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June 3, 2015


    Determine the molar solubility (S) of Ag2CO3 in a buffered solution with a pH of 3.378 using the systematic treatment of equilibrium. Ksp(Ag2CO3) = 8.46 × 10–12; Ka1(H2CO3) = 4.45 × 10–7; Ka2(H2CO3) = 4.69 × 10–11.

  2. math

    1,5,11,19 (a) calculate next two patterns (b) calculate the nth term of the pattern (c)which term of the pattern is equal to 2549. thanks a lot

  3. Chemistry

    Will 1 L of 1 M NaCl contain more chloride ions than 0.5 L of 1 M MgCl2 explain. One liter of 1 M NaCl contains________ mole(s) of NaCl, therefore_______ mole(s) of chloride ions. 0.5 L of 1 M MgCl2 contains__________ mole(s) of MgCl2, therefore_________

  4. Math

    A company manufactures x units of Product A and y units of Product B, on two machines, I and II. It has been determined that the company will realize a profit of $3/unit of Product A and a profit of $6/unit of Product B. To manufacture a unit of Product A

  5. Math

    Which of the following equations gives the relationship between S and T in the table below? S 1 2 3 4 5 6 T 1 4 7 10 13 16 How do you find equations again?

  6. Science

    Which of the following correctly describes a radio wave? long wavelength and high frequency long wavelength and low frequency short wavelength and low frequency short wavelength and high frequency 3. When the energy of a light wave is transferred to a

  7. math

    Sara brought a total of 8 nails at ace hardware . she purchased both 6 penny nails and 10 penny nails . she brought 2 more 6 penny nails then she did 10 penny nails . she had a total of 8 mails. How many 6 penny and 10 penny nails did sara purchase

  8. math

    An airplane is flying from Montreal to Vancouver. The wind is blowing from the west at 60km/hour. The airplane flies at an airspeed of 750km/h and must stay on a heading of 65 degrees west of north. A) what heading should the pilot take to compensate for

  9. civics

    "…the Laws of the United States…and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby…" Which type of government does the

  10. HELP!! Statistics!

    The accompanying data table lists measured voltage amounts supplied directly to a family’s home. The power supply company states that it has a target power supply of 120 volts. Using these home voltage amounts, test the claim that the mean is 120 volts.

  11. Astronomy

    If you lived on Mars, which of the planets would exhibit retrograde motion? Explain.

  12. sat math

    if NR+RN=ABC where A,B,C,N and R are digits what is maximum value of B+C?

  13. Math (Grade 9)

    A submarine travels 16km/h on the surface of the water and 10km/h under water. The sub covers 138km in 12 hours. I) Write 2 equations to represent; (Define Variables) total number of hours: Total distance travelled. II) Use equations to calculate the spent

  14. math

    0,3,8,15,24 determine the nth for the number pattern

  15. Math

    A financier plans to invest up to $500,000 in two projects. Project A yields a return of 11% on the investment of x dollars, whereas Project B yields a return of 17% on the investment of y dollars. Because the investment in Project B is riskier than the

  16. Algebra

    a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi costs $2.19. A six pack of 12 oz cans costs $2.99, which is the better value and what is the total cost per ml? there are 29.6 ml in a fluid ounce.

  17. math

    Two paper strips each 5 cm wide are laid across each other at an angle of 30 degrees. Determine the area of the overlapping area. I have no idea where to start with this question or how to go on. I know it has to do with cosine or sine law. But what do I

  18. civics

    Until the 1900s, the United States tried to stay out of foreign wars and mostly avoided working with other countries except for trading. Which term best fits this description of United States foreign policy prior to the 20th century? (3 points) A.

  19. Physics

    1.33 kg of ice at 0°C is added to an 8.25 kg tub of water at a warmer temp. If their final temp is 15.7°C, What was the inital temp of the water in the tub? Please help, I cannot get the right answer.

  20. Physics

    A block of iron at 415°C is put into a 0.625 kg tub of water at 15.0°C. They come to equilibrium at 100°C, and 0.144 kg of the water boils off to steam. What is the mass of the iron block? Please help, it keeps saying I have the wrong answer.

  21. Physics

    An amt of ice was added to a 8.25 kg tubof water at 25.0°C. If their final temp is 18.2, what mass of ice was added? Please help, I keep getting the wrong answer

  22. Math

    Alex plans to make a mosaic for his art class. How many one inch square tiles will he need to cover a surface that is 2 feet by 3 feet?

  23. physics

    A person opens a door by applying a 11-N force perpendicular to it at a distance 0.90m from the hinges. The door is pushed wide open (to 120 ∘ ) in 2.2s How much work was done? What was the average power delivered?

  24. english

    1. The team __ is wearing the red jerseys is the one I came to see. Which of the following pronouns correctly completes the sentence above? A. who B. whom C. that D. which 2. The gist of the saying went something like this: If a person wants to get ahead

  25. Social Studies

    The Spanish introduced horses to North America. This is an example of _____ . In 1933, President Roosevelt created a plan called the New Deal. What impact did the New Deal have on the United States? How did Manifest Destiny doctrine contribute to the

  26. chemestry

    H3PO4 is a tribasic acid and one of its salt is NaH2PO4.what volume of 1M NaOH solution should be added to 12g of NaH2PO4 to convert it into Na3PO4?



  28. physics

    Three co-linear forces f1=45 N west,f2=63 N east and an unknown force f3 are applied to an object.the resultant of the three forces is 12 N west determine the magnitude and direction of the force f3 using algebraic calculations. Thank you indvance.

  29. physics

    A crate sits on wooden horizontal surface (a wooden floor). The figure shows a top view of this looking down onto the crate (gravity would be acting into the page). Man one and man two apply forces F1 and F2, at angles of θ1 and θ2 respectively, with the

  30. English

    Please could you help me that I don't have run on sentences or if I need commas.After reading "Man's Nature is Good" Mencius argues that man is born good but, that life itself makes a man evil. He states "Human nature is inherently good, just like water

  31. civics

    Which of the following is an example of a foreign policy issue? A. national health care B. the federal budget C. global warming D. public education system Is the answer B.?

  32. civics

    The chart below describes the how the governments of two countries share power: Country A: 1. local and state government share power with the central government 2. the central government has final authority Country B: 1. local and state governments share

  33. science

    Light waves strike a lamp shade. What property of light is demonstrated? diffuse reflection* diffraction refraction regular reflection

  34. civics 7th Grade

    Which of the following best describes how the natural resources of the united states allowed it to develop a diverse economy? A. A lack of arable land forced Americans to turn to tourism. B. Its many waterways allowed to ship goods inexpensively. C. It

  35. civics 7th Grade

    "the Laws of the United Statesand all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby" Which type of government does the passage

  36. Physics

    Emily makes 0.250 kg of hot tea at 99.0°C. How much ice at 0.00°C must she add to the tea so that the mixture reaches a final temp. of 8.00°C? (You may treat the tea as if its water.) PLEASE HELP ASAP, I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM

  37. Algebra

    the space shuttle does one full orbit every 90 minutes and the earth is 25,000 miles around. What is the apparent speed of the space shuttle?

  38. Algebra

    The surface area of a box is 160. The length of the box is twice its width as well as 4 less than its height. How many units are in the height of the box? (The surface area of a box is the sum of the areas of all 6 of its rectangular faces.)

  39. Algebra

    You drive up to Canada and notice that gas costs $1.31 per liter. The Canadian dollar is worth U.S. $1.02. How much will it cost you in american dollars to fill up your 12 gallon tank? What id the price per gallon up in Canada in American dollars?

  40. science

    1. The images above show particles in a medium. Which of the following shows the worst conditions for a sound wave travel? A B C D is the answer A? Which of the following correctly describes a radio wave? A long wavelength and high frequency B long


    A constant torque of 30m⋅N is applied to the rim of a 6.0-kg uniform disk of radius 0.20m .What is the angular speed of the disk about an axis through its center after it rotates 2.0 revolutions from rest?

  42. Chemistry

    (a) How many grams of KNO3 are needed to make 430 mL of a solution that is to contain 2.9 mg/mL of potassium ion?

  43. english

    Either one of them __ enough experience to do the job. Twenty years __ a lot of time in the field, and that’s how long they’ve been doing this work. Which of the following options correctly completes the sentence above? A. has, are B. has, is C. have,

  44. economic

    A detailed explanation with graphs of how the price of milk would have been determine in the abstance of government involvement in the market?

  45. Algebra

    I'm trying ti find the correlation coefficient for the following: The scores of 10 students on their midterm exam (x) and on their final (y) yielded the following data. Σx = 638 Σx2 = 43,572 Σy = 690 Σy2 = 49,014 Σxy = 44,636 Is the answer 0.547?

  46. Derivatives Instantaneous rate of change

    The electric field E at a distance r from a point field is E =K/r^2 where k is a constant. Find an expression for the instantaneous rate of change of the electric field with respect to r.

  47. English

    1. Make cuts along the bottom of the T-shirt to make strips. 2. Make cuts along the bottom of the T-shirt to make slips. ================= Are they all the same? Can we substitute 'slips' for 'strips'? What is the difference between 'slip' and 'strip'?

  48. Math

    if height is equal to 2.20m at exactly 9am, and then the height is equal to 1.7m at exactly 10am. At what approximate time will the height be equal to 1.71m

  49. micro economics

    When demand decreases and the demand curve shifts to the left, equilibrium price __________ and equilibrium quantity __________ . A. increases; increases B. increases; decreases C. decreases; increases D. decreases; decreases

  50. Spanish 3

    1. Esos países son buenos pero este país es… A. más bueno que ésos. B. menos bueno que ésos. C. el más mejor que ésos. D. mejor que ésos. **D 2. Me gusta esta clase. ¿Cuál prefieres tú? A. Yo prefiero ésa. B. Yo prefiero aquél. C. Yo

  51. english

    You go through the door but i go through an eye.

  52. math

    Between which two rational numbers is located?

  53. Math

    I an taking the SAT this week and I am so screwed. I keep getting these types(and ratio and probability- tips?) of questions wrong on practices. I basically set up a chart for d(distance/amount of sth), v(speed/rate), and t(time) and try to fill it out. I

  54. Math

    1. Cate went on a trip of 120 miles at x miles per hour. Returned over same route at 5miles/hour faster than previous rate.If time for return trip was one-third of an hour less than time for the outgoing trip,how do you find x? (Set up the chart right, and

  55. Math

    If a man runs for an hour and a half at 8 miles an hour due south; and then he continues south on a bus traveling at 55 miles an hour, for 24 minutes. How far did he travel?

  56. Social Studies

    Countries once under British rule can be members of this organization. The organization provides support with trade and economics. What is the name of the organization?

  57. physics

    What is the acceleration (in m/s^2) of a vehicle that changes its velocity from 85 km/h to a dead stop in 13 s?

  58. economics

    What are the costs and consequences of providing the subsidies and welfare?

  59. economic

    A detailed description with graphs of how milk would have been determine in the abstance of government involvement in the market

  60. English

    1. Coins were made from gold and silver. 2. Coins were made with gold and silver. 3. Coins were made of gold and silver. =============== Which expressions are correct? Are they all correct? Which ones are commonly used?

  61. Calculus

    v(t)= t^3 - 3t^2 + 3t Are there any times after t = 0 where the particle comes to a stop? Does the particle ever slow down?

  62. physics

    A man applies a force of 150 N to pull a 20kg box with a rope that makes an angle of 60 degrees with the horizontal.the box experiences a kinetic friction of 15 N. calculate the acceleration of the box. thanks in advance

  63. Consumer math

    Ed borrowed 1,500 for 4 months at 13.5 %. How much did he have to pay back under an add-on plan?

  64. physics

    A rocket of mass 5 000 kg is launched upwards into the sky at an acceleration of 20 m.s^-2. (a) Calculate the magnitude (b) calculate the direction of the thrust of the rocket's engines thanks in advance

  65. Geometry.

    Triangles ABC and DEF are similar. If ∠ABC = 121°and ∠BCA = 35°, find the measure of angle FDE.

  66. Math 7

    how high is a tree that casts a 25 foot shadow at the same time a 6 foot pole casts a 10 foot shadow? Please help! I don't understand how to solve any problem like this!!

  67. Algebra

    you made a 78 on a test. You know the population mean is 85.6 and a standard deviation is 1.25. Calulate the z-score

  68. Math

    For all x is not equal to 0 and y is not equal to 0, (2x^-3y^4)^3 / (4xy)^2 = ? F. y^10 / 2 G. 2y^10 / x^10 H. y^10 / 2x^11 J. y^3 / 2x^2 K. y^9 / 4x^4

  69. Algebra 1

    Markus is on a wrestling team. Before a match, he weights in at 221. Markus knows that the population means is 150 and a standard deviation of 1.68.Calculate the z-score

  70. Algebra 1

    Markus is on the wrestling team. Before a match he weights in at 221. Markus knows that the population means is 150 and a standard deviation of 1.65. Calculate the z-score

  71. English

    Can someone read over my two paragraphs to see if I need to make any changes to make my words stronger or any grammar or punctual mistakes. Live as if tomorrow is your last day, learn as if you live for eternity. I am David is based on a true story by Anne

  72. History

    How did the success of the civil rights movement and abolishment of slavery open doors to the election of the first Black American President of the United States, Barack Obama? Can I have some examples?

  73. math

    3x^2 kx-k=3x prove that this equation has rational roots for all ration values of K thanks

  74. English

    1. There are four kinds of stick food in the passage on this page. Can you name the kinds of stick food? - They are meat sticks, fruit sticks, insect sticks, and even starfish sticks. 2. What kinds of stick food can you find on Wangfujing Street? - We can

  75. Social Studies

    What is a likely reason the Northeast region has a high population density and the cities are rich in ethnic diversity? How did the arrival of European settlers change life for indigenous people on the plains? The southern region of the United States has a

  76. Geometry

    Find the standard equation of a circle with the center (0, 2) and a radius of 2 units.

  77. informal Logic

    DuBois claims that the new owners of industry and business in the South after the Civil War are focused on: (Points : 1) Love and hate of their laborers Sympathy towards their laborers How much money they can make using labor Romance for the history of

  78. math

    2 trains leave metropolos at same, one going south 50 mph the other east 40 mph. How far apart will they be at 3 hours

  79. Social Studies

    Can someone give me a link(s) about the economy of Chile and Venezuela please.

  80. geography

    why are weddings usually planned in summers in villages?(beacause of the earth's revolution).

  81. Math

    In the expression -9x-2x^2+7 what is the coefficient of x A. -9 B. -2 C. 7 D. 9

  82. geography


  83. 5th grade math

    What is he price of a hamburger and cheeseburger at this restaurant h+3c=$9.00 2h+c=$5.50

  84. 5th grade math

    16 times 1=16 what property is this 1 times 18 =18 what property is this

  85. physics

    A 7.74- g bullet is moving at 578.00 m/s as it leaves the 0.64- m-long barrel of a rifle. What is the average force on the bullet as it moves down the barrel? Assume that the acceleration is constant.

  86. SOC120

    Where does evidence/data come from? What what role does Evidence/date play In understanding a theory?

  87. Math

    15 and 16 multiply. 15. (9 * 10^6)(7 * 10^5) 16. (1.1 * 10-5)(3 * 10-2)

  88. physics

    What experimental evidence do we have to show that matter is composed of particles

  89. Geometry

    If the sum of the measures of the interior angles of a n-sided polygon is 1,0800, then set up a mathematical model to find the number of sides of the polygon.

  90. Algebra

    A monic quadratic is a quadratic in which the coefficient of the quadratic term is 1. For example, r^2 - 3r + 7 is a monic quadratic, but 3t^2 - 3t + 1 is not. A teacher writes a monic quadratic on the board. Joanie copies the quadratic onto her paper, but

  91. physics

    A block of wood experiences a normal force of 32 N from a rough,flat surface.there is a rope tied to the blobk.the rope is pulled parallel to the surface and the tension in the rope can be increased to 8 N before the block starts to slide. how can i

  92. physics

    A person opens a door by applying a 11-N force perpendicular to it at a distance 0.90m from the hinges. The door is pushed wide open (to 120 ∘ ) in 2.2s How much work was done? What was the average power delivered?

  93. Science

    A 13.0 kg block of concrete rests on a 5 cm by 2 cm board. What is the acceleration of the block of concrete here on Earth?

  94. informal Logic

    Although she was angry with her sister’s position on !@#$%^& marriage, Tenisha recognized that she could be wrong and needed to do more research before she drew a conclusion on this issue. Tenisha displayed which intellectual trait? (Points : 1)

  95. physics

    a person covers a distance of 31 km and displacement 3 kms and time 25.5 min calcuclate average velocity

  96. Geometry

    Find the standard equation of a circle with the center (-2, 3) and a radius of 4 units.

  97. C programming

    1. A 1-D array is started with which symbol?

  98. Social Studies

    If someone could check my answers that would be great :) 1. What did the effect of the breakup on the Soviet Union have on Cubans? a.Food, medicane, and tools became scarce in Cuba b. Cuba was divided into smaller territories c. The Soviet Union granted

  99. Physics

    I need some help with a few multiple choice quadroons that I don't understand 1.EMF is best described as a(n) a. electric force. b. energy measure. c. charge flow rate. d. potential difference. 2. Which rule is used to find the direction of force produced

  100. Language Arts

    ALGERNON Bring me that cigarette case Mr. Worthing left in the smoking-room the last time he dined here. LANE Yes, sir. [LANE goes out.] JACK Do you mean to say you have had my cigarette case all this time? I wish to goodness you had let me know. I have

  101. civics

    Which of the following events most directly led to American military involvement in World War II? A. the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor B. the bombing of London C. the Soviet Union entering the war D. Germany's invasion of Poland Is the answer A.?

  102. algebra

    What is the quotient in simplest form? state any restrictions on the variable x^2/x+4 divided by x-2/x^2+x-12

  103. Criminal Justice

    Hello, I am having a hard time finding information on psychological risk factors associated with gangs between 1908 to 2008. Is there any information regarding psychology and gangs in the past. I am not asking for the answer, but I need help in finding

  104. physics

    A blob of mass 5 kg is place on a table is attached to a mass piece of 2kg by a light string that passes over a frictionless pulley.the table top exerts a frictional force of 7 N on the block (a) calculate the tension of the string

  105. math

    Tyson talked in 150 customer on his shift yesterday. Of those, 20% resulted in a successful upsell of additional purchased. If Tyson makes a $ 6.00 commission on top of the regular salary of each successful upsell that he make. how much commission did he

  106. Physics

    I really need help with this question, i've found that a texbook said fourth hand, but I don't know if that's a thing Which rule is used to find the direction of force produced by electromagnetic induction? a. First right-hand rule b. Second right-hand

  107. economics

    south african government is not providing enough welfare or subsidies to the poor and underprivilidged

  108. Chemistry

    You have 30mL of .2M HF being titrated with .15M KOH. The pka is 3.17....half way to the equivalence point you have 20mL of KOH. Find the pH when you add 40mL of KOH . Find the pH when you have 100mL of KOH added. Sol:pH = pKa + log (base / acid) = -log

  109. French, foreign languages

    Salut, I am taking French 20 through ALDC via VHLCentral and I am having trouble with 5 questions of Lesson 2B-Enregistrez. I have the answer for question 1. But for the other 5 I do not have a clue can someone please help me with this? If someone has done

  110. math

    how does 3x(x-4)+5=12 = x=6+sq rt 57-3 or x=6-sq rt 57/3

  111. civics 7th Grade

    The chart below describes the how the governments of two countries share power: Country A: •local and state government share power with the central government •the central government has final authority Country B •local and state governments share

  112. math help

    Solve for x and y simultaneously x-3 2y=0 2y^2 3x^2 4xy=9

  113. Early Literacy

    Preschoolers usually begin to add tag endings, such as "huh?" and "okay?" to their questions around age:

  114. thesis statement

    I had turned in a thesis statement but it was to long is this good enough? G tubes are very important for they are used to help or save lives.


    Ignoring activities, determine the molar solubility (S) of Zn(CN)2 in a solution with a pH = 1.94. Ksp (Zn(CN)2) = 3.0 × 10-16; Ka (HCN) = 6.2 × 10-10.

  116. abortion

    what is a website where i can find (describe the issue, who, what.when.where,why)

  117. math

    what is the percent that someone would be addicted to alcohol if they were drunk fives times a month?