Questions Asked on
April 26, 2015

  1. math

    This question says to graph the linear function.y=1\3x-4. What would the graph look like? Thank you Reiny but they put me in this class and I can not figure out what to do. When I am for help they are always to busy to help me my mom when talked with the

    asked by blue
  2. English


    asked by Ida
  3. p.e

    Air pollutants can do all of the following except A. reduce your protection from the sun's radiation B. cause discoloration to your hair C. damage the respiratory system D. enter bloodstream and harm other parts of the body** Check pleaase

    asked by Anonymous
  4. math

    Given the position function, s of t equals t cubed divided by 3 minus 12 times t squared divided by 2 plus 36 times t, between t = 0 and t = 15, where s is given in feet and t is measured in seconds, find the interval in seconds where the particle is

    asked by ana
  5. chemistry

    What is the pH of a 0.2 M solution of pyridinium chloride (C5H5NHCl)? Kb for pyridine (C5H5N) is 1.5 × 10−9 . 1. 8.824 2. 2.788 3. 4.761 4. 3.068 5. 3.308 6. 2.698 7. 2.938 8. 5.176 9. 9.239

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Physics

    A small block is attached to an ideal spring and is moving in SHM on a horizontal, frictionless surface. When the amplitude of the motion is 0.090m , it takes the block 2.68s to travel from x= 0.090m to x= -0.090m . If the amplitude is doubled, to 0.180m ,

    asked by Katie
  7. math

    Why does Zara have a good driving record?

    asked by scott
  8. University of North Texas

    A manufacturer ships toasters in cartons of 25. In each carton, they estimate a 8% chance that one of the toasters will need to be sent back for minor repairs. In a batch of 12,000 toasters, what are the chances that fewer than 950 need to be returned?

    asked by Shannon
  9. Chemistry

    Why does AgCl dissolve in NH3 but AgBr and AgI don't? KSP of AgCl = 1.8 x 10-10 KSP of AgBr = 5.0×10–13 KSP of AgI = 1.5 x 10-16

    asked by Serena
  10. math

    The side length of a rectangular box with a square base is increasing at the rate of 2 ft/sec, while the height is decreasing at the rate of 2 ft/sec. At what rate is the volume of the box changing when the side length is 10 ft and the height is 12 ft?

    asked by ana
  11. Physics

    An observer stands 25 m behind a marksman practicing at a rifle range. The marksman fires the rifle horizontally, the speed of the bullets is 840 m/s, and the air temperature is 20 °C. How far does each bullet travel before the observer hears the report

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Calculus

    The expression dy/dx = x*(cube root y) gives the slope at any point of the graph of the function f(x) where f(2) = 8. A. Write the equation of the tangent line to f(x) and any point (2,8). B. Write an expression for f(x) in terms of x. C. What is the

    asked by ashley
  13. math

    A company is designing a juice box. The box is in the shape of a rectangular prism. The base of the box is 6 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches, and th box is 4 inches high. If juice fills 90% of the box's volume, find the volume of juice in the box. Thank you!

    asked by kymy
  14. chemistry

    Suppose that a student performing this experiment recorded the concentration of NaOH solution as 0.513 M, instead of the correct value of 0.531 M. Assuming there were no other errors, would each of the following experimental results be high, low, or

    asked by kales
  15. math

    Street | Horizontal | Vertical rise Distance ft. |of street ft. _______|_____________|_______________ Dixie hill| 80. | 40 Bell hill | 80. | 20 Liberty hill| 80. | 60 Which hill is the steepest? Explain. A. Bell hill; it rises one foot for for every 4 feet

    asked by sad with math

    How do I solve this? Object A is moving due east, while object B is moving due north. They collide and stick together in a completely inelastic collision. Momentum is conserved. Object A has a mass of mA = 16.6 kg and an initial velocity of nu Overscript

    asked by KS

    How do I solve this? A mine car (mass=380 kg) rolls at a speed of 0.50 m/s on a horizontal track, as the drawing shows. A 170-kg chunk of coal has a speed of 0.92 m/s when it leaves the chute (at a 25 degree incline). Determine the speed of the car–coal

    asked by KS
  18. chemistry

    Which of the following 0.10 M aqueous solutions gives the LOWEST pH? 1. CH3COOH (pKa = 4.75) 2. CCl3COOH (pKa = 0.52) 3. HF (pKa = 3.45) 4. H3PO4 (pKa1 = 2.12) 5. Because all are acids, the pH is the same for all solutions

    asked by Anonymous
  19. math

    What is the slope-intercept equation for the cost of a sub at Fred's Sub Shop? A. y= 2x B. y= 10x C. y= 5x D. 5x+2 Is the answer C??

    asked by blue day
  20. math

    A college is planning to construct a retangular parking lot on land bordered on one side by a highway. The plan is to use 680 feet of fencing to fence off the other three sides. What dimensions should the lot have if the enclosed area is to be a maximum?

    asked by ddot
  21. Math

    Solve each equation to the nearest tenth and use the given restrictions. sin θ = -0.204 for 90 degrees < θ < 270 degrees. I don't get this. Is this supposed to be restricted to quadrants 2 and 3? Then it doesn't seem possible to get a value that will be

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Calculus

    People are entering a zoo at the rate of 100e^t+75t people per hour where t is the amount of time the zoo has been open on that day measured in hours. If the doors are open at 9:00 AM, how many hundreds of people have entered the zoo at 11:40 AM? (Nearest

    asked by Sarah
  23. physics

    Four resistors are connected to a battery with a terminal voltage of 18.0 V. The resistors are, R1=61, R2=34, R3=90, and R4=11. R1 & R2 are in series, and combined are in parallel with R3, & the combination of R1, R2, & R3 are in series with R4. Find the

    asked by allan
  24. physics

    Consider three identical metal spheres, A, B, and C. Sphere A carries a charge of -6q. Sphere B carries a charge of -5q. Sphere C carries no net charge. Spheres A and B are touched together and then separated. Sphere C is then touched to sphere A and

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Physics

    A large pendulum with a 200-lb gold-plated bob 12 inches in diameter is on display in the lobby of the United Nations building. Assume that the pendulum has a length of 78.4 ft. It is used to show the rotation of the Earth - for this reason it is referred

    asked by Madison
  26. Math

    Each human hand has 27 bones. There are 6 more bones in the fingers than in the wrist. There are 3 fewer bones in the palm than in the wrist. How many bones are in each part of the wrist?

    asked by Sierra
  27. Chemistry 2

    Does the reaction P4(s, white) + 5 O2(g) P4O10(s) occur spontaneously at 298 K and standard state conditions? Calculate the value of capital delta S°univ. Honestly do not know where to start.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Business Math Please Help me

    A monopoly has a total cost function C = 1000 + 108x + 12x^2 for its product, which has demand function p = 324 − 3x − 2x^2. Find the consumer's surplus at the point where the monopoly has maximum profit. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) Thank

    asked by Scarlett
  29. AP Physics

    Two adjacent natural frequencies of an organ pipe are found to be 900 Hz and 990 Hz. (a) Calculate the fundamental frequency and length of this pipe. other info that I already calculated: -the pipe is open at both ends - length of pipe is 1.89m

    asked by Ayesha
  30. math

    Graph the linear function y=-2x+3 How do I work this out?

    asked by sad with math
  31. health

    PowerPoint Presentation: Narrative Presentation to the Board of Trustees The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has taken on a more visible role in health care. A great deal of change has transpired to improve patient safety and implementation

    asked by Jahsain
  32. Health.

    True or False.. Biodegradable waste threatens the health of humans True Am I right?

    asked by Kel
  33. Kinetic energy

    steel ball of mass 0.310 kg is fastened to a cord that is 86.0 cm long and fixed at the far end. The ball is then released when the cord is horizontal, as shown in the figure. At the bottom of its path, the ball strikes a 3.10 kg steel block initially at

    asked by Anonymous
  34. chemistry

    Arrange the acids I) hydrogen selenate ion (HSeO− 4 ), pKa = 1.92; II) phosphoric acid (H3PO4), pKa = 2.12; III) selenous acid (H2SeO3), pKa = 2.46; IV) phosphorous acid (H3PO3), pKa1 = 2.00; in increasing order of strengths. 1. I, III, II, IV 2. None of

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Calc 1

    Evaluate the limit. lim x → 1 ln x/sin 5πx

    asked by TayB
  36. physics

    The force of repulsion that two like charges exert on each other is 3.2 N. What will the force be if the distance between the charges is increased to 4 times its original value?

    asked by Anonymous

    How do I solve this? A 700-kg race car can drive around an unbanked turn at a maximum speed of 41 m/s without slipping. The turn has a radius of 190 m. Air flowing over the car's wing exerts a downward-pointing force (called the downforce) of 12000 N on

    asked by KS
  38. physics

    A charge of -3.00 µC is fixed at the center of a compass. Two additional charges are fixed on the circle of the compass (radius = 0.115 m). The charges on the circle are -4.70 µC at the position due north and +5.00 µC at the position due east. What is

    asked by Anonymous
  39. gravimertic prob

    an organic pesticide (mw 183.7) is 8.43% cl. a 0.627g sample containing the pesticide plus inert material containing no chloride was decomposed with metallic sodium in alcohol. the liberated chloride ion was precipitated as agcl weighing 0.0831g. calculate

    asked by vivian
  40. chemistry

    A 32.5 g sample of K2SO4 is dissolved in a quantity of water and stirred well. A 40.00 mL sample of the solution is evaporated to dryness and leaves behind 5.00 g of solid K2SO4.what is the molarity. Calculate molar masses of solutes to .01 grams

    asked by mark
  41. stat

    Find an estimate of the sample size needed to obtain the specified margin of error for the 95% confidence interval. A researcher wishes to estimate the mean amount of money spent per month on food by households in a certain neighborhood. She desires a

    asked by jim
  42. chemistry

    what products would form after hydrogenation of 2-methyl-1-butene? after halogenation (cl2)?

    asked by jk

    By accident, a large plate is dropped and breaks into three pieces. The pieces fly apart parallel to the floor. As the plate falls, its momentum has only a vertical component, and no component parallel to the floor. After the collision, the component of

    asked by Anonymous
  44. math

    please help me with this one too! : if it costs about $0.10 per week to feed a snake, how much does it cost to feed 35 snakes for 4 wks?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. chemistry

    what products would form after hydrogenation of 2-methyl-1-butene? after halogenation (cl2)?

    asked by jk
  46. calculus

    Given the relationship 2x^2 + y^3 =10, with y > 0 and dy, dt = 3 units/min., find the value of dx, dt at the instant x = 1 unit.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. math

    If the length of each dimension of the rectangular prism is cut in half, then surface area will be 1/4 of the original surface area. true or false

    asked by Anonymous
  48. math

    King Arthur II has problems with pronouncing the digit 3. People are afraid of presenting something which includes 3 in it. The solution found is that if any number includes 3 as a digit, the number is divided by 2. This process continues as far as the new

    asked by ani
  49. Physics

    A sports car with a very powerful engine driving on a surface with a coefficient of static friction µs = 0.8 and a ten degree incline wants to accelerate from a stop to 100 km/hr. (You may neglect air resistance.) a) What is the fastest that the car can

    asked by ji
  50. English

    Is this sentence punctuated correctly? At elementary school, my teacher delighted in handing me worksheets crowded with row upon row of three to five digit long division problems.

    asked by Luke
  51. physics

    A charge of -3.00 µC is fixed at the center of a compass. Two additional charges are fixed on the circle of the compass (radius = 0.115 m). The charges on the circle are -4.70 µC at the position due north and +5.00 µC at the position due east. What is

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Chemistry

    Calculate the energy in Joules, of a photon of blue light have a frequency of 5.0 x 10^14 hertz. E=hv v=C/ƛ v= 3.00x10^8/5.0x10^14= 6x10^-7 E=(6.626x10^-34) (6x10^-7)= 3.9x10^40 Joules What am I doing wrong? I got this wrong on my exam and have a final

    asked by Stacie
  53. Statistics

    A flashlight has 8 batteries, 2 of which are defective. If you select 2 batteries, find the probability that You select at least 1 good battery

    asked by Kalee
  54. government

    parliament democracy is the form of democracy where citizens have the most power of their government right?

    asked by reina bonilla

    How do I solve this? The blade of a windshield wiper moves through an angle of 90.0° in 0.453 s. The tip of the blade moves on the arc of a circle that has a radius of 0.775 m. What is the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration of the tip of the blade?

    asked by KS
  56. CHemistry

    Given the following information calculate the heat of formation of C2H4. C2H4 + 3 O2 ¡æ 2 CO2 + 2 H2O ¥ÄH¡Æ = -414 kJ/mol C + O2 ¡æ CO2 ¥ÄH¡Æ = -393.5 kJ/mol H2 + ¨ö O2 ¡æ H2O ¥ÄH¡Æ = -241.8 kJ/mol

    asked by sam
  57. Math

    Victoria tossed a coin 30 times and got 17 heads. What is the ratio of heads to coin tosses? What is the ratio of heads to tails? What is the ratio of tails to heads? If victoria tosses the coin 150 times, how many times can she expect to get heads?

    asked by Kayla
  58. algebra

    how to convert to standard form by completing the square on x and y. 9x^2+4y^2-72x+16y+124=0

    asked by Denise
  59. ss

    where do our alphabet come from? is it from the phoenicians

    asked by Angelina

    How do I solve this? For the normal force in the drawing to have the same magnitude at all points on the vertical track, the stunt driver must adjust the speed to be different at different points. Suppose, for example, that the track has a radius of 2.87 m

    asked by KS
  61. Chem

    How many kilojoules of heat are released when 185 g of benzene freezes at its freezing/melting point? (Heat of fusion for benzene = 127 J/g, Heat of vaporization for benzene = 393 J/g)

    asked by Carey
  62. Physics

    The maximum speed of a 3.68-kg mass attached to a spring is 0.688 m/s, and the maximum force exerted on the mass is 11.6 N. What is the amplitude of motion for this mass? (in m) What is the force constant of the spring? (in N/m) What is the frequency of

    asked by Madison
  63. Physics

    A liter of water is used to cool some electronics. If 1000 J of heat is given off by the electronics, by what temperature does the water increase? One liter of water has a mass of 1 kg and a specific heat of 4.184 J/(g °C). I can not get this..please help

    asked by Sean
  64. Physics

    The combination of an applied force produces a constant total torque of 39.6 N.m on a wheel rotating about a fixed axis. The applied force acts for 5.3 s. During this time, the angular speed of the wheel increases from 0 to 9.8 rad/s. Determine the moment

    asked by Exes
  65. english

    how does rebellion and conformity play a role with mr. rotchester in "jane eyre" and jack in "the importance of being earnest" thank you

    asked by lauren
  66. pre ap chemistry

    you will need to explain in detail how to make 100.0 ml of a 0.500M CUSO4.5H20(s) SOLUTION. BE SPECIFIC about the measurements you would make and the type of equipment you will use . write out steps

    asked by nissa
  67. Maths

    Marks worth is A 1 B 2 C 2 Please explain next to it though how you got that answer and what to write to get that mark. Clearly explain as I have no clue, don't leave anything out though! Information needed to solve There is an isosceles triangle with

    asked by Todayneededplz!
  68. math

    2 numbers have a product of 7, and a difference of 28, what are the 2 numbers?

    asked by Dam
  69. Maths

    Marks worth is A 1 B 2 C 2 Please explain next to it though how you got that answer and what to write to get that mark. Clearly explain as I have no clue, don't leave anything out though! Information needed to solve There is an isosceles triangle with

  70. math

    Raymond has four more sisters than Tyler.Write a number sentence to show Raymond=r tyler=t

    asked by jeff
  71. science

    A harmonic wave is traveling along a rope. The oscillator that generates the wave completes 49.0 vibrations in 20.8 s. A given crest of the wave travels 402 cm along the rope in a time period of 14.9 s. What is the wavelength?

    asked by Desia
  72. english

    how does rebellion and conformity play a role with mr. rotchester in "jane eyre" and jack in "the importance of being earnest"

    asked by lauren
  73. calculus check

    Find the limit as x approaches 3 of [(2x^3-5x^2+7)/(3sin(xpi/6)-cos(xpi))] When I plugged in 3, I got 4.

    asked by Jeff

    A satellite has a mass of 5949 kg and is in a circular orbit 4.07 × 105 m above the surface of a planet. The period of the orbit is 1.9 hours. The radius of the planet is 4.55 × 106 m. What would be the true weight of the satellite if it were at rest on

    asked by Anonymous
  75. chemistry

    Can anyone help me with this question. Propose a method in detail to determine the concentration of two components, quinine and anthracene in a mixture using fluorimetry. You have access to pure sulutes and an appropriate solvent. The excitation and

    asked by Briam
  76. Bus 308

    If the ratio of difference compared to data variability is large in a z score, which is true

    asked by Tam
  77. math

    Show that 8x^3 + 12x + 100logx=O(x^3).

    asked by ani
  78. Math

    If the scale on a drawing of a house is 1 cm=2 1/2m, what is the length of the house if it measures 3 cm on the scale drawing?

    asked by Kayla
  79. Physics

    I shot two arrows into the air the first arrow had a speed of 10 m/sec , 1 second later I shot the 2nd arrow into the air with a speed of 15 m/sec. Will they meet? If so, where?

    asked by Christian
  80. Physics

    Two hikers, Alisha and Caleb, are resting on a hillside; the hill has a slope of 30 degrees, and Caleb is sitting above Alisha, eight meters away. They’ve brought fruit to eat on the trail, but they want to trade. a) Caleb throws an orange down to

    asked by 0000
  81. Physics

    In an exhibit at the NASA museum in Huntsville, AL, there is a “human centrifuge”. Guests stand upright against the walls of a circular room with a radius of 8 meters which then spins at an angular velocity ω about an axis through its center. Then,

    asked by amanda
  82. AP chemistry

    what products would form after hydrogenation of 2-methyl-1-butene? after halogenation (cl2)?

    asked by jk
  83. Calculus 2

    Determine whether the series is convergent, absolutely convergent, conditionally convergent, or divergent. On top of the summation sign (∑) is infinity. Under the summation sign is n=2, and right next to it (to the right of ∑ sign) is (n root of

    asked by Sena
  84. Math

    Marks worth is A 1 B 2 C 2 Please explain next to it though how you got that answer and what to write to get that mark. Clearly explain as I have no clue, don't leave anything out though! Information needed to solve There is an isosceles triangle with

    asked by Todayneededplz
  85. Math

    Surface area of each solid .round to THE nearest tenth if necesaria. 6cm 5.2cm 7cm 6c

    asked by Raul
  86. social studies

    what are some examples where societies influence each other?

    asked by Angelina
  87. Literature

    I am currently writing a compare/contrast paper discussing Flannery O'Connor's literary works and Dennis Covington's novel Salvation on Sand Mountain. My question is... Would I use present perfect or past perfect when discussing Dennis Covington's novel

    asked by Caroline
  88. physics

    A charge of +3.7 ✕ 10-5 C is located at a place where there is an electric field that points due east and has a magnitude of 16400 N/C. What are the magnitude and direction of the force acting on the charge?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Calculus

    Find the area bounded by y=x^2-4x+3 and y=x+4 to the newrest integer.

    asked by Anonymous
  90. calculus

    If f(x)=the integral of (3x^2+2x+4) dx, find C if f(1)=10.

    asked by Jeff
  91. Math

    If it costs an average of $14 each day to feed each of the 1058 zoo animals, what is the annual cost for feeding all the animals?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. integral

    3xdx/√(4+x) need help!!!!

    asked by Mary
  93. Life orientation

    What is socio economics issues?

    asked by Zolisa
  94. chemistry

    please help !!! You are given an organic solid which reacts with most organic solvents. How would you obtain the IR spectrum of it?

    asked by katherine
  95. math

    Tess’ commission is increased according to how much she sells. She receives a commission of 6% for the first $5000 and 12% on the amount over $5000. What is the total commission on sales of $12,000?

    asked by joshua
  96. Math

    Solve each equation for 0

    asked by Lily Chang
  97. Physics

    An equal amount of heat is transferred to two containers containing water at the same temperature. If the second container contains three times as many water molecules as the first, how do the final temperatures compare?

    asked by Sean
  98. Analytic Geometry

    The line through the points (-1, 6) and (5, -2)intersects the line through (4, -4) and (1,7).Determine the angle between these two intersecting lines.

    asked by Alexis
  99. math

    if you know the area of a square how do you find the length of the square?

    asked by Alice
  100. Calculus

    Find limit as x approaches 0 [7x/(sqrt(x+4)-2)]

    asked by Anonymous
  101. math

    how do I find the max number of 1.7 inch diameter spheres that can be stored in a cylindrical tank the tank has a radius of 2 inches and height of 4 inches there are 2 inches of water in the tank

    asked by emily
  102. statistics

    If a pair of dice (one red; the other blue) are rolled, Find the probability of landing on at least one odd number

    asked by Kalee
  103. Math

    Angie has a scarf that measured 36.5 inches long. Her sister made a scarf 4.66 inches shorter. How long was her Austen's scarf?

    asked by Jaiden
  104. Chemistry

    I need help, I don't know how to approach this question The free energy generated by ion movement in the cell is used by the cell to do work. Compute the minimum number of millimoles of sodium that would be needed to pump one millimole of calcium ions if

    asked by Ann
  105. chemistry

    If 5.0 mL of 0.12 mmol dm-3 MB solution is diluted by adding 20.0 mL of 0.2 mol dm-3 HCl to it, what is the new MB concentration?

    asked by Mara
  106. physics

    Calculate the capacitance of a planet, assuming it is a spherical capacitor of radius R = 9050.0 km with charge distributed throughout the volume of the sphere.

    asked by titu
  107. Calculus

    Find the average value of f(x) on the interval [-1, 3] when f'(x)=3x^2-6x and f(2)=0.

    asked by Anonymous
  108. computers

    Suppose the days of the year are numbered from 1 to 365 and January 1 falls on a Tuesday as it did in 2008. What is the correct For statement to use if you want only the numbers for the Thursdays in 2008?

    asked by twanda
  109. Math 222

    Please someone help me simplify this problem. My addition/plus key is not working. x-3/x^2 plus 5x plus 6 divided by x plus 1/4x plus 8

    asked by Tika
  110. Math

    Please help me write this as a single fraction? Sorry my addition/equal key does not work - 3a-7b/2a plus 5a-4b/3a plus 3.

    asked by Tika

    A traviling wave is discribed by the equation Y= exp(-az^2-bt^2-2underadical(ab zt)) 1,in what direction is the wavetravelling 2,what is the wave speed

  112. Math 222

    Please help me solve for m? F equal mv^2/r solve for m.

    asked by Tika
  113. Math 222

    The sum of two numbers is 47. The smaller number is 23 less than the larger number. What are the numbers?

    asked by Tika
  114. Math

    write the equation y+3=1/3x in general form.

    asked by Anonymous
  115. English

    As an African American, Angelou experienced firsthand racial prejudices and discrimination in Arkansas. She also suffered at the hands of a family associate around the age of 7: can someone reword so I cant understand?

    asked by thi
  116. Math

    the antelopes eat 15 kg of corn, 14 kg of horse feed, and 100 kg of hay per day. how many kilograms of food are eaten per week?

    asked by Student
  117. chemistry

    Hess¡¯ law says that when we add reactions together we can also add the enthalpies. Given the following set of reactions, use Hess¡¯ Law to calculate the enthalpy of the reaction given below. N2H4 + H2 ¡æ 2 NH3 ¥ÄH¡Æ = ? N2 + 3 H2 ¡æ 2 NH3

    asked by jhon
  118. chemistry

    You are given an organic solution which reacts with most organic solvents. how would you obtain the IR spectrum of it?

    asked by Maria
  119. physics

    If the time period of a wave is twice its frequency. How many waves are produced in 4secs if its frequency is 2hz

    asked by zayeem
  120. math

    If the intensity of a lightbulb is 45w/m^2 at a distance of 8m, then what is the intensity of it at a distance of 3m?

    asked by Ashley
  121. Engineering Physics 1

    I shot the first arrow Into the air with a speed of 10 m/sec , 1 second later I shot the 2nd arrow into the air with a speed of 15 m/sec. Will they meet? If so, where? how do i solve this?

    asked by Joshua
  122. science help

    Explain how the hooves of the camel are adapted to move in the dessert.

    asked by Kayla
  123. math

    With the coordinates of (2,10)(4,20)(6,30) on a graph first numbers being the number of sub's on the x axis, and the second number being the cost of the sub's on the y axis. What is the slope-intercept equation for the cost of a sub at Fred's Sub Shop?

    asked by blue day