Questions Asked on
April 30, 2015

  1. math help me

    Solve: 6C3 (1 point) 120 720 20 240 2. Which is not a combination? (1 point) choosing 3 toppings for your pizza lining 3 students up in a row choosing 2 desserts from a tray of 10 choosing 5 students to represent a class of 30 3. How many ways can you

    asked by maddi
  2. check pls

    Grayson is designing a rectangular athletic field. On his scale drawing. the vertices of the rectangle are (4,5), (9,10), and (9,5). What are the coordinates of the fourth vertex? A. (4,9) B. (4,10) C. (5,10) D. (5,9) I think it's A. (4,9) Am i right?

    asked by Maria
  3. Science Plzz Help Ms sue

    explain how genetic variation and environmental pressures can lead to a change in the characteristics of a population.

    asked by Leighla
  4. Math

    You and a friend go to the movies and split the cost of the movie tickets and snacks. You pay the bill. You tell your friend he owes only $9 because you owed him $4 from the last time you went to the movies. How much was the total bill? Let b represent the

    asked by Priscilla
  5. Math

    Small cubes with edge lengths of 1/4 inch will be packed into the right rectangular prism. How many small cubes are needed to completely fill the right rectangular prism? The height is 3 3/4 inches, the width is 5 inches, length is 4 1/2 inches. ( the

    asked by Jay
  6. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of oxygen gas required to occupy a volume of 6 L at a pressure of 20.9 kPa and a temperature of 37◦C.

    asked by sara
  7. consumer math A

    Find the interest due on $800 at 12% for 120 days.

    asked by javion
  8. Physics

    Update: Planets are not uniform inside. Normally, they are densest at the center and have decreasing density outward toward the surface. Model a spherically symmetric planet, with the same radius as the earth, as having a density that decreases linearly

    asked by Katie
  9. math

    jerry sold 7/20 of the total number of tickets that were sold for the spring band concert what percent of the total number of tickets did jerry sell

    asked by ciara
  10. MATH

    1.) solve the equation 2 x - 3 = 15 A. x=6 B. x=9 C. x=24 D. x = 36 2.) Solve the equation r - 4 = 11 --- 3 r = 45 r = 35 r= 33 r = 28 3.) solve the equation 7+ 3 m = 28 m = 18 m = 11 2 divide by 3 m = 9 m = 7 PLEASE HELP MS. SUE

    asked by Priscilla
  11. math

    The ferris wheel shown makes 12 revolutions per far would someone travel during one ride

    asked by Anonymous
  12. chemistry

    Write the balanced net ionic equation for the following reaction and determine the conjugate acid-base pairs. HNO3(aq)+Li2CO3(aq)LiNo3(aq)+LiHCO3(aq) Which component in the net ionic equation is the acid, the base, the conjugate base, and the conjugate

    asked by kim
  13. Consumer Math- HELP

    1. Fred salmon purchased six 1,000 bonds at 92. The bonds pay 6.5% What was the cost of the bonds? What was the total annual interest? What is the yield (to the nearest percent)? 2. John Tucker is interested in purchasing stock. He wants to determine the

    asked by Lauren
  14. Math

    Kaya drove 200 miles in 5 hours of actual driving time. By driving an average of 10 miles per hour faster, Kaya could have saved how many hours of actual driving time? A. 1 / 6 B. 2 / 3 C. 7 / 10 D. 1 E. 4

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Consumer math

    A deposit of 4,000 at 9.5% for 270 days

    asked by Alexis
  16. bookkeeping

    Worksheet (Use the information from the trial balance in Exam Figure 2. Write the worksheet information on the form in Exam Figure 1.) You’ll need the following adjustment information: a. P. Woodsley counted the supplies on May 31 and found that the

    asked by Anonymous
  17. algebra

    1/3(y+4)+6=1/4(3y-1)-2 show work Please

    asked by jaimecarlon
  18. Economic

    Julee has estimated the demand and marginal revenue for her product. They are P = 100 − 2Q (quantity) and MR = 100 − 4Q, respectively. She also experiences constant marginal cost of $16. ​a.​Does Julee have any market power? How can you tell?

    asked by Jesus
  19. Algebra

    a personal identification number consists of 3 letters followed by 3 digits (0-9). the letters x,y and z are not used and the last digit cannot be 0 or 9. how many different identification numbers are possible?

    asked by bernie
  20. Physics

    The lens and mirror in the figure below are separated by d = 1.00 m and have focal lengths of +74.8 cm and -42.2 cm, respectively. An object is placed p = 1.00 m to the left of the lens as shown.

    asked by Austin
  21. Math

    A submarine left the surface of the water at the rate of 2 meters per second. At the rate how long would it take the submarine to reach -60 meters level

    asked by Sia
  22. studio art

    how is a interior designer in a modern kitchen most different from interior design found in nineteenth century kitchen

    asked by angelina
  23. math

    Small cubes with edge lengths of 1/4 inch will be packed into the right rectangular prism. The dimensions are 4 1/2 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 3 3/4 inches in height. Each cube is 1/4 inches. How many small cubes are needed to completely fill

    asked by Troy
  24. Earth Science

    What are some factors that make it difficult for geologist to learn about the Precambrian era?? Please Explain

    asked by Blue42
  25. Algebra 2/statistics

    On a fair 6-sided die, each number has an equal probability p of being rolled. when a fair die is rolled n times, the most likely outcome (the mean) is that each number will be rolled NP times, with a standard deviation of sqrt NP(1-P). Brandon rolls a die

    asked by Jordan

    A physics exam consists of 9 multiple choice questions and 6 open-ended problems in which all work must be shown.If an examinee must answer 6 of the multiple- choice questions and 3 of the open-ended problems, in how many ways can the questions and

    asked by JORDAN
  27. Language Arts - Please Check Answer

    Please help me with the following question: A paradox is a literary device often used to A. emphasize or make readers think about important ideas. B. provide hints or clues about events that occur later in a story. C. explain a character’s reason for

    asked by Brady
  28. math

    6cm diameter discs are cut from a sheet 130cm long and 70cm wide.(a)How many discs can be cut in this way (b) what area of the sheet is wasted? (My working so far). Area of rectangle=L*B 130*70=9100cm^2 area of circle=22/7 *(6/2)^2=28.286cm^2 (a)no of

    asked by james
  29. Physics

    A racket exerted an average force of 152.0 N on a ball initially at rest. If the ball has a mass of 0.070 kg and was in contact with the racket for 0.030 s, what was the kinetic energy of the ball as it left the racket?

    asked by Maria
  30. Social Studies

    Which describes a belief of the progressive movement? (1 point) the belief that government could correct the ills of society the belief that individual citizens could work to improve social problems the belief that business and the free enterprise system

    asked by Archy
  31. MATH

    A physics exam consists of 9 multiple choice questions and 6 open-ended problems in which all work must be shown.If an examinee must answer 6 of the multiple- choice questions and 3 of the open-ended problems, in how many ways can the questions and

    asked by STAR ---- HELP.....
  32. Math

    Writing to Explain Yuri says that the difference between the least amount of time it takes a student to say the alphabet and the greatest amount of time is 4 1/2 seconds. Do you agree? Explain.

    asked by Mits
  33. Algebra

    1. Is it more difficult to run up a ramp with a slope of 1/5 or a slope of 5? 2. What is the slope of a line that passes through the points (2,0) and (5,0)? 3. A line has a slope of 2. It passes through the points (1,2) and (3,y). What is he value of y? 4.

    asked by Yolanda
  34. Early Childhood Education

    A ________ is an in-depth look at a particular child at a specific point in time.

    asked by Ella
  35. Volume

    Imagine that you have an ideal gas in a 7.00L container, and that 1050 molecules of this gas collide with a square-inch area of the container at any given instant. If the volume is increased to 56.0L at constant temperature, how many collisions will occur

    asked by Chemistry
  36. 5th grade math

    Jeff put small box that is 12 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 4 inches tall inside a box that's 20 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 9 inches high. How much space is left in the larger box?

    asked by Chris
  37. math

    What will the graph look like for a system of equations that has no solutions? A. The lines will be perpendicular. B. The lines cross at one point. C. Both equations will form the same line. D. The lines will be parallel. Is the answer B?? Thank you

    asked by Claire
  38. Math

    The manager of the theater wants to sell the popcorn in a cone with a diameter of 7 inches. What does the height of the cone need to be in order to hold the same amount of popcorn as the cylinder?

    asked by Alanda
  39. Math

    A painting shaped like a circle had a diameter of 20 inches. A circular frame extends 2 inches around the edge of the painting. How much wall space does the framed painting need? Use 3.24 for pi.

    asked by J J
  40. math

    Answer the following questions below that go with the following: Let's say that a locker combination lock uses numbers 0 through 39 for a 3 digit combination. 1.) Exactly how many combinations are possible if NO digit may be repeated? And how many

    asked by Kyle
  41. Calculus

    Imagine making a tent in the shape of a right prism whose cross-section is an equilateral triangle (the door is on one of the triangular ends). Assume we want the volume to be 2.2 m3, to sleep two or three people. The floor of the tent is cheaper material

    asked by Lizz
  42. Math

    Find the approximate area of each circle. Use the value of pi that makes the math the simplest for you. In the example, it's a circle with 14cm written on it in the middle. I'm

    asked by Kimm
  43. English/Writing

    As you analyze an essay, you can use your own words to summarize the author’s key ideas and map out the organization of the essay’s key points. This is called A. critiquing. B. anchoring. C. summation. D. transcribing. B. anchoring

    asked by clary
  44. s.s

    According tot he excerpt, violence by the Ku Klux Klan against african americans and their white supporters was _____ to stop because juries often _____. A. very easy; were against the Ku Klux Klan and its activities B. very difficult; were made up of Ku

    asked by Anonymous
  45. science

    to study and change of current due to variation of resistance in an electric circuit?

    asked by vincent d
  46. math

    if r=9 units and h=4units what is the volume of the cylinder shown above use 3.14 for pie symbol

    asked by ciara
  47. physics

    Two +'ve charges separated by a distance 2m each other with a force of 0.36N. If the combined charge is 26mc , the charges are

    asked by Thirumal
  48. algebra

    A population of wolves in a county is represented by the equation P(t)=80(0.98)^t, where t is the number of years since 1998. What will be the number of wolves in the population in the year 2012?

    asked by clarissa
  49. English

    In our text discussion, we compared a two-way conversation with a top-down situation, such as that which students encounter when listening to a lecture. What was this comparison intended to illustrate? A. The need to pay attention to an instructor’s

    asked by clary
  50. Math

    Reason A new student joins Ms. Sousa's class. That student can say the alphabet in 3 1/2 seconds. What is the new difference between the greatest length of time and the least length of time? A. 4 1/2 seconds B. 4 seconds C. 3 1/2 seconds D. 3 seconds

    asked by Mits
  51. Advanced Functions

    Prove (sin4x)/(1-cos4x) = cotx - 1/2(cscxsecx) Please help me get started on this question... I'm at a lost as for what to do first....

    asked by Sarah

    A service that repairs TV's and sell maintenance agreement for $9 a yr. the average cost for repairing a TV is $39 and 3 in every 100 people who purchased maintenance agreements have TV that require repair Find the services expected profit per maintenance

    asked by HEATHER
  53. math: 68-95-99.7 rule

    suppose that prices of a certain model of new homes are normally distributed with a mean of $150,000 use the rule to find the percentage of buyers who paid: between $150,000if the standard deviation is $1200

    asked by john
  54. Civics HELP! Ms.Sue

    Given the maps above, what could you say about the relationship between income level and voting in Florida? A) Higher income districts tend to be more heavily Democratic. B) There is no apparent relationship between the income level and voting habits. C)

    asked by Anon101
  55. physics

    four equal charges 2*10^-6c each are fixed at the four corner of a square of side 5cm.find the coulumb force experinced by one of the charge due to rest three

    asked by nikhil
  56. SPANISH 3

    I was given this assignment: "Escribe en español un párrafo breve de por lo menos cuatro oraciones. Habla de la foto aquí usando los adjetivos demostrativos como pronombres." (The picture is of a woman on a computer with a man standing over her). Are

    asked by Nadia
  57. physics

    A football kicker can give the ball an initial speed of 25m/s. What are the greatest and least elevation angles at which he can kick the ball to score a field goal from a point 50m in front of goalposts whose horizontal bar is 3.44m above the ground?

    asked by john
  58. math

    prove that the value of cosx + secx can never be 3/2.

    asked by maths
  59. Math

    Allie's plant has a height of 6 meters. rayon's plant grows 3/10 meter higher . How high does Rajon's plant grow?

    asked by Smita
  60. physics

    2. An object is 20.0 cm from a converging lens, and the image falls on a screen. When the object is moved 4.00 cm closer to the lens, the screen must be moved 2.70 cm farther away from the lens to register a sharp image. Determine the focal length of the

    asked by tasha
  61. Discrete Math

    3. A club with 8 women and 6 men needs to choose two different members to be president and vice president (combination or permutation). a. In how many ways is this possible? b. In how many ways is this possible if women will be chosen as president and a

    asked by Peace
  62. Math

    Anna saved $20 in a jar each month for 2 1/2 years. She spent 75% of her savings on a computer. How much money did Anna have left in the jar?

    asked by Sarah
  63. Physics

    Two electrostatic point charges of +60.0 μC and +57.0 μC exert a repulsive force on each other of 161 N. What is the distance between the two charges? The value of the Coulomb constant is 8.98755 × 109 N · m2/C2. Answer in units of m.

    asked by Chris
  64. History

    What is one certain long-term cost of adding to national debt? a.) Americans in the future must have fewer public services b.) Americans in the future will not vote in elections c.) Americans in the future will not enjoy the benefits of the program d.)

    asked by Shane
  65. biology

    A toxin from a poisonous mushroom has been identified as a hydrophobic weak acid. It somehow can find its way to the inner membrane of mitochondria where it gets protonated on the outer surface of the membrane but deprotonated on the inner surface of the

    asked by pete
  66. s.s

    All persons born or naturalized in the united States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they resize. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of

    asked by Anonymous
  67. physics

    A stone is dropped from the top of a cliff which is 100m high. At the same time another stone is vertically thrown upwards from the foot of the cliff woth a speed of 40m/s.AT what height and when do the stones meet

    asked by asgf
  68. chemistry

    how much copper sulfate do i need to make a solution of 100ml of 1M copper sulfate?

    asked by johnny
  69. math

    find a number that: it is a 3 digit number larger than 399 and smaller than 500 both digits in the tens place and ones place are odd and their sum is equal to 5 the digit in the ones place is larger than the digit in the tens

    asked by Mahinoor
  70. Career

    1.)How people produce, distribute, and use goods and services? a.) Economy b.) Free enterprise system c.) Competition d.) Profit 2.)The amount of goods and services available for sale. a.) Producers b.) Consumers c.) Supply d.) Demand 3.)The amount of

    asked by Amanda
  71. Chemistry

    20.00mL of 0.55M CH3COOH solution is mixed with 9.95mL of 1.0M NaHCO3 solution. The reaction occurring is CH3COOH + NaHCO3 --> CH3CHOO + Na + H2O +CO2. Which is the limiting reagent in this reaction?

    asked by Kate
  72. Chemistry

    There are three isotopes of phosphorus. Only one of them is stable. Calculate the binding energy per nucleon (in MeV) for P-32 (atomic mass = 31.9739 u). mass H = 1.007825 u and mass n = 1.008665 u. I multiplied the protons(15) by the mass H, and the

    asked by JUNDY
  73. Social Studies

    Because of her reform activities, which group would not have supported Rebecca Latimer Felton? (1 point) supporters of educational opportunities for all citizens of the state supporters of the suffrage movement to gain voting rights for women supporters of

    asked by Archy
  74. Algebra 2

    A sequence is recursively defined by, t1=1, t2=2, t2n=2t2n-2, and t2n+1=3t2n-1

    asked by Wallis ramsdell
  75. History!!!

    What does this poll most suggest about U.S. citizens? a.) they belive that higher taxes are worth the cost and benefits b.) they think that most government programs have little value c.) they prefer fewer public goods and services over higher personal

    asked by Shane
  76. Chemistry

    To titrate the acetic acid in 10.0 mL of vinegar sample, 25.5mL of 0.5M sodium hydroxide solution is needed. What is the concentration of acetic acid in the vinegar?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. chemistry

    How to calcuate therotical pH 1.) 0.1 M HCl measured pH=1 2.) 0.1 M NaOH measured pH=13?

    asked by Clare
  78. Physics

    An X-ray tube used for cancer therapy oper- ates at 8.8 MV with a beam current of 19 mA striking a metal target. Calculate the power of this beam.

    asked by Chris
  79. Chemistry Dr. Bob

    I need help on my chem lab... I need to give you background info so you know how to help me.. Data Sheet: Specific gravity of distilled water Temp of distilled water = 20 C Specific gravity: 1.0000 or 1.000 (according to hydrometer used) sugar solution 1 :

    asked by Jennie
  80. Math

    Using the formula. I =Prt ,calculate the simple interest where t=1/n and n is the number of periodd per year for compounding. You have $20,000 and wished to invest it in one of two ways. Option A: You may invest it in a certificate of deposit for 10 years

    asked by Preia
  81. Chemistry

    I need help on my chem lab... I need to give you background info so you know how to help me.. Data Sheet: Specific gravity of distilled water Temp of distilled water = 20 C Specific gravity: 1.0000 or 1.000 (according to hydrometer used) sugar solution 1 :

    asked by Jennie
  82. Literature

    I have an 8-10 page final essay due concerning the Odyssey. I know my topic I want to use for my essay is FAMILY. The problem I having is forming an argumentative thesis. My question is... How would I begin to form an argumentative thesis? I continue to

    asked by Caroline
  83. physics

    four equal charges 2*10^-6c each are fixed at the four corner of a square of side 5cm.find the coulumb force experinced by one of the charge due to rest three

    asked by nikhil gupta

    Jan plans to invest $7500, part at 4% simple interest and the rest at 5% simple interest. What is the most that he can invest at 4% and still be guaranteed at least $325 per year?

    asked by SEAN
  85. Chemistry

    I need help on my chem lab... I need to give you background info so you know how to help me.. Data Sheet: Specific gravity of distilled water Temp of distilled water = 20 C Specific gravity: 1.0000 or 1.000 (according to hydrometer used) sugar solution 1 :

    asked by Jennie
  86. Discrete Math

    12 A computer science department has a probability of 0.35 that a senior receives a job offer in IT before graduation. Random select 8 senior students • What is the probability that 5 students received offers before graduation? • What is the

    asked by Peace
  87. chemistry

    Determine the percent yield for the following generic reaction using the information given below: Compound A --> Compound B if you start with 10.0 mL of Compound A and obtain 9.0 g of Compound B. Density of Compound A = 0.75 g/mL MW of Compound A = 150.

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Algebra 2/Statistics

    From a squad of 12 cheerleaders, 10 will assemble themselves into a 4-level pyramid at the Homecoming rally. 1.) How many different combinations of cheerleaders can be used to build the pyramid? For this I got 12C10=66......Right or Wrong? 2.) The coach

    asked by Jordan
  89. math:Fundamental Counting Principlal

    solve the problem by applying the fundamental counting principal with two groups of items. Shaun is joining a music club. as part of ther 4-cd introductory package she can choose from 12 rock, 10 alternative, 7 country, and 5 classical. if Shaun choose one

    asked by robert
  90. Science

    why might an ecologist use a food chain for one study and a food web for another study

    asked by M
  91. History

    Politicians are most likely to make laws with short-term benefits and long-term costs because a.) they do not understand economics b.) they are not worried about the future c.) they wish to please voters today d.) they thing the laws are necessary

    asked by Madeline
  92. Calculus

    How would I find the equilibrant of three vectors? I am given a graph of three different vectors which meet at the point (0,0)

    asked by Sara
  93. chemistry

    If 765000 J of energy are added to 7.90 L of water at 291 K, what will the final temperature of the water be? Answer in units of K.

    asked by zack
  94. algebra 2

    what is the degree and leading coefficient of 10x^3=3x^2-x+7?

    asked by elvin
  95. MAT 142

    What is the cost of concrete for a walkway that is 15 feet long, 8 feet wide and 9 inches deep if the concrete costs $30 per cubic yard?

    asked by Olivia
  96. math - please help

    Find the HCF and LCM of: 1 + 4x + 4x^2 - 16x^4.. ,1 + 2x - 8x^3 - 16x^4.., 16x^4 + 4x^2 + 1

    asked by help please - instantly
  97. math

    Find the HCF and LCM of: 1 + 4x + 4x^2 - 16x^4.. ,1 + 2x - 8x^3 - 16x^4.., 16x^4 + 4x^2 + 1

    asked by anyone please help
  98. Physics

    If the current in a wire of a CD player is 1.10 mA, how long would it take for 3.40 C of charge to pass a point in this wire?physi

    asked by Chris
  99. maths

    Three consecutive terms of a Geometric Progression are − 6, p and − 32 . find the value of p.

    asked by james
  100. Financial math

    Taylor is purchasing a home for $235,000. She is putting 20% down. She has qualified for a 30 year mortgage at 4.5% APR. Calculate her monthly payment.

    asked by Kay
  101. math

    The cost of a minibus was Shilling 950,000. It depreciated in value by 5% per year for the first two years by 15% per year for the subsequent years. (a) Calculate the value of the minibus after years (b) After 5 years the minibus was sold through a dealer

    asked by kudu
  102. Math

    Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by y=x+(x/4), the x-axis, and the lines x=1 and x=3 about the y-axis. I've drawn the graph and I understand which part is being rotated, but I'm having trouble setting up the equation.

    asked by Eliana
  103. math

    X|-1|0|1|2| y|-2|1|4|7| What is the rule for the function shown in the table? A.y= 1/3x+1 B.y=3x+1 C.y=1/3x D.y=1/2x+1 Is the answer B??

    asked by bad with math
  104. Math

    In 1982 , the California Minimum wage was $3.35.Suppose that a bartender in 1982 makes minimum wage plus $80 per night in tips,and that they work full time(8 hrs per day, 5 days per week, 50 weeks per year) Considering a standard inflation rate of 4.5%

    asked by Preia
  105. Math

    A triangle with a Base of 8 inches and a height of 7 inches has a circular section of diameter 3 inches removed from its center. What is the remaining area of the triangle? (Use π = 3.14)

    asked by Preia
  106. Physics

    A net charge of 73 mC passes through the cross-sectional area of a wire in 9 s . What is the current in the wire? The fun- damental charge is 1.602 × 10−19 C.

    asked by Chris
  107. math

    a person had to drive 1417 miles. They drove 9 hours a day for 3 days. How many miles per hour did they drive?

    asked by Allie
  108. physics

    just a question out of curiosity... Why is it that when you stretch a rubber band between your thumbs the same length both sides of the rubber band make two different sounds? Is it because the sound waves are at different velocities or frequencies?

    asked by jake
  109. Math

    Mr. Register went out for enchiladas. After eating as much as he could consume the bill ended up being $317.24( they were really good enchiladas, and there were alot of them)The tax rate is 8.5 % and a gratuity of 15% was automatically added ( after tax)

    asked by Preia
  110. Science

    How does the structure of epithelial tissue function to prevent dehydration?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Math

    A triangle with a Base of 8 inches and a height of 7 inches has a circular section of diameter 3 inches removed from its center. What is the remaining area of the triangle? (Use π = 3.14)

    asked by Preia
  112. math

    Find the HCF and LCM of: 1 + 4x + 4x^2 - 16x^4.. ,1 + 2x - 8x^3 - 16x^4.., 16x^4 + 4x^2 + 1

    asked by clive
  113. Chem

    what pressure is exerted by 784.3g of CH4 in a 0.870 l steel container at 184.3 k I don't know how to start it or the formula

    asked by Anthony`
  114. English Literature

    Hello, I'm a English Literature student. I'm going to make a Project on William Shakespeare and John Milton. As I said, it's an English project, So please suggest me some good topics/title for both the projects. Also please give me some general tips and

    asked by Paakhi
  115. algebra please help

    9x3+7x2y+5xy2+7y3 find the product of the polynomials

    asked by Ann
  116. Economics

    At the present price of $20 per unit, the firm is selling 2000 units of a good. It believes that the price elasticity of demand for the good is - 1.0. If the price is lowered to $18, then the buyers would be expected to buy a) 1800 units b) 2000units c)

    asked by celina
  117. math homework

    Michael went into a comic book store to pick up a few of his “much wanted” comics. There are about 4 different Batman issues, about 5 different Star Wars issues, and about 2 different Superman issues to choose from. Exactly how many combinations are

    asked by Betty
  118. Math

    Which is NOT true about the Table? x: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | y: 1 | 4 | 9 | 16 | A. it shows a linear function B. x increases by 1 each time C. the rate of change is not constant D. y increases by a different value each time D please check

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Math Check

    Let’s say you have a bedroom drawer that contains about 2 red socks, 4 white socks, and 8 blue socks. Without looking in the drawer, you pick out a sock, take it back, and then pick out a second sock. What could the probability be if the first sock is

    asked by Steffi
  120. Discrete Math

    13 Define F as failed in the diagnostic test that P(F)=0.08 and A as failed in the real test. Given a student was failed in the diagnostic test, the probability he/she is also failed P(A|F)=0.90. The conditional given the student was not failed in the

    asked by Peace
  121. Discrete Math

    14 There 2 dies. One is 8 sides (octahedral die) and another is 6 sides (normal). All are fair dies. a. What is the expected value when the 2 dies tolled together b. What is the variance when the 2 dies tolled together

    asked by Peace
  122. Calculus

    I'm not sure how to do this; I figured I should use separation of variables but I got the wrong equation. Help is appreciated, thanks! If dy/dx=(1+x)/(xy), x > 0, and y = –4 when x =1, when x =3, y = ? A. 6.433, −6.233 B. 3.898, −3.898 C. 4.711,

    asked by ashley
  123. Math

    A department store received a shipment of dresses together with the bill for $3245.50. Some of the dresses were not as ordered ,however ,and were returned at once. The value of the returned dresses was $143.15 . The terms of the billing , provided the

    asked by Preia
  124. Algebra 1

    (2y^-1)^2 ---------------- (4y)^-2 The answer is supposed to be 64 but I can't seem to get it. Thanks to anyone who can help!

    asked by Halle
  125. math

    There are two sign posts A and B on the edge of the road. A is 400 m to the west of b. A tree is on a bearing of 060° from A and a bearing of 330° from B. Calculate the shortest distance of the tree from the edge of the road.

    asked by kudu
  126. math

    A ship leaves an island (5°N, 45° E) and sails due east for 120 hours to another island. Average speed of the ship is 27 knots. (a) Calculate the distance between the two islands (i) In nautical miles (ii) In kilometers (b) Calculate the speed of the

    asked by kudu
  127. Ethics in Tech

    In the absence of laws, businesses can form __________ to reduce positional arms races. A. campaign committees B. cooperative agreements C. task forces D. networks im confused between B n C

    asked by Amy
  128. Algebra

    The following equation is quadratic. f(x)=(x-7)(3x-2) What are the x-intercepts of the graph of the related equation y=(x-7)(3x+2)? A) -7 and 2/3 B) -7 and 3/2 C) -3/2 and 7 D) -2/3 and 7

    asked by Ashley
  129. Calculus

    If 3(a,3,2)-2(3,b,b)=(-3,1,-2) determine a and b. Describe the set spanned by the vectors. I don't know how to answer this

    asked by Sara
  130. Math


    asked by Christine
  131. Trigonometry

    Suppose I'm graphing a graph like j(x) = -2 sin 4x. How can I tell if the origin is an x-intercept for it?

    asked by Anonymous
  132. Math

    THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF A CIRCLE IS 31.4 centimeters. What is the area of the circle?

    asked by Jimmie
  133. Math

    If I were to graph this equation y= 2x + 0.5 would I graph x as 2 and y as .5?

    asked by Island Grandma
  134. Science

    What type of tissue do you think the wall of the villi is made from? Is it connective tissue or maybe epithelial tissue?

    asked by Anonymous
  135. English

    1. We can turn off the switch when we go out home. 2. We can turn off the switch when we go out of home. 3. We can turn off the switch when we go out of my home. 4. We can turn off the switch when we go out of our home. --------------- Are these sentences

    asked by rfvv
  136. Math

    For each of the following , simplify by combining like terms : 4x^3y+5x(6xy-7y^2) - 8y(9x^2-10xy) - 11xy^2

    asked by Preia
  137. Math

    Reduce the fraction: 5,040/59,400

    asked by Preia
  138. Math

    Reduce the fraction: 5,040/59,400

    asked by Preia
  139. Math

    Shelly and Andy are playing a game using a number cube and flips the coin. What are all possible outcomes during one turn? How many outcomes are in the sample space?

    asked by Pat
  140. statistics

    Probability: How many ways can a person select 4 programs from a television guide of 16 programs?

    asked by vera
  141. Math

    A square which is 7 inches on a side is removed from a triangle which is a base and height of 14 inches. What is the area of the remaining region?

    asked by Preia
  142. Math

    Use the order of operations to simplify each of the following : a) 4*3^3- 54÷6+5^2 b)314-3 [2^5 -(9- 4 ) ^2 +3]^2

    asked by Preia
  143. Health

    Which medication for the treatment of alcohol abuse has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration? A. Baclofen B. Acamprosate C. Topiramate D. Quetia C ?

    asked by #1me
  144. Calculus

    What is the solution to the following system of equations -2x+3y+z=5 x+5y+2z=17 To do this, I used elementary operations and isolated x to get 13y+5z=37. Is that correct so far? How would I continue?

    asked by Sara
  145. Math

    1.) What is the formula for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence that has a common difference of 8 and a first term of 4? 2.) What is the formula for the nth term of the geometric sequence that has a first term of 2 and a ratio of 3?

    asked by Jamie
  146. Chemistry-is this right?

    Water has a pH of 4.9? Calculate H3O and OH 1. H3O= 10^4.9=1.25*10^-5 2. OH= 14- 4.9= 9.1

    asked by Clare
  147. math

    A bag contains 9 black marbles and 1 white marble. What is the probability of the event that is complementary to the event of drawing a black marble from the bag? a. 1/10 b. 1/9 c.8/9 d.9/10

    asked by Ellie evans
  148. Discrete Math

    There are 8 black balls and 8 white balls in a box and cannot be seen through: • How many balls must be picked up in order to guarantee there are three balls having the same color • How many balls must be picked up in order to guarantee there are three

    asked by Peace
  149. Calculus

    What are the coordinates of the point on the graph of f(x)=(x+1)(x+2) at which the tangent is parallel to the line with equation 3x-y-1=0? a)(-3,2) b)(-1,0) c)(0,2) d)(1,6) To answer this, I put f(x)=(x+1)(x+2) into the form f(x)=x^2+3x+2 and found the

    asked by Sara
  150. Discrete Math

    15 Please calculate P(E|F) given P(F|E)=0.3, =0.25 and P(E)=0.6

    asked by Peace
  151. Discrete Math

    Determine where the big O(g(x)) for following functions • F(x)=2xlogx+1 • F(x)=3x -2x +1 • F(x)=4x -2x -3x +4 • F(x)=( x +1)/( x +4) • F(x)=(x+1)/(x-4

    asked by Peace
  152. History

    Write the centuries and period (AD/BCE)each of the following date from AD2000 I.1200 years ago II.500years to come.

    asked by kurangam
  153. Science/Conversion

    Please help me with this How do I convert 10ug/mL to: 1) 100ng/ul 2) 100ng/100ul Thanks

    asked by Venice
  154. Math

    3xy - | x- 2 | when x = -1.3, y = 2/5

    asked by Preia
  155. Math

    Evaluate : 2x^2 - 9x+7 when x=-7/2

    asked by Preia
  156. Math

    For each of the following, simplify by combining like terms : a) p ( q - r ) - q ( p -r ) - r ( p -q ) b) 23ab - 12bc^2 - 12ba - 13bc^2

    asked by Preia
  157. cultural diversity

    what is a metalinguistic strategy designed to shape a child's concept of print

    asked by Doris
  158. Math

    Which of the following expressions is equivalent to (-2x^5 y^2)^4 A. -16x^20 y^8 B. -8x^10 y^8 C. -8x^9 y^6 D. 16x^9 y^6 E. 16x^20 y^8

    asked by Anonymous
  159. Science

    Does the circulatory system make hormones, or merely distribute them after they are made in endocrine tissues?

    asked by Anonymous
  160. Math 12

    What is the probability of being dealt four cards of a kind in a five card hand? I know it is 0.00024, but I need this as a fraction and I don't know how to do that.

    asked by Anonymous