Questions Asked on
May 23, 2015

  1. Algebra

    Use the distributive property to multiply. (x-9)5 This problem is extremely confusing to me. Can you do this and explain the steps?

    asked by Peach
  2. Early Childhood Education and After School day car

    The Montessori program stresses the importance of

    asked by PranKster
  3. Geometry

    PR=PS ray RV bisects angle PRS, ray SV BISECTS ANGLE PST prove angle V= 1/2 angle P where angle P = 4x

    asked by Anonymous
  4. L.o

    List and discuss any 4 factors that could threaten or limit the core functions of media

    asked by Khulekani
  5. Sepedi

    can please someone translate it and tell me what it means in English? Mma waka ke Modirelaleago O soma sepetlela sa Weskoppies, Tshwane.

    asked by Rujuta

    Introduce your topic by defining(service delivery protests)

    asked by GOODNESS
  7. Statistics

    The interpretation of a test of significance can depend on the sample size and the practical context of the test. Write a short explanation of how sample size can affect the decision about statistical significance and whether or not the result is of any

    asked by Alex
  8. chemistry

    How do you separate oxygen and methane gases?

    asked by S.P
  9. Mathematics

    A motorist drives 80km/h at an average speed of 63km/h. Which average is this: mean, mode, median?

    asked by Paul
  10. math

    if x=1+under root 2+under root 3 prove that x power 4-4 x cubed-4x squared+16x-8=0

    asked by samarth
  11. economics

    What is the south african government providing and to whom

    asked by siyabonga
  12. Stats

    workers at a large toxic cleanup project are concerned that their white blood cell counts may have been reduced. The white blood cell count in the general population is known to have a mean of 7500 cells/mL with a standard deviation of 1750cells/mL a)what

    asked by Ish
  13. maths

    in a triangle abc am is a median of abc and hence bm =mc. Proove that ab+bc+ca>2am

    asked by nhps ynr

    im new to java and this is my first assignment can anyone help me solving it: compile the class final grades, based on the students’ scores obtained in the classwork, mid-term, and final exams. According to the course syllabus, the classwork accounts for

    asked by nadiapop
  15. Biology

    How can the mass transfer kc and ultrafiltration solvent flux be increased? Select one: a. Another stream of fluid can flow adjacent to the membrane to accumulate solute at the membrane surface b. Another stream of fluid can flow perpendicular to the

    asked by Clara
  16. Math

    Explain how you would design a research study to compare the effectiveness of two weed killers. Both weed killers A and B are known to be effective but it is not known which is more effective and on what type of weeds. Weeds can be broadly classified into

    asked by Yeng
  17. chemistry

    how to separate the mixtures of methane gas and carbon dioxide

    asked by clive
  18. Sepedi

    can please someone translate it and tell me what it means in English? Mma waka ke Modirelaleago O soma sepetlela sa Weskoppies, Tshwane.

    asked by Rujuta
  19. Combinatorics

    There are two rows of seats in the classroom and each row has six seats. If a class has nine students, and among them three female students G1, G2 and G3 always sit in the first row, two male students B1, B2 always sit in the second row. In how many

    asked by Anonymous
  20. English

    passive to active voice ,he will send me a pen by him

    asked by tanvir
  21. Allied health

    The Genetic information Nondiscrimination Act applies to which insurer

    asked by Lillian
  22. P.E.

    The first step in getting help for drug abuse is Detoxification Withdrawal Joining a therapeutic community Recognizing the problem*** ????????????

    asked by Jade
  23. BUS 599

    According to double-entry accounting, which of the following is a correct statement regarding transactions?

    asked by Katy
  24. English

    1. identify the adjective phrase in this sentence. The rice in the pot is not yet completely cooked. **Completely cooked 2. The convertible in the garage has only 20000 miles on it. **only 20000 miles 3. Identify the word that the capitalize adective

    asked by Anonymous
  25. math

    which of the following statements is true 15divide 0=0 or 0 divide 15=0

    asked by Anonymous
  26. algebra--1 question

    The width and area of a rectangle are shown in the figure at the right. What is the length of the rectangle? (the rectangle:) A = (4b^3 + 5b - 3) in.^2 Width = (2b - 1) in. Pls help!? Thx

    asked by SkatingDJ
  27. economics

    to whom are these welfare or subsidies provided and how

    asked by zikona
  28. Science and maybe re

    This isn't really homework, but I thought someone could really help me with this. Did time exist before the Big Bang? I believe in God; if time always existed, why did he make it wait? Looking for a really scientific explanation. Thanks!

    asked by Science
  29. UMA

    math what is the answer to this 732,178+167-542,137

    asked by joyce
  30. economics

    are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be received or added

    asked by pamela
  31. Criminal Justice

    Which of the following is an example of a white collar environmental crime? A. The cover-up of research findings about asbestos-caused diseases by several of the largest asbestos producers in the United States B. The nationwide savings and loan disaster in

    asked by Amy
  32. Physics

    At a constant velocity, a 5kg bag of cement is pulled straight up a 7m wall. How much work is done by the puller? (Gravitational pull is 9.8m/s2, W(J)=F(N)*D(m) How do I work this problem??

    asked by Laura
  33. ethics

    Which of the following occurs when jurors return a verdict which is consistent with their own sense of justice and morality, but inconsistent with the law

    asked by Anonymous
  34. algebra

    Suppose y varies inversely with x. Write an equation for the inverse variation. y = 4 when x = 2.5 y = 5 when x = -5 Pls help!? Thx

    asked by SkatingDJ
  35. ethics

    Which of the following occurs when jurors return a verdict which is consistent with their own sense of justice and morality, but inconsistent with the law

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Math

    find the angle θ in the right triangle in the following problem. Round to the nearest degree, if necessary. cos θ = 0.8192 A = 45 H = ?

    asked by Barbara
  37. criminal Justice

    Which of the following would be an example of Abadinsky’s approach of increasing law enforcement authority? A. Putting more police officers on the streets B. Decriminalizing the use of narcotics C. Passing tougher racketeering laws D. Developing

    asked by Amy
  38. Algebra

    Use the distributive property to multiply. (x-9)5 This problem is extremely confusing to me. Can you do this and explain the steps?

    asked by Peach
  39. Chem

    The heat of vaporization of ammonia is 23.4 kj/moles. How much heat is required to vaporize 1.00kg of ammonia? How many grams of water at 0 degree celcius could be frozen to ice at 0 degree celcius by evaporation of this Amount of ammonia? I got the kj by

    asked by Feather
  40. criminal justice

    During the 19th century, the one drug, other than alcohol, that affected large numbers of Americans was: A. marijuana. B. methamphetamine. C. cocaine. D. opium. im confused between A and D

    asked by Amy
  41. Check PLZZ History

    1. The legislature’s most important task is to make state laws. * override the governor’s veto. assign legislators to committees. remove government officials for misconduct. 2. A committee may take all of the following actions EXCEPT passing a bill

    asked by YOLO
  42. Management

    just check for accuracy please? 3. Which one of the following situations is an example of overall cost leadership? A. A dress manufacturer wants to make its product unique in its category. B. A company that manufactures school desks is looking for ways to

    asked by anthony
  43. Science

    A spherical object made of stone is dropped into a container of water and sinks to the bottoms of the container causing 30N of water to spill out. What is the estimated gravitational force of the object?

    asked by Ally
  44. Algebra

    Write an inequality for this sentence: The height h is greater than 15 feet. MY ANSWER h>15ft Is this correct?

    asked by Peach
  45. algebra--1 question

    Multiply x+2/5x-15 * (10x^2 - 25x - 15) A. (2x+1)/5(x-3) B. (2x+1)(x-3)/5 C. (10x+5)(x+2) D. (x+2)(2x+1) I get a different answer...pls help? Thx

    asked by SkatingDJ
  46. English

    1-2. Although Jenny chose the songs from her __ that she knew best, she wasn't complacent about being prepared. Afraid she would __ the night of the concert, she practiced the songs over and over. 3-4. The __ of the lecture was that although the United

    asked by Mika
  47. Algebra

    Marcus buys groceries for no more than $250.00 each week. He shops 4 times each month. How much should he budget for groceries for the month?

    asked by Peach
  48. Algebra

    Name the coefficients in the expression 4x+9-y

    asked by Peach
  49. life orantation

    evaluate the extent to wich the service delivery protest met?

    asked by prince
  50. Algebra

    I've been stuck on this for a while. State whether the equation is true false or an open sentence. Show your work. 3(4+-5)=3(-6-2)

    asked by Peach
  51. Integers

    Suppose Frontier City Amusement Park bought a ferris wheel for $92,000. 42,512 people paid $2.00 each to ride the ferris wheel the first year. Ignoring the cost of operating how much money did the park lose on the ferris wheel it first year.

    asked by Edward
  52. Integers

    A hockey players play minus rating compares the number of goals scored by his or her team (plus) to the number scored by the opponents (minus) while he or she is playing. In 1986 eight players on the San Jose Sharks had an average plus-minus rating of -17.

    asked by Edward
  53. Algebra

    A clerk earns $919 a week. estimate the clerk's yearly (52 weeks) salary.

    asked by Peach
  54. Health

    Using a glass coffee mug instead of a disposable cup is an example of _________. 1.Reducing 2.Reusing*****

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Grammar

    Is the sentence below correct? I want to not only be able to... Or is it: I want not only to be able to...

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Health

    The burning of fossil fuels contributes to: water pollution sewage air pollution**** land pollution

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Algebra

    I don't understand this problem at all. Use the formula d=rt. Find t for r=46.6m/h and d=456.68m. Show your work.

    asked by Peach
  58. Algebra

    3b + 7.1 = 2.5b + 11.5

    asked by Layla
  59. Spanish

    The questions were recordings, this was the best I could gather from the recordings. The answers were multiple choice. 1. ¿Cantar en el coro el año pasado también? A. No, no sé tocar ningún instrumento. B. No. Yo era una de las solistas. C. Sí, pero

    asked by Kate
  60. Integers

    Some typical daily low temperature for Alaska cities in February are Anchorage, 12F, Fairbanks, 14F, Kotzebue, -12F, Gulkana, -7F, and Nome -4. Find the average of these temperatures.

    asked by Edward
  61. science

    Moths with certain coloring are camouflaged in their habitat. Over time, more moths are born with this coloring. Which of the following best explains the increasing number of moths with this coloring? A. Natural selection B. Gene flow C. genetic drift D.

    asked by mandi
  62. math

    At a used car dealership, the first determinant in the price of the car is the model, followed by the mileage and the age of the car. Which of the following is the dependent variable? A. price B. model C. mileage D. age I think its A because price depends

    asked by mandi
  63. Algebra

    The Johnsons framed a family picture to hang on the wall. The length of the frame is 22 inches and the width is 14 inches. Use the formula to find the perimeter of the frame. Show your work.

    asked by Peach
  64. science

    Plant-deer-tiger The first step in the energy chain that created the bonds of proteins in the tiger's muscle cells in the food chain shown above is A. deer the tiger ate B. plant the deer ate C. photons the sun made D. carbohydrates the plant made I think

    asked by mandi
  65. Algebra

    Solve the equations. Show all steps. n+6.3=16.3 d-(-20)=2.5 5d=17.1 m/-4=-2.95

    asked by Peach
  66. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences contains a prepositional phrase that acts as an adjective?

    asked by David
  67. Language Arts

    Each day, Wyatt created both humorous and touching poetry in his attic room. his attic room both humorous and touching poetry Each day in his attic room

    asked by Anna
  68. english

    Homework Help: language Posted by trey on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 11:18pm. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? A. A carpenter must use certain tools, hammers, saws, chisels, to finish a job. B. A carpenter must use certain tools

    asked by mandi
  69. Algebra

    Express 0.578 in words.

    asked by Peach
  70. language arts

    30-day Money Back Guarantee Our Groom Co. electric shavers come with a 30-day money back guarantee because we are focused on ensuring your satisfaction. The only stipulation is that you use your new shaver exclusively for 2 weeks to become accustomed with

    asked by ERA 22
  71. math

    By completing the square, determine the point in time when your model predicts Peter’s fortune will turn around. What is the lowest value that Peter’s investment will reach at this time? my function was v(t)=25x^2-750x+10000

    asked by boe
  72. Science

    When an oxygen atom forms an ion, it gains two electrons. What is the electrical charge of the oxygen ion? A. +2 B. -1 C. -2 D. +1

    asked by Jamal
  73. Lanuage Arts

    Question For the last question of Lesson 6: Third Read: The Phantom Tollbooth, Act I Connections Education Language Arts 6 B Unit 3: Adventures and Imagination I do not understand which book to use for the answer. Plz can you help me I have tempory zero :/

    asked by Stephanie
  74. Physics

    A car speeds, at a constant 16 m/s, past a parked police motorcycle. Five seconds later, the police officer leaves on her motorcycle, and accelerates at 2 m/s2. How many seconds until she catches the car?

    asked by Tara
  75. Math

    if you had 60 songs how many different ways can you load 5 songs

    asked by Steve
  76. Philosophy

    • It is not uncommon that students leave the class with more confusion than clarity. By “confusion”, I do not mean a lack of understanding of the concepts. I mean instead the feeling of being pulled in several directions and not knowing where to

    asked by TayB