Questions Asked on
June 4, 2015

  1. Life orientation

    What are the six ways that xenophobia can impact on individuals,groups and consequences?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Chemistry

    How many grams of zinc metal are required to produce 2.00 L of hydrogen gas at STP according to the chemical equation shown below? Zn(s) + 2HCl(aq) → ZnCl2(aq) + H2(g)

    asked by Ryan
  3. math

    One ordered pair (a,b) satisfies the two equations ab^4 = 12 and a^5 b^5 = 7776. What is the value of a in this ordered pair? Note: You can enter radicals with the \sqrt command. For example, \sqrt[3]{5} gives you \sqrt[3]{5}. Therefore, you can enter

    asked by bargav
  4. Language Arts

    Which of the following word pairs best shows the differences between the American town and the Tang town? seedy vs. proud dingy vs. colorful disorderly vs. calm* prosperous vs. impoverished

    asked by Help Me Please!!
  5. Math

    If a graph of a quadratic function can have 0, 1 or 2 x-intercepts. How can you predict the number of x-intercepts without drawing the graph or (completely) solving the related equation? Suppose that the graph of f(x) = ax^2+bx+c has x-intercepts (m,0) and

    asked by Molly
  6. Biology

    Suggest why Ia and Ib alleles are dominant over Io allele. Why in IaIo genotype, the Io allele is masked

    asked by Dean
  7. Language Arts

    What is the infinitive phrase in this sentence? After reading about the events in world war ll, she wanted to visit the Holocaust museum? A)After reading B)About events in WW2 C)she wanted D)to visit the holocaust museum I think it's D, but then again I

    asked by Eddy
  8. Computers

    Software Piracy (20 points) In this assignment, you will take a stance on a position regarding software piracy, file sharing, and digital rights. Your stance should be one of two:  Piracy should be allowed.  Piracy should not be allowed. Write a

    asked by Trent
  9. Science--HELP!!

    Can you please check my answers: 1. Dalton's idea that atoms cannot be divided into smaller parts was disproved by the discovery of _________ (electrons?) 2. The description of the structure of the atom is called ______ (atomic model?) 3. In a water

    asked by Amy
  10. ELA

    Which one of the following statements about making your writing fun to read is not correct? A. Direct quotations should be reserved for characters in stories. B. An anecdote or humorous quotation is often more convincing than a strong argument. C. The

    asked by Brooklyn
  11. Chem.

    A gas bottle contains 0.250 mol of gas at 0.973 bar pressure. If the final pressure is 1.165 bar, how many moles of gas were added to the bottle?

    asked by John
  12. Social Studies

    How did the idea of Manifest Destiny influence settlement in the United States?

    asked by iris
  13. language arts

    which of the following passages from the novel suggest that even as jonas tries to escape, he struggles to decide if "choice" is as important as he once thought

    asked by the giver question
  14. Science

    If 15% of the radioactive material decays in 5 days, what would be the percentage of amount of original material left after 25 days?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Social Studies

    how are the economies of Chile and Venezuela different and how are they alike

    asked by anonymous
  16. math help

    4,9,x,37 is a quadratic sequence (a)show that x=20 (b)determine the nth term of the sequence thanks in advance

    asked by happy
  17. Geometry

    Find the equations of lines parallel to and perpendicular to the line 3x - 2y = -1 and passing through the point (3, -2)

    asked by Summer.
  18. Math

    Jennifer earned $249.60 in 6 1/2 years on a $640 investment. What was the simple interest rate?

    asked by Trent
  19. 7th grade English

    Both the authors of Zoos: Joys or Jails and the author of Why do we need Zoos : a. think animals should live in their natural habitat b.believe animals are protected in zoos c.wish people would make donations to zoos d. want to help wild animals, esp.

    asked by Brian
  20. Trigonometry

    Write an equation of the cosine function with the given amplitude, period, phase shift, and vertical shift. amplitude = 3, period = pi, phase shift = -3/4 pi, vertical shift = -3

    asked by Sean
  21. math

    help on this please? Factor completely 2x2 - 2x - 24. (2x - 6)(x + 4) (2x - 8)(x + 3) 2(x - 3)(x + 4) 2(x - 4)(x + 3)

    asked by crissy
  22. math

    Let the equation of a circle be x^2+y^2-14x+8y+56 a. Find the standard form of the circle b. Find the center of the circle c. Find the radius of the circle

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math

    Prime factorize the following using factor tree method: 66, 99, 20, 108, 37 and 450

    asked by Jacob
  24. Math

    you own 5 pair of jeans and want to take 2 of them with you on vacation in how many ways can you choose 2 pairs of jeans A.10 ways B.15 ways C.4 ways D.20 ways NEED HELP!! DON'T UNDERSTAND!!

    asked by Alina
  25. Chemistry Please Help Thanks!

    Calculate the volume of solution that has a vapour pressure of 25.8 mbar and contains 200.3 g of galactose, C6H12O6, at a temperature of 22.0 °C. The vapour pressure of pure water at 22 °C is 26.40 mbar, the density of water is 1.00 g mL-1, and assume no

    asked by Ben
  26. Math

    Use sine law to explain why the 2 equal sides of an isoceles triangle must be opposite the two equal angles

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    Tom Whisky ou l'Illusioniste toqué?

    asked by Gregory
  28. physics

    A conductor 400mm long moves at a uniform speed of 4 m/s at a right angles to a uniform magnetic field of flux density 4.7 Tesla. Find then induce emf? F=BIL sin degrees 4.7*0.4*4*sin 90 degrees = 7.52

    asked by Eren A
  29. Math

    given the data 21, 13,13,37,13,23,25,15 what is the out liner a.13 b.15 c.23 d.37

    asked by Alina
  30. English

    Would someone be willing to proof read my English essay? I proof read it but I don't know if I got all the mistakes.

    asked by Marissa
  31. Science (Physics)

    A conductor carries a current of 25 A and is at right angles to a magnetic field. The flux density is 0.8 Tesla and the length of the conductor in the field is 35 cm. Calculate the force acting on the conductor, and the value of the force if the conductor

    asked by Eren A
  32. Math

    How do you subtract a negative number from a positive number?

    asked by Zoe
  33. Chemistry

    what volume of 0.200M KOH is needed to neutralize 32.7 grams of h3po4, which has been dissolved in 250 ml water?

    asked by Nick
  34. Find the GCF of the monomials

    3xy, 6xz, and 9yxz is  ___________________________

    asked by Vicki
  35. Economics

    What are walfare payment or consumer subsidies?

    asked by Nosipho
  36. Applications: Percents

    A charity received a donation of $20,500, and invested it at a 6% simple interest rate. A. How long would it take for the charity to earn $5, 535 interest? B. What is the minimum number of full years the charity should allow the investment to mature to

    asked by Trent
  37. US History

    What were the original goals and purposes of the containment policy in 1946? How did the policy change its meaning over time?

    asked by Mark
  38. micro202

    Would someone help me with the's not A.Thnx!! What would happen if the mRNA codon that coded for Cys was mutated in the third position from a U to an A? A The codon would now code for Trp instead of Cys. B A stop codon would be introduced

    asked by Azz
  39. Chemistry

    How much heat is required for 32.5g of Na2co3 to completely decompose?

    asked by Jan
  40. Language Arts

    Both the author of "Zoos: Joys or Jails?" and the author of "Why do we need zoos?" A. think animals should live in their natural habitats. B. believe animals are protected in zoos. C. wish people would make donations to zoos more often. D. want to help

    asked by anonymous
  41. math

    Below is a diagram of a right triangle. The coordinates of the two vertices are shown. Find the lengths of sides f and g. Write your answers in terms of the variables f and g. f = √() g = √()

    asked by zenayah
  42. Chemistry

    A solution of methanol and water has a vapour pressure of 213 Torr. What would you predict as the mole fractions of each component, assuming ideal behaviour? The vapour pressures of methanol and water are 256 Torr and 55.3 Torr, respectively

    asked by Matt
  43. Math

    How do you do this?: Which ordered pair is on the graph of y= x+ +11

    asked by Zoe
  44. Language Arts

    Mission San Diego was founded on July 16, 1769 by Spanish friar Junipero Serra. This was the first mission in the chain of 21. It is known as Mother of the Missions. California Historical Landmark No. 242 Church:135 feet long, 35 feet wide, 29 feet high.

    asked by Miley J.
  45. math

    Thom has a scale model of his car. The scale is 1 inch = 12 inches. If the actual car has 16- inch wheels what size are the wheels on the scale model. I don't know where to begin

    asked by Dorothy

    Match the following statement to the person: One should begin with careful observations of facts and experiments on nature, and then should form general conclusions only when they were fully justified. A. Plato B. Bacon C. Descartes D. Aristotle MY ANSWER

    asked by MAE
  47. Computer Lit

    Does this look good? It's about Piracy and my position. Computer Piracy What is piracy? Are there pirates running around on the Internet? Piracy is theft, you’re stealing copyrighted work. You’re not stealing if you buy a book, a song on iTunes, or a

    asked by Kevin
  48. Economics

    What are cost and consequenses of providing the subsidies and welfare?

    asked by Phindile
  49. Language Arts

    Which of the following word pairs best shows the differences between the American town and the Tang town? seedy vs. proud dingy vs. colorful disorderly vs. calm* prosperous vs. impoverished

    asked by starbuckshelp
  50. science

    An electromagnetic calorimeter made of Pb that has inside a Co-60 source with the activity 4 Ci.The two gamma rays emmited have the energies 1.173 MeV and 1.332 MeV. Calculate the time after that the temperature of the calorimeter rises with T=10 K.

    asked by A.
  51. Life orientation

    "the media do not tell us what to think.they tell us what to think about"analyse the above statement.illustrate your answer by reffering to any three media form over the same 1 week period

    asked by Khosi nhleko
  52. Algebra II

    I have absolutely no idea how to factor the following: b² + 4b = 4b² I think you subtract 4b² from both sides: 3b² + 4b = 0 Then b(3b + 4) = 0 Then b = 0 and b = -4/3 Is this correct? Thank you.

    asked by Mom50
  53. Physical science paper 1 june exam

    What is Reflection?

    asked by Lonwabo
  54. paramedic science

    The male person on-scene is complaining of abdominal pain but refuses any treatment or transport going against your advice. He has obvious bruising to his abdomen consistent with a seatbelt injury. Using Queensland Ambulance Service protocols as a guide -

    asked by JOhn
  55. geography

    blak forces push rocks togather,blak force pull rocks apart.

    asked by tarekegn
  56. Chemistry

    Did Dalton and Thomson believe that the atom was made of solid mass?

    asked by Hannah
  57. maths

    solve the following quadratic equation. 8s2+14s+=14

    asked by ikechukwu
  58. Math

    Sarah needs to cover the lateral area and the base on top of the cylinder. (cylinder 6 in on the base 12 in in length) About how many square inches of paper will Sara need? 282 in. 2 254 in. 2 679 in. 2 565 in. 2

    asked by Alina
  59. Economics

    Articulate the economic relevance of Hicksian separation of substitution and income effect on various economic agents

    asked by cutiefeyi
  60. physics

    a car starts from rest &moves along x axis with a constant acceleration of 5 m/s2 for 8 sec.if it then continues to move with a constant velocity,what dist will the car cover in 12 sec since it stared.

    asked by ashmeet
  61. geometry

    Find the standard equation of a circle with the center (-2, 3) and a radius of 4 units.

    asked by Summer.
  62. maths

    If sec theta + tan theta=m; find sin theta

    asked by Ayush
  63. Geography

    Steps on how to calculate magnetic declination

    asked by Nothando Tiah
  64. Math: Arithmetic Sequence.

    the 3rd of an Arithmetic sequence is 8 of the 16th term is 47. Find a subed 1 and the common difference. Construct the sequence.

    asked by Jan
  65. math

    F(x)=-(x+1)^2+4 determine the nature of the roots

    asked by kem
  66. Social Studies

    i know you all might be mad but i need help again here is the question What region of the United States did the first settlers arrive

    asked by iris
  67. Math

    at 10:00 am on April 26, 2006, a building 300 feet high casts a shadow 50 feet long. What is the angle of elevation of the sun?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Chemistry

    How many moles are in 1.59 kg of sodium?

    asked by Ava
  69. math

    let equation of an ellipse be x^2+4y^2+6x-8y+9=0 a. Find the standard form of the ellipse b. Find the center c. Find the vertices d. Find the foci e. Find the eccentricity

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math

    Let equation of an hyperbola be y^2-4x^2+4y+24x-41=0 a. Find the standard form b. Find the center c. Find the vertices d. Find the foci e. Find the slant asymptotes

    asked by Anonymous
  71. math

    The function f(x)=7/12 x^2+¦Ð is one-to-one on the domain if and if x¡Ý0. Find the f^(-1) (x).

    asked by Anonymous
  72. math

    Solve the trigonometric equation from 0¡ã¡Üx¡Ü360 tan⁡x+¡Ì3=0

    asked by Anonymous
  73. math

    Solve the trigonometric equation from 0¡ã¡Üx¡Ü360 tan⁡x+¡Ì3=0 2 sec^2⁡x+tan^2⁡x-3=0

    asked by Anonymous
  74. math

    Simplify the trigonometric function sin^4⁡x-cos^4⁡x cos^2⁡â-sin^2⁡â=1+2cos⁡â (1+cot^2⁡x )(cos^2⁡x )=cot^2⁡x cot^2⁡t/csc⁡t =(1-sin^2⁡t)/sin⁡t (Work on both sides!) sinècscè- sin^2⁡è=cos^2⁡è

    asked by Anonymous
  75. math help

    Solve for x 2.3^x=81-3^x thanks

    asked by mek
  76. math practice help

    add or subtract (2x^2+6x+1)+(-7x^2+2x-3) 5x^2-4x-2 -5x^2+8x-2 5x^2-8x+2 -9x^2-8x+2 (3x^2-7x-4)-(6x^2-6x+1) -3x^2-x-5 -3x^2-13x+5 9x^2-x+5 3x^2-13x-5 These are just practice problems. could someone help me figure out how to solve them and explain how they

    asked by Umacblackbelt
  77. Social Studies

    Why did most major northeastern cities in the United States develop along the coast?

    asked by iris
  78. math

    A 10side of poligon as all its angle much is each external angles

    asked by salman khan
  79. HELP ME PLEASE & FAST!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, I need help. Does desertification come from Ancient China or Ancient Africa? Please I really need the help fast. Thanks so much!

    asked by MusicLover14
  80. Math

    1/6^8/3-2/3 What Do I Do?

    asked by John Dosley
  81. How Children Learn

    1. Which of the following is an essential ingredient of academic self-esteem? A. Individual assignments requiring problem solving (me) B. Acceptance by teachers and teacher aides C. Meeting deficiency and growth needs D. A school without grades 2. What

    asked by Danielle
  82. math

    For the given function y=-2cos3(x + 180) - 1. Determine the amplitude, period, phase shift, vertical displacement, domain and range

    asked by Kitty
  83. Science

    What do B cells do?

    asked by Christina
  84. Algebra

    The length of a rectangle is 3 m less than the diagonal and the width is 8 m less than the diagonal. If the area is 84 m2, how long is the diagonal? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Devan
  85. ELA

    That is what I am thinking about.

    asked by Brooklyn
  86. Physics

    A stretched string is attached to an oscillator. On which of the following quantities does the wavelength of the waves on the string depend? Select all that apply. The choices are: A) The frequency of the oscillator. B) The tension applied to the string.

    asked by Anna
  87. Algebra

    A monic quadratic is a quadratic in which the coefficient of the quadratic term is 1. For example, r^2 - 3r + 7 is a monic quadratic, but 3t^2 - 3t + 1 is not. A teacher writes a monic quadratic on the board. Joanie copies the quadratic onto her paper, but

    asked by XXX
  88. Reading book/ The giver

    Which of the following messages does the author most likely want you to take away from the reading this novel?(1 point) - Personal choice is critical to society.*** - Rules are made to be broken. - There is no place for memories in modern society. -Success

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Bio

    Why do doctors recommend that people get a flu shot each new flu season? The vaccine wears out over time. The body eliminates the vaccine. The flu virus changes every year. The flu virus becomes immune to the vaccine.

    asked by Christina
  90. Physics

    Suppose you have a string that is being made to vibrate at a specific frequency, f. The speed of waves on the string is v. The length of the string that is vibrating, L, is adjustable. When the length of the string has been adjusted so that the fundamental

    asked by Anna
  91. Consumer math

    Cathy budgets 23% of her income for housing and 21% of her income for food. If she earns $18,000 per year, how much must she budget monthly for housing and food? a. $792 b. $660 c. $7,920 d. $61.30

    asked by Caleb
  92. math

    Ax^2+bx=bx^2+a prove that it's roots are rational for all real values of a and b

    asked by mek

    1. which is an event of the progressive era enacted by the local government in South Carolina? a. the first grange chapter was established for farmers b. the grandfather clause gave poor whites the right to vote c. blacks were disfranchises through a poll

    asked by SOMEONE
  94. computer programming

    HotelRoom class programming . Replace Disply_Number() and Display_Guest() methods by the methods Get_Number() and Get_Guest(), respectively , so that each returns a pointer to the corresponding instance variable. Recode main() as necessary .

    asked by Nancy
  95. math

    What is the time when a person is 15 m above the ground? h= 20sin 2pi/40 (t-10) + 21

    asked by Kitty