Questions Asked on
May 21, 2015

  1. 5 th grade math

    at a grocery store salted peanuts in the shell cost 30 cents per ounce. is $5.00 enough money to buy 1 pound of peanuts?

  2. Physics

    An object is placed 20.0 cm to the left of a convex lens with a focal length of +8.0 cm. Where is the image of the object? A)28 cm to the right of the lens B)13 cm to the left of the lens C)13 cm to the right of the lens I think its A but I'm not sure

  3. History

    Ultimately, Reagan just like Nixon desired less federal government involvement. True or False I think it's false

  4. Chem 100

    CHemical formula names a. Name either the complex, or given the name of the complex, write the formula for the complex I. Fe[AlF6] II. tetracarbonylplatinum(IV) chloride III. [CrBr(H2O)(en)2]Cl2 IV. K3[Fe(CN)6] I have really no idea how to do this

  5. Maths

    Luisa travels 25 km in 3 3 4 hours. She walks part of the way at 4 km/h and cycles the rest at 12 km/h. How far did she walk?

  6. math

    Ava made 100 paper cranes, and Brittany made 3/4 of the number of paper cranes Ava made. Ava gave 9/20 of her paper cranes to Brittany. Then, Brittany gave 1/4 of her paper cranes to Ava. How many more paper cranes did Brittany have than Ava in the end?

  7. Physics

    A small aircraft A is about to land with an airspeed of 80 mi/hr. If the aircraft is encountering a steady side wind of speed 10 mi/hr, what angle (alpha) should the pilot direct the aircraft so the the absolute velocity is parallel to the runway? What is

  8. History

    Last question haha Steve Jobs created competition in the industry of technology in the late 1970s by his creation of the first personal computer. true or false is it true?

  9. Math: related rates

    A street light is at the top of a 26 ft pole. A 5 ft tall girl walks along a straight path away from the pole with a speed of 7 ft/sec. At what rate is the tip of her shadow moving away from the light (ie. away from the top of the pole) when the girl is 23

  10. cellular anatomy

    5. The combining form PHREN/O means

  11. GEN 499

    Question 25. 25. Political science professor: Many people insist that the Internet is revolutionizing the political process. They argue that Internet debates and online political polls and chat rooms give people greater access to political information. And

  12. Criminal Justice

    Peacemaking criminology suggests the adoption of a peace model based on: A. retribution. B. goal setting. C. reconciliation. D. negotiation. is it B

  13. calculus

    Peter the punter decided to place $10,000 into a high growth share portfolio. After 3 weeks his investment was looking rather sad, with the value of his portfolio falling $2,025. Unperturbed, Peter stuck with his original plan to hold the stock for at

  14. Maths

    Luisa travels 25 km in 3hours 45 mins. She walks part of the way at 4 km/h and cycles the rest at 12 km/h. How far did she walk?

  15. Physics

    Three charged particles are arranged on corners of a square as shown in the figure below, with charge -Q on both the particle at the upper left corner and the particle on the lower right corner, and charge +2Q on the particle at the lower left corner. (i)

  16. math plz help quick

    a bag contains 3 blue marbles 9 green marbles and 11 yellow marbles. twice you draw a marble and replace it ,find the probability of blue then green

  17. Math

    From a point 120m from the foot of a building, the angles of elevation of the top and bottom of the flagpole are 49 degrees and 46 degrees respectively. Find the height of the flagpole (answer 13.8m) I couldn't get the answer because I thought the question

  18. Math

    Sharon made a scale drawing of a triangular park. The coordinates for the vertices of the park are: (– 10, 5) (15, 5) (10, 12) Her scale is 1 unit = 1 meter. What is the area of the triangular park in square meters? How do you find the answer?

  19. biology

    what is obesity? how to prevent obesity? and how to do a proper diet?

  20. Criminal Justice

    According to the conflict perspective, conflicts between groups: A. can be avoided through the use of the legal system. B. are inevitable. C. cause power vacuums. D. can be changed though negotiation. is it B

  21. life orientation

    "THE MEDIA DO NOT TELL US WHAT TO THINK. THEY TELL US WHAT TO THINK ABOUT." Analyze this statement and illustrate from any 3 radio stations

  22. History

    Explain the four-step process King outlines for their nonviolent campaign.

  23. trigonometry

    Two planes leave the same airport at the same time. one flies 20 degrees east of north at 500 mph. the second flies 30 degrees east of south at 600 mph. how far apart are the planes after 2 hours?

  24. Physics

    An object is placed 20.0 cm to the left of a convex lens with a focal length of +8.0 cm. Where is the image of the object? A)28 cm to the right of the lens B)13 cm to the left of the lens C)13 cm to the right of the lens

  25. help please

    19. Identify the statement that is a verifiable fact. (1 point) Kids need to avoid excessive time in front of a computer. Laptop computers outsell desktop computers in retail sales. Most computer applications are designed for learning purposes. The elderly

  26. ELA

    Please help me, if I do not turn this assignment in by tomorrow I will be retained and miserable this summer and wont have a break from school. thx, here is the question. : What elements of design or multimedia components did you include to make your

  27. Chemistry

    Balance the reaction using half reactions under BASIC conditions: Al + CrO4^-2 ---> Al(OH)3 + Cr(OH)3 I tried to solve this question and ended up with this: Here are the two half equations Al ---> Al(OH)3 CrO4^-2 ---> Cr(OH)3 For Al ---> Al(OH)3, I did

  28. science

    when you turn a television on, you transfer electrical energy into __. choose all that apply. a heat energy b light energy c elastic potential energy d sound energy

  29. reimbursement methodologies

    The patient is seen by his family physician for follow-up treatment of recently diagnosed asthmatic bronchitis. The physician’s fee is $75. The patient’s copayment is $20. The patient’s insurance plan covers 80% of the fee schedule amount of $60. No

  30. math

    a motorist drives 80km at an average speed of 63km/h.which average is this:mean median or mode

  31. edu 673

    Choose one differentiated assessment strategy (either pre, formative, or S summative) from the course text (or from the recommended websites video) and present a rationale for using the assessment to meet the needs of diverse learners and how it will be

  32. Chemistry

    In 3-4 sentences, identify how the geometric structure of NF3 is different than that of NF4+. Explain how the geometry affects the ability of the molecules to experience a dipole effect. (I did the Lewis diagrams for both but I don't know what to do after

  33. Math

    You have $5 for lunch. You bought a turkey sandwich for $2.25. Write an solve an inequality to show how much you can spend.

  34. physics

    you walk west for 52 m, then you walk 33.2° north of west for 44 m, and finally you walk due north for 25 m. Find the components of your final displacement, from your initial to final point, along the north and west directions.

  35. Chemistry

    How many seconds does it take to deposit 81.5 g of Zn on a steel gate when 21.0 A is passed through a ZnSO4 solution?

  36. physics

    If an object is thrown in an upward direction from the top of a building 160 ft high at an initial speed of 30 mi/h, what is its final speed when it hits the ground

  37. social studies

    Which resource makes up a quarter of Chile`s exports 1)fruit 2)fish 3)copper 4)silver

  38. help please

    16. Which of the following is used when a political activist reminds others of the trials and tribulations facing the nation if change does not occur? (1 point) ethos pathos logos 18. Identify the sentence that relies most strongly on emotional language.

  39. Information Literacy

    can you please check this for me Why do we need information? What sources do you already use to obtain personal information? Information is a resource that has varied definitions according to the format, and media used to package or transfer it, as well as

  40. Math

    A pet store is building new cages for their birds. They have 8 cockatiels, 32 parakeets, and 28 finches. How many cages will they need if each cage will hold either 2 cockatiels, 10 parakeets, or 14 finches. The different types of birds are all kept

  41. Social Studies PLZZ Thanks

    A person’s ethnicity is his or her socioeconomic group. retirement goals. national or cultural heritage. religious affiliation.* 2. What state did Texas pass in 1994 to become the second most populous state in the country? California New York* Florida

  42. English plz help quick

    what literary term is this and why. I think the world is a series of broken dams and floods.

  43. Calculus

    Which of the following functions is continuous at x = 5? I put a for my answer, could someone please check this? a. f(x)=(x^2-25)/(x+5) b. (x^2-25)/(x-5), x cannot equal 5 20 when x equals 5 c.(x^2-25)/(x-5), x cannot equal 5 0 when x equals 5 d. all of

  44. Math

    Q. Neil found out that the Sunday paper that he delivers is about 1 pound and 12 ounces. He delivers 39 newspapers on Sunday's. How much do the 39 newspapers weigh? (Hint: 16 ounces = 1 pound) A. I tried adding 16 12 times but that didn't work after I

  45. algebra

    a4b+a2b3 please factor and explain the process

  46. Criminal Justice

    The conflict perspective suggests that the fundamental nature of group conflict centers on: A. the exercise of political power. B. finances. C. education. D. democracy. im confused between A and C

  47. Algebra

    Find B - A if the graph of Ax + By = 7 passes through (2,1) and is parallel to the graph of 2x - 7y = 3.

  48. L.O assessment task 3

    four factor that could limit the core functions of media

  49. Science- 8th grade- please help!!

    1) What evidence is there that the human species has been successful so far? Explain. 2) What environmental pressures in the past do you think were most important in shaping the human species as it exists today? 3) What environmental pressures exist now

  50. algebra

    would this be correct -3squared + ( (5 (8-6) ) / 2 + 45 ) / 5 =9 + ((5x2)/2)+9 -9 + 5 + 9 =23

  51. life orientation assignment

    The media do not tell us what to think.they tell us what to think about

  52. math

    How much should linda set aside to buy equipment that costs 7,100 in one year the current interest rate is 0.6% annually compounded annually

  53. life orientation

    List and discuss any four factors that could threaten or limit the core functions of the media

  54. economics

    how would you assess hitler?write a detailed description about him.can you imagine yourself as hitler?if not,why not?

  55. physics

    a cell of emf 10v and internal resistance 2ohms is connected in series with an ammeter resistance 0.5ohms and a load of resistance 7ohms. Calculate (A) the potential difference across its terminal (B)the voltage drop

  56. economics

    What are the cost and consequences of providing the subsidies and welfa re

  57. EDU 673

    Explain the role of assessment as it applies to theoretical foundations of differentiated instruction.

  58. Calculus math

    how do i solve these quadratics? c=10000 9a+3b+c=7975 36a+6b+c=6400 im unsure of how to solve as a and b are unknowns...

  59. economics

    Are there any welfare or subsidy payment that should be reviewed or added

  60. is the ph= o for the H+

    Calculate the pH of the cathode compartment for the following reaction given Ecell = 3.01 V when [Cr3+] = 0.15 M, [Al3+] = 0.30 M, and [Cr2O72-] = 0.55 M. 2 Al(s) + Cr2O72-(aq) + 14 H+(aq) → 2 Al3+(aq) + 2 Cr3+(aq) + 7 H2O(l)

  61. math

    metal mercury at room temperature is a liquid. melting point is 39 degree celsius.freezing point of alcohol is 114 degree mu7ch warmer is the melting point of mercury than the freezing point of alcohol

  62. EDU 673

    Describe how assessment can be created that evaluates a student's true knowledge without bias towards language barriers, learning differences, or cultural differences.

  63. Art

    Which is the best definition of intaglio? -To copy images onto the surface of paper -To chemically transfer images to the surface of paper -to carve or engrave images into the surface of a plate -to print money using high tech methods

  64. science

    An electric stove transfers heat too a pot by a.) conduction b.) convection c.) radiation d.) friction

  65. mokgalaka

    What ar factors that can threaten or limit the core function of media

  66. math

    a loan of $8,500 compounded quarterly for five years at 8% what is the effective interest rate for the loan

  67. physics

    solid gold statue with mass of 7.55kg, weight of 74.0N, and disperses 680 cubic meters of water when immersed. i need to find the density. but im unsure how to find the volume first to put it into the formula?

  68. Prob and Stats

    For questions 1- 5 use confidence intervals to test the hypothesis. 1) A light bulb producing company states that its lights will last an average of 1200 hours with a standard deviation of 200 hours. A sample of 100 light bulbs from the company were tested

  69. Biology

    What is the osmotic pressure of the salt solution in reverse-osmosis? Select one: a. An equilibrium state where the amount of solvent passing in opposite directions is equal b. An equilibrium state where the amount of solvent passing in one direction is

  70. Math

    a number squared subtracted from six times that number is equal to -8

  71. geometry

    i need to figure out side lengths of congruent right isosceles triangle with no lengths given. I know that the hypotenese is 1 per pythogoras constant and the area is a^2/2. I don't have to prove area just side lengths.

  72. Life orantation

    Description of recent service delivery protests

  73. Patst

    would this be correct -3squared + ( (5 (8-6) ) / 2 + 45 ) / 5 =9 + ((5x2)/2)+9 -9 + 5 + 9 =23

  74. Maths

    Which variable (out of water temperature, air temperature, barometric pressure, residuals, adjusted residuals, wind direction, wind gust or wind speed) is most likely to be presented as a sine trigonometric graph?

  75. English

    1. The monster is coming for you. 2. The monster is coming toward you. ========== Does #1 mean #2?

  76. algebra

    would this be correct -3squared + ( (5 (8-6) ) / 2 + 45 ) / 5 =9 + ((5x2)/2)+9 -9 + 5 + 9 =23

  77. maths

    Fuel wood logs sawed 53 times and 72 pieces made. If the cutter saw only one at a time how many there were before cutting?

  78. Math

    x+3y = 10 & x=2y-5 could someone explain how to do this.

  79. Math.

    A cone has a diameter of 24 in. and a height of 10in. What is the volume of s cone? use 3.14 as an approximation.. final answer in tenths - Im stuck between two answers: 94.25 because if I do 3 x 10 to find the volume. I say 3 because the diameter is 24

  80. Math- simple polynomials

    for questions 13 and 14 write the value of the expression (these are fractions) 13. 3^4/3^4 A) 3 B) 0 C) 1 D) 4 14. 3^3/3^6 A) 1/27 B) 1/9 C) 9 D) -27 I think that 13 is D and that 14 is B. Am i correct?

  81. Math

    "A system of equations can have two answers beside an actual set of coordinates. What are they?" Would the two other answers be graphing and ratio, or ..

  82. physics

    A resistor is connected inseries

  83. English

    1. You and my daughter want to marry, I know. 2. I know you and my daughter want to marry. =============== Does #1 mean #2? When do you use the #1 expression.

  84. chemistry

    career opportunities availiable in nursing. 2 companies /organizations in the area that offer jobs in this career?? what are some areas/concepts that are important for that career? is it solutions, reactions, stoichiometry??

  85. school

    A large pipe can fill a tank 10 minutes faster than it takes a smaller pipe to fill the same tank. Working together, both pipes can fill the tank in 12 minutes. How long would it take the large pipe working alone to fill the tank?

  86. Zoneton

    Solve: -2x____

  87. Maths

    A collection of coins consisting of 10-cent, 20-cent and 50-cent pieces has a value of $4.50. The number of 20-cent pieces is twice the number of 10-cent pieces and the number of 50-cent pieces is 3 less than twice the number of 10-cent pieces. How many

  88. Math!! (repost) really need help!!

    A cone has a diameter of 24 in. and a height of 10in. What is the volume of s cone? use 3.14 as an approximation.. final answer in tenths - Im stuck between two answers: 94.25 because if I do 3 x 10 to find the volume. I say 3 because the diameter is 24

  89. S.S. Venezuela (check answers)

    When oil prices fell in the mid-1980s, Venezuela's economy 1. suffered a decline 2. enjoyed an increase 3. stayed about the same*** 4. began to show signs of recovery Most of Venezuela's population lives 1. in cities*** 2. in the countryside 3. on islands

  90. Algebra

    Find the perimeter and area of a rectangle with a width of 2√7 - 2√5 and a length of 3√7 + 3√5

  91. math

    lilly made a 75 on her history test and an3 on her math test. the mean grade on the history test was 72 with a standard deviation of 5. the average grade on the math test was 81 with a standard deviation of 4. which test did lilly do better?

  92. Finance, Math

    The one-year and two-year risk-free rates (yields) are 1% and 1.025%, respectively. Our model of the term structure says that one year from now the one-year interest rate will be one of the following two values: 0.01 or 0.01*u, where u is the up factor.

  93. math


  94. Finance, Math

    You take a short position in one European put option contract, with strike price 100 and maturity six months, on a stock that is trading at 100. The annual volatility of the stock is constant and equal to 25%. The dividend rate is zero. The annual

  95. 1st grade math

    what is a common factor

  96. physics

    a ball of mass m is thrown vertically upwards with Vo= 10j m/s. Study nature of motion

  97. Algebra

    Simplify √1/5 - √5

  98. Geography

    What are the causes of the pressure belts

  99. math

    i need help finding the volume of the rectangle prism

  100. algebra

    A car traveling on a highway is 60 miles away from home after 1 hour, and is 300 miles away from home after 5 hours. What is the rate of change of the car’s distance over time?


    Triangle ABC has Coordinates A(-6,0) B(-2,0) C(-2,-7). What is the APPROXIMATE Perimeter of Triangle ABC?


    1. What caused the civil rights movement to gain momentum? (1 point) the post-war economy after World War I*** African American discontent during the Great Depression African Americans wanting equal rights after World War II Southern politicians beginning

  103. chem

    what is the net ionic equation of tin and potassium carbonate: Sn(s) + K2CO3(aq) --> K(s) + SnCO3(aq) show the steps plss

  104. math

    A refrigerator is 2.8 feet wide, 2.5 feet deep,5.5 feet high. the walls and other parts of the refrigerator take up 19 feet to the 3rd power. How many cubic feet are left for food

  105. algebra

    Joy is planning a party. One game she decides to play is bobbing for apples. She divides her apples into three amounts, thinking that putting a different number in each same-sized bucket might make ti more fun. Three friends are helping her. Joy puts 1/2

  106. heath part2

    Nearly ________ movement in the body is the result of muscle contraction.

  107. math

    A rectangular dog pen that has the greatest possible area within a budget of 50$.A pen needs at least one gate for a dog. Fencing is $1.00 per foot, fence posts are $2.00 each and gates (3 feet wide) are $5.00 each. what is the area of a pen? pls help me

  108. Math

    Solve -2x ____

  109. goverment help

    Which of the following is not a minor party in the history of the United States? Know-Nothing Free Soil Labour Socialist Which of the following is the most common party system in the world today? a group of people seeking to advance their ideas an

  110. L O

    What are the factors that could threaten or limit the core function of the media

  111. periodic functions

    At time 4 minutes your submarine is at its deepest, y= -1000m. At time 9 minutes you are at your shallowest, y= -200. Sketch the graph. Write the equation. Your sub is designed to cruise below y= -300 meters. At time zero was your submarine at its cruising

  112. Life orintation

    Four factors that could threaten or limit the core functions of the media

  113. finance

    You decide to buy a new home for $101000.00 at 7.5% interest rate. You feel that you can afford $800.00 for a mortgage payment. You make a down payment of $10000.00 How much will you still owe after making payments for one year. Show the mortgage payment

  114. english

    does this sentence show antithesis The humor almost always proves painful

  115. Statistics

    The average mark on an entrance exam was 70%, with a standard deviation of 9.6. In order to be accepted you must get 60% or better. If 800 students wrote the exam how many were accepted?

  116. Chemistry (I NEED HELP REAL QUICK)

    how many moles of BaSO4 will form if 20.0 ml of 0.600 M BaC2 is mixed with 30.0 ml of 0.500 M MgSO4? Molarity = number of moles / litres

  117. Life orietation.

    The powers of the police during a protest.

  118. life orientation

    what is service delivery protests

  119. Math

    A pet store is building new cages for their birds. They have 8 cockatiels, 32 parakeets, and 28 finches. How many cages will they need if each cage will hold either 2 cockatiels, 10 parakeets, or 14 finches. The different types of birds are all kept

  120. chem 100

    Super confusing question im not sure how to approach a. Determine the concentration of lead ion in solution (the molar solubility) if PbI2(s) is in equilibrium with water. Ksp = 9.8*10-9 b. From part a, it should be clear that if Pb2+(aq) and I-(aq) are

  121. L O

    describe a recent service delivery protest in your community . What are the problems that the community faced?what did the community members do before the protest? Measures taken by the local governmen to address the issue. How the protest was conducted by

  122. Math

    A fish and game worker catches, tags, and releases 120 trout in a lake, Later she catches 84 trouts and finds tags on 30 of them. Estimate the total number of trout in the lake a.43 b.234 c.336 d.3,600

  123. Language arts help???????

    The main reason the author introduces the cigarette case is so that (1 point) Algernon can give it back to its rightful owner. Algernon can get the reward for the case’s return. Algernon can make sure Ernest is the best person to marry Gwendolen.

  124. English

    What are the worst aspects of the dystopian future in Fahrenheit 451?

  125. Social Studies Help!

    Who was the governor of Georgia who died prior to the three governors controversy? A. Ellis Arnall B. Herman Talmadge C. Eugene Talmadge** D. Jimmy Carter I think C but then I think D can anyone help me please I'm confused?

  126. Chemistry

    A 100 g piece of ice (solid water) at 0 °C melted to liquid water at 75.5 °C. If all the heat came from propane (C3H8) combustion, how many grams of propane Molar mass is 44.1'

  127. L O

    briefly discuss the following processes that the community must engage whenever there is an issue before and during a protest how to engage in a protest restrictions permit to hold a protest activities during a protest as well as the power of the police

  128. math

    How would I show my work for this problem Find the value of the following: -3squared + ( (5 (8-6) ) / 2 + 45 ) / 5

  129. math plz help quick

    from a committee go 6 girls and 4 boys, a name is selected. then another name is selected. what is the probability that both people will be girls.

  130. life orientation assignment

    The media do not tell us what to think the just tell us what to think about?


    I've stuck with these two stoich questions A mixture is prepared by adding 20 ml of 0.200 M Na3PO4 to 30 ml of 0.150 Ca(NO3)2. What weight of calcium phospate will be formed? and last question would be, How many milliliters of 0.30 M NiCl2 solution are

  132. physics

    A bullet is fired through a wooden board with a thickness of 10.0 cm. The bullet hits the board perpendicular to it, and with a speed of +390 m/s. The bullet then emerges on the other side of the board with a speed of +234 m/s. Assuming constant

  133. Calc 1

    Evaluate the integral by making the given substitution. (Use C for the constant of integration.) ∫ dt/(1-7)^7, u=1-7t

  134. life orientation

    what are the four factors that could limit the core functions of the media?

  135. Politics in the 1980s and Beyond- PLEASE HELP

    What factor did not contribute to the recession in the United States in the early 1990s? A.increasing oil prices B.rising consumer debt C.lighter minimum wage D.failure of banks and savings and loans

  136. goverment help

    How does voter turnout in the United States compare to voter turnout in other democracies? It is low. It is very high. It is above average. It is rather high. B What is the term for a ballot question that asks voters if they want to pass a special law