29.0 °C the air gap between the rods is 1.93 x 10-3 m. At what temperature will the gap be closed?

    asked by ashley
  22. Economics

    A firm produces red and blue bobbleheads. It can sell red bobbleheads for $20 - Q_r/2000 a piece And blue bobbleheads for $17 - Q_b/2000 a piece Where Q_r = red bobbleheads per week Q_b = ble bobbleheads per week The total cost of producing Q = Q_r + Q_b

    asked by Caiden
  23. Chemistry

    Magnesium metal reacts with hydrochlroic acid according to following reaction: Mg(s) + 2HCl(aq) -> MgCl2(aq) + H2 (g) over interval of 10.00s, the mass of Mg changes by -0.22g. What is the corresponding rate of consumption of HCl (in Mol/s) ? So what i

    asked by Rez
  24. Organic Chemistry

    What is the hybridization of all the atoms (other than hydrogen) in each of the following species? a) NH3 e) +NH4 i) H3O+ b) BH3 f) +CH3 j)H2C=O c) -CH3 g) HCN d)*CH3 h) C(CH3)4 There are a couple I don't know how to do. Please help? Did I do the other

    asked by Michelle
  25. Introduction to computers

    What is the purpose of using templates in PowerPoint? A) integrates animation and audio automatically B) inserts a consistent look and format to the entire presentation C) inserts the required formulas automatically into the presentation D) imports fonts

    asked by Carol
  26. English

    Synthesis/transformation question I agree with your comment entirely. ______ cannot _________ more _______________. Ans 1: I cannot agree more with your comment. Ans 2: I cannot agree more entirely with your comment. We can accept Ans 1. Is Ans 2

    asked by chimingbell
  27. Math

    My friend has $80 to spend on a fence for her rectangular garden. She wants to use cedar fencing which costs $8/foot on one side, and cheaper metal fencing which costs $2/foot for the other three sides. What are the dimensions of the garden with the

    asked by Vin
  28. Math

    Byron’s house has a roof with dimensions shown. (Roof: 1m Height, 7m Hypotenuses, 12m length) He knows that the average rainfall in his suburb is 30cm per year. Byron would like to install a cylindrical rainwater tank to hold the water that runs off the

    asked by Alex
  29. English

    Q1: What is there in the classroom? Q2: What's there in the classroom? Q3: What is in the classroom? Q4: What are in the classroom? 1. There is an LCD TV in the classroom. 2. There are an English textbook and a pencil case on my desk. 3. There are a lot of

    asked by rfvv
  30. Science 207

    Lab 2 – Water Quality and Contamination Experiment 1: Effects of Groundwater Contamination Table 1: Water Observations (Smell, Color, Etc.) Beaker Observations 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 POST LAB QUESTIONS 1. Develop hypotheses on the ability of oil, vinegar, and

    asked by Lisa
  31. physics

    You have four point charges 2q, q, -q and -2q. If possible, describe how you would place at least the charge 2q (and perhaps other charges) and through which the net electric flux is a) 0 b) +3q/£0 c) -2q/£0

    asked by clement
  32. chemistry

    148 mL of 0.325 M MgCl2 is mixed with 68.7 mL of 0.388 M NaOH and allowed to react completely. how many grams of Mg(OH)2 will form?

    asked by walter
  33. science chemistory

    CaCO3 2HCl forms CO2 CaCl2 H2O 1.calculate the molar mass of calcium chloride produce 2.calculate the number of moles of calcium carbonate 3.calculate the mass of calcium carbonate

    asked by kem
  34. science chemistry

    A basic amino acid,arginine,has a molar mass of 174g.mol^ has the following percentage composition:41,38% carbon, 18,39% of oxygen,32,18% of nitrogen and 8,O5% of Hydrogen.determine the molecular formular of arginine

    asked by bob
  35. physics

    A point charge 5 micro couloumb is at the centre of a cubical gaussian surface 100cm on edge. Calculate the electric flux through the surface.

    asked by clement
  36. Social Studies

    Why did most major northeastern cities in the United States develop along the coast? Need help A.S.A.P

    asked by Anonymous
  37. physics

    A thick, vertical iron pipe has an inner diameter of 0.070 m. A thin aluminum (α = 23x10-6 (C°)-1) disk, heated to a temperature of 89°C, has a diameter that is 4.4x10-5 m greater than the pipe's inner diameter. The disk is laid on top of the open upper

    asked by ashley
  38. S D S school Batote

    An hour has 60 minutes .How many minutes are there in 5/6 of an hour

    asked by Rahul kumar
  39. math trigonometry

    Simplify the following expression to a single trigonometric term sin(360-x)*tan(-x)/cos(180 x)*(sin^2A cos^2A) answer= -sinx*-tanx/cosx*(1) after that how do i continue?

    asked by steve
  40. chemistry

    "Stomach acid" is hydrochloric acid. A sample of gastric juice having a volume of 6.68 mL required 13.90 mL of 0.0161 M KOH solution for neutralization in a titration. What was the molar concentration of HCl in this fluid? C(HCl) = If we assume a density

    asked by walter
  41. FRENCH!

    Please check my sentences for anything wrong to help me fix them. Thanks. 1.) Cette semaine je suis allé le camping. (This week, I went camping.) 2.) Je suis allé la peche. (I went fishing) 3.) J;ai attrapé un poisson de saumon. (I caught a salmon

    asked by Gabs
  42. briggs

    A point charge 5 micro couloumb is at the centre of a cubical gaussian surface 100cm on edge. Calculate the electric flux through the surface.

    asked by clement
  43. math

    Q1.Plot three points with first coordinate equal to (-2.8) and join them.

    asked by Terrence
  44. Social Studies

    what was the cause of the velvet revolution?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. math

    Simplify the following expression to a single trigonometric term sin(360-x)*tan(-x)/cos(180 x)*(sin^2A cos^2A)

    asked by lesedi
  46. physical science chemistry

    Fill in the missing words Ionisation energy, water, melting point, electronegativity, non-polar, solvent, pair, boiling points, polar A covalent bond is formed when a 1________ of electrons is shared between the bonding atoms.when the electrons are shared

    asked by kem
  47. science chemistry

    A given mass of helium(gas)occupies a volume of 3,6m^3 at a pressure of 105 kPa.if the temperature remains constant,calculate volume of the gas if the pressure is decreased to 70 kPa.

    asked by melissa
  48. briggs

    You have four point charges 2q, q, -q and -2q. If possible, describe how you would place at least the charge 2q (and perhaps other charges) and through which the net electric flux is a) 0 b) +3q/£0 c) -2q/£0

    asked by clement
  49. physics

    How much heat in joules must be added to 0.413 kg of aluminum to change it from a solid at 122 °C to a liquid at 660 °C (its melting point)? The latent heat of fusion for aluminum is 4.0 x 105 J/kg.

    asked by ashley
  50. physics

    An ice chest at a beach party contains 12 cans of soda at 4.56 °C. Each can of soda has a mass of 0.35 kg and a specific heat capacity of 3800 J/(kg C°). Someone adds a 6.54-kg watermelon at 28.5 °C to the chest. The specific heat capacity of watermelon

    asked by ashley
  51. College of education ekiadolor Benin

    The scores of an achievement test given to 100,000 students are normally distributed with mean 500 and standard deviation 100.what should the score of a student be to place him or her among the 10% of the students?

    asked by Biriemi powei
  52. maths

    Four equivalent fraction of 2/3

    asked by kamaksha
  53. basic electronics

    3 resistor in parallel have an equivalent resistance of 1000 ohms. If R2 is twice the value of R3 and trice the value of R1, what is the value of R1,R2 and R3? Please show me the sol'n. n_n

    asked by shane
  54. Trigonometry

    Prove that: sin^2(20).sin^2(40).sin^2(80)=3/2

    asked by Nothando Tiah
  55. Physical sciences

    Which liquid has the lowest boiling point and why?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. math

    how many times less is six in the tens place than six in the millions place in in the number 36432463

    asked by ella
  57. Math

    How many four digit numbers use the digit 7 two or more times?

    asked by Jason
  58. biochemistry

    anyone by any chance know what it means for a protein to be "n-terminally truncated"? I know that the n-terminus is supposed to be like one end of the protein chain...

    asked by Kevin
  59. math

    I am a 6 digit number between 600 000 and 700 000.My ones digit and tens digit have no values.One of my digits has a value of 600 000.My ten thousands digit is one more than my thousands digit but if both digits are multiplied,the product is the same as

    asked by mark chester
  60. MATHS

    In a triangle ABC, angle B> angle C. If AM is the bisector of angle A and An is perpendicular to BC. Prove that angle MAN=1/2(angle B-angle C).

    asked by AISHA

    what are the costs and consequences of providing the subsidies and welfare

    asked by KWANDOKUHLE
  62. chemistry

    how much faster does krypton diffuse than bromine under the same conditions of temperature and pressure?

    asked by nyakno
  63. J.C Motumi

    Are there any current subsidy or walfare issues that are being discussed or addressed in parlement or in municipalities

    asked by Kenalemang Mohale
  64. Calculus

    for a normal curve what percentage of values falls beyond two standard deviations from the mean

    asked by Jonah
  65. math117A

    An object 4.2 feet tall casts a shadow that is 12.6 feet long. How long in feet would the shadow be for an object which is 20.4 feet tall? A.12 feet B. 6.8 feet C.28.8 feet D.61.2 feet

    asked by lizzy
  66. queen's science Academy

    A stone is dropped from the top of a tall building and at the same time another stone is thrown vertically upward from the ground level with a velocity of 20m/s the stones meet exectity 2s after their release how tall is the building

    asked by Aisha naabba
  67. FRENCH!

    Can someone check if my sentences for my story are written correctly.. (punctuation, word placings. everything..) 1. Cette semaine, j'ai regarde deux films. (This week, I watched two films.) 2.) L'un des films s'appelle Insurgent. (One of the film is

    asked by Gabs
  68. Algebra

    Write the following as an inequality. 6 is greater than y, and 1 is less than why. Use y only once in your inequality.

    asked by Danelle
  69. Algebra2


    asked by wALDEN
  70. briggs

    Compute the electric field about a uniformly charged plane sheet using gauss law.

    asked by clement
  71. physics

    Compute the electric field about a uniformly charged plane sheet using gauss law.

    asked by clement
  72. electronic

    find the intrinsic concentration, ni for silicon at 300k.given that Eg =1.12V Ao=5.85×10^5 q=1.6×10^-19C K=1.38×10^23J/K. using ni= Ao T^3/2 exp(-q/KT . Eg/2).

    asked by angel
  73. Government

    Can what happened with Hurricane Katrina be prevented from happening again or is it an inherent consequence of shared power?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. physics

    A cart with a mass is of 6 kg rolls across a level surface. The wheels on the cart make the effects of friction negligible. A force of 3.0 N is applied to the cart, describe the carts motion.

    asked by chuck
  75. Science

    When you change the dna code to mRNA, will A become U or T?

    asked by Ryan
  76. French, foreign languages

    I need help understanding the present subjunctive in French and also the usage of Il faut in said sentence

    asked by Alex
  77. French, foreign languages

    Hi, This are my answers using verbs from a list provided in the assignment in the future. If something within the sentences or if I have used a verb wrong please let me know and if possible tell me a correction I can make to make it more understandable or

    asked by Alex
  78. math

    using Rolles theorem to see if it can be applied to f. If so, find all numbers c such that f`(c)=0 f(x)=sin(x)+cos(x) interval [0,2pi]

    asked by Anonymous
  79. pre-calculus 11

    I am asked to solve the absolute value equation of |1/2x +1| =x+1 graphically. I can solve this algebraically and consider two cases for the absolute value one being positive and the other negative. I know this will be a straight line and when I solved it

    asked by george
  80. pre-calculus 11

    I have the question y=-|x^2 -9| I am asked for the piecewise function. I have written y={-x^2 +9 if x less than equal to -3} { x^2 -9 if x is greater than equal to 3} I am wondering if I have my are signs backwards.My reasons for choosing the signs I have

    asked by george
  81. Math

    How many people can fit in a 1.5 tonne elevator? Please show working out.

    asked by Angel
  82. Math

    Anna is making a 20-metre long strips of $50 notes. Estimate the total value of the $50 notes Anna will use.

    asked by Angel