Questions Asked on
May 7, 2015

  1. sequences help plskthx

    what are the next three terms in the sequence -3 6 15 24 35, 46, 57 34, 44, 54 33, 44, 56 33, 42, 51 i think it's d

    asked by 8675309
  2. business

    What jobs require a helmet? I think construction workers hockey players but I cant think of anything else. Plz help me ASAP plz! Thank you !

    asked by amelia
  3. Math

    Why did Gonzo walk around carrying Ice Cream and a pair of sparrows?

    asked by Nana13
  4. accounting 100

    The following items are taken from the financial statements of the Postal Service for the year ending December 31, 2014: Accounts payable $ 18,000 Accounts receivable 11,000 Accumulated depreciation – equipment 28,000 Advertising expense 21,000 Cash

    asked by Terry
  5. Trig

    Find sin(s+t) and (s-t) if cos(s)= 1/5 and sin(t) = 3/5 and s and t are in quadrant 1. =Sin(s)cos(t) + Cos(s)Sin(t) =Sin(1/5)Cos(3/5) + Cos(-1/5)Sin(3/5) = 0.389418 Sin(s-t) =sin(s)cos(t) - cos(s)sin(t) =sin(-3/5)cos(1/5) - cos(1/5)sin(3/5) =Sin-3/5

    asked by Sally
  6. Math

    find the third term in the expansion of (3x-y)^6

    asked by Aimee
  7. Chemistry

    A scuba diver 60ft below the ocean’s surface inhales 50.0 mL of compressed air from a scuba tank with an initial pressure of 3.00 atm and temp of 8 degrees Celsius. What is final pressure, in atmospheres, in the lungs when the gas expands to 150.0 mL at

    asked by Nastasha
  8. Accounting

    Gorton Corporation has 30,000 shares of $10 par value common stock outstanding when it announces a 2-for-1 stock split. Before the split, the stock had a market price of $120 per share. After the split, how many shares of stock will be outstanding? Common

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Chemistry

    A sample of argon gas has a volume of 735 mL at a pressure of 1.20 atm and a temp of 112 degrees Celsius. What is the final volume of the gas, in milliliters, when the pressure and temp of the gas is changed to A.) 658 mmHg and 281K? B.) 0.55 atm and 75

    asked by Nastasha
  10. math

    William, Jan, and Greg have a total of $26. Greg has the most money. Jan has twice as much money as William. Greg has $11. How much money does Jan have?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Calculus

    True or False If f is continuous at x = c, then f is differentiable at x = c.

    asked by Gary
  12. Lanuage. Please Help !!!

    1.)what is the prepositional phrase in this sentence? Late last night their was aloud knock at the door a.)Late last night b.)there was c.)a loud knock d.)at the door 2.) what is the participle phrase in this sentence? Living in New York, he went to many

    asked by Hanna
  13. Algebra 2

    Find the exact value of each expression if 0 degrees < theta < 90 degrees If tan (theta) = 1/2 , find cos(theta) If cos(theta) = 8/17, find csc (theta) Find the exact value of each expression is 180 degrees < theta < 270 degrees 7. If tan (theta)= 1, find

    asked by Amy
  14. Calc/Precalc

    Find the derivatives of 1. ln[(2x^3⋅2e^x)] 2. xy = cot(xy) 3. y = cos(x^3 + 27) I don't really know where to start with these. The answer is (3+x)/(x) for the first, y/-x for the second, and 35. -3x^2 sin(x^3 + 27) but I have no idea how they got there.

    asked by Heather
  15. Geometric Series

    Evaluate the geometric Series or state that it diverges lower bound k= 1 upper bound = infinity E (sum symbol) E 5(-1/6)^(5k) I know it converges but im not sure to what

    asked by Kate
  16. confidentiality allied health

    a hospital is required to query the NPDB when

    asked by chrys
  17. Math Please Check My Answer

    A box contains 95 pink rubber bands and 90 brown rubber bands. You select a rubber band at random from the box. Find each probability. Write the probability as a fraction in simplest form. a. Find the theoretical probability of selecting a pink rubber

    asked by OceanBreeze
  18. language arts

    which sentence from the passage or story from the importance of being earnest provides the best expression of the theme

    asked by ciara
  19. Math

    Construct a square based pyramid of volume 216cm3. What are the dimensions?

    asked by Keon Gonzales
  20. Algebra

    An artist paints t shirts. It takes 15 mins to set up and 40 mins to clean up. Once it is set up it takes the artist 12 mins to paint the shirt. What would an equation be for how many shirts he makes in 127 mins?

    asked by Ravi
  21. Chemistry

    At a deep-sea station 200.m below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, workers live in a highlypressurized environment. How much gas at STP must be compressed on the surface to fill the underwater environment with 1 × 107 L of gas at 16 atm? Assume that

    asked by teresa
  22. math

    Rich has 3 pieces of pizza. Each pizza end forms a 20° angle. If all of the pieces were placed together what would the size of the angle be?

    asked by nicole
  23. physics

    A ball is thrown straight upward from ground level with a velocity of 41 m/s How much time passes before the ball strikes the ground? Disregard air resistance.

    asked by angela
  24. English

    English is a language of opportunity why brother to teach indigenous language

    asked by eunicia
  25. Math

    The 13-member math club needs to choose a student government representative. They decide that the representative, who will be chosen at random, CANNOT be any of the 3 officers of the club. What is the probability that Samara, who is a member of the club

    asked by Anonymous
  26. maths

    the sides of a rectangle are given in centimeters up length 4x+3 down length x+ 6y,left width 3x+1 right width 4x-y. find x and y and area of the rectangle .solution 4x+3=x+6y . y=3x+3÷6 also 4x-y=3x+1.x=y+1

    asked by chimere
  27. Calculus

    Consider a differentiable function f having domain all positive real numbers, and for which it is known that f'(x)=(4-x)x^-3 for x>0. A. Find the x-coordinate of the critical point of f. Determine whether the point is a relative maximum, a relative

    asked by Sarah
  28. Social Studies

    which of the following did NOT restrict voting rights of the African Americans after 1867? 1: Poll Tax 2: Literacy test 3: grandfather clause 4: Sharecropping I chose #4 is this correct? I was thinking grandfather clause, but they seemed to restrict,

    asked by Marylyn
  29. math

    Marcus has 4 ties and 5 shirts and 3 pair of pants. How many outfits can he make?

    asked by gianna
  30. trigonometry

    Find all solutions on the interval [0.2pi) A) -3sin(t)=15cos(t)sin(t) I have no clue... b) 8cos^2(t)=3-2cos(t) All i did was move around the equation to make an quadratic for B. so -8cos^2(t)-2cos(t)+3 = 0

    asked by Dan
  31. electromagnetism

    Two identical charges, each -8.00x10-5 C,are separeted by a distance of 25.0cm. Find the electric force between them?

    asked by anthony acty
  32. physics

    a bullet fired with a speed of 150 m/sec from car whose velocity is 25/3 m/sec to car next to it whose velocity is 50 m/sec.what is velocity of bullet with respect to ground?

    asked by vishal
  33. english

    English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indigenous languages

    asked by speech
  34. Calculus

    If f is a function such that [(f(b)-f(a))/(b-a)]=2 , then which of the following statements must be true? a.f(a) = f(b) = 2 b.The slope of the tangent line to the function at x = a is 2. c.The average rate of change of the function on the interval [a, b]

    asked by Gary
  35. Physics

    Suppose a 7kg bob is hanging from the ceiling in a region with uniform electric field E= 46x + 29y N/C. Find the charge on the bob if it's angular position is displaced from the vertical by 20 degrees.

    asked by M
  36. chemistry

    A particular brand of toothpaste claims to contain 0.24 wt% sodium fluoride. What mass in grams of fluoride ion would be present in the average amount of toothpaste used to brush one's teeth, about two grams? Now this is a weight percent concentration

    asked by frank
  37. Math

    Insert parentheses to make this equation correct: 7 - 6 x 7 / 5 + 7 = - 43.4 / is used for division sign

    asked by Sue
  38. Math

    When the price of paper increases from $250 to $257 per ton, the quantity supplied increases from 350 to 390 tons per day. The price elasticity of supply is:

    asked by Denise
  39. economic

    Low economic growth is usually accompanied by rising unemployment. Explain why, in a period of low economic growth, unemployment is likely to increase.

    asked by olufunke

    **= my answer 5. An accident chain always contains the A. problem. B. unsafe action. ** C. solution. D. witnesses. 6. (TRUE OR FALSE) By taking safety precautions, individuals can remove some of the opportunity for crimes to occur. A. true. B. false.** 8.

    asked by connexus_kid
  41. PE

    What is the most important thing to remember while riding a bike?

    asked by ms. nicole
  42. Math

    John and Jack to help their mothers make fudge for their classroom parties in different classes John's class received 2 1/2 pounds for 25 children Jack's class received 3 1/2 pounds for 35 children which class was able to each more fudge per student?

    asked by Grace
  43. sciences.maths

    What career can i study

    asked by abdul
  44. math

    I have a question on my math that my teacher cant help me with because this one is for try it. Can you help me see if it is right?: It says: 12 . Wich is equal to 30 hundreths? A)3 thousandths B)3tenths C)3 tens D)3thousands I think the answer is B but, it

    asked by nicole
  45. maths

    (5x10^7)+(2.3x10^7) 73^6

    asked by rhys
  46. algbera (check answer)

    Simplify the algebratic expression below. -3[(5x-2y)-4(x+y)+2y]-2(8y-3x) For my answer I got -13x-9y which is wrong because its not in the answer choices.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Math

    Hint: 6% x $1,000,000 / $1,000,000 – {20% x ($1,000,000 – (6% x $1,000,000))] = ?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Math

    Hint: 6% x $1,000,000 / $1,000,000 – {20% x ($1,000,000 – (6% x $1,000,000))] = ?

    asked by D
  49. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by y= x^2, y=0, and x=3 about the x-axis.

    asked by Anonymous
  50. word problem

    A contractor, Mr. Parker charged his customer $100 for painting a rectangular ceiling of length 5.4m and width 3m. Another contractor, Mr. Lewis charged his customer $115 for painting a rectangular ceiling of length 5.7m and width 3.2m.The quality of work

    asked by Janice
  51. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by y= x^(1/3), and y= x about the line y=1

    asked by Anonymous
  52. maths

    ajana and maya went for picnic.their mother gave them a water bottle that contain 4 litre water. maya consumed 3/4 of water and ajana consumed the remaining water. how much water maya drink? and what fraction of total quantity of water anjana drink?

    asked by shehzad
  53. geometry

    Hello , my name is Amelia and my daughter is really confused on her homework about quadrilaterals. Can you help explain it to her so that she can understand it better? Please answer ASAP. Thank you Amelia V.

    asked by amelia
  54. Calculus

    The region bounded by y= e^x, y=0, x= -1 and x=1 is rotated about the x-axis, find the volume generated.

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Calculus

    A cable that weighs 3 lb/ft. is used to lift a golf cart which weighs 700 lbs up to the deck of a boat which is 300 ft above a loading dock. Find the work done.

    asked by Anonymous
  56. matha

    in a municipal election 1/5 of the population of a town are voters, 2/5 are these voters are women. if the total population of town is 250500, find the number of women voters.

    asked by shehzad
  57. Calculus

    Find the average value of the function f(x)= 8/ (3+x)^2 on the interval [0,2]

    asked by Anonymous
  58. maths

    a car runs 44 km using 11/4 litre of much distance will it cover in 1 litre of petrol?

    asked by shehzad
  59. maths

    ram bought a tv for Rs 8000. he paid 1/10 of the price in cash and rest in 12 equal monthly instalments. how much had been to pay each month?

    asked by shehzad
  60. chemistry

    What mass of solute is contained in 250 mL of 0.895 M NH4Cl? I think that this is a molarity question. Molarity = mass of solute/volume of solution in L. 1 mL = 0.001 L so 250 mL * 0.001 L = 0.25 L 0.895 M = X (mass of solute)/ 0.25 but since the answer is

    asked by Danny
  61. English

    1. Cut off the upper part of your old T-shirt. 2. Cut out the upper part of your old T-shirt. 3. Make a cut of the upper part of your old T-shirt. 4. Make cuts of the upper part of your old T-shirt. ====================== Are they all grammatical? Which

    asked by rfvv
  62. Science

    How do two tissue types work together to improve organ function

    asked by Lily
  63. ART

    HEllo i need help on mixing colors because at school i don't have enough of the needed colors. So plz tell me how to mix and get : Orange Green Yellow BROWN! (For the big tree im drawing) And purple thank you and answer ASAP plz!

    asked by Samantha
  64. Chemistry

    A sample of nitrogen gas is collected overwater at a temperature of 23◦C. What is the pressure of the nitrogen gas if the atmospheric pressure is 744 mmHg? Answer in units of mmHg. Not sure of formula for this

    asked by teresa
  65. Bulgarian

    What is how are you in Bulgarian? I already know здравей (hi) каде си (where are you) and two more but i don't know how are you. Plz help me understand because I am moving to Bulgaria Sofi or АЗ ОТИВАМ В БЪЛГАРИЯ СОФИЯ.

    asked by Arnela
  66. GA State History

    In which state was Brown v. Board of Education brought? A. Kansas B. Georgia C. Kentucky D. Mississippi "attended Morehouse College led the Montgomery bus boycott received a Ph.D. in systematic theology believed in the power of nonviolent protest" Who is

    asked by Mio
  67. physics

    A rock falls off the edge of a cliff and strikes the ground after 3.8 s. What is the height of the cliff? Assume air resistance is negligible

    asked by angela
  68. biology

    how do cardiac action potentials initiated in the human heart

    asked by eee
  69. math

    When Cheryl goes mountain climbing, she rests 5 minutes every 15 minutes that she climbs.If Cheryl combined time is 2 hours, how many minutes does she rest? P.S I don't want the answer i just need to know the operation to solve this problem

    asked by Laila
  70. algebra

    Alonzo wants to buy a bike for $260. He can pay for it in 8 months if he pays $60 now and $25 each month. If he were to pay $60 now and $20 each month, how many more monthly payments would it take to pay for it?

    asked by Ashley
  71. Biochemistry

    A gaseous system undergoes a change in temperature and volume. What is the entropy change for a particle in this system if the final number of microstates is 0.503 times that of the initial number of microstates?

    asked by Mi
  72. Social Studies

    What Supreme Court decision in effect meant that the Constitution protected slavery? 1: Election of 1856 2: Dred Scott case 3: Compromise of 1850 4: Missouri Compromise I am picking # 4 is this correct?

    asked by Marylyn
  73. chemistry

    when calcium carbonate, caco3(s) is heated, it decomposes to form calcium oxide, cao(s) and carbon dioxide gas. how many liters of carbon dioxide will be produced at stp if 2.38 kg of calcium carbonate reacts completely?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. PreCal

    absolute values solve for "x" 2|5x-5|+4=20

    asked by anonymous
  75. Poly

    Find the indicated limit, if it exists. -4 -12 -8 The limit does not exist.

    asked by Gail
  76. Economics

    Can someone help me make few sentences of a rap regarding Economics. The key words or phrases are econ is a drug, staying all night study,

    asked by Jamie
  77. Math

    find the three geometric means between -2/3 and -54

    asked by Aimee
  78. Math

    How do I figure out what quadrilateral has 90 90 125 65 digrees on each side?

    asked by Alyssa
  79. Justice Studies

    Hello, I need help in locating format for filing a Discovery Motion in the State of Texas. I have searched but can't find anything on formatting for filing. Devon

    asked by Devon
  80. Pre-Algebra (Probability)

    The theoretical probability of spinning an even number on a spinner is 2 — 3 . The spinner has 8 even-numbered sections. How many sections are on the spinner?

    asked by Pyrenees
  81. Math

    There are 25 computers in a math lab. There are 6 activity booklet for very 2 computers in the math lab. How many activity booklets are in the math lab?

    asked by Amber
  82. Chemisty

    What is the molar solubility of AgCl, Ksp= 1.60x^-10, in a solution that also contains 0.0250 M KCl? The answer is 1.60x^-10. But I am not sure why this is. Does it have to do with the solubility rules? Please Help.

    asked by Michelle
  83. MAth

    Calculate the perimeter of a right triangle where the legs are 6 cm and 8 cm

    asked by sharon
  84. math

    what is the total amount of edging that would be required to cover all edges of a rectangular prism measuring 10 cm by 30 cm by 15 cm?

    asked by sharon
  85. Writing

    In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, a major character, Jem's view on the world shifts drastically due to his experiences with his hometown Does this sentence sound awkward? If so, how can I make this sentence flow more smoothly? Thank you

    asked by Lucina
  86. math

    Use the data in the table to find the slope of the line. x 3 6 9 12 y 1 -1 -3 -5 A. 3/2 B. -3/2** C. -2/3 D. 2/3 am i right?

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  87. math

    who would you write 36% of what number is 18?

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Physics Electric Circuits

    3. A 15.0 ohm resistor is connected in series to a 120 V generator and two 10.0 ohm resistors that are connected in parallel to each other. b) What is the current through the 15.0 ohm resistor? c) What is the current through one of the 10.0 ohm resistors?

    asked by Bridget
  89. engilish

    traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only,not for women

    asked by thulisile
  90. Calculus

    The function g is defined for x>0 with g(1)=2, g'(x)=sin(x+1/x), and g"(x)=(1-1/x^2)cos(x+1/x). A. Find all values of x in the interval 0.12

    asked by Sarah
  91. jjj

    . If your HIM department has 100,000 active medical records and you received 5,352 requests for records within a six-month period, what is the request rate for the past six months? Round to two decimal points.

    asked by Anonymous
  92. English

    How to write introduction for speech?

    asked by Agrippa
  93. Math

    A grade six class is having a fundraiser. The class boys have three bags of apples. Each bag has 24 apples. The total cost of the three bags of apples is $12.24. The class sells the apples for 0.75 each. How much will the class gain per apple?

    asked by Lori
  94. Math discussion

    As part of their job, meteorologists use data to make weather predications. How accurate are their predications? What are other scenarios in which you would use to data to make a predication? How would you defend your predication using data?

    asked by M
  95. Science do plants grow when light comes from one side only? Why might plants respond to light this way? 2. What is a circadian rhythm? 3.What controls the change in leaves from night to day? 4.what might the plant leaves change from night to day?

    asked by M

    Celsius to Fahrenheit Table Design a program that displays a table of the Celsius temperatures 0 through 20 and their Fahrenheit equivalents. The formula for converting a temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit is F = 95 C + 3 2 where F is the Fahrenheit

    asked by BROOKLYN
  97. English

    I am "applying"(practicing writing resumes in english) for a leadership position at a local non profit and I am writing my cover letter, expressing why I want to serve as a president or marketing director. Though this is my first time taking on an exec

    asked by Wendy
  98. Math

    Using the following information for the Vertex and Directrix, write the standard form equation for the parabola with what is given below. Vertex: (-2,1) Directrix: x=1

    asked by Gina
  99. writing or computer

    What is the appropriate citation method for your major or course of study? What have you learned about that citation methodology from Lesson Three of this course? Do you think you'll be able to use this citation method effectively to avoid plagiarism?

    asked by jill
  100. Math

    The length of a rectangle is four times its width. If the perimeter is at most 130 centimeters, what is the greatest possible value for the width? 13 cm 21.7 cm 26 cm 52 cm

    asked by Sara
  101. c programming , computer science

    1-Write a program that determines the day number (1 to 366) in a year for a date that provided as input data. As an example, January 1, 1994, is day 1. December 31, 1994, is day 365. December 31, 1996, is day 366, since 1996 is a leap year. A year is a

    asked by hisham
  102. grade (5) math

    Tony made 85% of his field goal attempts if he made 40 attempts how many field goals did he make? Pls help!!

    asked by ary
  103. math

    what are the next three terms in the sequence -3 6 15 24 35, 46, 57 34, 44, 54 33, 44, 56 33, 42, 51 i think it's d

    asked by autistic manchild
  104. English

    1. A doctor is a person who cares for sick people. 2. A doctor is a person who cares sick people. =============== Can we use both expressions? Is #2 grammatical? "Care" is used here without 'for'?

    asked by rfvv
  105. Calculus

    The local linear approximation of a function f will always be greater than or equal to the function's value if, for all x in an interval containing the point of tangency f '(x) < 0 f '(x) > 0 f "(x) < 0 f "(x) > 0

    asked by Gary
  106. English

    1. If yoiu run every day, you will get health. 2. If you run every day, you will get healthy? ========================== Are both grammatical? Which one is commonly used? Do we have to use 'health' or 'healthy'?

    asked by rfvv
  107. grade (5) math

    The Rowans decided to build a pool in their backyard. What would be the area and perimeter of this pool? Let X=20 1/2 feet and y=2 1/2 yards. Pls help me!!

    asked by ary
  108. Math

    Eduardo started a business selling sporting goods. He spent $7500 to obtain his merchandise, and it costs him $300 per week for general expenses. He earned $850 per week in sales. What is the minimum number of weeks it will take for Eduardo to make a

    asked by Sara
  109. English

    How long does it take to get there? 1. It takes 40 minutes. 2. It does take 40 minutes. ========================= #1 is right. What about #2? If a kid writes '#2' as an answer to the question, do we have to make it right or not?

    asked by rfvv
  110. math

    A contractor, Mr. Parker charged his customer $100 for painting a rectangular ceiling of length 5.4m and width 3m. Another contractor, Mr. Lewis charged his customer $115 for painting a rectangular ceiling of length 5.7m and width 3.2m.The quality of work

    asked by Linda
  111. Limit of Sequence

    I need help finding the limit of the following sequence or determining that the limit does not exists {csc^(-1) 11n}

    asked by Kate
  112. algebra

    An advertisement for a steel-belted radial tire states that this tire delivers 14% better gas mileage. If the present gas mileage is 25.5 mpg, what mileage would you expect if you purchased these tires? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a mile per

    asked by Mary
  113. English

    A doctor is a person who is helping little children. (picture: A female doctor is examining a little girl.) ================ If a kid describes the picture like that, is it grammatical based on the definition of 'doctor'?

    asked by rfvv
  114. Math

    1.6g+8k-9g+2k 3g+10k -3g+10k*** 17gk 10k-3 2.-4x+6x^2+5x 7x^3 6x^2+9x 6x^2-9x 6x^2+x*** 3.a^2+5a-3a^2 5a+2a^2 -2a^2+5a*** -3a^2+6a 5a-3a^2 4.3x^2+8x+7x 3x^2+15x*** 18x^3 3x^2+1 3x^2-x 5.Find the degree of -5w-4w^2+7w+16 -5 16 14 3*** ***=my answer

    asked by fairypenguingirl
  115. math collage algebra

    A Norman window is constructed by adjoining a semicircle to the top of an ordinary rectangular window (see figure). The perimeter of the window is 12 feet.

    asked by nancy Medjo
  116. Math

    provide that 4sin¦Ðsin(60¡ã-¦Ð)sin(60 ¦Ð)=sin3¦Ð

    asked by Anjan sarkar
  117. math

    the ratio of gasoline to oil need is 16:1 if you have 3.5 ml of oil how many ml of gasoline must you add to get the proper mixture find answer

    asked by mona
  118. Chemistry

    At 28.4 g sample of aluminum is heated to 39.4 degrees Celsius and then is placed in a calorimeter containing 50.0g of water. Temp of water increases from 21.00 degrees Celsius to 23.00 degrees Celsius. What is the specific heat of aluminum?

    asked by Tori
  119. Music

    how would you relate the phrase (messed around) with education

    asked by Michael
  120. English

    Did you read the four-frame comic strip in the newspaper? Especially the third frame was very funny. Don't you think so? ===================== Is this short passage grammatical? Which parts should be corrected? Thank you.

    asked by rfvv
  121. math

    a fisherman has estimated that it takes 4 minutes to paint each square foot of a hull of his boat. How much time should the fisherman allow for the painting of the hull, if the hull were composed of 2 sides 28.5 feet by 10.5 feet?

    asked by Anonymous
  122. chemistry help meee

    okay so I'm given a graph of a melting profile of a macromolecule, it is a sigmoid "s" curve, which states that a protein is cooperative. I have four choices on what the graph will look like if it is uncooperative. 1) Graph 1- straight line with + slope 2)

    asked by paul
  123. Math- Sequences

    What are the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression n(n-2)-3? -5, -2, 1, 4 -4,-3, 0, 5 3, 0, 3, 6 2, 0, 2, 4 I believe it's C?

    asked by Juanito
  124. science

    please unscramble dramalanse

    asked by Anonymous
  125. Calculus

    The local linear approximation of a function f will always be greater than or equal to the function's value if, for all x in an interval containing the point of tangency f '(x) < 0 f '(x) > 0 f "(x) < 0 f "(x) > 0

    asked by Gary
  126. History Check Please

    1. One reason Texans elected William Clements governor in 1978 was his (1 point) political experience. lack of political experience.* support for urban dwellers. association with the Democrats. 2. Workers in maquiladoras (1 point) receive low wages.

    asked by YOLO
  127. LA The Ninny Help & Check answers please

    1. How do both employers first cheat their governess? The employers say they mad a note of the fact that the pay is 30 rubbles a month and not 40 ** The employers indicate that an agreement was made about losing pay for holidays The employers decide to

    asked by Kenzie
  128. Maths

    The angle of elevation of the top of a house from the bottom of a tower 160m high is 26.from the top of a tower the angle of elevation is 24.what is the height of the house if the tower and the height are 50m apart?

    asked by Dami
  129. Physics

    Suppose two charged conducting wires each have current I, and they're placed parallel to each other. Fins the line charge density that needs to be placed on each wire so that the electric repulsion between them balances the magnetostatic force so that they

    asked by M
  130. Math

    Simplify 1) x + 1/ x - 1 + x^2 -1 / x + 1 2) 4x/x^2 - 1 - x + 1/x - 1

    asked by luniva
  131. chem

    A piece of stainless steel (Sstainless steel = 0.50 j/g* C) is transferred from an oven (180 *C) to 125mL of water in an insulated container at 23.2 *C. The water temperature rises to 51.5 *C. What is the mass of the stainless steel?

    asked by carolin
  132. Physics

    Suppose a light wave is in the visible spectrum, with frequency 740 THz(which will have a deep purple color). What will be the ratio of the electric to magnetic fields constitute the light wave? What fraction of the total energy is conveyed by the electric

    asked by M
  133. Physics

    Suppose two conducting wires each of mass 25g and length 40m are both hanging from a support beam. When the circuit is turned on, the wires repel each other so that the angle between the supporting strings is 30 degrees at a height 5cm below the support

    asked by M
  134. Physics

    Suppose you're an astronaut and you're sitting in a 6000kg space capsule riding on a 4000 m x 8000 m sail (whose mass is included in the 6000 kg). You're orbiting in the vicinity of a distant bright hot star giving off light with an intensity 8 x 10^9

    asked by M
  135. chem

    Consider a sample of 20g of water at -20*C and 1.0 atm. Determine the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of this water to 120*C. (Sice=2.1 Jg-1C-1; Swater= 4.184Jg-1C-1; Ssteam=1.7Jg-1C-1; ΔHfus 6.01 kJ/mol; ΔHvap=40.7 kJ/mol)

    asked by carolin
  136. chem

    A2.27g sample of the explosive, nitroglycerin, C3H5(NO3)3, is allowed to explode in a bomb calorimeter at standard conditions. The amount of heat evolved is 15.1 kJ. This explosion of nitroglycerin occurs according to the equation: 2C3H5(NO3)3 (l)⟶6CO2

    asked by carolin
  137. Technology in the classroom

    A software package that you would like to run on your classroom computer list

    asked by Anonymous
  138. algerbra

    Find the approximate length of the leg of a right triangle with one leg length 8 and hypotenuse length 19

    asked by carlos
  139. PHYSICS

    Consider a classroom 10.0m long by 6.0m wide by 4.0m high at "room temperature" 20.C and 1.0 atmosphere. A) How many moles of gas are contained in the room? B) Assuming an average molecular weight of 28, what is the mass of the room air?

    asked by Physics
  140. Chem

    The combustion of hydrogen with oxygen is used to produce extremely high temperatures needed for certain types of welding procedures. What is the quantity of heat generated, in kj, when a 180g mixture containing equal parts oxygen and hydrogen gasses by

    asked by carolin
  141. economics

    A country which is less productive at making everything would not expect to enjoy gains from international trade. Do you agree?

    asked by olufunke