Questions Asked on
June 9, 2015

  1. Science

    One of the most common commercial methods for the production of pure silicon that is to be used for the manufacture of semiconductors is the Siemens process (see Figure P5.3.5) of chemical vapor deposition (CVD). A chamber contains a heated silicon rod and

    asked by Tyla
  2. statistics

    A daily lottery is conducted in which two winning numbers are selected out of 100 numbers. How many different combinations of winning numbers are possible?

    asked by Donna
  3. Math

    Typically, 10% of students make a D on their tests, 60% make a C on their test, and 30% make an A. Mrs. Smith uses a random-number table to find the experimental probability that of 5 students', at least 3 will make a C. The digit 0 represents students who

    asked by HELP!:)
  4. Calc 1

    Consider the position function s(t)=sin((pi)(t)) representing the position of an object moving along a line on the end of a spring. Sketch a graph of s with the secant line passing through (0,s(0)) and (0.5,s(0.5)). Determine the slope of the secant line

    asked by TayB
  5. English

    10. In "The Lottery," Jackson employs several stock characters, including a town leader, law-abiding citizens, and strong father figure. How does she use the stock characters instead of more complex characters to develop the theme that normal people are

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Geometry

    Max is building a spherical model of earth. He is building his model using 2-inch long pieces of wood to construct the radius. The first time he tries to build the model, he uses 3 of the 2-inch pieces of wood end-to-end to make the radius of the model.

    asked by Donna
  7. Physics

    A pistol is fired horizontally toward a target 120 m away but at the same height. The bullet's velocity is 200 m/s. How long does it take the bullet to get to the target? How far below the target does the bullet hit? please explain why you used the formula

    asked by Mark
  8. English

    Which of the following is a denotation of the word inexpensive? a.) budget b.) discounted c.) low priced d.) worthless I was going to choose b. then I thought it might be d.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Consumer Math

    You owe $3,450.00. Which credit limit gives you an acceptable debt ratio? $4,000.00 $2,000.00 $7,000.00 $5,500.00 helping my granddaughter with this.

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Geometry

    A scientist is plotting the circular path of a particle on a coordinate plane for a lab experiment. The scientist knows the path is a perfect circle and that the particle starts at ordered pair (-5, -11). When the particle is halfway around the circle, the

    asked by Donna
  11. Chemistry

    Could a buffer system employing H3PO4 as the weak acid and H2PO4^- as the weak base be used as a buffer system within cells? Explain. I know the answer is no but I'm not really quite sure how to explain why.

    asked by Candice
  12. World History

    Compare and Contrast Discuss President George H.W. Bush’s foreign policy by comparing and contrasting his decisions regarding three of the following countries: China, Kuwait, Panama, Somalia, South Africa, and Yugoslavia. Explain why you think that he

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Algebra

    There are four cars entered into a pinewood derby race. In how many different orders can they cross the finish line?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    A yogurt shop offers 2 different flavors of yogurt and 11 different toppings. How many choices are there for a single serving of yogurt with one topping? A= 20 B= 11 C= 13 D= 22

    asked by HELP PLZ
  15. History

    How did the political policies of Augustus contribute to the growth and longevity of the roman empire A. He used democratic elections to fill seats in the senate and used the senate as a consul. B. He shared equal power with the consuls and therefore

    asked by Anonymous user
  16. math

    On your birthday, you deposit $540.00 in an account that pays 6% interest compound anually. How much is in the account 3 years later?

    asked by Blair
  17. solving two-step inequality

    Translate the following inequality into written language. 5x-6

    asked by daniel
  18. English

    In a sample essay for this lesson, we read, “Add those two together and then think about the health benefits that accrue to all pet owners and you’ll realize an amazing thing: Adopting a shelter animal can improve your quality of life in surprising and

    asked by ziko
  19. Biology

    If a tall plant (TT) is crossed with a short plant (tt), what percentage of the offspring will be short?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Finance

    what is the present value of $2500 per year for 9 years discounted back to the present at 11 percent?

    asked by April
  21. Math

    A walkway is formed by four semi circles. The diameter of the inner semi circles is 14 feet. The width between the outer and inner semicircles is 2 feet. Find the area of the walkway. Use 3.14 as an approximation for pi.

    asked by Eiyannah
  22. Math

    Alex wants to cut out as many circular badges as possible from a rectangular sheet of cardboard(100cm by 60cm). The diameter of each badge is 14 centimeters. Use 22 an approximation for pi. a) How many badges can Alex cut? b) What is the area of the

    asked by Eiyannah
  23. math

    A person leaves her home and walks 330 feet due north, then she walks 640 feet east, then she walks 900 feet north and 370 feet east. How far, to the nearest tenth of a foot, is she from her starting point?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Calc 1

    If a function is continuous, then it is differentiable.

    asked by TayB
  25. Chemistry

    A beaker contains 50 gm water at 20 degree c.How much water having temperature 60 degree C should be added to have an equilibrium temperature of 40 degree c?

    asked by Maya
  26. 6th Grade World History

    Which of these was a result of the Punic Wars? A. Rome lost Hispania to Carthage B. Rome destroyed Cannae and Ilpia C. Rome's navy became highly advanced D. Rome developed trade relationships with China Please Help As Soon As Possible! I don't know the

    asked by MusicLover14
  27. physics

    indicate the direction and select the total displacement of A caterpillar tries to climb straight up a wall two meters high, but for every 2 cm up it climbs, it slides down 1 cm. Eventually, it reaches the top. When it reaches the top, it does not pull

    asked by Jorge Alaniz
  28. English

    The paragraph or essay type most frequently called for in college, business, and daily life is A. persuasive. B. cause-and-effect. C. classification. D. comparison-contrast

    asked by ziko
  29. statistics

    In blackjack with one card dealt already? What is the probability it is a Ace, given that it is not a face card?

    asked by cat
  30. English

    Which pronoun correctly completes the sentence? Please send __________ the directions when you can. A. she and I B. she and me C. her and me D. her and I I know its either C or D

    asked by Sara
  31. science

    Which of the following properties of water explains its characterization as the universal solvent? Which of the following properties of water explains its characterization as the universal solvent? A. Kinetic energy of liquid water molecules B. High

    asked by wedi
  32. Economics

    What are welfare payment or consumer subsidies

    asked by Bongiwe
  33. Biology

    Describe how the nervous system helps different parts of your body communicate with one another the moment you begin to pet a dog.

    asked by Sara
  34. Algebra

    express using positive exponents. simplify each. please (-5c^-3)^4=? thank you

    asked by Chen
  35. MATH

    In a G.P, the product of the second term and fourth term is double the fifth term and the sum of the first four terms is 80. Find the G.P.

    asked by ANGELA
  36. Algebra

    Please simplify. 1.) (c^-3)^2d^4/d^-2= 2.)(e^4)^-3f^-5/f^-2= 3.)(8^-7/8)^-2= thank you. :)

    asked by Chen
  37. Geometry-Reiny

    Thank you! A, B, C and D are all on the circle. If the circle was a clock, point A would be around 11:00, B is around 9, C is around 6 and D is around 4 ... P is in the middle. A straight line runs vertical to the circle touching the circle at point B. E

    asked by Donna
  38. English

    I am just about the processes of writing a short story and I am looking for a word/phrase that can properly describe a departure, without a destination(I am not going to specify anything to reflect the tone and theme of my story) that is just taken based

    asked by Anna
  39. marh

    three note pads and one pencil cost 70 cents. One note pad and three pencils cost 50 cents. How much do two pencils and two note pads cost?

    asked by Lilly
  40. gwalior glory school

    I am a three digit number between four hundred and five hundred my on3s place is same as number of eyes you have my tens place is four more than the number at ones place i am ?

    asked by jaivardhan
  41. physics

    Using a rope, a child pulls a box across a rough floor at a constant speed. The tension in the rope is 105 N and the rope makes an angle of 37 degrees with the horizontal. Find the friction force acting on the box (due to the rough floor).

    asked by tara
  42. Math

    Hi, I am doing my summer assignment and I do not understand a problem. The question is about a girl who bought 4 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. The total cost of the shirts was $60.00. The total cost of the pants was $70.00. The total cost of the pants and

    asked by carolina Puckett
  43. Alg 2

    Write an equation of the line that passes through (-3,4) and is perpendicular to the line y=2x-5. Answer: y-y1=2(x-x1) y-4=2(x+3) Is this how I would write my equation or should I distribute the 2 to make it y-4=2x+6?

    asked by Amy
  44. Physics

    A tyre is suddenly brust when it was pumped to a presure of 4 atm at 20 degree celsius. Calculate the final temperature.

    asked by Zorgo
  45. Physics

    A race car travels on a flat circular track at the maximum possible speed without slipping. If the radius of the track is 39m and the coefficient of friction is 0.73, how long (seconds) does it take the race car to complete 5 laps?

    asked by Alex
  46. math

    Aaron own a shipping company. He plans to move into his new office which is near to the city centre. He needs some filing cabinets to organize his files. Cabinet x which costs RM100 per unit, requires 0.6 square meters of the floor space and can hold 0.8

    asked by mt
  47. Public health Administration

    Design a PowerPoint presentation (6-8 slides) in which you define public health. Provide an overview of Healthy People 2020 and present your perspectives regarding at least one of the leading health concerns posed by Healthy People 2020.

    asked by Dee
  48. photography

    Which of the following is a good tip for documentary photography? Shoot with your heart. Do whatever you must to get the image. Never worry about how people will feel about an image. Avoid using black and white photos for documentary images.

    asked by shayla
  49. sikhethuxolo high school

    any four factors that could threaten or limit the core functions of the media

    asked by banele luthuli
  50. Geometry

    △ABC and △CDE are similar triangles. Set up an equation to find the value of x. 20 /30 = 5 /x 20 /30 = x /5 20 /30 = 5x 30 /20= 5 / x

    asked by Anonymous

    Joseph jogs from one end "A" to another end "B"of a straight road in 300 metre in 2 minutes 50 seconds and then turns around and jogs 100 metre back to point"c"in another 1 minute.What is the Joseph'S average speed and velocity from "A"to"B" "A"to"c"

    asked by RAI
  52. math trigonometry

    Prove the identity Sin^3X sinx*cos^2X=tanx/cosX

    asked by happy
  53. Calc 1

    True or False. Explain. If lim f(x)=L x → a^+ then lim f(x)=L x → a^-

    asked by TayB
  54. Calc 1

    True or False. Explain. If lim f(x)=5, x → a then lim (f(x))^2=25 x → a

    asked by TayB
  55. physics

    a car travels at uniform velocity of 20m/s for 5 seconds, the breaks are then applied and the car comes to rest with uniform retardation in further 8 seconds. draw a graph of velocity against time.How far does the car travel after the breaks are applied.?

    asked by emmanuel
  56. Calculus 1

    True or false. Explain. The line x=1 is a vertical asymptote of f(x)=(x^2+x-2)/(x^2-1)

    asked by TayB
  57. social studies

    i was wondering if you guys can help me with social studies i really need help What happened to Cuba when the Soviet Union broke up? my answer is they do not have food or tools

    asked by Sofia
  58. science

    Ram is 35 kg sitting 120 cm away from the pivot while Hari is 30 kg sitting at another end of seasaw. How far should Hari sit from the pivot point? Calculate

    asked by dips
  59. Calc 1

    True or False. Explain. The graph of any function can have at most two horizontal asymptotes.

    asked by TayB
  60. Calc 1

    True or False. Explain. If lim f(x)=L x → a then f(a)=L

    asked by TayB
  61. Chemistry

    How much time a 250 watt heater takes to heat up 1 kg of water from 20 degree c to 50 degree c?

    asked by Maya
  62. Algebra

    An equation of a line through (-3, -6) which is perpendicular to the line y=-5 x +3 has slope: I know the slope is 1/5 having problem with y-intercept is

    asked by kim
  63. Economic

    The south african government is not providing enough welfare or subsidies to the poor and underpriviledged.

    asked by Bongiwe
  64. need ratio

    1 1/2:4 1/2 need ratio

    asked by raj
  65. total pitches

    #60 pitch chain moving 180" conveyor. if one pitch 3/4. how many pitches need.

    asked by raj
  66. Algebra

    The equation of the line that goes through the point ( 2, 5 ) and is parallel to the line going through the points ( -2 ,4 ) and ( 6 ,2 ) can be written in slope-intercept form y = mx+b with: m = b =

    asked by kim
  67. LA

    what are essay question i always get them on my test but i do not know what they are

    asked by carly
  68. pre-calculus 11

    abs x^2/2 -1 =x+3 solve algebraically so if I divide through by 2 i get x^2 -2= 2x+3 simplifying x^2-2x-5 =0 solve by quadratic formula to get =3.449 and -0.445 both of which are extraneous roots if I take negative then I get -x^2 +2=2x+6 simplify to x^2

    asked by george

    I have 3 questions. Multiply the polynomials. -2r(8r+5) a. -16r^2 + 5 b. -16r^2 + 10 c. -16r^2- 10r d. -16r^2 - 10 ^2a(a^2 + 4a) a. 2a^2 + 6a^2 b. 2a^3 + 8a^2 c. 2a + 6a d. 2a^3 + 6a^2 (3y)(3y-2) a. 9y^2 - 6 b. 9y^2 + 5y c. 9y^2 + 1 d. 9y^2 - 6y

    asked by Anon
  70. Hlahlindlela.economics

    What are welfare payment or consumers subsides

    asked by Amahle
  71. Kainantu

    At stp what volume of SO2 gas will be produced when 2.00g of CS2 is burned

    asked by Tema Andrew
  72. Algebra

    Let \ f(x) = 16 - x^2. Compute the average rate of change of f(x) on each interval. (a) [0,2] (b) [2,4] (c) [0,4]

    asked by kim
  73. math

    is the statement |f(x)|= f|(|x)| always true, sometimes true or never true use examples. If f(x) means the function of x then it means the absolute value of the function of x equals the function of the absolute value of x. I do not know how to provide

    asked by george
  74. Kainantu

    A sample of O2 gas occupies 1.93L at a pressure of 10.0atm at 100 degree celsius. What volume will the sample occupy at stp?

    asked by Tema Andrew
  75. English please i need it for tom

    1. From Lawrenceville take Highway 9 for 20 minutes (about 30 minutes) until you reach the Third Karletown and exit off and turn North on Park Street and drive for 3.1 miles past six stop lights take a left on 3rd Avenue and drive for the tour will be on

    asked by wedi
  76. math trigonometry

    Prove the identity Sin^3X+sinx*cos^2X=tanx/cosX

    asked by happy
  77. English please i need it for tom

    1. From Lawrenceville take Highway 9 for 20 minutes (about 30 minutes) until you reach the Third Karletown and exit off and turn North on Park Street and drive for 3.1 miles past six stop lights take a left on 3rd Avenue and drive for the tour will be on

    asked by wedi
  78. Kainantu

    How many moles of O2 are there in the above sample at the initial temperature and pressure?

    asked by Tema Andrew
  79. english please help

    ) 1) She turned green after eating the shellfish, which the waiter had recommended, it went without saying, but she said it anyway, "I don't feel too good." Which of the following is an error in the passage above? A. The word "had" is used instead of

    asked by wedi
  80. algebra 2

    find the sum of the arithmetic series 13+11+9+...+(-25)

    asked by reina bonilla
  81. english please help

    This label appears on a bottle of medicine. Which of the following is the logical conclusion based on the information provided? A. This medication must not be taken when one is tired. B. Alcohol will counteract the effects of this mediation C. Caution

    asked by wedi
  82. math trigonometry

    Simplify Tan(180+theter)*cos(90+theter)+sin(360-theter)*tan(180-theter) thanks

    asked by lesedi
  83. english please help

    This label appears on a bottle of medicine. Which of the following is the logical conclusion based on the information provided? A. This medication must not be taken when one is tired. B. Alcohol will counteract the effects of this mediation C. Caution

    asked by wedi
  84. iworo ajido

    a tree is on one side of a river two point p and q 15metre apart are chosen on the other side of the river in a straight line with the foot of the tree on a horizontal plane.the angle of elevation of the top of the tree from p and q 32degree and 51degree

    asked by hunpevi
  85. algebra

    The price of a new computer is p dollars. The computer is on sale for 20% off. Which expression shows the savings that are being offered on the computer?

    asked by jada
  86. Pre calculus/ Advanced Functions

    Samuel is investigating the rate of change of the function f(x) = cos x on the interval xE[0, 2pi]. He notices that the graph of f(x) passes through the x-axis at pi/2. He also determines the instantaneous rate of change at x = 0, pi and 2pi by inspection.

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math

    explain how the line plot would change if you measured a purple pen that is 6 inches long

    asked by Samar
  88. Calc 1

    Optimization: Of all rectangles with perimeter P , the one with the largest area is a square of side length P/4. True or False and explain reasoning

    asked by TayB
  89. English

    Can you give me reasons why becoming a better community is important. My Original Essay Question: How can cities in the U.S. be better designed to create a safer and more economically productive community? I need you list a way or (a few ways) becoming a

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Japanese !!!

    Translate into Japanese language! 1. Kuro wearing shirts and trousers 2. Tina wearing T-shirts and hats 3. Nina wearing shirts and skirts 4. Pablo wearing jeans and a tie 5. Windy wearing sandals and glasses Thank you for your attention!

    asked by minta
  91. calculus1

    Region R is bounded by x=2-2y^2 and x=1-y^2 find the volume of the solid generated if R is revolved about the y-axis Anybody help me with this? thanks!

    asked by karen
  92. English

    What is proper fraction to mixed numbers?

    asked by Kady
  93. maths


    asked by vidya
  94. Math 11

    The Colebeck's are purchasing a cottage for $120 000. They have a down payment of $20 000 and borrow the rest at 4.8%/a compounded monthly. If their monthly payments are $750 determine how long it takes them to pay off the loan?

    asked by Amy
  95. Geometry

    Trying to help my Autistic child with geometry. Need a simple step by step explanation and answer please. In this open ended question, find each item and include an explanation of how you found each one. Find arc AD. Find angle APD. If arc BC=100 degrees,

    asked by Donna
  96. calc

    The area A = πr2 of a circular oil spill changes with the radius. At what rate does the area change with respect to the radius when r = 3ft?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. ap english

    does anyone know of any reference of gluttony in literature? thanks!

    asked by sara
  98. Algebra

    Pure water is being added to a 25% solution of 120 milliliters of hydrochloric acid. How much water should be added to reduce it to a 15% mixture ?

    asked by Gelo
  99. English

    1. What are pretzels like? - They are big and soft. 2. What do pretzels look like? - They are big and soft. ================= Which question is suitable?

    asked by rfvv
  100. additional mathematics

    Describe briefly, 1. Mathematical optimization

    asked by Angie
  101. calculus1

    Approximate the real root of cosx+x=2 to four decimal place. (Using Newton's method) I need help with this! Thank you

    asked by karen
  102. World History

    How did changes in American society during the 1970s affect religion in the nation? How did this change in religion affect politics? Can you help me answer this? I'm having a brain fart. I understand the question I just need something to put for the

    asked by Anonymous