Questions Asked on
June 6, 2015

  1. Algebra

    The area of the conference table in Mr. Nathan’s office must be no more than 175 ft2. If the length of the table is 18 ft more than the width, x, which interval can be the possible widths?

  2. Math/Physics

    Given the following vectors, where Vector A is 6.3 meters and Vector B is 3.5 meters, determine the magnitude of the following vector sums: A+B, A-B, B-A I tried to do magnitude such as A+B = square root (6.3)^2+(3.5)^2 = 7.2 then A-B = square root

  3. child care development

    I have two questions that I need checked. Toddlers are incapable of sharing, even for short periods of time. (true or false) I chose false Secondly,tummy time is a supervised timewhile the infant is awake, during which the infant is ladi on his or her

  4. math

    a cylindrical container has a diameter of 14cm and a height of 20cm and is full of water. The water is poured into another cylinder which has a diameter of 20cm. How deep is the water in the second cylinder?

  5. Math

    Form an arithmetic sequence by finding p in the numbers 7p+2, 5p+12, 2p-1...

  6. math

    Ariel wants to choose 5 players for her basketball team. There are 7 players to choose from. How many different teams can Ariel make? A) 21 B) 35 C) 42 D) 56 please help me! And show how you got the answer! I thought you were supposed to go 7*6*5*4*3 but

  7. Math

    Solve for x. Express the answer in simplest form. 1/7 = 3 over 4x - 1 1/7 is a fraction

  8. Chemistry

    At 2000 ∘C the equilibrium constant for the reaction 2NO(g)←−→N2(g)+O2(g) is Kc=2.4×103. The initial concentration of NO is 0.220M . What is the equilibrium concentration of NO? What is the equilibrium concentration of N2? What is the equilibrium

  9. Thermodynamics

    Consider a system consisting of 2.0 mol Carbon dioxide gas, inititially at 25 deg and 10 atm and confined to a cylinder of cross section 10.0square centimeters. lt is allowed to expand adiabatically against an external pressure of 1.0atm until the piston

  10. chemistry

    que.1-10 g of a mixture of Bao and Cao require 100ml of 2.5M Hcl to react with it.Find out the amount of Bao in %.

  11. literacy

    plain language searches do not work in expanded academic asap and may not work in other periodical databases because periodical databases

  12. quadratic functions

    The graph of a quadratic function can have 0, 1 or 2 x-intercepts. How can you predict the number of x-intercepts without drawing the graph or (completely) solving the related equation? Suppose that the graph of f(x) = ax^2+bx+c has x-intercepts (m,0) and

  13. Algebra II

    Can someone help me figure out the square root of 50/3? Is it the 5√2/3? Thank you.

  14. Physics

    A stone is shot upward with a speed of 24.4 m/s from a tower and lands at the base of the tower with a speed of 44.0 m/s. How long does it take?

  15. Calculus

    A rectangle is bounded by the x axis and the semicircle = square root 25-x^2. What length and width should the rectangle have so that its area is a maximum? When I worked the problem out(which is a bit detailed). I started with y = square root 25-x^2 then

  16. Math

    Find p so that 7p+2, 5p+12, 2p-1 ... form an arithmetic sequence.

  17. Chemistry

    Solid sodium peroxide (Na2O2) reacts with carbon dioxide gas to form solid sodium carbonate and oxygen gas. If I have 56.2 g of Na2O2 and I treat it with 2.4 L of carbon dioxide at 675 Torr and 23.6 „aC, how many grams of sodium carbonate will be

  18. Chemistry

    Consider a system consisting of 2moles CO2 gas initially at 25 deg and 10 atm and confined to a cylinder of cross section 10.0 square centimeter. lt is allowed to expand adiabatically against an external pressure of 1.0 atm until the piston has moved

  19. Chemistry

    A chemist wants to make 150 mL of a 1.26 M solution of carbonic acid to be used in the lab. How many grams of H2CO3 does the chemist need to make this solution? I converted mL to .150L, multiplied .150*1.26= =0.189 to get mol. H2CO3=62.028 so I multiplied

  20. chemistry

    You have a solution which contains an unknown concentration of an organic compound quinone O=CC4H4C=O and an unknown concentration of Pb2+ and Al3+. Explain how to determine the unknown concentrations of quinone, Pb2+ and Al3+.

  21. math derivatives

    An architect is designing a rectangular building in which the front wall costs twice as much per linear metre as the other 3 walls. The building is to cover 1350 m2. What dimensions must it have so that the costs of the walls is a minimum? write a formula

  22. Math

    What is the difference of the arithmetic sequence 7p+2, 5p+12, 2p-1?

  23. Math

    at what time was the incline at 1.71m, if it is at 1.9m now and at 1.4m one hour ago? (assuming that it declining evenly at the same rate)

  24. Math

    I'm graphing this periodic function, it has the same min value for each for the two periods, but the max value is different for the two periods. Should I use the higher max value to work out the equation for the function, or should I average them?

  25. English

    1. What kinds of things were used as money before coins or paper money? -All kinds of things were used as money such as shells, almonds and tea. 2. What kinds of things were used as money before the appearance of coins or paper money? -Shells, almonds and


    What does Kingsolver receive for her birthday? What does she do with it? (106-107) What unusual package does Kingsolver receive at her local post office? (87)

  27. English

    If they or someone nearby had only known the simple rules of water safety. How to make a question of this passage?

  28. math

    In triangle ABC, AC=BC. The point D is on BC such that AB=AD=DC. Compute the measure of angle C. I'm not sure how to do this...

  29. Math

    Joan's stamp collection consists of three books. Two tenths of her stamps are on the first book, several sevenths are in the second, and there are 303 stamps in the third book. How many stamps are there in Joan's collection?

  30. math

    Solve for all real values of x is 9^x+2=240+9^x THIS ONE IS HARD

  31. math

    A circle of radius 2 is externally tangent to a circle of radius 8. Compute the length of their common tangent.

  32. algebra

    Carmen has 6 CDs that she is going to give away. She let her best friend choose 3 of the 6 CDs. How many different groups of 3 CDs are possible?

  33. Life orientation

    "The media do not us to think.they tell us what to think about" analyse media form over the same 1 week period

  34. Differentail Equations

    I cant figure out how to do this type of problem! Consider the first order differential equation y′+(x/(x^2−4))y=(e^x)/(x−9) For each of the initial conditions below, determine the largest interval a

  35. logic

    What does Plato say about the unexamined life? (Points : 1) It is worth living. It is not worth living. It is unnecessary. It is unholy. None of the above.

  36. Math

    A spinner has three sections. The table shows the results of spinning the arrow on the spinner 80 times. Section 1 18 Section 2 30 Section 3 32 What is the experimental probability of the arrow stopping over Section 3? A. 1/3 B. 1/32 C. 3/32 D. 2/5

  37. math

    A can of oil is 8 inches high and 8 inches in diameter. What is the approximate volume of the can?

  38. Math

    Alice takes 4 hours to paint a wall. With sam's help, they can paint the wall in 3 hours. Without help, how long would it take Sam to do the same thing?

  39. physical science

    A man applies a force of 150N to pull a 20kg box with a rope that makes an angle of 60percent with the horizontal.The box experience a kinetic friction of 15N. Calculate the acceleration of the box.

  40. World History

    1.) After September 2, 1949, both the United States and the Soviet Union had atomic weapons that they could use in a war against each other. In a paragraph, analyze how this fact shaped the progress of the Cold War and the relationship between the two

  41. World History

    2.) During the Cold War, people were afraid of communists, both outside and inside the United States. The Red Scare and McCarthyism that grew out of these fears was damaging to the American way of life. During the McCarthy years, many of the freedoms

  42. algebra

    how do you expand completely: (x to the fourth power y to the fifth)entire problem to the fifth. do you just add the exponents? (answer x to the 9th - y to the 6th)

  43. Math

    The temperature of an enclosure for a pet snake should be about 27°C, give or take 3°C. (show your work) a) What absolute value expression can be used to represent this situation? b) Use the expression to determine the temperature range the enclosure

  44. World History

    What can we learn about the limited freedoms during the McCarthy era? I need to write 5 - 10 sentences. I don't understand the topic very well so could you help me understand? Is there anything that I can read that will help me with this essay question?

  45. precalculus

    If you are driving down a 10% grade, you will alway be 10% below where you would have been if you could have driven on flat ground from where you started. Suppose you descend to where you are 20 feet below your starting point. What concept does he "grade"

  46. math

    I have been doing pascal triangle and do not know where this question comes from? solve for b (3+b)to the 4th power = 1 do I take 3 to the 4th + b to the 4th =1 and then subtract 81 so that -81 =b to the fourth which = 3

  47. math

    I don't understand this, can you help with the following.... when G(x)=0 then the domain is different. G=0 wouldn't be a real number. example would be f=(G)=x+2 f(F)=2x+3 x=2

  48. math

    balance on an initial investment of $1,500 over 25 years at 5% APR. After 10 years about how much interest has the investment earned

  49. Thermodynamics

    A sample consisting of 2,0 moles of diatomic perfect gas molecules at 250K is compressed reversibly and adiabatically until its temperature reaches 300K. Given Cv,m 27,5 JK/mol calculate q, w, dU, dH,dS

  50. Math (PLEASE HELP!)

    The temperature of an enclosure for a pet snake should be about 27°C, give or take 3°C. (show your work) a) What absolute value expression can be used to represent this situation? b) Use the expression to determine the temperature range the enclosure

  51. Math

    A firm wants to manufacture an open steel container with a capacity 4l. Determine the dimensions of the container with a square base if they want to use the minimum amount of sheet metal

  52. english

    Which of the following sentences is written correctly? a. When properly designed, an automobile can achieve great fuel efficiency. b. When properly designed an automobile can achieve great fuel efficiency. c. When properly designed, great fuel efficiency